Allison Mack and Kristin Kreuk Started Little Known Nixvm-Raniere Secret Recruiting Company to Lure Female Artists – Called ‘Juicy Peach’

Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack on Necker Island for a Nxivm retreat.

Warning: – once operated by Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack as a Keith Raniere-inspired website to lure in artists is no longer in their hands and is now a porn site. 

Juicy Peach [] was another Keith Raniere-inspired endeavor that, on the surface, appeared to offer a legitimate function but that, in reality, was nothing more than a front to recruit people, especially slender women and girls, into Nxivm and Raniere’s control.

Some of the other similar companies were:
The Source [led by Allison Mack] meant to lure in actresses.
The Knife of Aristotle [led by Rosa Laura Junco and Nicki Clyne] meant to lure in writers.
Girls By Design [led by Kristin Kreuk] meant to lure in teen girls.
One Asian [led by Olivia Cheng] meant to lure in Asian women.
A Capella Innovations [led by Clare Bronfman] meant to lure in college-age female singers.
Jness [led by Pam Cafritz and, later, Allison Mack] meant to lure in women in general.
Delegates [led by India Oxenberg] meant to lure in Mexican teen girls to the Albany area by providing them errand type jobs.
DOS [led by Mack, Nicki Clyne. Junco, Lauren Salzman, and other women] meant to lure in young women with a predilection toward BDSM and a willingness to obey unusual commands.
• And numerous other groups and companies that did not succeed as business models but were never really supposed to.

  • Rosa Laura Junco led the Knife of Aristotle. The company advertised in NYC newspapers for writers – to hire for jobs. When writers responded, they were told that they first had to take a Nxivm course.

One of our readers and commenters, Peaches, shared some new information about Juicy Peach – one of the least well known of Raniere’s various “luring” companies.

It does not seem to have gotten off the ground and it is unknown if Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack ever got a single recruit for Raniere through this company.

This is not to say – and I direct this to Kreuk fanboys and ardent defenders – that Kreuk or even Mack – back in 2007 – when Juicy Peach was essentially birthed – that the two actresses – who then starred together on the popular TV show Smallville – had evil intentions.

They may not have understood Raniere’s dark side.

They may not have realized they were recruiting for Raniere. They may have thought they were trying to help aspiring artists and did not know that Raniere was their puppeteer and they, his useful idiots.

On the other hand, they might have known their efforts were meant to help bring people into Nxivm and to learn from Raniere’s genius – which they genuinely believed in.

MK10ART’s painting of Allison Mack and Kristin Kreuk.

They may have thought the end justified the means

That is not to say, fanboys, that Kreuk or Mack knew that Raniere was just out to fuck women and girls – but, rather, they may have thought that the teachings were so splendid that if they made the acquaintance of aspiring artists – through offering then small grants of money – artists who may be ripe for Nxivm courses – that they would find the right sway to pitch them – for the good of the artist and to please their mentor, Raniere.

It is quite possible that Kruek did not seek to exploit young female artists but rather that she and Mack were using their celebrity – in order to lure artists [preferably female] into Nxivm so they could be helped in life through the amazing tech, devised and invented by the world’s smartest and most ethical man.

Our commenter Peaches [no relation to Juicy Peach] provided some hard to find info:  “Juicy Peach was a website that offered small grants put together by Kristen Kreuk and Allison Mack for art students. The 2008 reference to ‘branding’ jumped out at me.”

The following was written by Allison in regards to selling a calendar, the two put together:

“If this is something that sounds interesting or you think is cool, jump on board! Grab a calendar to start off your year or indulge in the ‘Mack/Kreuk branding’ and grab a personally-signed headshot! I will keep you updated on the growth and progress of this new experiment, and in the meantime, you can enjoy the process alongside us!

“Thanks for all your support on our new and exciting adventures! Yay, 2008! New growth, new ideas, new inspiration!  Ciao for now!”

So what were they offerring: “A calendar created by Allison Mack and Kristin Kreuk using a compilation of pictures taken during their travels. Photographers also include Chad Krowchuk and Mark Hildreth.”

Here is a Youtube video on Juicy Peach

Here is the Juicy Peach Mission Statement.


“Juicy Peach is a not-for-profit gallery and store born as a way to utilize art to support the creation of more art. We are dedicated to harnessing our success and abilities to create a community of support so our contemporaries will have the opportunity to do the same. Basically, we are selling stuff so other people can make and sell more stuff!


“Juicy Peach will be a not-for-profit company based in the U.S.A. and will be official in January 2008. All products sold will come with a receipt.

“Criteria for artists:

“Must be a U.S. citizen

“Artists who receive this grant will be creating authentic, unique, and innovative work in any of the following fine art fields: writing, performing, and visual arts, including film.

“Juicy Peach supports and encourages the brave act of authenticity in the pursuit of skilled professional artistry.

“Part of being human is to encounter and work through adversity. As an artist, there are times when adversity feels like a massive concrete wall directly in front of you, reaching just beyond where you could feasibly leap on your own.

“Juicy Peach is part of helping you find a way through that big, giant concrete wall.


“The first Juicy Peach grant will be $1,000 and will be given when we have raised that much money. If you would like to donate your work to the store, please send your submissions to

“When your work is sold, Juicy Peach will reimburse you for your raw materials, but not your time. Profits will go directly into the grants. Juicy Peach will begin to take submissions for grants shortly.

“Inspired. Authentic. Juicy.

“Allison Mack and Kristin Kreuk

“Juicy Peach > Products

“Juicy Peach Calendar [sold out]

“Personalized Headshot.: Allison Mack $40.00

“Autographed Headshot: Kristin Kreuk $40.00 “


It is not known how many headshots were purchased for $40 and it is unknown if the two Juicy Peaches, Allison and Kristin, ever gave out a single grant.

Like many Raniere ideas – the ostensible goal was not one he cared to succeed at. He was after young women to have sex with and women to control and rule – and, of course, women [and men] with money and even working-class people – even some who were not so pretty – to work and spend most of their money on Nxivm classes – as so many did – when they were persuaded to join the stripe path and go up the ranks of Nxivm.

Juicy Peach is just another example of how the cult worked.

Again, it does not mean that Kreuk or Mack were rotten. Their intentions may have been splendid.  They were at best lacking in insight into the mind of their foul mentor.

Keith Raniere with his ardent student Allison Mack.

MK10ART’s splendid painting of Kristin Kreuk (who introduced Allison to Nxivm) wrapping her body around Allison Mack.  I personally find it interesting that Kreuk quietly left Raniere – [when she left is subject to debate]  – without harming her career and that Mack [Kreuk’s recruit into Nxivm] did not leave Raniere until her life was ruined, after her arrest and that she went down the darkest lanes following her mentor and later her sex slave master.

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  • SultanOfSix,

    “Just like everybody else who attempts to shit on Kristin or me”, SultanOfSix.

    Just a friendly reminder SultanOfSix……

    You and Kristin have no connection.

    You have kept the same alias for 20 years so that in your twisted mind Kristin Kreuk will “know it’s you” holding the torch.

    The only thing you have achieved by keeping the same alias and holding up the symbolic torch is to scare the crap out of Kristin Kreuk.

    If she has indeed noticed your name… scare her as much as the stalker nut from the Philippines “Wandering Ka’LEl.


    Why do you think Kristen Kreuk has never acknowledged you on any of the posts you’ve made at any of the fan sites?

    Because you scare the hell out of her!!!!!!

    Once again, SultanOfSix, you are no different than the Kristin Kreuk stalker “Wandering Ka’Lel “, from the Philippines.

    I’m sure Kristin Kreuk has seen your alias she’s just scared shitless of you.

    20 years later and you still will not take the hint. You frighten Kristin Kreuk!!!!!!


    This is my final post on this thread.

    • Sultan,

      You need to move on with your life.

      There is a world out there you should be experiencing.

      You are intelligent and still relatively young. Please move on with your life for the good of your family.

