As NXIVM Lawsuit Awaits Ruling From Judge on Dismissal, Plaintiffs Drop Claims Against Clyne

As the 70 plaintiffs in Edmondson v Raniere wait for a ruling from US District Judge Eric Komitee on five of the eight defendants’ motions to dismiss, they voluntarily dismissed all claims against one of the defendants.

Nicki Clyne is no longer a defendant in the NXIVM lawsuit.

The plaintiffs, represented by attorney Neil Glazer, are all former NXIVM members.

In July, five defendants, Clare and Sara Bronfman, Danielle Roberts, Brandon Porter, and Clyne, made individual motions for dismissal based on alleged defects in the Third Amended Complaint, claiming it failed to provide enough specificity to meet federal pleading standards.

Three defendants – Allison Mack, Kathy Russell, and Keith Raniere – have not entered any defense of the lawsuit to date.

On July 31, the plaintiffs responded to four of the defendants, arguing that the Third Amended Complaint met all pleading standards necessary to proceed to trial. The plaintiffs did not name Clyne in their opposition papers.

This week, the plaintiffs dismissed all claims against Clyne without explanation, which mirrors what they did when they dismissed claims against former defendants Nancy and Lauren Salzman, Karen Unterreiner, Rosa Laura Junco, Daniela Padilla, Monica Duran, and Loreta Garza.

The latter four women live in Mexico, outside the jurisdiction of US federal court. The former three, all longtime supporters of Raniere, denounced him. While federal prosecutors convicted Nancy and Lauren Salzman on racketeering charges, no criminal charges were filed against Unterriener.

The plaintiffs will likely call all three to testify if the case proceeds to trial.

Clyne, who supported Raniere until March of this year – publicly broke with him and his remaining followers. She announced her departure on Frank Report on March 27, and on April 2, she named 30 controversies connected to him, which she urged his remaining followers to consider. 

Since then, she has made no public statements or postings.

Nicki Clyne after leaving Keith Raniere

Attorney Glazer, who commenced his work to expose and litigate against NXIVM in 2017 after being introduced to the case by Kristin Keeffe, provided significant legal counsel to victims in the criminal case against Raniere and evidence to prosecutors in the Eastern District of New York, including evidence provided by this writer.

Keeffe is not one of the plaintiffs but may testify if the case goes to trial.

Keith Raniere

Keith Raniere AKA VanguardIt is no secret that the civil case – which seeks monetary damages – targets the wealthy Bronfman sisters, who funded Raniere and were high-ranking members of NXIVM.

None of the other defendants have sufficient assets to warrant a large-scale federal lawsuit with 70 plaintiffs.

Sara and Clare Bronfman…

Clyne, too, may testify, providing potentially an array of third-party witnesses – from Unterreiner, the Salzmans, and potentially Keeffe, with a wealth of knowledge about Raniere and the Bronfmans, who used more than $100 million of their wealth to support Raniere and his many exploitative endeavors, and one day may have to provide some relief to the many they exploited.

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  • I wonder why Allison Mack hasn’t been dropped from the lawsuit. If Lauren and Nancy Salzman were dropped who arguably played a much bigger role in the cult then Mack did were left off, why hasn’t Mack?

    • I wonder why Allison Mack hasn’t been dropped from the lawsuit. :Lena

      Allison Mack was a true believer which Nicki apparently was not!

    • The whole thing is skewed.
      The upper echelons forgiven
      The working class decimated.
      The ones who recruited forgiven , the ones hurt the most sued.

    • “If Lauren and Nancy Salzman were dropped who arguably played a much bigger role in the cult then Mack did were left off, why hasn’t Mack?“

    • Good question

      Allison Mack sent letters to her victims with permission of Judge Garaufis saying she was sorry before Lauren Salzman did.

      Nancy only said she was sorry to her daughter Lauren but did more damage to many more NXIVM members than Allison Mack did.

      Nancy also did less prison time

      Nancy was also the owner, president of NXIVM & business partner with Keith Raniere. Why she was dropped from the civil lawsuit is a big problem for the lawyers.

      Salzman & Raniere should be the most accountable people in this lawsuit, followed by Lauren Salzman.

      The three of them had the greatest control of all the victims in NXIVM.

  • I find it difficult to summon any happiness about this news. Nicki fought hard to defend Keith and DOS until she suddenly didn’t.

    Nevertheless, if she’s truly had a change of heart, I wish her well.

    I just can’t easily forget her interview with Colonel Kurtz. It made my blood boil.

  • The suit has definitely opened the door for criminal charges against many of the leading plaintiffs. FBI is waiting in the wings.

  • Nicki has no big sources of money.

    Also Nicki avoided getting indicted by secretly cooperating with the US government.

