Frank Report Exceeded Expectations – Where to From Here?

Frank Report

I remember the early days of Frank Report – when Frank was first trying to expose some of the things that were going on within the NXIVM/ESP criminal enterprise.

I’m sure that many of the initial readers – even those that were members of NXIVM/ESP – had trouble believing some of what Frank was writing about.

None of those revelations surprised me because I already knew about most, if not all, of them.

But I worried whether other people would think Frank was making things up.

His very first story about NXIVM/ESP contained numerous revelations about some of the illegal activities that were going on inside the cult [Suggestion: Go back and read that first story to see just how much Frank was willing to put himself on the line in his effort to take them down).


Hacking Into Other People’s Email Accounts and Bank Accounts?

I knew they had already done this to Rick Ross and to me.

MK 10 Rick Ross

And there was no reason to think they hadn’t done it to others.

But would people really believe Frank’s allegation that Raniere had put together a team whose primary task was to hack into the email accounts and personal records of people that he regarded as his “enemies”?


Bribing Politicians and Government Officials?

While I had no irrefutable proof,  I “knew” that NXIVM/ESP had probably bribed or compromised several politicians and governmental officials.

Keith had once asked me to talk to a federal judge who was presiding over one of the NXIVM/ESP cases to see if he might be willing to rule in favor of NXIVM/ESP.  When I told Keith I wouldn’t do that, he said he was just testing me. But I never believed that to be the case.

And I knew from what Nancy Salzman had told me that NXIVM/ESP had already compromised the former head of the New York State Senate, Joe Bruno, with the Explorations of Meaning (EMs) that Nancy Salzman performed on him – and the nude massages he was getting from various members of Raniere’s harem. At the time, Bruno was one of the most influential people in New York State.

I had also made reports to just about every federal and state agency that could undertake an investigation into the cult’s various illegal activities – and turned over tons of evidence to each of them. And not one of them ever did a thing to put an end to the NXIVM/ESP criminal enterprise.

But would Frank Report readers really believe what Frank was exposing in terms of the cult’s bribing and compromising of politicians and government officials?


Bringing Illegal Aliens Into the U.S.?

Shortly after I started working for NXIVM/ESP, I was tasked to find attorneys who could protect various members of the cult who were here illegally.

One of those members was Loreta Garza – who would eventually advance to become the head of a looney-tunes child experiment called Rainbow Cultural Gardens.

Loreta Garza

When Keith asked Loretta how she was doing the first time I met her, she answered by apologizing that she was “having trouble losing the last five pounds” – which, given how thin she was, struck me as weird. It was several years later before I found out from a Frank Report story about Raniere’s various diet regimens for the women in his “inner circle”.

Every time I was asked to help out someone who had “immigration problems”, I referred them to a highly-regarded Albany law firm that did things by the book. When that didn’t produce the results that Raniere wanted, he found other, less scrupulous lawyers to work on those cases.

As much as I knew about all this, I still worried that Frank’s revelations about all the cult members who were in the U.S. illegally might sound made up. Especially when he started to provide details about fake marriages – and phony IDs.


Massive Tax Evasion?

No surprise there…I had listened to Kathy Russell “explain” how NXIVM was legally avoiding paying any taxes per an “accounting system” that Keith had developed (When I told her that this “system” was totally illegal, she looked at me like my forehead was suddenly sprouting horns).

Kathy Russell

I also knew, via Kathy, that with the exception of Nancy Salzman, almost everyone who was working for NXIVM/ESP had failed to report any of the income and/or benefits they received from the cult. Even those who had annual earnings of more than $100,000.

With the exception of Nancy, NXIVM/ESP didn’t issue W-2 statements or 1099 forms to any of its staff.

And Raniere routinely preached that there was no ethical basis for the U.S. taxation system.

But would Frank Report readers believe that this stuff had been going on for more than a decade without anyone getting investigated or prosecuted?


The Bronfman Sisters’ Duplicity and Stupidity.

I knew that the Bronfman sisters were very rich –  and that they had bailed out Raniere from his disastrous foray into the world of options trading.

I also knew they were paying for all of NXIVM/ESP’s legal bills – including for filings they had no chance in hell of winning (Raniere once blew approximately $500,000 on appealing the denial of a Temporary Restraining Order all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court).

