Origin of Modern Ayahuasca Use, the CIA, MKULTRA, Rubber Plantations and Rockefeller – All Connected

Dr. Horowitz

Sometimes it’s a good thing to be bombarded with rude comments and ruder commenters. This happened to Dr. Leonard Horowitz who wrote an article on Ayahuasca published on Frank Report  and was assailed by vicious attacks, which the good Doctor ably defended. In consequence of this, Dr. Horowitz wrote one very excellent reply to someone using the moniker “Flowers.” It was so insightful and worthy of further investigation that I think it deserves its own post. 

By Dr. Leonard Horowitz

Flowers…. Thanks for exposing yourself as a PharmaTroll, just as I diagnosed. Here, your finger-pointing shows three fingers pointing back at you.

First …. you clearly worked to sucker me into this dialogue by faking your ignorance to conceal your malice.

Now you exposed yourself (again) by falsely defining ‘gaslighting’. Your tactic of trying to get me and readers to question my integrity and ‘sanity’ fails. Gaslighting is defined as to “manipulate (someone) by psychological means into questioning their own sanity.”

You obviously, with all your knowledge, have done this on The Frank Report to cause readers to question reality.

So I’m going to be EXTRA-nice to you and everyone reading, by sharing a few relevant paragraphs from The Ayahuasca Death Cult book so people can see reality through our thoroughly researched and scholarly contribution, and not be questioning reality about MKULTRA, and how ayahuasca is INTIMATELY tied into this menacing CULT:

The first American to study ayahuasca was the Harvard biologist Richard Evans Schultes, who pioneered the field of ethnobotany (and co-authored “Plants of the Gods,” with Albert Hofmann, the Swiss scientist who discovered LSD).

In 1976, a graduate student of Schultes’s brought a collection of the plants back from his field research to a greenhouse at the University of Hawaii—where Dennis McKenna happened to be pursuing a master’s degree.

Thanks to McKenna, some B. caapi cuttings “escaped captivity,” he told me. “I took them over to the Big Island, where my brother and his wife had purchased some land. They planted it in the forest, and it happened to like the forest—a lot. So now it’s all over the place.”

Levy neglected to report that Richard Evans Schultes “had charismatic influence as an educator at Harvard University.” There “several of his students and colleagues went on to write popular books,” Wiki[hypno]pedia reported, but also neglected to cite among them Timothy Leary, Alan Watts and Aldous Huxley.

Image result for Richard Evans Schultes
Richard Evans Shultes in the Amazon 1940

Levy also neglected to report the darker side of Schultes’s business associations. The CIA’s ‘mouthpiece,’ Wiki[hypno]pedia, reported:

The entry of the United States into World War II saw Schultes diverted to the search for wild disease-resistant Hevea rubber species in an effort to free the United States from dependence on Southeast Asian rubber plantations which had become unavailable owing to Japanese occupation. In early 1942, as a field agent for the governmental Rubber Development Corporation, Schultes began work on rubber and concurrently undertook research on Amazonian ethnobotany, under a Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship.[3]

Schultes’ botanical field-work among aboriginal American communities led him to be one of the first to alert the world about destruction of the Amazon rain forest and the disappearance of its native people. He collected over thirty thousand herbarium specimens (including three hundred species new to science) and published numerous ethnobotanical discoveries including the source of the dart poison known as curare, now commonly employed as a muscle relaxant during surgery.[1]

It is noteworthy that curare was investigated and stockpiled by the Central Intelligence Agency as a chemical weapon according to numerous reports online.

The “US military and intelligence agencies had been dabbling in mind control research for more than forty years,” recalled Jeffrey St. Clair and Alexander Cockburn for Counterpunch. “One of the early experimenters was George H. Estabrooks, a research psychologist who taught for years at Colgate College in upstate New York. Estabrooks was a Rhodes scholar who had trained in psychology at Harvard with Gardner Murphy. The psychologist, whose specialty was the use of hypnosis in intelligence operations, worked as a contractor for Naval Intelligence and was later to advise CIA researchers such as Martin Orne and Milton Erickson.”

According to Estabrook’s obituary, he studied anthropology and education at Oxford and Exeter, and was awarded his Ph.D. from Harvard. “His dissertation, done under E. A. Hooten and Wm McDougall, was entitled ‘Racial Intelligence.’. ..” He was unable to confirm  contemporary eugenicists’ hopes of discovering scientific evidence of inferior intelligence among non-Arians. Nonetheless, Estabrook gave Anglo-American business leaders evidence that social engineering under MKULTRA could best be administered by covert conditioning and hypnotic suggestions.

He founded the Mid-State Society of Clinical Hypnosis, and was awarded his 32nd degree honor as a Knight Templar.

“Estabrook described how he and other government doctors developed techniques to split personalities, using a combination of hypnosis and drugs,” reported St. Clair and Cockburn. ‘The potential for military intelligence has been nightmarish,’ Estabrook wrote. In one case, he claimed that he had created a new personality in a ‘normal’ Marine.”

The whole enterprise was assigned the code-name MKULTRA and was run out of the CIA’s Technical Services Division, headed in the 1950s by Willis Gibbons, a former executive of the US Rubber Company.

