Kristin Kreuk’s ‘Sexy 7’ Aimed Suspicious Questions at 12 Year Old Girls

Kristin Kreuk with Allison Mack. Kristin got out of Nxivm safely. Her recruit Allison Mack is headed to prison.

Back in 2018, I published a story written by MK10ART about TV actress and Nxivm coach, Kristin Kreuk, and her “Girls By Design” [GBD], an online club for teen and preteen girls.

The article reviewed Kreuk’s infamous “Sexy 7” questions, which were seven questions directed to 12-15-year-old girls, who were also encouraged to send videos of themselves and identify themselves.

Kreuk was asking these questions at the same time she was a member of the Nxivm cult, whose leader, Keith Alan Raniere, was found to be a pedophile who raped numerous 12-15-year-old girls.

Of course, it could be pure coincidence.

One of our noted commenters, Bangkok, had this to say,

“If GBD was aimed towards 12-13-year-old girls who were complete strangers (people found on the Internet), then what were the possible motivations in targeting such young girls? … It’s not as if there are tons of logical reasons to target young girls off the Internet like that, especially using such highly personal questions…

“Keith was big on not wasting time on tasks which didn’t help NXIVM in some way…

“Also, was the ‘video submission’ idea [the teen and preteen girls were encouraged to film themselves and send them to Kreuk] designed to let Keith check out what the girls physically looked like?….

“While the creators of GBD claim that Keith had nothing to do with it …  it must also be acknowledged that the creators of GBD [Krisitn Kreuk, Allison Mack and Kendra Voth] viewed Keith as their ‘Vanguard’ and leader. They worshiped him. How can we forget this fact?…

“It seems odd that GBD would in essence ‘audition’ gals by asking such personal questions to strangers. A more legit organization would welcome everybody and wouldn’t resort to ‘qualifying’ members with highly personal questions upfront, especially before even meeting them in person (especially such young gals).”


Kristin Kreuk’s assistant in GBD, Kendra Voth, in the well known tongue-sticking-out pose of Nxivm DOS women. I have come to believe this is their inside joke about oral sex. She was a follower of the pedophile Keith Raniere, who was her Vanguard.


Kristin Kreuk led Girls By Design.

Bangkok makes a lot of good points.

Let’s face it, while Kreuk was a member of NXIVM, she launched an extremely curious website called Girls By Design [GBD] targeting teens and pre-teen girls for inclusion in her group.

Kristin Kreuk to Launch Website for Teen Girls | HuffPost

Original FAQ for Girls By Design – authored by Kristin Kruek …

Girls by Design – Home | Facebook

Girls by Design | This is a blog.

Allison Mack was also involved to a lesser degree.

In 2009, Kreuk came out with a survey that seems age-inappropriate – her “7 Sexiest Questions” – geared for 12 to 15-year-old girls.

The artist MK10ART has a point of view on the topic. Her article is illustrated with her exquisite artwork.

First, let us present the 7 sexiest questions Kreuk was asking little girls to respond to. Keep in mind that the girls that this survey is intended for were under the age of consent to have sex. Yet they were asked to answer the 7 sexiest questions:

“GBD wants to know your answers to the 7 sexiest questions…tee hee!

  1. How do you think people perceive you and how is it different from the way you perceive yourself?
  2. Which of your irrational fears is the silliest?
  3. What is the most time-consuming activity you participate in?
  4. What is the greatest lesson you have learned from a child?
  5. If you could wave a magic wand and ask for whatever you wanted, what would you ask for?
  6. What is the most beautiful moment you have ever experienced?
  7. What are you most grateful for?

“Send in your answers via video, audio, or text to:  Don’t forget to write “SEXY 7″ in the subject line.”


All art in this post is by MK10ART


When Kristin Kreuk’s Girls By Design (GBD) asked mainly 12-13-year-old girls on their website to answer “the 7 sexiest questions…. Tee hee”, most people probably didn’t bat an eyelash. They were just harmless and fun questions for girls, right?  Wrong!  In this article, I am going to describe how some (if not all) of these questions elicit information that could be used to manipulate these girls.

Question #1: How do you think people perceive you and how is it different from the way you perceive yourself?

The first question asks the girls how they see themselves versus how others see them.  This refers to what psychologists call “metaperceptions”—the ideas we have about others’ ideas about us.

