Lauren Salzman, Making Comeback, Has New Look, Quotes Maya Angelou and Gandhi

Lauren Salzman is making a comeback, it appears.

Lauren Salzman from a recent photo.

On Facebook, Lauren posted, along with a new picture of herself, what is believed to be a Maya Angelou quote: “Did you want to see me broken? Bowed head and lowered eyes? Shoulders falling down like teardrops, Weakened by my soulful cries? … You may shoot me with your words, You may cut me with your eyes, You may kill me with your hatefulness, But still, like air, I’ll rise.”

She also quotes Gandhi: “There is a higher court than courts of justice, and that is the court of conscience. It supersedes all other courts.”

And in semi-jest, “Be strong, I whisper to my coffee.”

Lauren also appears to have a new look.

It could be the great relief of being past the years-long ordeal of the indictment, arrest, cooperating with the prosecution in the federal case against Keith Raniere and her testimony that told her story of 20 years with the NXIVM leader, that makes her look buoyant. 

It was a long ordeal.

She was with Raniere during his apprehension in Mexico in March 2018. a story she told vividly on the witness stand. 

In 2019, Salzman pleaded guilty to racketeering and racketeering conspiracy charges, testified against Raniere, and assisted prosecutors. 

Lauren Salzman goes to court in 2019.

During the 2019 trial of Raniere, Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis halted Lauren’s cross-examination by Raniere attorney Marc Agnifilo when she began sobbing while in the middle of an answer about her intent to harm other women in DOS.

The judge said he stopped the testimony because he worried this “broken woman” might have a complete breakdown. He also explained that Salzman might have unraveled her plea deal by confessing she had no bad intentions when she was active in DOS.

After her conviction, Lauren, the Director of Education for NXIVM, changed careers to become a dog groomer.

In the lead-up to her sentencing, prosecutors urged Judge Garaufis to consider a lesser sentence due to her help to prosecutors in the case against Raniere.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Tanya Hajjar wrote: “The extent of Lauren Salzman’s cooperation and the significance of her assistance to the government were extraordinary.”

The DOJ also wrote that, as a cooperating witness, Salzman “answered all the government’s questions, including questions about crimes she committed, as well as criminal activity engaged in by her close friends and family members, including her mother.”

In Lauren’s sentencing memorandum her lawyers explained that she has now renounced Raniere and sees the mistakes and harm she has done. 

Her lawyers extolled her work in dog grooming, writing that Lauren’s colleagues in the field “embraced Lauren and her mistakes with open arms.”

Her sentencing guidelines were seven to nine years.

Prior to her sentencing, FR advocated for her to get probation, though, with her sentencing guidelines, the odds might have been against it.

FR wrote:

No prison. Call it a symbol of hope, a chance to allow a broken woman the dignity of hope not for a new life for she will always be known for her association with Raniere but for a chance at making the argument stick that bad as it was  – she shifted – and turned on the evil – when the scales fell off her eyes….
The mob doesn’t care. This is not Allison Mack.  No one will really care if she goes to prison or not, and no one will not be deterred from a life of similar crimes if Lauren grooms dogs instead of sits in a cell.

In July 2021, Judge Garaufis sentenced Lauren to five years of probation and 300 hours of community service.

He mentioned her work as a dog groomer, a work that requires care and compassion, as one of his reasons for giving her probation.

Raniere unsuccessfully appealed the aborting of her cross-examination with the US Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit.

He is now petitioning the US Supreme Court to hear his argument, which is founded on the 6th Amendment’s right of the confrontation clause, that it is not the judge’s role to protect plea bargains from probing through cross-examination, that cross-examination is not the same as direct examination, and that
Raniere had every right to impeach Salzman, her tears notwithstanding.

About 1 percent of cases are heard by the Supreme Court of those who petition.

In any event, Lauren is, to the extent that she can be, free from the pain of her prosecution and notoriety. She deserves a second chance.


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Frank Parlato


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  • Do you know if Justin Elliott and Samantha le baron still support keith raniere? I know Marc Elliott does support keith but not sure if Justin is too. Samantha hasn’t appeared in one of the videos in the dossier project for awhile. So, I was genuinely curious.