    • do the math again. Probably only 5-10 by Sultan, and about 30-40 by Sultan Stalkers who imagine many others are Sultan. Sad

      • The Find function in my browser shows 6 actually by SultanOfSix, and thirty-some other references to Sultan. I don’t even want to know how many times they have referred to “spank.”

        Typically on a website criticizing and revealing a cult, there are cult members and apologists who show up and do a certain amount of sniping. It’s strange that here, we have one or more other varieties of culty fanatics showing up.

        • Sultan, people don’t like you because you are a cunt of the highest grade. It’s not pro NXIVM ppl who call you out, it’s people who don’t like the cult and your constant spanking-stalking-projecting-denying-white knighting-alias creating bullshit.

          Answer, when will you take Frank out for halal tacos? You said you’ll do it. Do it!

        • AnoyMaker,

          Re your observation:

          Sultanofsix has made it his mission to hunt down anyone who is disrespecting his goddess no matter how trivial. He has endlessly obsessed over Kristin Kreuk for roughly 20 years. It’s very sad.

          He purposely has always used the same alias “Sultanofsix” in the feeble attempt to be recognized by her not realizing she is now more than likely deathly afraid of him.

          • This is your second post since your pronouncement.
            You keep saying how much danger Sultan is to Kreuk—is this your feeble attempt to be recognized by her as her protector?
            Stop it, Nice! You’re already married. It’s very sad.

          • “”niceguy: This is my final post on this thread.” Or Sultanofsix or troll,

            Sultanofsix, even though you had deleted much of your blog comments and twitter account I have been able to find quotes of your previous posts. And piece together your actions.

            The following post from a Website administrator was written to you Sultanofsix. The follow quote is an admonishment to you.

            “Anyway, if some celeb you don’t know is emotionally affecting you in this matter over things such as whether or not she lives with her boyfriend, maybe it’s best for you to step away! Because SO WHAT! Donno why that should matter in any way.”

            I know why you deleted everything a few years back.

            Initially, I was worried that posting anything in regards to you could act as a catalyst to you doing something extreme.

            I now believe it does not matter because events will play out regardless of anything I post.

            Your inertia has always been in a straight line headed towards a brick wall.

            Why am I interested in you? It’s a long story but suffice to say you have reminded me of a man, a stranger, I gave a ride home to at the end of a church gathering a long time ago. The man went on to kill a family of four, 5 years later in a fire.

            I see what you are, and where you are headed, and this time around, I will not be guilty of inaction or indifference.

            Am I being overly dramatic? Maybe I am. I hope I am wrong.

          • “Sultan Of the Beetles” is mentally and clinically insane. He is in or around his fifties, having spent around fifteen years or so, e-stalking and brown knighting Kristin Kreuk. He has done “old skool” stalking too, going to Albany to rescue/kidnap Kristin Kreuk from her cult. When a NXIVM woman told him she had shook the hand of Kristin Kreuk, he said he would never wash it.

            He goes by so many aliases, including, but not limited to SultanOfSix, SOS, WasabiSteak, SoSalty, Seriously, Anonymaker, Peacemaker, Anonymous for Kristin, Rowan, Stu, Karl Basset, Carl Basset (so many aliases, he forgot how he spelt Karl!), Jesse and many more. He often responds with “to *name* ”.

            He contacted Kreuk’s father at work and genuinely believes that creepy action got Kreuk to leave NXIVM!

            He cannot be a happy person. He must be clinically depressed with anxiety. He most likely falls on the aspergers spectrum. A psychologist told Frank that based on his posts and behaviour, he is nuts. Like seriously delusional.

            He has been posting a lot lately as Anonymaker. He has spoken to Frank on the phone. Frank doesn’t think Anonyspanker is him, but Spanky gives himself away. He repeats himself so much and uses the same phrases etc that he cannot hide with anonymity. He stands out like a fart under the covers.

            Frank, why don’t you take him up on his offer and meet him for a halal lunch? Or at least video chat with him.

            Also, when will we find out who the very UNLUCKY lady is who “entertained” the crazed beetle on his Kristin Crooked kidnap crusade!?

          • Don’t forget , The Judge, Foobar Mitzvah, la la lad. sorry , Im sure there are many more but didn’t write them down. I definitely agree with the ones you named !

          • —seriously, you stalkers need help. this is paranoia. You see Sultan in half the comments here, and in EVERY comment that disagrees with you or criticizes your infantile mastubation racist “wit.”

            “He goes by so many aliases, including, but not limited to SultanOfSix, SOS, WasabiSteak, SoSalty, Seriously, Anonymaker, Peacemaker, Anonymous for Kristin, Rowan, Stu, Karl Basset, Carl Basset (so many aliases, he forgot how he spelt Karl!), Jesse and many more. He often responds with “to *name* ”.
            Don’t forget , The Judge, Foobar Mitzvah, la la lad. sorry , Im sure there are many more but didn’t write them down. I definitely agree with the ones you named !”

            So, add Anonymous for Sultan Stalkers to your list of imaginary Sultan aliases.

        • You are being spotted and exposed, not stalked you crazy mad spanker. It’s a halal version of “Where’s Waldo”.

  • SultanOfSix,

    When you first started your super fandom worship of Kristin Kreuk you were a young man of 19……

    You are now a middle aged man of almost 40.

    And you still believe all of us have the “problem” or the “issues”.

    You have been traveling on a pernicious path for over 20 years….

    You hold one woman above all others. You hold her above God.

    • Now you see what a piece of work he is. He can watch, follow, investigate, and know every detail about a person for over a decade and he does not consider it stalking. While you simply do a quick, easy validity check on him and you are a stalker. Careful, remember the lampshade.

  • I don’t buy her story that she got out before things got weird anymore than Keiths IQ of 240. She is not smart enough or moral enough for that foresight. She is lying.

      • Probably the same evidence you have in thinking she is smart. I just can’t understand all the fluster over one chick in a world of 7 billion people. What wasted lives.

        • The fluster is only on this website. Ain’t nobody forcing you or anyone else to post articles about her or comment on her every week.

          • Yes the fluster is only on this website. And no a-hole I have never posted an article here and I comment on fools like you who’s little head longs for the b grade actress.

    • Sarah Edmondson is the source of the “weird” reference, as the point at which Raniere’s inner circle was shaken up and DOS began, by which time Kreuk’s involvement was indeed at an end.

      I see Kreuk as likely the vapid celebrity type apt to fall in to whatever is the currently popular thing in their circles, but either she was well advised by her father and her publicists to distance herself from NXIVM after the expose’ of 2012, or else her having to move away to shoot a new show that year simply broke her connection and she moved on with her life.

      • “I see Kreuk as likely the vapid celebrity type”

        What you see Kreuk as, is the focus subject of your wanking addiction. Spanky cannot help himself. Like the fat ass left alone with the cookie jar, he just cannot help but use his hand for misbehavior.

  • “This is not to say… that Kreuk or even Mack… had evil intentions.”

    But how much does intent matter? It’s an intangible, and we can never know precisely what went through someone else’s mind at the time. It can be endlessly, and fruitlessly, debated. To no purpose.

    What we can do, and must do, is look carefully at what people do. Their actions speak loudest.

    What was this JNESS thing these two conspired to cook up? Using their fan base, they hoped to get people to send in art work, they would then sell the art work, and when there was sufficient money they would make grants in $1000 blocks. The artist would not be paid for their labor– note that well, the artist would not be paid. Not even if their art work sold. They’d be reimbursed for the materials only. So a drawing that took a dozen hours of work would net the artist the price of a sheet of paper. Unless s/he were lucky enough to win the grant; a gamble with lousy odds.

    Who would decide who got the $1k grant, if and when the project ever took in that much profit? Kristin and Allison. No oversight, no board, no input from the artists who did the work. It was all at the whim of these two girls.

