Heidi: I Believe the Lost Women Were Poisoned Including My Sister Gina Hutchinson!

Ed. Note: I recently wrote in my post Did Raniere Poison Pam Cafrtiz, Barbara Jeske, Kristin Keeffe and Karen Unterreiner? that there is substantial evidence that Keith Raniere may have poisoned Kristin Keeffe, Karen Unterreiner, Pam Cafritz and Barbara Jeske. Heidi Hutchinson, whose sister Gina died mysteriously in 2002, after years of association with Raniere, has her own thoughts to offer. She believes it to be true, in part because she thinks Keith or his minions tried to poison her sister with a black moldy substance. She also recounts a freaky experience where she got food poisoning after being with some of Raniere’s minions and afterward he wanted a sample of her excrement. None of this is proof but it adds to the body of knowledge we know about the monster.

Heidi Hutchinson

By Heidi Hutchinson

I don’t know how, but I know it to be true at the bottom of my soul that Keith Raniere was poisoning women.

He despised them all, and he despises those who do his most vile and evil bidding the most.

After all, without them, Raniere would not be where he is today. The place he was always, as long as I’ve known him, been headed: Locked away in a prison cell — where, indeed, some others who may even have killed for him also belong.

As Keith not only admits but boasted of in a recorded interview — he’s had people killed …for HIS beliefs or THEIRS.

Keith Raniere, in a 2009 video, filmed with Susan Dones’ camera, said, “I’ve had people killed because of their beliefs.”


The Rat, an anonymous commenter on John Tighe’s blog claimed to know in2010 that Keith Raniere had a hand in the deaths of Gina Hutchinson and Kristin Snyder.

“The Rat” admitted as much as well, regarding my sister, Gina Hutchinson, and Kristin Snyder’s apparent suicide.

There’s another thing or two that causes me to know deep down that Keith killed these women.

Keith and his accomplices may have tried the same on me!

The Department of Justice revealed in court that Keith, [and NXIVM] spy on perceived enemies. I am convinced that was the case with me for years.

I moved, I believed, far from the clutches of Keith and NXIVM, following the publication of the 2012 Albany Times Union series wherein I helped expose Keith Raniere as a pedophile. [In Raniere’s Shadow]

[Ed. Note: Heidi Hutchinson was the first to go to Jim Odato of the Albany Times Union to reveal Keith’s statutory rape of her sister, Gina, when she was 14.]

With the cat out of the bag, so to speak, I felt relatively safe for a time. By 2015 or so, I hadn’t thought of Keith much for years.

There were a few exceptions, some signs he might have been spooking me. In 2014, for example, a message repeatedly flashed across my computer screen. This was just after Kristin Keeffe fled from Nxivm.  The message on my screen came in big red letters and read “Kristin come home”. Was it Ben Myer’s handiwork?

Kristin Keeffe fled Nxivm with her son, Keith’s son, in February 2014.

I didn’t want to know from Raniere or NXIVM ever again, after the colossal failure of law enforcement to follow up on the Albany TU expose’ to make a dent in NXIVM’s expansion.

Anyone who signs up for a cult venerating a douchebag who raped 12-year-old Rhiannon must want what they’ve got coming. I don’t believe that anyone who stayed in — from Kristin Kreuk to Allison Mack to Clare and Sara Bronfman — were unaware of the Times Union series.


There were other signs, however, that Nxivm was still in my life.

I mostly ignored these until 2016, when I began having vivid nightmares — a sure sign I was sublimating some knowledge from myself. Keith’s face would appear on the body of a snake poised to strike me and, at times, I would awake just as it’s poisonous fangs were about to sink into my neck.

One day I googled a YouTube video Keith made boasting about how a rattlesnake he’d come across, magically, didn’t strike him.

Funny, the same thing had happened to me while hiking but there was nothing “magical” about it. I just stayed calm and tread lightly on my merry way.

It wasn’t until around the time Frank and Toni Natalie contacted me in the summer of 2017 about the branding that it all began to add up.

Frank has most of the details and whatever evidence I could offer. The FBI asked me to make police reports on any unusual incidents and I did, but I cannot be certain every oddity could be ascribed to NXIVM.

