Part 4 Sentencing Memo: Lauren Salzman Believes She Was Asked to Join DOS to Keep Her From Leaving After Mariana Got Pregnant

DOS slave Lauren Salzman has been branded.

This is Part 4 of the unredacted sentencing memo of Lauren Salzman. The redacted portions I will publish in bold.

My own comments I will publish [in italics, brackets and bold]. And any redacted material will be in RED.

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Lauren’s Involvement in DOS

In January 2017, two years after DOS had begun, Raniere approached Lauren and told her that he “wanted to make [their] relationship closer.” Raniere specifically asked Lauren what she was willing to do for her growth and commitment to him.

Consistent with the nature of her relationship with Raniere, Lauren responded that she was willing to do “anything” as she was “fully committed to [her] growth and fully committed to [Keith].

Raniere told Lauren that some of the other women would be approaching her in the next few days to discuss this new growth project.

Of the DOS eight First-Line Slaves, Lauren was the last to join.

He further explained that the intent was always for her to be a part of this group but did not go into further detail.

Shortly thereafter, Rosa Laura Junco approached Lauren about joining the sorority known as DOS, or the Vow. Rosa Laura explained the concept of collateral, which was needed to ensure that Lauren would uphold her vow of secrecy regarding this group.

At the suggestion of Rosa Laura, Lauren submitted naked photographs as her collateral and was told that they would be kept “safe and secure.”

Following the submission of collateral to Rosa Laura, Keith shared that he had started a sorority with seven founding members, and Lauren was going to be invited to be a founding member (albeit two years after the sorority had started).

Rosa Laura then explained the Master/Slave concept to her and informed that Raniere would be Lauren’s master and she would be his slave. Rosa Laura further explained additional concepts of DOS, including the vow of obedience that Lauren must make to her master, Raniere; as well as the concept of a collar (necklace), which symbolized a chain to her master.

Rosa Laura also explained that there would be a brand, in the shape of Raniere’s initials, to honor the experience of overcoming pain for principle. Raniere falsely claimed that the women had chosen the idea of a brand and had fashioned the design to include his initials as tribute. It was not until Raniere was arrested that Lauren learned the idea for branding was Raniere’s and shortly before trial that she learned the initials were his idea and not the women’s.

At the time, Lauren saw the opportunity to join DOS as the only way to prove to Raniere that she was still committed to her growth and to him. Once again, Lauren was determined to seek Raniere’s approval; Lauren jumped into DOS head-first with her eyes wide shut.

She provided her initial collateral of nude photographs and was branded within three days of learning about DOS. Following her branding, and as a further sign of her commitment to DOS and to Raniere as her master, Lauren, at Rosa Laura’s direction, provided further collateral to collateralize all aspects of her life, including everything material that she owned: her two properties, her two cars, her money, her financial investments, art, as well as intangible things like her position in NXIVM.

Notably, ten days after Lauren was fully enrolled in DOS and in a lifelong vow of obedience to Raniere, Raniere surprised Lauren and told her that Marianna was pregnant with his child.  Raniere was aware of this information for over three months and deliberately withheld this information from Lauren prior to her enrollment into DOS. This fact further supports Raniere’s full manipulation and control over Lauren.

Moreover, had Keith told Lauren this information prior to her enrollment in DOS, it is very likely that Lauren would not have remained in NXIVM and would not have joined DOS, which would have negatively impacted Raniere. To be clear, Lauren had been a central figure in NXIVM for years. As such, her departure would have certainly raised questions about the viability of NXIVM. Lauren truly believes that Raniere brought her into DOS only because he knew that she would leave NXIVM once she learned Marianna was pregnant.

Raniere’s actions in concealing this information until after Lauren joined DOS were not only deceitful and manipulative but demonstrate the lengths Raniere was willing to go to in order to maintain Lauren’s blind trust and faithfulness to his initiatives.

As part of her commitment to DOS, Lauren was also required to enroll other individuals into DOS. These individuals would be slaves to Lauren—not to Raniere —and Lauren would be their “Master.” Lauren enrolled six individuals into DOS under the false premise that they were joining a women’s empowerment group.

Lauren explained the concept of collateral to each of her slaves and told them that they needed to provide collateral in the form of nude photographs or potentially embarrassing and shameful information in order to learn about the organization.

After receiving the initial collateral, Lauren then described the four concepts of DOS:

(1) the lifetime vow of obedience to your master;

(2) master/slave concept;

(3) the collar; and

(4) the brand.

If the potential slave wanted to be part of DOS or the Vow, these slaves were then required to provide additional collateral.

Lauren selected her six (6) slaves with Raniere’s input. Raniere directed Lauren to conceal from her slaves that he had  any involvement in DOS. Raniere further directed Lauren to conceal from her slaves that the brand contained his initials.

DOS brand of one of Lauren’s slaves.

Instead, Lauren was directed to inform her slaves that the brand was a “symbol.”  Based on these knowing and intentional misrepresentations, Lauren and other first and some second line DOS masters, wrongfully convinced numerous other women to provide collateral and join DOS. Similar to the DOS requirements imposed on Lauren, Lauren’s slaves were also required to provide collateral, be branded, and abide by the master/slave principles.


Turn the brand counterclockwise 90 degrees and you can see the initials — K-R.

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[…] Part 4 Sentencing Memo: Lauren Salzman Believes She Was Asked to Join DOS to Keep Her From Leaving A… […]


[…] Part 4 Sentencing Memo: Lauren Salzman Believes She Was Asked to Join DOS to Keep Her From Leaving A… […]

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