FR Rare Video: TV Actress Grace Park and Cult Leader Keith Raniere: ‘The Trap of Mutually Reinforcing Roles’

TV actress Grace Park seems to have left Nxivm after the branding story came out on Frank Report and before the NY Times story came out – that is, between June and October 2017.

She was in the cult for a number of years.

Park was a costar of the CBS hit TV show Hawaii Five-O and before that Battlestar Gallactica.
She made her public debut as a supporter of Raniere on March 7, 2016, when NXIVM launched “Keith Raniere Conversations,” a “series of one-on-one interviews between ‘NXIVM founder, Keith Raniere,” and a number of his prominent students.
According to the now-defunct website, Raniere “tackles some of the hardest ethical and social issues unfolding on the world stage.”
While some of the conversation series are still available on YouTube, all of the videos with Park and Raniere have been removed.
I wish to announce with glad tidings that I captured the videos before they were removed and plan to publish some of them on Frank Report for educational purposes.
I think they are significant as we detail the history of Nxivm, for those who want to study how a maniacal cult leader could feign to be a great teacher and swallow up many people whose intentions were otherwise good.
Park certainly had no intention of promoting a sex cult. She probably wanted to improve her life and career and somehow bought into the notion that Raniere and his teachings could help her do that.
As for her role in Nxivm, Park was more than a student simply paying for classes. She wore the yellow sash, which meant she was a coach. She helped other students understand the teachings.
This was in a voluntary capacity. The flow of money went only one way – from Park to Nxivm, never vice versa.
She, of course, learned the secret handshake, took off her shoes in class, and gave tribute before Raniere’s picture every day in class.
She also signed an NDA to never reveal any of his teachings and or coach or teach anyone about the mysteries taught by Raniere, without Raniere’s permission.

When the blackmail and branding story broke, Park was a member, paid monthly dues as a coach, and was still meeting weekly via Skype with women in the Jness group.

After the branding story broke on Frank Report and before the NY Times story about the brandings was published, Park sagely understood that the story was going to get bigger.
She asked Raniere to take down the videos of her with him off of YouTube, which Raniere agreed to do after about a month.
Park called me several times. She wanted her name off of my website so no one would know she was involved in NXIVM.  It was not her fight, she said.  She wanted to remain under the radar.
Before he fled to Mexico and was arrested, Park visited Keith Raniere in Albany numerous times. There she attended ‘Intensives”. But Park seems to have had nothing to do with sex trafficking. She is not likely branded.

After the video will come the transcription of the video.

In this video, in which Raniere seems to dwell on the Stanford Prison Experiment, we get a full dose of Raniere’s nearly inarticulate blabbering, with plenty of run-on sentences, horribly incorrect grammar, and incomplete sentences, and a bowl of word salad with bullshit for dressing.

Here is the transcript:

Keith Raniere and Grace Park: The trap of Mutually Reinforcing Roles

K. There was one person I was talking to who was having a tremendous fight with ah it was actually a custody type of fight, almost, you know, the child and the child, they want to have the child live with them and the other parent is trying to get the child to get to come, the child, and the child wants to go to the other parent. The child’s growing up and there’s going to come a point when a child will be able to choose which parent they want um and so I brought it up to this parent, I said ‘well what if you just say “okay, why don’t you just go live with the other parent?” And the other parent says, “Oh I can’t do that. Oh my God.” ‘Then considerate it.'” And the more they considered it, the more their fear dissipated around it, they recognized it might be even a good alternative
G. Right

K. And the child stop wanting to go because they’re, they’re commitment to, to their position created the oppositional commission po.. position just like ahh some of the things we talked about in Jness with the prisoner guard and prisoner which you’ll see it’s an interesting experiment that was done that had a very profound result I mean I can tell you very quickly if you want.

