No Evidence That Co-Writer Chet Hardin Conspired With Toni Natalie to Lie in Her Book

Toni Natalie played an important role in the takedown of Keith Alan Raniere, her former lover.
Before we delve into the comments that provoked this post, let us look at the cover of the book and try to define what Chet’s role in it is.


Note the vast disparity in the sizes of the names – of Toni’s and Chet’s.


Is Chet a Ghost Writer?

Chet is not a ghost writer because his name is visible on the cover. A typical ghostwriter’s name would not appear at all. And a ghost writer is not normally responsible for vetting the accuracy or veracity of the author. Most ghostwriters do the writing and the author tells the story to the ghostwriter.
It’s up to the author and the publisher to vet the book for truthfulness and possible libel.
Chet’s case is a little different. His name – no matter how small – is seen on the cover and there are references to him in the book as being an “award winning investigative journalist.”
His name on the book warrants that he believes the story is truthful – for that is what it is marketed to be – a nonfiction book – a memoir of Toni Natalie – who warrants herself to be a truth teller, a whistleblower and a heroine.
Chet is a co-writer for a non-writer author – and he is responsible for decent writing – the readability of the book – and for getting down Toni’s thoughts accurately – whether those thoughts are honest or deceptive or a mixture of both.
It is not fair to say that Chet is responsible for lies in her book.


Image result for lie detector test


Chet did not have a lie detector with him when he interviewed Toni.
This is, after all, Toni’s story.  She is the sole source of this book that bears her name as author.
It is fair to say that Chet is responsible for accurately recording his source – Toni – her story – which I think he did.
For instance, if Toni told Chet that she dropped out of the 12th grade and Chet wrote that she dropped out of the 10th grade in high school – then shame on Chet.
But if Toni lied and said she dropped out of the 10th grade, when she really dropped out of high school in the 12th grade – just a couple months before graduating – because the lie sounded better than the truth – then one cannot blame Chet for trusting his source.
He could not be expected to do what I did – look up her old high school yearbook and find out that she lied.



Maybe Chet could have vetted the lies, but that may not have been in his contract. Vetting is a process – fact-checking is an endeavor – that takes lots of time and costs money. Did their contract call for Chet to vet Toni?
I doubt it. That would have been the last thing Toni wanted.
There is another problem: Toni is paying Chet – out of her share of her book advance from her publisher. Chet, therefore, does not control the content. He works for Toni – is her employee. He is not her partner.
There is no book without Toni, but there can be a book without Chet.  The book publishing industry is filled with ghostwriters and co-writers – wordsmiths – who could replace Chet in an instant.
Chet is expendable. Toni owns the deal. That’s why his name is so small on the cover and hers so large.
Chet is dependent on Toni and Toni is his source both for the content of the book and his paycheck. It would be pretty hard to kick when your source [and employer] tells you something hazy or suspect.
Did Chet bear responsibility to vet her tales – to challenge her stories – and possibly get himself fired?
That’s a grey line for me.
The book is written in Toni’s voice. When the book reads “I did this – or I did that” -it is not Chet, but Toni.
Toni tells the tales. Chet wrote them down as if they were true – for that was his job.


Chet Hardin
Chet’s knowledge of Nxivm, of course, helped Toni get some of the stories down in a decent context. Chet had written about Nxivm in the past – as a reporter for the Albany Metroland – and he did some good work then.
But even then he quoted Toni – and told some of her stories – which we have come to learn were not true.
But, if Toni lied then and Toni is lying now, Chet is only recording them.
In the old Metroland stories, Chet, as a reporter, prefaced Toni’s stories with, “according to Toni Natalie.”
And, in the book, the “according to Toni” is assumed – since she is the author of the book – with Chet, in very small font, as co-writer.
Chet did not judge and may not have been able to judge the truth – or lack of it – not only because he trusted Toni – but because he was dependent on Toni. This is her project.  The publisher was buying her story, not his.


Comments To Reply To

So here are the comments I referred to above that got me into this post:
Chaotic Soul wrote:
“If Toni Natalie had slithered into the background, I might agree all the pieces on her [in Frank Report] were a little much. BUT SHE WROTE A BOOK that proclaimed herself the hero of all heroes. So poking holes in her stories is not beyond reason. She is a liar who wrote a book. She isn’t even a good liar. Which may be the saddest thing of all.”
In response to this comment, One of the Nine wrote:

“100% agree with your analysis. Toni always wanted attention and now she’s getting it. And I trust that Frank and Joe are going to expose even more of her lies when they finish going through her book.

