Bangkok and Scientology Going After Frank – If They Dare

By Bangkok

I like that the blog is taking new directions cuz, let’s face it, NXIVM is virtually over and talking about Allison, Nicki & Lauren has gotten a bit old.

I think the blog should take a new direction with different topics. This is an interesting topic, for sure.

But I think that Frank is letting people like Alanzo goad him into a position where, if he truly makes Alanzo’s fight a serious focus of Frank Report, Frank will become fair game material, unlike anything he’s ever imagined.

I know that Frank has withstood a lot of dirty tricks from Keith and NXIVM, but being fair gamed will be 1,000 times worse. This organization brought the IRS to its knees back in the early ’90s. I just hope Frank realizes that he’s tickling the tail of a tiger with razor-sharp claws.

I don’t think you’re on their radar yet, Frank, but your blog’s search rankings are pretty good —– so if you continue on this topic, you will undoubtedly be viewed as more than just a low-level nuisance, at some point. I just hope you’ve thought about that.

Just look at Robert Minton. Very sad. He came onto the scene bursting with confidence and but was quickly neutered.

Parlato Reply

Frank Parlato

By Frank Parlato

Bangkok – thanks for your fair warning, but I think I can withstand a little fighting if need be.  I am not attacking Scientology. I am merely permitting the exchange of opinions.

As for anyone attacking me, I think those persons or institutions should know that my position is to never surrender. Always respond and give 10 blows for one. I do not know if Scientology is corrupt or coercive or whether they have legitimate goals and, for the most part, satisfied, happy followers.

Are they worse than the pedophile priests of Catholicism and the cover-ups? Or the fire and brimstone of Evangelicals who hypnotize their followers into the thralldom of believing in me or go to hell, or the Muslims who think the non-believers must be destroyed or the believers of all the other fairy tales masquerading as religion?

I do not know.

Is Scientology worse than our own IRS or FBI or the Orwellian named Department of Justice?

I think before we condemn Scientology as the worst of the worst,t we had better look at everyone – with a jaundiced eye.

Xenu was, according to Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, the dictator of the “Galactic Confederacy” who brought billions of his people to Earth (then known as “Teegeeack”) in spacecraft 75 million years ago, stacked them around volcanoes, and killed them with hydrogen bombs. Official Scientology scriptures hold that the thetans (immortal spirits) of these aliens adhere to humans, causing spiritual harm.

That said, I know I am not going to join and hang on to an e -meter and tell some doofus my life story while they take notes or record me secretly. But that’s just me.

Yes, I am bursting with confidence and toughness, the confidence that comes with being willing to publish the truth. And the toughness to know I can mix it up with any gaggle of Scientologists who want my head.  I don’t tremble at little noises.

If truth be told, I rather like L. Ron Hubbard. I don’t know if he cared one whit about his followers, but maybe he did. Maybe he saw something and sought to help humankind evolve out of their stupidity and mindlessness.

On the other hand, it is hard to believe some of the nonsense, of Thetans and Xenu but is it any more bizarre than Joseph Smith’s cock and bull stories of Jesus in America and vast fights of colliding civilizations of which there is not an archeological trace.

Joseph Smith gets a visit from a celestial being

Why one might as well believe in Ramtha.

But Hubbard was smart and he lived his life on his terms and left behind something – a force for good or evil or just plain idiocy. I do not know that anyone has done anything better.

Ramtha inhabits the body of this lady at any old time.

Yes, Scientology needs to be investigated. So do a lot of things. If it happens to come my way, I’ll take it on – but I will do it fairly, coming from the place that it may be no better or worse than other religions or cults. It may be bad or it may be good or more likely, like most things, it is somewhere in the middle – a refuge for needy souls – who want someone else to do their thinking for them – like many other religions and cults and political parties and marriages and jobs and all sorts of things.

Moses saw something in a burning bush and we have only his word for what it was.

I don’t know if Scientology is better or worse than psychiatry but I do know it is better than the Chinese Communist Party that enslaves more than a billion people and would like to enslave you and me.

Scientology is not high on my list, but if the stories come my way then I will dig into them. Meantime, let them come at me – and fair game me – for then I will fair game them and once I do that, they will never withstand it – for one fair game deserves another – and I think 14 moves ahead and play my chess game all in my head. I do not need a chessboard or the chess pieces.

These fine men of the cloth gave out communion and absolved people of sins — sinners themselves, committing crimes worse than any they heard in their confessionals and for which they prescribed the tonic of forgiveness. Well done.

Is that confident and tough enough for you, Bangkok?

If not, here’s one more: Let them come after me if they dare. The mere fact of their doing that – instead of offering their truth – will speak volumes. On the other hand, I may give David Miscavige a call and try to get his side of it. He may have a side no one has considered.

David Miscavige leads the Church of Scientology. I think I will give him a ring.


It is good to be born in a church but not so good to die there.

In this whole Scientology debate, I have not yet seen someone unbiased try to look at both sides carefully. I may do that and let the truth fall where it may.











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  • There’s an absolute must-read book if you really want to understand Scientology: L. Ron Hubbard—Messiah or Madman? by Bent Corydon. Corydon ran the New Zealand franchise of Dianetics and Scientology for many years, was a genuine believer and says he saw many improvements in people’s lives in the early days.

