Part 5: Sentencing Memo: Lauren Cooperates With Prosecution – Flips After Reading Cami Texts With Raniere

After the Camila photos, Lauren Salzman made a deal to cooperated with the US Attorney. She testified at trial.

This is Part 5 of the unredacted sentencing memo of Lauren Salzman. The redacted portions I will publish in bold.

My own comments I will publish [in italics, brackets and bold]. And any redacted material will be in RED.

Here are the first three parts in this series:

IN part 1, I explain that I have the unredacted version of Lauren’s sentencing memo.

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Part 4 Sentencing Memo: Lauren Salzman Believes She Was Asked to Join DOS to Keep Her From Leaving After Mariana Got Pregnant

Lauren’s Indictment, Cooperation, Guilty Plea and Testimony at Keith Raniere’s Trial

DOS became public on or about May 2017, just four and one half (4½) months after Lauren had joined DOS.

Shortly thereafter, the government began its investigation into DOS, Raniere and the co-defendants in this matter. On or about April 20, 2018, the government obtained its initial Indictment against Raniere and Defendant Allison Mack charging them with sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy and forced labor conspiracy.

On or about July 23, 2018, the government obtained a Superseding Indictment, alleging Racketeering Conspiracy and adding four more defendants, including Lauren.

During the first few months following her indictment, there was a short period of time that Lauren was still under the delusions created by Raniere that her actions, and the actions of all her co-defendants, were “noble.”

In fact, in the early stages of this case, Lauren held firm to the belief that Raniere’s conduct was being mischaracterized and exaggerated by the government. However, after seven months in home confinement and after a meaningful review of the voluminous discovery and the government’s submissions, the walls that Lauren had built around herself (comprised of NXIVM teachings and principles and her dedication to Keith) soon gave way to common sense.

In particular, upon her review of emails between Raniere [this next part was redacted] and Camila, coupled with the fact that Lauren had been removed from the grasp of Raniere and NXIVM, Lauren was finally able to appreciate the nature of Raniere’s abusive and manipulative tactics. For the first time, Lauren was able to see that Raniere had treated her in a similar manner to how Raniere had treated Camila.

MK10ART’s painting of Camila. The texts between Keith and Cami helped Lauren realize she had nothing special with Raniere. Ironically, it was the allegation of underage sex with Cami that persuaded Allison Mack to take a plea deal. So, as it turns out, Cami had a huge impact on the case.

For the first time, Lauren was able to step outside of the NXIVM bubble, free from any external influences, and see that Raniere’s actions were based on deception, manipulation, and psychological trauma. Lauren realized that Raniere, her “most important person” and the man she almost took a bullet for in Mexico, had engaged in illegal, unethical and repulsive conduct, which directly contradicted the very teachings and principles that he taught Lauren to uphold.

Lauren was able to see the abuse Raniere inflicted on not only her, but others. Based on everything that she had learned since the time of her indictment, it now became crystal clear to her that she could no longer defend Raniere or sit next to him at the defense table at a trial. In being honest with herself, and in an effort to take responsibility for all of her actions, Lauren approached the government regarding cooperation in early March 2019. Lauren was the first defendant in this case to proffer with the government, and she began proffering with the government on or about March 17, 2019.

Lauren met with the government on multiple dates—March 17, 18, 23, and 24, 2019—for lengthy proffer sessions before the government extended a Cooperation Agreement to her on March 25, 2019.

Then-AUSA Moira Kim Penza met with Lauren Salzman multiple times in 2019.

During these meetings with the government, Lauren was exceedingly helpful in detailing her involvement in NXIVM and DOS; she provided critical information regarding Raniere and the acts of all defendants in this case.

Specifically, through Lauren’s proffers, Lauren “provided the government with detailed information regarding the criminal activities of her co-defendant Raniere and his co-conspirators, including significant information regarding DOS, the secret organization led by Raniere.”

