The Right Side: NYC’s Superb Police Dept. Need Our Support, While Mayor deBlasio Should Be Arrested for Criminal Negligence


By J. Gary DiLaura, FBI, retired

My personal opinion is that being a police officer in the United States is the most dangerous, toughest, most underrated, thankless job in the US.

When I worked in NYC there were 25,000 NY police officers. Today there are 35,000. In all my years as an agent I NEVER worked with a better municipal PD in my entire career.

I could not imagine then or now how the hell they managed an army, with the control, discipline and honor that they exhibited. Their job, like all lawmen, is to keep people safe, and they did that then and now, fearlessly.

Of course they were not required to “NOT” enforce the law then as they are today, which makes a big difference.

NY Mayor Bill de Blasio is absolutely criminally negligent in his handling of the police dept.

You are not honoring your oath to protect your flock when you tell police to stand down!

If I were police commissioner, I would find a DA with guts and have him charge deBlasio with obstructing justice and felony criminal negligence and put him in jail… Let him fight it!! He’s ruining an institution! Even Gov. Andrew Cuomo hates his guts and that’s saying something… He could sleep with a rattlesnake!

I worked with the NYPD Safe and Loft Squad, the Burglary Squads while on the Truck Hijacking Squad and then ‘MCU,’ the Major Case Unit, while on the FBI Bank Robbery Squad.

There was also a unit in the NYPD that was the best, toughest, group of Cops you ever saw and they were called NYPD Emergency Services… Ask any COP who put out a “10-13” call for help!

Emergency Services were just that… when things turned into shit and people, mostly lawmen, were in trouble and needed help NOW, Emergency Services came, very fast and very heavy… This was before SWAT!

Lawmen… local, state, federal, we all got jammed up on the street at one time or another and many of us put out a “10-13, Officer In Trouble” call. They responded to so many calls that they actually worked out of the fire halls!

If you believe that the police, NYPD, LAPD,  Chicago PD and small town USA PD are all inept, corrupt, racists, or any other derogatory name you can think up, you had better back up and take a better view. I looked up a few stats from the FBI crime stats and found some interesting facts:

From 1962 to 2013, the number of police officers killed went generally down, from a high of  132 in 1972 to 27 in 2013.

We would expect violent crimes to be tied directly to population and police killings… right? Let’s look:

In 1961 the US population was 179,323,175 and violent crimes were 288,460.

Look how crime and population climbed together…

In 1993, population 257,908,000 and violent crimes 1,926,020.

Then something changed. Population kept climbing, while crime went DOWN!

In 2018, population 327,167,434 and violent crimes:1,245,065.

What happened to reduce crime while population exploded?

You and I both know who is responsible for reducing crime… it was the police departments!

They became more educated, many department required college… either 2 or 4 year degrees. The training vastly improved, escalated, and equipment improved.

We went from tear gas, AKA mace, to CAP STUN a much better product. We went from batons to “STUN GUNS” …that really work! So there are fewer broken bones, concussions, and gunshot wounds.

The training… thanks, in many ways, to the FBI, became vastly improved as we all learned better, safer ways to handle dangerous criminals and we trained many police instructors as we learned new techniques.

The FBI ran training schools all over the country. Ask any cop who worked in the 70s, 80s, 90s, and they will likely tell you they attended schools taught by FBI Instructors on law, crime scene , community relations, fingerprinting, firearms defensive tactics and more, including instructor schools to teach their own departments or received training by those Instructors while in their own academy.

 In the early 1970s we had no “bullet proof vests”, a misnomer…bullet resistant is more accurate. In the late 70s and into the 80s vests took hold and began saving police lives and made police better because they felt safer.

Weapons improved with the new semi-automatic handguns with higher capacity. Long guns in cars improved in quality and quality.

When the police out man, outgun and have the element of surprise, we …the good guys… and the bad guys are all much safer, but when elected officials alert fugitives the law is coming it gets MUCH more dangerous for everybody.

That’s felony obstruction of justice in any jurisdiction and those doing it should become prison inmates!

If you want to know what’s wrong…don’t look at the police. There are less bad cops than there are good Democrat leaders! Mayors like the Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkin, and Governors like California’s Newsum, Washington’s Jay Inslee, NY Cuomo and most Democrat states are the guilty parties.

They stop the police from doing their jobs then condemn them for not doing their jobs!

To STOP and even prevent violent crime, the STANDING rule is, has been and will always be to meet more crime with more law enforcement …to reduce crime, increase law enforcement… to stop the increase in violence, increase force… to stop subjects from resisting, increase force.

Every single arrest a police officer makes involves a gun… The officer always brings one into the fight and he MUST protect it because stats show that if a violent criminal gains control of his gun, the criminal WILL shoot that officer with it!

Only someone who is either ignorant to life or simply stupid would either reduce law enforcement or disarm their police in the face of increased violence!

The way Republicans want to reduce crime is to increase law enforcement… The way Democrats want to reduce crime is to  do away with law enforcement and the Rule of Law… That’s the difference in the two parties and don’t believe anything to the contrary!

Disbanding or defunding your police department is absolute insanity… Dethrone your Democrat “leaders”…they are leading you to hell!

