‘It’s a Scam!’: Scott Johnson Harshly Rebuts ‘Chinese’ Man Who Claims Amway Helped Him Make Money and Succeed in Life

By Scott Johnson

This is in reply to Nicolas Nazal’s article defending Amway: Amway Is a Totally Legit Company, Despite What Amway Failure, Scott Johnson says

Nazal’s story needs to be debunked line by line. His words are in bold, my replies follow:

I can’t believe that after 60 years of the glorious Amway company’s success, there are still people thinking they are smarter than the FTC.

I am smarter than the FTC. The lead lawyer in the FTC’s case against Herbalife a few years ago couldn’t answer the simple question WHY retail sales are required to keep a legitimate MLM from being an illegal pyramid. Neither can you.

If the information contained in Scott Johnson’s report – Scott Johnson: Amway Is the Scam-Way – were real, then I am an impossibility!

No, it’s because you live in Communist China, which (theoretically) doesn’t allow the MLM model to be used. This response is used numerous times below, designated with an *.

Why? — See above.*

Because, not only am I a success, but more than the 90% of my Amway business earnings come from real customers, not Amway members.

You’re supposed to have 0% of your Amway business earnings come from customers.

See above.* Is there a tool scam in China? Not that I would believe you, because you’re a Communist Chinese liar.

This is the same for most of the Amway businesses in Asia.

No, it isn’t, just Communist China.  *.  The ATS (Amway Tool Scam) is alive and “well” in every country Amway is present except Commie China.

Furthermore, you claim that Amway products are overpriced, but you don’t consider the premium quality and how long they yield!

I consider everything and Amway products are still overpriced. The Communist Chinese people clamor for anything American, even overpriced Chinese products. They even use LOC (Liquid Organic Cleaner, the original Amway product) as a sauce on the dogs and cats they eat.

You get what you pay for and with Amway, you get more for your money.

You get a slick salesman who has pulled the wool over America’s eyes until Trump trumped the Communist Chinese.

Again, if Mr. Johnson’s report were truth, I and thousands of other successful distributors around the world for decades are not real.

See above.* Communist China is an aberration, and even then kicked all MLMs out of the country a few years ago and slammed all nutrition-related MLM-like companies last year, which caused Amway’s worldwide volume to decrease, which it has done for the past 5 out of 6 years, from the height of $11.8 billion in 2013 to $8.4 billion in 2019.

Including inflation, that means the volume would have to increase by about 60% just to get back to the 2013 level.

Let me make something clear.

Let me make something clear. You are a Chinese Commie who gave the world the Wuhan Chinse flu, hid it, lied about it, made doctors who tried to talk about it “disappear,” etc.

The Amway business can be for anybody, but NOT everybody can do it.

Yes, I heard that claptrap over and over again. As my previous story clearly states, Amway is an illegal pyramid and RICO fraud. Only those who can overcome those issues can do it.

This is not a fault of the system because the business model is the same for all distributors.

Commie China has a Direct Sales model, not an MLM model.

I have met hundreds of people in the process of building my business.

You’re not supposed to have downline in Commie China. Are they in other countries?

What I find always happens is that common people always have a common result.

Common people don’t realize they are involved in an illegal pyramid and RICO fraud, or they wouldn’t have joined in the first place.

Average people have many things in common:

The most common thing common people have in common is they are unaware that Amway is an illegal pyramid and RICO fraud.

Almost the same personality (melancholic)

All personalities get scammed by Amway. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be shrinking as it has for the past half-decade plus.

They are lazy

Some are lazy; they are the lucky ones who don’t get scammed as much.

Have so much fear that they can’t even practice a phone call with their own sponsor.

Some have fear; they are the lucky ones who don’t get scammed as much.

Average people criticize, complain

Some do criticize, complain; they are the lucky ones who don’t get scammed as much.

Are not able to solve almost anything on their own.

Some don’t solve problems; they are the lucky ones who don’t get scammed as much.

This is what I suspect Scott Johnson brought with him – an average or common personality.

