Dilbert Creator Scott Adams Tweets Support of Pardon for Nxivm Founder Keith Raniere

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Scott Adams. Photo credit: @ScottAdamsSays

Scott Adams is best known as the creator of the comic strip Dilbert, but now he’s weighing in on a possible Keith Raniere pardon.

Dilbert comic strip

Adams is not only a cartoonist — he also has a popular podcast, Coffee With Scott Adams, and more than 600,000 Twitter followers @ScottAdamsSays.

Frank Report readers might know that Adams interviewed Canadian actress Nicki Clyne, who continues to be a staunch Keith Raniere supporter, about her experiences in Nxivm and at the Raniere trial. You can view the Nicki Clyne interview on YouTube here.

Nicki Clyne Interview Scott Adams Podcast
Nicki Clyne appears on the Coffee With Scott Adams Podcast, uploaded to YouTube October 26, 2020. Image Credit: Scott Adams

[Chet Hardin, a former reporter for Albany Metroland broke several important Nxivm stories and was co writer of Toni Natalie’s book The Program. He had a critical blog post about Scott Adams hosting Nicki Clyne on his YouTube show. It is entitled the Culting of Dilbert


Chet Hardin cartoon of Scott Adams and Nicki Clyne,


As for a presidential pardon for Keith Raniere, currently serving a 120-year prison sentence, Scott Adams tweets:

“I support this pardon because the prosecution looks DEEPLY suspicious if you dig into it a bit — NXIVM leader Keith Raniere ask for PARDON from Donald Trump”


Scott Adams Tweets Support of Raniere Pardon
Dilbert creator Scott Adams tweets support of a presidential pardon for Keith Raniere.

His tweet is in response to this article that appeared in The Sun on January 11, 2021, ‘FREE ME’  Nxivm sex cult boss Keith Raniere begs for PARDON from Donald Trump claiming they are both ‘victims’ of ‘fake news’.

He has gotten 61 retweets, 36 quote tweets, 307 likes as of January 13 at 7:13 pm.

The replies on Twitter are mostly negative, though not all. There are also some familiar Nxivm-related names chiming in on Adams’ tweet. Here’s a sampling of what’s been tweeted so far:
Feeling sympathy for cult leaders today? I wonder why. Did he also do the coffee thing where he told his followers what they should think?

This surprise anyone really?
Doogie Funkhouser
This makes SO MUCH SENSE. Scott loves anyone with a cult following – in this case fucking literally.

You’ll have to tldr bc surface level this seems like peak Hollywood creep

Joe Thomasula
Ulick Norman Owen
A wannabe cult leader defending an actual cult leader.



… Yeah, you defending the cult sounds about right. You’re pretty big on branding

Dr. Streetlamp Le Moose 
If the NXIVM leader doesn’t get a pardon he might be branded a felon.

Agree. It’s a private sex cult they can do whatever they like.

Vox Nihili
Pretty gross even for Pillbert

Creepy to support a pardon for this monster. Disagree.

Another Plebian
Don’t let Q Anon hear this

I dont know anything about this. I’m still trying to find unbiased information of any type.

Beluga Monkey
wouldn’t be surprised if he was framed

You are sick!

Full English Breakfast
Are you going to present some sort of argument for this? It’s going down like a fart in a lift.
Sure, why not? He should pardon Ghislaine Maxwell while he’s at it too right? Just pardon all the traffickers. It’s not like forcing people to be sex slaves is a horrible crime or anything…

Oh my god. Who do you beleive? If trump pardons him this will be a bad spew of muck from the swamp monsters lips. If he doesnt pardon an innocent man (I wonder), then hes punished unjust for 120 yrs. Why was he involved in the first place?

Capital B
never gonna happen – let pedo joe do it

Would have to agree. All things considered Trump’s Cult is 10 times creepier and has done far more damage to the country than that dude.

Ezio Moroder
Fuckin of course you do you old viagra-stiff creep

Well the more I think about it, no Scott. Supporting a pardon is WAY TOO SOON. How much have you really DUG INTO IT? Are you sure you don’t have a SOFT SPOT for PERSUADERS? Hmmm.

Scott loves all cults. Especially sex cults. That’s what happens when you haven’t had sex in a decade. Good persuasion!

personal space invader
Fuck that. Keith was about as explicitly anti-Trump as you could get
lmao YIKES
Le choupette

Surprised to see people who agree that the news is designed to persuade us into believing an alternate reality and courts are corrupt, also deny the *possibility* that NXIVM leader could be getting railroaded.