    • Shadow,

      That is a credible theory. Nicki uploaded Instagram pics with embedded geotags, leading authorities right to Vanturd. She is dumb, but she ain’t stupid.

      I believe its entirely possible the feds said, “give us Vanturd’s general location and you get immunity. You do not have to testify. Your name will be sealed.” She probably played dumb and was like “here I am!!!!!”, knowing full well the Feds were watching her every move.

      Nicki Clyne turned on Vanturd long before March 2023. All the support groups she started were a ruse.

      ~ Pilgrim

  • I saw this coming once she denounced Keith in March.

    Sometimes in life, we just have to hit the reset button.

    When I was 28 years old I started shooting heroin. I was a full blown addict from 29 to 30. I was just partying hard in my late 20’s and that was the next level. Some friends intervened and I stopped using with the help of Suboxone. That was my moment. My weakness. My stupidity. Its very embarrassing, but I owned it.

    NXIVM was Nicki’s heroin. For whatever reason, it gave her the same feelings that a drug can give an addict. She called it “magnificence, times infinity”. That literally sounds like someone who just took their first injection of heroin. NXIVM somehow stoked the same euphoric feelings a drug user feels when they use. And she is not the only one. Many described the same feelings after their first “Intensive” or “EM”.

    Back to my story, if I continued down the pathway of drugs, it would have cost me all my money and then some. With Nicki, NXIVM would have cost her what assets she has left. Similar situations: I quit drugs; Nicki quit NXIVM, we both have the opportunity to live another day, decade, etc.

    I believed Nicki was another Allison mack until her story unfolded. I do believe she was manipulated. Allison, I just don’t buy it. Allison is far more responsible for damages. I think Nicki likely just turned a blind eye and compartmentalized her beliefs about Vanturd.

    Nicki can still turn it around. She was in the movie Lunamancer
    a couple years back. She still has a following. But I think it might be a good idea to leave show business behind and build a career in something outside of it. Just forget about posing for cameras, forget about social media. Delete ALL social media accounts and get back to basics. Reconnect with pre-NXIVM friends, join a card league at a local bar, surf, backpack in the mountains. Key is to delete ALL social media accounts. This was the first thing I did when I started over at age 30. Career wise: she can get a certificate in nursing, project management, etc. Set small, reasonable, reachable goals. Forget about Intensives, EM’s and all the other horseshit that got her into the decade long mess she has been in. I do not want to contradict myself too much here: as I mentioned, I think people who took maybe one or two or three NXIVM courses, experienced positive results. People who took it to the level of Allison and others ended up with nothing and some in prison. Like drugs, even Steve Jobs admitted taking LSD was a life changing experience. He created Apple. But he didn’t eat a ten strip every day, move to San Francisco and shack up with Grace Slick… Catch my drift?

    The sad part is, Vanturd and Nancy were on to something. If managed and administered properly, NXIVM could have literally changed the way people think, in a positive way. But Vanturd couldn’t resist. He took everything too far. It became a tool for him to manipulate and control people. Entire families like the Fernandez and Brink families, literally uprooted their lives and moved to Albany. All for absolutely nothing. They lost so much and gained so little.

    Nicki, trust me, delete your social media accounts, unless there is a legitimate business reason to have them. You will CONSTANTLY be reminded of NXIVM and taunted. It will never end for you. Look at Dossier Project: every post they publish is ridiculed and demeaned. And for what? What are they gaining? They are unable to let go of DOS. DOS was a really really bad fucking idea. You don’t deceive people into a “womens empowerment” group that is secretly being run by a man. This is not normal. This is not ok. Just asking someone for a nude pic is not healthy behavior. Its just not a good pattern of conduct to be sending nude pics to a man, WITHOUT THE WOMENS CONSENT OR KNOWLEDGE!!!!!!!

    Nicki, I wish you luck. I just gave you a lot of unsolicited advice. You don’t know me and didn’t ask for it, but there it us, for what it’s worth.

    ~ Pilgrim

  • Nicki Clyne has the face of an angel. I imagine she’s a whole new woman these days. If Nicki writes a book I want to be the 1st to buy it.

  • Happy birthday, Keith Raniere, on your 63rd birthday today!
    You are not forgotten, and neither are the crimes you committed.
    You are undergoing your inevitable punishment.
    Nothing is forgotten. Nothing is forgiven. Do not forget that.
    Best regards from your greatest enemy, whom you do not even know.

  • They let her drop out to flip her to their side. Greater benefit to call Clyne as a witness for the prosecution.

  • Excellent outcome for Nicki! Hope this allows her to move forward without the constant threat of such nonsense. There’s been enough destruction. Time to heal.

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