Kristin Kreuk’s GBD Part 2

Deep Dive into GBD Pt 2


The Sexy7 concept was introduced right at the start of Girls By Design [GBD].  Kristin Kreuk and Kendra wrote that Sexy7 was “to demonstrate the varying experiences of teen girls throughout the globe.”

They wasted no time requesting videos of 13-19 year old girls.  Not to leave any older readers out, they directed older participants to ask a younger cousin to send a video.

What is especially creepy about this Sexy7, besides the inappropriate name for preteens/teens is the exactitude of their instructions. Kristin & Kendra come across as bossy (cultish?) in their directions for these young girls to send in their videos and how.

It seems the Smallville star could bark orders at her little groupies and they were expected to obey.  If they didn’t, she writes that she would ‘explode.’  Lana would lose it!

Sexy 7

Posted by Kristin

“SEXY 7″
One of our greatest missions with our company is to demonstrate the varying experiences of teen girls throughout the globe. One way we’d like to do this is to capture responses to a specific set of questions asked to every teen who is interested in participating.

Welcome to the Official “Sexy 7″ – AKA 7 questions to ask all (and by all we mean chiquitas). If you REALLY want to ask a chiquito, go ahead, but they probably won’t be included in any writing or video we create– no offense, boys.

We are going to create video materials that include your own answers! We massivly encourage girls between the ages of 13-19 to particpate.(sic) So in other words if you are 27, send us your responses but also ask a younger cousin to as well. PLEASE send your videos via using as the delivery address. Yousendit will notify us once it’s uploaded to their servers. Please, please, please do not e-mail us the large video file(s) directly. We will explode. Writing? You can just e-mail.

Sexy 1: What do you think people perceive you as, and how different is it from how you perceive yourself?

Sexy 2: Which of your irrational fears seem to be the silliest?

Sexy 3: What is the most time-consuming activity you participate in?

Sexy 4: What is the greatest lesson you could learn (or have learned) from a child?

Sexy 5: If you could wave a magic wand and it would give you whatever you wanted right now, what would you ask for?

Sexy 6: What is the most beautiful moment you have ever experienced?

Sexy 7: What are you most grateful for?

So! Grab your camera or open your word processor or journal and tell us the answers to these questions! Send them to us and then get other ladies to join in!

Kristin & Kendra


I wrote in an earlier post about how these questions appear to be a Nxivm fishing expedition.  The answers could provide intel that Nancy and Keith would find very useful to manipulate the girls.

*Coincidentally* in 2008, Kreuk and Allison Mack were exploiting their Smallville-star-power to ask college students very similar questions as the Sexy7 ones.

Mack and Kreuk claimed that they were looking for information on college students to build a website for them.

Frank wrote about it here:

Kristin Kreuk was a very busy yellow-sashed-Nxivm-coach in 2008 recruiting inquiring about the hopes and dreams of young women with her multiple online questionnaires.  She will probably claim neither group had anything to do with Nxivm, even as her former questionnaire-partner Mack is now a convicted felon from Nxivm crimes.

One of the big mysteries of the Nxivm story is how Kristin skated.

Back to GBD, in September 2008, Kendra continues the sex talk by encouraging the teens to ‘rant and rave’ about a ‘controversial’ topic of teen purity.

“Have any of you heard of the Father-Daughter Purity Ball? It’s a ceremony for which fathers and daughters get dressed up to go dancing, and during which the fathers promise “to protect their daughters’ virtue until marriage.” The following article from Time Magazine describes one particular Father-Daughter Purity Ball, and goes into some of the history behind and the controversy surrounding these types of events. It also asks a bunch of questions, and all of us would LOVE to hear what your thoughts are on any of those, or any of these;

  • What does “Teen Girl Purity” mean to YOU? Is it just about virginity or is there more to it than that?
  • Do you think purity balls are a good idea? Would you attend one?
  • When it comes to parenting teenage girls, how do you think the role of the father differs from that of the mother, or is there a difference at all?
  • In your culture or environment, do you think teenage girls need more protection or more freedom in order to become the best people they can be?

…or any other rumblings going on in those fascinating brains of yours! Rant! Rave! Ponder the meaning of it all! But keep it clean ladies.

Excerpt from the article:

So [Robert and Lisa Wilson] came up with a ceremony; they wrote a vow for fathers to recite, a promise “before God to cover my daughter as her authority and protection in the areas of purity,” to practice fidelity, shun pornography and walk with honor through a “culture of chaos” and by so doing guide their daughters as well. That was in 1998, the year the President was charged with lying about his sex life, Viagra became the fastest-selling new drug in history, and movies, according to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, reflected “a surge in the worldwide relaxation of sexual taboos.”