G. Yeah
K. Ah,  it was a prisoner experiment in Stanford college psychologists psychology department. They were going to do, um, it was a few weeks, they did it, advertisement for students who wanted to participate and some of them would, they wanted to see how people, ah, acted in a tyrannical sort of regime, oppressive regime.
G. Interesting
K. And they were going and they told him ahead of time “you’re going to come in as students for 2 weeks. Some of you are you going to be the prisoners and some of you are going to be the guards and, um, we want to see what happens.” So you know they went and they, they, once the student signed their waivers, they took a psychological test, they were like 60 students that applied. They took the top ones that scored the best on the psychological exams, most balanced, so then they go, they the students knew exactly what’s going to happen, you know.  Police came to their house and arrested them.
G. Laughing, ha, ha right.
K. Yes, so that they had the experience of going through, and they took the psychology department, the hall in the basement of the psychology department, and they took three of the rooms and made them into like mock cells with, with, so they couldn’t open them, but they were like prison cells and then they had a closet that they converted into like a little punishment room.
G. Laughing ha, ha, ha
K. And they had the guards, and the guards were instructed they couldn’t, they couldn’t use any violence on the other students as prisoners but what happened was amazing. The very first night the psychologist thought that this was going to be a very boring deal cuz the students are acting like, oh, okay the prisoners are sort of like in a dorm room, you know, the other ones ab-o-po-ba, but, within one day, the prisoners started, the students that were prisoners did things like um-ah-hee of type of attempting to break out ur-ah-ah, attempting insurrection and that acting as a prisoner caused the guards to believe they were more guard-like and the more guard-like they were, the more the prisoners bought into being prisoners to the point where they had to stop the experiment on day six because the person who was the psychologist who is playing the prison warden had brought, bought into the whole thing. It was an amazing thing that people get into roles and the roles are mutually reinforcing.
G. Hum
K. So prisoners acting as a prisoner caused all the prisoners to believe they’re prisoners and caused the guards to believe they’re guards and the more each guard acts as a guard, the more the guards believe they’re guards, the more the prisoners believe they are prisoners and on and on it goes limiting their possibilities where any of the students could have said, literally said, “This is it. Experiment over.” You know — “Bullshit. I’m leaving and if you don’t let me out I’m going to ta- da- da complain to the department head” and walked right out!
The door was open for them to do this but at one point there was one person who had what was close to like ah ah mental ah break where they removed them from the experiment and the other prisoners got out and started chanting this prisoner’s number and saying “This prisoner did a bad thing. This prisoner did a bad thing.”  The psychologists were talking to them and saying, you know, he’s the prisoner’s saying, “I have to go back. I can’t do this to them. I can’t be considered a bad prisoner.”
G. Chuckles
K. And the psychologist said, “Do you understand, remember you are a student. This is an experiment.” And the student thought for a second and said “Oh yeah.” It was like he was in a delusion. It, then, it was fine to leave, but it, the delusion, becomes so great in a sense because of the roles, and the different roles the people play, the sort of lock-and-key sort of thing.  We do this with life. We do this the our own roles, roles as men, roles as women, roles as actors, roles as scientist, roles as old people, roles as young people. All of these things, it’s a big lock and keys sort of system.
G. Yeah I certainly understand from the perspective of an actor because when I did a series called Battlestar Galactica, before we went into the series, we had a two-day, not a retreat, it was like we were basically going to have an experience as, um, I forget what they were called but like kind of like a military experience.
K. Boot camp
G. Yeah, it was our boot camp and we learned to march and certain things. Our behavior started changing. At first, we had to salute, we were smirking doing that. It was drilled into us pretty quickly, but one of the things is like they told us, we already knew which characters were and there was a rank and order within amongst ourselves, a hierarchy and what was strange was we did this one exercise where we were blindfolded. Everyone was blindfolded. Everyone had two extremely long ropes. I think one was like 50, ah, feet or yards, ah, and the other one was 200 and we had to, everyone had to undo them and by the time we were, we undid these two ropes which were tangled from each other, when we took our blindfolds off, all the people that played pilots were on one rope, and all the people that played crew members happen to be on the other rope.
They didn’t tell us to do that and also what had happened was I started falling into my rank. I mean, there’s one time I tried to grab the bigger bed and the guy said “no, no you’re on the smaller one, you’re a junior lieutenant.” But that was like the only thing I had to shift and that was like on day one and other than we experienced I found that I were, as I would have usually had said something to try and make the experiment go faster or the exercise go smoother. I found that I kept myself quiet and I didn’t really understand why and then what had happened was that the guy that was a crew chief and the head pilot, they ended up being more of the leader roles and telling us, everyone, what you do and we didn’t know each other. We would have barely known each other’s voices yet we were already falling into those ranks and sometimes if you’re in a situation where like you have a love interest character and let’s say it lasts for more than one episode, um, I’ve had that experience where you fall, you, there’s this extra thing where there’s like a chemistry where like you end up buying into it somehow more and that will lift once that role is done but it feels so real. There’s this extra thing in there. I can only imagine
K. um hum – a one episode stand.
G. Ha ha ha ha (laughing harder). Or a serious stand yeah.
K. Yes
G. Yeah
K. Um, so, you know, it’s, it’s interesting, as you deal with these fears, you come up with these roles that you play and that you’ve fallen into, you know, so it’s interesting, so you know you, her, you have these students that are prisoners and they’re to the point of having a psychological break, you know, saying they need a doctor. One of them went to a lawyer and the lawyer was going to get them out of this whole thing. Well it’s amazing what happened in this you know.
G. Ha ha ha ha. That’s fascinating.
K. Uh and understand it also, the psychologist ended up buying into it and he looks at it in retrospect and I think he points out some very important lessons. At one point there was one of the people that they had to send out of the study on day four because they were having a break. There was a rumor that started amongst the prisoners that he was going to come back and jail break the prisoners out, so they moved all the people from this thing, this mock jail, to another place and he had a plan, that this is the psychologist that’s running the whole thing, that he was going to sit in the hallway and when this other person came to break his friends out, he was going to tell them that, you know, the experiment was over. This sort of thing all took to protect the prisoners and then what happened is one of his colleagues came down and said, and said, what are you doing here. He was explaining, “well, you know, there was going to be this prisoner break” or whatever, and he says,  “well, what controls are you using?  what and he’s saying ‘control’ in his head. He’s saying “you have to get out of here. You don’t understand there’s going to be a prisoner break” and he’s like so committed to what’s going on, you know, and then, and then, it took him, you know, being, ah, interfacing with other colleagues to recognize he too had bought into this whole thing, you know, and it’s interesting how these these roles work and how we fall into them so the, the, this part of, this type of evolution working on these fears, as you push yourself off against these roles and the, the things come up like, what if you did something that wasn’t very womanly you know.
G. Hum I think about stuff like that
K. Ah, ah, so you know what, what fears come up and those are the fears you address to go in and help these walls come down.
G. Hum, I think of, um, this is different, but, you know, um, the movie, Boys Don’t Cry’  with Hilary Swank? And before she ah I think it’s, um, she played, ah, I’m not sure exactly the term is correct but transgender and, um, before she did the movie, she wanted to make sure she was going to portray this character as true-to-life as possible, so in her own life she went out and dressed like a man and went out as a man and before the movie started filming and, um, she got all sorts of reactions from people when she would do something that didn’t fit, that didn’t fit like the masculine type, cuz, you know, she’s not going to look completely like a man but she did whatever she could, but people had these huge reactions to that and I then think that from that she probably learned to curtail and learn to do this behavior that’s the kind of thing that I would actually be more ha ha ha ha ha about
K. You will like the Jness tracks because it deals with all of this stuff.