“Have you noticed that Toni’s hotshot attorney has not been posting any more threatening messages about those who question Toni’s veracity? Wonder if he’s finally figured out what a liar she is. Also wonder why he didn’t vet any of her stories before he took her on as a client.

“And speaking of vetting, how did ‘an award-winning investigative journalist’ like Chet Hardin agree to put his name on this tripe? I understand he was fired from his last job for sexual harassment but was this the only option he had to earn money? I’d rather be a Greeter at Walmart than be associated with Toni Natalie.

“Lastly, didn’t her publisher check out any of her stories? The book has only been out a few weeks and it’s already been shown to be full of exaggerations and outright lies. They had months to vet this crap and apparently did nothing.”

I Have No Evidence That Chet Harassed Anyone

I think it’s important to state that, despite this comment of One of the Nine, I have seen no evidence that Hardin was fired from his last job for sexual harassment – other than the word of Natalie who made it a point to spread this rumor about him.
I have no current plans to check this rumor out, for it is not really part of the Nxivm investigation.
For my part, I am more interested in Toni’s book.  Over time, I have come to have serious doubts about anything Toni says – even when she is only telling tales behind other people’s backs –  not putting them in print.


Toni Natalie 2018; It may be that Toni needs psychiatric help. If she does, I would like her to seek immediate treatment.

It may be pathological.

The funny thing about Toni is that she can be very charming and seemingly more interested in your welfare than your own mother – but sadly – behind your back – she will tell the most vile lies about you. I saw her do this to me and others.
So, until I learn otherwise, I have to place a large dose of doubt about Toni’s story that Chet was fired for sexual harassment at his last job. I am not sure – even if it is true – why Toni needed to tell this story about Chet.
This is something that friends don’t spread around one another.
At the end of the day, Chet might be innocent. He may not have been fired for sexual harassment – or if he was – he may have been falsely accused – and in this era – just the accusation – true or not – is enough to ruin a man’s career.
But why would any noble friend tell the story to others?  It is unseemly; it is vicious; it is the mark of an inveterate gossip; it is counterproductive to good business – and in Toni’s case, it may be pathological. She might not be able to help herself.
She may not be able to not talk badly about everyone behind their backs – to everyone she knows.
So, knowing Toni’s propensities, I will continue to think highly of Chet.  I have met Chet in person and spoken with him on the phone on numerous occasions. I have found him to be honorable, friendly and honest, with a good sense of humor.
I am sorry to be in his business – and but for his employer – Toni  – I would not be.
I do not think he deserves vilification.  If he was deceived by Toni [or is still being deceived], he is not the first.


I Once Believed Toni

I too believed Toni at one time – and thought that a woman such as her – so seemingly caring and seemingly eager to put forth the truth and be supportive – could not possibly be a liar.  Frankly, I published some of her stories as true – because I trusted her as a source and because we had a common enemy: Keith Raniere.
I now know she told me many lies – about her role and relationship with Raniere – and have come to realize that, just because Raniere is evil, it does not mean that everyone who opposes him is good.


Just because the man on the right is a devil, it doesn’t mean the woman who was living with him and sharing his life and working on his business schemes [on the left] was an angel.
It is funny too. The first person to tell me that Toni is a liar – a pathological liar – was Kristin Keeffe. I did not want to believe her. Keeffe cited dozens of examples – this was long before Toni’s book was published.
And Angela Ucci is right – Barbara Bouchey also told me that Toni was a liar.
Ucci wrote,  “I find it interesting that Barb was the first one to cut Toni off and tell you guys she was lying and meddling.”
Joe O’Hara also came to the same conclusion and cut her off. I tried to intervene and bring Toni and Joe back together.
But Joe was adamant. He caught Toni in many lies and was cutting her off.
Susan Dones and Heidi Hutchinson also found out – the hard way – when Toni told lies about them.  And the lies Toni told about them – and Bouchey – I later found out were actually true of her.
Toni seems to do that – tell lies about other people – doing foul things – which she actually did herself.  She shares this trait with Keith Raniere.


