Why Did Katie Hill Resign? If It Wasn’t Sex With the Girl; Was It the Lie About the Guy?

Katherine ‘Katie’ Hill announced her resignation from Congress on Sunday following a spate of media reports revealing her personal life, replete with nude pictures, including a threesome with a woman and her own husband – and a report regarding an alleged affair with her legislative director, Graham Kelly.

The latter sparked a House Ethics Committee investigation.

Hill tweeted on Sunday: “It is with a broken heart that today I announce my resignation from Congress. This is the hardest thing I have ever had to do, but I believe it is the best thing for my constituents, my community, and our country.”

She is expected to leave office by the end of the week.

Is Hill’s Resignation What It Seems?

It’s hard to believe Hill is resigning from Congress because naked pictures emerged, revealing she was formerly in a “throuple” relationship with her campaign aide, Morgan Desjardins, and husband, Kenny Heslep.

She was openly bisexual coming into office.

She was one of the brave new Democrats – who won a Republican district – and helped flip the House of Representatives back to Democrat control to fight the evil scourge known as Donald J. Trump.

Why would she give up? Where is her dedication to the great cause? The district will likely flip back to Republican after her departure.

The naked pictures of Rep. Hill with her campaign aide – and another of her smoking a bong before recreational marijuana was legal in California – though embarrassing are not criminal or damning.

A lot of guys – and maybe some gals – liked this picture of Hill. She might have even picked up some more votes because of it.

Even the naked pics of the randy California Congresswoman on cuckold sites – showing her booty – looking for men to fornicate with her while subby hubby watched – were not so bad as to require her to leave office almost mid-term.

Related image
Subby-hubby, Kenny Heslep

None of this is a crime. It’s kinky – but this is California.

Katie advertised on Reddit on cuckold sites, asking men if they were willing, based on the picture, to entertain the idea of fornication with her despite her being married.

She did give a hint in her letter of resignation that she feared more might come out.  I think therein lies a nugget of truth.

She wrote, “I know that as long as I am in Congress, we’ll live fearful of what might come next and how much it might hurt.”

Congress Is Too Good a Gig to Quit Over Nothing

What prompted our horny heroine to resign from the lushest of all government jobs isn’t that she had a threesome with her husband and another woman – even though that woman was her campaign aide – or that she advertised for men to copulate with her while subby-hubby assisted  – for there is nothing in the ethics rules banning congress members from sleeping with campaign aides – or dominating a feeble spouse.

The problem is that kinky Katie had an affair with her legislative aide – in this case, a male – which is against the ethics rules of Congress – made just before Katie got in – almost as if it was written for her – and she seems to be the first casualty.

Katie’s [c] problem is not her affair with Morgan [r] but with Graham [l] for he is paid by taxpayers. Morgan got her paycheck from Katie’s campaign which makes it OK.
The new ethics rule is you can’t have sex with taxpayer-paid assistants. You can have sex with anyone else  – who is of legal age – including campaign aides – because you pay them out of your own money.

But, as for taxpayer-paid staff, as of last year – you can’t fuck them anymore.

Which reminds me of a similar, somewhat newer rule for divorce attorneys. They can’t fuck their clients getting divorces. As one old-timer told me – “That used to be one of the biggest perks of matrimonial practice.”

Graham Kelly is 31 and over the age of consent.

But it’s gone. Times change. And Katie can’t fuck her legislative aide.

It’s new-fangled  – promoted by Democrats – because the idea is that if you control their paycheck, they can’t give true consent.

They have to fuck you, sort of. Not that fucking Katie was like any kind of punishment for the many who did it, by all accounts.

Image result for katie hill

The new rule was made to stop men – in Congress – who, as a rule, are almost as horny as Katie. It was not intended to nab a woman as the first to be caught.

Of course, the real problem is – up until now – Katie Hill very likely lied.

She admitted, yes, she had sex with the woman assistant [the proof was right there in the photos] but she said she did not have sex with Graham Kelly, her boyish assistant.

She wrote to her constituents about how bad her husband was in exposing her and how bad the Republican party was for capitalizing on his exposing her – but at least she said she didn’t have sex with her legislative aide and looked forward to helping with the Ethics Committee investigation to prove her innocence.