Such detailed information also specifically included facts about Raniere’s involvement in DOS, the activities of the first line DOS masters, and information regarding the concept of collateral. Id. Lauren was able to fully explain to the government the NXIVM, JNESS and SOP curriculums, and she was able to identify which specific teachings were contained within each curriculum, which allowed the government an appreciation of where Raniere was using certain principles for his continued corruption and manipulation of others

Lauren provided the government with important information about the sorority house.  Notably, Lauren also provided the government with copies of the letters that Jane Doe 4 [Daniela] wrote to Raniere while she was confined to a room for nearly two years.

Specifically, Lauren testified that Jane Doe 4 “wrote Keith letters throughout the whole time she was in the room. And he asked me to keep them. And I did… I kept them and then after he was arrested, I photocopied them and they became part of the materials in this case.”

“By virtue of her close, decades-long relationship with Raniere, Lauren was privy to a significant amount of information regarding Raniere’s role in directing criminal activity within the enterprise, even where Raniere had taken great pains to conceal his role.” Gvt’s Sentencing Memorandum at 4.

There is no question that Lauren’s honesty and lifelong knowledge of the organization was the basis for her to be called to testify at Raniere’s trial. Lauren met with the government for countless hours on “dozens of occasions, both in proffers and in preparation for trial testimony.”

Because the Court was present for all of Ms. Salzman’s testimony, we will not rehash her statements. However, it bears noting that Lauren’s testimony allowed the jury to have a complete and comprehensive understanding of the complex issues in this case and a first-hand account of Raniere, his manipulation of others, and his criminal objectives.

Lauren testified for four (4) days. For most of her time on the stand, she discussed incredibly sensitive, shameful and embarrassing conduct. However, testifying at Raniere’s trial was a healing process for Lauren as she was able to acknowledge the wrongfulness of her conduct and confront the man who manipulated and abused her for over twenty (20) years.

This was the first and most important step of her recovery and rehabilitation.

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  • RE: Whitewashing Lauren Salzman:

    Mission accomplished!

    I guess because I had a hard life, I should go and commit some felonies — and then claim to be a victim of my childhood and, therefore, bear no responsibilities for crimes I’ve committed…..

    …Like helping keep a woman in a room for 2 years. Now certain magnanimous individuals at Frank Report claim Dani stayed because she was “stubborn”, and Lauren was not complicit.

    This article needs to be labeled OP-ED.

    On a bright note, Bangkok wet his pants after reading this article.

    • I do feel empathy for Lauren Salzman. She undoubtedly had a hard life with Nancy as her mom. I do believe she was raped.

      None of those things excuses her from the crimes she committed.

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    Prosecutors aired a raft of additional allegations — but not new charges — against the R&B star in a court filing Friday.

    R. Kelly accused of abusing teenage boy he met in McDonald’s

    US R&B star R. Kelly has been accused of fresh abuse allegations, including the claim he had a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old boy.

    Prosecutors allege the singer abused the teenager after meeting him at a Chicago McDonald’s in 2006.

    They want evidence of this, and other alleged but uncharged crimes, to be heard at Kelly’s trial in August.

    Kelly denies ever abusing anyone, and his lawyers have not responded to the latest allegations.

    The Grammy-winner, real name Robert Kelly, is set to face trial in New York next month on charges including child sexual exploitation, making indecent images of minors, racketeering and obstruction of justice.

    The charges involve six unnamed women and girls.

    Now, prosecutors would also like jurors to hear about about more than a dozen other people they say Kelly abused, threatened or mistreated.

    They include a 17-year-old boy and aspiring musician, whom Kelly allegedly met at a McDonald’s and then invited to his Chicago studio.

    After offering to help the boy with his music career, Kelly is said to have later propositioned and had sexual contact with him while he was still underage.

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    The judge is yet to rule on whether the evidence will be considered.

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    R. Kelly is a better singer than Allison Mack

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    • shadow, you forgot to mention that R Kelly is black…without that some readers here wouldn’t get the real purpose of your comment.

      • R Kelly is black? I watched the video. Where is there anything which indicates his race. Just cuz he’s wearing a Zebra print jacket doesn’t mean he’s African.

        My wife has a Anaconda hand bag. Does that means she’s a [redacted] bunny or a spearchuka?