Comments were divided and a male commentator Prad Robert (Raniere?), who claimed to be French (francoamerican?), left numerous comments encouraging girls to have sex.

Prad Robert Says:
August 28th, 2008 at 3:32 pm

hum hum , I will give my (partly anticlerical) liberal french boy point of view about that … (It would have been worst , It could be a german ahah)
I think that religion wanting to impose some conversative ways of mind and customs has dangerously assimilated sex with love .
I mean , It’s a outline , plan that people are imposing us .
Sex and Love are very differents things …
you can love someone and not desire him “amour platonique” platon love
You can love someone and feel less (organic)pleasure with him that with someone you don’t love
The first time is not the best time .
So , I think It’s a pity to botch your “belles années” , I’m not only speaking about sex but sex is part of that , I’m speaking about experience , exotism more than erotism and then you could give all that to your husband .

When you’re a young girl , you don’t belong to anybody , not to your father , not to your future , you just need to be responsible and try to be a free mind.

Was Keith Alan Raniere really Prad Robert?

September 2008

Kendra kicked off the month of September by informing her preteen audience that she was pregnant.  She does this in the usual fun, playful, childish way which is appropriate for this audience.  However things, once again, take an inappropriate turn when she decides to share (in all caps no less) that when the baby kicked it gave her an orgasm or hit her G-spot.  It appears that nothing is sacred to the Nxivm-GBD gang.

Now That’s Getting Personal

Posted by Kendra | Filed under Baby

Is there an alien in there? whats that sticking out my side? Ohhh…don’t kick me there…now that’s getting personal!

Week 31 and I’m loving every minute of it…I find it interesting when people approach me and say “awww how ya feeling?” like being pregnant is an illness or something. I feel great, never better actually. I am excited, giddy and kinda dreamy about how my life is unfolding day by day…I won’t lie, I have my OMG! moments and “I dont know what I am doing” feelings, but those don’t last long. They are just moments that help remind me that I am not in control and just along for the ride :).

So my wee little 3.5 pounder is wiggling in there non stop…it feels pretty trippy…last week there was suddenly this bump sticking out of my side, hmmm I thought…is the baby trying to make a get away? Fascinated I grabbed ahold of this bump sticking out of my side and I almost fainted as the bump retreated and then moved worm-like across my belly! OMG! is there an alien in there? ummmm no, just a human being..*GASP* tries to run for the hills but realizes where I go so does the alien inside.

So lately its been a game of cat and mouse, I am like “Hellllloooo in there Extra Little…where are you?” Poke! Poke! and sure enough if I poke poke in the right place I get thumped back, yup thumped, no loving pokes from the inside.

Now I don’t want to get into many details about all this kicking and wiggling and alien like activity…but I have to say and don’t laugh…well laugh if you want but, kicking and punching can…well….sometimes get personal, for example HELLLOOO G-SPOT! Ohhh….ummm….hey that makes me uncomfortable *Yikes* tries to run for the hills but realizes where I go baby can still kick me in the G-Spot! But really who can complain I could be experiencing heart burn instead, tee hee! (ok that might of been tooo personal :). Well lets face it pregnancy is personal…again I am just going along for the ride and trying to share my experiences honestly.

I thought it might be fun to start an online baby pool where we could all guess the due date, time of delivery, boy/girl, weight etc. and have a little fun! ANYONE OUT THERE KNOW HOW TO DO THAT? Hellloooo out there….hehehe!

Kendra and Extra Little

The girls who commented on this post politely ignored the G reference and simply congratulated Kendra on her pregnancy.

GBD was only 3 months old and already it is clear that a more fitting name for the enterprise would have been “Sex, Lies, and Videotapes.”

Also in September, the website was launched.  The groupies were ordered to sign into it, providing personal information no doubt, as well as IP addresses.   Kreuk claimed the forum was made by ‘popular demand’ yet perusing the comment sections on the GBD blog, their posts didn’t generate that many comments and none of the comments this writer saw, asked for a forum.

Forum! by: popular demand.

Posted by Kristin | Filed under General BlogUncategorized

As there have been many requests, we have opened a forum just for you GBD’ers. Now, there are some frustrations, well mainly one: you must log onto and then go the forum and register to the forum ALSO. It only takes a few minutes though. Yay! Good times in forum-land ladies.


Tags: forumGirls by Designtalk

Read more | Comments (11) | September 9th, 2008


MK10ART’s sketch of Girls By Design leader Kristin Kreuk

Rounding off the third month of GBD, Kreuk pitches another cutesy post, seemingly to satisfy her narcissistic need for attention.  Last time was her new haircut, this time she adopted a new puppy and asked the young audience to help give the dog a name.