    What about overhead? Were these two going to do all the work of administering the project themselves and for free? Most nonprofits have costs. They pay rent, they pay staff, pay for postage and bank fees… and the administrators don’t expect to work for free. So were Allison and Kristen planning on paying themselves a salary out of the net receipts of this nonprofit? It’s perfectly legal to do so. In fact it is expected.

    Note that they don’t say this is a charity. It’s a nonprofit. Universities and megachurches are nonprofits; the people who run these do not live on peanut butter sandwiches.

    JNESS was, quite blatantly, a scam. Only a real asshole would perpetrate this kind of thing on her loyal fans. These two women were working an angle. It was a scheme both exploitative and unfair. Fortunately, it seems to have crashed and burned before it ever got off the ground. Not even the gullible fan base was foolish enough to fall for it.

  • So, Frank still hasn’t learned the meaning of “facts”?

    “• The Source [led by Allison Mack] meant to lure in actresses.”
    It is “led” by Allison…Vicente said that everyone was leading it…if I recall well 12 different persons. Also, certain info appears to show that the same Vicente was more of a leader in it than Allison

    “• The Knife of Aristotle [led by Rosa Laura Junco and Nicki Clyne] meant to lure in writers.”
    Led by Rosa, not Clyne…She was writing (even Allison wrote and many others did (including people that were respectable (before everything exploded)

    “• Jness [led by Pam Cafritz and, later, Allison Mack] meant to lure in women in general.”
    No, it was not led by Allison, they gave another name for the leader…BTW a little reminder, in court, Allison was clearly said not to be an executive…at best a coach.

    “• DOS [led by Mack, Nicki Clyne. Junco, Lauren Salzman, and other women] meant to lure in young women with a predilection toward BDSM and a willingness to obey unusual commands.”
    Hmmm no, first, why cite Allison first and it was mostly led by Raniere and Junco…each of the other cited members were just slaves…but nevermind, it’s not like there was a trial about it.

    “One of our readers and commenters, Peaches, shared some new information about Juicy Peach – one of the least well known of Raniere’s various “luring” companies.”
    That is your source…ok now I’m really worried about the girl you accused to be Clyne…Seem like the source doesn’t need to be good for you to publish.

    “They may not have understood Raniere’s dark side.”
    Funny that you accept this for 2007 but when Cami said that it was still the case for Allison in 2016, it didn’t mean a thing.
    Raniere never gave his real intention and even to this day, after a trial, what were his real intentions? Was he believing in his own BS (not that it matters, he committed the crimes)?

    “The 2008 reference to ‘branding’ jumped out at me.”
    …While I suppose it’s dark humour , I hope it is only that…even non-native speaking know what branding means in the world of celebrities…
    If it’s humour, just stop, you are as bad as Clyne.

    “Juicy Peach supports and encourages the brave act of authenticity in the pursuit of skilled professional artistry.
    I can smell the dirty hand of Raniere in this simple sentence…smells terribly bad.

    Actually, the text after that is even worst…

    “Juicy Peach is just another example of how the cult worked.”
    Oh, you now remember it’s a cult! good.

    “Again, it does not mean that Kreuk or Mack was rotten. Their intentions may have been splendid. They were at best lacking in insight into the mind of their foul mentor.”
    Yet, you support that Allison became a mastermind criminal (despite the trial showing otherwise and some of the proof (like Cami’s message) show that she didn’t know the main purpose!)

    Worst, you still say DOS “led by” while in court, they stop saying she was the leader…only Penza pretended this before digging into the cult.
    After, Allison was just another first-line…
    Only 1 leader in DOS, it’s Raniere and the next person is Junco and Cami…(most likely Junco as she is the one taking care of the collateral for sevreal of the firstline)

    Anyone under that level were following orders (even the pathetic Lauren is not a leader of DOS…but she had power elsewhere).

    • Poor Anonymous can’t recognize that Allison Mack was and is neck deep is sadism and madness.
      The NXIVM harem was bad enough when Pam Caffritz led it.
      It was sex trafficking.
      But as Caffritz slowly faded away Allison Mack took over the reins and turned NXIVM’s harem into a sado-masochistic sex cult for submissive women into BDSM.

      As for the Source Frank Parlato wrote an entire story about how Allison Mack and her good friend Dr. Josef Mengele, I mean Dr. Brandon Porter, tried to tag team a California girl into joining the Source as a portal to future sexual slavery.
      “How Dr. Porter and Allison Mack worked to recruit a teenage girl to the sex slaver cult of NXIVM”

      By the way I can tell by your spelling of humor as “humour” that you are British.
      FYI America has a century old law called the Mann Act that makes transport of girls across state lines a Federal felony.
      Bringing a California girl to New York to be groomed for sex with Raniere is a Federal felony.
      Trying to bring that girl across state lines to be groomed for sex is an attempted crime and also a felony.

      As a Britisher you should be worried about your Randy Prince Andy who appears to be a pedophile involved with Epstein’s child sex trafficking operation.
      If the US government had any guts it would indict Randy Prince Andy for child sex trafficking and demand his extradition.

      As for the Knife of Aristotle Mack’s loving, loyal spouse Nicki Clyne was neck deep in that Propaganda mouthpiece.
      And you neglect to mention that Allison Mack’s sister wife Rose Laura Junco, the titular head of The Knife of Aristotle, housed teen age Mexican girls while they were in Clifton Park to be groomed for sex with Raniere.

      As for Jness Allison Mack was a recruiter and because she was a very dedicated recruited Mack took over this women’s portal to sex slavery while Caffritz was slowly dying.
      In fact Youtube has a medley of Allison Mack’s recruitment videos for Jness running from 2013 to 2017.
      Link below.

      DOS “why cite Allison first ”
      Because Allison Mack was the operational head of DOS.
      In the corporate world Allison Mack would be called the Chief Operating Officer of DOS.
      Or COO.
      Allison Mack was in charge of the nitty gritty details of running the sex cult.

      “not that it matters, he (Raniere) committed the crimes”

      You might consult with a Barrister to learn about the law involving criminal conspiracies.
      If you are in a gang or criminal conspiracy and you follow the boss’es orders you are just as guilty as the boss.
      That is why organized crime trials involve numerous defendants.
      Under America’s Racketeering law (the RICO Act) NXIVM is an organized crime gang.
      Britain also has a RICO style law.
      Alison Mack is a major leader in a criminal gang that committed numerous crimes over the years.
      And your Saint Allison tortured and enslaved numerous women as part of that criminal gang.

      “Anyone under that level were following orders”

      “I was just following orders” was not a defense in the Nuremberg Trials and it is not a defense here.
      If you receive and follow criminal orders, yo are a CRIMINAL.

      As for Nicki Clyne using numerous aliases I know that Nicki has used a service called Hootsuite or Hoot Suite that helps one manage numerous social media accounts.
      Hoot Suite’s main office is in Vancouver a metro area Nicki grew up in.

      Link to Allison Mack’s Recruitment Videos for Jness and sexual slavery:

      • Thanks for that video, it’s very illustrative in a couple of respects.

        Mack talks about having just ended a relationship, and feeling “lost and confused” when she first joined – a typical point of vulnerability for someone to get involved in a high control group or cult.

        At the end she talks about being at the point where she looks at men and is no longer trying to find a future husband. That’s just the sort of normal life maturation that someone would go through, but that someone involved in a group would falsely attribute to their participation in it – and groups and their leaders exploit that fallacious tendency, getting people to give them credit for things in life that probably would have happened regardless.

        • “she looks at men and is no longer trying to find a future husband. ”

          There is a woman named Mandy O’Brien who runs a website named Bombard’s Body Language.
          O’Brien analyzes body language and at this point in the video she stops it and declares “Allison Mack is lying.”
          To Bombard Mack is still looking for a husband, the perfect man and is simply lying about it.
          Of course stupid or crazy Allison finds the “perfect man” in the worst man possible, Keith Raniere.
          “Body Language – Allison Mack Cult Recruitment
          April 25, 2018”

      • This is Mack acting, in my observation. She isn’t “being” herself but is speaking within pre-set guidelines, with the content and message of whatever she is saying here having been arranged and laid-out beforehand. Not that this in itself is unusual; to rehearse, to get organized, before shooting the intended contents.