Those who tune in to Frank’s Investigation Discovery, “The Lost Woman of NXIVM” special [Sunday, Dec. 8, 2019, 9 pm ET] will learn about what Gina wrote in her journal. About the (spoiler alert) mysterious “black poison” that’s used for “a perfect human sacrifice.”

I have no clue what it is, what constitutes it. I originally assumed it was some kind of black mold.

It wasn’t until the “Lost Women” producers pointed out the notes about “black poison” Gina made in her journal — something that never caught my eye before — did it make sense to me.

Previously I had taken the reference to be some sort of Buddhist mumbo jumbo.  I did not equate the black substance with a possible poison attempt on Gina.

Heidi and Gina Hutchinson ca 1999.

I do not think there would be any way now to test Gina. But there may yet be a chance with the other women. The FBI might be able to discover what might have been used to kill, to suicide, to disappear the other Lost Women of NXIVM – Barbara Jeske and Pam Cafritz [if they can find Pam’s body.]

Exhumation of Barbara Jeske might be in order.

I’m eternally grateful for the intervention the EDNY DOJ has made thus far to help avoid my being made one of those lost women.

One other note, in 1999-2000, I suffered a near-deadly bout of food poisoning while visiting Albany.

Kristin Keeffe will surely recall that happening, It was on the same night Gina and I stopped by for drinks at the bar she was tending.

I also met Steve Ose there. I’m sure Gina was not involved. It may have been a sheer coincidence. Or perhaps the poisoning was just to have a little “trickster” fun that may have gone a little overboard.

The oddest part was that after I was pumped back to life, a “scientist” of some sort showed up at the hospital scraping my exploded shit off the bathroom walls in the ER. Gina also collected a sample for Keith, she said.

This is breaking news for Frank — just as the potential poisonings attributed to Keith are breaking news for me.

Except that once in a lucid dream I saw Pam’s poisoned corpse laid out just like a sacrifice, just like Gina’s was.

I’m calling all angels — begging you, please, come forward and share what you know no matter how crazy it makes you sound or who might take advantage of you in doing so.

There’s safety in numbers and you might just be holding the missing piece of this puzzle to save another soul from being lost to NXIVM.

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  • “I don’t believe that anyone who stayed in — from Kristin Kreuk to Allison Mack to Clare and Sara Bronfman — were unaware of the Times Union series.”
    …There is a difference between being unaware of the article and not believing it…

    I remind you of a few names? Edmondson? Vicente? Cat Oxenberg? All name considered as “heroes” (hardly) yet all of them either continue interacting with Nxivm post TU or actually entered the cult after the article.

    You can’t just accuse people known not to be put in the “known” of the cult and ignore the others who were executive and close to Raniere.

    Kreuk and Allison knew about it but didn’t Believe it (so many newspaper didn’t…)
    I Don’t even get the why you point them specifically.It’s absurd!
    Clare, might have known that it was true but the others…

      • and why, if it was so obvious many other newspapers were not interested in history, why the police or federal did not either and where you leave all the thousands of students who could read the articles published by Times union Albany, why Those people who did not belong to Keith’s inner circle were not interested in knowing the truth.

  • In the Summer of 2018, Crazy Days reported that Pam Cafritz and Gina Hutchinson were poisoning teenage girls from Libya.

    (Frank corrected this misinformation in a post on FR. Gina was long dead when the not Libyan but Mexican teens arrived in Albany to be mentored by Keith. Cafritz was still alive when the LeBaron girls were living in Clifton Park but not to defend herself against this posthumous slander.)

    Perhaps this Crazy Days misinformation source has some useful information on NXIVM’s use of poison and/or the instigation of a future potential Libyan revolt against the U.S. led by Sara Bronfman’s NXIVM hubby, Basit Igtet?

    In any case, those LeBaron teens might want to have their hair folicals tested.

    • How do you want sane people not to question your credibility when you post CDaN as a reference!?