Naturally, Kreuk didn’t title the post something innocuous like “New dog” or “New Best Friend”.    She titled its “my new bum-sniffing friend…”  On any other blog, this title might be innocent fun but GBD stinks like a smutty-Raniere-swamp.  As we now know, Nxivm was anything but innocent fun.  However, it was designed to attract young girls. In 2008 Kristin, Kendra, and Allison were putting in a lot of overtime recruiting reaching out to young females.

My new bum-sniffing friend…

Posted by Kristin | Filed under General Blog

The awesome new addition to our family! He is too cool… I only had rabbits growing up, and my poor father ended up taking care of them, so this puppy is a really crazy experience. There is a whole new heartbeat in the house, and a whole lot of snorting. Like seriously, you would think there was a pig here! He is going to be a pretty big Frenchie… Right now he is 4 and a half months, and his paws are freakin huge, and he is already bigger than Kernie (Kendra’s dog and GBD mascot–BTW it is Kernie’s B-day today, Happy 5th)!

We haven’t named our little guy yet… What do you ladies (and gentlemen) think we should call him?



Tags: Frenchiekristin kreukPuppy

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Stay tuned for Part 3


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Heidi Hutchinson
Heidi Hutchinson
3 years ago

Prequel note: The book of the month the little teehee GBD girls were to report on:


Yeah, I carried that one around a few months myself — at the age of 26 — you sick fucks.

3 years ago

Shut up Heidi. You really shouldn’t even talk about this. You let Keith Raniere screw around with your younger sister on some BS that she was some Buddhist goddess much older than her age. If you actually opened your zipped lips long before ESP/NXIVM was formed and warned people about that “sick fuck”, maybe he wouldn’t have gotten away with what he did for as long as he did.

Anonymous still for Kristin
Anonymous still for Kristin
3 years ago

Mean girl logic, Kristin must be guilty, why? Because we see stuff the DOJ didn’t. You see KK mind controls teen age girls.She is a mind control slave master for NXIVM. No…wait…she intelligently ran NXIVM but, is dumb as a rock! She is worse than all of the leaders!!! GBD is part of the Empire of Kreuk who wanted Slaves for NXIVM! It was really her idea of the branding, Mean girls know it is all about Kristin!!! Sure Kreuk has not been charged with any crimes. Sure she is not being accused of hurting or being careless in using her fame to hurt children officially. But look at how she says stuff….like naming her new dog….! Can’t you see how creepy it is? ( Something the beloved Chloe Sullivan of Smallville would say). You see, Kristin is guilty,guilty, guilty. And we can make Mean girl dreams come true by flooding Google with all our Kristin destroying articles! You see we must destroy her name and career. Because she is creepy. Don’t care if ex NXIVM women back Kristin’s innocence and have good things to say about her. Don’t care she officially condemned NXIVM in a public tweet, when she could have played it safe and said nothing. You see her innocence to Mean girls does not matter. She could be this, she could have thought that…is all the proof Mean girls need to go on a quest to destroy Lovely Kristin Kreuk. And Mean girls won’t stop until revenge is reality. Meanwhile Kristin Kreuk continues living her life, loved and supported by her fans….oh well.

3 years ago

You, again.. Pathetic creature. You are an insufferable cunt. You are intoxicated with celebrity worship syndrome. Hurry up and perish from the Chinese Virus.

Heidi Hutchinson
Heidi Hutchinson
3 years ago

Last note: Guess which GBD character who, when in her mid-20’s, had lots of younger cousins in the Albany area Keith & Kristin Keeffe always wanted her to bring over for Vanguard teachings?

Gina Hutchinson

3 years ago

Hi Frank — Since GBD is obviously a topic you are very interested in and have been trying hard to implicate for more than 4 years, I’m curious how many GBD connected people, other than Kendra Voth, you have talked to or you have tracked down but who didn’t respond?

Did you ask Kendra if she remembered “G”/”Gertie”? Tabby has posted on here, have you talked to her? What did Sarah Edmondson, Mark Hildreth or even someone like Charmel Bowden tell you about GBD? What info have Unterreiner and Keefe given you about it? They were right there in Albany and sleeping with Raniere, surely they can shed some light on whether he was involved or secretly getting his jollies pretending to be a teenage girl. Thanks.

Heidi Hutchinson
Heidi Hutchinson
3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Kristin Keeffe was right there, alright — using my sister, Gina, her friend, Denise, and even a young man by the name “Ashley” as the inspiration for some of the fictional GBD characters. (In my informed opinion.)