        But the patness of her speech, the lack of liveliness coming from her face and eyes would be looked at as inadequate and as a misrepresentation, a failure to deliver and one would call this video a “do-over” and try filming the mess again, only better.

        She sounds wooden. Her eyes circle upwards frequently, as if she’s trying to remember her “script” and to deliver the words, concepts which she’s supposed to cover. She looks kind of helpless, actually. However, also, and crucially, she sounds AWAY from herself, her own emotions aren’t being shown or conveyed, and she does sound programmed, rote-like, as if she’s spinning on her inner, culty rat wheel. Caged.

        Watching and hearing this promo, I feel that I’m witnessing tiredness as well as mild-to-medium symptoms of depression. The product, the video, lacks any magnetism and fails utterly at being invitational or attractive. She could not even manage to take any of her theatrical training out of her pocket, to be able to make this video shiny.

        Here is evidence of how bad it was for her, choosing to live under Raniere’s true conditions and conditioning. Here too is the evidence that Allison couldn’t see, or let herself see, just how awful things really were, for anyone’s mental or psychological well-being.

        • Shivani, thanks for your insights into that aspect of the video. I’m not so good at such things, and so just stuck with an analysis of the content, but I did notice that her presentations – there are four different sections – seemed somewhat strange, including that she looked into the camera surprisingly little of the time for someone trained as an actress, and supposedly talking about things like authentic connections to others.

          • Actors do not look directly into the camera. It breaks the illusion. Actors develop the habit of ignoring the camera, its operators, the sound men, the whole kit. All those years on the set of Smallville, the one thing she could never do was look at the camera. She had being doing this since she was a kid and it had probably become ingrained.

          • Acteon, good point about what Mack’s training as a TV actress would have been.

            A quick check shows that for the purpose of documentaries or interviews there are different schools of thought as to whether the subject should be looking into the camera, or at the interviewer – who is a sort of stand-in for the eventual audience. The first segment is the worst as far as such production values, and only the last (perhaps by Vicente?) looks fairly professional, and isn’t actually distracting and off-putting to the viewer – and effectively undermining her claim to have achieved some sort of greater levels of authenticity and human connection.

      • “No one is ever told that they’re wrong or they’re bad, no one is ever punished”. Now there’s a laugh! Mistress go-take-a-cold-shower, mistress whack you with a paddle on your bare ass! Oh, that brightened my day!

        • Actaeon
          Other women were punished while the great Allison Mack was love-bombed by the Salzmans and the Bronfmans.

          And by many accounts, the sadistic Allison Mack dished out a lot of the punishments.

    • Once again you try to act as if you know what you’re talking about, when in fact you’re quite mistaken if not completely wrong.

      The inconvenient truth about Mack’s central and even executive role, for instance, is revealed in what Vicente actually said in his sworn court testimony:

      “[Mack] eventually became a proctor. She was one of the heads of Jness… she was one of the leaders. She was [also] the head of humanities in Albany.

      Q Was that a committee?

      A That’s a committee…. she also was the head of the company called The Source, which would be the acting program. And then she also for a time was involved in a company called The Knife. The Knife of Aristotle was a media analysis company.”

      Note to begin with, that she was a proctor, which was a huge step up into the elite of NXIVM’s ranks well beyond being “at best a coach.”

      Most of the rest of your claims involve similar misunderstanding or mis-representation, but it’s not worth going through in detail as facts and truth apparently get lost in translation in your case.

      The Shallowness of Google Translate
      “The program uses state-of-the-art AI techniques, but simple tests show that it’s a long way from real understanding”

  • Reading through the text, the selected language used in the first Juicy Peach, (i.e. “archetypal orgasmic vagina” symbolism) quotes of procurement shows who Kreuk and Mack were recruiting. The first two paragraphs contain enough exclamation points to choke a rhinoceros.

    This tells the age group and/or the degree of naiveté required to be chosen for their sexy, arty, predatory Program, whether Kreuk and Mack could get that through their heads or not.

    The Hallmark hyperbole would turn off plenty of teenagers, it cuts so thick and sticky. Two obtuse smiley faces salivating to work for their pimp.

    This is how hustlers send influencers out as hunters for more prey.

    • Shivani, good catch about the symbolism – and I think you nailed the general dynamic at work.

      They seem to have always been trying to sell some “sexy” angle with the various things they did. Of course, there’s the old adage that sex sells.

      But in this case I can’t readily figure out whether the emphasis on that angle just comes from young entertainment industry types who grew up in the age of Victoria’s Secret and PINK, or was some sort of trickle-down from Raniere’s sexual fixations. At that point neither Kreuk nor Mack were very high up in NXIVM, and I don’t get the impression that NXIVM’s curriculum was that sexualized, particularly at the lower levels, so it could just have been an invention of their own. But it’s also possible that Raniere was doing something like directing Edmondson to have actresses in her center set up groups to spread NXIVM’s ideas using approaches like that – did Edmondson address that at all in her book?

      • Here is well exemplified how linguistic conditionings are used, as interpretations shift or as interpretative conditionings are deliberately revised, edited, twisted. Truth is thereby more easily ignorable. Forgettable. Forgotten.

        Few people think, for example, about the origin of the term, “Stock Exchange.” Study shows that during the mid-to-final part of the 1700’s and during the pre-Civil War 1800’s, Brooklyn, New York held the largest single and functioning plantation, plus the busiest and most profitable slave trade market and industry in the entire United States was conducted in Manhattan.

        So much was being run right there! There is still a Chamber Street right in Manhattan, where the overstock of slaves awaiting sale were kept in singular cages, whereas there was a huge underground storage facility maintained within a cluster of interconnecting cellars and tunnels, for lodging the majority of captives. Chamber Street was used for overflow and for smaller cages, and keeps its name, with its significance being generally unnoticed.

        But many of my black brothers and sisters remember and still tell their children these “inconvenient” truths. Their anger, to me, is an historic remembrance, is unforgettable, is righteous anger.

        Right where Wall Street is today, STOCK was being “exchanged” at the biggest slave market inside the entire United States. The stock was even called “livestock” as non-white human beings were being caged and brought up for sale, one by one and batch by batch. Exchanges of money or other forms of bartering were done right on Wall Street and its surrounding environs.

        Stock Exchange. During these days, neither black people or Jews were allowed to be buried in any community or church cemeteries. These people had to arrange for separate burial grounds. One was in a section once called Senegal by its inhabitants. Senegal was within an already “settled” small black community, which already had its own neighborhood, shops, schools and churches. And it’s own small cemetery.

        One such settlement area was called Senegal. Eventually however, “Senegal” was switched over to “Seneca.” There is much, much more truth being revised and hidden, within this one small story. Enough to write several books, enough to talk story for years to come. Black people know how come unvaporized African American bones were excavated from beneath the World Trade Center’s rubble.

        Once upon a time, there was a cemetery with its many burial plots, exactly there. Black people had created a burial ground there for their families, friends and loved ones, where once it was permitted. In one Diehard movie, viewers, unawares, were shown parts of the authentic underground facilities used for African and for Islanders’ storage and captivity in days past. Bruce Willis bebopping through hallowed ground, beneath Manhattan streets.

        • Well that puts a new perspective on things. I had no idea. I thought that only happend in the south. Thanks for the little history lesson.

    • You people are so old that you obviously have not dealt with the lingo of today’s or recent history’s teen girls and can’t distinguish between the usage of the word sexy without the implications of it being sexual.

      • Or some of you young people have grown up in such an inappropriately sexualized environment that things seem normal, that shouldn’t be – which is of course, coincidentally, also what happens in cults.