      He is a self admitted liar,
      99.9% of his stories aren’t true and the few that are, it’s Always after it was presented elsewhere.
      Can’t Believe i have to explain how fake is CDaN…

  • Brandon Porter is one (though not the only) individual who I think knows plenty and who might not have been questioned in enough detail yet. Without going into long explanations about how come, Porter looks like a sitting duck. Yes, he does, and so does his wife, and WHO knows what he has confided in her or in other “intimates,” if he still has any personal Nxivm associations and interactions. Huh? He appears, from my perspective, to have stayed possessed by the group dynamic and unable to have broken off his co-dependency with Raniere, but I don’t know if my guesses are correct or not.

    There’s a smell of “yes he is still caught.” There are vibes of secretiveness, of fearfulness in him, of Porter hoping to be as invisible as he and others can manage to keep him. He looks as though he cannot “recover” and is still welded to the group dynamic and possibly still dependent upon Nxivm/DOS for material stability. Maybe Porter needs to be presented with a choice, an offer that he cannot take the risks to refuse. Logistic surgery, you can call it, elective or non-elective. Play it as it lays and excavate the dude’s conceptualizations, determine how, where he’s trapped. Then take the sword to his lies and to his weaknesses. Just a thought.

    Just recently I saw a very coherent discourse from a man, who’s in a positon to kmow, about psychoactive drugs and methods of interrogation. His words were packed with information. Packed. This is a matter to delve into in depth, because I am sure that a large segments of readers don’t want to read it from me, when there are others who are really qualified to explain the use of psychactive pharmaceuticals. The more contemporary research, a good point to start is approximately 1921. There are many, many reasons to be as informed as possible, and the reasons cross all spectrums, not merely Raniere and his offshoots and habits.

    One of our United States presidents passed out, during a “diplomaric” appearance with internarional attendance. He has taken a drug, an extremely odd choice of medication, and the info wasn’t hidden; even the specific name of the pharmaceutical was published. It made for something to pay attention to right then and there, yet it was quickly obscured and then ignored. This is a fractionally tiny example of living watchability, in a world full of consumers of mind-altering, regularly prescribed substances, largely sanctioned.

    People overdose just trying to maintain. This isn’t some dirty little secret.

    Interrogative psychotropic usage can deliver overdoses to anyone being questioned, even while monitoring delivery (intake) and thorough observations of vital signs. There are four stages of specific consciousness-to-unconsciousness recognizable and necessary to decipher for any practicality. Only one of these stages is useful to interrogation or to “re-programming.” There’s a pre-stage to move through first. Data is quite specific, readily available, in fact, about the four, currently understood stages of consciousness which psychotropic dosings have encountered.

    This is not science fiction. But back to Nxivm, to bribery, to fanatacism, and to murders. Seek and find.

    Many understand that there are “powers” extant who do not want truth to be exposed. Nxivm secrets fall under a widespread umbrella. There are not only Bronfman secrets to conceal; there is much more. Not only in Mexico, either and not only amongst those who continue to recruit. People have been bribed, for example. In other ways too, people are intending to keep things hidden. This entire story is big, yet also, this cult is a microcosm, with tentacles. Either you understand this, or you don’t.

    Being a liar has no real strength of its own. I speculate about Porter’s lies of omission. He is one of a long list who seem to need to keep lying. But also, Porter has specific experiences to hide, which could be medical and pharmaceutical. In fact any liar has a huge frailty, especially because the liar lies, number one, to the self, whether consciously or unconsciously. It is one very big, fundamental weakness,. Not to want to face “the truth” is an inescapable trap and an individualized experience or maintenance of experience, hanging on to one’s mixture of false and true, often very tightly.

    Is Porter still a cultie? Are he and his family still dependent upon Nxivm resources for housing or for income? Is he like Clare Bronfman, who appears to have tons of untouchable matters to hide? Who is or is not watching out for Brandon Porter and his family now.?

    What does Brando Porter know about poisonings or druggings? It isn’t a far step to take from his willingness to work with Raniere, from conducting fright experiments, from the outbreak of widespread illness at that one Vanguard birthday event, to using mind-altering drugs and also trying various poisonings. I don’t have a sense about what Porter’s personal relationship with Raniere was, on a daily basis, or about the ways in which Raniere and inner circle big kahunas behaved with Porter.