So you had the CIA’s former executive of the US Rubber Company directing MKULTRA; you had Richard Evans Schultes studying aboriginal South American communities, writing as a social-psychologist and hypnotist about destruction of the Amazon rain-forest, the disappearance of its native people, and a species of rubber tree that would end US dependence on Southeast Asian rubber plantations in early 1942, as the senior academic field agent for the American governments Rubber Development Corporation—all under the influence of the CIA’s predecessor-in-intelligence, the Office of Strategic Services (“OSS”) directed by the Dulles brothers—lawyers for the Rockefeller Standard Oil Company that was partnered with IG Farben exchanging German rubber for American fuel prospering the Nazi-American business-elite.

Accordingly, FLOWERS, point your finger of shame at the person standing in front of your mirror. Then, TROLL, eat the ‘reality’ your criminal psychopathology reflects and projects.

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  • Anonymaker: Operation Northwoods was not a conspiracy because Northwoods was a plan, that didn’t meet the definition of conspiracy.

    Kong: The legal definition of conspiracy includes planning:

    Conspiracy definition: Conspiracy is the secret planning by a group of people to do something illegal. [Collins English Dictionary]

    Anonymaker: “[Operation Northwoods] never actually happened – or at least it was never carried out…nor any step toward completion”

    Kong: Anonymaker confuses the definition of a criminal conspiracy with criminal attempt.

    “It is not therefore necessary for any action to be taken in furtherance of the criminal purpose in order for a conspiracy offense to have been committed. This distinguishes a conspiracy from an attempt (which necessarily does involve a person doing an act) see Criminal Attempts Act 1981.”


    A conspiracy theory has to be specific enough to be testable – not just, for instance, that at some point in the past some part of the US government has bounced around the idea of some sort of false flag operation, a level of generality that would be meaningless.


    Included below is the excerpt from the National Security Archives website which specifically states:

    1) Northwoods was a secret plan
    2) Provided by the Joint Chiefs of Staff to the Secretary of Defense (which is the overt act in furtherance)
    3) In response to a specific request from the Chief of the Cuba Project

    “Justification for U.S. Military Intervention in Cuba” was provided by the JCS to Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara on March 13, 1962, as the key component of Northwoods. Written in response to a request from the Chief of the Cuba Project, Col. Edward Lansdale, the Top Secret memorandum describes U.S. plans to covertly engineer various pretexts that would justify a U.S. invasion of Cuba.
    April 30, 2001 National Security Archives”


    Even though an overt act is not required in many jurisdictions, the plan (conspiracy) was systematically reviewed by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and his signature is affixed to the document dated 3.13.62. Please note, Wikipedia only shows the cover page for Operation Northwoods which was part of a more detailed plan (Operation Mongoose), which lays out the necessity for creative sabotage, including but not limited to acts of war against the United States of America.

  • It’s worth circling back to make a note that on January 1st, a minion or sock of Horowitz going by “Exposing Morons” made comments in several places places below, including in response to me, that included the following:

    “And since you are obviously not very good at research, here is the link to his CV on the page:

    http://drlenhorowitz.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/Dr-Leonard-Horowitz-Curriculum-Vitae-2019.pdf on his website”

    The problem with that, as anyone observant can see, is that the CV was uploaded (“uploads/2020/01” in the path) on January 1st – the same day. So they’re accusing people of having failed to find, what they actually only just posted.

    Basically, the Horowitz gang has been caught out at gaslighting.

    And, the CV proves my contention that Horowitz has misrepresented if not even lied about his credentials.

    Such is the disingenuous and deceptive stock-in-trade of these types. And if they can’t be trusted to be honest and forthcoming about even the basics of who they are and what their background actually is, and are outed being sneaky and devious, how can their other claims be trusted?

    In my experience, they have the same sort of ends-justify-the-means rationalizations as cultists. They believe that dishonesty and scheming, and other compromises of “ethics” (to use a word NXIVM like to take liberty with), are justified in their greater “mission” (to use another NXIVM term), the fight against their imagined ruthless enemies or whatever.

    Similar to what NXIVM did with Frank, Horowitz and his minion/s have now identified me as an enemy, and part of some conspiracy against them, just for asking hard questions and challenging their questionable actions.

    • Anonymaker aka Flowers,

      You keep attacking the messenger rather
      than refute the messages with anything substantive. Only trolls do that!

      What you are essentially doing is attempting to divert from actual crimes to protect Paul J Sulla, Jr., a land thief and forger, an ayahuasca drug trafficker who launders the drug money through stolen real estate.

      Paul J Sulla stole Dr. Horowitz’s home, as well as the home of many others. Sulla and his government cronies deprived 80 poor families from gaining affordable housing!

      This is who you back!!!

      Who cares when a resume’ was updated on that site! I update my work experience all the time. Dr. Horowitz is well known. His CVs of his schooling have been online for years. That has not changed!!!

      But you kept libeling him by claiming he never went to those schools.

      So he proved you wrong to the world!

      So now, you, as the faceless coward, pulls an Adam Schiffty Schiff, and you can’t help yourself but to divert to something else.

      Call the registrar of those schools to see if he went there, and stop diverting from the crimes!

      Folks see right through you! Get a life!!!!

  • In response to Anonymaker’s challenge:

    “And you can’t meet my challenge to provide even one example of a grand conspiracy theory that did turn out to have any basis in reality, can you?”

