Though Nxivm Hacker Ben Myers Is Fired, Chinese Communist BrainCo Still Selling Suspect EEG Headbands for Children at Catholic Memorial School in Roxbury MA

BrainCo employees sans Ben Meyers with photo above with woman wearing suspect EEG headband.

In a previous post, I wrote about Benjamin T. Myers’ employment with and termination by the Chinese Communist Party-controlled BrainCo.

BrainCo is an Artificial Intelligence company that distributes EEG headbands for, among others, children in school.

It comes with a portal for teachers [or others] to monitor the brain waves of their students [or others].

The headbands are supposed to show when its wearer is mindful or meditative so that teachers can adjust their methods to increase alertness in students.

This dangerous and long term untested experiments on children and their learning is not only going on in the slave nation of China but in the U.S. as well.

Chinese Communist owned BrainCo is located at 120 Beacon Street on the Somerville/Cambridge line, right outside of Harvard.

Catholic Memorial School in Roxbury, MA is reportedly using BrainCo headband devices for their students.

Experts who are familiar with BrainCo’s headband devices tell Frank Report that they have serious concerns about the EEG headbands, their long-term use, and the secretive goals of the Chinese Communist Party’s BrainCo’s monitoring of children’s brainwaves.

This all came to light when Myers, the former Nxivm sex-slaver cult’s main computer hacker, was fired by BrainCo.

I reported this in the post Ben Myers Gets Job With Chinese Communist Party-Backed Company Doing EEG Experiments on Children; Left Under Suspicious Circumstances

What resulted from the publication post was significant further contact from sources familiar with BrainCo and what they are doing with their EEG machines and to children.

Here is what I learned.
There are serious questions about the efficacy of the BrainCo EEG headband devices that children are wearing during school.
Because of the punitive nature of the Chinese Communist Party, Chinese scientists are afraid to speak publicly and must remain anonymous.
Their concerns center on the possibility that the EEG headbands instead of improving the “attention” of children subjected to them, will be instead traumatized over time and the result will be learning difficulties.
As one scientist told Frank Report, “Just like any technology machine, learning classifiers can be used negligently or maliciously if users are being coerced to use it for Chinese Communist Party-style social control.”
When Myers worked for BrainCo, one of his pitches to manufacturers was the concept of strapping the EEG headbands on assembly line workers and docking their pay when “attention” wanes, justifying it for “safety”.
“The problem is even if you’re solving math problems, your attention fluctuates,” said an expert in the field. “Grading people on their brainwaves’ readouts is like some Nxivm level psychopathy.”
Catholic Memorial School administrators may not be aware of BrainCo’s connection to the Chinese Communist Party or the fact that one of their project managers was a leader in the Nxivm sex cult.
Myers was implicated in the captivity and solitary confinement of a young Mexican woman for 700 days. The arrest of Nxivm leaders, including Myers’ mother-in-law, Nancy ‘Prefect’ Salzman, the president of Nxivm, led to the cult’s near decimation in the USA.
Only a handful remain in the USA, although the sex cult still has a strong presence in Mexico.
BrainCo employed Myers as a project manager.  He was terminated recently after BrainCo management became aware of the potential scandal connected with his employment there.
Reportedly, employees had to quit and actually refused being sent to children’s conferences with Myers.
Myers is closely linked to former medical doctor, Brandon “Mengele” Porter, who lost his medical license for running “EEG human fright” experiments on unsuspecting victims for Nxivm in order to find women suitable to serve as sex slaves for the Nxivm cult.
Brandon Porter, Nxivm’s resident physician and scientist, lost his medical license because of the EEG tests [human fright experiments] he conducted on women.
NXIVM has filed patents on how to discover victims susceptible to blackmail using EEG and machine learning classifiers.
BrainCo employees were reportedly subjected to EEG experiments reminiscent of Dr. Porter’s human fright EEG experiments.
Unlike other commercial EEG products, BrainCo’s hardware architecture facilitates data collection.  BrainCo’s management has stated that they are trying to collect data from millions of people.
Scientists question the need, however, to mass collect user EEG data if BrainCo’s goal is as stated — “attention training”.
“Classifiers can be trained on a smaller user set,” said one robotics engineer familiar with the BrainCo EEG headbands. “But in this fit-bit world of ours, users are not notified of how their data will be sold to third parties. Even if the buyers are Chinese Communist Party or Nxivm. My colleagues and I suspect that BrainCo is secretly trying to collect user data for psychographic purposes. BrainCo refuses to answer questions or deny this.”
Psychographics is a qualitative methodology used to describe traits of humans on psychological attributes. Psychographics has been applied to the study of personality, values, opinions, attitudes, interests, and lifestyles.
Reportedly Ben Myers and other BrainCo executives routinely engaged in workplace abuse and sexual harassment. This was repeatedly reported to management and ignored. Multiple female engineers and scientists quit after being subjected to this trauma.
A growing number of BrainCo and its affiliated Chinese Communist Pary controlled companies’ employees, reportedly, have serious questions about the efficacy of BrainCo classifiers and metric methodology.
“The company refuses to answer questions about whether its classifier is measuring ‘inverse of meditation’ instead of ‘attention’ metrics,” said one source familiar with BrainCo operations. “This is common knowledge among employees and I clandestinely tested and confirmed this myself.
“If we are correct, this could lead to cognitive and psychological injuries to the users. Being forced to max out a fake ‘attention’ measurement for good grades is bound to have an adverse effect on the students. Try learning while not thinking.”
These concerns lead us to question the efficacy of BrainCo’s proposed methods, much as we questioned the efficacy of Rainbow Cultural Garden, a children’s experiment conducted by Nxivm.
Our serious questioning led the media reports around the world – which in turn led to the governmental closure of Rainbow Cultural Garden children’s experiments in the US, Mexico, and France.
Even if BrainCo was transparent about what “attention” measurement it’s actually classifying, there is still a serious question as to whether coercing children into maximizing this “measurement” is actually helping them learn.
The danger is to the children.
Newfangled gadgets, such as the EEG headbands that BrainCo is distributing, might seem attractive to school officials who tend to blame children for “lacking attention”.
But, human brains do not work like the mechanistic factory school system pretends they do.
In the real world, attention metric waxes and wanes continuously. Forcing children to modify their brainwaves just to show-off “techiness” may do damage to a lot of children.
These EEG devices need to be well regulated, tested and transparent if the Chinese Communist Party-funded BrainCo is going to be strapping them on American children and making their futures dependent on what BrainCo’s classifiers report.
Even in draconian schools in slave state China, parents are refusing to allow these creepy meters on their children’s heads.
Catholic Memorial School administrators have been put in positions of power in order to protect the children under their care.
Exposing a bunch of wealthy children’s EEG data to the Chinese government or others may not be what parents had in mind in return for the tuition they paid for their children’s enrollment.
School administration might not care, and dismiss this outright, but it might be good to ask the parents if they are aware of the type of EEG headbands being used by their children.
BrainCo, Miltenyi Biotech and TechCode are three Chinese Communist Party funded companies located in the same building on Beacon Street. Multiple employees have been traveling back and forth to mainland China in December, January and February. Most employees are work visa indentured servants and cannot speak out.

