Did Raniere Poison Pam Cafrtiz, Barbara Jeske, Kristin Keeffe and Karen Unterreiner?

Keith Raniere with three of his inner circle: Karen Unterreiner, Pam Cafritz and Barbara Jeske. {Cafrtiz and Jeske died.]

In addition to exploring the disappearance of Kristin Snyder and the suspicious death of Gina Hutchinson, the Lost Women of Nxivm, a film I made for Investigation Discovery [ID], will explore the cases of four women who lived with Keith Alan Raniere who all developed cancer.

Only two survived.

The ID documentary will air on Sunday, Dec. 8, 2019 at 9 pm ET. and includes interviews with numerous women who were once close to Raniere, including two women who lived with him and survived cancer.

In an interview with Radar Online this week, I told journalist Melissa Roberto that I believe there was a nefarious reason why four women – Pam Cafrtiz, Barbara Jeske, Kristin Keeffe and Karen Unterreiner – who lived with Raniere – all developed cancer.

“I believe he did poison them,” I told Radar. “He was trying to poison these women and he was trying to weaken their immune systems, and they got sick.”

In the ID film, one of the cancer survivors gives me a hair sample which was tested by a forensic scientist to see if she was, in fact, poisoned.

“When viewers watch this film, they can judge for themselves whether my theory is a worthy one,” I told Radar.

Without giving away everything in the show, it is a fact that the test results are frightening.

It is also a fact that of the women who lived with Raniere or were closest to him, five out of six, counting Nancy Salzman, got cancer.

Only one, Mariana Fernandez, who Raniere chose to have a child with, escaped cancer.

Mariana Fernandez bore a child for Keith Raniere.

Four women lived with Raniere at 3 Flintlock Lane. Nancy hosted Raniere almost every morning for breakfast.

If one of the women was poisoned, if we have that proof – then it is not stretch to believe that all of them were poisoned.

Keith Raniere claimed that the cancer women were poisoned by Edgar Bronfman Sr. In the picture above is former CIA chief and US president George H. W. Bush and Edgar Bronfman Sr. [r].
But who did the poisoning?

Two women of his inner circle told me – and they had not spoken to each other in years, so they told me separately – that Keith claimed that they were indeed poisoned and that Edgar Bronfman hired someone to do the poisoning.

Raniere claimed that Bronfman was after him, not the women, but they were unfortunately collateral damage.

This explanation came after they confronted him about the high incidence of cancer in their house at 3 Flintlock. Besides the four women living at 3 Flintlock, four cats also got cancer and died.

One of the urns housing the ashes of a late cat who died of cancer rested on the mantle at Raniere’s home at 3 Flintlock.
Cancerous couch. Keith Raniere used to lie on this couch much of the day, sitting up for fellatio and to eat. Did he systematically poison the women who lived with him?

While Raniere’s response to the cancer-stricken women – that Edgar Bronfman was trying to poison him [not them] was said with a straight face and one of deep concern – somehow Raniere remained healthy.  Only the women got cancer.

At one point, Raniere said he would test the house, and test the water, but he never did so.

Raniere also told the women that giving cancer to others was not only possible but it was the new high-tech way to assassinate people, the wave of the future, and that the CIA already used this method to assassinate troublesome people.

Raniere pointed out that Bronfman had CIA connections and was close to Bill Clinton.

Curiously, Raniere, one of the women told me, never drank water from the tap at their house.

IT expert Matt Mallone explains to me the lengths and depths Keith Raniere and his loyal and crazed devotee, Clare Bronfman, would go to spy on followers. What else would they do? Matt said he believed they would not stop short of murder.

ID’s The Lost Women of NXIVM will include interviews with a number of people with knowledge of Raniere, including the first on-record interview with Kristin Keeffe, who was Raniere’s legal liaison. Keeffe had a child with Raniere during her 24-year long relationship with him.

She discovered her pregnancy when she was eight months pregnant when she collapsed at 3 Flintlock and was found in a pool of blood.

She was rushed to the hospital, tested and doctors discovered that not only was she pregnant but she also had cervical cancer.  Being eight months pregnant, it was too late for Raniere to order an abortion. She had the child, a son.

Raniere and Keeffe, to protect Raniere’s reputation as a celibate monk, told his followers that the child was adopted, that the mother had died giving childbirth and the father was unknown.