You suspect wrong; I’m the one who applied themselves and is shining a bright light on the Amway scam and many other MLM scams.

He is certainly no over-achiever.

I’ll stack my achievements up against yours any time.

How in the universe can such as Scott have any result in this or any business?

The same reason most lose money with Amway, it’s a scam.

This common mediocrity, seen in Scott and many others, is why so few people can succeed in Amway or for that matter in any business in their lives.

Thanks for thinking that I’m mediocre/average. I like being the underdog (as opposed to dog for dinner).

This is true of all businesses.

No, it isn’t. Because most businesses aren’t scams.

Most people are workers

Most people are honest, that’s why they fall for the dishonest scam artists.

They are not destined for success.

If Amway is a success, you can have it, while I keep exposing it.

What makes success is pure leadership.

Success is getting Amway shut down, and it’s well on its way, thanks to me and others on the internet.

Scott clearly did not have that special talent.

You’re right, I don’t have the “special talent” to scam others.

And hard work is required too.

I also work hard to shut down Amway and other MLM scams. It’s going my way.

I have to spend several hours after my day job is finished building my Amway business.

I’m sure you do, but that’s not how it’s promoted.

I also have to spend many weekends, and time on my vacations, holidays, and even family and friend’s birthdays, helping my distributors to earn money and for which I earn money too.

When China shuts down Amway for the third time, will you learn your lesson?

No excuses.

Another Amway/MLM phrase.

I must be the best example for all my distributors and most of them, I think, are very grateful for the time and help I spend with them.

Again, are you talking about all of your downline in Commie China? That is supposed to be a Direct Selling model, not an MLM model.

It is a win, win.

How much net money do you typically “win” every month?

Leadership is leading by example; is being at the service of your people.

Another BS Amway slogan, you have learned them well, comrade. Of course, it’s easy to go from the little red book to Amway, isn’t it?

Average people just can’t bear the pressure of leadership that is why so many people fail in this business.

It’s not the pressure, it’s the fact that Amway is a scam, especially outside of Communist China.

The problem is not in the Amway company or its products.

The problem is exactly the Amway company that knows they are an illegal pyramid and RICO fraud. The products are another part of the problem, expensive products can’t be sold in any meaningful quantity, except to the newly minted Communist China “middle class” who hunger for anything associated with America.

The problem is inside each loser, such as Scott, that blames the system and can’t see that they have the problem inside their own mediocre brains.

Again, I’m the one winning, see above volume levels, over the past half-decade plus.

Well, in the end, I care about this scurrilous report by Scott Johnson.

You haven’t identified a single fact that is incorrect, just the usual Amway BS excuses.

I doubt you know this but the Chinese government asked Amway to keep its factory running for the help and quality of its products. This is probably something you do not believe either, Scott.

I knew that. I also knew that Communist China restricted travel from Wuhan to other places in China but not to flights to other countries. Did you know THAT? I also know the Communist Chinese are big believers in plant-based cures, and the Amway vitamins and supplements are probably being promoted as Wuhan Chinese coronavirus cures. Not that you would tell the truth and admit to that, however.

During crisis periods, many traditional companies are going bankrupt, but Amway continues to grow our business, even with record sales in March.

Of course, Amway China grew in March, see comment above.

I guess this is not real for you either, Scott.

It’s all very real for me.

Well, I do not care what you think.


You failed in Amway.

Correction. I and millions of others were scammed by Amway.

I and many others are a success.

In your own mind, I’m sure you are a success.

I have the result; you can stay and make your excuses.

You haven’t told us what your results are, not that I would believe a lying Communist Chinese person.

I can easily see you begging the US government for money to bail you out in the next few days and making false reports on Frank Report.

My job is very secure and you haven’t stated a single issue that is false.

Meantime I keep growing my Amway business, helping hundreds of my distributors earn money and making a lot of money myself.

You do that, up until Amway is shut down for the third time. LOL

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    Now imagine you are so enrapt and fully attentive, when Paganini goes offstage to rest briefly, say to relax for five minutes with his flask and a good smoke.

