More MK10Art From Sara Bronfman to Ben Myers to Kristin Kreuk

MK10ART's painting of Dr. Brandon ;Mengele' Porter joyfully conducting a human fright experiment.

MK10ART has produced more splendid artwork on the theme of Nxivm and its various characters.

See more of her artwork  

As we often do when presenting MK10ART’s work, Frank Report will publish the art, followed by MK10ART’s comments, which are often, but not always, taken from Frank Report stories.

This is followed by *** and then my comments.

Kristin Kreuk Compared to Ghislaine Maxwell?

New information about #kristinkreuk ‘s involvement with pedophile #keithraniere and her #Nxivm offshoot #girlsbydesign #gdb will be published soon on and it will be scandalous. Stay tuned…


While there is much more to learn, no doubt, about Kristin Kreuk’s role in Nxivm and especially Girls By Design, the source that promised me a bombshell turned out to be a hoax.

The source told me that Kreuk had molested her when she was 14 and also forced her to endure sex with Keith Raniere.

The source told a compelling tale, with lots of details including the names of some of the other women involved.

She told a touching bit about how Allison Mack sympathized with her and tried to help her.  The story fell apart, however, at one crucial part.

I asked her where Raniere molested her and the source said it was in Vancouver. That was a red flag for me. Raniere was not known to travel. I asked Susan Dones, Sarah Edmondson and Kristin Keeffe if any of them knew if Keith had ever gone to Vancouver. All three of them emphatically said no.

It seems the story is most likely a hoax.


Lauren and Keith Imprison Dani

#LaurenSalzman testified in court about her helping #Nxivm leader #KeithRaniere keep a girl named Daniella prisoner in a room.

Lauren: And honestly, I was very incredibly discompassionate with her and I was unkind often. At times, I punished her. You know, it was terrible.

Q How do you feel about participating in this now?

Lauren: I think it’s horrendous. I — of every — of all the things that I did in this case and the crimes that I committed, too, I think that this is the worst thing that I did. I — I don’t know what to say. I kept her in her room for two years, and I didn’t even go visit her most of the time. And I wasn’t that nice to her and it’s awful.

Q What happened to the letters that Daniella wrote to the defendant (Raniere) while she was in the room?

A Well, initially, me or her family members would photocopy them for her to keep a copy and then I would take a copy to Keith, but he asked me to hold them. So I held most of them. And he gave some to #NickiClyne after he was — or after he left — or when he left for Mexico. And then after he was arrested, I photocopied and made them available [to the prosecution.


Yes, Lauren was pretty cruel to Daniella and I am glad she admitted it in court.

However, I think that if Raniere was somehow released from prison and Lauren was freed of potential imprisonment and if it were offered to Lauren tomorrow that she could accept Raniere’s sperm for an avatar baby in return for imprisoning Daniella for 100 years, Lauren would do it.


Clare and Alex and Hapless Mexican Attorney

Mexican attorney Diego Ruiz Duran (right) was retained by Alex Betancourt, (center) and paid by Clare Bronfman (left), to threaten DOS slaves who wanted to escape. #keithraniere and #ClareBronfman (sister of #SaraBronfman ) had their flying monkeys send threatening letters to former #Nxivm members, telling them that they will be thrown in jail.

#ClareBronfman is now being sued by attorney Neil Glazer for vexatious litigation among other crimes.


Most likely Mexican attorney Diego Ruiz Duran did not know what he was getting into. He saw a good-paying client in Alex Betancourt and followed his lead sending out stupid threatening letters to Betancourt’s targets and collecting fees.

I think it is terribly interesting that Betancourt is not named in Neil Glazer’s civil lawsuit.

That must mean he is helping, possibly agreeing to act as a witness for the plaintiffs.

I love the expressions MK10ART captured on Betancourt, Bronfman and of course the hapless Ruiz Duran.


Basit and Sara on the run

Au revoir France. #Nxivm members #SaraBronfman and her husband #basitigtet fled France when the news broke they were running a children’s school-based on convicted felon #keithraniere teaching. (Keith is a pedophile) How long will they last in #portugal?


