Mess-Up! Raniere ‘Victims’ Full Names Published Accidentally Online on Government Website –Defense’s Restitution Claims Filed Under Seal Is Live for Hours Before Taken Down

Everyone who claimed to be a victim in the federal case against Keith Raniere, and his codefendants, was named in a document accidentally published on the US courts website,, [Pacer is an acronym for Public Access to Court Electronic Records] earlier today.

In the past, the court has taken extraordinary pains to shield the identities of most of the women who alleged they were victims of Raniere, and his codefendants, Allison Mack, Clare Bronfman, Nancy Salzman and Lauren Salzman.

The accidentally published document was filed by attorneys for Raniere, who produced a 121-page package including exhibits, to present to the US Federal District Court for the Eastern District of New York, detailing their written objections to the US Attorney’s recommendations for restitution for his alleged victims.

On the first page of the document, it reads “FILED UNDER SEAL,” meaning it was not supposed to be made public but available only to the court, the prosecution, and the defense.

The document was first noticed this morning at around 8:00 AM on In accordance with an order of US District Court Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis, only the existence of the document, not its contents, was supposed to be published. Judge Garaufis sentenced Raniere to 120 years in federal prison following his conviction on charges of racketeering, sex trafficking, forced labor and other felonies.

The document published today includes a chart with the full names of everyone who alleged they were a victim of Raniere, some of whom have never been identified before, in addition to the amount of restitution each one requested and how much the government recommended they should receive. There are 117 individuals named; some 92 women and 25 men.

The document remained online for hours before being taken down from the PACER website after Frank Report associate editor Joe O’Hara took steps to notify interested parties. It was taken down shortly afterward.

It remains unclear whether it was a filing error on the part of attorneys for Raniere or by PACER. It is not known how many downloaded the document during the hours it was available online.

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  • If this were reversed and prosecution were at fault – the wailing and gnashing of teeth by all the Nxivm dead-enders would be a squall of, “In Justice system” and “MediaHateBias”.

    The conspiracy! The outrage! The unfairness!

    DOS 8 would tear their clothes and pull their hair out.

    Nicki. Please show that you truly care about fairness overall in the legal system. Not just for one Keith Raniere.

    Speak out on this miscarriage! Start a new advocacy group. Dance in scanty clothing!


  • “The document remained online for hours before being taken down from the PACER website after Frank Report associate editor Joe O’Hara took steps to notify interested parties. It was taken down shortly afterward.”

    How convenient for Frank Report that associate editor Joe O’Hara just happened to notice this unfortunate error and was there at such an opportune time. You didn’t happen to download this list, did you Joe?

    • Of course we downloaded it. It would be nonsensical not to since we download all documents on the Raniere case. And more than that , I I understand that quite a few others downloaded it too.

    • Between Frank and me, we review PACER at least three times per day to see if there are any new filings in the case. So, we didn’t “happen to just notice” the filing at an opportune time; it was simply part of our daily routine. And we were the ones that alerted others about the fact that the document was online rather than under seal (It was taken down within an hour after we did that).

      • Was Mark Hildreth or Kristin Kreuk on the list?

        Bare in mind, you named them both in your 2012 lawsuit against the cult.

        So many years wasted… The cult could of been fucked a decade ago…

  • PACER should be able to determine exactly how many of those documents were downloaded and from where if the system keeps proper logging mechanisms for the time period it was available.

  • New York Post

    US attorney picks for New York announced by Chuck Schumer

    By Steven Nelson March 23, 2021 | 1:59pm | Updated

    WASHINGTON — Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer on Tuesday announced his recommendations to be President Biden’s nominees for three New York US attorney positions.

    The powerful posts control major federal investigations, including a reported probe of Gov. Andrew Cuomo covering up COVID-19 nursing home deaths. Biden is expected to accept Schumer’s picks.

    Damian Williams is set to be nominated as US attorney for the Southern District of New York, replacing Audrey Strauss, said Schumer (D-NY).

    Strauss is the mother-in-law of top Cuomo aide Melissa DeRosa, who admitted to the coverup of state nursing home death figures so they could not “be used against us” by federal prosecutors during the Trump administration.

    Williams, 40, would be the first black person to serve in the role if he’s confirmed by the Senate. He currently is chief of the securities and commodities fraud task force at the SDNY.

    The Manhattan-based Southern District often is referred to as the “Sovereign District” due to its relative independence from the main Justice Department and its role in high-profile cases.

    “Damian Williams has tremendous legal acumen, is deeply experienced in the Southern District, has tried significant cases and has a strong commitment to equal justice and civil rights under the law. He is ready to take the helm to steer the Southern District forward into a bright future,” Schumer said in a statement.

    Breon Peace, a former assistant US attorney, is the pick for Brooklyn-based US attorney for the Eastern District of New York. That office and the FBI reportedly are reviewing the Cuomo nursing home coverup, which could amount to criminal obstruction.

    The Justice Department in October requested state data on COVID-19 deaths at private homes after a review of public nursing home data revealed a substantial undercount of deaths linked to a March 25 state rule barring facilities from turning away sick patients. That data was not fully produced before the Justice Department leadership changed hands in January after what DeRosa described as stonewalling.

    Schumer said that “like me, Breon Peace is a Brooklyn boy at heart; he is the son of a pastor and proud product of Crown Heights and Clara Barton HS, who never forgot where he came from.”