    Looking at Porter’s different intersections with both Raniere and with certain events is one big part of how come I feel that he should be pressured and pegged by more interrogations. But the specifics of Porter’s questioning, or a series of such sessions, would have to be conducted by investigators who have solid and not vague familiarity with the specific nature of the Nxivm/DOS and Raniere/Salzman history, plus events, circumstances. The more investigators know, the more can be discovered. They have got to grasp the multiple layers and the roots and especially, the weak spots.

    Following Frank Parlato’s wealth of details, information is an ongoing treasure trove. All I can say is that I watch and learn from him and from those who respect him and/or trust him. I ‘m convinced that Frank should have been receiving journalistic awards for quite some time already and that the best is yet to come. Zing! By God and by gumption.

    There are more exacting subject matters to go into now, as more and more keeps emerging, and Porter, similar to Danielle Roberts, is a frigging bunch of grapes in need of peeling. Roberts is tricky, but Porter might be more vulnerable.

    There are so many unknowns, things or details most understood by those who have interacted with Raniere and his more insidious followers. We can see that Nxivm/DOS continues to have active followers, too. One can see too, where these continuing members are clustered together and where they’re locating, plus where they are the most and the least vulnerable to investigation.

    As more details emerge about who could have been killed or who could have been being poisoned, there are many more specific questions to be asked. Or at least, this little patio detective writing this comment has a long, long list of pointed, specific questions to ask. But of course only those with the right qualifications and the “legal” abilities can do this work. What is evident is that there are more exact matters now, for the perspectives of interrogation to pursue. A lot is coming out of the dark here and now, progressively. There have been many significant changes, thanks to so many who are determined to keep on going, to keep digging.

    Not much has been said ever about Raniere and intimates using drugs, and I’m not talking recreational usage. Controlled sedative delivery is quite the subject to study. Were drugs used to mess with Kristin Snyder’s memories or to make her more malleable? What about the beautiful Gina Hutchinson, as well? Did Raniere, Nancy Salzman, Brandon Porter, or others, use drugging to control minds, to alter recall, to act as a psycho-terroristic part of their arsenal of equipment, to get results which they wanted from others?

    Let’s simply say, it would not be surprising, not at all. Without a doubt, this is worthwhile to investigate. This group would not be the first to do these exact things. Again, if you really care about this, research the matter. There’s no reason or excuse to depend upon what others opine or what others research. No one is that helpless unless there’s an authentic handicap. Independent thought, concentration is a force of its own and needs no one. Yet the more who gather together, the stronger is the force, and everybody has talent. One main talent might turn out to be finding one’s own discernment.

    “He has no enemies, but is intensely disliked by his friends,” joked Oscar Wilde. The best eagles’ nest have the most vociferous squabbles, so follow the money, whichever way it tiptoes.

    Now. Out of what specific, conscienceless reasoning would Raniere (or others) have wanted to kill Gina? Does anyone have any ideas? Where did weaponry come from in this situation? Please share those ideas, if any exist, and it’s deemed appropriate to disclose. We can see circumstances around Kristin which would make her a threat to the entire ESP/Nxivm group dynamics. What about Gina? What would’ve made Gina a target?

    The same kind of drugs used for interrogation can be used, as well, to supplant memories and to rearrange and to mangle someone’s actual experience, to inject FALSE memories or recall. There’s no reason or excuse to be too naive here. Research, information and experience are necessities to get into the topic. Emotional opinions based on lack of research or subjectivity, all too often are heaps of blather with little or no use. This is easy enough to cut through. Still it wastes time; time no one who is serious about any of this has time to waste. Facts can and will be found, can and will keep being disclosed.

    The strength of intuition, however, can never be dismissed or discounted. So I pay deep attention to Heidi Hutchinson, to Kristin’s family, to Heidi Clifford – to ANYONE who has taken, who has received authentic blows and shock from their experiences with this cult. There is no doubt that love never dies. The need for understanding and the personal connections of genuine love and of knowing someone well, who has been lost, really are undying. That dedication to finding out what was and is true, from those with love in their hearts has value beyond description. Experience and caring are two of the finest tools to have on your toolbelt. Miracles can happen.