        I’m genuinely interested if you can show that the term has lost all relation to sex in common usage, including that even young children nowadays would see no connection, but what I’m finding right off suggests that it’s still not really okay:

  • Sarah Edmondson as well as several other ex members of NXIVM said Kristin Kreuk had nothing to do with the cult. Which could be said also about Oxenburg who was in for 2 years. So yeah, advertising or name dropping may have been done, until both women left the program turn cult. In the end both condemned the cult and made public statements. Still waiting for sentencing of the cult leaders. Read it
    may be moved up to this Jan.

    • You are a sad stupid brown noser. Stop lying. NXIVM was always a cult. Literally, when Rick Ross revealed Kreuk joined in a 2006 article, he put “Kristin Kreuk” and “cult” in the title. NXIVM didn’t become a cult in 2015 with DOS you ignorant arrogant dickhead. DOS is just one part of the cult. It is just one part of the NXIVM criminal enterprise. What Sarah Edmondson said is Kreuk was not directly involved with DOS. You are so dumb, you think Sarah Edmondson was not in a cult for twelve years, but a “program” and was only in a cult for two months, seeing as it took her two months to leave after getting branded. You are an insufferable irritating ass-kisser. Any article or comment regarding Kreuk and there you are. And no, Kreuk did not “condemn” the cult, she was forced to make a statement to do PR damage control as the larger press were beginning to talk about her and she lied. You have nothing to say that changes facts.

      • Lol, poor little mean girl, stuck in a mean little loop, typing vile little mean post in a corner with little sweaty fingers.
        Yup Kristin never was in DOS, Nope NXIVM, didn’t advertise as a cult in the beginning,but by process turned into one slowly and secretly.
        Oxenburg was attracted to NXIVM for being a self help program, not a pushy pyramid cult. Edmondson not only quit NXIVM, she attacked and became a loud voice against NXIVM, and a defender of Kristin as well. Kristin gave a public anti NXIVM twitter that was published world wide, a action not done by many who had left NXIVM. Deal with it. Lol and it’s not just
        me who will support Kristin, their are many others following this case who will defend her from bullies like you. So get ready to stay at your phone or laptop. You may have to be here for months…maybe more.

        • Complete blind infatuation. The woman you obsess over was in a cult. It was always a cult. Cults don’t call themselves cults. Nor do they advertise as such. The crimes and degeneracy was always there. People in NXIVM but not DOS have openly said they were in a CULT. Nobody joined NXIVM because they wanted to be in a cult. Once they were in, they were in a cult.

          “Kristin gave a public anti NXIVM twitter that was published world wide, a action not done by many who had left NXIVM.”

          Your cowardly obsession stayed silent for nine months, only releasing her weak statement because the press were talking about her, not because she wanted to. If the others were spoken about, perhaps they would of done the same.

          “So get ready to stay at your phone or laptop. You may have to be here for months…maybe more.“

          Is your worthless life really this empty? Seriously? People getting their homes bombed, children being slaughtered, but you get to stay alive? What a useless creature.

      • NXIVM was, typically, set up to hide its true nature to new recruits and lower-level participants. It also became more extreme over time.

        People don’t join cults, knowing that they’re cults. Recruits are either those who haven’t thought to research what they’re getting into, or who have been lead to discount negative reports based on what they experience – we see that sort of willful disregard of evidence and facts, when they conflict with what people presume or want to believe, demonstrated quite frequently here, it’s unfortunately an all too common human weakness.

        It’s certainly correct that Kreuk’s statement didn’t “condemn” the cult – and equally if not more egregiously, also downplayed if not bordered on misrepresenting the depth of her involvement. But if “she was forced to make a statement to do PR damage control” it’s also entirely possible that her PR people forced her to stick to a minimal statement – it all comes down to speculation about motives anyway, and that cuts both ways.

        Plus other working actors like Hildreth and Park who had remained very active until the end, and who had been more involved or done more to promote the cult and its recruiting efforts, have gotten away without making any statements at all, so it’s obviously not the case that anyone’s hand was really forced. Kreuk and Edmondson were actually the only two in the crowd of NXIVM actors in Vancouver to come forth publicly.

    • “In the end both condemned the cult and made public statements.”

      Wrong. Frank Parlato broke the DOS story June 2017. Kreuk was being called out that whole time, for her silence and hypocrisy for talking publicly about Harvey Weinstein, pretending to fight a pedophile abuser of females on tax payer television etc. It was not until 29th March 2018, nine months later that Kreuk tried saving her own ass by trying to throw the press off with a statement that downplayed her true role in the cult, no acknowledgement of any knowledge of anything bad and lied about leaving and having nothing more to do with the cult since 2013, which we now know is false.

  • To use the word “lure” is entirely loaded language. Recruit is a more appropriate term for NXIVM pre-DOS, which used collateral of unknowing recipients who had the true intentions of the group hid from them in order to blackmail them. Lure has a negative connotation, the implication of which is that the actors (in the more general sense of the term) who are doing the luring are intending to trap or trick someone into something they wouldn’t do otherwise if they knew the entirety of the story, e.g., you lure animals into traps so that you can capture them or kill them, or less nefariously, for a surprise birthday party. Sorry, but I don’t see that in this piss poor effort called Juicy Peach. It didn’t even last a year, if that.

    • They were lured by grant money used as bait to then be recruited. It doesn’t matter how long Juicy Peach lasted. The point is to show how young college artists were the target. During this time Allison seems to have been struggling internally between good and evil. She was at least still a free thinker. If one follows Allison through her journey it is clear that Raniere chipped away at her. He nurtured the evil part that she battled within. I also think that because she was journaling her thoughts for the world to see gave Keith a psychological advantage.

      • ” During this time Allison seems to have been struggling internally between good and evil. ”

        You give Allison too much credit for being a thinker.
        Los Alamitos Allison, a proud high school graduate, delved into esoteric Eastern philosophies and rejected the idea of firm boundaries between right and wrong.

        Allison Mack’s favorite quote was from the Persian philosopher Rumi:

        “Beyond all ideas of right and wrong there is a field, I will be meeting you there.” Rumi

        Allison Mack would have been better off watching “Three Stooges” videos for her spiritual education.

        • Rumi’s point is actually more about transcending petty arguments and us-versus-them-mentalities – such is at work in cults, and we sometimes see here – and instead finding agreement in universally held values, such as for instance the Golden Rule. It is not referring to something like moral relativism, though it could mistakenly be construed as such.

          But yes, Mack seems to have been a lightweight – and not to have had good teaching or guidance, either.

          Rumi is highly regarded, and I’ve run across ministers using that and other of his quotes in their sermons. It can be seen, for instance, as harmonizing with Jesus’ critique of the argumentative legalism of the Pharisees, and his teaching to instead focus on the principles and spirit of the Commandments.

        • Shadow, just because you are a psycho who can’t see the truth doesn’t mean that sane people don’t see it…

          “Allison Mack’s favorite quote was from the Persian philosopher Rumi”
          This shows how much you know her…idiot! She quoted many people, but it’s definitely not her favorite quote.

          All you do (like always) is talk out of your ass.

        • I think in Allison’s mind that the field between right and wrong is called Slab City. A place where the lawless live without water and no rules.

      • “During this time, Allison seems to have been struggling internally between good and evil”
        No, she was not, she didn’t have as Evil was not an option for her…she genuinely thought it was good.

        As for the free thinker, it’s true…she lost her mind after 2013 (after the beginning of the diet and sleep deprivation).

        She didn’t have any evil (and still doesn’t) …If we go by your logic, everyone involved in any way was evil (including India who did the same as Allison, and Nicole (Allison’s victim) who was a member of Nxivm.
        If the trial showed one thing, it’s that only Raniere decided…the only evil part is him.

        Allison, much like other victims, was coerced to do what he asked (Nicole accepted a lot before going away, and this just with the coercion!…Allison had the coercion pressure + the lose of her mind due to starvation and sleep deprivation)

        It’s even more comforting as Allison is good now (mostly because she think for herself).

