Ah, when will they ever learn?

Ben Myers, the former Nxivm hacker, was, up until recently, gainfully employed by the Communist Party-backed BrainCo in Boston, Massachusetts for about one year.

He left recently under suspicious circumstances.

BrainCo, ostensibly one of China’s leading import and export companies, is involved in the Brain Machine Interface and Artificial Intelligence industry.

They are distributing Focus 1 products, a wearable headband that detects and supposedly accurately quantifies students’ attention levels in the classroom.

It works in conjunction with Focus EDU, a classroom portal for teachers to supposedly assess the effectiveness of their teaching methods in real time and make adjustments accordingly while student’s brains are being monitored.

I received the following from sources at BrainCo:

The first came from management level:

“Mr. Parlato. I would like to express our deepest thanks and gratitude for your unwavering work in exposing Ben Myers and Nxivm’s Dr. Porter’s Mengele experiments. 

“Your exposures are highlighting the dangers of unregulated psychological torture and the need for informed consent and data protection for all human subject experiments. 

Thank you on behalf of all bio-potential measurement professionals. Your work makes it much easier for us to keep the unaccountable executive caste responsible when it comes to public safety.”

I was also contacted by phone and by email by sources who gave me the following information:

Ben apparently while working at BrainCo is up to some of his old antics.

The company has been seeking Child Research subjects aged 10-17.  He was a project manager.

He tried to monopolize the company’s EEG data access to himself,

The management never informed employees about the history of Myers or the potential of network security threats he posed.

Myers’ reported vector is password capture through keystroke logger viruses.

Employees were not instructed to change their passwords.

The EEG experiments Myers was in charge of were worrisome to some employees once they found out who he was through articles published on the Frank Report.

Michelle Salzman Myers with her husband, Ben Myers. Michelle is the daughter of the former president of Nxivm, Nancy Salzman.

There were multiple reports of sexual and workplace harassment by Myers that seem to have been ignored.

The company has been advertising for children to get their EEG scans.

The company is seeking to get more than one million EEG recordings.

The management is associated with the Chinese Communist Party, the United Front and other Chinese Government front groups.

The company employs NDAs that are similar to Nxivm.