“People rely on others’ impressions to nurture their views about themselves, says William Swann, professor of psychology at the University of Texas, Austin. “… If you are socially anxious (otherwise known as shy), you likely fret that you don’t come off well.”

It would certainly come in handy to know how a girl sees herself if you are planning to manipulate her, doesn’t it?  Who are the easy targets?

Question #2: Which of your irrational fears is the silliest?

Someone recently said to me “Don’t let anyone know your fears or they can manipulate the Hell out of you”. I immediately thought of “sexy” question number two. There have been numerous studies done by psychologists that clearly demonstrate that fear-based manipulation is the most powerful (and some say most evil) way to manipulate a person.

In the Journal of Experimental Social Psychologythey repeatedly showed that the “fear-then-relief” technique works wonderfully to manipulate people. You simply stun them with their worse irrational fears, then ask them to do something while they are still reeling from the anxiety and they will do it.

Is Kristin Kreuk the Miss Ghislaine of Nxivm?

Scaring The Hell Out of You: The Fear-Then-Relief Procedure

What it is: Arguably the most evil manipulative technique is what psychologists call the “fear-then-relief technique.” The technique preys on a person’s emotions. Here, the manipulator causes someone a great deal of stress or anxiety and then abruptly relieves that stress. After this sudden mood swing, the person is disarmed, less likely to make mindful or rational decisions, and more likely to respond positively to various requests.

Examples: The book The Science of Social Influence details a few experiments that showed this in action. In one, shoppers in a mall were scared by a stranger touching their shoulder from behind. When they turned around, the shoppers found that their assailant was a (supposed) blind man who just wanted to ask the time. After that deflection and relief, someone else – the fake blind man’s confederate – asked the targets if they would buy and sign postcards for a political charitable cause. Those who had met the blind man and experienced the fear-then-relief rollercoaster were more likely to do so than the control group which wasn’t manipulated.

Question #3: What is the most time-consuming activity you participate in?

Seems pretty harmless right? Wrong again. “In terms of our happiness, time is really the fundamental currency,” Dunn says. “What really matters for your day-to-day moods is what it is you’re doing with your time.”  So, whatever is the most time-consuming (a negative connotation) is going to probably be something you dislike or dread. I wonder how a manipulative person could use that information.


Question #5 is the same idea reversed: If you could wave a magic wand and ask for whatever you wanted, what would you ask for?

Do you want to be a ballerina like Kathy?  Then guess what? Raniere has a program for that!

The last two are more of the same idea – find out what the girls really enjoy and what they hold most valuable and then use that as collateral.

  1. What is the most beautiful moment you have ever experienced?
  2. What are you most grateful for?


The bottom line is that Kristin Kreuk was just as evil as child molester Raniere. She may not have touched the girls physically but mentally it was rape. Kreuk had special access to these girls as a star of a hit TV show for children. They looked up to her – idolized her.  How did Kreuk show gratitude to her young fans?  By using them and abusing them. The GBD website exposed them to inappropriate articles while milking them for personal information to manipulate them with. All of the articles and personal details ended up at the same destination – NXIVM.

Allison Mack and Kristin Kreuk promoted Nxivm together.


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  • Can nobody else see that the GBD website offers no useful or helpful information to those preteens, only demands information from them? It’s essentially a giant survey. It’s essentially NXIVM! How many times have we heard KR ask people what their fears are? He asks because he uses the information to manipulate both adults and children. He’s asking what terrifies them, what makes them feel good. Let’s not forget the ages of the girls GBD is marketed towards – and they’re referring to them as ladies! Asking ‘SEXY’ questions, and frankly, I don’t know many preteens who would understand half these questions. Probably why it failed – thankfully. This website had nothing to do with kids and everything to do with KR.

    Isn’t asking for videos and private information what he did with DOS? Send videos, photos, your private thoughts: i.e., collateral??? How easy would it have been for him to blackmail these poor girls into doing what he wanted? Far easier than blackmailing adult women – and he found that easy.

    Why isn’t anyone looking at this part of it closer? Are these girls ok? What happened with the videos and pictures they did send. What was the endgame for them?

    KK might not have recruited girls directly through GBD, as far as we know, but she recruited adult women – unknowingly – into this. How is it so far fetched that this is what KR wanted her to do with GBD? It’s not.

    It’s pretty clear if you have your thinking caps on.

