Amanda Knox Was Not Exonerated of Murder; She Supports Raniere to Enjoy the Controversy and Reap $$$

Liz Houle has painted Amanda Knox and the world of Nxivm. Readers know her as MK10ART. She has also written extensively about Amanda Knox, who Liz believes murdered Meredith Kercher. It may be time to take another look at the murder of Meredith, now that Amanda has entered the world of Keith Raniere.

By Liz Houle

Frank called me today and said, ”Have you heard that Amanda Knox is endorsing Keith Raniere?”

I had not heard this yet and was surprised, for a tenth of a second.  This is typical of Amanda who was twice convicted of murder and definitively convicted of Calumnia or Criminal Slander in the Italian courts.

She loves to be in the spotlight and latches her tentacles to any prominent criminal case she can.  She will suck out all of the attention she can get.  Her and her trolls love the controversy and the online fighting that may ensue.  She feeds off of negativity, kind of like Raniere.  They really are two peas in a pod.

For those of you who have visited my MK10ART Instagram page, you will notice I started it on the 10th anniversary of Meredith Kercher’s murder – Nov 1st 2007.   Knox and her PR team managed to control the US mainstream media and the fake news ran rampant and still does, regarding Amanda Knox and her involvement.

In typical Knox fashion, she and her team managed to twist the facts of the murder of Meredith Kercher, a beautiful, talented, extremely intelligent young woman and make it all about Knox.

Frank asked me to write about this. Where to begin? How about some current-day fake news about Amanda Knox, a la the Albany Times Union.  I could use any mainstream news source; they all make the same mistakes. I will put in bold the sections I will respond to.

“Loyalists to NXIVM leader Keith Raniere are enlisting Amanda Knox, who was convicted but ultimately exonerated of a 2007 murder in Italy, in an attempt to turn the tables on the federal prosecutors who went after the man they call ‘Vanguard.’”

Amanda Knox was not exonerated in the murder of Meredith Kercher.  Knox was found ‘not guilty.’

There are three ways she could have been found by the Italian courts – guilty, not guilty or innocent.  They did not believe she was innocent but also felt that the evidence was not enough to put her away.

In reality, they just wanted to get rid of her as she was causing so much divisiveness and uproar in the media. Political pressure is believed to have also been used behind the scenes.  Whatever the case, they let her go.  She was never exonerated or absolved of blame though.  If that were the case, she would have been found ‘innocent.’  She was not.

“Calling it an effort to hold prosecutors and judges accountable, the NXIVM members additionally plan to launch a podcast, hold a $35,000 ‘Innocence Challenge’ and gather signatures on a petition that was already signed by supporters such as Knox, an American exchange student targeted by Italian authorities for the murder of her roommate in a case that attracted international attention.”

Yes, when you are a murder suspect like Knox, whom the final court ‘motivations’ report determined had ‘washed the blood of Meredith  Kercher off her hands’ – you will have been a target of the authorities and rightly so.  You may read the final Italian court report here:

It’s absurd in so many ways that I don’t know where to begin,” attorney Neil Glazer, who represents victims of NXIVM in a civil suit filed earlier this year, told the Times Union in an email on Sunday. “I’ve never seen anything like this bizarre document in all my years of legal practice.”

Amanda Knox

Oh, I have seen craziness like this Neil, allow me to introduce you to Amanda Knox and her flying monkey team of innocence fraudsters.  If there is one thing that the convicted liar Amanda Knox and her team can do is whip up absurdities.  She has been doing it for over a decade with various Innocence Projects.  This particular effort appears to be spearheaded by David Fritz and Jason Flom.

David Flom with Amanda Knox.


Podcaster Jason Flom takes on the causes of people who he thinks have been wrongly convicted.

Frank foreshadowed this was coming when he published the phone conversations of Keith and his sycophants reaching out to Flom.

CHAKRAVORTY: Uh, yeah. Uh, two things that are new. One is that Eduardo’s [Asunsolo] been in touch with David Fritz…


CHAKRAVORTY: … and he is pretty direct, uh, pretty, uh, not mean, but I think pretty strong with him, he was like, “Look, you know, you’re going to help us or not?“


CHAKRAVORTY: And then he gave us the truth of Jason Flom and, and he’s been texting with David on, on… I think he’s on a plane right now…


CHAKRAVORTY: …uh, to get him to the point where he’ll set up the call with Jason. He knows him enough that it will be kind of a strong stance with him and, and I think we can get on a call with Jason with, uh…

RANIERE: With Nicki [Clyne]?

CHAKRAVORTY: With Nicki to talk to.

Part 1: Amazing Tapped Phone Conversation Between Prisoner Raniere and Suneel: ‘Branding, the Room, and My Sex Polyamory Type Thing’

Did I mention that Knox majored in ‘creative writing’ in college?  So she is a convicted liar who knows how to weave a good story.  Buckle your seatbelt for a potential avalanche of purple prose.