        He didn’t get the evil side of Allison out, she never had an evil side!

        • OK you win Allison is good.
          Good for nothing
          Good to go to prison
          Good for an ass wooping
          Good for canckles
          Good at day dreaming
          Good at branding women
          Ooo Ooo eee eee Mack good Keith bad.

    • Anonymous,

      Your command of the English language is commendable.

      The way you frame an argument by picking one word that antagonizes you has not changed in over a decade. Do you feel it gives you the semblance of an intellectual? To explain the definition of word to Frank Parlato? Frank Parlato has achieved more than you ever will.
      Your not his equal or his superior.
      Do you find me exasperating? No?

      Do not worry my friend I am just getting started.

    • Anonymous,

      I had coffee and was being a little over zealous in retrospect.

      What satisfaction do derive for holding a torch for a celebrity ?

      At the end of the day we are all just bunch of putzs on website forum.

      But you are the one getting antagonistic over the use of a vocabulary word to describe the object of your affections. You have been doing the same thing for well over 10 years…..

    • “Anonymous, October 14, 2019 at 5:07 pm”, (SultanOfSix).

      You are most certainly SultanOfSix. Years ago when you first contacted John Tighe and introduced yourself you corrected John Tighe, just as you are correcting Frank Parlato. I posted my comment to the wrong anonymous.

      My previous antagonistic and defense of Frank Parlato was meant to illicit a reply from you. Frank Parlato does not need to be defended by me.

      Yesterday I read something you wrote and realized I had seen someone else write something very similar.

      It was at that moment I took an interest in you.

      Most super fans move on to a new celebrity or there super fandom is replaced by life and a family.

      You have been a dedicated Kristin Kreuk super fan for over 20 years.

      The someone’s whose musings and writings remind me of you is Mark David Chapman.

      You mirror Mark David Chapman in many ways. The most startling is in your persistence in seeing everyone that does not support your narrative as insincere, fake, phony, or hypocritical.
      You have labeled John Tighe, Frank Parlato, and everyone else with one of those same monikers that Mark David Chapman used.

      I believe you are nearing the end of your tether…..

  • All these groups come with the territory with cults. It wouldn’t have surprised me to find out if AM, NC or KK started a group to teach girls how to brush their teeth….sexily. They….or more to the point HE….wanted to be like Scientology. But with all its faults and probably crimes (and there are a lot of both). Scientology flourishes when its members (especially the Hollywood elite succeed). What I find incredibly fascinating is that both Alison Mack and Nikki Clyne walked away from extremely promising careers.

    It is possible that us why Kristen Kreuk left. When she realized that Raniere (I hope I spelled his name right this time for the spelling police) was backing her away from her own promising (and yes it is promising) career. She might have missed the early signs but she was narcissistic (in a good way) to catch that one.

    Too bad Alison and Nikki did not.

    Assuming I am right of course. And they are not just all psychopaths.

    Which is also possible.

  • Clare Bronfman wanted to be like the boys.
    ” I remember sitting in the girls locker room before gym class – I could hear the playful boisterous voices of my classmates down the hall – however I was alone. I was 12 years old, and the only girl in my class at school. I wanted so badly to be like the boys – to be accepted by them to be allowed to play with them – I tried to rid myself of all “girly” qualities and blend in.”

  • “bash
    Dec 29, 2007#2
    As much as I am a fan of KK, I am not buying no calendar for 40 bucks.”

    Even today almost 13 years later, you can buy a calendar for about 15 dollars.
    This is an obvious scam to fund Mack and Kreuk’s Global Tourism.

    And the calendar comes out in January.
    Most people buy their new calendars in November and December so they can get use of the whole calendar, not just eleven months.

    Forty bucks for a photo of either Kristin Kreuk or Allison Mack.
    Somewhere there is a storage locker filled with these NEVER SOLD photos.

    If you want an excellent photo of Allison Mack, here is a good photo you can get for free:

  • Well since you Frank have said that you didn’t know how evil Raniere and the cult was until you were indicted at the end of 2015, I don’t think you can expect flightly, flakey, earnest artists to have known anything sinister was going on. Like you, they too were duped. Unless you are going to claim otherwise? Weren’t you Keith’s puppet and useful idiot too? How would you describe yourself?

    • I would not describe myself as Keith’s puppet. I tried to treat him as a friend and an independent thinking consultant. That is the best way to be a good consultant – by not being a sycophant. I used to think of Keith as bright – not as bright as myself – but I often thought of him as possibly the second smartest guy in the world.

  • From what I can tell from the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, even during the time they had the website in 2008 and early 2009, they never got much further than just putting up a landing page with a graphic that said “soon”:*/

    I think that shows how hapless a lot of these efforts were.

    And from what I’ve seen of these sorts of groups, and average participants and members, the article pretty well describes the typical blind enthusiasm that is generated for what initially appear to be the moving and meaningful goals of the organization, which always puts on a benevolent outward face.

    • Anonymous,

      Re SultanOfSix

      Thank you for sharing the second link to tap talk . I discovered something that is quite interesting.

      Apparently SultanOfSix has been a super fan for over 11 years as evidenced by the quote below:

      “Jan 02 ’08#7
      i’m glad i’m not the only one that smells a rat, and before sultanofsix jumps down my throat for the 100th time i don’t hate kristin when i write this stuff, i just have a view and i want to air it.”

      The link below is to the Kristin Kreuk comment section that mentions SultanOfSix.
      To Sultan,

      SultanOfSix as I have mentioned I am no longer going to make fun of you.
      You have been a super fan of Kristin Kreuk for almost 12 years. Sultan you even ventured to upstate New York to rescue her from NXIVM.

      I think you would find more happiness in your life if you had a relationship with a real woman. The world can be a cold place, but if you reach out to people, real people, not just people online, you may find greater happiness.

      SultanOfSix you seem like an intelligent and well spoken individual. Surely you know what I stating is the truth.

      • Thanks for that tap link nice guy. It’s interesting to see her fans, back then, acknowledging that she was in a cult

      • I never went to upstate NY to “rescue her”. Why the fuck would I go there if she never lived there? She has only lived in Vancouver and (now) Toronto. I still don’t know where this bizarre idea came from.

        If I wanted to meet her, I would’ve gone to the first Acapella Innovations way back in 2007 which was open to anyone. But like I said a long time ago, I felt it was bad news back then because I thought the leader was a hack and I didn’t want to support it, even indirectly. Too many similarities to Scientology. Too much smoke around the history of VanFake.

        The most I ever did was post on forums attempting to rationally argue against it, hoping she might read something I wrote. I was against it when Frank was the PR guy and long before this blog even existed. I thought it was a big fat fucking waste of her time for her career and life advancement and she didn’t need it, and neither did Allison. Unfortunately, Allison was mind fucked into drinking the kool-aid to her own detriment.

        • It’s obvious that the anonysultan doesn’t want to admit to stalking. He can just call it something different, but it’s still stalking. No doubt she has seen a lot of his posts in various places and knows that the creepy sultan exchanges correspondence with underage girls on her fan sites pretending to be a little girl. Poor Kristin, she’s probably scared to death of this obsessed psychotic creeper.

        • What has your online stalking done for you? Nothing. You have not penetrated the four decades old vagina of the one you stalk, nor will you. Do you think you are in some kind of “relationship” with the one you stalk? Do you think she is communicating to you through her acting and online posts? What would any of your family members or colleagues think of you if they knew how ill you are? You are emotionally owned. You are emotionally controlled. You are enslaved to your fantasy and weakness. Seek a licensed psychotherapist. Or an exorcist.

        • SultanOfSix,

          All a super fan is…
          ……. is a simple form of OCD. That’s it. OCD takes many forms:
          “Sometimes it’s people washing their hands…
          Sometimes it’s people shopping too much…
          Sometimes it’s a drug addiction…
          Sometimes it’s a gambling a compulsion…
          Sometimes it’s collecting all the Star Wars memorabilia that there is to collect to the point you can’t walk into your own home.”

