Judge Garaufis Approves Sara Bronfman Getting $200K From Government Sale of Nxivm Headquarters

Sars Bronfman Igtet

You gotta have luck.

And Sara Bronfman-Igtet has plenty of it.

While her sister, Clare, goes to prison for perhaps as long as 5-10 years for her role in the Nxivm racketeering enterprise, Sara is not only getting off scot-free, but the feds are going to give her a share of the proceeds from the sales of the seized Nxivm headquarters.

NXIVM headquarters at 455 New Karner Road

Yes, Judge Garaufis signed off on the feds request that Sara not be forgotten.

Document 823 – Order Regarding Stipulation Between Sara Bronfman-Igtet & Prosecution (12.26.2019)

Ironic too, since Sara, up until recently, was every bit as active as Clare in enabling the monster, Keith Alan Raniere. She invested millions with him. She funded untold numbers of crimes.

Nancy Salzman with Sara Bronfman planning the manipulation of students at V-Week 2017.

Somehow, the feds took a liking to the winsome lass, not even bothering to include her in their chart of “the inner circle of Nxivm” – despite her having a higher rank than her sister and almost everyone else on the chart.

Clare was a mere orange sash while Sara had the coveted green sash, making her one of the highest-ranking members of Nxivm ever.

The upside of Sara getting this money – and not going to prison – is that this loyal Nxian can fund Raniere’s commissary. Based on present federal rules, a prisoner can have $150 in commissary every two weeks, which means with Sara’s $200,000, she can fund Raniere’s commissary for the next 50 years – which is about the amount of time Keith is expected to be behind bars.

MK10ART provided Frank Report with this lovely photoshopped image of Keith enjoying Lays potato chips in prison. Potato chips, a salty and delightful hi carb snack is available at the commissary.

This reminds me of practical joke Raniere is said to have done when he was a younger man and on the prowl for teens. He would go into a convenience store and if there were pretty girls there – especially if they were juveniles and might appreciate his joke, he would call out loudly ‘I want to get lays! I want to get lays.”

But I digress.

The real dichotomy here is the difference in the way the feds treated the two heiress sisters.

When things got hot, Sara fled the USA and is living in France and the UK. She has her millions intact and faces no criminal penalties. While she lost perhaps $100 million supporting Raniere’s criminal enterprise, she has an estimated $350 million left.

She is overseas conducting the dangerous human child experiment formerly known as Rainbow Cultural Garden, where children are separated from their parents at six months and forced to learn seven different languages – from seven different nannies – one for each day of the week.

When things got hot for Clare, she fled the USA with Raniere – off to Mexico.

Sara Bronfman and her sister Clare. Their father and Keith Raniere insets. This came from a Vanity Fair article about the two sisters.

She was arrested in July 2018. Took a plea deal on Good Friday 2019 and got the bad news last week that her 10-page plea deal had about the same value as 10 sheets of toilet paper.

Her plea deal – negotiated by her celebrity attorney Marc Geragos – implied – but did not guarantee – that she would only be sentenced to 21-27 months in prison – and that she could appeal any sentence longer than 27 months.

It turned out to be worthless. The feds had miscalculated her sentencing guidelines and Judge Garaufis is not bound to honor the 27 months. He can risk her appealing her sentence (she cannot appeal her guilty plea) which he is likely to have upheld.

Last week, the judge said he was “considering” sentencing Clare to a longer sentence. How much longer is anybody’s guess, but legal observers say the judge would not have signaled his thinking in advance unless it was going to be substantially longer than 27 months.

I’d expect double.

Poor Clare’s woes were exacerbated by dozens of victims writing to the judge and the prosecution expressing how this monster with a $200 million pocketbook ready to use as a weapon – had victimized them.

Marie White photoshopped this picture of Clare to approximate her appearance when she gets out of prison.

And speaking of MK10ART and her lovely work, I am tremendously impressed with this painting. Look at the figures in the background – stark, ghoulish and revealing images of [l-r] Sara Bronfman-Igtet, Clare Bronfman, Toni Natalie, and Keith Raniere. I am not sure who the handsome guy in the front with the cape is but he seems terribly impressive.