Raniere’s close followers, like Cafritz and Jeske, were aware that Raniere was the father and Keeffe the mother, but they lied to followers to preserve the “integrity and nobility” of the Nxivm mission.

I also interviewed the other cancer survivor [Karen] who lived at his house, whose hair samples are tested – [with horrifying results].


Image result for hair sample testing for poisoning
The value of testing hair is that it is a record of the past. Poison may leave the body after some time but remains in the hair. It is like time capsule of the body.

Let’s look at the record:

Pam Cafritz had renal [kidney] cancer. Once she had cancer, Raniere took over her treatment.  For a time he prescribed a white milky beverage for her to drink.

The late Pam Cafritz.

Karen had bladder cancer.

Karen did not follow Raniere’s treatment plan and survived. It is my opinion that Raniere was pretty certain Karen would die [after all he likely poisoned her] and did not bother much about her treatment.

Kristin Keeffe had cervical cancer. She survived.

Barb Jeske

Barbara Jeske had brain cancer. She followed Raniere’s treatment regime. Dr. Brandon Porter oversaw it. At least one person I interviewed that was involved in her care felt that Dr. Porter and Raniere were poisoning Jeske to ensure she died.

At one point Barbara was taking small pellets that had a terrible smell. Barbara called them “do-do’ pills. I asked her sister Cindy Liberatore what they were and it was her understanding that they actually included some kind of excrement, whether animal or human she was not certain.

I could well imagine how tickled Raniere would be getting poor Barbara to believe that he was trying to cure her while feeding her excrement as medicine.

Nancy Salzman had breast cancer. She survived but had her breasts removed. Raniere was on the run in Mexico and then later was arrested so he could not manage her care. She survived.


Keith Raniere is a human cancer on this earth. 

There are some who think it’s impossible to give another person cancer. They may be right.

It is possible that just living with Raniere is enough to give anyone cancer.

It is also possible that Raniere was poisoning women closest to him, out of his passion to destroy others and cancer was inadvertently the result. Raniere was not trying necessarily to give women who loved him cancer, he just wanted to torture and poison them slowly.

And the cancer they contracted was just his good luck.

Karen Unterriener and the late Pam Carfritz. Both got cancer. Both lived with Keith Raniere for years.

It is curious that the metals we found in the hair sample of one woman [Karen] were metals that up until just a few years ago were not normally tested for cases of poisoning. Raniere likely did his poisoning from between 2005- 2014 and probably enjoyed his subtle form of poisoning.

I will get into this much more after the ID show airs.  After it does, I would expect authorities will want to investigate.

As for testing the other cancer victims, we do not know where Pam Cafritz’s body is presently. After she died, or just prior to her death, Raniere, with Dr. Brandon Porter, Esther Chiappone Carlson, Jim Del Negro and Mariana Fernandez, placed her in a bathtub filled with ice.

Supposedly Raniere was to have her body frozen and kept in a cryogenic tomb. Whether her body ever made it there is unknown.

If it is – her hair should be tested.

As for Barbara Jeske, she was buried by her family in Stuart, Florida. Raniere tried to keep her body, he said, to freeze it and store it in a cryogenic tomb. Her family refused to permit it.

Raniere asked if he could keep her head [including her hair, of course] but the family refused to sever the head of Barbara Jeske, so Raniere could not freeze it.

Raniere claimed to his gullible followers that he, the great scientist and inventor, was working on a invention that could bring the dead back to life and he wanted Pam and Barb preserved for that reason.

Raniere also insisted that his home at 21 Oregon Place, the home he moved to after leaving his home at 3 Flintlock, where he lived for nearly 30 years, was to be kept exactly as it was when Pam lived there for the final year of her life.

Tender Ranere said, “I want it exactly the same so that when I bring her back to life, she will be used to the home and be comfortable there with all her possessions and surroundings the same.”

I suspect that Raniere will have little chance of bringing Pam back from the dead, but I will wager that it is better than 50 percent odds that he helped make her die in the first place.








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  • I tried a longer post but think it got deleted. Ignore this if it didn’t.

    Keith was into poisoning. Blaming E Bronfman, for one. The Vanguard Week alleged poisoning another. I think his first poisoning victim was Mama Raniere. She was a drinker and good psycho Keithy was living with her. Once she got cancer, he became her caregiver.

