The WHO Is Enemy of Humankind and Tedros, a Thug and Stooge

World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

The following post by Fred is not necessarily the opinion of Frank Report, and it is certainly not the opinion of Google, their subsidiary YouTube, or Facebook, Twitter or the mainstream China-supported or authoritarian-loving mainstream media. As such this post, and the site altogether may be shadow banned at any time. Still it ought to be published just in case it’s true.

By Fred

This is in response to DNA Damage, Brain Cancer: 513 Doctors and 900 Belgian Health Professionals Sound Alarm on 5G 

This is far from the first appeal from European medical doctors on the issue of wireless technology and health. In 2002, over a thousand German physicians, mostly specializing in environmental medicine, signed the Freiburg Appeal. Tens of thousands of people have endorsed it since then. It was updated ten years later:

In the original appeal, medical doctors spoke of firsthand experience with their patients and how they were cured of all kinds of conditions when removed from wireless fields. And there have been other appeals, including more recent petitions about 5G. Yet no one listens: only the OFFICIAL health agencies such as WHO and the FDA are to be believed.

The FCC takes its health advice from the FDA, incidentally. Many people have tried to lobby the FCC on its radiation guidelines, the very worst in the whole world from a protective point of view. I can save them time. In the highly unlikely event that you ever do manage to get a person from the FCC in a corner where they have to answer questions, he or she will look completely innocent and say: We are just telecoms regulators, we know nothing about health, we rely entirely on expert advice from the FDA and the engineering industry. Go talk to them.

Note that these appeals come from Europe, where minds are still a little freer. There are a very few US academics who have stuck their necks out and tried to alert the public to the hazards. Perhaps the most sincere appeal was from Dr Martin Blank of Columbia University, truly one of the great figures in the field, among other things a long-term consultant to the US Office of Naval Research:

How much more authoritative and “establishment” could a scientist possibly be? He died very shortly after sending this heartfelt message to the World Health Organization:

… a truly desperate appeal for which he never even received acknowledgment of receipt from UN Secretary General Ban ki-Moon and WHO Director General Margaret Chan.

Dr Emilie van Deventer, Team Leader of the Radiation Programme at the World Health Organization. 

I primed a radio journalist to tackle Dr Emilie van Deventer, head of the WHO International EMF Project, at an international conference, and ask her about this appeal from Dr Martin Blank and his colleagues and whether she had received it. Dr Van Deventer said she was “aware of it”. That was the sum total of her response. I’m quite proud of being the one person who managed to force this tiny concession out of the WHO hierarchy, that they are indeed actually “aware” of the humanity that exists outside their cozy offices in Geneva.

The journalist had to pay 300 euros to get into that industry conference, incidentally.

So — it doesn’t matter how many doctors and scientists warn the world. The WHO will simply ignore all warnings. The media just bleats: the WHO says it’s safe, so it’s safe. Case closed, carry on regardless, radiating the entire environment across the entire radio spectrum. Nothing to see here, folks.

Until today, perhaps. The only reason I’m writing this is to celebrate President Donald Trump terminating the USA’s relationship with the World Health Organization:

According to Time Magazine, the South African health minister calls this move “unfortunate”:

“Certainly, when faced with a serious pandemic, you want all nations in the world to be particularly focused … on one common enemy,” he told reporters.

If there is one common enemy the world needs to focus on right now and blow completely out of the water once and for all, it’s the World Health Organization. I’ve been fighting this miserable bunch for decades, these completely untouchable, completely unaccountable, unbelievably cruel and callous people, who spend more money on first-class air travel for themselves than they do on HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria put together.

As I tried to point out in my comment about Dr. Tedros, the WHO is not just under China’s thumb. The UK wields huge power there as well, not least through its links with their old pal Dr. Tedros, whose soldiers they trained when he was Ethiopia’s Foreign Minister:

One thing I’ve long noticed, not least through their Rhodes Scholarships to scoundrels like William Jefferson Clinton, is that the Brits engage many of their best global connections through education. Rich people from all over the world send their children to Eton and other elite UK schools; it’s a sure passage to privilege. Dr Tedros was trained at UK universities and will inevitably have strong British connections.

Seriously — at a time of “pandemic” and global pandemonium, I don’t want the WHO to be under the control of some long-term political thug who is cozy with the British military.