    The fact that this exhaustively researched account ever got published, that Corydon lived to tell the tale, is truly miraculous. My own copy (the only one I ever saw in a bookstore or anywhere else) proved crucial in my personal brush with Scientology. Good luck trying to find it, incidentally, it outlines the dirty tricks that were used to suppress its publication, promotion and distribution. It calls itself “the book that survived.”

    A couple of decades ago, a very good friend of mine, a journalist specializing in health issues (she was quoted in Oprah’s magazine) got involved with a top Scientologist. He was a continental head of security for the Sea Org. I think my friend quite liked the uniforms, women can be funny that way. I met this guy once, at a big Scientology event to commemorate Ron the Writer. He seemed like a total dork to me, but I later heard that he was an absolutely brutal enforcer of discipline and total control at the Org. This information came from a brother and sister who, as teenagers, escaped from the Scientology cult into which they had been born—their parents had worked directly with Hubbard when he lived in the UK.

    One dark night, these kids packed some clothes into pillowcases and fled the Org dormitory on foot, to be pursued for years by the Church of Scientology, alternately cajoling them to return to the fold and threatening them with dire consequences if they didn’t. I knew them both as very good restaurant waiters. The brother had an astonishing ability to be functional, articulate and extremely well mannered while high on amazing cocktails of drugs, including LSD and heroin. They told me what an absolute shit the Sea Org’s head of security really was. Those uniforms can go to people’s heads.

    Nonetheless—and this is a true story—simply for the heinous crime of getting romantically involved with a journalist, this major head of security was literally bust down to cleaning toilets at the Scientology center in Los Angeles. Scientologists have a morbid dread of journalists, almost as bad as their dread of psychiatrists and psychologists, and this fear is very revealing. There’s no way that they will ever engage openly and transparently with Frank Report.

    The funny thing was that my friend really tried to be a Scientologist—they wouldn’t let her in, simply because she was a journalist, and insisted that she subject herself to a three-year-long “security clearance” that she had to finance herself. This whole saga cost her in the region of $100,000 and included her being extensively audited on the E-meter, basically an extended lie detector grilling. Even after all that, they refused to give her any clear ruling and still wouldn’t let her join the Church.

    Anyway, after much hesitation, I lent her Corydon’s blockbuster, and it was enough to get her out of Scientology for good, and pretty damn smartly. So I’ve always been grateful for that book, I was getting really worried for my friend, not least at the drastic amount of money that was being wasted. She died a few weeks ago, after a short battle with cancer, so I’ve been thinking back over that whole crazy episode.

    Even the Scientology renegades say that the very basic techniques, as described in Dianetics, can actually be very effective. Corydon’s book stresses that if there’s any good left in Scientology, it actually lies with the heretics. It’s when you start moving up the Bridge that things start becoming really bizarre and sick. There’s definitely some validity in the idea of an engram—an experience mediated by pain, in which your conscious mind shuts off and unconscious associations are forged. Neither the word itself nor the concept of the engram originated from Hubbard, he stole his ideas from all over the place, but the formulation can still be useful, not least in deprogramming cult survivors.

    Corydon’s book goes extensively into the history of the “fair game” policy, with the Church of Scientology destroying enemies by absolutely any means necessary, including criminal actions up to murder. “There are men dead because they attacked us” is one LRH quote in the book. This sounds very similar to something Keith Raniere said. The book details some of the massive early infiltration of the Internal Revenue Service’s offices in Los Angeles and London to steal documents, plant false evidence and blackmail enemies within the system, which led to the Church ultimately winning its vast war to avoid being taxed, saving it from instant bankruptcy. My edition of the book was published in 1992, so it doesn’t cover the more recent history.

    “The law can be used very easily to harass … If possible of course, ruin him utterly”—L. Ron Hubbard, in the Level 0 Checksheet of the fair game directive. Prolific use of malicious lawsuits is another trademark Scientology move that Keith Raniere appropriated for his playbook.

    But perhaps the most disturbing part of the story is the Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF), the internal punishment regime in Scientology. If you were “off stat”, meaning you weren’t making enough money, or you offended the hierarchy, you would be confined to the bilge or the extremely dangerous anchor hold of a ship, or in dark tunnels under buildings, forced to scrape metal all day or do other menial tasks, fed waste scraps of food, and kept from ever seeing daylight.

    One of the worst cases was described in an affidavit by “Heidi Forester” (not her real name). She related how she was forced to sleep with Hubbard—he was basically impotent, so he just lay on top of her for an hour. Then a few months later, this process was repeated, this time by a senior officer, who said she had been chosen to conceive a child. This guy was also impotent and lay on top of her for an hour. He said: “If I postulate you will have a baby from the viewpoint of my home universe, then you will … I can make your body do what I want.”

    When she got her period a month later, she was summoned: “Go to ethics!” She was assigned the condition “treason” by the “ethics officer” because she had “disobeyed command intention and was not pregnant.” She was fed a starvation diet and put on a running regime—sounds like Raniere again. She ended up guarding files stored in the former morgue of the Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, after Scientologists took the building over. Here she confronted the people on RPF, who lived down there permanently: “Filthy, tired skeletons appeared before me and started begging to see the OT folders…”

    OT: Operating Thetan, someone who has “command intention” over their own and other people’s bodies.