    It’s time for people to share what they know. Starting with Daddy Raniere. I’m talking to Nancy, Lauren, Ivy, etc, and including everyone who ever met the potential serial killer. Frank will keep your call to himself and keep you anonymous. He will use your info to help find the truth. We all want and need answers. Let’s help each other.

    And many need to be testing their hair. If I was Toni, I’d be having it done Mon AM. Many also need to be detoxing. (Just pls don’t do the Scientology detox cause I don’t trust you to not drink more Koolaid)

    I’ll start with the sharing. WTF was that green drink Keith made everyone drink? Let me guess – it was the only thing he’d get off his fat ass to make? And then pass them out? Did he pass out that specific white liquid calcium supplement everyone took? Ever catch him putting something in it? Why were so many of his core 5-7 supplements, liquid? Did he have access to your (liquid) silica gel? Why was silica gel so important? Taking silica gel was weird at the time and the years have only made it more weird.

    • Mr job, Less is more. The long winded posts encourage people to ignore the/your cool bands of grey.

      Frank, nice post, thanks! I hope this all gets further investigation, it sure sounds like it all deserves a serious look.

  • So Flabturd and the Salzman grande dame were regular breakfast companions? Regular is not meant here as having anything to do with constipation, but the more you know, the less you need Dulcolax, not to be too scatalogical. But why not?

    If only I could not imagine Raniere pretending to serve his mummy breakfast. But it’s too late, you see. Too, too late.

    He never really HAD another incestuous Mummy until Nancy Salzman needed some supplements to usurp her constipation. This was gleaned from The Gospel According to Toni Natalie, overly-titled and published by Grand Central Publishing and co-wriiten by…oh never mind. Now $18.04 at your Amazon Shopping App.

    Plus, Nancy appeared sober most mornings, but unfortunately raising Flabturd’s flag was not one of Nancy’s better services. Too vulgar? Too lecherous? Could be Nancy. Probably she had been around the block a few too many times to pique the Vanguard to full attention. Only when necessary. Too bad she wasn’t 11 or 12 and had no vaginal reconstruction, like trying to hit an edge in the world’s dryest Hoover Dam. Sha-bop!

    ” Chocolates for Breakfast* again, Mummy dearest?” panted Keith to Nancy, who was (always) locked into her commode, ruthlessly engaged in squatting but barely managing a few muted farts.

    ” Yes, my sweet Wet Kisses, chocolates and our usual milky white beverage. You know, the way that we like it. Then mummy will make us both our eggs and toast.”

    Off in the kitchen, Flabturd mumbles under his breath, “okay, you fat bitch with the varicose veins, all of the chocolates have been injected. And this time, your milky white liquid is a carcinogenic Vanilla protein smoothie, not the blowjob you crave. I have better lips lined up and waiting for me, right after this damn breakfast. And I need to get to sleep.”

    At last he hears a toilet flush and reflush several times. Not another enema! Gawd. Then Mummy Nancy twaddles into the kitchen, dressed in her hog-ligee, eyes on the box of chocolates.

    She was so much better, you see, than either of her dawters or even both of them rolled together and giftwrapped for Flabturd, by Mummy herself.

  • Frank,

    What is the show called? I was setting my tv for dec. 8th at 9pm but it’s an episode of fear thy neighbor! I’m in Canada so it’ll probably air a couple of weeks later Don’t want to miss it!

  • Kristen Keeffe’s cervical cancer may be a lie to cover her ass. I think theirs a cervical cancer called HPV that’s actually considered an STD. I bet that’s what she had. She was bedding with that monster said to have herpes.

    Scott Amway Johnson, what say you? And where’s my scam list so I can help you get the word out?

    • I think all of these cancers came from guilty consciences. Perhaps Raniere poisoned them as well. All you have to is google “MLM list,” and almost all of them are scams. Have you ever heard of google?

  • All jokes aside on this one. It wouldn’t surprise me if Allison and Clare had their hair tested it would test positive. Thinking about V Week he had to have done something. Or…or maybe Raniere is being wrongly accused and it’s some psycho female follower. I’ve given a lot of thought to this cult. It’s possible a long time follower poisoned these woman. Frank is it possible Kristen Keeffe could be such a woman? She had so much access to Keith and didnt she work in the courts?

  • I think you should have spoken to an oncologist before publishing this.