Clare and Sara Bronfman

But I worried whether readers of Frank Report would believe the extent of the Bronfman sisters’ duplicity and stupidity.

Things like their willingness to believe Keith’s claim that it was their father, Edgar Bronfman, Sr., who had personally intervened to cause all of his commodities losses. Nobody’s that dumb, right?


NXIVM Had Already Begun to Flex Its Power

By the time that Frank launched the Frank Report, NXIVM/ESP had already caused major problems for several people.

People like Rick Ross – a cult deprogrammer who ended up in a civil lawsuit that went on for 14 years.

People like Barbra Bouchey – a well-renowned investment adviser who had been driven into bankruptcy by their numerous lawsuits against her.

Keith Raniere and Barbara Bouchey 

And people like me, a once-successful business owner who had lost everything trying to defend himself against bullshit criminal charges and numerous civil lawsuits that had been orchestrated by Raniere.

But would readers of Frank Report believe this sort of stuff had really happened?


The Evolution of Frank Report

Since its inception,  Frank Report has evolved into “the source” when it comes to anything concerning NXIVM/ESP or its founders, Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman.

MK10 Frank Parlato

Over the course of the past 4½ years, Frank Report has become the “go to” source for anything that has to do with NXIVM/ESP.

It is Frank Report that took these bastards down.

Yeah, I know that many others were involved in that takedown.

People like Catherine Oxenberg.

People like Sarah Edmondson.

People like Mark Vicente.

People like Sylvie, Dani, Nicole, and all the others who testified against Raniere during his trial.

Lots of people.

Some that most people will never know about.

But were it not for Frank’s willingness to keep exposing various aspects of the NXIVM/ESP criminal enterprise, Catherine Oxenberg may never have told him about the DOS brandings.

And if Frank hadn’t published all those stories about the DOS brandings, I doubt very much that The New York Times would have ever published its front-page story that included a picture of Sarah Edmondson’s KAR “brand”.


What’s  Next?

Much as I admire Frank Parlato – and what he’s done in terms of taking down NXIVM/ESP and Raniere – I do question what the future holds for Frank Report.

In another few months, Keith Raniere, Clare Bronfman, Allison Mack, Nancy Salzman, Lauren Salzman, and Kathy Russell will all have been sentenced. Which means that we won’t be hearing very much about them until they get out of prison or they die.

In another 12-18 months, we will likely have developed both treatments and a vaccine for COVID-19. Which means that it won’t be the lead story in every newscast and newspaper every day of the week.

So, what sorts of stories will Frank Report be publishing?

I don’t think that’s a question Frank can answer by himself.

Instead, it’s a question that the readers of Frank Report need to answer.

What do YOU want to hear about?

What do YOU want to discuss?




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J.J. O'Hara


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  • I’d like to know what has happened to other high ranking Nxivm people since their organization has been shut down.

  • What’s going on with Frank’s upcoming trial? Postponed due to covid19?
    If it’s been mentioned here I must have missed it.

    • —If it’s been mentioned here I must have missed it.

      Interesting you say “missed”……..
      …..Because nobody missed you.

      Like you, Pedal Head, give a crap about Frank’s wellbeing.

      How many times have you, Pedal Head, accused Frank of lying or insinuated Frank was/is a criminal?

      I wonder if you, Pedal Head, remember one of the many times you accused Frank of photoshopping fake photos….Princess Leah?

      Or the many times Pedal Head, you, accused Frank of making up facts and stories……

      Allow me to drop some Latin on you, Petal, Head….

      …Petal Head you are persona non grata.

      • Wtf? When did I say he photoshopped pics? What I said was that he posted pics of the Salzman’s at Starbucks that the FR claimed were just randomly taken by a FR reader who just happened to spot them there. I called bullshit on the “random” sighting. I guess only males are allowed to call bullshit on Frank, huh? Yeah….I can see how things work here, Mr. Misogy-nice-guy.
        And I happen to know a lot more about Frank’s buddy , Roger, and his clan of misogynistic “Proud boys” , than you’ll ever know. (Unless you actually happen to be one yourself, which is highly probable….)

        And your comment had nothing at all to do with my question.