Whew. It is almost painful reading this inarticulate SOB’s speech patterns. You would almost think he does not speak English as his native language. Was his level of English fluency what he was trying to achieve for the children of Rainbow Cultural Garden.
Keep in mind, Raniere does not speak a second language and from this video it appears he barely speaks English.
Yet he still had women fighting in his harem to be his slave and carry his baby.
Very strange.

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  • “Park called me several times. She wanted her name off of my website so no one would know she was involved in NXIVM. It was not her fight, she said. She wanted to remain under the radar.”

    Coward. She was happy to use her celebrity to promote NXIVM in these pretentious videos, yet claimed taking down NXIVM was not her fight.

    Frank, did any of those who spoke to the authorities, Sarah Edmondson and Mark Vicente etc, ask Grace Shark “fin soup” for assistance, like they did with the cowardly Kristin “Kook” Kreuk?

  • Frank running the same story all over again. Try sucking Trump’s cock. The trial is over and I hope these women file suit against you.

    • Trump’s cock would be too big for his mouth. He could probably fit all them democrat candidates in his mouth at once and that includes their so called women. We know Mayor Buttplug and Mini Mike would enjoy that.

  • I feel like I saw this back around when the branding story broke, most likely on YouTube. Not sure when it was taken down but I never came across it again there.

    • The videos were readily available on Youtube before the scandal broke and then Hildreth, Park, Vicente got them taken down. When they first went online in 2016, they were only accessible if you signed up via a website, but then they just made them available on Youtube. If Grace Park had never agreed to do this stupid video conversation, she might have been able to bury her NXIVM association. If I were her, I’m not sure I’d be so forgiving of the person who talked me into doing this publicity for the cult, but I guess to their credit, many of them still seem close and I guess understand and share a bond with each other.