    Even people who expose themselves to strong carcinogens usually do not develop cancer. If the cancer rate for a certain cancer is one in a thousand, while the rate for people exposed to a certain carcinogen is 10 times higher, then it means that 99% of the people exposed do not develop cancer.

    As I said, perhaps you should vet this with an oncologist.

  • What would be the most obvious concept about possible metallic poisonings that Raniere might’ve had in mind, say in or around 2005? I would suggest Pb, or lead poisoning. If anyone is the least interested, do your research. If you have researched, you’ll already be aware about lead and its potentials as a delivered toxin. It will be very worthwhile to study this particular subject. As well, quite specific information is readily available, from which to make one’s own possible estimations or “conclusions.”

    Another possibility is that Raniere used insecticidal poisoning(s) or toxins used against vermin, such as rats. But I don’t see those symptoms here, such as, for example, from the use of thallium poisoning. Thallium use, as the toxin, delivers very different symptoms than what is seen here, especially to the eyesight and to the mobility of the one who’s poisoned.

    Raniere also could’ve used various toxins as he experimented and gathered information. Enter Brandon Porter, an easily dominable source of research and information.

    Brandon Porter will probably never talk though, not under any circumstances wherein he feels any chance of not controlling his outcome. He has had enough education to know how and when to obfuscate. I imagine that Porter is also aware of the usage of truth serum, moreso than the average person. He has to stay away from so much that he’s unlikely to survive, ever, as an dishonest individual who could not answer any questions authentically. It is way, way too late for him to take those risks of any kind of disclosure.

    Do the four cancerous experiences of Kristin Keeffe, Barbara Jeske, Pam Cafritz and Karen Unterreiner match up at all with lead poisoning? Let us say yes, yes, yes and to one perhaps lesser degree, in one case, yes, maybe. The least likely, but nonetheless still possible case, is Kristin Keefe’s. Ironically, she might’ve been a little bit luckier, but also, maybe not. I’m not saying that Kristin would feel lucky at all, but she might’ve, in actuality, have been a little bit more fortunate, only by contrast.

    We have to also consider HPV and stds. This can be considered for anyone, everyone who had sex with Raniere. He might’ve been a virtual HPV fountain, for a very long time. Trichnosis, etc. And there are many symptomatic et ceteras to note and to observe.

    Of course, this is speculative thought, for the moment. Lead isn’t the sole possibility, either. But for those who have any prior study about metallics, toxicity and the potential means of lead’s delivery, ( i.e., lead acetate given intraperitoneally or orally or even cutaneaously) you will see quickly what some will have been watching here, already.

    Again, a psychopath who maintains certain abilities to think and to operate, from out of the disguise of rationality, never REALLY has self-control. Psychosis is not in one’s control; it only seems that way to the psychotic. Never is there any authentic originality! Every concept is borrowed or purloined and then twisted, to fit the psychosis, in and of itself.

    Over and over again, throughout Raniere’s trajectories, his interactions and his transparent egotism, one can and will observe him telling on himself. Raniere couldn’t help himself and was compelled to gamble and to bust himself about his status. No doubt part of his pleasure was seeing HOW MUCH he could put over upon others, particularly those who were the closest to him. This would be one of his secret, private means of self-glorification, of hideous and false happiness, smugness.

    With whom might Raniere have been able, to some extent, to share any frankness about his demonic pleasures? Well, for one, and throughout almost all of this, Nancy Salzman, who was his psycho-sexual “rearrangement” partner in crime. He is likely to have revealed the most to her. With others too, Raniere would have revealed himself, at least knce in awhile,mespecially whe he had reassured himself already that defintively,mhe had the upper hand. But those foghats, to whom he would ‘ve enjoyed dropping hints, would’ve been too caught up and/or too gullible to take notice. Raniere could simply have his fun, quite unabashedly, with any of his most consumed and consumable asshats. These wiuld prefer niw, ti be seen as his “victims,” whtether it was true, individually or not.

    Raniere was also very likely to have been unaware of Nancy’s ablilties to make conclusions about his madnesses and how she could use his madnesses for her own organizational benefit. And she could thus subtly hide behind him, often enough, as if he were a deployable weapon. I think that Nancy Salzman wanted money and status even moreso than Raniere did. The main fascinations he can be seen to have had? Sexual dominance-plus-cruelty and its perversions and playing God have been his major propellants and motivations, whether conscious or “unconscious.” He is a naked beast. Nancy knew enough not to be quite so naked.