    Further notable evidence in the book comes from L. Ron Hubbard Jr., who revealed his father’s deep obsession with the occultist Aleister Crowley, as well as his esoteric collaborations with the rocket scientist Jack Parsons.

    A notable quote from Hubbard appeared in the LA Times on 23 June 1990, “a quote that Scientology has tried desperately to suppress.” He said, in a letter to his first wife Polly: “I have high hopes of smashing my name into history with such violence that it will take a legendary form … That goal is the real goal as far as I’m concerned.”

    Now, I’m a big fan of Rudolf Steiner and have taken a lot of flak on this forum for “believing in a cult.” However, if you take even a cursory look at Steiner’s teaching, you’ll see that at absolutely every point he can, he stresses that you NEVER impose your will on anyone. This is perhaps most clear in the lecture series that Steiner himself said started all the troubles and attacks he faced in his life and work. This was the series called “From Jesus to Christ,” available in full online, and it compares and contrasts the Jesuit path, the Manresa, with the Rosicrucian path to initiation, as taught and expanded by Steiner to become anthroposophy.

    Steiner shows that the Jesuit method consists entirely of forcible intrusions directly into people’s domain of will, and is thus completely antithetical to any genuine spiritual path.

    Of course, ever since these lectures, Rudolf Steiner has been #1 at the very top of the very, very long Jesuit hit list. You can go and read Douglas Gabriel’s insider account as to how the Jesuits have totally infiltrated and subverted the entire anthroposophical movement, I’ve referenced it before on Frank Report. The Jesuits know better than anyone else that “Steiner is the way,” as one of them proclaimed before quitting.

    Much of Steiner’s material comes from his lectures, so his “Lectures on Lecturing” are particularly interesting. As a teacher, I’ve often found these lecturing guidelines to be invaluable. You are a threefold being: thinking, feeling, willing. And it as this threefold being that you have to project yourself when you lecture. But, as Steiner says: your thoughts interest no one. Your will repels everyone. What truly engages your audience is your feelings; only through your manifested feelings can they see that your words really mean something to you yourself.

    Many, many people listened to Steiner’s lofty spiritual discourses and wondered why he didn’t whip up the masses, with a rousing call for the Threefold Social Order if nothing else.

    Again and again he told his followers, you must NEVER impose your will on the crowd. Just keep telling them the truth, it will work in its own way. And you can clearly see his feelings coming through, especially with this Jesus to Christ material, it was very close to his heart. He must have known that putting out this particular knowledge would probably get him killed. There’s no doubt in my mind that Steiner was poisoned, not least in that a confession was extracted—in America, interestingly enough, the confession being delivered to Ehrenfried Pfeiffer, a very close associate of Steiner who pioneered biodynamic agriculture with him.

    So I’m just saying—you can see how different “gurus” make their impact, and judge whether they are imposing their will on their followers or genuinely giving them liberating information. You can make a certain kind of mark on the world if you become a complete megalomaniac and egotist, for sure. Hubbard surrounded himself with “messengers,” teenage girls in boots who would bring his rum and Coke and light his Kools. Despite all this, he was still impotent—shades again of Raniere.

    One of his written affirmations, admitted in court evidence in 1984, was: “All men shall be my slaves! All women shall succumb to my charms! All mankind shall grovel at my feet and not know why!”

    But perhaps the most insightful message from Ron was in a transcribed confidential taped briefing he gave the Scientology Missions International: “MONEY! REPEAT MONEY! REPEAT MONEY! REPEAT MONEY!” (page 207). The Church fought very hard to keep that briefing secret, especially when they were trying to gain tax exemption as a non-profit religious organization.

    So, anyway, to any Scientologists listening: if you are ever actually prepared to engage with an honest journalist who will give you a fair hearing, Frank’s your man. If you want to “fair game” him for any reason, though, do remember his nickname, it contains some very good advice, to which I’m sure Keith Raniere would attest: he’s Frank “Don’t Fuck With Frank Parlato” Parlato.

    Much more interesting for me than the Scientologists, however, have been the recent appearances on Frank Report of Roger Stone and General Michael Flynn. These were both charitable appeals, but it’s worth noting that Gen. Flynn held another such charitable appeal for his legal defense fund at the Ramtha ranch, this is a fact. As far as I can work out, this was in March 2019 with a musical performance by J.T. Wilde, a gung-ho Q supporter and close friend of the Flynns, with Flynn family photos being provided for a slideshow during the performance by the general’s brother Joe Flynn.

    Some of this was reported by Chelsea Clinton’s outlet, The Daily Beast:

    Seriously, I know J.Z. Knight has given hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Democrat party, but even if she/it has now switched to praising Trump, this is not the best community in which to go fundraising. All their money goes to Ramtha courses and branded merchandise, like Q T-shirts, not to mention hoarding food and guns. But then they are also encouraged to hoard gold …

    And sorry to say, but Frank Report is not the first place I would think of, either, for fundraising. I don’t get the feeling that many overly rich folk hang out around here looking to give money away. Please correct me if I’m wrong, I can direct you to a Patreon page where you are welcome to do so. If I ever come into some funds myself, I’ll be more than happy to send a contribution to Sidney Powell, Gen. Flynn’s lawyer. She’s the single best thing that’s happened in this whole shit show. In my opinion.