  • So when do the clawbacks start?

    You know, since this was a violent racketeering operation and pyramid scheme where leaders committed mail fraud, wire fraud, immigration fraud, money laundering, tax evasion, human trafficking and forced labor, etc.

    I can only assume that the feds are putting a plan together to freeze the bank accounts of all members who profited from this operation, identify how much they made, seize those amounts, and redistribute to victims accordingly.

    Oh, forgive me, I forgot. The lead plaintiffs in the civil lawsuit, and their longtime friends who they conveniently aren’t suing, are the ones who made money from it. And since they’re the good guys and immune from any criticism or punishment, I guess we can’t count on the government to claw back the ill gotten funds, even though that’s what they would do in any other circumstance.

    Unless there are no funds to recover, and that classifying this as a racketeering operation wasn’t exactly on the level.

    Either way, a (now former) US Attorney befriending two people who she should have been investigating, and going on their podcast instead of tracking their bank account activity, maybe that’s not a good thing.

    I wonder how many other shoeboxes there are.

    I also wonder what Lauren would testify to in a civil trial if she wasn’t removed from the lawsuit.

    Maybe that two-thirds of the plaintiffs were victimized by the two lead plaintiffs, and that half the defendants are on trial for no other reason than that Sarah doesn’t like them.

    • Kevin,

      As usual you are 100% correct. Sarah helped build NXIVM. She was an integral part of it. She is literally suing the same people she recruited into the sex-cult. She revictimuzing them by making them relive a nightmare. Sarah may be the most manipulative, ruthless, meanest of all the NXIVN’s, BUT she was a “whistle blower”. We can NEVER criticize the whistle blowers. Let’s remember, she recruited people into Keith’s sex/slave cult after she was branded. Sarah should be the one getting sued.

      ~ Pilgtim

      • Whistle-blower & LEAD PLAINTIFF, did you know lead plaintiffs are entitled to ‘ Incentive Bonus’? ” as well?

  • She looks like a very intense person.

    I would not choose her to groom my dog based on her vibe. She looks that way, but who knows.
    One eye looks like it has humanity and awareness, but the other eye does look different. Mischievous and untrustworthy.

    Her eyebrows, or lack of eyebrows, or maybe the way they are shaped…do create a certain warped look.. a surrealist portrayal…
    My words don’t explain exactly what I’m trying to say…
    But if I saw her face on Rover or any other app marketing animal care, I just wouldn’t be drawn to her…

    If she is reading these comments, or her PR people, whomever…I really think that growing out the eyebrows a bit would create a warmer feel. The way they are, actually makes this dubious arch, an arch that doesn’t work with her nose. Her nose is ok, but because her eyebrows are soooooooooooooooooooo overly groomed, it feels unnatural and makes her nose look aggressive somehow…

    Like a ferret.

    If she grew them out naturally it really would create more authenticity.

    It’s a lot easier to relate.

  • How did her sister Michelle and her husband Ben get ZERO penalties or charges? Frank, do an article on that. Long overdue.

    • What did they do that should have gotten them charged?

      How about YOU do an article about it since you seem to have so much hate in your heart for them and so much secret information you never are willing to share.

      • Nutjob-

        Michelle didn’t do anything…..

        However, according to Frank Report sources, ALLEGEDLY, Ben helped hack the NXIVM enemies.

        Ben taught Dani how to find hacking tools on the internet and use those tool. Nothing is illegal about that!

        Ben screwed around with DANI and knew about her imprisonment. Ben is a total morally bankrupt human being. Ben was handed Michelle by Vangaurd!!!!

        Do me a solid and stop sticking up for shit heads like Lady Michelle’s husband Ben!!!!

        • Sorry. Can I toss a reframe at you and suggest I was more sticking up for your crush?
          Anonymous chickenshit hero usually only throws unfounded haymakers at your girl. By including your nemesis (Ben) in this one, she suckered you into taking her side.

  • Ha! 😆

    Looks like ol’ Ginzo’s little article about her caused her account to go private!