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  • This reminds me of the 1999 fictional book by James Redfield, The Secret of Shambhala, in which any person could be located (by Chinese government officials) based on having a sample of their brain waves.

    So Zen Fryers came up with the idea of docking a worker’s pay if they became less attentive?

    Is that because those who are mindful or meditative might be more difficult to control?

    Using DOS as an example, someone controls how much or how little you eat, how much or how little you sleep, and now they could even be able to know if you’re “thinking” in a way that doesn’t benefit their agenda.

    It seems that so much of NXIVM was designed specifically towards tearing people down, physically, mentally, and emotionally. So yeah, it makes sense to me that one of Stinky’s hackers would be interested in this technology.

  • Wonder Woman
    To go after a Christian ✝️ School 🏫 is lowering yourself, to NOT have anything else to write about. Leave private Christian ✝️ schools 🏫 alone!!!! You have NO business in their territory!!!!!!

    • Hi Kimmy.

      Please stop disrespecting Frank Parlato.

      Besides, if you’re truly a good Christian (as you claim), then you should realize that forgiveness is required as the price of admission into heaven.

      This means you can’t hold ugly opinions of Keith, Nancy, Esther, Heidi Clifford and others who may have harmed Kristin. The bible says that it’s up to God to judge sinners, it’s not up to Christians to judge sinners.

      Let she who is without sin cast the first stone.

      To judge others for their sins violates the basic tenets of Christianity.

      Let us not forget, Paul (the Apostle) originally murdered Christians since he hated them. Yet, he was forgiven by the Lord and turned into a disciple. Paul committed far worse sins than Keith ever did, yet he was forgiven and praised as a disciple.

      Kim, If you can’t truly forgive Keith or Nancy, then you’re not a true Christian and you’re not following the Lord’s word.

      By judging other sinners, you’re basically taking it upon yourself to assume a duty reserved for God himself. Thus, you’re disrespecting everything the bible says.

      I pray that you’ll one day learn to be a better Christian and not just somebody pretending to be one.

      I am saved so I know the truth. I don’t think you are, as you’re full of hate, anger and bitterness which is unbecoming of a Christian.

  • I wonder if the reason the group BJ was delayed was because somebody forgot to bring the BrainCo headbands. Raniere wanted to ensure each slave was fully concentrating when blowing him.

  • There was just something missing in this saga — one little flavorful kernel to complete the surreal cycle on a global level but leave it to Uncle Ben — a Chinese conspiracy! — the ultimate underworld, mind control villain rears it’s head, at last.

    Scratch the mafia spin, AnonyMaker. Plus, this works better with all the Buddhist Monks. Didn’t Sara and also Allie have one, in Mongolia with Kreuk?