  • Keith was always on the prowl. Always playing the long game. Always trying to normalize the sexual lifestyle he wanted his females to live.

    I hope Grace watches this video, shivers, and then gives a silent “thanks” to Frank for being the driving force behind ridding her of this monster in her life.

    • nutjob – when directors or producers or casting agents cast actors, they do a Google search to see what dirt is on the people they are casting.

      • I hear you. In retrospect, I’m sure Grace wishes she was more aggressive in the fight to stop Raniere. That would have been the better play. It’s never too late to help, but the years of crossing her fingers that this would go away, and burying her head, have not helped her get her desired outcome. This isn’t a case to be stuck in the middle on, and her silence has given the perception of that. What she went through would be a great cautionary tale and would certainly help fill in some blanks.

  • So much for NXIVM helping people to achieve ‘Executive Success.’

    It’s so helpful, that it either annihiates your career as an actor, or leaves you terrified of losing your career, if anything remains that proves your involvement with it.

    Sex Cult, anyone?

  • Great article, Frank.

    Glad you’re exposing these movie actresses who likely have powerful agents and attorneys who will attempt to bully you into removing the video.

    Hang tough, Frank.

    Don’t back down if they send you threats.

    If your video host takes it down, just find a new hosting service and get that shit back up. Don’t let them win. Keep us apprised of any threats you receive. Embarrass them by printing those threats.

    The fact that Grace Park phoned you in the past (to request her name be taken off the site) shows that she wants special treatment. Fuck that shit. No special treatment.

    The moment she helped Keith to recruit people by doing that video, it became her fight. She is now morally obligated to defend her actions IMO. She can’t just hide under the carpet. Fuck that shit.

    *You should keep printing everything you know about these actresses — Kreuk, Park and that other Terminator chick too. Show them no mercy.

    Keep these stories alive by re-reporting them every few months so that Google can index the newer stories too. Don’t let these people hide under the covers. Make them cry for their mommies.

    In fact, why stop there? Hell, even Kreuk’s former boyfriend should be fair game too. You should stop shielding that Canadian bastard and start dragging his name thru the mud by reporting the TRUTH about his past associations with Keith and NXIVM.

    The more pages you print about these fuckers, the more pages that Google will index. Thus, the more visibility those stories will get over the long term.

    Stop making decisions about who deserves to be shielded from bad publicity and who doesn’t. That’s not for you to decide, Frank.

    Drag them all thru the righteous waters of TRUTH. Keep holding these actors accountable for their past decisions.

    Unfair, they say?

    Guess what?

    There’s millions of kids starving in the world. Thousands of these kids are dying every day. Now that’s unfair.

    Fuck these entitled brats, actors and actresses. They have no idea what ‘unfair’ even means.

    As long as you’re printing the truth, they can’t touch you with a ten foot pole.

  • I noticed two things:

    1. He has a rather soft and disarming voice. It’s a voice that could make someone feel at ease, maybe even a bit sleepy.

    2. What he’s talking about is setting the stage for mental abuse. He talks about the stanford-milgram experiment in order to normalize it, so it’s less shocking when he tries to do something similar.

    • Exactly, Anonymous. When Keith talks about breaking out of roles, he’s setting the stage for his followers to leave behind their old support system and their personal connections to friends and family. Sometimes to leave behind their own morals and standards. Keith replaces their old self with a new self that aligns with his values.

  • “Park called me several times. She wanted her name off of my website so no one would know she was involved in NXIVM. It was not her fight, she said. She wanted to remain under the radar.” Frank Parlato

    To Grace Park:
    Once you jump in the cesspool don’t expect to come out smelling like a rose.
    Shadow State

  • She looks very uncomfortable in this video, and she keeps zoning out and snapping back.

    We’ll done on finding this Frank, as somebody did a very good job of scrubbing out things that connect her to Raniere.

    • I’d be zoning out too if I had to listen to that babble for too long. Bored and sleepy – take a nap until he stops prattling on to hear himself talk. Bit of a contrast to Allison Mack who focused in on his babble like it was holy scripture and she was his primary disciple just grateful for being gifted with his beneficent wisdom.

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