Speaking about loving the expressions on the faces of MK10ART’s subjects, no photo could capture the greedy perfidy of Basit and Sara better than does this sketch, in my opinion.

The couple has fled France and is reported to be in Portugal. Sources with information will be telling us more in the coming weeks of their Portugal adventure.


Nxivm Couple

#BenMyers (married to the daughter of Nxivm president #NancySalzman ) Gets Job With Chinese Communist Party-Backed Company Doing EEG Experiments on Children; Left Under Suspicious Circumstances


This sketch tells it all. From the little Keith Raniere pubic brand above the gruesome couple’s head to the little children with EEG machines attached to them as they study, and overlooking them is the Nxivm horror couple, Ben Myers and Michelle Salzman-Myers.

Once again, look at their faces and expression. MK10ART has really captured who they are. Forget the phony pretense of being interested in life coaching and humanity. And the over-toothy smiles seen in photographs.

These folks, the leaders of Nxivm, were in it for the spoils. And Ben Myer, during his stint with the Chinese Communist Party-backed BrainCo, was using all his years of Raniere-deception training to do harm for profit.


Tourette’s Cure?

#Nxivm leaders #NancySalzman and #KeithRaniere claimed to have cured Tourrettes Syndrome with their brain experiments. #ClareBronfman produced a short propaganda film about it shown at film festivals. See the clip on YouTube


I did speak to one woman who told me that Nancy did help cure her Tourette’s. Whether she just naturally got better or whether Nancy really helped her, I am in no position to say.


Human Fright with Dr. Brandon ‘Mengele’ Porter

#drbrandonporter performed illegal fright studies on uninformed #Nxivm members. He was working for the Ethical Science Foundation which was paid for by #ClareBronfman


A great painting capturing the pure joy Dr. Brandon “Mengele” Porter must have experienced watching women freak out when he showed them his videos. He told some of the women that he was going to show them something on a video related to Raniere’s teaching.

How right he was.


EEG Testing

“In 2016 and 2017, 25 Americans, including CIA agents, who worked in the U.S. Embassy in Cuba suffered serious brain injuries causing impaired vision and memory loss among other persistent problems.

Now we have learned that at least 15 American officials in China suffered unexplained brain trauma soon after. As we first reported in March, the FBI is now investigating whether these Americans were attacked by a mysterious weapon that leaves no trace.

Over many months, we have been collecting evidence of what appears to be a hostile foreign government’s plan to target Americans serving abroad and their families.”

Though #Nxivm Hacker #BenMyers Is Fired, Chinese Communist BrainCo Still Selling Suspect EEG Headbands for Children at Catholic Memorial School in Roxbury MA


One of the most chilling things that came out of the Ben Myers working for BrainCo story is not Ben Myers, but that the biggest slave state in the world, China, is controlling a company headquartered in Boston that is distributing EEG headbands to children in America – and the EEG data might be sold and might cause trauma to children based on faulty metrics.

If that is not cause for concern, I do not know what is. It is certainly a lot more troubling than what a rascal like Ben Myers might be doing at this job or another.


Queen of sadism

Abusive and Vexatious Litigation
In support of the #NXIVM criminal enterprise and in furtherance of its objectives, Defendants grossly misused legal systems in the United States, Canada, and Mexico to conceal their wrongdoing, silence critics of NXIVM, punish defectors, and terrorize current NXIVM members with the omnipresent threat of having to defend themselves against frivolous lawsuits and spurious criminal complaints if they left the program.

Clare Bronfman paid for the lawyers NXIVM hired to wage the enterprise’s reign of legal terror. She also drafted threatening letters that were supplied to NXIVM’s lawyers to transpose onto law firm letterhead and then sent to the targets of the enterprise’s wrath.

Defendants’ legal abuses included filing false criminal complaints with law enforcement authorities, bringing and maintaining baseless civil litigation, vexatious and sanctionable litigation tactics, perjury, manufacturing evidence, and witness tampering.