Barbara Bouchey
I won’t reveal some of the lies she told about Bouchey or Heidi because they are horrid – and were lies about Barb and Heidi but true of Toni herself and I fear that people will start to hate Toni  – rather than feel sorry for her – for her mental illness – and her pathological lying.
Then there was Karen U.
Karen gave me the deep background on Toni – back in the day when both were around Keith through Consumer’s Buyline and the beginnings of Nxivm.
Toni’s stories just fell apart.  With access to Kristin, Karen, Joe, Susan, Heidi, Barbara Bouchey and others, I could compare Toni’s stories with other, multiple witnesses [some of whom did not speak to each other] and I found that Toni’s stories were not only lies – but if one pondered a little deeply – or had some healthy skepticism – her lies don’t even make sense.
Her lies are often nonsensical and ridiculous.   We have published some of these nonsensical lies already – lies that fall flat on their face – like the stupid, even crazy lie that Keith had the proctors of Nxivm announce to students that Toni broke Keith’s heart.


An early Nxivm class with Keith, Nancy Salzman and Toni.

Chet Put His Name on It

So Chet put his name of this book which may be largely a work of fiction by Toni.  He may, in time, be embarrassed by his trust in her.
But he is in a tough spot now.  He makes money from the sale of the book – and if he really is out of a job – and is married – what’s he supposed to do?
If the book implodes, with his name on it, it might be harder for him to get other ghosting or co-writing jobs in the publishing field.
Ultimately, I think Chet will have to distance himself from her – for what else can he do – when so much of what is in the book is false – is deliberately dishonest – bald lies – lies told by Toni – not Chet?
He trusted his source. And made some money – maybe at a rough point in his life.
I am personally concerned about Chet and sincerely hope he does well in the future. Still, I doubt he has much of a future with Toni.
But that won’t stop me from setting the record straight on lies in the book. The Frank Report is here to set the record straight on Nxivm.


What Will Happen to Toni’s Book?

Toni’s book is likely to be a one-off. With it being discredited as it is, and with much more to come, it is doubtful it will get a second edition or be the subject of a movie or a play.  It is doubtful that she will be asked to write another book, given that she deceived the publishers in her first book.
It was supposed to be a true account of a heroic woman – and it is becoming more and more apparent that it is a work of fiction – or perhaps more accurately “faction,” the hybrid of fiction and fact.
It should have been labeled as such.
Image result for irving stone faction
Irving Stone wrote works of “faction” that are books based on the true story of someone but in which he made up fictional elements to make the story more intriguing. The difference between Stone’s works and Natalie is that Stone labeled his books as faction – and Toni did not.
L-R: Dr. Oz, Susan Dones, Toni Natalie, Rick Ross and Melissa Moore. Toni has spoken many times with the media telling her stories.

Toni Is Free to Comment on Frank Report

As the coming days and weeks unfold, there will be more to write about Toni’s lies in her book and perhaps the lies in her life.  She is fair game now, as Chaotic Soul said, because she chose to write a book – and lie in it.
Of course, Toni is welcome to comment and rebut the allegations that she lies.
I have invited Toni repeatedly to comment – but she does not seem to want to comment on this website – which I understand she has said is run by a “sick man with a dying website.”
Whether sick or not [and I rather think of myself as extremely well – physically and mentally] – I think I can demonstrate that Frank Report is not dead or dying.
In fact, readership is up from last year and has exceeded 5 million page views so far this year – and it is only mid-October.
Last year [2018], total page views totaled 4.995 million.
Most readers are in the USA.
These are the top 10 countries for page views for the Frank Report. A smattering of dozens of other countries makes up the rest of the page views that total more than 5.1 million, as of October 13.

Why Did Toni Lie?