Now she is halting the investigation, by her resignation.

“This is what needs to happen so that the good people who supported me will no longer be subjected to the pain inflicted by my abusive husband and the brutality of hateful political operatives who seem to happily provide a platform to a monster who is driving a smear campaign built around cyber exploitation,” Katie wrote in her announcement of resignation.

I suspect she resigned because she knew she was about to get caught.  Old subby hubby monster Kenny, who joined in with his wife and other women in threesomes and advertised her naked pics to find her men – was left out in the cold.  She left him and he was pissed.

He was the one who released the nudes of his wife – and he was the one who announced her affair with Graham on Facebook.

It was not that Kenny was against her fucking other men, but he wasn’t asked to watch and she was leaving him all alone on the ranch they had lived in together. So he blew her up.

Katie, of course, knows it’s wrong to have sex with subordinates [not counting Kenny, her hubby, who she supported].

Katie knew – because it’s a big part of the Democrat party platform – to protect women – that men aren’t supposed to have sex with people who they pay salaries to – since that gives men coercive control of women.

But this was a rule meant for men.

Still, there was no way to argue that it is truly gender-specific. It was supposed to stop men – and it, unfortunately, stopped Katie. Even Democrats could not get away with making it only a rule against men having sex with subordinates.

In a letter to her constitutes last week, Hill admitted the relationship with Morgan, her campaign staffer, was wrong: “I know that even a consensual relationship with a subordinate is inappropriate, but I still allowed it to happen despite my better judgment.”

Katie Had Coercive Control Over Graham – Since She Could Fire Him

And even though Katie knew she shouldn’t fuck Graham [though she could fuck Kenny, Morgan and all the men who responded to her cuck ads] – horniness prevailed – and who else should you fuck, if not those closest to you? Power and propinquity – that’s what it was – and Katie made the most of it until her husband blew her up.

Yes, she fucked her aides. And one was a boy/man, soyboy, Graham Kelly.

She might have got past that too if she hadn’t lied.  Her mistake was she started off categorically denying her affair with Graham – and getting him to deny it too.

“Allegations that I have been involved in a relationship with Mr. Kelly are absolutely false,” Hill told Fox News. “I am saddened that the deeply personal matter of my divorce has been brought into public view and the vindictive claims of my ex have now involved the lives and reputations of unrelated parties.”

That statement is probably as true as her next statement to Fox News:

“This smear campaign will not get in the way of the work I am doing every day to move our district and our country forward. I am truly grateful for the outpouring of support I have received from colleagues and constituents alike, and I know we will get through this together.”

She said that on Thursday. By Sunday, she announced she was not going to work to move her district and the country forward. She was quitting. Why?

She said she was trying to protect others. That may be true and one of them is Graham.

I suspect that hubby Kenny has proof of her affair with Graham. He did not just make this up out of whole cloth. He knew.

Morgan likely knows too – the odd girl out in the old threesome with Kenny and Katie.  Others knew it too.

And Graham might break under pressure. He might have agreed to lie for Katie at first – that there was no sex between them, but, if under oath, under penalty of perjury – he lied – well just for the sake of one hot mama, he ain’t going to jail.

So Katie woke up and realized that what politicians do best – lie – wasn’t going to work in her case.

She could deny all she likes to the media – but the Ethics Committee would probe deeper – and they might find out the truth and she would be booted off more than just her committee position. She would have to fess up – after lying to the world – that she did have sex with, among many others, her legislative aide – or maybe get charged with perjury.

Hypocritical Men?

Likely some on the committee who would probe her, also, themselves, had sex with their legislative aides – but optics are optics and what you don’t know won’t smear you – and a woman is equal to a man – no excuse just for being a woman in Congress.

She fucked her legislative aide and she cannot lie her way out of it.  She is caught and has to resign.

So, sure, the sting of embarrassment – [there are other pics of her that Kenny is set to release] and people laughing at you behind your ass – and weirdos getting kind of turned on by her randy rawness – so in conflict to the supposed dignity of her position – sending her crude messages – are tough to live down – but a  member of Congress can often get past such things.

Image result for ted kennedy chappaquiddick speech

Why one dude drove drunk and killed a girl and left her in a car to die and went on to run for president.