    • The trial has been postponed because of the Wuhan China coronavirus. The DOJ wanted to postpone it for just a couple of months, but Frank’s lawyer says he can’t support it until November. The judge hasn’t decided when to reschedule it yet. It’s all on

  • I always enjoy your writing here, Joe. I’d like to hear more about other cults and cult infiltration into government and the entertainment / journalism industrial complex.

  • Let’s compare NXIVM to other MLM scams. NXIVM, relative to other MLM scams, was very tiny and available only to wealthy people, or wealthy people who would occasionally bring in poor people so they could abuse them. Other MLM scams are MUCH larger, and therefore MUCH more abusive than NXIVM could ever have been in Raniere’s wettest wet dream. LOL

    The ONLY reason why NXIVM was such a popular topic is because people are titillated by two things present in NXIVM, both of which show how small minds they possess:

    1. Sexual deviants; and
    2. Wealthy people.

    In fact, when Scott first contacted Frank soon after coming across the Frank Report in March/April 2018 after noticing very interesting parallels between NXIVM and Amway and then researching and finding out that Raniere was indeed in Amway before starting Consumers’ Buyline and NXIVM, Frank indicated NXIVM was all but wrapped up, as Raniere had just been arrested and he was looking for another topic. Scott said Amway and other MLM scams would be a great next topic and Frank agreed that he may be right. Therefore, now it is time to turn the Frank Report’s attention to Amway and other MLM scams. The readership may start out small, much like it did with NXIVM, but it will grow as MLM scam artists are prosecuted. Frank has at least two major stories that he has succeeded at exposing, the Niagara tour boat scam and the NXIVM scam. He can do it again with Amway and other MLM scams. LOL

    As one of the many ghosts of Scott, we will attempt to bring Scott back from the dead so he can help Frank with exposing Amway and other MLM scams as his next major area of focus. Wish us luck! LOL

    • Seeing as every time Scott writes an article, there is a near mutiny, I doubt your pathetic anonymous overture will gain steam. Maybe if Scott wasn’t a raging asshole who makes FR readers want to scratch out their own eyes, people could take him seriously and not look at him like the joke he is.

      I suggest Frank introduce a self-help section of Frank Report. When left-for-dead maggots like Scott can make it through Frank’s program, maybe they can be reintroduced to the FR community and get a do-over on their obliterated reputation.

      • Of course there’s a near-mutiny, this is the online version of the movie “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest,” with Scott playing the role of Jack Nicholson, and of course you are one of the many Nutjobs at the asylum! LOL

      • You must think that the handful of people making comments represent most of the millions of people who read this website. You would be wrong. LOL

  • Cults. We see Scientology often but not much about the others that are out there or have existed. I loved when Frank Report delved into Ramtha and that sent me off to learn more but with Nxivm, all the best info was here, everyday and you had the story everyone else was using. You have a real talent for this, Frank!

    • Are you here to be entertained, or would you like to know about cults that you can do something to help out with?

  • J.J. O’Hara,

    Provided Frank has the time and resources…

    I’d like to see Frank investigate more criminal injustices like the women in LA framed by her husband.

    Also I’d like to see you and Claviger report on more of the injustices in the criminal justice system within our nation. Additionally reporting on federal abuses of power by politicians and bureaucrats as well as on the state and local level.

    • How about a weekly article penned by Niceguy? I’ll help get you started on topics:

      1. How to confirm your spouse is asleep before secretly typing a reply on Frank Report.
      2. How to tell the difference between Tracy Chapman and Macy Gray.
      3. Who cheats more – Pats or Sox?
      4. How to turn out the cute new coworker.
      5. Who’s worse, Bangcock or anonymous Amway boy?
      6. The difference between a dipshit and a shitdip.
      7. How to apologize simply in order to conform, but not really mean it…
      8. Use logic (a tree falls in the forest and nobody is around to hear it) to explain how Frank never appeared on Scott’s buddy’s podcast.
      9. What “fake skin” is and why we should all be outraged over it.
      10. The benefits of posting under different pseudonyms on FR.

      • NutJob,

        Great list! Comedy Gold™️


        Number “3” is my favorite!

        Number “8” is the runner up.