  • Guilty…Guilty…Guilty!!! Yeah, she is not that smart to fall for NXIVM! Yeah, she is so smart she ran NXIVM!!! Look at these questions they prove she is a master of mind control! Yeah, she wanted to enslave these kids, just ignore all the ex NXIVM women who call her innocent!!!

    She is so guilty and dumb she mind-controlled all the NXVIM folks to sue everyone but her!! Ignore that she is not involved in this case,
    Ignore she was never even charged with walking over the American flag!!! Ignore she denounced NXIVM, it was not enough!

    The folks who confessed to crimes are more innocent!!! It was more KK mind control. Now, let’s draw more mean pictures and repeat lies
    to calm our twisted souls! Mean Girl revenge!!! Of course, Kristin continues to live her life in peace…and innocence. Why oh Why?

    Sniff. Lol Tsk…Tsk. Losing their minds…Mean Girls, so sad.

    • Didn’t know patients had access to the internet in hospitals for the mentally deranged. What have you been diagnosed with exactly? Could be psychosis or hard autism.

  • She’ll never willingly say another word about NXIVM, and the chances of her facing any consequences due to her involvement are slim to none.

    That’s the reality of it.

  • MK10ART, excellent and insightful analysis.

    The sort of cunning manipulativeness that you expose certainly points to Raniere as a likely source – though I’d question whether he provided them directly to GBD, or they came through something like a pattern that coaches were taught to use and then adapted for the use we see in GBD.

    I also wonder whether Kreuk, as an entertainment industry figure and, to me, one rather vacuous and lacking in insight, might have just thought the questions nothing out of the ordinary in the context of a sexualized culture. I’d want to know, for instance, what current norms are for what gets published in media aimed at teens.

    Here’s an example I found, of something that, had it been used by GBD, might well be pegged as obviously revealing the hand of Raniere and his agenda of sexual conquest – and yet its source is actually what might be characterized as mainstream media for teens (I find the analysis generally over the top and alarmist, but they have some valid basis for critiquing media gone too far):

    Here’s Some Of The Most Explicit Material Teen Vogue Published In 2019
    ‘“Get very familiar with yourself,” the Teen Vogue writer encourages. “Pose in the mirror, caress your silhouette, know your naked angles…There’s virtually no risk involved in taking photos like these (though if you’re worried, there are always ways to double-password protect, or hide them in a remote folder on your phone). For now, these photos can be just for you.”’

    • Kreuk, as an entertainment industry figure and, to me, one rather vacuous and lacking in insight

      you base this on what exactly?

      • Her being involved with NXIVM for as long as she was, and then stringing out her involvement even after formally resigning and getting taken off the coaches list around 2012-13.

        Her unwillingness to come forward and even support her friend Sarah Edmondson, followed by what gets characterized here as her “virtual signaling” – I think I’m being generous in pegging her as

        The goofy, amateurish promotional videos she did for GBD.

        Her lack of educational attainment – quite a few actors have managed to go to college, often demanding and prestigious ones.

        Her lack of involvement in anything outside of acting – again, many of the smart and ambitious actors are involved in things from significant charitable or non-profit work, to serious business endeavors.

        Her failure to even really be serious about acting, which for most professionals means doing work on stage in front of live audiences to hone their craft.

        Do you have some basis for disagreeing? I’ll admit my impression is based on limited information mostly in the context of NXIVM, but in my experience the above points have been pretty telling about celebrities in other cults I’ve followed and studied (principally Scientology).

        • I don’t think she’s vacuous or unintelligent. In fact, she seems to be a bookworm and her writing ability is pretty good and not wanting. I think she’s emotionally withdrawn, very private, and introverted. I think she’s also a little bit neurotic when it comes to things that bring out the fear in her, whether they are internal or external. This would explain her initial drive to join NXIVM and the reluctance to leave for as long as she did, and also maybe her propensity to not do as much or take things less seriously. You would think a successful beautiful woman in her privileged position who is a multimillionaire would be married, settled down, and have at least two children by now at the age of thirty-seven, but she doesn’t. That points to a lack of maturity in wanting to take responsibility for someone other than herself. Of course, this pseudo-analysis is irrelevant if she never wanted to get married and have children in the first place.

          • Thanks for taking time for a thoughtful response. You make a point that perhaps her shyness or reticence could make her hard to judge.

            In my experience, a lot of not-so-bright people love books, so I don’t think that necessarily proves anything by itself. I think Mack also posed herself as something of a bookworm, for what it’s worth.