I am surprised that Toni dared to lie so openly and brazenly in her book.  I mean on almost every page there is something.  From little things like when she dropped out of high school – to important things like the cause of the death of her brother – this woman makes things up and I suspect she has been doing it for years – not just with Keith but with her whole life.
She must have thought she could get away with it in her book – since Raniere is not likely to challenge her.  This has been the case for years. Raniere never responded to any of her stories – so she was free to make her stories more and more dramatic [and fictional].
Unfortunately for Toni – a book is different – a book published by a mainstream publisher is supposed to be vetted and hers was not. She is not just making comments to newspaper reporters.  Now she is locked into a series of lies – in print – under her name that she will not be able to walk back.
The end of the line for Toni is, I suspect, disgrace.
It’s her own fault. She chose to make her book, a book of lies.
It may be pathological. It may have been done by her stupidly thinking no one would catch her.  But, again, it’s not Chet’s fault.
Giving him the benefit of the doubt, Chet, in my opinion, was responsible for making sentences grammatically correct, making words flow and sound intelligent and making Toni – who cannot write and can barely read – and is not adept in the nuances of the English language – sound intelligent – when she is really only very cunning.
He might have tried harder to dissuade her from hurting some of the people she mentions in the book, people who were not part of Nxivm – but it is her story and if she chose to denigrate, for example, her ex-husbands, or any others who might have helped her along the way – that is her prerogative.
If it comes back to bite her – as it probably will – it should not bite Chet also.

So here is the issue:

There is more to tell about Toni and the lies – and possible crimes – that we have fodder for some time to come.
I wish that Chet is not held responsible. He is a fine writer, I think a good man and I think he needed the money. So he believed in Toni. He needed to believe.
I once felt the same way about Toni too.
Happily, I did not write a book with her.
I don’t know, if I had done so, if I would have vetted it.
I might have chosen to trust her and wound up embarrassed too.

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Frank Parlato


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  • So are you saying that if Toni hadn’t said what she said about you after Nicole’s testimony and the FBI arresting you, that you wouldn’t have bothered to question the veracity of what she has been saying over the years or wrote in her book?

    You have been involved with lawsuits related to NXIVM since you started working with that sex slaver in 2007 and you are only now discovering this about Natalie? Back in 2007, didn’t you publicly describe her as an “habitual thief,” “a criminal” and “psychologically damaged?”

    Here’s a horrible thought. Is it possible that in addition to whoever may have been paid off or scared off, that local law enforcement in Albany may not have investigated NXIVM more thoroughly after the 2012 Times Union series because they looked into what Natalie had said and found her too unbelieveable? 7 years later, here you are calling her a “patholgocial” liar. What do you think? Although if Joe knew she was a liar, why didn’t you believe him?

  • I don’t wanna stay on Toni’s back — never really wanted to go there to begin with — wish she and Chet the best — whatever she has to say about me — and I still don’t know the extent — haven’t read the book and don’t really give a rat’s ass — but I will say this I’ve learned the hard way that:

    A NARCISSIST projects. They are soulless creatures, completely self interested and without conscience, they live only through others and feed on us like vampires.

    So when Frank sublimely notes — given his investigative genius — that the funny thing he’s discovered about Toni is that the lies she tells about others are true to a far greater extent of herself than of they she ascribes those foul traits to.

    That image she’s projecting — sad for her, scary for all. )But not AS grotesque as some I know.)

    I’m just joyful to be off of the supply side of the narcissist food chain, if for a brief moment to try to restore a little stolen lifeblood. And that, not any “divided loyalty,”
    is why I don’t give a fat rat’s ass about Toni Natalie anymore.

  • Since Chet was in the same courtroom with Toni throughout the trial, he would know for certain that many of her claims were total fiction. Such as her claim that Raniere only looked at her and not his codefendants. Or her claim that each member of the jury acknowledged her when they delivered their guilty verdicts. Or her claim that Moira Penza turned to look at her as soon as the jury’s verdict was announced. None of that stuff actually happened except in Toni’s little mind.

    • Were you in the courtroom to refute those claims? If not, we should be looking for other witnesses, not making declarative statements that may or may not be true, like Natalie does.

      • Thank you Scott. I was getting ready to type something similar and you beat me too it.

        Being straight up to “skeptical” – why not just say, “I was in the courtroom and saw xyz” and I’ll believe you. You have proudly exhibited your insider knowledge. Why the cloak?

  • What about the fact that Toni and Chet lived together throughout Raniere’s trial? Did that have any effect on what he was willing to put his name on as her co-author? Is Chet just another one of those guys who thinks Toni is pretty?