    Part of playing God is giving oneself the power to decide who can live, who can die, with tremendous indifference.

    This inability to completely hide one’s own chaos is in no way unique to Raniere; these uncontrollable urges to “reveal the self” are symptomatic of psychosis, in and of itself. It is typical for him to tell on himself. What better and more effective method of self-congratulation would he possess? Ejaculation is so temporary as a means of self-satisfaction. Plus it might have become not only too physically taxing eventually but also boring. Just as the actor, Michael Douglas, that is, if he’s capable of giving an honest answer at this point. No offense to him, as he has been forthcoming about sexual addiction.

    • Screwed up sentences here I’m very sorry not to have noticed and repaired. For crying out loud, is it too late to erase the incoherencies? Au secours, ffs, au secours.

      You who read here often already know that both Scott Johnson and at least one “Anonymous” commenter are fond of pointing out many “failings.” But thank heavens, this is not their personal popularity contest(s) which Frank Parlato decided to open as a forum, for or of the absurd.

      At least I can comfort myself that no matter what I try to write, some will be thrilled to call it all incoherent. This is a risk, and one that already, I’m willing to keep on taking, as one watches the limits of thoughtfulness, consistently as it keeps on leaping off multi-storied buildings, in singular bounds and without a fucking “safety” cape. Already this sort of unkind obliviousness is guaranteed to be self-revelatory.

      Also twilight is passing by now into nighttime. I just tried to light my iced tea instead of the nearby candle and have no time left to seek the illusion of perfection. Do you? Soon enough I will reach the age whose number Tekashi has crapped all over, though he did not come up with any of his contributions singlehanded. If anything, Daniel Hernandez has been given way too much assistance. This isn’t difficult to notice, either, Boyz. Hello, boyz. Shall we name some names?

      Regardless, even contempt is not worth mustering as a ricochet, towards any load of clear & present but maladroit chickenshit. In fact, this kind of phony contemptuousness becomes more & more comical, and it has the opposite of its intended effect. It is only more fuel, you see.

      The ascibed boo-boos, however, have interfered with what was and is intended as “rational” self-expression. Some of the bad typing has been ridiculous this time.

      So here it is.

      “With others too, Raniere would have revealed himself, at least once in awhile, especially when he had reassured himself already that definitively, he had the upper hand….These would prefer now to be seen as his “victims,” whether it was true, individually or not.”

      This is not the fault of grandsons wanting some more apple or pumpkin pie for teatime. They are the most beautiful distractions, but cannot be offered as excuses. Yes they got their pie! Quite simply, ah was nevah, evah meant to be a typist and instead, grew up with pens, pianos, pencils, magazines, drums, dancing, theater, notebooks, art and books, most of all, books. Not to forget erasers.

  • I wonder if he had access to some medical-grade radioactive substances…

    I can think of at least one potential source, maybe two.

  • Besides the heavy metals previously listed Arsenic or lead acetate causes cancer as well.
    Arsenic cancer link:

    Lead acetate cancer link:

    My guess is its either arsenic or Lead acetate.

  • I am absolutely floored by this, but somehow not overly surprised. For a psychopath (if KAR is one) poisoning would be a small leap from conning, stealing and psychologically abusing.

    If the cats died, it does sound like the water. Someone should have it tested asap, for the new tenants. (How would you introduce it into the water supply?)

    To the list of metals you can add Thallium, which has been used as a poison in a number of cases. However, it does not dissolve in water, so it would have likely been food.

    I am curious to know what showed in Karen’s hair. I think there is a therapy (chelation) that can remove metals from the body.

    I think in addition to Pam’s money, he got Barbara’s as well.

  • I suppose that the Vanguard Keith Raniere thought it was so much easier to poison a woman if she got pregnant than to use a condom to prevent pregnancy in the first place.
    But condoms can also prevent the transmission of viruses that can cause cancer.
    Too bad the world’s third smartest man did not know that.

    It could be that Raniere did not want to poison these women but he selfishly did not want to change his immoral promiscuous behavior to save their lives.

    “Besides the four women living at 3 Flintlock, four cats also got cancer and died.”

    Unfortunately cancer is the leading cause of death in house cats and is quite common.