    Oh Ginzo! You always were a very stupid subspecies! 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

    ✊🏻 IF WE BELIEVE!!!!!! ✊🏻


  • Hard to believe she got no punishment for her crimes.. she should have at least had a good old fashioned paddling in the ol’sex dungeon shot on video for porn hub!!

  • I find that her quotes are a bit ostentatious considering what she did. Instead of focusing on how she will rise, why not just write something about dog grooming. Just go on with the business of life.
    I just wanna say to her “ girl, who do you think you are? Ain’t nobody think you on the level as Angelou.”

    • Yes, the distinguished elderly gentleman with the youthful glow at 1:20 talking to Suneel is indeed the publisher of this blog.

      • Too bad Marc Elliot has lost all credibility re faking Tourette’s. His decent statements are now hollow 🫤

        • Come on, you are taking this out of context. He had TS. He said while he was overcoming it he faked a few tics to fulfill his last few appearances. He was under pressure and probably regrets it. Let’s be real. You really believe he faked millions of tics to get attention?

      • What were the topics of conversations with the Deadenders on that day? I feel like they were probably pissed at you.

      • I’m very intrigued, your glow is so soothing and calming. Why your not elderly at all. If anything you look spry and ready to embark on new experiences and adventures. Are spoken for my fine fellow?

      • Ha! 😆

        Looks like ol’ Ginzo’s little article about her caused her account to go private!

        Oh Ginzo! You always were a very stupid subspecies! 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

        ✊🏻 IF WE BELIEVE!!!!!! ✊🏻

        ✊🏻 THERE’S A BETTER WAY! ✊🏻

  • Bullshit quotes from a manipulative criminal, hiding behind filters, while posing in front of a salvation army boxes = ?
    At least it made an article

    • Please don’t forget the Salzman 3 taught Neural Linguistic Programing and hypnosis. They are self-proclaimed masters of manipulation and charged people to learn these skills from them.

  • From groomed girl to girl groomer to dog groomer? An interesting leap.

    I saw a comedian talking about how people cared about the made up loss of his dog,more then the actual passing of his father.

    It was a brilliant move she made.

    Wonder how long she’ll stay a dog groomer? I wonder if she does indeed wish to groom dogs or if perhaps she got a little tip that her judge loves dogs.

    Cynical? I think so. Yes.

    That said, if in fact her motives are wholesome, it would be nice to see someone grow from this swamp.
    Actually, hope that she and quite frankly, all the NXIVM ers use this horrible experience to evolve into something brighter.

    • I seriously am never one to down on someone for how they make a living. However, NXIVM claimed to be this self-empowerment group in which their curriculum unlocked all types of human potential. But they are all working low-paying jobs, or in Roberts/Potters case they lost their medical license. Many actually went to jail. I just see a negative ROI. I would understand if they all became something, but seems the opposite is true.

      ~ Pilgrim

      • Pilgrim-

        RE Top Pic:
        How’d you like to ski down or get pegged by Lauren’s growing forehead?

        I believe it’s worthy of contemplation.

      • Some people in low pay jobs are grateful and happy actually. Status isn’t everything, especially with what it takes to get there. There’s a certain freedom in working these things. We need to be satisfied with what we have and not chase things that our neighbours posses. Just saying. If they were stable and happy in their own skin and thought like that in the first place they wouldn’t have been sucked in by Reniere’s BS to be somebody.

        • But they were not happy in their own skin, that’s why they branded it.

          A most indulgent and sadistic way to find comfort. That said, people are tribal. Have been since the beginning of humanity.

          People yearn to find their own tribes. They crave community. They want to feel needed, special and understood. They subconsciously or consciously either seek the role of matriarch or patriarch, or people who fill that role. Tribes sort out into different roles. The scapegoat, the hero, bully, nurturer, clown, organizer, cleaner, builder etc..

          We all are guilty of compromising our own definition of comfort to fit into a community of sorts in some ways.