Le choupette

Douglas C Cowdrick
I despise this guy, he’s a scuzzball I think that these women were all foolish adults, and what he did was NOT a crime. If one of them stabbed him in the throat, and I was on the jury, I’d vote to acquit though. Being a piece of crap isn’t a felony, sorry folks.

Ex-Dem RINO, but always a Patriot 

Nah, this goes totally against MAGA doctrine of #SaveTheChildren Whatever political clout Trump has with his 70M voters, he will immediately lose 90% of it with this pardon.

Nicki Clyne
Adult women are not children, so, no.

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  • […] Dilbert creator Scott Adams tweets support of a pardon for Nxivm founder Keith Raniere.  I would reflexively say fuck Raniere, he looks like a skeez. But this is interesting if Adams is right and the prosecution is weak, because Raniere was sideways with Cabal’s surveillance program up there according to reports of freaking out about it following him and sending in spies. I assumed either they were piggybacking his mind control research/blackmail and supporting him covertly to keep him operational, to get his research/blackmail, even though he didn’t like them. Or maybe they made nice at some point after. But it might mean his prosecution is weak, and he is just getting locked away by a corrupt system to tie up a loose end Cabal is done with. So he might not have been full Cabal, for those trying to assemble a completely accurate picture. […]

  • Don’t know if I’d agree with everything with Scott Adam but he seems like a very smart, sensible and clear person to me.

  • Scott Adams was prescient about Trump winning and he took a deluge of ridicule for almost two straight years. He was vindicated. This man is no fool.

  • In my opinion, Scott Adams is a great artist. His comic DILBERT has been translated to several languages and sold in many countries. He made a personal comment and he has the right to express his opinion.

    • Not really. People do it just to be “different” or “smarter”. Seems ego-driven. It does take courage to put your name on supporting a pedophile and abuser. You should step up, anonymous!

  • ” women are treated as children” Nxivm/ DOS. “the solution file this ( rceived) character defect is “for women not to be able to make a single choice as basic as what to eat without asking permission….like a child”<—- also Nxivm/DOS. How do you learn to " keep your word" if the way you are " teaching women to keep their word" is sexually pornographic blackmail"? How is that ever applicable to the real world? It is just manipulation & garbage. It never made sense.

  • I just finished watching Nicki’s interview and she does a good job of explaining some of the questions I had. For example, using “master”/”slave” to describe each other was something I had trouble with. In minute 46:30, she explains it and it makes sense now.

    Basically, this is what she says: The master/slave term was used as a metaphor to: Do you want to be a SLAVE to your fears and/or attachments or do you want to be a MASTER of your experiences and your life?

    What I understand from this is that the person holding the position of “master” would help the “slave” break from her fears and attachments. Actually, from this perspective, the idea sounds super cool. I guess Sarah Edmonson wanted to continue being a slave of her fears and attachments and decided to play the victim instead.

    • So, I suppose the ritualistic branding where the slave chants, “Master, brand me now, it would be an honor”, is symbolic of the slave breaking free of her attachments by searing into her skin a permanent brand. How ironic.

      You’re after-the-fact, world-salad nonsense to rationalize such stupidity makes you just as terrible as your grandmaster.

    • Complete BS.

      Nicki’s metaphor is a distortion of truth and logic.

      None of the DOS slaves were told Keith was their “grandmaster”.
      None of the DOS slaves knew Keith was collecting all the collateral.
      None of the DOS slaves knew they were branded with initials from Keith/Alison.

      All the DOS slaves were told a BS story. The same story Nicki told Scott Adams.

      Dragging Sarah into this is retarded and malicious.
      Trying to make the sensible people, the real heroes in this story, look like mentally weak people is sad.

      It’s disgusting.

      This is why Nxivm and its acolytes are not to be trusted. And why they are not directly engaging on a forum like the Frank Report.

    • Yeah. Sounds super cool! If I let the good Dr brand my crotch, think Grand Master Keith will call on me to blow him?

      Ya can dress up the pig in many ways, but you’re only kidding yourself.

      • NutJob-

        Question: Do you believe Danielle Roberts should be able to keep her medical license in view of her reported role in V-Day poisoning weekend, as put forth by the Saratoga newspaper?

  • Scott Adams is no fool. The prosecution was DIRTY AF! Even if Keith is guilty – which he very well may be – a man deserves a fair trial and this one clearly was not.

  • It seems a shame how much hate there is on Twitter. It is nice to read some thoughtful/respectful tweets here and there, though. It makes me hopeful there are still a good number of people in the world who believe in civil debate. the question is, how do we get them to speak up more?

