Nicki Clyne, Dr. Danielle Roberts and Others Perform Nightly Dance Protest Outside Brooklyn MDC Prison for Cult Leader Keith Raniere

Nxivm leaders Nicki Clyne, Dr. Danielle Roberts, and Eduardo Asunsolo have started a new protest movement.

It includes a nightly hour-long dance in front of the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center, where Nxivm leader, Keith Alan Raniere is being held in custody as he awaits sentencing for his conviction on sex trafficking, racketeering, forced labor and other felony crimes.

Clyne and Roberts have a website, in which they explain:

“On July 3rd, 2020, a nightly dance demonstration was born outside Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) in Brooklyn to remind those inside they are not forgotten. We dance to bring joy, love, levity and entertainment at a time when it is needed more than ever. Neither friends nor family have been allowed inside prisons across the country since March.

“The enthusiasm has been growing from the men inside, as they bang on their windows and flash their lights in appreciation. But recently, we have learned from sources that some men are being punished and moved to cells without windows.

“This is wrongful and must be exposed.

“The dance must go on.

“Each night, we gather as a reminder to those inside, their families, and ourselves, that ‘We Are As You.’

“Because we all, at some point in our lives, have felt what it is like to be forgotten.

“Join us as we connect through the most universal form of human expression: dance. #WeAreTheForgottenOnes

“Tonight and Every Night (Rain or Shine) outside MDC Brooklyn

“8:00 – 9:00 p.m. 80 29th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11232: Follow Us: @WeAreAsYou

“Live Stream Available on Facebook”


Neither in this video nor on the website is the word Nxivm mentioned. Neither are the names of any of the dancers.

Danielle Roberts is the dark-haired woman who does the flip and Nicki, whose hair is a little longer than before, is the blonde who dances up a storm for, I assume, her Vanguard, the lamented Raniere.

Both women were members of the Nxivm sub-group DOS, which featured the branding and blackmailing of women in master-slave relationships. It was touted as a sorority and it was kept secret from many of the slaves that Raniere, a man, was the head of DOS and the master or “grandmaster” of all the women in the group.

Mack, and other DOS leaders neglected to tell women that their female empowerment included being the slave, along with many other women, of a single man, Raniere.

It was this blog, the Frank Report, that first revealed to the public the existence of DOS, in a series of articles, the fist of which was entitled .Branded Slaves and Master Raniere.

The revelation on Frank Report caused the Nxivm cult to crater and led to the New York Times publishing a story on the secret “sorority”.  This, in turn, led to the FBI commencing an investigation that led to Raniere and five other Nxivm members being arrested and convicted.

Raniere has been in custody, both pretrial and presentencing at MDC, one of the most ghastly prisons in the USA, since April 2018.

The protest dancers, including Danielle Roberts [she does an exquisite flip in the video] and was the woman who did the physical branding of women and now, consequently, faces revocation of her medical license, seem to be employing a Raniere’s grifter strategy.

While they make a good cause for protest at MDC and the brutal conditions there, they fail to alert the public as they seek to enroll them in their cause, that they are members of a secretive sex cult that brands, blackmails [to ensure silence and obedience] women and that they consider themselves the literal “slaves” of one of the prisoners there.

Instead, they make it out as if this is about prisoners’ rights when it is really much more about one prisoner’s plight.

Keith Alan Raniere resides in MDC and his followers are dancing to protest conditions there, without mentioning his name.

In any event, the public is invited to join in the dancing. As the website says, “We have the right to dance. Join Us Every Night RAIN OR SHINE from 8-9PM  Outside the Metropolitan Detention Center  80 29th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231″

If you chose to join the dancing, the Nxivm organizers – who do not want you to know their identities – advise:

Wear a mask and practice social distancing.

Wear light-colored clothing so they [the prisoners] can see us.

Bring banners and lights to tell them we see them.

Dance, peacefully and joyfully.