In any event, when the property at 455 New Karner is sold along with two other nearby properties, which were bought with Bronfman sisters’ money, Sara will get up to $200,000.

She spent about $100 million with Raniere and she will get back $200,000.

Viva Executive Success!


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[…] In order to avoid any issues that might hold up the sale of those properties, the feds agreed to pay Sara 20 percent of the proceeds of the sale to be capped at $200,000 – and Judge Garaufis approved that agreement (See: Bronfman Getting $200K From government Sale of NXIVM Headquarters). […]

3 years ago

Sara Bronfman should have to come to the EDNY DOJ to pick up her check. Not her husband or her mother should be able to pick it up either, only Sara Bronfman herself.

The check will sit there forever.

3 years ago

What would anyone expect from a left wing liberal judge. They love to coddle criminals.

3 years ago

This is a ridiculous decision.

3 years ago

Dear Mr. Frank Parlato & Everyone

I have been a reader of the Frank Report for almost a year. When I read the title of this article I actually became physically sick for a moment. This is the most disgusting thing I ever ever read on the Frank Report out side of rapes, alleged murders, and torture.

The federal government and DOJ disgusts me.

Shadow State
3 years ago

If the government were truly serious about destroying NXIVM once and for all, it would not be giving Sara Bronfman a New Year’s Day present.

3 years ago

MK10ART I laughed so hard seeing your photo shop of Raniere. The painting of Frank is absolutely beautiful. I love it. You really did a wonderful piece of art.

Heidi Hutchinson
Heidi Hutchinson
3 years ago
Reply to  nxivmart

Oh, there you are Marie. Did Frank tell how popular your rendition of “Bangkok” aka “The Retard” has become?

Why, I’ve even seen it pinned up on a wall at a Post Office in our neighborhood — apparently you’ve got art appreciation fans in Thousand Oaks, CA!!

Either that or Bangkok, etc. is a wanted man.

3 years ago

*****NXIVM Going Out Of Business Sale*****

100 Sex Slaves for Sale. Used. Cheap. Make best offer

Well trained and programed
Performs individually or in a group
Boot-up time from Sleep Mode only 60 seconds
Low food maintenance costs
Minor scratch in pubic region does not affect performance
Collateral included,

Harrold F Wilks
Harrold F Wilks
3 years ago
Reply to  LaLaLad

This looks like a mercy fuck from the Government. In hindsight, the bitch did lose millions of dollars to Keith Raniere.

Heidi Hutchinson
Heidi Hutchinson
3 years ago
Reply to  LaLaLad

That’s hilarious, LaLa! Are batteries included or does Lauren Salzman’s battery of these “fuck toys” come with the package? Hey

Heidi Hutchinson
Heidi Hutchinson
3 years ago

Doesn’t Sara deserve a little victim’s compensation? After all, poor Sara had to sacrifice her bid on bearing Keith’s Avatar baby to become the broot mare for some other megalomaniac even uglier than Keith. (Her babies are so cute, though, I wonder if she didn’t just sneak off with a monk or two in a hot tub while Basit was busy plotting one of his Libyan revolutions with Keith).

J. Lanzke
J. Lanzke
3 years ago

How dare anyone trump Keith? Someone’s ugliness has surpassed him. Keith can’t just take this lying down. This smells like revenge. By the way. I don’t know where that quote came from: It’s, “Cute kids turn into ugly adults.”

3 years ago

The fact that Kristin Keeffe is the rat suggests a lot. I don’t want to go into details, but I’m 99% sure I’m right. She’s also hiding a lot of things. Keith Raniere keeping his mouth shut is a sure thing.

Toni Natalie sucked Ranieres Nipples 😂
Toni Natalie sucked Ranieres Nipples 😂
3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

I beg to differ with you on Raniere keeping his mouth shut. His chin is a permanent resting place for bubba’s balls. Bubba’s gonna slap his little bitch mouth open and cram a prison piece in it.

Scott Johnson
3 years ago

Raniere was quite the man about town. Too bad the photoshop picture with the potato chips didn’t make his feet square.

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