          Most highly successful people have some form of OCD; that’s why they are successful, they are in fact obsessing about succeeding at their various enterprises.

          The CEO of the investment brokerage firm I worked at in 1997 had to tap his keys and whistle when he peed at the urinal. I am not kidding.

          You are not crazy. You just have OCD. I would be shocked if you make the claim that you have no other symptoms of OCD.

          My only question to you is what is your endgame? Where is your super fan hobby going? It’s been going on for over a decade. I don’t expect an answer. You should just ask yourself the same questions.

          All I am attempting to do is communicate to you is the fact that you could be having a better quality of life.

          When I posted the old forum post quote from another website, I was merely attempting to get your attention. I was not trying to intimidate you or hurt you in any way.

          BTW: Ignore all the assholes that are making fun of you on this site.

          If it were possible, I would have mentioned and communicated other things, but it is not my wish to give assholes ammunition to attack you or myself for that matter.

          Please think on the things I have mentioned.

          Your an intelligent human being I therefore believe I am not wasting my time.

          I wish you well.

        • You all are screwed in mind and soul.

          If I write something and Kristin read it here or elsewhere, she would know exactly who is speaking to her.

          But you fucks are little pussies. Couldn’t say a damn word to her or my face with a face behind your aliases. Easy to talk behind a computer screen. So go fuck yourselves.

          • SultanOfSix,

            I expected it would be a foolish endeavor to reach out to you. However, I did not expect you to have such a visceral reaction.

            BTW I know this is you……
            October 15, 2019 at 3:22 am
            “During this time, Allison seems to have “, SultanOfSix.

            You have a history of knit picking and parsing people’s words to frame your arguments or to focus your anger.

            I have collected enough writing samples from your previous posts on other websites to be able to tell it’s you.

            Before I posted the quote from TapTalk…….
            ….I downloaded ahead of time all of the Tap talk Kristin Kreuk fansite posts you made and some of the ones you deleted……and then backed them up on a hard drive.

            You have been following Kristin Kreuk’s travels for sometime now. I do not understand why you deny traveling to New York; When it is obvious you have traveled before to other locations to see her.

            I now understand why you deleted those posts on TapTalk.

            Regarding Mark Hildreth….I actually did notice that when Frank Parlato posted Kristin Kreuk articles you became more agitated.

            I am guessing it worked out well for Mark Hildreth’s health that Kristin Kreuk dumped him.

            Does Kristin Kreuk’s new beau have anything to be worried about? Or do you like the man she is with presently? Are you okay with the fact that she is in an “adult” relationship?

            I am not picking on you. I have only illuminated the fact that you are a troubled man who needs help, and is to sick to seek treatment.

            I had hoped you would respond more favorably.

            I am sorry you are a lost soul.

          • Reach out to me? Fuck you.

            You people have no intention of doing anything beneficial for me.

            —BTW I know this is you……

            And you’d still be fucking wrong.

            Why the fuck would I be up at 3:22 AM? I live on the East Coast.

            Really? You’ve been collecting my writing samples? LMAO. For what purpose? And you fuckers call me a stalker.

            And no. I’ve never traveled to NY, Vancouver, Toronto, or anywhere else to see Kristin. I was born in NY and have been to NY city a few times, have been to Toronto only once back in 2007 for a friend of the family’s wedding and to Vancouver only once back in 2013, visiting my sister-in-law’s family. I’ve never been concurrently in any place where the Kreuk was at any moment in time.

            It’s fucking hilarious you fuckers call me a stalker when NXIVM was set up for the particular purpose of trapping women like Kreuk. The NXIVM trolls out here calling me stalker when they’re fucking leader was the King Stalker of them all.

            Change your fucking name. You’re not a Niceguy at all.

            You’re a two faced hack.

            Just like everybody else who attempts to shit on Kristin or me.

          • SultanOfSix,

            You are lying and when I have time I will post some of what I have found in an article.

          • SultanOfSix,

            “visiting my sister-in-law’s family.”, SultanOfSix.

            Does your wife know about Kristin Kreuk?

            I do not understand how you have a wife and profess your love for Kristin Kreuk?

            How can you be so infatuated with another woman who is not your wife and is actually a celebrity you have never met.

            It makes no sense at all and is completely irrational.

            I am shocked.

          • You haven’t found jack shit because there’s nothing to lie about fake Non-Niceguy. I haven’t been within two hundred miles of Kristin, let alone two hundred feet. You can’t prove a fucking non-existent occurrence.

            And have you ever heard of a person’s brother being married to a woman and that person calling the latter a sister-in-law? Geezus.

          • “But you fucks are little pussies.”

            Is that an example of the “religion of peace”? 🐖

            “Couldn’t say a damn word to her or my face with a face behind your aliases.”

            Spanky-poo, re-read your comment. You don’t ever put a face to your MANY aliases. And nobody would have a problem to look you in your soulless eyes and say these same things. You are a weakling. You are a little dipshit. You can’t fight. Nobody would hold back. Same with your “dream spank”. She couldn’t do anything if she gets called out to her face.

            “Easy to talk behind a computer screen. So go fuck yourselves.”

            Do you see the irony Shirley? Re-read that comment.

          • Niceguy has been collecting writing samples of Sultan. Here is a writing sample of Niceguy:

            Does your wife know about Sultan?

            How can you be so infatuated with another person who is not your wife and is actually somebody you have never met?
            It makes no sense at all and is completely irrational.

          • The Sultan aka Spanky sure gets nasty when someone “has his number”. If he cannot push his narrative on others he gets very upset.We have seen it here on Frank report many times. He has called Frank every name in the book in the past for simply posting an article with references to Kruek that the spankster did not agree with. Then he will use another alias, and wash, rinse, repeat. One could fill a post with all of his screen names, some used at the same time, because in his little mind he thinks he is swaying opinion. The above posts by him are a good example. In the past here, all one had to do would be to disagree with his point of view regarding a Kruek article and he would have a baby hussy fit and berate the person for their point of view. We have seen it many times. Spanky you need to go into your room, you know the one plastered with the Kristin Kruek posters and rub a good one out. You will feel a lot better.Then make another anony screen name and come back. It’s obvious when you post because we can hear the Looney Toones theme song playing in the background. What would this blog be without you !

          • –Spanky-poo, re-read your comment. You don’t ever put a face to your MANY aliases. And nobody would have a problem to look you in your soulless eyes and say these same things. You are a weakling. You are a little dipshit. You can’t fight. Nobody would hold back. Same with your “dream spank”. She couldn’t do anything if she gets called out to her face.

            Look who’s talking cult troll.

            I said when I post behind this alias, some people actually know who the real person is behind it. Unlike your pussy little ass and your thousand aliases.

            You have nothing but the comment section of this blog to whine from. You’re as big a pussy as they come.

          • “niceguy, look in the mirror”,

            I spent an hour collecting writing of some one that is clearly a dangerous individual.

            I have not been “stalking” the Sultan. If that is your perspective then good for you. 😉

          • “I said when I post behind this alias, some people actually know who the real person is behind it.“

            No. You said “FACE”.

            “Couldn’t say a damn word to her or my face with a face behind your aliases.”

            You said “face” twice!

            Tee hee!

          • SultanOfSix,

            I genuinely reached out to you in sincere and congenial way.

            …..And you came back at me with you “are screwed in mind and soul.”

            You have been suffering from a form of obsessive compulsive disorder since before you turned 19.

            You have been a super fan of one woman for almost 20 years.

            What would your brother say if he knew that fact?

          • “SultanOfSix, I genuinely reached out to you in sincere and congenial way.”

            Really?! If you really think that is what you did, you are swallowing your own bullshit.