            Can you provide a link to illustrative examples of her writing? And is there an interview with her that you think is telling? I don’t want to spend a lot of time doing background on her, but I’m willing to spend just a bit of time looking at a couple of things that are illustrative in order to try to better judge her.

          • I do not. I would have to do a search on the Internet myself. I don’t think Allison was a bookworm at all, as much as Kristin at least. I think Allison could write well, as some of the content on her website showed, even when it was intermixed with a lot of insipid NXIVM references. Remember, even though these people were in NXIVM, and you might initially think that they must have something missing “up there” in order to join such a cult, it isn’t a lack of intelligence that gets them to take a course and stay. It’s something more emotional, something rooted in their unconscious, that can be exploited and be used to keep them leashed. That’s why to break the cycle and break them away you typically can’t initially reason with them, but first have to overcome that subjective emotional binding before you can. It’s one of the reasons why cults try so hard to separate you from your family and old friends who don’t see the cult way. The cult wants to become you’re emotional support or dependency.

          • You sound down in the dumps, SultanSpank. It’s as if you thought you were going to have some half brown beetle larvae with Kristin Crooked after going through a halal wedding where she wore a niqab to your liking. Have you diversified your spank material yet, or is it still the tiny boobies of Kristin Crooked?

          • You sound unhealthily obsessed with someone you’ve never seen or met.

            Like I took something you never had, nor could ever get, away from you, and now your only recourse is to pathetically and impotently whine and bitch about it like the little coward you are, in the only way that you can, with vacuous and bigoted insults through the only website that would allow your worthless shit to be posted.

            That is what you think is your (pathetic) power. The sad thing is you actually think it affects me in the slightest when it’s you who have a serious emotional problem. I find irascible narcissists like you intriguingly disturbing. I don’t believe I’ve ever witnessed a troll like you online, who puts up wall of delusion and cries so much from behind it, and I’ve virtually dealt with a lot of people.

          • “You sound unhealthily obsessed with someone you’ve never seen or met”

            That’s what your comment says about you. Oh, and that you are full of sh*t.

          • Awwww, did that cut like a knife? You have been pissing people off online for God only knows how long. It’s all you Spanky. Your obsession could be Grace Park or Sarah Edmondson, your cucked behavior would still generate the same responses to you. Also, which ‘troll’ do you speak of?

          • –You have been pissing people off online for God only knows how long.

            Aw. The narcissist is still deluded and speaking like he has some delegatory power on behalf of others that doesn’t exist in reality.

            Poor baby got his ass handed to him and his feelings hurt in some online forum, or had something he feels was taken away from him that he never really had nor could ever get in the first place, and now he’s anonymously seeking his lame “retribution” here by revealing his real character through insipid bigoted insults. He couldn’t handle it and couldn’t react in the way elsewhere that he can here because he’d get his ass banned and so now he’s left with the comment section of the only blog in town in which he can stalk me and/or continue to call me out, and cry and feel better about himself.

            It’s hilariously ironic that the crying coward hiding behind anonymity has the audacity to call someone else a cuck.

          • Go Spanky! More more more! You have it all worked out! We have seen links to your posts elsewhere and the responses you got. Even John Tighe, who you actually met, got pissed off by you. It has been estimated you have jizzed out at least 3.70 pounds of jizz to a NXIVM cultist!

  • All I know is my wife sticks her tongue out at me all the time and it has absolutely nothing to do with oral sex. HAHAHAHAHA

    • I notice that even Nancy Salzman has her tongue sticking out oddly from between her teeth in at least one photograph. I think there’s reasons to suspect that in the case of NXIVM, it may well have some coded meaning.

  • Greetings this fine day.

    I’d like to issue a CHALLENGE to any of Kristin Kreuk’s supporters or supporters of Girls by Design…

    Since GBD’s founders all viewed Keith as their Vanguard…

    1) Can we agree that as a follower of Vanguard, none of GBD’s leaders would ever CONTRADICT Vanguard’s general teachings?

    2) Can we agree that Vanguard’s view of ALL women (including 12 year olds) is that women are subservient to men and are prone to playing the ‘victim card’ to get what they want?

    3) Can we agree that since Kreuk was a TEACHER and RECRUITER for NXIVM, she likely taught Keith’s own ‘philosophies’ to students attending NXIVM/JNESS intensives or classes? If not, then WHO’S philosophy was she teaching while at NXIVM?