          NXVIUM has been an amazing anthropological study. Of course, we are fascinated by it. Safely disgusted by it behind our key boards. It is fun to delight at these peoples absurdity. But if we are going to try and act all philosophical about it, go deeper and recognize the similarities between a cult and even a family, school, church, the workplace. Let this SuperSonic story NXVIUM. deepen our understanding of the human race and yes, to some degree, what we are capable of sacrificing just to ‘fit in.’

          Fitting in to feel better in our own skin could be anything from overspending, over gossiping, over partying, addictions of all sorts, hypocrisy- one of the worsts ! And lying. Lying even to ourselves.

          I heard Andrew Tate pontificating the other day about how he can’t tolerate anyone who is remotely weak. He can’t even, allegedly, shake someone s hand for even a second if he feels weakness. He said that a real man should not feel anything, he should only do.

          Now he is in jail. What if the justice system was based on this ideology? ( some people would argue that it wrongly is )

          Now Tate is incarcerated, therefore he’s ‘weak’? so throw him away without a proper investigation?

          That’s absurd.

          There must be a balance between everything. And that pendulum can change all the time.

          Sometimes people, many people don’t feel good in their skin. At all. In fact, it is a part of the human condition. These feelings are always teaching us boundaries and lessons so we can evolve and grow.

          There is a big difference between mulling over feelings to the point it’s rehabilitating and allowing feelings to help us identify with who we are as people. Sometimes we must just move on, no turning back, sometimes we have to do things we don’t want to. But that doesn’t mean that we have to stifle all our feelings under some shaggy carpet in our mind.

          People who join these high powered cults do so because they seek something they haven’t been able to find. Seeking is okay. It’s just very very hard to appreciate how people can completely abandon their virtues, dignity, morality even to the point of obstructing the law. To the point where they hurt so many people, including themselves.

          The very fact that so many people follow leaders blindly is proof that people genuinely need help.

  • Looking more like suneel lately. Do a black and white side by side comparison. An alien invasion has begun. 👽

  • I know I’m late to all of this but can someone explain why Raniere didn’t put on a case? I thought he had plenty of money to do so.

    • I don’t know, but what a fucking idiot for not. He got 120 years. I mean, if he put on a defense, how much worse could it have been? I am sure his legal team has a coherent, logical reason for not, but what a blunder on the defences part. Horseface paid millions to protect Keith and her hack lawyer’s fucked this up six ways to Sunday. Looked at her case!! They fucked up so bad the judge sentenced her above the guidelines.

      ~ Pilgrim

    • What defense did he have? All the evidence damned him. Emails, text messages, photos, business records…

      Who could his lawyers bring to testify for him, his loony cult supporters? They’d do great under cross examination. Or he could’ve taken the stand himself, and launched into one of his rambling monologues. Next, he would be in the hot seat obligated to answer any question the prosecution posed. A cult leader who never faced having to answer an awkward question.

      For the defense, this was a case of the less said, the better.

      • Aristotle, but what other outcome would be worse? I’d rather at least give it a shot. I mean he got 120 years. His lawyers suck balls.

    • Lol, what do you mean? Their defense was sound. Consenting adults. His lawyers, I believe there were 3 of them, were so confident that this was a nothing burger, that they just inherently believed their client (rolling eyes). And when things kept coming up during the trial that conflicted with that narrative, they just decided there were going to half ass attacking the victims.
      And since all of the deadenders are dead-liars, they knew they couldn’t get on the stand without incurring their own legal perils. Also, a bunch of his devout followers high-tailed it to Mexico, coincidentally they all had dental appointments and couldn’t be around for the trial. Smartest man in the world who touched so many, sadly just didn’t have enough resources to mount a real case. His lawyers apparently looking sick in the courtroom during some of the testimony was just another unfortunate coincidence. Bad shrimp.

      Honest answer. I think his lawyers believed him and were lured into the bs. And then when they went to trial, it was clear he was lying/oblivious the whole time, and had let them lean their case on a defense that was non-sensical; consenting adults led by a man with nothing but good intentions. I think he was word salading when they were trying to strategize and he may have inadvertently “hypnotized” his lawyers when he really needed them of all people to be able to think for themselves.