  • I’ve always liked Scott Adams for his willingness to stand for what he believes. I think it’s admirable he’s willing to put himself out there with something like this knowing that a lot of people will dislike him and attack him for such stand. I hope more people who don’t know Keith (like me) are willing to se beyond him and see this is about our justice system that is lacking justice.

  • Pretty sad when the Keith-flavored Koolaid™ drinkers are beside themselves with joy after one minor, marginal, wacko YouTube/Twitter personality joins their cause.

    Talk about self-damning with faint praise.


    Oh wait, I almost forgot: Amanda Knox signed a petition a few months ago.

    Not a single US paper, not even a tabloid, has picked up the Sun article.

    Trump’s response:

    • I know! Next up the creator of “Garfield ” weighs in on the case! Except Dilbert really, really, really sucks. So Garfield is a step up.

    • Nxidvmdvm: But Keith thinks there is a “spotlight” on him! And this is all a big deal in the media. People in New York don’t even know about the case! Honestly, the ” toilet paper shortage of 2020″ was a bigger story.

  • All Scott said in this tweet is that he “supports the pardon because the prosecution looks DEEPLY suspicious if you dig into it a bit”. I agree and applaud Scott for his bravery in saying what he believes and for doing his homework!.

    I’m getting the sense that because it is America people believe the prosecution does their job fairly all the time. Trust me, I was the first one to think this way, particularly being raised in a country that has a great amount of corruption I always looked up to the judicial system in America, but, the prosecution is made of people and people can make mistakes, when someone’s life is on the line the least we can do is double check.

    • LOL. You do provide a chuckle. He did no digging or homework. He listened to one member of NXIVM 5 and lapped it up because he is lazy minded and it fit his general opinion.

    • Pioneerofpossible for the third time — were you in DOS? If not, why have you written previously as if you had first-hand absolute knowledge of private activities? And will you finally acknowledge that Raniere created the branding ceremony and stated – it is recorded and evidence in the trial that Keith did not dispute – that the branding tapes would be used ” s collateral”? You have adamantly stated incorrect information about this irrefutable fact. When it was disproved, you switched arguments. But you have never acknowledged being wrong. Or corrected your false claims. Is that “ethical”?

    • @Anonymous

      I think Nicki Clyne is beautiful, but I doubt Scott is hot on her trail, his being a newlywed and all. Have you seen Scott Adams wife? She doesn’t exactly come up short in the looks department. She’s also supposedly a pilot and accomplished musician, who studied neuroscience. In other words, not just a pretty face. Though she has the pretty face, too.

      • Nicki-

        I believe you are a good person who means well.

        ….And, yes, I know you don’t give a rat’s ass what I believe.

        I hope you have a nice day!


      • His wife is a gold-digger. She’s 31 years younger than him. That he supports Raniere’s pardon is no shock.

        • “His wife is a gold-digger. She’s 31 years younger than him.”

          Ehhh. I don’t think there is an expiration date on attractiveness. I never knew what Scott Adams looked like before and am surprised that he does not look like Dilbert at all—he’s sorta handsome IMO. he looks youthful for his age, tho looking young is NOT the be-all-end-all for attractiveness.

          Plus, he seems like he has personality and charm. And he’s an artist. And based on the Nicki Clyne interview, he seems capable of being a nice person.

          To sum up, Scott Adams is old enough to be my dad, but after thinking it over, even if he made a teacher’s salary I’d at least go on one date with him, hypothetically speaking. In an alternate universe where he wasn’t married, of course. And I find it hard to believe Scott Adams wife is just with him for money since he seems to have many good qualities, although I have no clue what a comic strip pays.

  • Scott Adams is a far right wing nutbar.

    Things he believes includes
    antifa conspiracy
    QAnon will save us
    the deep state
    the election was stolen
    that Biden should be impeached for vague reasons I can’t bother to track
    and so on

    Indications are he is sexist, racist, and possibly a white supremist (but its more subtext so no I can’t prove this theory)

    He also thinks he is very clever in his counter arguments for Trump. Likes to use moronic analogies. Its amusing. You don’t have to take my word for it, just skim his twitter feed and if really want to go down the ugly rabbit hole, read his blog where he highly relies on nonsensical comparisons.

    He is so far into crazy land that if you told me he was a flat earther among others, I would believe it.

    Or to put it another way, Keith looks at Scott Adams and thinks “Damn what an easy mark. A missed opportunity to use his strip to help spread my cult.”

    This is the most famous support that the NXIVM five here in the comments could get. I do wonder, is Scott Adams aware that Keith was also convicted for being a pedophile. They seem to like to forget that part and I doubt they volunteer it.