        • We all know #8 is your favorite. That’s the one where you said you would come on my show and then later added a disclaimer, only if Frank was on my show. When you found out he was you deflated faster than Tom Brady’s football and turned tail. LOL

      • Mr. Retard Johnson,

        Why is Texas’s toughest (retard) not using his name anymore?

        “Amway tracked me down again. Gosh darn it I’m so unlucky. Why can’t I ever win. I’m such a loser. I joined a class action lawsuit and all I got was a garage full of detergent.” -Scott Johnson

        Scotty, obviously I made up the above quote because you’re too retarded to realize you’re a total loser.

        • Joke’s on all of us. In times like these, it helps to have every crevice of your shanty stuffed with an assortment of soaps. In fact, he’s been filling up his satchel each day and hawking his treasure outside the stripped bare Albertsons. Speaking of stripped bare, can the anonymous Amway knob please give us an update on his travels to the French Quarter?

          • The joke is on all of you, but not for the reasons you think. LOL

            Scott went to the French Quarter most recently a few years ago and visited Maspero’s restaurant. He looks forward to returning and enjoying his favorite pastrami sandwich, minus the bun of course, since he is on a low carb eating plan. LOL

        • NiceGuy 666 is the total loser. Scott explicitly removed removed himself from the Pokorny v. Quixtar (Amway) class action lawsuit so he could continue to speak out against Amway’s scam. However, Scott’s wife was able to claim the vast majority of the losses they experienced. For example, Scott continues to slam Amway and other MLM scams on his radio/podcast which includes his name, as well as being active on numerous other online outlets, using his real name. Scott’s influence on Frank Report has increased significantly, as there are now many ghosts of Scott making comments here, including the usual troublemakers and nitwits like yourself. LOL

    • Shut up, you fat blob.

      You tubby, slob.

      Lose some weight and maybe the wife won’t stop taking you for granted.

      Stop stuffing your face. Put down those bread sticks!

      Your trips to the weight room don’t erase your love handles.

      Exercise and do more cardio! You fat fuck.

      I’m guessing that your marriage isn’t handling the home confinement too nicely.

      Wifey is being forced to be around her tubby husband for too many hours per day (a husband who isn’t the breadwinner) —- so that’s gotta make her wonder if she made a mistake.

      How can a real man be supported by wifey? Gotta be a confidence drainer.

      My advice: Please give ‘junior’ a paternity test just to be sure. You never know.

      Have a nice day.

      • Dearest Bangkok,

        —My advice: Please give ‘junior’ a paternity test just to be sure. You never know.

        Bangkok, you are the closest I have to a child. I have no kids, little precocious dipsh*t.

        — Your trips to the weight room don’t erase your love handles. Exercise and do more cardio! You fat fuck.

        You are right! I need to lose close to 12lbs now. Bang, you are my motivation to lose weight. May God bless you & may you score a GILF with ample pancakes.

        —How can a real man be supported by wifey? Gotta be a confidence drainer.

        Not at all. When I’m driving my Audi to our vacation house on the Cape, I’ll think of you. I feel like a kept man. Boohoo!

        I gotta go Bang! Remember to always use condoms because child support payments suck! Your the closest I’ll have to a kid. BTW, you’re getting better with the insults. I’m proud of you. Take care, little dipshit! 🙂

        Keep one thing in mind! Do not contact Scotty Amway. He wants to give you a proctology exam in the worst way.

    • I agree with Niceguy about wanting to hear more about our corrupt “justice” system.

  • Is Scott Johnson finally gone? Hallelujah

    Now, we just need to see Queef get life in prison (equivalent to spending an hour with Scott Johnson while he blathers about Amway).

    • Scott is gone, but the ghost of Scott is alive and well. Anyone who uses the name “Anonymous” or any other name not linked to a social media account are also ghosts of Scott. There are many ghosts of Scott. Many of them do not agree with the other ghosts, but that is the nature of ghosthood. LOL

      • Hi I’m retarded!!!! I’m from Texas. In Texas there is nothing but steers and q*eers. Guess which one I am!!! Teehee! Tehee!

        I don’t have horns.


        • I don’t know which one you are, but I know that this ghost of Scott is very intelligent, so I’ll to carry the load for you. LOL

  • I’d like to see a regular weekly recap by Frank. Let him put anything he wants in it. News of the week, tips he’s received that didn’t make an article, things he’s working on, comments of note from the week that might not have been noticed, rumors of what ex-NX people are doing, what transpires when he runs into Del Negro in The Villages or at the track or at bingo, funny stories he’s been told, conversations he’s had with people, etc. etc.

