Scott Johnson Takes on Death-Threatening Demented Emailer Arthur Graham

A longtime commenter on Frank Report, the renowned anti-Amway activist, Scott Johnson, has engaged with Arthur C. Graham, the man who emailed me death threats, along with death threats against Nxivm actresses Kristin Kreuk, Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne.

Graham has also threatened Scott now too.

After receiving a spate of emails, including his threats, I wondered why Arthur stopped sending me death threats and other annoying emails.  It seems, because he was busy replying to Scott.

To date, I have published two articles on Graham, who lives in Kenai, Alaska, and is clearly in need of mental health help.

I Get Death Threat from Man Who Also Threatens Allison Mack, Kristin Kreuk and Nicki Clyne – I Report It to Police

Arthur Graham Continues to Threaten to Kill Me, but Seems to Drop Claims of Killing Mack, Kreuk and Clyne

This is my third, and quite possibly my last post on Graham, unless of course, he is arrested, or actually follows through on some of his threats of murdering people.

I have confirmed Arthur Graham is a real person, and is known to police in Kenai, Alaska. Police there seem to know he is mentally unstable but do not feel he represents any harm to anyone. I hope they are correct, but in case they are wrong, it may be best to put his insanity and his violent threats on the record. This way Graham will be easily searchable online, when he threatens someone else, which I think he will do again in the future.

I have published Arthur’s email address, which is my standard operating procedure for people who threaten to murder me by email. His email address is

Scott Johnson, without being asked by me, sent Arthur an email.

Scott wrote:
You do know that Frank is a ninja, right?

Art replied:

Yeh. He has a power level of point zero zero zero nine, too. Yes. I confess that I misapprehended the extent of the harm that he suffered.
I went to jail again and again and again, because of an endless barrage of false accusations from yer local neighborhood, cadre of quizzling little cunts. I didnt break the law. The law broke me.
When I was a strapping little boy, my da’ told me “though the law is of Satan, you must obey the law because Jehovah commands you to obey both The Law of God AND The Law of Satan.”
Are you faggot little lawmen proud of yourself. Yer master Satan has abandoned you to the outraged hordes of Mankind. Ya fucking cunt.

[Scott’s email in reply was friendly enough and sought to have Arthur help in the cause of exposing Amway.]

Scott wrote,
You should use all of your excess energy to educate others about Amway and other MLM scams.

[Scott when on to provide Arthur with a plethora of information, including links to videos and websites, including his own websites, his YouTube channel: and a link to his weekly radio/podcast: The Scott Johnson Radio Show that would help Arthur understand the scam that is Amway.]

He advised Arthur to “Do your part and copy/paste this message…  all over social media……. Also, submit a complaint to the FTC…. If you don’t, then you’re part of the problem.”

Instead of being appreciative that Scott suggested to him that instead of murdering me and others he could work to expose Amway, Arthur took on a decidedly negative position.
Arthur wrote back to Scott, mistaking him for a law enforcement officer:
“Whatsa matter you fag little cunt. I thought you fag little lawmen had all the fucking answers at yer nicely manicured little fingertips. 

Dont make me come find you and light a fucking fire under your ass.  You owe me money, on account of you are wasting my valuable time.

You owe me money, on account of you are wasting my valuable time [telling him about Amway].


If that was your version of rational and sane, you have a long way to go.

Actually Ima be rational with ya Scott. I am going to be not-insane with ya.

First of all, I work sixteen hours a day. About once a week I take a half day and pal around with folks. I dont fucking appreciate people who get in the way of me doing my goddamned mothfruajg job, with their shithead little solutions. Also it nunaya bisness wut my job is. Stay
in yer fucking lane, Scott.

Second. After all my evil fucking encounters with Franks Fag Revenge Club, just wut variety of brain-fart makes you think I want to go out
in the open and “educate” folks. Shove it up your ass, you fucking cunt!