The “Frenchie” (luckily not German) boy (luckily not dog) is for sure a phony, Raniere-inspired character.

I heartily agree — the whole GBD scheme down to the minutia reeks of Keith & Co. on a diddlers fishing expedition.

Very good observations, MK10. Please keep it up and thank you!

Scott Johnson
3 years ago

Raniere has moved up in the world. He went from TEN C (The Emperor has No Clothes) to a prison onesie.

Scott Johnson
3 years ago

The Prad Robert writing sounds exactly like Raniere’s usual word salad.

John Davis
John Davis
3 years ago

I think more and more, we realize Kristin Kreuk is a complete airhead and nincompoop.

Scott Johnson
3 years ago
Reply to  John Davis

Kristin Crook(ed) may also be a criminal.

Call me Old-Fashioned
Call me Old-Fashioned
3 years ago

Trying to figure out how Kendra got kicked in her G-spot. Was her baby a footling breech? I suppose she could be making light of a fairly serious pregnancy complication, but somehow I dont think so. I reckon thats the kind of joke that plays really well in a nxivm cult circle but deffo gets lost in translation on civvy street. My new bum-sniffing friend – for a dog? weird, unsexy, hyper-sexualisation of two things that leave most peoples libidos flat, No? Dogs and infants kicking in the womb?

3 years ago

Like, who or what does not ‘belong’ to their future? So Raniere. Define your terms, I would be shouting at him every two seconds, Define your f*cking terms you idiot Nancy-boy.

Bruno Balenciaga
Bruno Balenciaga
3 years ago

Donald Trump has recently called the coronovarius “Chinese virus.” Recall that SARS was called in the media “the Chinese epidemic” and at least brought a wake up call to China. Who won politically with the SARS fraud? Apart, obviously, from Anglosionism’s military strategy, distracting public opinion from the genocide and crimes against humanity perpetrated in Iraq, the multinationals and the United States won with a covert war against China (let us not forget, they are their important political and economic competitors). SARS caused an economic catastrophe in China and in Southeast Asia. SARS was considered by many to be a strategic weapon of war. The supposed epidemics (that cover other causes) demonstrate: that the media manipulate world public opinion by terrorizing it unjustifiably. That SARS affected and killed fewer people than the flu. That the diagnostic criteria are contradictory with the results of the clinical criteria. That there are important undercover economic and political motives and objectives for dissemination. That future epidemics will look like a new scientific fraud like anthrax. A fraud that will question the role of the most prestigious international health institutions such as the WHO and the CDC that promote them. A fraud that will demonstrate once again the incestuous relationship between power and the medical industry. But, in addition, SARS was perhaps something more serious. It remained to be shown that SARS was not a new experiment, a new artificially created unnatural virus, a new biological weapon as noted in the article “Bioterrorism and SARS” by Dr. Mae-Wan Ho. Whatever SARS, or coronavirus, you will agree with me that we have the right not to have other hypotheses censored. These should be known, discussed and remain open to our reasoning, which the mass media are dealing every day with trying to annul more effectively.

Sheriff Moonbeam
Sheriff Moonbeam
3 years ago

I agree that the Vanguard’s greasy fingerprints are all over this.

Question for MK10ART
Question for MK10ART
3 years ago

Your posts seem well researched and reasonably fair…thanks…so I ask you, based on all you know, do you think Kristin was aware of the possible nefarious consequences of GBD and that college survey…or do you think she was merely clueless, and maybe duped by Keith or Nancy?

3 years ago

“Mack and Kreuk claimed that they were looking for information on college students to build a website for them.” MK10ART

Later Allison Mack worked with Nicki Clyne to create a group that did indeed try to recruit college coeds to serve the Vanguard.

643. Raniere, along with Defendants Nancy Salzman, Allison Mack and Nicky Clyne,
created another group called “TEN C,” which was aimed at procuring young women from
college sororities for Raniere. The young women were promised opportunities to build character
through NXIVM curriculum and programs, and to develop a sisterhood or sorority of women in
their age group within NXIVM, mentored by Mack, Clyne, and Raniere. The Defendants also
offered these female students jobs working at a t-shirt company, which was owned by Raniere
and Clare Bronfman (an offer also made later to persuade at least one DOS recruit to move to
Albany in order to be closer to Raniere). Privately, with sexual partners, Raniere referred to
himself as “TEN C,” which stood for “The Emperor has No Clothes.” Ultimately, this effort to
procure young women for Raniere failed. Subsequently, Mack and Clyne created and ran DOS
with Raniere.”

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