  • Re Chet:

    How pissed off must Chet be to know Toni Natlie made up lies that he was fired from a job for sexual harassment?

    Frank calls Toni Natlie a pathological liar……

    ……I will go so far as to call Toni Natlie delusional.

    • What makes you think that Toni’s statement about Chet being fired for sexual harassment was a lie? When I see Chet deny it, I’ll consider that possibility.

      • Skeptical,

        If Toni Natlie, the victim heroine and self- proclaimed “Erin Brockovich”, knew that Chet Hardin was some kind of sexual predator…..

        Do you believe Toni would have still used Chet as a co-author? Why?


        If you happen to be trolling you are doing an excellent job. 😉

        • OK, now I’m confused.

          Toni definitely told me (and others) that Chet had been fired after he was alleged to have sexually harassed a co-worker. And she did so long before she had a book deal.

          So, are you saying that Toni lied to me about Chet – which is entirely possible?

          And are you also saying that Toni’s high moral standards would not allow her to have a co-author who had been fired for sexually harassing a co-worker?

          • I think we are all confused about this “skeptical” “inquiring minds” “former neighbor” etc. etc. commenter. Niceguy called her/him a troll. I’d agree if that person didn’t seem to be best buds with you and Frank. This same “non” troll backasswardsly told Scott Johnson he/she helped in bringing down Keith. Without naming this troll can we get a little insight as to what we’re dealing with? Female or male? Well known or innocuous? Do they have a personal grudge with Toni or bitter with her actions? Can we get a little clue?

          • Joe O’Hara,

            I am no one to ask if you your asking me. I am completely baffled by the “Skeptical” alias and Toni Natlie.

            I think there are two types lies Toni Natlie tells:

            1. Pathological lies to manipulate people and get what she wants.

            2. Delusional lies with no basis in reality. Her perception of reality seems to be off.

            I have a sister in law with almost the exact same issue. She makes my head spin.

            As for skeptical I think the individual is just a troll.

        • If Chet is a sexual deviant then this is a pattern for Toni. She quite possibly could be highly attracted to weak over sexed men with irrational perversions. God, I hope his nipples are okay.

  • It would be interesting to know when this gossip about Chet began to circulate. Was it before, during or after he helped Toni with her book? Is it possible that Toni was seeking to put up a barrier between Chet and ex NXIVM members to stop him from finding out about her lies?

    • I don’t know when she told others but Toni told me about Chet being fired for sexual harassment well before she had a book deal. At the time, it didn’t occur to me that she would make up a story about such a thing. And I still don’t understand why she would do so.

  • I’ve only read a few excerpts of “Toni’s” book — on an empty stomach near a commode, anyway, just in case — and, sorry to say, it’s fairly well writ. But not by Toni. Not in the least, I suspect.

    What I’ve read is nowhere close to the way Toni expresses herself. Between that and the degree of Toni’s self-proclaimed word dyslexia — with all those words just “swimming off the page” to where Toni claims she can’t even read straight let alone write — I think it’s safe to say Chet Hardin wrote the book.

    I’ve co-ghost written some myself, including on an autobiography for a prominent Judge who rose from the ranks of the police force to become one.

    The most difficult task for me was getting the authentic voice of the author ‘penned’ down —something which Chet, as an co-author, albeit in small print, was not required to do and did not, apparently, attempt.

    Had hard-working Toni’s contribution been equal to the size of her name on the cover by comparison to her co-author the book would sound something like this:

    “You need to get away from Frank (Parlato)…they want him and I keep tellin’ him but he just keeps pokin’ the bear. He won’t listen. He’s one of these small fry, think they’re big shot Buffalo Italian guys with no class. Not like the Brooklyn Italian guys. They’re slick. I could go for one of them. But I know these Buffalo guys. They don’t listen to nobody. Are you kidding, I’d kill a guy like that. They want Frank. They’re gonna get him and he’ll take you down with him like he did his wife, Chitra. They got Chitra, too. Did Frank tell you that? He thinks he’s so smart but, I don’t know…look at how easy they got Joe. Joe’s real smart. I tried to save Joe, too, but they got him. Look, you’re not Frank’s Mom. What’s he doin in your house when he’s got a wife, why isn’t he home protecting her? He’s just using you to be near Catherine. That’s why they’re after you now. They don’t want you, they never wanted you, they want Frank. Get rid of Frank, stay away from him and all the shit will go away, I’m telling you. …Are you, O.K.? You sound nervous. They don’t want you and I don’t want to see anything happen to you and your son because of Frank. No, you shouldn’t have done that CBC interview, I told you not to, but it’s Frank they’re after not you and he’s doin’ it to himself. He just keeps poking the bear. You can’t tell him.”