    Operation Northwoods

    • It never actually happened – or at least it was never carried out, and was never promoted as a conspiracy theory by anyone claiming to have figured it out prior to its public revelation through much later official document declassifications and releases, so it doesn’t count:

      “it was authorized by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, but then rejected by President John F. Kennedy. According to currently released documentation, none of the operations became active under the auspices of the Operation Northwoods proposals.
      the Northwoods document[s] were first published online by the National Security Archive on 6 November 1998 in a joint venture with CNN as part of its 1998 Cold War television documentary series.”


      My challenge still stands, like the Randi challenge that similar proponents of baseless theories and pseudoscience could never meet:


      • Operation Northwoods does count because it satisfies your own two prong test:

        Prong 1:

        It must have been promoted as a conspiracy theory by anyone claiming to have figured it out prior to its public revelation”

        Prong 1 Satisfied:

        There were multiple conspiracy theories promoted, prior to the revelation of Northwoods by the Joint Chiefs, claiming the United States government engaged in false flags to justify foreign intervention. These conspiracy theories included:

        a) the killing of US citizens;
        b) hijacking planes and shooting them down or giving the appearance of shooting them down;
        c) blowing up U.S. military targets;
        d) orchestrating violent terrorism in U.S. cities;

        Northwoods planned and /or contemplated each and everyone of these options (a)-(d).

        In your reply above you dissemble by stating that Northwoods never happened. This added pre-condition contradicts Prong 2 of your own test which states:

        “Revealed by participants who had a change of heart”

        Prong 2 Satisfied:

        The Operation Northwoods false flag was revealed by participants who had a change of heart, or at least had their heart changed for them.

        Please be aware that your added pre condition requiring consummation, contradicts the legal definition of conspiracy:

        A conspiracy in criminal law requires an agreement to commit a crime at some time in the future and an overt act, such as in this instance, the Joint Chiefs sending their plan to Kennedy. It does not require consummation.

        You acknowledge this by creating a 2nd prong that tracks the legal definition of conspiracy and is satisfied, even if the conspiracy is revealed by participants who had a change of heart…”

        Now, if you want to argue the Joint Chiefs couldn’t have had a change of heart because they didn’t have hearts, I might have to concede that one to you.

        • If you want to wade into the weeds on this, then I want to post two points of clarification for the record.

          * A conspiracy theory has to involve an actual conspiracy. Northwoods was a plan or proposal, and doesn’t even meet the definition of conspiracy:

          “A conspiracy occurs when two or more people agree to commit an illegal act and take some step toward its completion.”


          There was no step towards completion, the proposal – as with many others – was just “forwarded as a suitable submission for planning purposes” (JCS memo 13 Mar 62) before the relevant decision-makers disagreed with, and rejected, it.

          * A conspiracy theory has to be specific enough to be testable – not just, for instance, that at some point in the past some part of the US government has bounced around the idea of some sort of false flag operation, a level of generality that would be meaningless.

          There would have had to have been a conspiracy theory about Northwoods itself, identifiable by details if not by name, to be able to cite it as an example of a conspiracy theory that turned out to be true.

          Northwoods was neither a conspiracy, nor a conspiracy theory.

          This old thread isn’t the place, but any serious discussion of the subject would require some addition consideration and refinement.

  • Oh NO
    Ghislaine Maxwell is ‘totally convinced’ that she will not face prosecution over alleged procurement of girls for Jeffrey Epstein as she has too much ‘dirt’ on rich people, family friend says
    Laura Goldman says Maxwell thinks she can return to her old socialite lifestyle
    She claims that Maxwell was relieved by the death of the billionaire paedophile
    While in hiding, she is said to be texting friends across different social circles

    PUBLISHED: 15:28 EST, 30 December 2019 | UPDATED: 18:50 EST, 30 December 2019

    Epsteins Dead Man Switch was never activated. Me thinks she will shoot herself in the back of the head twice. Same scenario. They usually move them to Pine Gap for cosmetic surgery and then its just business as usual. May even get a new body.

    Hey grizzleaine..The “dust” is not going to settle for you..

    • I’m actually a centrist who votes for third party candidates, and calls out both the major political parties for their hypocrisy and corruption – your ASSumptions are so far from the truth as to be delusional.

      You sound like a culty, black-and-white thinking political partisan who might fit right in to NXIVM, or Scientology.

      • You are a liar plain and simple. You are clearly a member of the Democrat party cult as well as either a former or current member of the NXIVM cult. On top of you being a member of the cult of Islam.

  • There are people who look for answers to unusual activities but are either unable or unwilling to do much mental stretching or much if any independent studying. When arriving at what are subjective semi-conclusions, some of these respondents stay wrapped in that subjectivity, and some of these seem to feel a compunction to attack what they’ve not been able or willing to put in the work to start to comprehend.

    Please keep going regardless, Dr. Horowitz. Have some faith from me, as I stay offering encouragement for you to keep exposing information, no matter if reactions appear as discreditations or as ridicule or veer into trying to make your efforts seem like science fiction. So many haven’t seen, learned or experienced what you have and don’t have reference points yet, so don’t or can’t or will not relate to what you want to convey.