    Roger Stone is just my all-time favorite shady political operator ever, in the long history of the U.S. swamp. As far as I understand it, he single-handedly created Pi**agate out of the Wikileaks drops in an afternoon’s work in 2016. Gen. Flynn is the very “I” of The Storm, the one top U.S. military man to openly associate himself with the Q psy-op. These are not lightweight characters and they are right here among us. Why has no one on Frank Report asked General Mike Flynn: exactly why are you hanging out with Ramtha in her/its vomit-drenched seat of wine ceremonials, blasphemy and debauchery? What is going to happen when the Ramtha School of Enlightenment implodes, like when people realize that according to the DNA tests they published, both J.Z. Knight and Ramtha have Y chromosomes, i.e. are both dudes? Or do you really think Ramtha is going to arrive in a UFO wearing a Q kaftan and reinstate Donald Trump as President?

    Ron will arrive in his spaceship first, I fear.

  • I have seen a number of smears against Frank recently and I considered them. But on looking into them, they were always groundless. Frank, your strength is remarkable and you remind me of my hero, Mike Garde of Dialogue Ireland. I look forward to tacking your naysayers whenever I see them; using reason of course. You are an inspiration!

  • is that all of Scientology’s litigation has helped protect all other religious orgs & 501 c 3’s in the US and abroad. Noodle on that a minute. Classic case of that which is meant for evil worked for good in my opinion.

    That said, Frank, I think the caution provided by other commenters of publishing anything to do with Scientology is likely sage advice. I realize you are not afraid to tango with them but who needs such headaches unless, of course, you’re a masochist, and then by all means it’ll be entertaining for the rest of us. 🤞

    • I am not interesting in a tango with Scientology — I am just interested in learning if they have been accurately portrayed.

    • Is this Dennis Burke? Dennis, you were a good man once. You were a top-notch lawman. We used to drink beers and chase tail. I still remember fondly when we both contracted chlamydia from the same woman.

      Take care!

  • Scientology can get away with fair gaming almost anyone, but probably not Parlato. He now has strong ties to both national media and more importantly, prosecutors. Prosecutors who just took down NXIVM and a criminal who was far more dangerous than Hubbard ever dreamt of being. Prosecutors who have already said they want the Raniere prosecution to be a template for others. It’d be like a 1995 cult trying to fairgame a close associate of the ATF or Janet Reno’s DOJ — they just finished massacring a whole cult and they might be willing to do it again — they’re the one group you do NOT want looking into you.

  • Well Nicki Clyne stepped in dog shit this time.

    She recently retweeted a quote by Angela Davis, the Communist revolutionary.

    Nicki Clyne Retweeted
    Jul 14
    “the majority of people who are in prison are there because society has failed them.”

    — angela davis

    Let’s explain who Angela Davis is.
    Angela Davis went to Communist East Germany to receive her education as well as in the People’s Republic of California.
    One of Angela Davis’ Professors was the notorious Communist gangster Herbert Marcuse.
    She has run for US Vice President twice on the Communist Party ticket.
    Angela Davis is also the winner of the Lenin Peace Prize.
    “Accused of supporting political violence, she has sustained criticism from the highest levels of the US government. She has also been criticized for supporting the Soviet Union and its satellites”

    Angela Davis was also a supporter of Jim Jones and the People’s Temple
    Jonestown and Peoples Temple
    “In the mid-1970s, Jim Jones, who developed the cult Peoples Temple, initiated friendships with Angela Davis”
    “On September 10, 1977, 14 months before the Temple’s mass murder-suicide, Davis spoke via amateur radio telephone “patch” to members of his Peoples Temple living in Jonestown in Guyana.”
    Angela Davis expressed support for the People’s Temple anti-racism efforts and told members there was a conspiracy against them. She said, “When you are attacked, it is because of your progressive stand, and we feel that it is directly an attack against us as well.”
    How many people committed suicide in Jonestown?
    Over 900.

    Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and political prisoners in socialist countries
    In 1975, Russian dissident and Nobel laureate Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn argued in a speech before an AFL-CIO meeting in New York City that Davis was derelict in having failed to support prisoners in various socialist countries around the world, given her strong opposition to the US prison system.
    Angela Davis had responded that “They deserve what they get. Let them remain in prison.”
    Alan Dershowitz, who also asked Davis to support a number of imprisoned refuseniks in the USSR, said that she declined because she did not consider them political prisoners.

    Of interest to Nicki Clyne’s future former spouse Allison Mack, Angela Davis has taught classes in Gender Studies and Feminism.
    Of interest to Allison Mack’s lesbian sister “In 1997, Angela Davis came out as a lesbian in an interview with Out magazine.[119] As of 2020, Davis was living with her life partner Gina Dent,[120] a fellow humanities scholar and intersectional feminist researcher at UC Santa Cruz,[121] who together with Davis advocates for black liberation, Palestinian solidarity, and the abolition of police and prisons”

    Let’s cut to the chase.
    In 1970 while working as a Professor at the University of California Angela Davis bought a shotgun at a San Francisco pawn shop.
    The barrel of the shotgun was sawn off.
    It is illegal to possess a sawed off shot gun.