    Nice book, Chet. Hope “they” don’t go after you because of Toni.

  • So basically, Toni lives in her own Bizarro World.

    Everything she says, just know the Opposite is True.

    Chet Hardin busted for Sexual Harassment = Never Happened
    Frank Parlato is a Dirtbag = Frank is a good guy
    Keith Raniere could go all night long = Keith aka Mr Limpy
    Keith was like the Concord = Keith is a slug in bed and wants women to lick his nipples
    Toni Natalie is pretty = Toni is not attractive at all
    Toni Natalie dropped out of school in 10th grade = Toni dropped out of 12th grade with 4 weeks left to graduate
    Toni Natalie operates restaurants = Toni runs restaurants into the ground so she can scam banks for loans
    Toni Natalie is disabled = The only problem Toni has is telling the truth

    Looks like Keith and Toni were star-crossed Con Artists and Grifters. Vultures of a Feather, Feast Together

    • I think I saw Frank say that Kristin went off on Toni being a liar and a bad seed during Frank’s time working with NXIVM. I don’t think Kristin and Toni were tight. I sure hope the story doesn’t have anything to do with Toni disclosing where Kristin and her son were hiding.

  • Perhaps the book is worth reading, if you take the “opposite day” approach. Just assume everything is 180 degrees from the truth and/or Natalie did what she is accusing others of doing, and you have an accurate account. I still wouldn’t buy the book from her, perhaps it will show up in a used book store or library in the fiction section, I don’t want to put a single penny in Natalie’s lying little hands.

    • Books usually show up in the used market pretty quickly, at low prices, which provides a solution for those authors you don’t want to support.

      To me, the other issue is the time spent, unless you’re totally committed to studying a particular group like NXIVM and reading everything about it.

      As for more general reads, I’d highly recommend The Confidence Game: Why We Fall for It . . . Every Time as highly informative and behavioral science-based, and yet an easy read, relevant to everything from cults to MLMs:

      • From what some of the commenters said, the book appears to be long on theory and short on experience. Experience trumps theory almost every time.

  • Frank — When did you actually meet Toni in person? When you were working for Keith, I assume you believed Keith’s version of Natalie. When did you initially start believing Natalie’s version of things?

    • Perhaps Natalie didn’t come up much when Frank worked for NXIVM. Frank has stated he barely met Raniere.

      • Actually Scott, Natalie came up fairly consistently by Kristin Keeffe especially – who repeatedly said Natalie was a liar and a thief. Keeffe had prepared a dossier on Natalie – outlining numerous alleged financial crimes [2007 – committed against banks. I never really reviewed it, because I thought going after Natalie was a waste of time – not because she was not guilty – but because Nxivm was supposed to be a positive self help group and these going after old enemies or people who stole from Nxivm in years past seemed counterproductive. As for Keith, while I only met him personally a few times – always at Nancy Salzman’s house – I spoke with him dozens – perhaps as many as 100 times on the phone – for many hours – usually late at night. I was informed that I would not be able to reach him generally by phone from around 7 am = to perhaps 1- or 2 pm. I later learned that that was when he slept.

        • Interesting, it sounds like Keeffe was assigned to go after Natalie from a legal standpoint, as she did with others. I assume you didn’t meet Natalie until after you left NXIVM, did you ever tell her about Keeffe’s dossier? I would think the mere knowledge of the dossier would have caused you to question Natalie’s claims, yet it sounds like you trusted her for years. Or did NXIVM going after you cause you to think Natalie was much more of an ally than a dirtbag, as nobody who was also sideways with NXIVM didn’t refute her stories until the last year or two? Do you now wonder what Raniere was doing, such as having sex, while you were talking with him late at night?

