Part 7: Lauren Salzman Becomes Dog Groomer; Makes ‘Tremendous Impact’ as She Admits ‘Mistakes’

Poodle getting its nails trimmer at the grooming salon.

This is Part 7 of my report regarding the unredacted sentencing memo of Lauren Salzman.

Any redacted material will be in RED.

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Lauren Has Embarked on a New Career Path

By Hector Diaz and Andrea Tazioli, Lauren Salzman’s lawyers

Lauren became involved in ESP/NXIVM at age 21, at the encouragement of her mother. Prior to her indictment, NXIVM was the only professional endeavor that Lauren has ever known. After her trial testimony, and for the very first time in her adult life, Lauren now had the opportunity to choose her career path, free of any external influence.

Lauren consciously made the decision to avoid any career path that resembled her prior life in NXIVM. Instead, she chose to embark on a career that involved caring for and working with animals.

In the fall of 2019, Lauren enrolled as a student in a pet grooming academy in Clifton Park, New York. While in this program, Lauren completed over 300 hours of work and ultimately earned a certificate in Professional Dog Styling in November of 2019.

While attending this certificate program, and in an effort to further bolster her career in this new field, Lauren also began working as a dog groomer at a local pet store.

They All Like Lauren – Dogs and People

The owner of [name of pet store redacted] stated:

“I met Lauren Salzman in September of 2019 where we both attended Grooming School at Golden Paws Pet Styling academy in Clifton Park. During the course Lauren was always on time and displayed such love compassion, and devotion to the animals that she worked on and the other students, including myself. It was this love and kindness that led me to offering Lauren a position within my company.”

[Another letter, name redacted] a manager at [redacted] Pet [Center] states that Lauren shows dedication and compassion to her career and customers.

Specifically, [the manager] comments that:

“Lauren is an extremely hard worker and takes her career very seriously. Lauren is always hoping and finding ways to better herself with education to grow her skills and career path. She is compassionate and genuinely cares about all the dogs and customers that enter [name of Pet Store redacted]. She goes above and beyond every day to make other collaborators smile and enjoy their day. Her commitment and positivity towards her skill inspires me and encourages me to better myself.”

She Took Courses…

While working as a dog groomer, Lauren also completed the four additional certificate programs and earned certifications of completion of all four programs. These programs included:

(1) Course Certificate for Dog Emotion and Cognition from Duke University, April 30, 2020;

(2) Certificate of Completion for the Science of Skin Learning Series from IV San Bernard USA dated May 14, 2020;

(3) Course Certificate for Animal Behavior and Welfare from the University of Edinburgh, Oct. 21, 2020;

(4) Certificate of Completion as an ABC Certified Dog Trainer from the Animal Behavior College, March 17, 2021.

Lauren’s commitment to her new career had a tremendous impact on those with whom she worked as well.

Her fellow co-workers have described her as “hardworking, outgoing, compassionate and warm-hearted;” and they admire her “dedication” to her new career.

[Three co-workers at the pet store where Lauren grooms dogs have written letters and there is a letter from a customer, who writes, she is “impressed with her knowledge” in her new field.

Lauren Buys Grooming Table and Stainless Steel Bathtub; Starts  Business

While Lauren excelled in her work at [a pet store, name redacted], Lauren also had a strong desire to start her own pet grooming and skin and coat therapy services business, and she began to develop the business which she incorporated on or about May 2020.

[The name of her new business is redacted. It is Milo James Animal Wellness. And this seems fair to tell for why should she want to keep that a secret.]  

Lauren left her employment with [the pet store, name redacted] on or about March 2021 so that she could focus more of her time on developing her business. Seeking to further her entrepreneurial efforts, Lauren has even reconfigured a portion of her home to allow for a full dog bath and grooming area.

Over the last several months, Lauren has been taking on customers for pet grooming as well as skin and coat disorders. One of Lauren’s customers, [name redacted] believes that Lauren is incredibly talented in her new career path:

[She said in a letter] “I reached out to the animal wellness business and Lauren immediately got back to me to schedule an appointment. I went two weeks later to Lauren’s home with [my dog]. I was greeted by Lauren and we sat down and she explained the dog grooming process so I knew what to expect. She took time to text me updates after I dropped [my dog] off. Lauren was very gentle, patient and loving with [my dog]. When I picked her up, Lauren gave me a bag of homemade products for [her] specific skin condition and explained the condition and treatment thoroughly. She went above and beyond in the whole process. I have since brought [my dog] back for more treatments, as I am seeing a major improvement in her skin condition.

“Lauren has an in-home business with a dedicated room that includes a dog grooming table and professional stainless steel bathtub with a ramp. Lauren’s heart has been dedicated to helping animals. It shows. I referred my best friend to Lauren, who has been to many groomers, and we both agree that we will always go to Lauren for the grooming needs of our fur family.”