    Angela Davis gave the shot gun to a gang of criminals who stormed a criminal trial in Marin County California.
    The shot gun was tied around Judge Harold Haley’s neck.
    It was later used to shoot Judge Haley in the face killing him.
    Marin County Civic Center attacks

    Picture of Judge Haley with shotgun around his neck×0.jpg

    Unfortunately in 1970 parts of California were already infiltrated by the Communist Party and Angela Davis the dangerous Communist was acquitted.

    Nicki, before you quote or retweet someone make sure you know who they are.

    • I’m curious, Shadow, you are always posting excerpts from Wiki, so are you ethical enough to also donate money to them? I do.

      • Wiki is horse shat, I write for wiki. We all write for wiki. I bet Frank wrote his own wiki page. Snort

  • Frank, if you ever do speak with Miscavige, could you please ask him to explain why Scientology supports Donald Trump?

    Also, are there any connections between Miscavige and your buddy, Roger Stone?

    However, I have a feeling that Mr. Miscavige may not be very talkative, but I could be wrong.

      • I thought of asking that question, too, however we all know Miscavige will never be honest about that, especially if a crime has been committed in regards to the whereabouts of his wife.
        But if Frank is really going to question him, then ask that question as well, just don’t make it the first question you ask.

  • I take it everyone here but me knows about Bangkok? Guest writer? Friend of Frank’s? It’s weird. I mean, how am I supposed to care what yet another anonymous poster says?

    • Nobody, including Frank, knows who Bangcock is. This is what we know about him (her?):

      – Bangcock has no first-hand knowledge about NXIVM and tries to pretend like he does.
      – He picks topics that he thinks will get a reaction out of people when they read his outlandish takes. (He’s a wannabe ESPN morning hot take dude)
      – He won’t respond to direct questions.
      – He harasses Heidi, and has an IP address from CA.
      – He promises to leave FR on a regular basis, and then breaks his promise by reemerging – not unlike your roommate’s syphilis.
      – Niceguy loves him because Bangcock gives Niceguy attention.
      – Frank loves him because he gives Frank content.
      – Everyone else hates him (except for the few who also enjoy watching Springer), and wishes he’d go away.

      To answer your question about how are you supposed to care? Don’t care and don’t give him attention. It only perpetuates the FR/Bangcock issue.

      You summed it up best. It’s weird.

      • You forgot to mention…

        He’s a kind, generous and thoughtful person. 🙂

        He is kind to animals.

        He believes in building bridges, not walls. 🙂

        While it’s true that he’s broken his promise to leave FrankReport ——- he will be leaving on an extended summer vacation next week. He won’t be making any posts while he’s gone. The earliest that he could return is September, as this is a long and glorious vacation abroad, now that the COVID hoax is finally ending.

        Will he return after vacation? He will flip a coin to decide. It’s a bit too civilized on FR now. No more wild west. Too many liberal voices chanting in harmony.

        Now that the COVID overreaction (bogus fear) is over, the world is opening up.

        I am assigning Niceguy the task of standing up for what is right and truthful —– and to stand against the forces of evil (liberals).

        Have a good day. 🙂

        PS — Nutjob is telegraphing how much Bangkok has gotten under his skin, lol, which is the opposite of what he should be doing (a person who truly ignores Bangkok won’t comment on him one way or the other).

        Besides, the opposite of love isn’t hate. It’s indifference. ‘Hating somebody’ implies a deep feeling for the object hated. It implies passion. You should be indifferent to Bangkok, my fellow Nutjob, if you truly believe what you’re saying.

        I’ll be around for a few more days and probably make a few more comments, before leaving on vacation, but I will certainly attempt to drop a verbal turd your way, as a parting gift, if the opportunity arises.

        Have a glorious day. 🙂

        • Bangkok-

          In the future, every time, I hear some precocious-shithead teenager talking back to their parents, I will think of you.

          Lastly, Bangkok or Retard regarding your glorious vacation abroad, you should be aware that Canada is not considered “abroad”.

          Take care you little Dipshit! 😉

        • Bangkok is lying. Bangkok cannot travel abroad because Bangkok believes the coronavirus is a hoax, and would thusly never get vaccinated for a hoax. And no vaccine, no travel. Sorry Bangkok! No Europe for you!

          • Hi, asshole. Nice to see you again.

            It is a hoax.

            The virus is real but the ‘panic’ (i.e., shutting down the world for a year) was largely an unnecessary hoax.

            I have PROOF that most of the people who are dead now (because of COVID) would have been dead anyway, just with a different cause of death (heart attack, stroke, cancer, old age, etc).

            But I’m not in the mood to start WWIII in this particular thread, so I’ll withhold my proof.