  • There are some professions where your reputation matters more than others. Investigative journalism is one where people must heavily rely on their integrity as good reporters who are able to disseminate truth from fiction through diligent sleuthing. It looks as though Chet Hardin was taken in by Toni Natalie and wasn’t aware of her loose relationship with the truth. I commend Frank for saying that, he too, believed her words until a case against her started building and it seems that snowball keeps rolling and getting bigger as he continues looking into every word she’s written and said.

    I hope that if the reason Chet Hardin left his last job is not as Ms Natalie has been telling others he has recourse to clear his name. That claim is another hit against an investigative reporters’ credibility and anyone who makes public claims hurting the reputation of people should be pursued. This kind of pursuit should never be seen as trying to ‘intimidate’ the person making such false claims against a person. The person being falsely accused has every right to stand up to the liar and have these unfounded statements removed from public spaces.

    • Nicegal
      Of course a person who has been falsely accused has a right to clear their name. How could that be considered intimidation? If you have a valid case and can prove that the information presented has been fabricated, then I don’t see what the issue is.

      • Indeed, Flowers, people do have every right to clear their name however you are mistaken – the person does not need to prove the information has been fabricated. The person making the statement must prove the statements they have been making are true. No one has to prove their innocence. The onus is on the state to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt in court cases and in libel cases the onus is on the person making the statements to prove their veracity. In most cases a cease and desist order is enough to have people making false claims to remove them but, in this case, Mr Hardin’s name is being linked to sexual harassment in many different forums so this could prove difficult to achieve.

        • Well, here’s a thought: If Chet wants to clear up any questions about why he was fired from his last job, he can just post the information here on Frank Report – and I, for one, will believe him. That’s because I have never known Chet to lie in the 13 years that I’ve known him.

          It would also be great if Toni Natalie would respond here on Frank Report as to why she told me and others that Chet had been fired from his last job because of sexual harassment. Did Chet tell her that? Did she hear it from someone else? Or did she just make up that story the same way she did about the FBI agents in the courtroom looking to arrest Frank if he ever showed up there?

          • Joe, would those answers even matter? Toni can say anything now…she could claim that she never told you that, or she could claim she told you she had heard a rumour about Hardin. It would be very difficult to prove that she’s lying.

          • Joe, I was thinking more about Hardin being able to sue Toni for libel. If Toni told you, and several others, that Hardin had been fired for that reason, that could be called slander, but not libel, right? And then all those people would need to testify that she had told them this false story….so it may be difficult to prove.

        • That doesn’t really make sense Nicegal. If you are suing someone for libel, then you need to prove that what they said was false.

          If Mr. Hardin finds evidence that Toni has publicly claimed he was fired for sexual harassment, then he would need to prove it was a false claim, correct?

          Which “many different forums” are involved in posting information on the harassment claim? Has Frank posted a link to these comments?

          And even though the story is circulating that Toni was responsible for originally making this claim, Hardin would need to prove that Toni was, in fact, the person who started this rumour. Hearsay isn’t evidence.

          But my reply to your original post was more a question about your intimidation remark. Who is being accused of intimidation? Are you saying that Hardin is intimidating Toni now? Your meaning was unclear.

          • Flowers: I am not the only person that Toni told about Chet getting fired for sexual harassment. So, she would have to claim that all of us were lying about that – which, considering we’re talking about Toni, I guess is possible.

  • Frank, you raise a very important point in this piece: i.e., the difference between “co-writers” and “ghost writers”. In this case, Chet chose to be a co-writer – which makes him at least partially responsible for the veracity of its contents. Had he been a ghost writer – and didn’t have his name on the book – he would only be responsible for accurately writing down whatever Toni told him.

    It appears that Toni has betrayed yet another of her “friends” by telling people about Chet being fired from his prior job because of a sexual harassment charge. Did she do that to gain leverage over Chet so she could reduce the amount she paid him to write “her” book?

    With friends like Toni, who needs enemies?

  • Frank has really written a very good and detailed article here, actually like he always does.
    But in this case very sensitive and engaging. Toni has earned a knockout blow with her book.
    Chet stood in the direction of the blow and got something off, probably completely undeserved.
    Chet Hardin is probably another victim of Toni Natalie’s lies. Hopefully, he survives it unscathed.
    You can’t blame Chet Hardin for the book. I don’t want to repeat Toni Natalie’s accusations
    against Chet, but Toni is such an unabashed liar who pulls her lies out of the air.