Cuomo’s way is to release criminals, disarm citizens, open the borders. deBlasio’s is to order the police to NOT enforce the law, follow his lead to do NOTHING,  take the abuse by assholes, and pretend it will just… go away!!!

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  • As a NYC resident – I support the NYPD. I do NOT support rioters and looters.
    If you want a change, fire the child raping stupid teachers and get real schools.
    I went to PS 64 and PS 19 and had to correct my teacher’s spelling.
    The teachers ought to be made examples of, not cops. The teachers are
    not teaching~! The cops do make arrests, break up fights, prevent crime etc.
    You could fire the teachers and little difference would be made – or the situation
    could improve as home schooling would benefit most.
    Fire the cops and we will have no schools, no jobs, just anarchy.

  • As a Republican I used to try to give Democratic Mayors and Governors the benefit of the doubt.
    Even though I doubted the wisdom of their policies I assumed they were well intentioned.

    Over the past few months the destructive nihilism of the Democratic Party’s politicians has led me to the conclusion that the Democratic Party has become a Marxist anti-American party.
    The Democratic party is now fully committed to the downfall of Western Civilization.
    Only Donald Trump stands between America and Communist chaos.

  • — Look how crime and population climbed together…In 1993, population 257,908,000 and violent crimes 1,926,020. Then something changed. Population kept climbing, while crime went DOWN! In 2018, population 327,167,434 and violent crimes:1,245,065.

    Mr. DiLaura’s stats speak for themselves.

    Ironically in 1990….
    the BLACK DEMOCRATIC MAYOR of New York City proposed to increase the police force by 1/3!!!! The mayor’s proposal would have been the largest increase of police officers in the history of the United States.

    Eventually Mayor Rudy Giuliani increased the police force!

    The real irony is now liberals want to defund the police despite the fact that a larger police force caused downward trends in the number of African Americans murdered.

    A Democratic black mayor over 20 years ago realized that having a greater number of police officers would save black lives!!!!!!

    What’s wrong with Liberals?

    “NEW YORK — Beset by a rising tide of violence, Mayor David N. Dinkins unveiled a long-awaited package of crime-fighting proposals Tuesday that included increasing New York City’s police force by one-third to a historic high of almost 32,000 officers.”

    Below is the Black Mayor of New York story:

    —To STOP and even prevent violent crime, the STANDING rule is, has been and will always be to meet more crime with more law enforcement …to reduce crime, increase law enforcement… to stop the increase in violence, increase force… to stop subjects from resisting, increase force.

    Unequivocally having more police officers makes violence and crime go down and saves lives in the long run!!!!!!

    • What’s wrong with Libtards? LOL

      Libtards are mentally ill, that’s what’s wrong with them. LOL

      A better question is what is right with them? LOL

  • Besides police being more professional, I think another major reason for less crime is technology, such as cell phone video and fixed camera video cameras. LOL

    The bad guys, whether they are criminals or bad cops, don’t like being caught. LOL

    A change that should be made to weed out the bad cops is to hold the local/state/federal government civilly responsible for the bad cops. LOL

    This gives government the incentive to remove them sooner rather than later. LOL

  • The NYPD is the best? I guess you never read Serpico. LOL

    The Texas Rangers are the best. LOL

    The Texas Rangers use to beat the Indians all of the time. LOL

    I love double-headers. Do ever watch baseball? LOL

      • I am the [redacted]

        My actions make no logical sense, but logic has never stopped me before. [redacted]

        • Tacitly implying I am myself, Real Ghost Scott Johnson™️, is now being edited. LOL

          How can I insult myself? LOL

          NiceGuy666 would never think of using “LOL” to appear to be me. 😉

          That’s some crystal ball you have…… 😉

          • I wish you folks who imitate Scott by merely adding LOL to your outlandish criticism of the Big Texan would stop. Thanks.

    • “The NYPD is the best? I guess you never read Serpico. LOL’- Mr Anonymous, Let’s check your reasoning…24,995 good cops and a handful of bad? I knew a Detective or two who were on that unit and they were as honest and disgusted as the 24,995…the rest of the honest cops! You want perfect? Write in your own name, run for office and run on what you accomplished… like Joe Biden is doing and you too can be a 50 year Politician and a zero at the same time. The Right Side

      • “Numerous instances and allegations of misconduct and corruption have occurred in the history of the New York City Police Department (NYPD). Over 12,000 cases resulted in lawsuit mostly nuisance settlements totaling over $400 million during a five-year period ending in 2014.”

        I have the utmost respect for law enforcement officers, but I do not believe New York City police officers, in my humble opinion, are not emblematic of good policing.

        New York police are extremely overworked and grossly underpaid.

        Starting salary: $42,500
        Salary after 5 ½ years: $85,292.
        Including holiday pay, longevity pay, uniform allowance, night differential and overtime, police officers may potentially earn over $100,000 per year.

        You will be living outside of York City on that salary in West Babylon New York. You will have a one-bedroom apartment in a basement. Splurging and fine dining would be ordering a Mcdonald’s meal and upgrading it to supersize.

        Just to make ends meet, police officers have to work a shit load of overtime. Working to the bone where the hard work and overtime takes its toll on everyone.

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