    One finds ways not to feel this as a disturbance, but that detachment and resoluteness doesn’t necessarily come easily. It calls upon one’s resources, emotionally and mentally. One has to adapt, even if you can glimpse where an uninformed critic is stuck, just by looking over his or her remarks of reaction. Often no response, not getting involved with answering triviality or demonstrably nasty little jabs is the course to take. Those who will hear will hear; those who decide not to listen might hear another day or another way.

    Dr. Horowitz you are sharing information and details that many will be reluctant to absorb or to accept. Please don’t feel too badly as this kind of “rejection” is often typical. Some couch it in a kind of know-it-all scorn. Some use clumsy humor as a deflection. Some focus in on what might be thought of as details and seek to dismantle those details, for the purpose of shifting attention towards attempting to discredit the messenger. These reactions are expected givens, but you can understand that these are indications of weakness, not strength, and certainly not reactions of humility or receptiveness. So usually it’s a waste of one’s own strength to engage with what you can see, calmly or not-so-calmly, as being misinformed or as ignorance or denial.

    Most who look over what you share are just not as well-informed as you are. Some are adamant about staying misinformed, unwilling or ill-equipped to take in information. You may have ingested much experience and have adapted to it are willing to adapt to much which will seem unthinkable, unimaginable to others. None of these reactions have much to do with you at all. You have crucial communication to give.

    Months ago when the owner of Tinker Ventues, a web development shop, was found dead in her rental car, the 33 year old women left behind what info she could, before she met her end in San Jose. Erin Valenti tried so hard to communicate what she was finding. Commenting about the death of Erin here garnered me quite a bit of reaction, but much of that reaction either avoided or missed the points of what I was seeing and saying about Erin Valenti’s death.

    This isn’t new, in terms of how people sometimes react. However, reactions do not stop me from wanting to keep learning ; wanting to learn is inherent. There is no stopping. Rather meditating restores the calmness which is the basis of concentration (for me.) So too does dancing restore me, swimming, enjoying my grandsons and the magnolia trees. Pretty much I start each day by seeing how very little I “know.” The attention grows from not knowing and “knowing” feels stagnant. Always there is more to learn.

    I’m aware that Erin Valenti’s parents and family are still looking for answers about how and why she died and understand how much Erin’s loved ones could be completely unprepared to grapple with those answers. Looking over what Erin left behind in early October once again today, much has been scrubbed now from the press. Thank goodness I took notes and have not been “scrubbed.”

    Exactly when Erin died, another young woman was murdered far, far from where Erin had been staying in Palo Alto to learn more about how to organize her own work, business. This other young woman, Rachelle Bergeron, had a political title as attorney general of a small island called Yap in Micronesia. She had been trying to teach locals how to recognize or spot human traffickers, among other things, and she too, was only in her thirties. Rachelle Bergeron was shot while out walking her dog. Let’s just say, I am not forgetting any of this whether it is being “forgotten” or not.

    My dad used to say to comfort me when I’d found dead baby birds in a spruce tree or saw someone who was feeling deeply burdened, “never a sparrow falls.” This has stayed with me all of my life. Please keep on being true to yourself and let no one discourage you. Respect.

    • Shivani, Tufts-trained former dentist Horowitz has been silent of late since being outed as being dishonest about his bona fides, not to mention the real nature of his real estate troubles, so it may be that the emperor has no clothes. There is indeed good reason to be suspicious of those who start off by blatantly, provably mis-representing or even being deceptive about their background, and the facts of situations at issue – that’s the stock in trade of con men and cult leaders (almost always men) like Raniere, or Scientology’s “Dr.” Hubbard.

      Just so you know, for my part I’ve been studying and often participating in subjects like hypnosis, transpersonal psychology, frauds, Buddhism, peak experiences, the occult, transhumanism, altered states, psychodelia, yogic practices, cults, and so on, since I was a teenager – quite possibly longer than anyone here. My tempered skepticism comes from a lifetime of personal experience, and observation, the disappointment of falling for some deceptions myself, and seeing many things not pan out – including the lives of dear friends wasted chasing illusions that never materialize and which sometimes even ended awfully and prematurely.

      • I hear you and decided to take a risk and to consider a lot of his/their info as possibly accurate and to encourage more from the author(s.) Sometimes you catch more flies with honey than vinegar, that is, if there are any flies around. Also, sometimes somebody comes off out of the gate a bit too speedily, frantically, and that’s an element to watch.

        I don’t know the motives and only some shades of the backstories. My first thought about any rehabilitative industry is to ascertain everything about that industry. Who is applying it, under what specific conditions, who is qualified and does the industry have any affiliations? Who’s who. We see you, Narconon/Scientology. We see you, Harvey Weinstein resort rehab. Hello, Malibu.

        What you say is valid to me, because I don’t know what is going on, so I hope more talk keeps happening. Sometimes even liars tell shades of the truth, especially those who are academically inclined, or those who want either justice or vengeance, like after a “good thing” goes bad, and buddies turn into enemies.

        Nobody’s perfect and confession is supposed to be good for the soul. Kindly do not get me to bust myself anymore, okay? Some of this stuff being written has backup from other sources. Maybe it’s all crazy, and maybe all of it isn’t that wacko.

        Nobody should trust anybody to dose them with ayahuasca. No matter how strong you think that you are, don’t play with this. If no Bronfmans get caught from this backstory, at least maybe somebody will remember, people are using ayahuasca to leave lasting harm to others. Don’t sell your mind, your free will or your soul for a high. The high won’t last. Don’t get maimed.