      • CultObsessed I think Raniere’s lawyers did the best they could with what they had. Which was jack all.

        • Oh, that, I believe! Every time someone testified, they had to have asked him the same 2-3 questions rights?
          1. Who is this person to you?
          2. What stories could they tell us?
          3. Which stories hurt you the most?
          The Vow and Seduced only showed you the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the trial. They left out very huge, juicy bits, Frank touched on a lot of them, but there were so many. And it feels like the Vow left things out to protect the victims and the people who already had to state it not only in front of loved ones but to be entered into public record next to their names forever; it didn’t need to be fodder for the documentary at the victims’ expense. But the deadenders love that they don’t have to defend some/all of these “details”. Go back and read Sylvie’s complete testimony, because Keith and Clare could have fucking killed her.

          • No kidding! When I read the full transcript of Sylvie’s testimony I was FLOORED- it’s remarkable that she was not crippled by the “coaching” she was “given” to make her a “world class athlete”.

    • Can you imagine fighting for your life while under Ranieres brutal MDC conditions. The man had his clothes peed on during trial. It wasn’t the guards who peed on his clothes, it was the laundry workers. People hate him.

  • I have no desire to see her punished more than she has been. Judge Geraufis gave her a fair sentence. She does deserve another chance.

  • I wish her well… but good Lord those pictures are highly filtered. So sad that she is not comfortable with herself to post unfiltered photos.

    • Fat chance. Although she did flip on Keith and turn states evidence. I think her, Allison, India and Squeaky were ready to go to prison to keep Keith free, but they all soon realized they were ALL gonna do hard time, so they flipped and threw Keith under the bus. Keith must have been furious when the Federales snatched him right about the time he was about to get his group blowjob from the First Line Deadenders.


  • Why do ex NXIANs endlessly repeat tired “inspirational” quotes? I prefer Golic’s in Alien 3. “In an insane world, a sane man must appear insane.”

    • Seriously. It’s so fucking annoying. It’s not just NXIVM’s, it’s all sorts of self-righteous assholes who endlessly quote MLK, Ghandi, etc.

    • Totally agree. Or this quote from Alien 1: I can’t lie about your chances….. but you have my sympathy…

        • You are right. I didn’t link Ash’s name and his demise by the flamethrower yet, Thanks. You are a true connoisseur.

    • One of my “favorite” quotes (I’m rolling my eyes right now because I grew to hate it) of mine that was front and center by NXIANs was another one by Margaret Mead: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

      It truly exemplified the faux elitism of the cult which was far more about exclusivism than ethics.

      Yeah…Raniere sure changed the world alright…by showing everyone what an ass-clown he is.

  • Richard Branson News

    My brother sent me this tidbit about Sir Richard Branson.
    It seems Sir Richard’s Virgin Orbit company might be near bankruptcy.
    Will Sir Richard’s old girlfriend Sara Bronfman bail him out?

    Richard Branson’s Virgin Orbit prepares for insolvency amid emergency funding requests
    British billionaire Richard Branson began Virgin Orbit in 2017

    Virgin Orbit is preparing insolvency plans in case it cannot secure emergency funding from investors this week, according to Sky News.

    The Virgin Group is reportedly working with Ducera and Alvarez & Marsal (A&M) to draw up fallback plans in case funding cannot be secured.

    Virgin Orbit paused all operations and furloughed most of its employees on Wednesday, two months after the company experienced a mid-flight rocket failure when attempting to send satellites to orbit from Cornwall, England.

    The failure caused the company’s shares to drop as much as 20% when it happened,

    “Virgin Orbit is initiating a company-wide operational pause, effective March 16, 2023, and anticipates providing an update on go-forward operations in the coming weeks,” a spokesperson said on Wednesday.

    “We expect to be able to return to flight as soon as that investigation has concluded,” the Virgin Orbit spokesperson added. “We’re in the final stages of that… as well as integrating the changes and lessons learned from that into our next rocket, which we plan to fly later this year.”

    In the meantime, Virgin Orbit leaders are meeting with prospective investors in a bid to restart its operation.