    I want to hear from Karen U.

    I want an eight part series on late night volleyball. Big money should be offered for video.

    I’d also like to make a rule that my comments are posted instantaneously while Bangcock’s, and the anonymous, tea drinking, tranny lovers posts must season overnight.

    I’d like a monthly article on new pyramid schemes that may offer us an opportunity to get in at ground level.

  • Operation Warp Speed is already being reported, Joe.

    The vaccine window of “12-18 months” is now being shortened to December 2020, you ignorant idiot.

    Vaccine doses are being mass produced *before* test trials are finished (at US government expense) —- so that 100-200 million doses will be available before December 2020, when the test trials are over and the drugs are approved.

    The US government is funding this mass production for *several* different vaccines currently undergoing test trials — so that if any of the vaccines fail testing, there are still several other vaccines that will likely succeed (since they’re all being tested simultaneously).

    This is unprecedented to test so many vaccines simultaneously.

    It’s also unprecedented to mass produce these vaccines before they’ve been approved, because if any of them fail approval then the government will have spent billions on a drug that can’t be used.

    But if even one vaccine passes test trials, we’ll already have tons of doses ready for the public before December 2020.

    The chances that all of these vaccines will fail testing is statistically unlikely (and probably impossible).

    If even one vaccine passes the test trials by (late summer or early fall) then 100-200 million doses will have *already* been produced and be ready for mass inoculation before December 2020, possibly a bit sooner.

    The previous 12-18 month “window” only applies when companies must ramp up their own production *after* test trials are done — at their own expense. Which is usually a slow process.

    But that’s no longer the case.

    Joe, you’re still reporting the 12-18 month “time window” as though Operation Warp Speed isn’t real.

    But it’s real, Joseph, no matter how much you don’t want it to be real.

    You fucken libtard. Go back to your Missouri trailer park and make your moonshine, Joe.

    Mass production (of enough doses to inoculate the entire public) is usually the slowest part of vaccine development — but that process is being sped up here at warp speed with billions of dollars from Uncle Sam. 🙂

    As for FrankReport’s future, I’m guessing that Frank’s laziness these past 2 months has left his blog viewership in the shitter.

    Frank had 6 million page views last year —– but this year will probably be under 2 million views (and most of those already happened before March, before Frank let his blog drift into the shitter).

    Frank’s now probably getting less than 20k views per month. It’s a ghost town here.

    Combined with his aggressive censorship of all posts he deems unlikable, there’s almost nobody commenting anymore.

    Frank drove his own blog into a brick wall. He can only blame himself.

    He’s become anti-free speech and he’s no longer the same man he was back in 2018 when we had free discussions without waiting half a day just to get a small, 2 sentence post approved.

    Have a nice day.

    • I like FR. I don’t know who you are but it isn’t important. I like your’s comments also, because you are free-spoken. And here is a dilemma. Why do you claim that here is censorship? In the last two months coronavirus holds in awe on the Earth and you you are upset about it that here is not like it used to be? I really like Frank’s work and I think we are still so with this.

    • Dearest Bangkok,

      WTF….”Probably impossible” is an oxymoron, you moron. Unless, of course, you have become a fruity poet…

      …Or you have pig shit between your ears for a brain.

    • There is no guarantee a vaccine will ever be developed for the Wuhan China beervirus. For example, there is no vaccine for AIDS, despite decades of intense research. In fact, there has NEVER been an RNA vaccine successfully developed. That makes you stupid, Bangkok. Add that on top of your utter fear of asking Scott the 11 questions you DEMANDED he answer on his radio/podcast, you are one sad sack of sh!t. LOL

      I’m no O’Hara fan, and neither is Scott, because he also hasn’t taken up the “challenge” to come on Scott’s radio/podcast show despite numerous invitations, but you are just as much of a coward, Bangkok. LOL

      I fully expected Frank’s numbers to go down after the convictions, people tend to move onto other titillating stories. LOL

      I do agree with you on one thing, I would enjoy returning to instant comment posting again, and it might even bring Scott back from the dead! Scott would LOVE making you look like the fool that you are in real time. LOL

  • I would like to learn more about free speech and see examples of our rights being stripped from us. I love all the new Chinese articles. I would love to get more of a woman’s perspective of things. Will Marie ever write a story again or will she just transcribe and paint? Frank, you should definitely keep this site going. I love it here.
    Thanks for Joe.