            But yeah, I could easily win a debate with liberal assholes (like Claviger) who are scared shitless of COVID and actually think it’s like the plague. But sadly, Frank has determined that it’s not a worthy topic of debate —— so you’ll just have to accept that I’m right and Claviger’s wrong. 🙂

            As for my vaccination…

            I didn’t ‘fear’ the virus. Nor did I ‘need’ a vaccination to make myself safe. No sir. It’s a hoax. I stand by that belief 100%. The vaccination is almost like a placebo.


            The only reason I let those liberal assholes vaccinate me is because you can’t do shit without proof that the liberal assholes have vaccinated you with their placebo.

            Disneyland without masks, traveling most places, etc.

            Actually, Disneyland didn’t ask for ‘proof’ to enter without a mask —- but I had no way of knowing that when the liberal assholes first vaccinated me.

            California is run by liberal assholes.

            So kindly EAT SHIT and I wish you nothing but the WORST in life cuz you’re a slippery mother fucker. I’ve got my eye on you.

          • I also don’t believe Bangkok can afford to travel abroad. It’s hard to make enough money as an Uber driver to have a one-month-long vacation. It’s probably more affordable that he will be alone for it though.

            Bangkok says he has “PROOF” of a hoax but doesn’t want to take the time to show us. This proof could presumably save millions of lives and trillions of dollars, countless jobs, businesses, and set the world straight. But, of course, this is too much of an inconvenience to Bangkok, so instead, he’s just going to go on vacation.

            Where exactly is this vacation, Bangkok?

          • Takeaways from these informative comments:

            1. Bangcock may work for Disney. If true, I bet he plays a mean Peter Pan.

            2. Bangcock works for Uber either as a side hustle or as his main gig. The real reason for getting shot up – I bet Uber and/or The Mouse gave him a day off for uploading his vax card.

            3. SInce his two jobs pay as much as Niceguy’s wife made babysitting at age 12, there’s no way Bangcock can afford a Eurail pass – let alone an international flight. By abroad, he probably meant, Buy a broad. Even Banger needs some lovin’. Smart money is on Moreno Valley as his stomping grounds. MoVal can give him what he needs to satisfy his little urges, AND stay within his shoestring budget.

            4. By see ya in September, he means give me a few days to crack-out with my MoVal chick, and I’ll be back with some fake outrage that will surely ruffle some feathers!!!

            5. Bangcock doesn’t believe in Trump’s wall, but he supports the Bridge to Nowhere.

            6. Bangcock has proof of COVID being a hoax, but Frank doesn’t want to use his website to display such mundane information.

            7. Bangcock may be practicing his dance moves (he currently only knows the hokey pokey), in a last ditch attempt to catch Lauren’s eye outside the courthouse, or outside her house, or outside her cell, or inside a Thruway rest area, or wherever he can find scrumptious little Lauren.

        • Truth be told – Springer was sometimes entertaining, and I’ve participated in rubberknecker delays. Never felt great about it, but we all have some of this spit in our lives. Congrats – you talked me into elevating you to be on par with a shower piss.

          • Excellent takeaways, Nutjob. Lauren, scrumptious? Possibly, I might agree with that. But I don’t think Niceguy is married, he comments here too much. If he is, he needs to pay more attention to his wife and stop commenting to weirdos on Frank Report. NiceGuy, take NiceGal out for dinner for fuck’s sake! And she doesn’t want the Olive Garden anymore God damnit, someplace respectable like Del Frisco’s!

            BTW – Remember when Frank did that story on hookers working the streets for crack? Was that in MoVal? Do you think that is where he first met Bangkok?

    • Anonymous 12:57pm-

      That’s how I felt 3 years ago! AND then I made my first comment…..

      Whatever-you-do, don’t involve yourself with the Bangkok, NutJob, ShadowState, NiceGuy(myself), 5G Fred, MitchGarrity, Scotty_Tex, Sultan6, or Ice-Nine.

      Just communicate with the normal commenters like Pyriel, Nataska, Shivani, and Le’Gal.

      FYI: Bangkok’s opinion has as much relevance and importance as a fly buzzing around a pile of buffalo dung.

      • There is no fucking chance Bangkok does not reply after Lauren’s sentence. Unless Bangkok has committed suicide due to overwhelming sadness. Don’t do it, Bangkok, she’s not worth it! You have too much to live for! (well actually that might be a lie, I am not so sure. But still, she isn’t worth it).

        Perhaps Bangkok’s vacation is to dance outside Lauren’s prison? Will Bangkok be on vacation with Bangkok’s friend, Friend of Bangkok?

      • Nice Guy, my dear man, I have been fully occupied having a nervous breakdown for about a month or so.

        So alas (and all ass) I no longer can qualify as “normal.” But love anyhow.

      • Anonymous 1257 pm.
        It is wiser to keep out of the shootout at the OK Corral. Who wants to be caught in THAT crossfire?
        Nice Guy

        I think that is the first time anyone has called me normal. I’m rather flattered. 😊

  • LOL.

    Frank, why did you include me in the title of this post as the people ‘coming after you’?

    I have no love for Scientology.

    In fact, in my opinion, I think it’s largely an insane organization managed by turds of humanity.

    In my opinion, I think their leader is probably mentally unhinged, since he allegedly beats his employees and puts them into a place called ‘the hole’ — according to Leah Remini.