    Virgin Orbit employees remain furloughed, but they are still retaining benefits and being paid time-off.


    Virgin Orbit was created in 2017 by British billionaire Richard Branson. As a venture seeking to commercialize space travel, it has made four successful missions and launched 33 satellites into orbit.


    All of the main players in NXIVM except Raniere, will soon be back to their old con games/

    • Shadow,
      Have you read any articles on Branson being worried about the performance of any company in the conglomerate owned by your family?
      You know why? He’s got his own life to live. I’d concentrate on the orbital space projects administered by my own companies instead.

      • Shadow,
        Have you read any articles on Branson being worried about the performance of any company in the conglomerate owned by your family?

        Which conglomerates does my family own?

        • It was an ironic remark. The point of the message was don’t spend time counting Richard’s daily “To Do” list since he’s got a troop of private staff and you don’t have any.

          You already know he only cares about himself and his own family….

  • Classic nxivm playbook. Play victim and redirect problems. The Salzmans are notorious for spin control and damage control. Classic NLP and getting sympathy for others. Every major dictator and maniac plays the card too. “Oh poor me”.
    They repeat the classic domestic violence cycle. 1. Tension phase. 2. Violence phase. 3. Makeup phase. 4.Calm phase. Return to cycle 1. Repeat.

    They are currently in the makeup phase. The salzman three won’t change their tune, just the cycle.

  • Gandhi was a supporter of the caste system! It completely undermines his legacy! Not worth mentioning his name on toilet paper!

  • Going by the recent photo of hers, she seems more relaxed and ‘mellowed’, more reflective (in a good sense) and there’s some life in her eyes. If she’s making an honest living away from what, after all, was a large part of her adulthood, and is harming no-one, yes, she does deserve a second chance. She was as much abused as an ‘abuser’, and we will never know how she might have turned out, had she not met Raniere who brought out the worse in her. Let her heal, make amends when she’s ready, find someone decent to love and live a ‘normal’ life.

  • At 1st i thought that was dr Roberts. Nope, it’s a woman who seems to have removed a piece of her nose to spite her face

  • Inspirational sayings from a convicted crimal, racketeer and lifelong scam artist.

    Maya Angelou and Gandhi, God help us. Raniere was big on quoting Gandhi. She’s probably found Jesus too.

    She’s reformed, she’s a new person, she has reinvented herself, one might even say she’s born again. Yeah sure.

    “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

    • Figures she’s already fooled you once, Sausage. You are such a dumb-ass – always falling for cults and scams. I suggest you spend less time memorizing Raniere quotes, stop filling up your calender with zoom calls from your upline, and work on becoming grounded.

    • Aristotle-
      Go back to the Mickey Mouse Club or was it a Chloe Sullivan vs Louis Lane fan club? I can’t remember.

  • I tend to agree about second chances in terms of employment. A criminal record make people nearly unemployable. I admire companies who will have tolerance for peoples past mistakes.

    Frank, do you think the women of DOS should give Lauren a second chance?

    • Yeah a second chance to be convicted and in jail. Burn in hell lauren. You and your sister hurt thousands. I hope you and your sisters offspring are cursed for life

    • She IS older than Nicki.

      Poor, dumb girls. They wasted their youth and time for a midget, pudgy conman who thought they were just another trophy fuck.

      • “Dumb” is an understatement. “Batshit fucking stupid” – I think – sums it up better.

        ~ Pilgrim

    • Scary thing is her eyebrows! They are SO OVER PLUCKED!! Filtered, not filtered, doesn’t matter ! She looks like a gang member, a Chola!

      She left a little round eyebrow fur near the edges of both sides of the bridge of her nose, but then tweaked the living hell out of her brows into these cartoonish’s comical !

      She can’t even groom her own eyebrows proper, how she going to groom a poodle? Oh dear.

  • Love the quote by Maya Angelou. Happy she’s rising. She’s got the creepiest eyebrows. She would have lost them with her new look.

  • She’s teasing us with a few new pictures on FB. Lauren please give us more face. You look great

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