If you are in the Brooklyn area, come join them won’t you? If a big enough crowd gathers in peaceful protest and dances for the delight and comfort of the prisoners, perhaps Raniere and the others will get some relief and joy from this. And as Raniere has said, “He who has the most joy, wins.”

Unhappily, he has not had much joy lately.

Here are a few pictures from the video in case you cannot make it to Brooklyn to enjoy and dance with his followers yourself.



Daniele’s back-flip


Clyne, Danielle, and others dancing

Singing songs and carrying signs…


Message at the end


A final word is in order. While Frank Report commends Nicki, Danielle and others for bringing light to the terrible and unhealthy conditions at MDC,  their lack of transparency is troubling.

If any of you who are thinking of joining them in dance happen to be a slender young woman, and should Nicki or Danielle or even Michelle Hatchette, who is expected to be dancing there as well, approach you about joining a badass women’s empowerment group, and they tell you it only requires a small bit of “collateral,” perhaps a naked photo or a confession to some small crime, in order to learn about the secrets of entry into this amazing group –  you might want to think twice and dance in the opposite direction.

You might come out to protest the harsh treatment of prisoners and become a prisoner of a cult yourself.



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  • Dr. Roberts got some curves! Does flips for her man. Outside a correctional facility, under the direction of her “Master”. She is no BIMBO, she is a Medical Doctor. A Doctor to care for the sick. Nicki must have a magic NXVIM finger.

    Sad. Such dignity. So committed to failure. So lost. Do no harm? She can’t even help herself.

    Such a waste …..

    And only a threat to others if allowed to see patients.

  • I’ve had a look on their Facebook page with their 10 followers. There is one picture of the yellow pants lady and two guys holding signs. Is that really Nikki Clyne? The face looks like her but a really swelled face version. Maybe it’s the lighting but she does not look well. As long as she has the energy to dance I guess.

  • a friend from dr. roberts had written to Fran Report to remove the articles of her, if I remember correctly. Allegedly because Dr. roberts had learned her lesson. She was just in love with Keith. She made a mistake and has now realized that.

    I hope her friend sees this video. Dr. roberts is scary. She is dangerous because she is also an expert in medicine. She is part of the healthcare elite. That was how she was able to brand women. She could use her elite status to get people to do crazy things during covid19. She needs to be stopped. She is still deep in the cult. this is scary

    • The “friend’s” request was denied. LOL

      Roberts is far from scary, I don’t know why it’s taking so long, but she will probably have her medical license revoked, that is hardly “elite.” LOL


      • It is still not revoked and that is dangerous. She is not a bus driver, a waitress. She has a medical license that allows her to do things that waitresses, actors, bus drivers, and others cannot do. She gets special treatment. I see that as elite. That was why she was the only one who could do the branding. The branding was what got Keith. It was because he was able to get specialized labor from a doctor. Without her specialized labor, there would have been no branding. That’s why she is dangerous. She also appears unbalanced. What doctor dances outside the prison for her lover? I don’t know any. That behavior is not normal. Let’s not normalize it.

        Dr. Roberts needs to get her license revoked. Keith needs to be put away ASAP.

        Has the judge seen this video?

        • Do not worry: the Jeffrey Epstein case went on to the point that they arrested his key assailant a lot later and now want to interview a Prince. Keep up the good work, girls, you are right behind them somewhere in the queue!

  • My bad Frank, I couldn’t tell that was the branding doctor due to the thickness of her gluteus maximus.

    • I had several extremely reliable former Nxivm members, who know Nicki and Danielle very well confirm their identities. Yes it is them.

      • We are as you are is trying to reach out to left-wing groups like “Black Lives Matter”
        and Mother Jones Magazine.

        Don’t be surprised if Nicki Clyne’s group forms an alliance with numerous other very radical left-wing groups.