    • R Kelly’s alleged bisexuality is discussed at length in Jim DeRogatis’ book. It’s well known in his private circles he was involved with at least one male member of his entourage. R Kelly’s girlfriend Arzriel is expected to testify that not only did she have sex with him as a minor, but she was coerced by him to have group sexual encounters that included him having sex with both men and women.

  • Off-Topic BUT pertinent!!

    Nicki is no longer playing nice with Frank! Inquiring-minds should check out her tweet below:

    I translated Nicki’s pseudo intellectual Tweet into intelligible English:

    “To Frank, Liar, Liar, pants on fire! Wash em’ out in bubble gum and put them in the dryer!” (Nicki Translation)


    The only question which remains is will Frank be brave enough to respond to this slander…….

  • “This was the first and most important step of her recovery and rehabilitation.”

    “Recovery and rehabilitation”

    This is a metaphor used by those who believe in brainwashing and deprogramming. This metaphor collects an inapt and delusory view of the facts of the case which have nothing to do with the law, and violations of it. If Lauren was accused of being a witch, this would be similar to claiming that ‘the power of Christ had healed her from Satan’s grasp’.

    19 people were hanged as a result of the Salem Witch Trials. We can now see that those injustices were caused by delusory and superstitious beliefs. Yet very similar hysterical delusions which poisoned the judge and prosecutors in Salem were at work in Albany.

    If you think we have advanced as a species since then, you’d be dangerously mistaken.


    • —This is a metaphor used by those who believe in brainwashing and deprogramming

      It’s not a metaphor you dummy. It’s quite literal.

      Such terminology is also used for those affected by ill health or addiction.

      • Before you get too worked up arguing with torquemada, remember, he was stupid enough to be in Scientology for 16 fuckin’ years. His brain is a scrambled mess. He literally can’t figure out who he is supposed to be rooting for or fighting against.

      • Yes, and belonging to a minority sub-culture with different beliefs and values than the mainstream are neither an illness nor an addiction.

        Thus, recovery and rehabilitation are inapt metaphors. They are not language that reflects the objective reality at all.


        • There are plenty of sub-cultures within mainstream society, e.g., religious, lifestyles, sexual orientations, etc. In general, nobody tries to rehabilitate those groups.

          Maybe there is something distinct about particular “cults”, e.g., high/coercive control, manipulation, trauma, etc., where these particular terms are apt and applicable.

          Use your head and stop looking at everything in your warped mainstream/anti-cult dichotomy. It’s no wonder people think you’re still hawing for Scientology and/or other cults.

          • “There are plenty of sub-cultures within mainstream society, e.g., religious, lifestyles, sexual orientations, etc. In general, nobody tries to rehabilitate those groups.”

            Do you think no one will notice your revision of history?

            No one tries to rehabilitate, coerce and even kill gay people?

            No one tried to rehabilitate jews or native americans?

            The power differential between any mainstream society & minority religion or sub-culture is very real. The urge to create uniformity of thought and conformity of belief seems to be hard wired into human beings.

            From “strange fruit” (lynchings) hanging from trees, to native american elementary schools with their own graveyards, to nazi and chinese concentration camps, you blind yourself to human history so you can keep persecuting people who believe differently than you.

            If some minority behavior is criminal then prosecute the specific criminals for their specific crimes. If it’s legal, no matter how immoral you think it is, then learn to tolerate it or risk losing our free society.

            It really is as simple as that. But you’ve already proven you can’t understand this.

            Maybe somebody else can.


          • Lonzo, when someone says “in general”, it means exactly that. It doesn’t mean every instance. It means the majority doesn’t (at least nowadays), but outliers, minorities, extremists, etc., may do so.

            We aren’t talking about the past, or in other countries. We are talking about now and in the West.

            Conformity of thought can also correspond with conformity to truth as well as shared values. So, there will always be people trying to convert others, and there will always be people with similarities and differences that don’t significantly conflict.

            What you don’t seem to still get is that maybe some groups are more problematic than others, for specific reasons (whatever they may be), and not just because we live in your illusory world where there is some “war” going on between mainstream society who are all anti-cult and cults. Sorry that you can’t see the granularities.