      • Scott Adams is one of those neocon acid tripping conservatives who attends Grateful Dead shows.

        In other words, he’s an asshole with a hippie complex.

    • I believe Scott actually makes very interesting points with his comment. Why not consider he might be really interested in having justice be just and or exposing injustice? I’ve followed him for a long time and I believe when it comes to our justice system and our government he has always brought up interesting points and in many other controversial cases so not a surprise he looked into this. Also, Keith wasn’t convicted for being a pedophile, that was not even a charge. I also support Keith’s pardon because as I’ve looked into the case more in-depth, there were definitely some irregularities on his trial that shouldn’t happen to any American citizen, so having a new trial with fair treatment shouldn’t be a problem also if he is guilty of all of the accusations having another trial making sure his rights are respected would just confirm we have a good justice system we can rely on. I don’t know Keith or took any NXIVM courses. In fact, I didn’t even know this existed until a couple of years ago and recently I’ve been more interested in learning about this. I understand your dislike for Keith I’m not trying to change that or defend him. But as an American citizen, I’m concerned about what’s going on with our justice system. Not being fair to get a conviction is definitely one of my concerns.

      • He was not charged with being a pedophile because it happened in Mexico so they went with the second best thing – the pictures.

        But make no mistake, he is a pedophile.

  • I agree that Scott Adams seeks truth, EVEN if it’s unpopular! I also believe that the principle behind the truth has to do with reality. We can measure reality based on a consistency of patterns in our daily life. We can also see people’s characters based on their consistent patters, the actions they take. Scott Adams is consistent within himself, and his patters. He’s exposing the truth.

    The real problem is that the majority of society doesn’t want to think, they simply don’t want to be held accountable for their own actions, nor do they want to be seek in a certain light for upholding a principle.

    • You guys should worry about your little corner of society. It has a pretty high conviction rate and several admitted criminals awaiting sentencing. Maybe tackle their accountability and inability to uphold the law before taking on society as a whole. You have a very cynical world view. But spending years in a misogynistic cult that believes in pedophilia, branding women, child porn, immigration fraud, financial crimes and so much more probably makes you jaded. Most humans I meet are delightful. Those I know well are dependable even without sexual blackmail. I have had the same friends for years. We have never photographed each other’s vaginas under duress. Or put each other on unhealthy restrictive diets. I don’t have to pay them for “counseling” and they are just as ( un)qualified as your therapists. In our free time, we help others unknown to us humans. We are really active in local politics. We love animals and nature. Several work in conservation. Most are highly educated. A few self-educated. Not once have they given me a “seduction assignment” to screw an old gross guy I do not desire. We have real marriages. Kids. We laugh all the time. And we will never be testifying against each other in criminal court. We create. Make art. Open restaurants, clothing lines, tech companies. We pay our taxes. We donate to charities. We are good people. It is so sad that you don’t realize most of America is made up of good people. And we are not special. My friends and I. We serve on juries. We take it so seriously. It is our sacred, civic duty. Have you done it? Anyway, don’t worry about us or “society”. Worry about yourselves. And I hope someday that you experience all the joy living a good life contains! It is so fun!

  • Finally! Another intelligent person actually looking at what really happened (and what didn’t happen) at this trial. Can’t tell you how refreshing it is to see someone stand up to the mainstream media.

  • I’ve been following Scott Adams for a while. He is pretty discerning. I think the Raniere haters have had free reign to say things without retribution.

    It seems like Adams understands this dynamic. He has commented as such regarding President Trump. Who knows what Trump is like in real life. The only thing I’m sure of is that he isn’t the person portrayed by the media. I believe Adams is making the same case for Raniere.

  • I think Scott Adams is standing for what he thinks is injustice. I think he understands the media more than the average person does. The more I listen to his postcasts the more I like him. I will check out Nicki’s interview.

  • Scott Adams seeks truth, even if it is unpopuar, extremely unpopular – good for him! No affiliation with Keith nor NXIVM and he is willing to put his name on the line in support of this pardon and call out a correct Prosecution more concerned about winning than justice! Who’s the next credible media/influencer to support this pardon? Frank, are you ready 😉

    • ‘ Who’s the next credible media/influencer to support this pardon? Frank, are you ready 😉’

      You mean you got more media hotshots the calibre of Scott Adams to provide hard-hitting analysis and indisputable evidence for your, um, cause? Whoa – easy tiger, with these first-rate minds you are really spoiling us. Someone pass Frank the smelling salts.