    4) Can we agree that while teaching young women at GBD events, Kreuk would not likely have DEFIED any of Keith’s philosophies? If you disagree, then why did she continue to remain with NXIVM at that time? …Especially if she viewed Keith’s general teachings about women as degrading?

    5) Therefore, can we agree that even though we don’t know for sure everything GBD was designed to do —– it was LIKELY to have taught Keith’s general philosophies to young girls? If you disagree, explain why GBD’s leaders would contradict Vanguard’s teachings inside GBD —- while still being LOYAL to Keith’s philosophies outside of GBD? That doesn’t seem logical.

    6) Knowing all this, can we agree that GBD’s idea to focus on 12-13 year old girls was LIKELY done not to ’empower’ these youngsters in any way, but to make them obedient to NXIVM/JNESS/Keith’s general philosophies about women?

    Hint: If you honestly think that Keith’s views on ‘gender’ had nothing to do with GBD, then why did GBD choose to focus on girls only? Why not focus on all 12-13 year olds, including boys?

    7) Therefore, can we agree that whatever GBD was setup for, it could not have been a ‘healthy’ and ‘normal’ communication system for speaking with very young women?

    8) Would you allow your own young daughters to be taught by GBD without you being present? …If so, please explain.

    Have a nice day.

    • You were on a good roll, until you dropped this turd: GBD was for girls only because it was, at least publicly (just like DOS), being run by women to mentor girls. They were trying, at least publicly, to raise the self esteem of girls, because of society’s obvious bias (cough-cough) against females. Plus it was called GIRLS By Design, so why would boys be invited to join?

    • Nice day to you, too, Banger. You can actually be interesting when you reduce your asshole-ness to just smart-ass. In your Sexy 8 questions, you made good points and used logic, something often missing on FR comments.

      On the negative side for GBD: It was a spin-off of NXIVM run by Nxians so guilt by association is fair. The Sexy 7 contest is questionable, more for its title than questions. If it was Silly Seven Survey, tee hee, it wouldn’t raise an eyebrow. Maybe worse was the post about the NoLa madam. Why expose girls to this?

      On the positive side: It was a website (no intensives) for girls to express themselves and interact online with girls about girl things. Lectures weren’t a common feature except maybe at their rare group outings. GBD didn’t need to “contradict” Vanguard’s teaching, because “sex is just like tennis” and “sex with underage girls” and those type of Nx subjects were surely never brought up, pro or con.

      Negative: Girls probably would bond with Kristin and the others and want to be like them, but following in the path of these mentors might lead them to NXIVM.

      Positive: Because trafficking girls for sex (attempted or successful) is such a horrible crime that the Feds surely looked into GBD, yet (so far) nothing has been charged or rumored in the courts.

      Have a nice evening,

  • Spot on MK. The questions elicit criteria and values. Once the manipulator has this information, they know what strings to pull playing on your emotions. Give them what they want the most, then take it away and make their fears a reality, then repeat the process. The fear relief technique is fractionation, which deepens the trance state and increases compliance because the subject will now do anything they can to prevent this from happening again, which it does over and over and the subject just goes deeper and deeper into trance. This is hypnosis, evil hypnosis and yes negative hypnosis is the most powerful.

    In person this type of question “what do you fear most” would be asked repeatedly until the subject has an emotional response. When they do have an emotional response that is the answer they are looking for and will be used against you.

  • “The bottom line is that Kristin Kreuk was just as evil as child molester Raniere. She may not have touched the girls physically but mentally it was rape.”

    Really? Did any of the girls who participated in GBD file molestation, rape, or any criminal claims against its founders with the authorities?

    These questions are harmless. Similar questions and themes are found in a number of self-help material and books, much of which Raniere stole “his” material from. That they’re being twisted into meaning something malicious in light of events that happened many years after the fact is not only the historian’s fallacy, it is circumstantial, a silly appeal to emotion, continued guilt by association, and an outright ad hominem, as it is an attack on the motivations and intentions of the founders without providing the slightest bit of evidence of collusion on their part. It’s malicious and manipulative in itself and is something someone like Raniere would do.

    • Very good points

      I also have to say, I thought that MK10ART’s argument that the 2nd question in particular smacks of the sort of manipulation Raniere was known for, deserves serious consideration. But a google search for “Which of your irrational fears is the silliest?” also shows that exact same question, and variations, widely discussed outside the context of NXIVM, including this:

      “What’s the silliest or most irrational fear you’ve ever had?”