        • “ belonging to a minority sub-culture with different beliefs and values than the mainstream are neither an illness nor an addiction”

          I get your point. In the case of Nxivm and DOS, several of those beliefs and values happen to be highly illegal in this place and time.

          Lauren was not “brainwashed” nor was she in any way forced to serve Raniere. She did these things of her own free will and should pay the consequences. She joined his merry little cult as a college educated adult, with her eyes wide open. Her lawyers’ rhetoric about “indoctrination” notwithstanding. Ditto her desire to have Raniere’s baby (Raniere evidently had an overwhelming desire to screw lots of women, which likely clouded his judgement too. Who gives a flying f*ck?)

          She’s undergoing therapy for her issues? Jolly good for her. That’s irrelevant when it comes to sentencing her though.

          • Completely agreed. The way that her lawyers are emphasizing her deprogramming/recovery/rehabilitation shows the role that the superstition of brainwashing is playing in this trial.

            It is further evidence that the defense team sees that the judge and prosecutors believe in brainwashing, and they are using thier belief to manipulate sympathy for Lauren.

            Just like in the Salem Witch Trials, it’s all playacting to get what you really want – a neighbor’s land, his wife, a few more cows, or a reduced prison sentence.

    • @Alanzo… again, you need to stop with your ethnocentrism. recovery and rehabilitation and letting go of incorrect or delusionary beliefs is the same thing. You are just continuing to just people based on your own values, rather than attempting to understand what they are really trying to convey and asking questions where things don’t add up, before coming up with your own unsolicited judgments on them and their life. What qualification do you have to judging another’s psychological experience or life or mind?

  • Speaking of Keith’s e-mails to Camilla….

    Are we ever going to find out how Keith Raniere knew the exact measurements of Robbie’s weiner?

    Like down to the half inch. Width. Girth.

    And did Keith masturbate with just Robbie? As he claimed. Or other dudes too?

    Do you think Keith has any young male victims?

    Maybe the extreme thinness Keith wanted in women sexually wasn’t so much a desire for girlish bodies but a lust for boyish bodies?

    Is it possible that Keith Raniere was an omnivorous predator? Just any warm, young body?

      • In the SOP circle jerks, there was always some jerk kneeling in the middle of the circle. The question remains whether that recipient of the jerking was being punished or rewarded.

        • “ By virtue of her close, decades-long relationship with Raniere, Lauren was privy to a significant amount of information regarding Raniere’s role in directing criminal activity within the enterprise”

          This directly contradicts the claim that Lauren believed she was doing good.

          She worked for 20 years to advance Raniere and his criminal enterprise. Despite being privy to a significant amount of information regarding Raniere’s role in directing criminal activity within the enterprise, she did nothing to stop him.

          The claim that Lauren lacked criminal intent is therefore bullshit.

      • This is Not Nice, dude. Here you’ve claimed to have been a fine Irish Catholic, and you think that male jerk-off sessions in the great outdoors or indoors, for that matter, are exclusively a “gay” thing?


        Have you even ever been to Gay Head, on Martha’s Vineyard, or at least at band camp? Holy Wampanoag! Whattamatta you? First visit to earth?

        Have you never read Frank McCourt’s book, Angela’s Ashes? Seen the movie? Those gentlemen who were jacking off together on that stonewall were not necessarily ever gay.

        Ta-ta and tut-tut you, bad boy. Bad! Boys are and will always be boys. This is natural. Don’t cut it out or off. If you please.

        • Shivani-

          Nothing wrong with gay men. True heterosexual men do not circle jerk.

          BTW: Angela’s Ashes was kids not men.

  • Who were the female leaders of the sex slave cult?

    Allison Mack
    Lauren Salzman
    Danielle Roberts
    Nicki Clyne

    All single, never married, childless women
    Could it be that these women were particularly brutal with Sarah Edmondson because she was married and had a good chance of having children?

    • I’ve also find it interesting that these women or DOS leftovers are not mothers. I really don’t believe they would’ve remained the zombie messes they are today if they were.