  • “Power Corrupts and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.” Lord Acton

    From recent stories in the media and revelations, we see no end of vice corruption in all levels of our society.
    Look at these stories and individuals who have enriched the pages of The Frank Report:

    Jeffrey Epstein

    R Kelly

    Jussie Smollett

    Michael Avenatti

    Harvey Weinstein

    Joe Biden

    Hunter Biden

    Bill Clinton

    Communist China and Bio-warfare.

    Huawei, the Chinese phone company that spies for the Chinese government.

    Andrew Cuomo

    Prince Andrew of England

    Ed Buck

    Jimmy Savile, British pedophile

    I was amused a year or two ago when someone commented how Keith Raniere was the most evil person on Earth.
    Not even close.
    Raniere is evil of course and he thrived in New York’s Culture of Corruption.
    But in the Big Picture, there are lots of people far more evil and dangerous because they are smarter and more disciplined than Raniere.
    The Frank Report will never run out of material.

  • Your revelation of the compromise of Joe Bruno by (presumably female) nude massages is already a huge bombshell !!

    But it’s plausible. Raniere has dozens of attractive young women (because if they weren’t young and attractive, they wouldn’t make it to the inner circle where he could fuck them) willing to do anything he asked (same explanation). So, of course, he would use them to compromise local law enforcement and government.

    Some defectors must have at least rumors, if not the whole story, of how NXIVM compromised NY state trooper Rodger Kirsop to persecute NXIVM’s enemies instead of prosecuting NXIVM.

    Personally, I would prefer less or no coverage on Trump vs Biden. There’s more than enough propaganda out there already. And there is much better COVID coverage elsewhere.

    • Good luck getting more information on Kirsop, I don’t think it’s going to happen. People are too scared of government retribution; LOL

  • Things to write about in the future:

    * The behaviour of mainstream left-wing media outlets: e.g., CNN, Washington Post, ABC, NYT, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, etc.

    * The censorship of conservatives and anyone the left deems a threat, on university campuses, media platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

    * The behaviour of individual members of the left-wing propaganda machine and information about them they would like to keep quiet.

    * The left’s anti-Trump brainwashing.

    * The behaviour of the degenerate lobby groups, such as the gay, tranny, feminism, abortion, etc. assholes.

    * Information about SJW celebrities they want to keep quiet.

    * The anti “straight white male” cult.

    * Islam/Muslims. Their takeover of Europe and the left’s/feminists’ bizarre obsession with them, despite them being everything they claim to be against.

    * China and all its evil such as occupying Tibet, making animal species around the world go extinct, dog/cat “meat” markets, communist government, Chinese birth tourism, concentration camps, etc.

    * Illegal aliens and their criminality, takeover of the US, privileges, etc.

    * The black crime epidemic.

    * The emasculation of males, breakdown of family, white male shaming and the effect it has on Western Civilisation.

    * The hypocritical behaviour of minorities and their own countries of origin.

    * The left’s assault on free speech and the right to bear arms.

    * Encourage Allison Mack to donate some fat from her ankles to refugees in Yemen to make up for her sex slave bullshit and Kristin Kreuk to have a boob job and Brazilian butt lift so that she stops having the physique of a twelve-year-old boy.

    * Expose any high profile people who were a part of NXIVM, especially post pedophile expose.

  • I think we need more exposure of the crooks and devils in our government, local, state, and national.

  • Great stuff JJ and you hit the nail on the head, FR has been a massive success in the takedown of NXIVM.

    Moving forward, please no more political BS. Stick with the juicy stuff, like sex, cults, and whackos. There are thousands of places to read political rants and they add no value here.

    • Virtually everything has political connections. Ignoring that aspect would be stupid. Only Libtards want to do that because they want a free pass to criticize conservatives and not get any push-back. LOL

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His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” In addition, he was credited in the Starz docuseries 'Seduced' for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

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