        Mother Jones

        Southern Poverty Law Center

        The Nation Magazine

        CPR Change The NYPD
        mvmnt4blklives’s profile picture
        Movement For Black Lives


        aclu_nationwide’s profile picture


  • this was very scary to watch. This means the women are still under the control of keith. Dr. Roberts needs to be stopped. She has no brain. No will. It is her in the video. Wow. I am sorry frank I thought you exaggerated when you said you needed to still name the women involved. I saw them as victims. They are not victims. They are keith’s puppets under his control still.
    This scared me. Is anybody sharing this with the judge? This is very important for him to watch. Keith even behind bars has very strong power. His cult needs to be behind bars

    • The judge will take care of Raniere, the question is whether the medical board investigating Roberts has seen these videos. LOL


  • How do we know who these people are? LOL

    The video is too grainy to determine identities. LOL

    But it’s good to see all the puppy dogs lapping up the information as if it was proven to be true – that’s how cults start, you know. LOL

    The good news is how easy it would be to just let them in to stay at the MDC for a few months/years. LOL

    Why are they dancing outside, since they apparently never visited Raniere before the beer virus? LOL

      • “Looking like” someone is flimsy evidence. LOL

        What is needed is a local person to take high resolution pictures, I nominate Ken. LOL

    • —How do we know who these people are? LOL

      Scott, Frank informed us who “they” are. LOLA

      —lapping up the information as if it was proven to be true – that’s how cults start, you know. LOL

      Was that what it was like when you joined Amway? LOLA

      You just “lapped up the information[get rich quick scheme] as if it were proven true” without examining or questioning it? LOLA

      Are we the ones who drank the CoolAid today or are you the one that drank the CoolAid for 8 years? LOLA

      We all drank a Dixie cup of CoolAid you drank from a Hess truck. LOLA

  • Followers of We are as you Twitter
    Edgar Boone
    Jim Del Negro
    Justin Elliot
    Marc Elliot
    Michele Hatchette
    Nicki Clyne

  • I was positive that Frank was pulling my leg with the headline until I read further. I’m sure the prisoners are thrilled to see those two male dancers emoting their hearts out along with the girls!

  • Pea Onyu, aka Nicki:
    You have the right to peacefully protest.
    But I urge you and your friends to be careful of the traffic and the street crime found in all urban areas.

  • These protesters are showing courage and love and a deep sense of injustice not only to All prisoners but also to one man who we will always dance for and never ever stop.
    I love you M. Forever your wife

    • “I love you M.”

      Pea Onyu don’t you dare to write out M.? M. stands for master. And the one you’re referring to is Keith Raniere.
      Thanks for your stand-up comedy happening. Now that all the stages are closed. Don’t let me stop you. Go ahead. We’ll keep on having fun. And finally, an event to report on you.
      Thank you.

    • Nicki, do you still have no new master who tells you what you should and may do?
      No new master will allow you to worship a former master.

  • What in the actual FUCK is wrong with these people? Are we going to see Scott Johnson show his cashew next?

  • I think the people who are still drinking the kool-aid are retarded. This BS “art” that these fools think they are providing does nothing to provide any real value lasting social change. This is the kind of stupid stuff that people do to pretend like they’re doing something instead of actually doing something. It’s just like when they all got on stage and presented their so-called art to their master during VanFraud week, to masturbate their own egos and that of their charlatan “chosen one”.

  • Pea Onyu recently said “I will dance every night for you my eternal husband and I know you will soon be free.
    I love you M.”

    This was before the dancing was written about on FR. So if there was any doubt before (and there was none by me), there you have it. Pea is Nicki. In the above quote, M is for Master of course.

  • They look healthy so they need to lose one trillion calories. That is how this enterprise works, is it not?

  • Keith is doing this to keep him from getting his ass kicked every day. And he might also be slowly building a small following, and perhaps, taking over MDC.

    Having pretty girls dancing outside with custom messages written on placards to other inmates is probably a welcome sight for an inmate. Keith can curry favor from other prisoners and, eventually, build an army there. And he is using the DOS tree to do it.

    He is getting the added bonus of laughing his ass off at these idiots dancing around thinking they are doing good when really, they are just morons. Especially the dudes.