      • Laura Junco does not follow that pattern. She was in DOS and was a mother. Keith used motherhood to manipulate some women but it was not used for all

      • Agreed. Just Sayin’

        I think Keith knew that any mother puts her babies before all else. And therefore not him first. Being a parent permeates every choice you make.

        Whether it’s dancing sexy in front of a men’s prison at night or relocating to be near your jailed cult leader.

        Keith also knew branding your vagina with his initials, growing out a pubic hair chastity belt, all night readiness drills, porn blackmail and every other DOS practice would keep his slaves from finding a new relationship easily.

        Nxivm/DOS was a hamster wheel. People spent decades preparing to live, but never having a life.

      • M. Lady.

        She was an exception. I think her kids were older. Pre DOS.

        And she herself was older, married. Keith just seemed to let that be because… He really wanted Rosa to give him her daughter – remember?

        Pedophile predators often seek out women with daughters (or sons) they want to get their hands on.

  • Do I understand that Lauren cooperated with the government even before her mother did? (Or did her mother cooperate at all?)

  • Let’s cut to the chase.

    All of these NXIVM women knew of Raniere’s predilection for underage females.

    Hell’s Bells!

    The Albany Times-Union published in 2012 an expose of Raniere’s relationship with a 12-year-old girl named Rhiannon.

    For whatever reason, these NXIVM women chose to ignore Raniere’s pedophilia for years.

    These NXIVM women are not heroes.

    • Good point: the James Odado series in the Times Union detailed all the Nxivm scandals very well,

      The only reason Lauren flipped is because she felt personally betrayed by Raniere. It wasn’t about legality, morality or the scandals. She’d still be there if he had a baby with her.

      And, Frank wants to give her a medal! Very amusing!

      • I would not go so far as giving her a medal. She made plenty of mistakes and acted in a heartless way – particularly with Dani — I am just not so certain that she needs additional punishment – via prison.

          • No. She was just an asshole at times, same as you are. Plus people are sentenced for the crimes they have been found guilty of. Being an asshole is not a crime. It’s not nice, but it’s not a crime.

        • Frank,
          She was in a criminal organization, dude. She went from 6 counts down to 2. She could get 20 years

          So far she hasn’t gotten any punishments. Lauren has been out on bail. Only due to COVID has her sentencing been delayed.

          Lauren broke the law. Yes, she helped to DOJ. She was smart in doing so because otherwise, she would be getting more time.

          For her to get no time make no sense to the people she has harmed over the 20 years she acted with her mom and with Raniere to pull off their crimes. How can you justify saying she should get off with no punishment because she didn’t harm YOU? Especially when she helped to harm so many.

          Dani was just one way she helped to torture so many. You know not what you speak of Frank.

          If you do the crime, you should do some time.

          Over the 20 years, Lauren did more damage than Allison Mack

          • I see this comment on several posts. Can you please identify the crimes you think she committed and what amount of time do you think is the right amount?

          • Wasn’t Lauren also the one who brought Dani to Keith originally ? She supplied him with an underage girl. Yet she puked about learning about Camila ?? Yeah right. She knew all along what was happening and how she was helping. The baby with Mariana was what pissed get off. She did not know how to get out of the relationship and having machine guns pointed at her started to wake her up.

            She choose to be cruel to Dani and not even give her medícal treatment when requested. Lauren
            Needs to pay for incarcerating a human being.

            Jail time is needed to understand what it is like to be incarcerated . We do not know who could also manipulate Laure. And get her to do similar deeds to what she did with Keith.

            She was at Starbucks so normal with her mom. Lauren needs to realize she is hanging with the wrong crowd and really truly repent . Prison time is needed

      • Not really. Lauren was banging Raniere and knew his claims of celibacy were bullshit. She was on the play to recruit others under such false pretenses, whereas others weren’t. Also, I agree with the above poster who said she deserves more time than Mack. She was in it longer, did just as bad things, and was an inner circle member for longer than most.

        Everybody just wants to get off and be forgiven after they’ve wronged people. Sorry, life doesn’t work that way. And people who break the law gotta do some time despite helping out after the fact.

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