    “Cancer in cats is the leading cause of death among older animals. It is caused by uncontrolled cell growth, and affects a wide range of cell types and organs in the body. ”

    Actually there are at least seven viruses that can cause cancer in humans.
    And many of these viruses are sexually transmitted.
    Both HPV (the human papillomavirus (HPV) and several Hepatitis viruses can cause cancer in humans which is why Raniere’s promiscuity and his unprotected sex with numerous women should have been cause for great concern in the NXIVM Village.

    Here are some of those viruses:

    Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) is a herpes virus that’s spread through saliva. EBV infection increases the risk of Burkitt lymphoma, some types of Hodgkin’s and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and stomach cancer. There is currently no vaccine for Epstein-Barr virus.

    Hepatitis B virus (HBV) is spread through infected blood, semen and other body fluids. Hepatitis B is a leading cause of liver cancer. The hepatitis B vaccine is recommended for all children and adults. If you are not sure if you’ve been vaccinated, talk to your doctor.

    Hepatitis C virus (HCV) is spread through infected blood. Hepatitis C is a leading cause of liver cancer, and can cause non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. There is no vaccine against hepatitis C, but it is highly treatable.

    Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is spread through infected semen, vaginal fluids, blood and breast milk. While it does not cause cancer directly, researchers believe it increases the risk of cancer by damaging the immune system, which reduces the body’s defenses against other oncoviruses. It can enable other oncoviruses to cause cancer. HIV-associated cancers include Kaposi sarcoma, non-Hodgkin’s and Hodgkin’s lymphoma, cervical cancer, and cancers of the anus, liver, mouth and throat and lung. There is no vaccine against HIV.

    Human herpes virus 8 (HHV-8) is related to Kaposi sarcoma in people who have a weakened immune system. That includes patients with HIV.

    Human papillomavirus (HPV) has at least 12 strains that can cause cancer in men and women, including anal, cervical, penile, throat, vaginal and vulvar cancer. Boys and girls age 11-12 should get the HPV vaccine. It’s available for patient from age 9-26.

    What can people do to avoid getting these cancer-causing viruses?

    You can take steps to reduce your risk of getting oncoviruses.

    Get vaccinated. The HPV vaccine can help reduce risk of HPV-related cancer. The hepatitis B vaccine can help reduce your liver cancer risk.
    Get screened. Screening is available for some cancer-related viruses, like HPV, HIV and hepatitis B and C. If you’re at risk, get screened. In addition, follow our cancer screening guidelines. Screening is one of the best ways to catch cancer early, when it’s easiest to treat. Talk to your doctor to learn if you need earlier or additional screening.
    Practice safe sex. Viruses like HPV, HIV, hepatitis B and C are sexually transmitted.
    Don’t use illegal drugs, share syringes, needles or other infected equipment or personal items that might have blood on them.

    MD Anderson is a respected cancer clinic in Houston Texas.

    In honor of our Grand and Glorious Vanguard who wanted to grant Pam Cafritz eternal life here is the classic movie:
    The Brain That Wouldn’t Die (FULL MOVIE) Widescreen Theatrical Version

  • Why would Keith Raniere poison Pam Cafritz? He had 8 Million reasons.

    Motive: Money
    Means: Heavy Metal poisoning
    Opportunity: Living with the victims, preparing their food, giving them ‘medicines’

    If Pam Cafritz moved out of Albany…would she be alive today? And what happened to the body? Why do all former NXIVM members go missing?

  • Good job Frank! There are some heavy metals that are not screened for in blood panels for autopsies. These toxic metals are known to cause cancer and will accumulate in hair and nails. These metals include cadmium, copper, zinc, mercury, lead, and iron.

    Some of the side effects of heavy metal poisoning are dizziness, confusion, AND constipation.

    So, if some of Raniere’s roommate lovers were poisoned with heavy metals, they would need poop pills to keep their stool going. And isn’t that what Keith Raniere was giving them?

    Stay Tuned!

    • I wondered, sometime ago, if Pam, Barb and Nancy were poisoned, I didn’t know that Kristin and Karen also survived cancer. The question is whether Raniere enjoyed observing his mother wasting away and dying and perhaps was trying to replicate that experience, or was his mother his first victim?
      Frank – Didn’t Rhiannon survive cancer too?

    • Once again, shit is getting real. All the times our hair stood on end around the creep was our intuition bellowing at us.

      A lot of women need to be getting hair tested and doing a crazy detox. Just don’t do the Scientology detox. I don’t trust that any of us degenerates won’t drink their Koolaid.

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