      That’s from a 1996 Christian book about young adult ministry, Inside the Soul of a New Generation: Insights and Strategies for Reaching Busters [Gen Xers] (Tim Celek, Dieter Zander, Patrick Kampert), so it shows the pitfalls of assuming devious motives behind something, and indicates the possibility that those running GBD might even have gotten the questions from some other source.

      I also think the “sexy” angle might just be unfortunately reflective of overly-sexualized attitudes in the entertainment and fashion industry that Kreuk and others involved, who’d probably been acting and modeling since they were kids, adopted without thinking. I’ve always thought that Victoria’s Secret “Pink” brand – in my day, that was a sort of sex codeword – is the disgusting epitome of that, particularly in terms of some of the slogans they use on clothing, that turn out to even be printed on intimate garments:

      Sexualization: Victoria’s Secret going too far?
      ‘Recently Victoria’s Secret has been catching some heat regarding their newest line of clothes. Clothes that parents are saying are not aimed at their usual audience, but younger, to teenage girls. With skimpy bathing suits and underwear that contains sayings such as “call me” and “feeling lucky”, parents are outraged.’

      • Being “sexy” in teenage terms does not correspond, nor it is equivalent to, being sexual. Often times “sexy” is just a metonym for “cool” or “hip”, especially in teenage girl context.

        • I’d agree with that, as well – it’s not necessarily as bad as it might seem, understood in context.

          Would you agree that teens are nonetheless exposed to overly sexualized advertising and media, that is at least somewhat inappropriate?

          p.s. I should have added to my initial comment, I’m also not surprised to find that Victoria’s Secret top dog at least rubbed elbows with actual pedophiles like Epstein – and there’s probably some reason to suspect that he just managed to get away unscathed. Here’s a bit more about his youth-targeted product line:

          Victoria’s Secret ‘Bright Young Things’ Slogan Has Parents Upset
          ‘PINK has and continues to target teens, whose preferences tend to rub off on tweens. It also doesn’t change the fact that PINK’s offerings for spring 2013 include underwear with the word “Wild” across the butt and a beach towel with the phrase “Kiss Me.”‘

          • “Would you agree that teens are nonetheless exposed to overly sexualized advertising and media, that is at least somewhat inappropriate?”

            Not just teens, but children as well. For example, a lot of current children shows and movies now seem to be promoting, or at least normalizing the acceptance of homosexual relationships or transgenderism, as if those topics are necessary for children to even be concerned with at their ages. Then there is the problem of relatively easy access to all kinds of online porn. When I was young, horny teen, you had to search to find a parent’s Playboy or somehow find out they had a stash of hidden porn videos, or sneak a magazine off the top shelf in a book store and get a peek and be titillated. Or you just had to content yourself with underwear models in store paper or magazine ads.

    • “These questions are harmless. ”

      Study how Groomers work to prepare children for sex.
      It is not a sudden process.
      It is a slow process.
      A slow process like Allison Mack befriending the eight year old girl.
      Transcript of interview with neighbor who claims Allison Mack molested 8 year old girl

      And all adults, particularly women, have a duty to protect children from predators.
      And the women of NXIVM failed in their duties in that department.

      • You hold on to any corner, right, shadow.

        The story of the 8-year-old neighbor of Allison Mack has never been credited, oh perhaps you have done more research on this and discovered more information, if so, please enlighten us, but if you have nothing more to repeat what same time and again and publish the link to that Frank Report article, then it’s just you trying to sell your crazy obsession of EVIL ALLISON to everyone else in this blog, and here is something you don’t take into account about your own words.
        It is not a sudden process.
        It is a slow process.

        Lol, you literally describe the process of every cult victim including Allison.

    • Anonymous,

      You always give yourself away my friend with your excellent vocabulary and fairly good writing style. Your writing is the reason people believe you and AnonyMaker are the same person. Sadly, you’re both way more intelligent than they are. LOL

      “They must be the same person they’re too damn smart. He is always pointing out the contradictions, hypocrisies, and inconsistencies of my beliefs.”
      – Anonymous Troll

      You do love the word “ad hominem”. It’s one of those unique words where there’s no pedestrian version for regular folks.

      I hope you have a great weekend!