In order to ensure that she is meeting her monthly expenses while she is starting her own business, Lauren also began part-time dog grooming work at [a pet grooming salon, name redacted]  Her employer, [name redacted], describes that Lauren’s “attentiveness to every animal is authentic and sincere,” and she praises Lauren for bringing “her knowledge of skin and coat care to [her] business.”

Her coworker, [name redacted], boasts that Lauren is a “valuable member” of the staff and truly believes that “Lauren’s work with animals has helped her during a very difficult time as she comes to terms with her mistakes and work[s] hard to move forward.”

It is clear from these letters that Lauren has a passion for working with animals, and she is excelling in this line of work. This is in large part due to the fact that for the first time in her adult life, Lauren has grabbed the reins and has directed her life in the manner she sees fit.

She has taken the initiative to obtain the proper schooling, certifications, and training needed in order to open her own business. It is rather remarkable that in just two short years, Lauren has completely shifted her career path and has excelled as a budding entrepreneur.

What is even more remarkable is that Lauren has humbly shared her past misconduct with her fellow colleagues.

In doing so, she has demonstrated through her words and actions that she is remorseful for her conduct. Lauren’s employers and colleagues have embraced Lauren and her mistakes with open arms, are empathetic to the circumstances surrounding her guilty plea, and want nothing but the best for her as she starts anew.


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  • Frank, this was a below-the-belt hit on your part. You unashamedly posted redacted portions of her memo for clicks, including the name of her new business. One can only assume malicious intent, since it’s obvious what the impact of your posting the name here would be. Shame on you.

    • If someone opens a business, they usually want others to know about it. There are exceptions but I am not sure what that would be for a woman who pleaded guilty to racketeering and racketeering conspiracy. Maybe you have a better idea why Lauren Salzman’s business name should be kept secret.

  • Big oof, Frank. In the years I’ve read, you’ve never done anything I found to be malicious – but posting the name of her business, knowing full well that the trolls, haters, and legitimate victims could all decimate the Yelp/online review scoring, destroy it with fake reviews and lies, and the like, was soooo bogus.

    I’m not even a great champion of Lauren, tbh I think she does deserve a couple months in the joint. But, she worked hard to build a rep and it’s ruined now, which sucks.

  • “Poodle getting its nails trimmer at the grooming salon.”
    So what
    Really. Trimmed
    Head might be too, tutu, off in da sauce?

    No wonder Jesus left the gospel writing to a small squad of topnotch dumbasses.

  • Wait..I really just reread the article… did Lauren really get a cert for “Dog Emotion and Cognition” from Duke University? Is she planning on sick NLP brainwashing stuff on dogs now? That’s a new low…even for the Salzman 3.

  • Maybe Lauren had practice dog hair cutting….her mom Nancy and her aunt Carole’s ugly poodle hair! Have you seen both their hair cuts? Bow wow…

  • Lauren looks like a Mr. potato head with cute and ugly parts mismatched…and those eyebrows…oh those eyebrows. oh wait…..that nose.

  • She has an honest job. I’m not jumping on the bandwagon… She deserves to go to prison and she also deserves to move on with her life after she does her time.

    Vanguard, Legalus, and Proctor are the evil ones….

  • So….if you do something illegal, unethical, deplorable, brand and hurt others – you go get a cert in cutting dog hair and the you’re excused from causing trauma to humans for 20 years??

    • I said she deserves to go to jail, but at least she has found an honest job.

      I joke around a lot, but I’m a nice guy.

      The only people I ridicule are mean or named Frank. 😉

  • I’m happy to hear that she has chosen a new career path. Seems to me like working with animals has been very cathartic for her.

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    FoI request reveals number of inmates in England and Wales kept in conditions criticised by UN expert


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    Nils Melzer, the UN special rapporteur on torture, has raised concerns that they expose inmates to prolonged and indefinite periods of isolation, while Amnesty International UK has previously described CSCs as akin to “cruel, inhumane or degrading treatment”.

    Melzer has described the conditions in CSCs as “comparable to solitary detention”. The Nelson Mandela rules, international non-binding standards, state that no prisoner should be held in prolonged solitary confinement, defined as more than 15 consecutive days. Solitary confinement is defined as being confined for at least 22 hours a day “without meaningful human contact”.


  • This is nice to hear about her, I’m glad she works with animals. Dogs do not judge her, so I would guess that is one reason she was drawn to this type of work, free from the stress of having to work with people and wonder what they are thinking and comments they might make. However, unfortunately she is probably going to jail for several years and she’ll have to start all over when she gets out.

    There are no winners in the story of NXIVM.

  • Are these lawyers being paid by the word? That deserved one brief paragraph at most.

    So she’s working as a dog groomer. Big goddam deal!

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