        • Shivani, your justification there sounds just like that of Scientology’s Hubbard loyalists, the “independents” in particular – that despite being a “virtual pathological liar” and almost inherently incapable of being honest about his background or methods, that it’s possible that somehow the poser “Dr.” could nonetheless be promoting truths worth paying attention to.

          It reminds me of the old saying about a stopped clock being right twice a day. There’s really no point in even paying attention – and even a significant risk of being led astray – when the possible rate of accuracy is that low.

          Or do you think Scientology is worth studying, along with Raniere’s teachings, and those of Ramtha and Jim Jones, and however many others, on the off chance there might be something worthwhile to be found?

      • AnonyMaker, Flowers and the rest of your cell,

        A little Google search would have taken you to Dr. Leonard Horowitz’s official website where his bio and resume, as well as press kit are all listed. And if you still have questions, why don’t you contact the registrars’ offices to confirm the fact that he attended those schools and received those degrees.


        And since you are obviously not very good at research, here is the link to his CV on the page:

        http://drlenhorowitz.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/Dr-Leonard-Horowitz-Curriculum-Vitae-2019.pdf on his website

    • Some of us have the knowledge and experience to be afraid of the descent into illogic, irrationality, pseudo- if not anti-scientific beliefs, and even delusion, that are typically present in conspiracy theorizing. Much of it turns out to fly in the face of facts and reason when scrutinized, and none of these grandiose conspiracy theories have ever been proven to be true, even if you look back at a century or more of them (as Uscinski and Parent do in the excellent book American Conspiracy Theories).

      In fact, so many conspiracy theories are in direct contradiction with one another, that only a small percentage of them could even possibly be true, according to the odds. For every Horowitz, you can find a couple of people who claim that the spread of psychedelic drug use in the US was actually the work of the Soviets or others, and the popular CIA connection was just a ruse or distraction that only a dupe would fall for. Kristin Snyder can’t both have been murdered (Frank’s conspiracy theory, that he has found adherents for here) or still be alive (the NXIVM conspiracy theory, that Frank’s friends O’Hara and Keefe believe, along with cult loyalists).

      It’s much the same thing sort of shoddy thinking, or belief masked as thought, as seen inside cults – they almost have faith in conspiracy theories as a significant part of their ideology, such as Raniere claiming that everyone from the Edgar Bronfman to the Illuminati were plotting against his “mission” – which is why it can seem particularly disturbing to find such such things on a site nominally devoted to taking down a cult.

      I’m sure conspiracy theory believers will be upset now, but I’d challenge them to provide an example of one of these grandiose conspiracy theories that ever turned out to be true, exposed and proven by dogged investigation, or revealed by participants who had a change of heart – the sort of thing that almost inevitably exposes the sort of mundane machinations that do go on in the real world, from organized crime to Watergate.

      • p.s. I do really appreciate Frank’s expose’ of Snyder’s case. NXIVM’s harmful practices and negligence that lead up to her disappearance certainly at least contributed to the tragedy, and her family in particular deserves to know more exactly what happened.

        • The post by “Reality” was completely off-topic – a total non-sequitur – so there’s no point in being distracted by that, unless you suffer from ADD.

          Kid, I’ve been around long enough to see that none of this wild conspiracy stuff pans out – aliens, lesbianism as a CIA plot*, Catholics trying to take over the world, sasquatch and bigfoot, you name it, they come and go like fads and fashions, but it never really turns out to have happened. And you can’t meet my challenge to provide even one example of a grand conspiracy theory that did turn out to have any basis in reality, can you?

          * see, for instance, “Did the CIA Invent Homosexuality to Discourage Travel to Canada & South America?” http://harddawn.com/did-the-cia-invent-homosexuality/

          • Hey, idiot, all of your circular bullshit is not doing you any good. Just makes you look like a desperate fool.

    • Yet another of Tufts-trained former dentist Horowitz’ myriad of conspiracy beliefs, apparently – there’s almost no end to them, as if he were actually suffering from something like clinical paranoia, in spite of obviously being able to function at a fairly high level as a writer.

      More on topic here, there is a tie in that NXIVM’s techniques were based on NLP, which is in turn derived from Ericksonian hypnosis, and uses also used other hypnosis-related techniques including those sometimes referred to as covert, or conversational.

  • Thank you, Dr. Horowitz, for broadening and deepening our understanding by sharing your personal experience and what you’ve learned from it.

    I have trouble getting to what the goal of these mind control methods is when it comes to people who are already wealthy and powerful, like the Bronfman’s, and can only lose out to, become pawns of the likes of a Keith Raniere or a Jeffrey Epstein — if they don’t lose their own minds (and wealth and power) first.

    What are your thoughts on this?

    • Heidi, why in the world do you believe in this MKUlta nonsense? You say you have trouble getting to the goal of these mind control methods….. the reason you have trouble is because there is no MKUltra “mind-control goal” to be understood. The only “mind control” is the gaslighting being done by people such as Horowitz and other conspiracy theorists.

      Though the good news is that the some of these morons , such as Alex Jones, are now paying the price for spreading known lies and BS.

      • To clarify, I meant why would a Bronfman — anyone who already has money and power aplenty — subject other people to these experiments — as Jeffrey Bronfman and Clare & Sara Bronfman are apparently doing?