      • I do not support the pardon. I oppose a pardon for Raniere.

        I also know it is not going to happen, regardless of my support or non-support.

        • Frank, I know you oppose a pardon for Raniere. I was just caught up in the excitement, the challenge of potential other ‘influencers’ like Dilbert’s creator entering the lists for the nexi-5.

          • I think the Pardon petered out. But the Nxivm 5 did get their 9 points why Keith got an unfair trial argument into the public record.

  • Nicki lied to his face and he accepted it. She also lied a lot by omission. I was open to respecting her but that ship has sailed now. The thing is if they get even a couple of people on board, as soon as those people do a deeper dive they will find out Nicki lied. That isn’t a very good long term plan. And so DOS.

    He never asked her how she was legally married to Allison but also Keith’s “partner” for 10 years. Or why she did not come to her wife’s defense. And if Allison is lying. Because she pleaded guilty. It was the weakest interview. And neither one of them are funny or charismatic enough to make up for the zero content. It was a liar and an enabler. And pretty boring. Also admissible in court!

  • History lesson time.

    In 1765, a group of citizens of the city of Boston of the colony MA stormed the English Governor’s Mansion. They forced the governor to evacuate and they busted some windows. They didn’t burn it down or kill anyone.

    In the aftermath, Governor Thomas Hutchinson took measures such as banning newspapers and writings that were anti-British and any that weren’t approved by the British crown. All this did was inflame the situation and eventually led to the Boston Massacre. Those loyal to the crown, and even those not, blamed the problems all on one man, Samuel Adams.

    Hutchinson was replaced by a hardline Thomas Gage, who cracked down even harder. He jailed people who spoke up. Held public lashings and even went door to door, arresting anyone seen going into bars and taverns not approved by the crown. Taxes went thru the roof. He seized homes for his soldiers. Finally, he went after their ways to defend themselves. Their guns. He ordered British soldiers to go door to door, seize any they could find.

    This ultimately led to a confrontation at the little towns of Lexington and Concord. Which led to an embarrassing defeat and the start of a 4-year bloody campaign that resulted in the birth of the United States of America.

    Now, I will let you draw your own conclusions if any of this sounds familiar to what we are witnessing today. But mind you this, if we continue down the path of hating each other and bickering over Democrats and Republicans, we too will see just how evil a corrupt government can become.

    The first amendment, protected by the second, guarantees a right to free speech. When companies backed by one side of the government oppress their political competition using a forum of media, that is an infringement on the first amendment. I do not condone this any more than I condone what happened to the Capital on January 6th. Both are egregious in their own regards. Both are dark marks in the history of this country.

    History lesson #2
    Freedom of speech was the very first thing the Nazi party took when they were voted to power in January 1933. By August 1934, they had overthrown the democratic nation to become a dictatorship. They very strictly controlled what the average citizen was allowed to read, hear, and watch for the next 11 years. They did not have access to any alternative news sources!

    Simultaneously, they passed strict boycotts and laws against all Jewish citizens.

    In 1935, the Nuremberg laws came to pass which included Romanis and other people of color, declaring them enemies of the state.

    In March 1938, the Nazi party enacted the German Weapons Act – which allowed the search of private residences to seize any and all weapons found.

    A major part of Germany’s rebuilding and healing from the atrocities of WW2 was the return of the free press.

    Infringement on freedom of speech is the first and most important step in any government gaining control over citizens.

    Now, I doubt any of you have heard about the Chinese military base being built in the Bahamas, or the mass buying of American land, since 2013, by the Chinese.

    If you ask me “What’s the very best way to keep America occupied from noticing what’s happening in our very back door?” Keep us fighting each other.

  • Most people buy irony, mockery, labeling, well, hate in a word as a way to justify their internal world.
    Interesting to see some people labeling Keith as monster. By doing that they justify themselves to say whatever their anger drives them.
    No wonder that a justice advocate as Scott Adams receive some commentaries full of negativity.
    Beyond those negative clouds there should be true justice and we all as human beings should strive and uphold actions toward this goal.
    Justice system must be accountable with the citizen who pay for a good job.
    Nobody, even prosecutors and judges is beyond the rules.
    Any citizen has the right to justice

    • With respect, what does this mean?

      ‘Most people buy irony, mockery, labeling, well, hate in a word as a way to justify their internal world.
      Interesting to see some people labeling Keith as a monster. By doing that they justify themselves to say whatever their anger drives them.’

  • Once again…..

    …….After reading the title of this article I know one of two things is true.

    Either Scott Adams is insane or Nicki Clyne sucks a mean [redacted]. 😉

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