Third, secret little faggot clubs are soon to be no more. If you are a member of an “education” club, then your club is doomed to devolve
into a secret little faggot club. The cops being a prime fucking sample.

Heres a question for you. What is the definition of insanity, you fucking in-bred.

Hey you faggot! Yah. Ill go educate folks. Heres the script:

Me: “muh MLMs r bad. Dont to it.”

Them: “u ever do MLM?”

Me: “no”

Them: “then I ignore u”

Me: “but they made me go to jail”

Them: (vanished b/c annoyed)

Me: *gets a zip gun n’ shoots Scott Johnson between his eyes, because welcum to United States of Dongivafuck*


First of all, threatening someone you’ve never met, never had anything to do with, etc., is neither rational nor sane. You’ve threatened me, Frank Parlato, and some minor actresses. Also, threatening people is in itself a crime. You need to be more specific why you have threatened Frank and the actresses. I don’t believe there is a rational or sane reason for doing so, but if you think there is, explain yourself.


[Arthur seemed to drift, perhaps dangerously, into the subject of underage girls in his next message to Scott]

Oh yeah. I threatened Dana Loesch. Is that the minor actress or do you mean someone else.  Dana Loesch isnt an actress any more than Julie Strain is an actress. The problem that you and Frank and the mimor whatevers give me is that you are drifting all over the place on this problem.

Recently there were some underaged girls in my hood and I watched them playing in the area where every single neighbor goes to defecate their dogs. I was stunned to the Nth degree and I demanded they depart my home. Do you mean these mentally handicapped girls are to be percieved as minor actors. Why was I not informed that television was being performed outside my private residence. I would have made sure to absent myself.

I don’t consider Dana Loesch to be an actress:

According to Frank’s website, you threatened to kill him and these three actresses: Allison Mack, Kristin Kreuk, and Nicky Clyne. I didn’t intend to refer to them as underage, only as not very known actresses. i don’t think we’re drifting all over the place at all, we’re just responding to your emails. Perhaps we should talk, as that mode of communication is much more effective than the written word, where misunderstandings are common. We can talk on the Facebook app, here’s my page, send me a message for some days/times you’re available. I’m in Texas, in the Central time zone and am generally available during the week after 7 pm Central time and pretty much any time on the weekends:

Perhaps the underage girls were unaware the area they were playing is used by others to defecate their dogs, did you inform them of this fact?

Please tell Frank that I consent to have him share with you all prior comms between he and I.  Please note that initially, though I was
confused. Because I have been the victim of multiple violent crimes.

Franks ONLY concerns at this point have been:

1-He needs me to give him money.

2-I am saying things which make no sense to him.

3-I am being vulgar and violent….in that order.

Here are my concerns:

1-Frank wants me to give him money

2-Keiths followers are unafraid to commit disorderly conduct (weareasyou)

3-Barrister Frank Parlato is giving publicity to a keith who by executive order Jan 2017, is eligible for charges of treason. How does
Frank not know this?

Ima give U some advice. Stop trying to educate people. Instead, develop a skill which you can use to REVERSE the harm which has been

I had hoped that you and Frank would have relished the opportunity to REVERSE the harm done to me. Instead, you have magnified and amplified my existential agony.

Thankfuly, by sheer chance, I encountered an old friend, who had a tiny amount of factual and real world information. Something that
Frank wanted me to pony up for. 

Newsflash: NXIVM, blackballed me and SWATTED me. I dont know how Frank thought for one second that I had the type of money, that would motivate him to help me. Last time I checked, Frank was oh so boastful about his ability to peel of some feddy for some random addicts and hookers. If I thought it would result in some fucking human compassion, I have half a mind to go become a criminal, just like