    • Heidi, this actually fits with a conspiracy theory I floated a while back that Shadow failed to pick up on, that NXIVM is now being run not out of Brooklyn – that’s just the sort of all-too-obvious diversion that dupes fall for, and that disinformation operators push (perhaps explaining Shadow’s real agenda here) to distract the sheeple – but Boston, in the orbit of MIT and Harvard with all their Epstein and MK Ultra connections. Typically, the CIA would have originally farmed out the project fronted by the Mafia – just as was done with the JFK assassination – in upstate New York, but has now brought the mind control experiments back in the orbit of home base after Raniere, Del Negro and their Pippino-Romano connected Clifton Park crew screwed it up so badly and brought unwanted attention just as some of the most devious elements (DOS) were about to come to fruition, with the production of sex slaves and real Manchurian Candidate assassins.

      I like your idea of working in a Chinese angle, but I’m not quite seeing it – except, perhaps, there were a suspicious number of Asians involved in NXIVM in Vancouver. I think they’d be trying to infiltrate and steal the “tech” on behalf of the Chicoms, not part of the conspiracy itself. It’s also possible, just as the US placed software on Iranian nuclear centrifuges intended to sabotage their operation, that BrainCo is an attempt to introduce boobytrapped, faulty brain monitoring technology into China and cripple their educational system.

      p.s. Besides the two major NXIVM properties I’ve identified that were sold to them by Romanos, I was doing a search on something completely different the other day and got a hit on a Romano in the area selling real estate, so there’s likely more to uncover. Coincidence or conspiracy?

      p.p.s. The other thing that would be obvious to look for, is RPI being a secret MK Ultra outpost, since that seems to be where Raniere got his start and began his harem of mind control subjects. Sure enough, a search for connections turns up that MK Ultra Harvard “victim” Ted Kaczynski sent his first bomb to E. J. Smith of RPI, nominally a professor of rocket science – but no good explanation has ever been provided as to why the Unabomber would have picked Smith. TOO MUCH “COINCIDENCE” NOT TO BE A CONSPIRACY, RIGHT?!!!!

      • Lol. MKUltra at RPI works with both the Mafia pizza and the Chinese commie connection. Pizza and Chinese takeout is all RPI students ever eat. Very suspicious.

  • Frank, I think you’re being naive, why don’t you wonder how it is that a subject who does not have credentials in his curriculum, who deserve the executive position, is working for a company that curiously is doing technology that makes EEG, looking for a supposed metric for learning, and they get and hire a refugee from Nxivm. Like Ben Myers, it’s not something weird.

    – or these people are very stupid and do not know who they hire or are NOT stupid and know very well who are hiring and know what they want from him

  • Scott Johnson works for Communist China.

    China demands use of real names in social media accounts
    To eliminate fake social media accounts that impersonate public figures, the Chinese government has issued new rules that go much further and outlaw anonymity in blogs, social networks, discussion forums.

    China to force social media users to declare their real names
    Mainland regulators say people will be able to have nicknames – they will just have to register them with website administrators first

  • Frank, this is the type of reporting worthy of the website you have built. Crap like Bangkok’s ten questions the other day and the other ultra political stuff are well beneath you. Well done on this story. I only hope people read this and don’t see the other stuff and turn away.

  • “When Myers worked for BrainCo, one of his pitches to manufacturers was the concept of strapping the EEG headbands on assembly line workers and docking their pay when “attention” wanes, justifying it for “safety”.
    “The problem is even if you’re solving math problems, your attention fluctuates,” said an expert in the field. “Grading people on their brainwaves’ readouts is like some Nxivm level psychopathy.”

    The essence of NXIVM is Fascism where Big Government and Big Business work together to enslave and exploit people.
    And the Chinese Communist government, in spite of calling itself Communist, resembles Fascism.
    The big cities of China are festooned with video camera monitoring everyone.
    Big Brother Xi is Watching You!

    China has adopted a monitoring system called Social Credit where your behavior determines whether you can travel or not.
    China’s TERRIFYING Social Credit System

  • Re Chinese Invasion & Spying:

    Not to be xenophobic [pardon of the irony of that statement] but the Boston and Cambridge areas of Massachusetts are awash in Chinese Nationals. If you go into Boston or Cambridge it’s almost 1/4 Chinese at times. The BrainCo is the tip of the iceberg. Don’t believe me? Come to Boston.

    I don’t enjoy coming off as a racist but all the technology, biotech, IT and robotics companies have Chinese nationals working for them and for whatever reason no one seems to care. Even the New York Times has written articles on Chinese nationals or former Chinese nationals working for American companies and stealing secrets i.e. corporate espionage.

    All of the major universities such as Harvard and MIT all have Chinese national students working in their research departments in various technologiies.

    If anyone asks a question about the Chinese Nationals; you’re immediately labeled as close minded or racist. I am not kidding.

    The neighbor across the street from me, is an MIT Phd, I asked him what he thought about all the Chinese nationals and he looked at me, and said “don’t be stupid of course their spying. We would do the same thing if we could.”

    • It’s not Xenophobic to want Freedom.
      NXIVM is Fascist and so is China.
      China is as much Fascist as Communist.
      And any political candidate who praises China and its government is an Enemy of Freedom.

      Huawei’s telephone technology is a Trojan Horse that will allow the Chinese government to spy on everyone.
      Governments, Corporations, and Individuals.

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