In about 2009, Defendant #ClareBronfman began directing the formulation, funding, and execution of the enterprise’s legal strategy, subject only to Defendant #KeithRaniere ’s ultimate approval.

With her limitless resources, almost anything Raniere wanted could be accomplished, and examples of their litigation abuses abound.

One tactic they employed was to intervene and interfere in the bankruptcy proceedings of members who had exhausted their life savings and become deeply indebted to NXIVM, either in pursuit of the Stripe Path or in unsuccessful attempts to open their own NXIVM centers, and who then filed for personal bankruptcy in order to discharge their debts.

In several cases, the Defendants asserted baseless fraudulent claims or objections to the debtors’ financial disclosures, seeking to deny the member a discharge. Defendants also employed abusive discovery tactics designed to prolong the proceedings and increase the expense …


There is not much more to add except to say that MK10ART really captured the smile of joy that sinister Clare Bronfman displayed whenever she knew she was going to sue and ruin someone.
All in all, this is another great collection of paintings and sketches of the historic group of human animals who all swarmed around one insane leader, Keith Alan Raniere – and so many of them continue to pay the price.

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Marie White


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  • The Kristin Kreuk molestation claim should be investigated. I wouldn’t dismiss it. There are many victims out there. Let see what proof the source has.

    I hope my post appears by the way.

    Kristin Kreuk practices BDSM.

  • Not fair!! She has not been charged or sued for anything !!! We must repeat all our posts of crimes and convictions!!! Ignore the fact she has been called innocent by ex NXIVM women!!! Who cares if there is no proof of crimes?! Mean Girl revenge !!! Lol, Kristin may be innocent, but we can’t live with facts. The charges are more important! Mean Girl revenge!! Lol

    Meanwhile, Kristin continues to be innocent….and goes to Smallville reunion conventions loved by her fans. Mean Girls…wahhh!!! LOL

    • Are you a real person, or a troll? You come across as very mentally unstable. Or are you the Paki/Beetle/Stalker/Spanker? Don’t operate heavy machinery with those meds.

  • I think you should revisit (re-report) one of your best articles about Kreuk and GBD:

    You made some very good ‘logical’ points about what the motivations behind GBD likely were.

    If GBD was aimed towards 12-13 year old girls who were complete strangers (people found on the Internet) then what were the possible motivations in targeting such young girls? What I mean is… It’s not as if there are tons of logical reasons to target young girls off the Internet like that, especially using such highly personal questions.

    Also… Since JNESS and NXIVM were not ‘philanthropic’ organizations (i.e. they charged tons of money for ‘helping’ people in counseling sessions) IMO it just doesn’t seem believable that people from JNESS/NXIVM would be devoting their time to creating GBD without some type of ‘end game’ which produced some type of tangible benefits for NXIVM.

    Keith was big on not wasting time on tasks which didn’t help NXIVM in some way.

    What I mean is… Did they see these girls as possible ‘future’ Nexians to pay thousands for NXIVM intensives when they got older? Did they think that brainwashing them early was the key?

    Also, was the ‘video submission’ idea designed to let Keith check out what the girls physically looked like? That seems like a physical ‘audition’ of sorts, at least in my opinion.

    While the creators of GBD claim that Keith had nothing to do with it (and we have no direct proof he was involved) —– it must also be acknowledged that the creators of GBD viewed Keith as their “Vanguard” and leader. They worshiped him. How can we forget this fact?

    Also… It seems odd that GBD would in essence ‘audition’ gals by asking such personal questions to strangers. A more legit organization would welcome everybody and wouldn’t resort to ‘qualifying’ members with highly personal questions up front, especially before even meeting them in person (especially such young gals).

    Anyway, Frank… Even if you don’t have any new info on GBD or Kreuk, you should keep re-reporting that article every once in a while by analyzing things in a slightly different manner each time —– if nothing else, it’ll create more pages for Google to index and thus give more exposure to serve as a warning to people. 🙂

    • “…thus give more exposure to serve as a warning to people.” (Bangkok)

      In brightest day, in blackest night,

      No evil shall escape my sight.