    For the Buffalo-based Western District, Schumer announced Trini Ross, who would be the first African American woman in the role, according to Schumer. She currently works in the inspector general’s office of the National Science Foundation.

    Schumer did not announce a pick for New York’s Albany-based Northern District. His spokesman Angelo Roefaro said that selection is not yet ready to be announced.

  • This is unfortunate for the victims, and curious. I know from personal experience that when filing documents on PACER, you are asked if they must be sealed. Was it done intentionally to scare off the victims from continuing in the lawsuit? Maybe. It could have been a PACER error although I’ve never heard of that happening to anybody. Maybe Claviger has. I just don’t trust Raniere’s lawyers one bit. It would not be difficult to do and then blame the system.

    Kudos to Joe for calling ASAP!

    • I have occasionally heard about filing issues in PACER but they have always turned out to be “human error” by filers. And I’ve never heard of any quite as egregious as what happened yesterday.

      While the disclosure of the financial information will likely be upsetting for many of those who had submitted claims, I’m more concerned about the medical-related data that was also part of the filing. In some instances, that apparently included detailed information about diagnoses, treatment programs, expected outcomes, etc. — all of which would be HIPAA violations.

      Sanctions would certainly seem to be an appropriate punishment for this breach of confidentiality regardless if it was done purposely or by mistake.

  • The wheels of what people deign to define as justice can more swiftly, moderately, slowly or can appear to be not moving at all. It could be a matter of perspective, with what is happening being seen quite differently, from one observer to another.

    So, how are those wheels going to turn here, at the Frank Report? So far only the trumpeter has written (or played) this modest, annuncatory and vague snippet, as an arrival of news, without giving any more news, i.e. the contents.

    Maybe the news itself is considered to be unfit to print. So here, have an announcement that the news is O-U-T.

    The treads are in the cloth, already woven. But the garment itself is so far, being kept out of sight in someone’s private closet. Semesters of journalism might or might not prepare one for how, when, why, with whom and where to whack your bat with the solid ring of the true home run swat. That unforgettable sounding! “Thwack!” doesn’t even do that sound any justice, not really.

    You have to hear it for yourself.

    Tapping these fingers won’t change a thing, though. The decisions herein are Frank’s.

    What I observe is another wheel, and maybe it’s turning and maybe it’s not. Such myopia as mine often has to resort to running on intuition. What IS homeostasis, anyhow?

    The wheel of re-balancing, perpetually underlying the symbolic wheel of justice, is also turning. Or, more specifically, even the balancing scale of what is justice and what is not, is moving of its own, natural accord. Just as it ever has and as it ever will, the inherent intelligence of natural physics keeps churning.

    Call it the wheel of fortune. “For every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction.”

    Not going to eat any popcorn for this particular matinée remake, I just watch the motion and maybe have a sip of some heavenly Cuban coffee, or maybe I want some mango juice. Is it morning yet?

    There is supposedly Love in the Afternoon. Does that count?

    Later on, let’s have some conversation about what’s a just dessert. Would you prefer culty pie or, how about a sundae?

  • Other notable names on the leaked list:

    1. Dawn Morrison
    2. Allison Mack’s anonymous defender/relative.
    3. The Estate of Eddie Albert
    4. Kristin Kreuk Enterprises dba Sultan of Six aka Dark Van Douche
    5. Bimby
    6. Niceguy’s pretend attorney wife
    7. Lauren’s bald cat (the feline, you pervert!)
    8. Suneel
    9. David Miscavige
    10 Peter Mingles

    • And Bjorn Borg for Vanguard ruining the name of headbands. Maybe I should have put my name on the list because I have worn metal framed glasses most of my life and Raniere’s specs were so similar to mine I’ve had to seriously consider a change of image. 😳🤓😡

      • The already fragile Borg may score a large payout on a couple of fronts. Can no longer wear his signature headband, and his poor sport of tennis is now no different than stinky Raniere sex. To make it worse for Bjorn, his one-handed backhand stroke is now confused with stroking someone’s arm. And we all know, stroking an arm is no different than stroking Keith’s penis. To have this blurted out on PACER is the icing on the cake.

  • Who’s leaked name was most surprising?

    1. Ed Kinum
    2. K.R. Claviger
    3. Roger Stone
    4. Ronnie’s girl from Ghana – Nancy
    5. Frank Parlato
    6. Flowers
    7. Nice guy’s wife
    8. Allison Mack’s agent
    9. The Dalai Lama
    10. Jimmer Del Negro
    (write in votes accepted below)

  • Are you sure it was an accident?
    The same way Jeffrey Epstein hanged himself?
    The same way Joe Biden accidentally opened the border to a flood of illegal aliens?
    The same way Joe Biden accidentally shut down the Keystone XL Pipeline and caused gasoline prices to rise a dollar a gallon?

  • Were any celebrity members including Kristin Kreuk and Grace Park named? Victims they are not, of course.

    I believe Olivia Cheng, [redacted] was identified before as being on this lawsuit. She was the head on Nxivm group One Asian.

  • What would be the point of intentionally releasing this information and violating the command of the judge?

    • What would be the point of intentionally releasing this information? I don’t know. Probably just another coincidence. But it sure does smells a lot like collateral.


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