        Clare Bronfman, in a published quote displayed for years on NXIVM’s website promoting her and Sara’s “Ethical Science Foundation” (based on Raniere & Salzman’s research methods and executed by Porter) states:

        “The goal is to find out if humans can be manipulated and, if so, how?” – Clare Bronfman

        And, here we have another Bronfman, Clare’s cousin, dosing people with this ayahuasca “God-molecule” out-of-body-delusion if not suicide-inducing drug.

        IDK about MKUltra or any other govt. mind control plots but it’s a fact NXIVM has one — that, according to Clare, was their mission.

        Clare also told Frank she dreamnt he’d teach her to “astral project” which is apparently a side effect of this ayahuasca — having the near-death sensation of leaving one’s body.

        Maybe if I had Clare’s body I’d want to leave it from time to time but I think a good surgeon and a faster jet could make Clare much happier to stay in her skin. She could even afford a rocket ride if outerspace darkness is such an appealing hallucination.

        But why inflict this on other people in the name of guru science? Their influence on govt.’s and law enforcement to look the other way on these “manipulation” activities — in addition to sponsoring the likes of Raniere’s and Sully’s, is harmful to everyone and to themselves.

        Maybe they’re just self-destructive suckers themselves.

        • Heidi, I don’t know much about Ben Bronfman, but my guess would be that he believes that what he is doing is helping humanity, and assisting individuals to fulfill their potential in a certain way – very similar to his cousin Clare. Both may suffer from particular dysfunctions as descendants of a patriarch who was both a remorseless bootlegger and a promoter of (Jewish) causes he believed in, and be driven by guilt about the source of their unearned wealth. I’m not sure that Ben Bronfman necessarily sees himself as experimenting on people, the way that Clare did, but if so then it probably ties in to similar ends-justifies-the-means thinking.

          Your last statement likely has a significant element of truth, as well.

        • Heidi, there is no proof that the Bronfmans are subjecting people to any secret mind-control experiments. Keith, Clare and some of the other NXIVM members were very manipulative, but manipulation is not MK-Ultra. Narcissists like Keith usually have manipulative personalities.

          Ayahuasca has been used for centuries and has nothing to do with mind-control. Astral projection (if it actually exists…) is something that certain people have claimed to have the ability to do (such as Edward Cayce) and is not connected to MK-Ultra.

          I agree that manipulation (as used by cult leaders such as Manson and Jim Jones) is very real, and can be extremely destructive, but it’s not the same thing as the rather magical Mk-Ultra theory the internet conspiracy theorists are trying to sell.

      • Interesting question, Flowers.

        It seems as if an unusual number of the people even peripherally connected to NXIVM were prone to conspiracy theorizing and similar thinking/beliefs, though I’m not sure why. It is typical that those who get deeply involved in such groups have such tendencies, and those organizations typically have conspiracy beliefs as part of their formal or informal ideology; also, those so involved tend to believe in ends-justify-the means rationalizations, if they’re not outright devious – as we see in Toni Natalie and others.

    • Some think MKUltra was used to control a number of people and have them carry out their plans. Some of the people controlled by MKUltra are suppose to be: Charles Manson, John Lennon’s Killer, Marlin Monroe, Britney Spears, School Shooters.

      Marilyn Monroe many believe was one of the first Hollywood stars to be controlled by MKUltra. Many argue that the personality breakdowns of Britney Spears are due to MKUltra. Also weird, she is not allowed as an adult woman to make her own decisions. There are many youtube videos that showcase allegedly how Britney Spears is controlled by certain words and how her personality is split through this hypnosis.

      The goal of MkUltra was allegedly to push a particular agenda. So, with Manson, it is said they were testing that they could control someone and have him orchestrate others to do harm and create fear in the area. With John Lennon’s killer, they were also testing they could control someone to murder a celebrity (who at the time had stopped following the government’s orders). With the school shooters, they also supposedly have an agenda.

      It is interesting because a lot of the school shooters are usually on prescription medication (SSR whose side effects are to be homicidal) and they have a military in the family. John Lennon’s Killer and Manson also had someone close to them in the military. It is said the military person in their family got them in MKUltra at a very young age.

      There is a lot of info online if you look. Not sure if it is real. But considering what we now know about Keith and the crazy ways how he controlled women, it could be.

      • Among the various problems with such theories, is that it makes no sense to experiment on well-known figures, rather than say college students – as was originally done with some of the limited, misguided research – or some other population of people who cases would not attract attention if things went wrong. There’s also a related incongruity, that somehow these super-secret conspiracies capable of pulling off extraordinary crimes (never caught by law enforcement, or revealed by a remorseful or just loosed-lipped participant), somehow nonetheless do them in a way that “researchers” on the internet can readily figure out.

        They’re also typically based on reading too much into things. Most people probably have someone in their family with military connections, if you look into their family tree. And most kids who are troubled enough to do something like shoot up a school, will have been identified as having psychological problems and given some treatment, which these days typically includes medication (the sort of obvious reality check that typically gets missed, is that SSRI use is actually more prevalent in older populations, but there aren’t retirement home shootings).

        There is “information” online that the earth is both flat, and hollow – quite a bit is obviously not real.

    • Hello Heidi.

      Thanks for the question.

      The answer is very simply ‘criminal psychopathology.’