      Let those who worship evil’s might

      Beware my power–Bangkok’s might!

  • MK and your Sara Bronfman art inspired me, Marie. Based on Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s — Sonnets from the Portuguese No. 43 how do I love thee let me count the ways:

    Sonnets from the Portuguese no. 43.5 by Sara Bronfman Basit

    To her Vanguard aka Keith Alan Raniere

    “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
    I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
    My honey pot [stench] can reach, when fleeing [from the Gendarmes] out of sight
    For the ends of [NXIVM’s] Being and Ideal [Dis] Grace.
    I love thee to the level of [Green, 3 stripes, edge] everyday’s
    Most quiet [carnal] need, by sun and candlelight.
    I love thee freely [plus about $300 million U.S. in with Clare] as men strive [to regain their sanity] for [repossession of their] Right [mind] ;
    I love thee purely [like a Buddhist Monk], as they turn from Praise;
    I love thee with the passion put to use [much, much use in the services of thee]
    In my old griefs, and with my childhood’s faith [in Lucifer]
    I love thee with a love I seemed to lose
    With my lost [mind and baby fat] saints [and Monks and Terrorists],—I love thee with the breath,
    Smiles, tears, of all my life!—and, if God choose,
    I shall but love thee better after death.[4]”


      • Scott, I’m glad Heidi was inspired by MK’s art and the article written by Mr. Parlato with the help of Marie. It’s nice to see other women contributing to the FR.
        Heidi, you take care of yourself 😊

    • Heidi-
      I am producing a porn movie and I think you would be a great screenwriter.

      Your line “My honey pot [stench] can reach you across the room”, is a perfect line for my movie.

      The working titles for my movie are…
      The Low Tide Lady or Vaginosis Taco.

      I believe the later title will appeal to Mexicans.

  • I think the elaborate hoax about Kreuk is telling of a couple of things:

    * People are capable of fabricating narratives that can sound quite plausible, and will put surprising amounts of thought and effort into things that are baseless, imaginary or false, in order to try to fool others.

    * There are trolls here pathologically fixated with smearing Kreuk to the point of promoting falsehoods – and/or commenters with an agenda to do so to keep the focus on Kreuk and off of others, perhaps including the tactic of just generally trying to flood the site and erode its credibility

    Various real-world examples of hoaxes show that those who come to believe their own stories or theories about something, will even go so far as to fabricate support or evidence for them in order to try to convince others of what they think they “know” to be true, when facts can’t be found. That goes on with conspiracy theories, as well.

      • Only when they’re allowed to run amok. There is reason for allowing anonymity when dealing with a group like NXIVM, particularly early on when it wasn’t clear that they no longer had the resources to after enemies, but a bit of weeding out by a moderator can resolve most of the problems with that.

        I use a consistent, unique, moniker, and will gladly find a way to set up an account if necessary.

    • The Kreuk stuff is ridiculous, however, Kreuk’s character Lana Lang in the last season of Smallville was evil and infected with Kryptonite…………Does life imitate art?

      Is Sultan of Six a super villain? And what do we really know about ShadowState other than he likes German girls with thick ankles?

      • AnonyMaker

        On a serious note, Frank has explained the necessity for the Allison Mack and Kristen Kreuk articles.

        • The necessity of attracting more traffic to the site?

          As I’ve said before, I think there is excessive focus on Kreuk and Mack because of their celebrity, when other guilty parties are virtually escaping attention.

          Kreuk wasn’t even the only one involved in GBD, and maybe not even the primary one – it seems like she and Voth might have been about equal partners, and there were several others who participated as well, all of that important to understanding what really went on and yet not really even adequately addressed so far as I can tell.