      I’m back to being a nice guy 😉

  • I love the watercolor portrait of KR immediately above the KK on a leash picture. It really captures his ghoulishness.

  • This is a very interesting read, and here’s why:

    If you study the trial transcripts posted here, you see the end result of the vulnerabilities and brainwashing by KAR and his, for just one example, locking someone in a room to learn “true happiness”, needing to advance, starvation, obedience, grooming etc.

    That’s the end result of the journey. DOS

    If you read these questions, they read as the concepts that lead to the beginning of the brainwashing.

    The beginning of the journey, seeking vulnerabilities to unlock and pray on.

    The questions here are the front of the train, and the derangement we learned in the trial transcripts is the caboose.

    The middle cars are KAR lessons to fuck people in the head and turn them into people that locked others in rooms for two years and deny them medical care.

  • Interesting how you all blame all the NXIVM women for being so stupid, yet these seven questions that manipulated the girls were the same techniques used to manipulate the women. LOL

    • Bingo. A new wave of youngsters was being prepared.

      But I don’t think kk and the others KNEW it–afterall, they themselves fell for it.

    • “Interesting how you all blame all the NXIVM women for being so stupid, yet these seven questions that manipulated the girls were the same techniques used to manipulate the women. ” Scott Johnson

      Do you understand that women are adults who should be able to think for themselves as opposed to underage girls who are less experienced and sophisticated?

      Are women supposed to have babysitters to protect them all of their lives?

      • Do you understand it’s a slow boil, there is a weeding out process for those who catch on, and the studies mentioned above relate to grown-a$$ adults?

        Are you this f*cking CLUELESS? Don’t bother answering, I know it will be off-topic. LOL

        • I refer you to Bombard’s Body language and Mandy O’Brien who has this to say about Allison Pimp Mack.
          Pimp Mack is “emotionally immature” and “mentally stunted.”
          And because of Pimp Mack’s emotional immaturity and mental deficiencies over one hundred women were tortured and blackmailed into sex trafficking.
          Watch the embedded video to understand the damage that a juvenile and mentally stunted Allison Mack inflicted upon women.

          Body Language – Allison Mack Cult Recruitment
          April 25, 2018

        • Shadow,

          Scott’s right about the weeding out process. There are many women who walked through the front doors of NXIVM and promptly left. Those who stayed were slow boiled.

          The first step in the NXIVM weeding(filtering) process, was entry into NXIVM courses. Individuals could only gain entry into NXIVM courses by invitation from a current member.

    • GDB Sexy “6”,

      The point of the article was to explain the reasons for the questions.

      The responses from the “participants” are immaterial. The girls’ responses being innocent and harmless, does not negate the twisted and sick motivations behind the questions. The questionnaire was a veiled attempt at procuring victims for Keith Raniere end-of-story.

      I don’t understand how the innocent responses to the questions negates the intent of the questions.

      Why are you bothering to defend the indefensible?

      A failed criminal endeavor is still criminal.

      The questions were fruitful; the questions made contact with young women, which was Keith Raniere’s primary goal.

      GDB, what is your point?

  • Many months ago, in one of the many many past posts about this, someone posted GBD’s list of winning entries, with links to all the full entries from the girls. No entries were sexy. Or about sex. Presumably the girls did not react the way the psycho-babble predicted.
    Perhaps in an effort to be honest, that info should be reposted.

      • These were girls. Sexy to them meant “cool,” not the adult understanding of f*cking Raniere or another guy, especially since the questions themselves didn’t involve sex in any way, they were just the beginning of the slow boil.

    • I don’t think the creators of the Sexy 7 questions were expecting hard-core porn copy for answers. The purpose of these questions were to identify vulnerable, malleable types for deeper inclusion into the Nxium miasma. The very word ‘Sexy’ will no doubt seem important and exciting to a twelve year old – not yet a reality, but a burgeoning fantasy. ‘How very sophisticated to have such important, adult-world type attention focussed on ME’ – Is the clear m/o and marketing strategy.

  • Raniere would lecture his female followers that sex between twelve year old children and adults was appropriate.

    And when it was finally revealed that Raniere was actually having sex with children his followers were shocked.

    The crime of stupidity is about as bad as the actual pedophilia itself.

    • Some perhaps, but this NXIVM dummy, along with many others, stayed in after the pedophile expose in 2012. Up until at least 2016. And she lied about it and got caught out. Naughty.

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