    Nor do I have any connection to them. You’re way off base on this one, Frank. LOL.

    My comments were not meant as a threat. I don’t hate you, Frank. I thought you understood that my insults towards you were mostly sarcastic in nature (something others here have yet to realize).

    For example, I often post about my Lord and Savior —— yet, in reality, I’m an atheist who thinks that all religions, including Christianity, are largely man-made delusions. There is no such thing as heaven. 🙂

    I thought you understood that many of my comments weren’t meant as 100% serious.

    My comments about Scientology came from a TV show by Leah Remini that I watched on Netflix (they had a full episode about Robert Minton, and others, who were fair-gamed in a way that I never thought possible).

    According to this TV show, they even tormented the company who gave employment to Mike Rinder —— for no reason other than they employed Mike Rinder. They also allegedly paid garbage men $20 per day just to give them people’s garbage each day, so they can sift thru it. They tend to do insane things.

    Apparently, they have the budget (and tenacity) to hire dozens of people to watch a single individual and torment them for years, which doesn’t really make sense to me, but yet they did it —- according to Mike Rinder and Leah Remini.

    I was just making the point that Keith never directed any operations quite like that.

    I think you misunderstood my comments, in a very paranoid way. 🙂

    If you wanna take on Scientology and expose them, I have no issues with that. That’s great. Have at it. It should be entertaining. LOL.

    I agree that anybody who believes in Xenu is probably a mindless freak. 🙂

    I just wasn’t sure if you knew just how naughty they were, in terms of harassing people.

    My apologies if you thought I was somehow ‘threatening’ you, as that’s a comical thing to say.

    I have no contact with them and would never contact them for any reason.

    PS — It’s almost as comical as thinking that I’m a former US Attorney named Dennis Burke —- or that I work for Salinas, LOL.

    There are people on this blog who’ve made these insane sounding comments about me, without realizing just how insane some of their comments make them look.

    Dennis Burke was an Obama appointee, but I would never work for a liberal (I also hate 100 degree weather and would never live in Arizona). Also, I’m not an attorney, as Claviger can probably confirm from some of my ignorant-sounding comments.

    Also… Salinas was a crook who took money from Mexican drug cartels for years, whom I’ve spoken against dozens of times (a person who works for Salinas wouldn’t insult him publicly). So, no, I’m not a dude working for Salinas, lol.

    I’ve had another person on this blog — who shall remain nameless (to keep this from getting into an off-topic argument) — who recently claimed that I somehow have knowledge of their ‘whereabouts’ and ‘life’ that others aren’t privy to, LOL. I don’t wish to embarrass this person, so I chose not to respond to them directly.

    But, in reality, the only thing I know about this person is that they are from Los Angeles —— because you posted a comment that you visited their house for a week, a few years ago, before meeting with Catherine Oxenberg.

    As for me having knowledge about their personal family issues, well, you’re forgetting that you posted an article (in 2019, I think) which basically told the whole world about their personal and financial difficulties, in great detail. If they don’t want such details known, they shouldn’t have posted them online. LOL.

    So, no, I don’t have any ‘inside information’ about the personal life of anybody on FrankReport. I only know what people choose to post about themselves, or what a 10 second Google search can tell me, lol.

    Anyway, have at it, Frank. Expose Scientology, if you wish. Should be fun. 🙂

    • One more thing…

      I see that you took offense to my ‘toughness’ comment, but again, I think you misunderstood that comment too.

      I wasn’t saying that you’re not tough enough. In fact, you’ve successfully fought against more dirty tricks than most people will see in a lifetime. You’re tougher than myself in that regard (and a hell of a lot tougher than wussies like Niceguy, lol).

      I was only saying that they have the resources (both human and financial) to do things that would be ‘insane’ even by NXIVM standards.

      Also… Their leader would never respond to your questions (You’d never even be able to contact him, as he dislikes journalists).

      By all accounts, he’s not a nice guy. …And his side of the story is likely bunk anyway —— as L. Ron Hubbard’s military records completely obliterate (contradict) Scientology’s foundation. You should report about that, if you’re really looking to write something interesting.

  • Frank, you should look into doing research on people like Dan Schneider. I feel like doing Scientology articles is beating a dead horse at this point.

  • They are not going to do nothing to you, Frank. I really hope you are armed and, if not, I suggest getting a weapon.

  • Frank, your text is mixed with both bravado and a desire for comradeship with Miscavige. I don’t know what your statement really says other than being a macho manifesto of “Don’t mess with me” along with lambasting the Chinese communists. If you have something to say, say it; don’t bullshit us with your no nothing “I’m too tough to die” attitude.

  • As I’ve said here before, Frank, they’re a bunch of ham-handed clods.

    After 21 years of fighting them, I’ve learned that the biggest mistake you can make is to get distracted onto cult vs anticult tribalism. That’s where they want you.

    Keep your eyes on the prize: The specific criminal acts of the specific criminals who run Scientology. That’s where they’re weakest, and that’s what brings justice to Scientology’s victims.

    L Ron Hubbard made every member of the Office of Special Affairs read and re-read, clear their misunderstood words, and build clay demonstrations of every concept in Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War”, which begins with “All war is deception.”.