          And there’s that list I’ve posted before in which about 8 people are more important or longer-term coaches and proctors than Kreuk – and that’s just the ones that have come to our attention because of some degree or notoriety, as the number of coaches in Vancouver may have run into the hundreds. I’d like to see some light shone on the Lim sisters, for instance, who reportedly are trying to scuttle away and avoid attention, and at least one of whom might even be a remaining loyalist.

          • “The necessity of attracting more traffic to the site?”…..Yes!

            I would like to hear more information about the other proctors/coaches as well.

            I’d like to know more about the Lim sisters.

    • Give it a frigging rest, halal head. You started posting here as AnonySpanker in 2019 only to defend Kristin Kreuk.

      Post some links to some pre 2017/DOS posts of yours on other websites about cults, seeing as you pretend you have an interest in cults. Your cuckyness reeks man.

      Have you taken Frank Parlato out for a halal lunch yet like you promised? 🐞 Don’t divert or change the subject with your quranic word salad bullshit either.

      • People are capable of fabricating narratives. Alright. Like your narrative of defending your dream girl. Also capable of creating many aliases to further your phony baloney agenda.

      • The one who constantly accuses others of doing something often reveals their own guilt in the said action. This is called projection and it has a psychological motivation that is commonplace among narcissists and sociopaths. There is no love lost between Frank and Sultan, so the fact that Frank has constantly supported the notion that AnonyMaker is not Sultan — which is a fact — while you keep trying to pretend otherwise just because AnonyMaker sometimes appears to defend Kristin Kreuk — although he as called her vapid a number of times implying she’s an airhead as well as called her out for virtue-signaling, things which Sultan has not done and has, in fact, defended against — shows that you have your own agenda, except it is on the other side of coin of trying to constantly bash her.

        • You are Spanky, so stop pretending you are not. AnonySpanker is one of your aliases. You sometimes post as AnonySpanker about non-Kreuk things to try and legitimize that alias for when you do. You started posting as AnonySpanker at some point in 2019 only to defend Kreuk. The first AnonySpanker comments were all about Kreuk and nothing else. You might have Frank fooled, but not everyone else.

      • Anonymous,

        What possible agenda could AnonyMaker possibly have other then disseminating fact and truth?

        Truth is fact. Fact is truth.

        AnonyMaker mostly sticks to empirical evidence.

        He rarely dwells too much on philosophical perspectives and only occasionally offers a pure emotional opinion.

        The guy doesn’t really have too many faults…..

        …. Sometimes he is just a little too logical.


        Like I always say, whenever I defend AnonyMaker, please let me know when you catch him passing fictitious facts or outright lies. Good luck because I’ve tried.

      • You can be proven to be as off-base as the nut case who sent in the fabricated Kreuk story – or are you one in the same?

        If you paid attention to anything other than the Kreuk topics that are apparently your obession, or even paid close attention to my responses in those, you’d be aware that I comment extensively on cult dynamics in general, buttressing my thorough personal and second-hand knowledge with extensive citations of the scholarly and expert literature on the subject; plus I have previously provided links to old comments on Scientology-critical sites Tony Ortega’s Underground Bunker, and Mike Rinder’s blog. In my Disqus profile I have over 8,000 comments, mostly on the former, but also on the cult critical Reasoned.Life site (see ) of “John P. Capitalist” who posts here sometimes, and also follows NXIVM, which is actually what brought me here originally:

        (the Joined Jan 13, 2017 date is a Disqus glitch, I’ve been on since not too long after The Underground Bunker started, and long before that was on the original alt.religion.scientology)

        Hundreds of my comments at Mike Rinder’s can be found through google:

        • The link you provided for a google search of your alias Peacemaker is all 2019/2020 posts. The Discus link says 2017. You claim it is a ‘glitch’, but… sure.

          “If you paid attention to anything other than the Kreuk topics that are apparently your obession”

          That is not how you spell ‘Obsession”. Your first posts on Frank Report were all about defending Kristin Kreuk and nothing else. All your Anonymaker/Peacemaker posts on a google search are very recent.