    You know that he will be back imminently, fingers refreshed. An evening of rare ecstasy, the audience entranced.

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    You get the drift. “Ah come here for the Paganini, bébé, the Nexium Sexium sturm und drang.” The Sexus, Plexus and Nexus, by gum. The satori was interrupted, once again by the scuffle of boars crashing and snorting through the undergrowth. Ammmm-whey.

    Speaking of crashing boars, how about a piece on Bill and Mehlinda Gates? There are questions about who between them could really have the cameltoe. Flightlogged, Bill Gates rode the Lolita Express with his blackmailing eugenicist buddy, Jeffrey Epstein. And now Gates wants to vaccinate and to microchip all of the people all of the time.

    Really. Has he got encephalitis or just an egotistically swollen head? Dribble his balls and find out. Calling all athletes!
    Better to dribble the balls of Bill Gates these days. Scott’s Amway balls are so bald and patchy, all dribbled out.

  • So, in other words, FR has pivoted to now investigating Amway, per Scott, rather than spending it’s time investigating the unfortunate deaths of those related to NXUIM.

  • I harshly protest. Is this tool gone, or is this tool still here bitching about tool scams?

    In times like these, we don’t need false hope. We don’t need our day lit up with sunshine only to have a fat Texan return to tinkle all over us.

    Instead of making out eyes bleed with more Scott Johnson hate, I say we let Natashka do an op-ed. She’s clearly hip, and sounds hot.

    • Nutjob is correct. I’m a fat pig who lies. I lied when I said I’d leave Frank Report. I lie often. Why would any of you take my work over that of a random Chilean who appeared out of nowhere? Of course you would believe door #2 rather than a lying tranny lover. LOL

        • I know I got that right. And you are correct that I am a dummy. I wish my wife didn’t have to work two jobs to support my unemployed, lazy, dorito eating, tranny lusting, fat ass. If she made as much as your wife in her one job, I’d be one happy loser. LOL

          • Nutjob,

            My insult was directed to Anonymous 2:47pm.

            Not you.

            Anonymous 2:47 pm….. Is Scott…..

            Nutjob, When have I ever insulted you my quasi-buddy? I like you. When this Corona thing lifts we should have a beer in Wauki-Way before the game where “Who’s on First” used to be.

            Take care

          • I make about double of what my wife makes, it’s a six-figure income. She has one job, I have one job, I am very industrious, do not eat Doritos, am not interested in trannies, and am quite fit, not fat. You are a happy loser because you’re clueless, just like NiceGuy. LOL

          • Dear Niceguy. I was pretending to be Scott. Not well played on my end.
            Now that Scott has gotten the attention he oh so craves, I will try to scale down my pantsings of Textex.

  • Looks like Scott Johnson just returned from NOLA.

    So how many transvestite hookers did you ‘accidentally’ pick up this time Scott?

    I’m sure you call it a Happy Accident, but if happened more than twice, it’s no accident.

    Although, I’m sure it made you happy Scotty.

    • The French Quarter is shut down. Scott never picked up a hooker, transvestite or otherwise. He’s too much of a stud to do that. LOL

      • You pick your fights and Amway certainly is not mine. I have no connection to Amway. I know nobody who has a connection to Amway. I know nobody who would be interested in Amway. The only loose association I could possibly make to a MLM is a Herbalife man in our kitchen when I was a kid. My mother quickly kicked him to the curb.

        • Natashka,

          You don’t know anyone in Amway or other MLMs because none of your family or friends…..

          ……Are losers like Scott Johnson.

          • She knows plenty of people who were scammed by Amway, they just don’t want to admit it. LOL

          • Scott,

            Move on….Like you promised.

            Frank knows that you, Shadowstate, and myself aren’t going anywhere anytime soon….

            Isn’t that right Bangkok?

            Bangkok still here too.

          • The ghost will be more honest. I fully admit to having a secret crush on Flowers. The only person I’d rather bed than Flowers, is any tranny. I also admit to being a loser who makes his wife works so I can afford my cigs and Natty Ice. LOL

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