But stupid Katie committed herself to a position. She denied having sex with her taxpayer-funded aide. When likely she did.

The other things she did, did not stop her. She could have still worked in Congress and stayed on in one of the best jobs in America.

Image result for congressional salaries

Image result for group picture of house of representatives

They get rich, these rascals. They come in poor and leave rich and it’s no accident – and while in office, they live a pampered and privileged life – with great income disparity over those that elect them – and that makes me hope that Democrats will be first in their fight for pay equality to demand they cut their own salaries by two thirds.

So, who gives up that kind of job over naked pictures?

No one. [Although a little rascal named Chris Lee claims to have done that a few years ago]. The mess-up was the lie.

Image result for congressman chris lee quits
US Rep. Chris Less claims he quit because of this picture back in 2011 – but some think there was much, much more to come – if he did not resign.

Katie perhaps should have admitted right off that she was indeed having an affair with Graham – and that’s why she dumped Morgan and Kenny. But she lied and tried to make out like it never happened.

Sadly, her husband knows and there are others who know and there are consequences for lying to the Ethics Committee. If she quits, the investigation stops.

Maybe good old Katie just wants to go back to the party she was having day and night before she went to Washington. Still, some say it’s too bad.  For Katie Hill was really putting the “party” back into the Democratic Party.

What’s next for Katie Hill?

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  • These last two posts about the lesbian Katie Hill both got more posts than the latest post about Kristin Kreuk/GBD.

    If Kreuk wants to generate more comments from the FR gang, she’s going to have to supply naked pix like Katie did.

  • Dem Rep. Katie Hill resigned. She was NOT alleged to have spent campaign funds on extramarital affairs with lobbyists and congressional staff.

    In contrast: “federal prosecutors alleged that from 2009 to 2016, a different Representative had spent campaign funds on extramarital affairs with five women including lobbyists and congressional staff.”
    These are the charges against Rep. Duncan Hunter of San Diego.
    He has not resigned.
    He is a Republican.

    • “She was NOT alleged to have spent campaign funds on extramarital affairs”

      Not YET Leon. Give it time to bake…more is coming. Sux to be a libtard

        • No stupid, I saw the point…the point on your leftist head. Sux to be ignorant and a libtard…now there is redundancy

          • Sorry you didn’t share your evidence on why “more is coming” against K Hill.
            Sorry you didn’t share your defense on why you are ok with what D Hunter did.
            But glad you did share your sharp wit in your reply…now there is sarcasm

          • Be patient little fella..more wil be coming as well as with some other well known corrupt Democrat heroes of your. Patience lil guy.

  • Re Katie Hill Scandal:

    The takeaway or mega PSA (public service announcement) from the Katie Hill Scandal should be…..

    ….In today’s Digital Information Age
    no one should take nude digital photos or nude digital videos of themselves; Unless they are prepared to share those digital images with the world.

    …… In other words take nude selfies at your own peril.

    • In her resignation speech K Hill claims the “intimate photos of me were taken without my knowledge, let alone my consent. ”
      So IF true, not selfies, and not posed.

  • Based on what we’ve seen detailed here about how Raniere used authority, of a sort, and power, to manipulate or coerce women into having sex with him, I’d think it would be obvious that there’s good reason to prohibit relationships between people at different levels of power and authority in government and public service.

    Also, as far as congressional salaries, they are only around the average for attorneys (which many legislators are) in the D.C. area, where the cost of living is very high – the overall average salary in the area is over $70,000 per year, significantly higher than the US average for the same reasons. Plus legislators have residences in their home districts, so they bear the extra costs of having to maintain two places to live, which in the private sector would be a basis for significant additional compensation.

      • No, but what’s really relevant for comparison is what people with the experience and background of representatives (or senators) could be making in the private sector. Many have been, could be, or go on to be, people with positions such as law firm partners or lobbyists, and their salaries run in the half million to million dollar range, or higher. Here’s a sobering – or shocking – statistic about the latter:

        When a Congressman Becomes a Lobbyist, He Gets a 1,452 Percent Raise (On Average)

        • Annoymaker,

          That’s some eye opening information.


          Increasing your salary over 1000% or 10 times….. that’s nice.