          “or even paid close attention to my responses in those, you’d be aware that I comment extensively on cult dynamics in general, buttressing my thorough personal and second-hand knowledge with extensive citations of the scholarly and expert literature on the subject”

          Almost like a character profile.

  • Glad that you vetted the hoaxer so thoroughly.

    Sounds like somebody related to SOS (Sultan of Spank) tried to ‘set you up’ to publish a false story about KK, in an attempt to ruin your credibility about her.

    If it wasn’t somebody related to SOS, then it was probably another Vancouverite who’s a big fan of hers —– and wishes to silence your reporting on KK. Sounds like they really wanted you to swallow that journalistic poison pill. LOL.

    Although, to be honest… I seriously doubt that Dones or Edmondson would ever confirm anything that may shed a bad light on any Vancouver NXIVM friends of theirs —– so I really hope that you didn’t tell them ‘why’ you were asking about Keith visiting Vancouver. IMO, they are not likely to be reliable sources for confirming any dirt on any NXIVM Vancourerites.

    However, Keeffe sounds like a reliable source with no loyalties towards Vancouverites —– so if she says it was a hoax then I’m sure it was a hoax.

    As an aside…

    Frank, can you confirm if your “stay tuned” comment (about possible scandalous info) was different from the hoax info?

    Is there any other info on KK coming out, or was that just a reference to the hoax material? Just curious. 🙂

    Either way, please keep digging and reporting on KK and other actresses.

  • Wait why is “Marie White” listed as the author. Frank are you coming out as “Marie White? I thought Marie White was a real lady. LOL

    • Marie created the page and laid out the MK10ART paintings on the page. She has administrator access to Frank Report. I wrote the comments for the story. I simply forgot to change the author from her name to my name. No I am not Marie.

  • MK10ART’s painting of Dr. Brandon Mengele Porter joyfully conducting a human fright experiment……

    … like a 21st Century artistic-reboot of the movie Clockwork Orange.

    It’s a painting that is beyond disturbing and captures the sadistic, perverse, and Kafkaesque nature of the experiments carried out by Dr. Porter on Keith Raniere’s orders.

    ….If the painting does not make you nauseous, there is something wrong with you.

      • Scotty,

        The painting doesn’t make you nauseous because you’re used to seeing women in anguish…

        …..Whenever they see you naked in the parking garage.

          • Scott,

            “Low efficient of coefficient”?

            …..You don’t remember the correct terminology for “the coefficient measure” I referenced previously. Meaning, you did not know what the word meant to begin with. I won’t rub it in your face.

            I hope you have a wonderful radio-show (podcast) this evening. Tell the host and other female sidekick, who sounds like a man [according to Bangkok]. I said hello.

            Have a great weekend!

  • “I asked Susan Dones, Sarah Edmondson and Kristin Keeffe if any of them knew if Keith had ever gone to Vancouver. All three of them emphatically said no.”

    Susan Dones and Kristin Keefe left NXIVM around 2009 and thus wouldn’t know beyond that point. Sarah Edmondson who is based in Vancouver wouldn’t know every movement pattern of Keith Raniere.

    Who is this woman? Can “Jane” verify her? Can she prove she was in Girls By Design? Is she in any of the published GBD pictures?

    • Keefe was in NXIVM until 2014. Sarah Edmondson wasn’t just based in Vancouver, she was the head of the center there. She would know if Raniere was visiting. Her Vanguard deigning to visit Vancouver would not go unnoticed.

      “Jane” used you. If you had exposed her back then, you probably wouldn’t have to waste time on hoaxes like this.

      Share the name, Frank. Expose the phony. Sounds like it could be a crazed, vengeful Allison Mack groupie and/or a hateful anti-Frankster hoping you would publish the story and then they would come out and announce how it was all bullshit and make fun of you and use it to show how nothing on your blog should be trusted because you’ll post anything and how easily fooled you are.

      • I agree the name should be posted, but Frank has always carefully vetted his stories and they were proven in a court of law. I don’t believe that Frank said the new source is Jane from previous stories.

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