    Sun Tzu also wrote “Distract your enemies off of where you are weakest, and onto where you are most invincible.”

    If you know their policies and you know their “tech”, they are incredibly predictable. Like I said, they’re ham-handed clods.

    There are some smart and very effective people here at the Frank Report with a track record of success in getting criminal acts prosecuted.

    Let’s do it.


    • Looking for a newer model, oh so very well designed to be your guillotine, you poor contentious widdle mindfucker,

      All-ASS- zo? How amusing!

      Good idea. Said the spider to the horsefly. Hubba hubba.

  • Danger notwithstanding, would much rather see a focus on something else. Scientology is very well-covered on the blog front as well as by “professional” media, including the many, many high profile defectors with intimate knowledge of its operations. I’m already checking the Ortega and Rinder blogs regularly and there are plenty others out there if I felt like a third source was needed.

    This blog is/was fascinating because it covered a new topic in much more depth and detail than anywhere else. Would like to see that continue. Focus on Scientology would not be very interesting to me as a reader.

  • Frank,
    Your greatest strength is your tenaciousness, you don’t give up.

    Also, people tend to underestimate you which gives you an advantage.

    That said, what skills do you see yourself as weak in, that are necessary to take on the big boys like Scientology?

    • Are you looking for a sore spot or vulnerability that you might want to try to exploit in the future? Opponents and enemies are always interested in how they can take down their opponents.

    • Anonymous 6:25am,

      Scientology sent Frank a message a while ago. Their message, basically, was to let Frank know he was on their radar. They mentioned the Branding story and if memory serves me correct, they complimented Frank.

      The head of Scientology’s PR department sent an email to Frank directly.

      If you do a search in the search bar up top, you can read the email for yourself!

  • The Nazis ( not the Catholics, Muslims, Evangelicals, FBI or IRS ) were the worst, so let’s not be too critical of Scientology Jesus wept Frank, what kind of bullshit is this?

  • As P. T. Barnum said, “There’s a sucker born every minute.”
    As long as that is true there will be new cults and churches to contend with.

    And if you follow the news what is occurring in America is truly frightening.

    We now have a President whose drug addicted son openly accepts bribes by selling worthless paintings for half a million dollars a pop.
    And the Democrats and the corporate media openly laugh at this blatant bribery scheme.
    In the last election Corporate America donated a billion dollars to Joe Biden’s campaign.
    For that kind of money Big Business owns Biden.
    And media protect Biden by asking softball questions like what flavor of ice cream he likes. (Chocolate chocolate chip is the answer.)

    The European is a Dutchman who has been critical of Trump but in Biden The European has a Gold Mine of videos showing that Biden is a puppet manipulated by handlers.
    For daring to analyze Biden’s laughable awkward appearances The European has had Youtube censor him by changing the algorithm of his video channel and have viewers steered away.

    Here is the latest Biden laughfest:

  • Best I can tell, Frank seems content to just Alanzo post his random noises of whatever he is trying to do (bit vague on that) and not go after Scientology specifically. I suspect until someone comes to him with a smoking gun of new information, that isn’t going to change. Right now it seems at most he could do is retread ground that other websites have already been over. Scientology has done a very effective job locking down leaks so doubt that will happen anytime soon.

    As for “Is Scientology worse than our own IRS or FBI or the Orwellian named Department of Justice?”, weirdly yeah they can be worse. At least when IRS, FBI, and DOJ come at you, you have plenty of options on how to fight back, especially if can get the support/money of others to help. With Scientology, it’s a daily, unrelenting campaign that seeks to destroy you at a personal level by crook or hook, where they walk right up to the legal line but don’t cross it so your options to fight back are very limited while also tying you up financially with legal garbage where the goal is to make you broke with a legal victory just being an unexpected cherry on top. So, yeah, the legal warfare of the alphabets vs the legal, financial, and psychological warfare of Scientology’s Fair Game doctrine makes me think the latter can be worse.

    All theory as currently FR is not on their radar and, let’s be honest, neither is Alanzo. Scientology will act when someone becomes a real threat and I suspect Frank knows where that line will likely be if the time comes. Right now, neither fall into that category.

    • The SCI v. FBI point is an interesting one. Even the most high profile targets of Fair Game walk around free, and can call the cops if things go too far. The opposite is sure not true. The most extreme example – whatever you might think of the former President, he was totally powerless to stop the FBI and other agencies from harassing everyone he worked with and jailing them. Hell, he couldn’t stop the FBI from prosecuting him, and he’s their boss. So I’d question whether the average person has “plenty of options” to prevent harassment by law enforcement.

      • What are you talking about? Trump never even appeared in court. Everything was done through lawyers. He was handed a gift that he used on the campaign trail and to foster an insurrection attempt. You could probably come up with better examples of FBI harassment to try and make your point but the ex-President is not one of them.

        And the point is you have avenues of defense and attack with the alphabets, often with help from others. A Scientology attack tends to be random, multiple directions, and no calling the police does nothing (that bit about walking up to the legal line…). Your defense is what? Your method to attack in return to get them to stop is what exactly? My argument is simple – one has form of defense and attack vs one that has neither. Neither is worse.

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