          The television news show 60 Minutes a few decades ago uncovered that federal officials (bureaucrats) involved in trade negotiations had similar deals with foreign countries. Quid pro quo….
          …..Once the bureaucrat left office after helping out a foreign nation said bureaucrat would leave his government position for a fat paycheck with said foreign nation.

        • Those “perquisites” include major items like the cost of housing while they are in the capital – which in a high-cost city like London (similar to Washington) could be very substantial – as well as travel expenses.

          If you can find an actual apples-to-apples comparison of what British MP’s total compensation package is like, compared to US members of Congress, I’d love to see it.

      • Is there actually any evidence that is the case, rather than just a popular (mis)perception? I can’t immediately find any. Congressmen tend to be wealthy, but that may have to do more with the sort of people who get into politics at that level:

        “In an era when it costs an average of more than $10 million to win a seat, it’s no surprise that the wealthy and well-connected would be overrepresented.”


        This is getting rather off topic, but it’s interesting to see the sort of expectations and even mistaken notions we have about those who are leaders of one sort or another – perhaps it goes to why Raniere thought that he had to position himself a supposed “renunciate” in order to appeal to, or justify himself to, his followers.

        Are we prone to unrealistic expectations that leaders should somehow be sacrificing themselves to serve us?

        • Anonymaker,

          Attempting to inform and educate Scott Johnson is like……. hoping the Kardashians will one day go away…..

          Absolutely futile…..

          • Scott,

            I greatly appreciate it.
            Thank you so much for sharing!

            You are now less of an asshole by .37% on the Asshole Index.

          • That’s data from 2014. 2013 was a strong recovery year for the stock market – I just checked, and it was up nearly 33%. Housing prices were also up 12% on average that year. So anyone with assets in investments including retirement funds, or real estate, saw double-digit gains just as a matter of course.

            The outliers with high increases in wealth certainly raise questions, but it they could also turn out to have mundane explanations in many cases – sale of a startup company, etc.. The situation certainly demands explanation, but the simplistic data in that piece don’t actually provide it.

            Many such things turn out not to be either so simple or sensational on closer examination. And since that is publicly available information I would assume, though not absolutely count on, that journalists or political partisans looked into cases of extreme wealth gain and would have had a field day with any example that raised real questions.

            Or maybe that’s the sort of real world thing people should actually be “researching,” rather than being distracted by salacious stories and fantastic speculation.

          • Johnson you are wasting your time with these braindead leftist shills. They are so fucking clueless they make you look intelligent.

        • One of the most ignorant posts in the history of the Frank Report. Slick only you could post such an idiotic comment with such great comedic content at your own expense.

      • I’d imagine it’s because they are passing laws and such while we sleep, not to mention they hire family members within their rhelm to help fill their pockets.

        • Peaches,

          “While we sleep” I could not possibly agree more.

          An example of all us sleeping:

          President Obama a so called gun control advocate signed of on a bill that allowed people to bring their guns into federal parks…..because part of the bill delivered what he wanted. Most liberals, conservatives, or even NRA members have no idea.
          I would call that an example of “sleeping”.

          I believe in the Second Amendment right, but people running around Yellowstone national park, where families are, with their handguns and AR15s is not good for anyone.

          • If that is your stance, then you don’t believe in the Second Amendment. How many gun murders have been committed in federal parks? Would you prefer making federal parks gun-free zones so the criminals know that nobody can shoot back? LOL

          • Thanks nice Guy. I just seen Scott at party city buying an Alister Crowley costume. Unfortunately the triangle wasnt big enough for his head and will have to make alterations. Good luck in the Halloween contest. I heard monster beverages will be part of the prize package.

          • Peaches,

            You are welcome.

            Scott is bald like Oliver Crowley so the costumes will be a good fit.

      • Scott,

        The insider trading exception law for congressmen was changed during the Obama administration after a 60 Minutes investigation.

        You are going by old news…..

  • It is absolutely disgusting that her private life got dragged into anything. She is part victim of revenge porn, by an abusive husband who posted nude photos of her online without her consent.

    Americans are way too uptight about this stuff. Its ok to murder, glorify violence, be a snake on the take, but personal lives that hurt no one are treated like garbage.

    Shame, shame on you.