Just so you can see what an idiot this Dr. Tedros really is, watch this video of him as Foreign Minister of Ethiopia hosting a very enterprising 14-year-old fraudster, who claimed she’d won 20 million Australian dollars and was going to invest them in Ethiopian education. The whole story was a complete fable, which didn’t stop Dr. Tedros falling for it and coaching her on what to say:

When the whole story blew up in his face, Dr. Tedros blamed the schoolgirl, although she had been flown from Australia to Ethiopia by his government:

You can see clearly here that Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus doesn’t have the faintest clue, even as a Foreign Minister of a major nation, as to what “due diligence” means.

Now, please, tell me: what is the point of the most eminent scientific researchers and doctors in the world approaching this complete stooge, thug and moron? To beg him for some relief for humanity, when such an act would pull the plug on the telecoms sector, the richest and most powerful industry in the history of the earth? You think this thug thinks or cares for one millisecond about the millions of people who might be killed by this technology? Please.

So I really and truly admire President Donald Trump for sticking it to the WHO.

Be grateful that your tax dollars are no longer going to support this bunch of hired killers and liars. Seriously, in my long and bitter experience of this afflicted planet, the World Health Organization is by far and away the single greatest enemy of humankind I have ever encountered. The proof of this is now apparent to anyone on Earth with eyes and a nose.

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3 years ago

Fred you should call into my radio show to share your theories with my audience. LOL

3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

When the time is right, I’ll be happy to talk on your radio show about the scientific findings around wireless tech and health, as well as the way the issue is treated on the media. I’ve listened to a couple of your podcasts, they sounded amiable enough.

Discuss “theories”: not so much. I’ve got a “theory” that the mass rollout of 5G will coincide with an epidemic of skin disorders, for example, simply because this radiation is mostly absorbed by the skin, the largest organ of the body, and is known to agitate sweat glands. I warned here on Frank Report on March 12 that tower radiation is associated with: “Skin rashes, burning sensations on skin … 5G is mostly absorbed by the skin, so look out for more of this”:

Now, suddenly, there is a whole slew of reports of COVID-19 patients experiencing “burning”, “buzzing”, and “fizzing” sensations on the skin, with doctors saying (predictably) that there is absolutely nothing to “these more nuanced symptoms of irritation”:

What an interesting phrase, your skin burning is a “more nuanced symptom”.

Here’s another story: One patient, @miafia, who felt the sensation since the first day of her symptoms, described it as “an electric feeling on my skin.”

Tarana Burke, known as the founder of the #MeToo movement, shared that her partner had the illness and had a burning feeling on his skin that was so severe, “his skin felt like it was burning.”

“Even when he barely had a fever of 99+ we literally used aloe gel for sunburn to soothe it,” she wrote on Twitter. “The nurse practitioner later told us she had heard others say that too.”

Aloe gel for skin burns … from a flu virus? “Electric feeling on my skin?” Please, people. This is a classic sign of radiation exposure, and no one even mentions the possibility. I warned you to watch out for this months ago, and here it is. There’s now genuine evidence for my “theory”, which is just an obvious inference based on the scientific facts.

If you know where to look and what to look for, you may just see something in this life.

I’ll make a definite date for your radio show: when emergency regulations are lifted, and I do not face the prospect of jail time for things I say in public, I’ll give you a call.

3 years ago

One thing this website tends to prove is that Trump lovers are really idiots, conspiracionnist and nutjobs…Maybe MSM aren’t so fake as they try to make us believe after all…

3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

One thing this website tends to prove is that Libtards project. LOL

The facts make us believe believe that MSM is fake news. LOL

3 years ago

The WHO and Tedros being corrupt doesn’t make 5G a health threat. LOL

That takes science. LOL

3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

The whole point of my comment is that even when the very, very top scientists in the world approach the WHO, with the very, very best and latest scientific findings, not the slightest attention is paid to them. Because WHO is corrupt to the core. It’s nothing whatsoever to do with science. It’s only politics.

And exactamundo the same with you, Anonymous. Why do YOU reject Dr. Martin Blank’s appeal? Do you know more “science” than he does? LOL

3 years ago
Reply to  Fred

I don’t agree that those are the “very, very top scientists in the world.” LOL

I never heard of any of them. LOL

There are no scientific findings, there are rumors and anecdotes, and that’s not science. LOL

The WHO is not the only organization in the world that is capable of doing science. LOL

I haven’t rejected Blank’s appeal, I simply don’t count an appeal as the same as science. LOL

Therefore, I know enough about science to know the difference, although I know a lot more beyond that. LOL

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