            You used to be a reasonable commenter but you’ve gone cray cray

          • –The Sultan aka Spanky sure gets nasty when someone “has his number”. If he cannot push his

            The poor troll has always been nasty. The poor troll thinks he’s slick and that people can’t see the obvious Pee-Wee Herman “I know you are but what am I” projection and gas-lighting tactics he’s likely used his entire life. The poor troll thinks that other people who become nasty in response to his nastiness don’t know the game and can’t see what he is doing.

            –narrative on others he gets very upset.We have seen it here on Frank report many times.

            The poor troll likes to use the word “we” to believe he speaks for people other than himself. The poor troll lives under his bridge believing that an imaginary group of people he’s created in his own morally decrepit mind will somehow buttress his own rantings and ravings and give some extra credibility to his oft-repeated lies.

            “We” was often used for the royal plural in the past, but the poor troll is only a gigantic fool and the “king” of his porcelain throne.

            –He has called Frank every name in the book in the past for simply posting an article with references to Kruek that the spankster did not agree with.

            The poor troll relies on incessantly regurgitating lies as if his version of events ever corresponded with reality. He has no intention of proving these lies, merely repeating them over and over again ad infinitum so that he can make them appear as if they are the truth. The poor troll does not care one bit whether anything exists that contradicts his agenda of slander that attempt to mask his futile attempts to get rid of the anger that seethes within him for the cards that have been dealt to him.

            –Then he will use another alias, and wash, rinse, repeat. One could fill a post with all of his screen names, some used at the same time, because in his little mind he thinks he is swaying opinion.

            The poor troll is an expert at projection. As a narcissist and likely sociopath, the poor troll deflects the calling out of his own piss-poor behavior by others back onto them by claiming they do the same thing as him, when the poor troll started the entire thing.

            –The above posts by him are a good example.

            This post is a good example of how the poor troll has always behaved since the beginning.

            –In the past here, all one had to do would be to disagree with his point of view regarding a Kruek article and he would have a baby hussy fit and berate the person for their point of view.

            The poor troll has his own version of events that rarely ever conform with reality because he outright lies. The poor troll cherry picks and either forgets or ignores the many the other examples of articles and comments that are in direct contradiction to his mind-warped delusions.

            –We have seen it many times.

            Again, the poor troll relies on the word “we” to pretend that he speaks for more than one person. Perhaps he does because he lives in a world of multiple personalities, and this is the reason the poor troll takes on a multitude of aliases because he has no real sense of his own self. But it’s far more likely he’s just a pussy.

            –Spanky you need to go into your room, you know the one plastered with the Kristin Kruek posters and rub a good one out. You will feel a lot better.Then make another anony screen name and come back. It’s obvious when you post because we can hear the Looney Toones theme song playing in the background. What would this blog be without you !

            The poor troll behaves like a juvenile still stuck in a teenage mentality of masturbation and sex jokes. The poor troll has never emotionally grown up and still thinks life is about banging as many chicks as possible just like his idol VanFake. The poor troll doesn’t know what’s coming to him.

          • SultanOfSix,

            I left a reply to

            Anonymous ( YOU)
            October 14, 2019 at 5:07 pm.

            Look up top 😉 my friend.

          • Agree, Sultan reminds me of the Pee Wee Herman character ” i know you are but what am i” Just look at his reply’s. He is off his meds again. No doubt he was a kid that needed the shit slapped out of him but never got it. More posters are realizing his bs and how he is blowing mud all over these pages with his obsession of Kruek.

    • High control groups and cults often try to attract celebrities specifically because of their potential value in recruiting. There seems to have been some effort for a few years to leverage Kreuk’s limited following, but not very concerted or effective. Later on they did things such as have real remaining diehards like Hildreth, Park and of course Mack do videos with Raniere.

      Who was going to buy that that disappointing calendar, which looks like it was produced by grade school kids, at $40 a pop or whatever, other than diehard fans?

      Come to think of it, maybe that’s the sort of thing that contributed to some former fansite denizens obsessively hating Kreuk.

        • What’s your point, kid?

          I never said she was a nobody. She was a “socialite” and schmoozer who went around being seen – and photographed.

          People keep turning up new photos of her with Trump, too. What’s up with the weird setting and pose of this one of “Donald Trump Out On The Town With Ghislaine Maxwell”?

          And another curious party pic from the same year, “Maxwell pictured with Donald Trump and Ann Jones in 1997”:

          • People keep turning up new photos of her with Trump, too.

            Bullshit slick. Stop your fucking lying to defend your faulty belief system. Look gramps you constantly post your flatulence here way too much. Maybe you should get a life before you are called to accountability for wasting it.

          • People keep turning up new photos of her with Trump, too.

            One fucking picture??? You said people keep putting out new pics. Another lie from the con artist Slickster. That picture was nineteen years ago you fucking phony. Makes your idiotic beliefs a little inconvenient uh Slick. Now you know why you earned the name Anonyfaker

          • 19 years ago was when Epstein and Maxwell did the pedophilia that soon got him charged in Florida.

          • nicegirl, no sarcasm needed because it is bullshit news. The same substance that fills your head.

          • That picture was nineteen years ago you fucking phony.

            October 17, 2019 at 5:33 pm

            19 years ago was when Epstein and Maxwell did the pedophilia that soon got him charged in Florida.

            They were doing it long before that lamebrain. Clintons were heading down to his island all during the 2000’s.

            One fuckin picture of Trump with Maxwell, the same bitch who had a nice seat at Chealsea’s 2010 gala wedding.

          • I posted 3 images of Trump and Maxwell together at different events, that aren’t among the several that have already been widely circulated – which included ones where Epstein is in the picture as well, or it’s just Trump and Epstein.

            If 3 new photos of Clinton and Maxwell turned up, what would be made of that, particularly by people from a certain ideological perspective?

            So what are we to make of Trump and Maxwell having been photographed together so frequently?

            Coincidence or conspiracy?

          • Most of the time Anonyfaker does not know a spade from his high falutin ass.

            New York Post had an article they believe Ghislaine is hiding in Brazil with Epstein’s model agency friend. They had their phone pings at a resort. Of course when they got there they were gone. They have CIA help. It was their Honeypot org they ran.

          • I didn’t say she shouldn’t call a spade a spade. The issue is she uses essentially the same wording in most of her comments, which are long-winded and virtually devoid of content.

      • Anonymaker, good point. The NXIVM folks I am sure were happy to get Catherine Oxenburg – and had she stayed longer, they definitely would have used her in any advertising campaign. Folks have to remember NXIVM was advertised as a self-help program founded by a High IQ genius. Like this whole program was supposed to be science-based where logic and proven techniques seemed to be the M.O. for success. But, in fact, it was just another pyramid scheme in the end that turned into a cult money-making machine for the leaders…as well as an enslavement criminal organization.

        • Kristin Kreuk was named in the Feb 2012 pedophile revelations, as a likely future defendant in a criminal lawsuit and the Necker Island articles that exposed NXIVM criminality and she continued to support Raniere all the way into 2016! Awful! She was even thanked online for encouraging someone on his 2015 course! Terrible! These are facts.

          • I looked up that civil – not criminal – suit recently, to fact-check since it keeps coming up. The names seem to be a laundry list of anyone ever publicly associated with Raniere or NXIVM, including his father James and another Raniere relative I can’t even find any trace of, so being included on it doesn’t necessarily mean anything.

            It’s the nature of a high control group or cults, that recruits and members don’t fully realize what is going on, and are kept blind about the misdeeds of higher-ups. That’s why many NXIVM members in Vancouver, relatively isolated from Albany, remained loyal and heavily involved even after the 2012 articles and in some cases after the 2017 expose’ as well.

          • Go away “sultan”. Literally any post/comment about this woman. Stop trying to convince everyone that farts don’t stink. You don’t know anything about anything. You are a snooty thinks-he-knows-it-all with a penchant for rigorous masturbation and stalking. You are like the Taliban spokesman. You are as delusional as these NXIVM assholes. Fucking grow a pair shit-skin.

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