Thanks, I’ll let Frank know. He has posted at least some of your emails to him on his website. Have you seen these, and if so, are there others?
Why has Frank asked you for money? Have you asked him to do some work for you?
Apparently law enforcement views the dancing as a First Amendment/freedom of speech right and not disorderly conduct. What makes you think what the dancers are doing is the opposite?
As far as I am aware, Frank is not a lawyer. Which executive order are you referring to, because from my perspective Frank exposed Raniere and caused him to be arrested and convicted of multiple felonies.
Educating people about Amway and other MLM scams does reverse the harm, because it reduces the number of people who are scammed.
What do you suggest Frank and I do to reverse the harm that was done to you? The first step is for us to understand, in detail, what happened. Did you intend for Frank to do work for you for free? It is my understanding that Frank has done a lot of work at no cost for various people damaged by NXIVM, but we need to know the specific facts in your case first.
A lot of what you have said to me is HIGHLY abstract, and laced with inversion. That is, you are FAR more concerned with what I may have
done wrong than you are with the real life criminal provocations which has led to my current state of mind.

And again, I am deeply concerned that you think anyone needs to be educated about MLMs. EVERYONE I have ever met has named the chief giveaway that MLMs are false: When oneself flees from Corporate Street, oneself should be fleeing from unmerited heirarchy rather than towards it. Everone who I know thinks this.

When youre trying to help people whos lives have been destroyed as mine has been, you perform double injury, if you zero in on their
flaws instead of their greivances. And Keith knew that was what would happen.

I think this: You and Frank are deeply injured that I ALWAYS knew better than to do MLM, so how dare I have a grievance. I am deeply
injured that the MLM put its fingers in my life despite all my vigilance.
Its called the narcissism of minor differences, and you have it bad.
You are an automatic target for crime, and you are unqualified for this.
So far, most of what I know about you are the things you may have done wrong, because you haven’t explained what has been done to you.
If everybody knew about MLM scams, why are they still around? The dropout rate is so high that they have to constantly replace people who quit just to tread water, let alone grow. Also, it’s mostly young people in their late teens/twenties who join, as they don’t have the life experiences older people do.
I had zero knowledge what you knew about MLMs before I started communicating with you. What I did know is that Raniere was in Amway back in the 90s, and he used that knowledge when he developed the Consumers’ Buyline and NXIVM MLM scams.
They mama was wif dem an she war all a walkin around all heififeifi like wifout lookin at de dogshit she war a steppin in.

I am adding you to my list of highy priviledged cunts who need to die, on account of you cant resist the urge to flip my shit-switch.

I strongly advise you to run for your life you self-serving degenerate.
I guess that means you’re not interested in talking on the Facebook app.
You’re starting to threaten me again, which is a crime, so I copied your local law enforcement on this email, just as I forwarded the previous threatening emails to them.
I will make a final comment here. Arthur Graham may need help. He has definitely committed the crime of making criminal threats.Writing or talking to Arthur Graham, trying to reason with him, is most likely a waste of time.  But placing Graham’s madness on the record may save someone from some trouble in the future.

Hence this post.

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    • Art isn’t tired of Scott, he is scared of him, just as most people making comments are this website are scared of Scott. LOL

  • It is hard to tell the difference between Scott and Arthur. They are both in their own little world of make believe. Reminds me of a saying:



    • It’s quite easy to tell the difference between Scott and Art, Scott is the intelligent one. LOL

      Someone who isn’t intelligent can’t tell the difference. LOL

  • Below is the latest response from Art again threatened Scott and the police were copied on Scott’s response:

    LOL (That’s my LOL, not Art’s)

  • The old saying, “You can’t swim in the same river twice” is still true, unless someone is staying in voluntary, yet boisterous captivity and subsisting like a barnacle, while clutching a perpetual Amway Groundhog Day.

  • One [redacted] talking to another. At least Arthur was smart enough not to fall for the Amway scam [redacted]

    • Art probably was in Amway at some point, he just didn’t want to admit it. LOL

      Just like [redacted] in Amway or another MLM scam at some point, unless [redacted] one of the many who didn’t have the self-confidence [redacted]. LOL

  • This was really interesting. Arthur is quite witty at times. I particularly enjoyed his predicted dialogue of warning his friends about MLMs. I wish him peace of mind.