I will end this article with the truth:

Neil Glazer represents some 80 former Nxivm members

“This is nothing more than a publicity stunt, orchestrated by Raniere to throw up smoke and mirrors and to peddle conspiracy theories to keep his remaining disciples in the fold,” Glazer added.

Amanda Knox and her friends are attempting to do to the Nxivm trial what they did with the murder of Meredith Kercher trial.  Filling the media with lies, unleashing the trolls, and causing it to trend on Twitter.  If successful, Knox will make more millions of dollars (as she already has with Meredith’s murder) and pervert the course of justice.   It is what she does best.  Don’t underestimate her, she may look like a shriveled up spinster but she is one hell of a liar and has lots of powerful, nefarious friends.

Amanda Knox – did she murder Meredith Kercher?

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  • If this is how you use the word “exonerate” then nobody is ever exonerated of anything. There is no credible court in the world that has any procedure for declaring somebody innocent. You can never exonerate yourself because you can NEVER prove a negative.

    I formally accuse you of killing Meredith. You can never exonerate yourself because you can NEVER prove a negative.

  • Liz, I’m not sure why you can’t give up this nonsense. The real murderer, Rudy Guede, is in jail for the crime. Why in the world would you believe a person who tells a story as bizarre as Rudy tells:

    “Rudy Guede – who is currently serving 16 years in jail for the murder of the British student – said he had attempted to write on the walls with her blood to “understand” what she was saying…”

    Surely you can’t be that naive, Liz. Who in their right mind would write a message in blood on the wall?

    Just give up your strange obsession with Amanda Knox and find a new hobby.

      • I’ve read the evidence and seen the documentaries, which is why I’m confident that Guede is the killer.
        Any other conclusion shows that you’ve ignored facts, evidence and common sense.
        Can you explain your strange and cryptic remark about me? Lol.

  • “Enlisting” is hardly an endorsement.

    First instinct is this sounds to be a one sided vitriolic rant. But before I can confirm that, I wait to read your links. I followed the trials with some interest, but did not come away of her innocence nor her guilt of murder.

  • She doesn’t look like a shrivelled up spinster, in my view, she looks pretty, also she is married to the scion of a Seattle newspaper, and it seems, lives among a fashionable, literary, liberal elite. None of which makes her innocent, yet all of which apparently conceals her culpability.

  • Thank you, thank you MK10, the murder of Meredith Kercher signals the beginning of my disillusion with mainstream (The Guardian) press. In that I just accepted the ‘truth’ of a journalist I had broadly agreed with for most of my Guardian reading life, then, a decade later, my godchild, covered the case in a blind moot as part of her A-Level Law class. That was when I read actual evidence and realised that this was a clear triumph of PR over Jurisprudence. You will know that recently both Mr. and Mrs. Kercher, mum and dad, have both passed, I wish they could have had some justice, some closure before they did. Your art, as with your work about Nxivm, is very powerful. Thank you once again. With Frank on the case, justice for Meredith may well occur.

  • Great article. It seems Amanda is another narcissist. The best is to ignore them? Give them no attention?

    BTW, I love your art!

  • Just because Italy has three types of decisions rather than two doesn’t mean Knox wasn’t exonerated – for all practical purposes she was, she is out of Italian prison and back in the U.S. LOL

  • Fortunately not many are deceived by Knox. Her endorsement is unsurprising. Like attracting like. Plus “they” interconnect, often blatantly. It is a pattern to watch. M I right, Hillary or whatever is left of Hillary? Hahaha. Butt ah digress.

    Contemporaneous to her criminal apprehension, the Italian press knew a sexually-motivated murder had been done. The Italian local investigators had Knox and (at least) two others, present as participants. A beautiful British student died a very tough death.

    Then the dog and pony show went into American $$$ overdrive.

    I will remember Meredith Kercher. December 28, 1985 – November 1, 2007. Her mama’s Christmas baby, I’ll bet, for the love of God. Whatever that means to you. Precious life!

    Knox appears unrehabilitative. She is aware, it looks to me, of her own hypnotic sociopathy and seems to thrive on it.

    And yes! – with nefarious friends. Thank you for seeing and for saying all of this. It’s not time to snooze. It never is. We might be seeing turkey vultures in action.

  • Can we stop the “chick-flick” stories? LOL

    Knox isn’t going to move the needle, except on the Hallmark channel. LOL

    • Good to hear, Scooter. Hijack this exposure of a current Raniere, etc. sympathizer and vomit out some Amway snickerdoodles, speaking of Hallmark.

      Nevertheless, Knox has insinuated herself into this Nxivm story. She continues to try to resurrect herself out of her malignant notoriety by seeking attention, qualifying herself by dripping attention-seeking self-righteousness. Funny how Knox still has the terribly bad taste, the vulgarity to dream that she belongs in any kind of spotlight. Except for a cop’s torch. Next thing you know, Casey Anthony will endorse the Rainbow Cultural Torture Chamber.

      Mirror, mirror on the wall.

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