    Whenever you smell indifference or hardness, walk away, unless that coldness is coming from someone who has something to hide. You can always leave a calling card for indifference to look at now and then, because you never know what can happen.Then you come to understand how to approach relentlessly, unstoppably. It helps to remember that ultimately, evil has no ability to create but only to reformulate, disastrously.

  • Re Murder by poison & victims developing cancer Frank’s hunch validated:

    I did some quick google searches and found a criminal case which corroborates Frank’s theory of poisoning. Many of the victims in this criminal case of poisoning developed cancer. It’s easy to poison people via heavy metals apparently. You just need a file!
    Link below:
    In addition there was a kayak murder somewhat recently. Killing someone in
    cold water apparently is simple. Just loosed the plug. Link below:

    Lastly I am reposting a case of murder/suicide by hypnosis. Link below:

    All three of these criminal cases(articles)
    give credence to Frank Parlato’s and Heidi Hutchinson’s theories regarding the unusual suicides and cases of cancer within Nxivm.

  • Sure Kruek and Mack knew. Can you say “Girls By Design”. A lot more about Nxivm, and some who have not yet been implicated need to be investigated . I believe we have just scraped the surface.

    • That is your thought, but you have proof, the FR readers know that the compartmentalization of the information and play their card and we were some of the tactics best used by Keith and that gave him good results.

  • Okay, remember the Vanguard Week at Silver Bay resort where everyone became sick?

    Did any of the YMCA staff become sick? Or only the NXIANS? Was Keith Raniere trying out his new formula on the attendees?

    And why didn’t Keith or his inner circle become sick? Weren’t they eating the same food?

  • The lucid dream you had about Pam being sacrificed is chilling. I think our dreams have a lot to tell us. Maybe Pam is reaching out to you.

    • At the very least, it was a conclusion my subconscious psyche reached and informed me of — through my dreams — as a likely outcome for Cafritz.

      I also do believe there may be phenomenon science has yet to discover. If cell phones can talk to each other over air waves why not the human mind?

      Pam was still alive when I had the dream, btw. At least, barely alive. Last time I saw her in 2011, if it was her as purported, she looked incredibly healthy, vibrant and impossibly young for her age. Her rapid deterioration since the news of her role re: Rhianon broke (it was Pam who hired the child to walk their dog while Keith brutally raped her) is shocking and — on top of the $8M Clare used to apparently repay herself from what she “loaned” to Keith — that may have contributed to her untimely demise. I guess I always knew deep down Keith would and will kill any accomplices or potential witnesses to his misdeeds.

      Anyone who still supports him or NXIVM or has not come forward with the WHOLE truth and nothing but will never be safe.

      • Heidi, have you had prophetic dreams prior to the ones you had about Pam, etc?
        I’m curious about this comment you made about Pam -” …if it were her as purported…”
        What do you mean when you say “as purported ?”

      • Heidi, once I leave you a comment about your sister’s suicide, I don’t know if you got to see it, in it I was referring to the coincidence that your sister Gina died at the age of 33 a number that is widely used in relation to Satanic groups and secret societies like the Masons and the Illuminati and that I also did it in a Buddhist temple where that British monk lived that you once mentioned that you felt that I was hypnotizing you and gave you bad vibes https://mysteriousuniverse.org/2012/10/number-33-secret-societies-ufos-death-destruction-disneyland/

  • The odds of ALL these lost women developing cancer without Raniere’s help are slim and none. Cue the DOJ and FBI taking a closer look.

  • I wouldn’t be surprised because NXIVM is figurative poison to the soul, mind, and lives. It programs its people with stupid ideas – especially women – and it negatively affects their lives and that of those associated to them.

  • “Kristin Keeffe will surely recall that happening, It was on the same night Gina and I stopped by for drinks at the bar she was tending.”

    Interesting that Kristen Keeffe was there.
    I feel that whoever was cleaning up your excrement would be called a custodian.

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