      I had the good fortune of studying, in depth, Burgess and Ressler’s brilliant FBI (Quantico) research in “sexual homicide,” distinguishing “organized serial killers” from other murderers. The bottom line is their neurology is “switched.” What gives a ‘normal’ person joy, gives these psychopaths pain. What gives a normal person pain, gives them pleasure.

      We see this criminal psychopathology playing out here on this Frank Report forum. You witness the faceless PharmaTroll ‘Anonymaker’ and his vaccination-genocide sidekick, Flowers. (Probably the same person paid to clone attack Big Pharma’s targets). They serial slay the reputations of good people on this thread. They get joy out of lying and confusing everyone. That is also the hallmarks of an MKULTRA mind-controlled slave. Fractured personalities. Hypnotized Manchurian candidates demonstrate this.

      This is not ‘conspiracy theory.’ This is reality. Regarding these demons’ denials of conspiracies, click here: (https://scholar.google.com/scholar?hl=en&as_sdt=2003&q=conspiracy+theory&btnG=)

      Listed are more than 100,000 legal cases adjudicating ‘conspiracy theories.’ According to these cyberbullies, conspiracy theories are non-existent! See how easy it is for them to even disappear case law?

      The demonically-possessed feel joy dissociating themselves from reality, including the damage, diseases, and deaths they cause on the ‘dark side’ with their evil cohort.

      The more they do this evil, the more powerful they feel.

      Recall what Nixon warned about this. “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Their absolute corruption demonstrates demonic possession–pure evil.

      That’s why genocide, sexually abusing or killing children, destroying families and communities, as well as good people’s reputations, etc. brings them joy.

      Hope you have a blessed, healthy, and happy 2020!

  • Dr. Horowitz,

    “First …. you clearly worked to sucker me into this dialogue by faking your ignorance to conceal your malice.”-Dr. Horowitz

    Doc, you hit the nail right on top of the ugly chick!

    Flowers is the world’s first passive-aggressive female troll. Thank you for calling her out.

  • Horowitz, others may be impressed with all of your mentions of “Harvard,” and “biologist,” and all of the names that are unknown to most people, fancy words like “ethnobotany,” and “Swiss scientist,” and “pursuing a master’s degree,” and “Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship,” etc., etc., etc., doesn’t move the needle for me. All of the fancy words and titles in the world don’t mean a damn thing if all you do is smash together ideas with little to no proof to back up your claims. You can write a lot of words, but they don’t amount to very much. All of those “studies” didn’t result in any meaningful progress.

    Also, I doubt very many readers question reality because of Flowers’ comments. That is so insane, it’s laughable.

    • why don’t you invite the guy on your tin can and string radio program. I don’t really care what Horowitz says but it is interesting that everytime an article about Conspiracies or MK Ultra come up flowers and anonyfaker pop up to rail against it. I think that is the most telling thing in all of this.

      • Really, Intereresting/Dahlia/Agenda/Etc? The question really should be why you find people who spread the TRUTH to be so unusual. I wonder what that tells us about you. Lol

        Btw, why you are still obsessed with me?…and still following your hubby’s orders like the perfect little Stepford wife.
        Care to explain why?

        • Flowers, you would not know the truth if it hit you square in your empty delusional head. Not obsessed with you at all, you are such a crackpot that your ignorance stands out. .

          • This forum is full of people who believe that some nefarious group is using magical mind control methods on everyone (though they can’t explain why….), that a guy called “Q” has special insight into the White House and he posts his coded bits of info on 8chan, that vaccinations will cause serious harm (despite the fact that there’s not a shred of evidence to prove this, and we have all been vaccinated and are doing okay….) and yet you think I’m the ignorant and delusional one?

            Even if reality bit you on the ass, “Reality”, you wouldn’t recognize it as the truth.

          • Flowers your ignorance shows with every comment. You are scared shitless of the Qanon movement and what is happening because of it. Why are you so fearful? USMI is behind the Q movement and it has been in the works for over 20 years. Nothing is going to stop the Paradigm shift that is coming.

          • Lol! Do you actually believe your own words?
            PS…Roger Stone has even admitted to starting the QAnon hoax. Q’s first post was the day after Roger’s twitter acct was suspended. Hmmmmm.

            Hey, how much do you trolls get paid, or do you do this bullshit for free because you enjoy hurting people?

          • Stone never admitted he started the Qanon phenom Did you pull that lie out of your fat ass like most everything else you post? Another lie from a Queen of liars. No wonder you are a die hard Marxist democrap. You and anonyfaker do sound too much alike in your shared delusional idiocy

          • Reality, I’m not sure what you think I’m lying about. According to one of Stone’s associates, he admitted to her that he was responsible for starting the QAnon hoax. She posted that he admitted this on her SM account, so if anyone is lying, it would not be me.

          • Can’t you read, you moron. You are lying about Roger Stone among other things, you phony twit. It is rich that you throw out your own convoluted conspiracy crap while trying to debunk actual theories that has much truth to them.

      • If Horowitz wants to be on the show, he is welcome to join us. As I’ve said before, Hutchinson is the only person on the planet who is not welcome. However, we have a couple of guests lined up already, including J. Gary DiLaura, the retired FBI guy who has posted here. Hopefully Frank can clear some time and come on again as well.