  • “… a memoir of Toni Natalie – who warrants herself to be a truth teller, a whistleblower and a heroine.” Don’t forget pretty. She’s also very pretty, just ask her. By the way, pretty women NEVER say a thing about being pretty, it’s obvious to all.

  • Chet should come forrward now and comment on Natalie’s apparent lies. He surely has some insights from working with her, both in his previous newspaper role and more recent book he helped her write.

  • “I think it’s important to state that, despite this comment of One of the Nine, I have seen no evidence that Hardin was fired from his last job for sexual harassment – other than the word of Natalie who made it a point to spread this rumor about him.” Natalie spread the sexual harassment rumor?

    • Yes, Scott – that’s how we learned about it. Toni always said it in a whisper – but she alone is our source.

      • So she dissed her own co-author? Amazing! But at least Natalie is consistent, she consistently throws her “friends” under the bus. That’s even more reason for him to comment on her apparent lies. If I were him, I would have spoken out before she dissed me to protect my own credibility, and especially after she did it.

      • My bad. I usually read the entire article before commenting, but when I read the sentence where Natalie was criticizing her own co-author I thought for sure it was a typo, and I was compelled into writing a comment immediately. The remainder of the article makes it clear. Simply amazing!

        • 2 different Scott Johnson’s, or the same one using 2 different emails?
          Just wondered since he usually uses the Texas logo….

          • Flowers with the continuously changing avatars questioning Johnson. Why are you so interested in Scott Johnson?

          • I’m adorable. All of the above are me, I got signed out and signed back in, I thought using the same social media account.

  • A pathological liar is likely to beat a lie detector – which isn’t very accurate to begin with. They can also be preternaturally adept at fooling people’s intuitive sense of such things, as well.

    Apparently people often believed Natalie for up to a decade before figuring out that she was lying, so the evidence is that she was pretty convincing, and no one can be faulted for having been taken in.

    Psychopaths and similar types are highly adept at reading, and manipulating, people, and can make themselves appear like some of the most caring and trustworthy individuals, when in fact they are the complete opposite.

    • AnonyMaker
      Most people don’t assume that someone they know is lying to them. So, if Toni had already gained a person’s trust, it would be much easier to trick them. Narcissists will always portray themselves as caring people in order to gain trust, and to gather private information to later use against someone.

        • Do you perceive Flowers as a caring person, other than herself? If so, I have some waterfront property in Arizona to sell you. LOL

          • Flowers,

            It’s not me. NiceGirl was around a while ago to chastise me about liberal politics even though I am a Republican.

            Maybe it’s a different NiceGirl.

            I am not teasing you anymore. Like I stated previously I am done teasing you………

            Or mentioning the awful, “passive aggressive”, label that offended you.

        • Since I don’t fabricate stories, I don’t use any “method”, Nicegal. Do you have a particular reason to haeass me? You just started posting under this name to troll me. Bored?

          Scott, how can you say that I don’t care about anyone after my earlier comment about you? ….I was so worried that someone was impersonating you, or that maybe you had Alzheimer’s or something. No one else here cared that much about you.

  • How stupid is Chet, that he doesn’t even question what he’s being told by Toni? Doesn’t he have any critical thinking skills?

    I think Chet is just as guilty. Because any normal person would listen to what Toni was saying and realize that she’s always running some sort of con.

    What the heck kinda journalist is Chet? Sounds like he’s better suited for the Weekly World News and their stories of Bigfoot, Space Aliens in the White House, and Wolf Boy attending Harvard.

  • I never heard that Chet lost his job due to sexual harassment. My understanding is that he lost his job when Metroland folded, and everybody on the paper was out of a job.

    • Your recollection of Chet losing his job at Metroland when the paper folded is correct. But, according to Toni Natalie, Chet was fired from his most recent job in St. Louis, MO because he was charged with – and found guilty of – sexual harassment. Given her predilection for lying, it’s entirely possible Toni was also lying about that situation. On the other hand, if it weren’t true, I would have expected Chet to have refuted it by now.

      • Truthseeker
        Maybe he wasnt even aware of Toni’s claims until recently. Obviously he would not have worked for her on her book if had known about her claims.

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