    It only took him a year and a half or so to figure out a way to stop getting beaten up, but I think he may have figured it out, the wily rascal.

  • It’s like they’re dancing on the graves of Gina Hutchinson, Kris Snyder, Pam Caffritz and Barbara Jeske.

    Who still thinks ANY too lightly or uncharged NXIVM criminals are apologetic, humbled and eager to change their ways?

    Well, at least Roberts isn’t hiding out in Mexico and they know where to find these two if NYS NDNY does ever decide to duly prosecute the NX crimes that occurred in their district thanks to FR.

    • This: “Who still thinks ANY too lightly or uncharged NXIVM criminals are apologetic, humbled and eager to change their ways?”
      I agree 100%. The video was scary to watch. I did think the ex-women of nxvim were apologetic. I felt sorry for roberts. Not any more. This video scares me. She needs to be held responsible for what she did branding women. Is anyone sharing this with the judge?

  • Wow! This seems like a really positive way to draw attention to injustice. I’ve never seen or heard of anyone using street dance to call attention to a social issue.
    If it facilitates better treatment for prisoners I support it.

    • this is classic Keith. don’t be fooled by it. he is doing nothing of the sort. it is another way to torment people and make them look like fools. he always makes people think they are doing something good when, in reality, they are being idiots.

      • I’m torn. I want to tell Keith “bravo” because watching this pure entertainment was so awesome. But, I don’t want to support his tormenting of people. Can someone please give me an EM?

  • In case Danielle reads this – I’d like to remind her to wear lighter clothing. It makes you more visable to the inmates you are dancing for.

    If this doesn’t motivate the FR readers to take a road trip during COVID, nothing will.

    Who’s going to step up and take nightly video of this gold? FR viewership is about to really expload if we know we can jump online every morning and see new videos like this?

    • Frank……WTF?????? I couldn’t even believe the goddamn headline. Good thing you supplied the video because I never would’ve believed you. WTF? 🙂

      So much for hoping the *women of NXIVM & DOS will ever move on. Then again, Scott, Shadow, Nutjob, Sultan, and myself have never left the Frank Report…Who am I to judge? There are some things you can’t escape; like pre-menopausal women attracted to a short dude with chinchilla chest hair and a 3in chode.

      *The two men are effectively women.

      Warning Disgusting Comment UP Ahead:

      Dr. Roberts,

      I am glad you are off of that diet [DOS diet] that inhibited your womanly curves. Now, your hips, thighs, and ass are booming. FYI I do not want to date or bang you because you are a fucking head case. I know head cases are good in bed, but you’re too much of a fucking head case. I mean shit, you might try to brand my balls.

    • Yes, Nutjob, but lighter clothing makes you look larger. She wouldn’t want to upset her Vanguard now, would she?

          • You got it!!!!! No more!!!!!

            Will do!!!! Sorry!!!! No more!!!!!

            Please fix recent email screw up or not post it. Greatly appreciate it. Thanks!!!!!

  • the good thing is that it seems that they no longer follow the DOS diet, maybe the lighting has already reached

  • I’m hoping shadow can give us a detailed breakdown of Nicki’s dancing style.

    My internal representation of Danielle is forever changed. Nice flip.

    • —My internal representation of Danielle is forever changed.

      Is your internal representation hard or stiff?

      • Less shuddering than pre-video. It helped humanize the butcher.

        If shadow doesn’t analyze Nicki dancing, I’ll be pissed.

    • my representation of danielle changed too forever. This is scary to watch. What a fool this woman. Scary to think of keith’s power

    • —My internal representation of Danielle is forever changed.

      Is your internal representation [redacted]?

    • NutJob,

      The first guy is way too masculine to be Bangkok. I’m thinking the skanky blonde is our man. You have to remember, no one truly knows if Bangkok is a lad or lass. Blondes do populate most of SoCal.

      They say if you throw a rock over your back, in Southern California, you have a 50-50 chance of hitting a blonde or a Mexican.

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