  • If I understand your reasoning, Horowitz, you can call me a moron because I question you, but that’s not rude behaviour on your part? Okay then….

    I assume you think every study that finds vaccinations to be safe is “trolling” the public?

    There are a lot of dangerous conspiracy theories being spread on the internet, but the only real conspiracy (that I have seen) is the conspiracy to spread false information.

  • The best description of the CIA’s MKULTRA project is the recent book “Poisoner in Chief” by Stephen Kinzer.
    Most of the CIA’s MKULTRA files were destroyed in 1973 by the project’s Director the Mad Doctor Sidney Gottlieb.
    Had those documents not been destroyed Dr. Gottlieb would have been charged for the murder of an Army scientist named Frank Olson.
    Gottlieb killed Olson in 1953 by dosing him without Olson’s consent with LSD .
    Olson had a bad reaction and committed suicide by jumping out of a Manhattan hotel room and plunging 13 floors to his death.

    • There’s a book entitled “Tranceformation of America” by Cathy Obrien. I read it years ago, and I’ve noticed she’s still doing speaking engagements. She clearly outlines how they mind controlled her through trauma and electroshocking after they programmed her. You may still be able to read it online, just add jpeg to the title. It is not for the meek minded, I must stress, it’s probably the most horrific thing I’ve ever read!

      • Bobbie
        I haven’t read her book, but I have seen her interviews and am familiar with her claims.
        Even if what she claims has some truth to it, (and I seriously doubt that everything she claims is true) it still doesnt support the MK-Ultra theories being spun on the internet. These theories are all part of other conspiracies and are part of an agenda to instill fear and mistrust in the government, IMO.

    • Shadowstate,

      Scott can sell you some reasonable priced water filters; Capable of filtering large oak leaves….


  • Horowitz has already been outed here as labeling anyone who questions his provably misleading or even false claims, not to mention his dubious theories, as a troll or part of an array of conspiracies against him.

    When someone starts out with mis-representations or mis-statements, it’s not an “attack” to point those out, and then ask hard questions about the veracity of any other narrative or theory they may be trying to forward.

    And Horowitz, if you want to respond, please start out by providing us an accurate, verifiable CV to back up the implications you have made regarding your credentials, demonstrating what you are actually a “doctor” of, and exactly what your (separate) studies or research at Harvard and other institutions were, including a clear listing of degrees actually attained (not just studied for) and research positions held. Here for instance is Harvard’s guidance for a proper CV for a medical professional:

    from https://fa.hms.harvard.edu/faculty-medicine-cv-guidelines

    • Yes, for multiple assertions, Mr. Horowitz does neglect to provide evidence, something I would expect him to rectify if he altered his format to fit more basic journalistic standards.

      My own dentist displays a Harvard certificate on his wall in his lobby. From 8 feet away, it looks like a degree for a doctorate in dentistry. On closer inspection, it merely states he completed a special topics conference.

    • AnonyMaker, Flowers and the rest of your cell,

      A little Google search would have taken you to Dr. Leonard Horowitz’s official website where his bio and resume, as well as press kit are all listed. And if you still have questions, why don’t you contact the registrars’ offices to confirm the fact that he attended those schools and received those degrees.


      And since you are not very good at research, here is the link to his CV on the page:

      http://drlenhorowitz.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/Dr-Leonard-Horowitz-Curriculum-Vitae-2019.pdf on his website

      • The date code of “2020/01” in that upload link shows that it was only just posted today.

        Nice attempt at a smear job. That exposes yet further the lack of integrity and honesty with which Horowitz and his minion/s operate – much like Raniere and his inner circle.

        And it still does reveal the underlying truth that had been ferreted out, and that Horowitz tries to aggrandize and obfuscate, that he’s just a former dentist trained at Tufts, with a very “soft” Harvard “Masters Degree in Public Health in behavioral science and media persuasion.”

        p.s. I did previously find the “press kit,” and it falls short of being a proper CV, plus makes the somewhat differing claim:

        “Harvard’s Graduate School of Education in media health promotion | Master of Public Health degree in Behavioral Science. Course emphasis in health education/health promotion. program de-sign, production and evaluation.”

        • with a very “soft” Harvard “Masters Degree in Public Health in behavioral science and media persuasion.”

          Very soft??? What are your credentials, Mr anonyfaker? You come here to constantly spout off your “expertise” in everything under the cloak of anonymity. Basically, you spout your own conning agenda, which exposes your own softness. In other words, cut the bullshit, skippy.

  • This comment is mostly a response to the Doctor’s previous entry:

    I thought the article was engaging, thought-provoking, and obviously, quite provocative. But it differs, stylistically, from most of Frank’s entries in one key respect: The latter are more focused around a fairly narrow theme. Frank often provides a succinctly stated purpose in the beginning of his articles, to which he usually adheres quite closely. The Doctor’s piece is much less a journalistic item and more of an essay, one which is quite discursive in scope.

    I wonder if the Doctor’s message would benefit if he broke such a wide-ranging article down into smaller, briefer installments. By “benefit,” I mean– would his ideas be more cogent, more easily digestible, and, ultimately, more convincing to his chosen audience?

    Just wondering.

    • Anonymous,

      Succinctly, you mean the doctor should provide a “takeaway” like most articles in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, or The New Yorker.

      Brevity is the key.

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