  • FR has done an important public service here and as to my long-running feud with Scott Johnson and his LOL ghost:

    I rest my case.

  • Here we have 2 Charlie Brown Christmas trees with very dim lights.
    Why would you remind Arthur of wanting to kill the actresses? Seriously, do you have COVID-19 and are experiencing a lack of oxygen to your brain? Seriously, are you eating the laundry soap? Seriously, if Arthur can work 16 hours a day and still find time for his friends, surely he can find time to kill you and Frank and Allison and Nikki and Kristin. And seriously, Scott, I think you need to be deprogrammed from trying to program people to cut, copy and paste your anti-Amway propaganda. Seriously, this might be the most annoying comment I have seriously ever left here on Frank Report.

    • You really shouldn’t compare [redacted] to those of Art’s. LOL

      As I’ve said before, I doubt Art forgot that he threatened the actresses, and Frank rightly announced it the first time around – did you give Frank a hard time for that – NO. LOL

      Why would you not want to help others not get scammed by Amway and other MLM scams? LOL

      Your comment is much more [redacted] LOL

  • This is so creepy and disturbing in so many ways. It’s hilarious that Arthur puts the MLM/LOL guy in his place. Lol and then you have one insane person asking another insane person to explain his self lol. I love how Scott invited himself into the narrative. Arthur, now wanting to kill Scott for his MLM harassment and literally giving him the business, is like so lol.

  • –Scott said: According to Frank’s website, you threatened to kill these three actresses: Allison Mack, Kristin Kreuk, and Nicky Clyne.–

    I’m sure they are happy you reminded him—all publicity is good, even from an unstable man who threatened to kill them.

    • It’s sad that even a person as delusional as Arthur knows how fucking retarded MLM’s are. Obviously [redacted] Reading this mishmosh is like watching 2 monkeys fucking a football. [redacted]
      Now it’s my turn to write to Arthur. 3 monkey’s fucking one football is better than two and if [redacted] join I’d say we have ourselves a party, IMO of course.

      • Art is older than most people joining MLM scams, and there are 4-5 million people who turn 18 years old every year in the U.S. alone, multiply that figure by 20 to estimate the worldwide figures. LOL

        Taking the first decade of adult life, when people are most vulnerable to MLM scams because they never heard of them before, that’s 40-50 million people in the U.S., with 10% being refreshed with new targets every single year. LOL

        Have fun with Art, Scott doesn’t think he is going to return his latest email. LOL

      • Peaches

        Two things:

        1. ”mishmash is like watching 2 monkeys fucking a football.”
        Is hilarious!!!!

        2. “It’s sad that even a person as delusional as Arthur knows how fucking retarded MLM’s are.”

        Excellent observation!!!!

        Sad that Arthur has more common sense than a certain somebody we know. 😉

    • I don’t think Art needs to be reminded, especially of a threat he recently made. LOL

      Frank is the one who first publicly disclosed the threat, and he was right for doing so – why didn’t you criticize Frank when he broadcast the threat? LOL

      Answer: Because you are [redacted] LOL

      • Real answer: Because Arthur said he did not recall threatening any actresses, so Scott reminded the psychopath who he threatened.
        Understand now?

        • Real answer: Art misinterpreted my use of the term “minor actresses” meant underage, whereas the intended meaning was B list, at best. LOL

    • ‘ … you threatened to kill these three actresses: Allison Mack, Kristin Kreuk, and Nicky Clyne.’

      I have a counterposition to that. Namely, that Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne are only former actresses, and that Kristin Kreuk never was or is an actress.

        • Re: “Another contraposition, If Kreuk is not an actress, is she acting like one?”

          Kristin Kreuk can’t act at all, she lacks the skills to do so, and her alleged acting abilities were not the reason why she was cast in roles. She was cast because of her looks, and out of political correctness because she belongs to a minority that needs support.

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