  • The district has been trending Dem for some time and will likely stay in Dem hands in 2020. After 2020 like all other districts, it won’t exist anymore. A sad ending to the Katie Hill story but nothing to the Democratic Party.

  • At least Hill wasn’t in Congress long enough to qualify for a pension. If these pictures (and others that have not been released) got into the wrong hands, Hill would be a blackmail target, another NXIVM similarity. Hill should have resigned just for being stupid, the stupidity of allowing these pictures to be taken in the first place.

  • The Democratic Party and the #Metoo movement as well as many feminists are all about to discover that their new found Puritanism are about to cut both ways.
    Both genders and all sexual orientations can get caught in embarrassing and even unethical sexual peccadilloes.

    The poster girl for the new Democrats, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) was caught in a questionable affair with a male staffer.

    “PAC aligned with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez paid boyfriend $6G for marketing work”

    The Muslima Democratic Congresswoman from Minnesota has a somewhat complicated personal life where people have questioned whether her husband is also her brother.

    “President Donald Trump echoed a persistent rumor about Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, saying at a Thursday night rally in Minneapolis that Omar uses a “fake name,” and that she married her brother so he could enter the United States.
    Conservative bloggers have for years claimed that Omar’s second husband, a British citizen named Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, was her brother and that she married him to help him fraudulently gain a US green card.”

    But Teddy Kennedy’s drunk driving “killing” of Mary Jo Kopechne in 1969 did cost him the US Presidency.
    In 1980 Teddy, the runt of the Kennedy litter, ran for President challenging an unpopular Jimmy Carter.
    On Leap Day of Leap Year (a Friday) Teddy took his Presidential campaign to the University of Illinois in Urbana and I was in the audience at the Auditorium.
    Because of weather Teddy’s plane was late.
    To entertain themselves the students in the audience filled the stage with paper airplanes thrown from the balcony and the lower level seats.

    When Teddy Kennedy finally arrived there were as many boos as cheers.
    Teddy got up to speak and started out:
    “There are three great issues facing us in the Eighties………”
    Before Teddy could get out another word someone in the audience yelled out “CHAPPAQUIDDICK!”
    The audience burst out into laughter and applause.
    For the rest of Teddy’s speech students were chanting, “Where’s Mary Jo?” and screaming “Did you drive here, Teddy?”

    From then on I knew that Teddy Kennedy would never become President.
    Of course the students at the University of Illinois Urbana in that era were not politically correct “soy boys”.
    The term politically correct was unknown at that time.
    And most of the students were in Engineering and Business.
    They didn’t have room in their reality based world for an ass clown like Teddy Kennedy.

    • Shadowstate,

      I bet George Frobisher appreciates you paraphrasing his entire article with your usual verbose
      prose form of writing. 😉

      A wise woman once said, “imitation is the most sincerest form of flattery”.

    • Both parties and all political orientations “can get caught in embarrassing and even unethical sexual peccadilloes.”

      In my observation as a centrist, liberals tend to be relatively open about it, and conservatives more closeted. Partisans of either stripe seem to believe – or defend – that one is somehow more virtuous (or at least excusable) and the other is immoral.

      Political partisans are as predictable as actual cultists in their tribal us-against-them thinking.

    • Oh, and a quick check shows that students at the University of Illinois in that era were rioting radicals:

      “Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) at U of I
      U of I students and the draft
      1967 Protest-Sit-In against DOW Chemical
      Publication of “Walrus”
      October 15, 1969 Moratorium
      March 1970 Rally Against GE
      March Riots (1970)
      May Student Strike (1970)”


      If you go to that link and drill down on the item about the March Riots, you’ll see that that there was an ROTC firebombing, and a protest against GE recruiters, as well.

      So much for simple, misty-eyed generalizations about the past.

  • Hi All!

    Is anyone else skeezed out by the fact that Congresswomen Katie Hill was sitting bare assed on the hotel chairs combing her girlfriend’s hair, no doubt leaving ass sweat behind from her behind. Please pardon the alliteration.

    Even a self proclaimed Dirty Rat Bastard would never do such a disgusting ass thing.

    However! In the future I will be sniffing hotel furniture for snail-trails. I’m a Dirty Rat Bastard after all.

    • Hahaha – the was the FIRST thing I noticed when I saw the pic! I was wondering if I was the only one… Ewwwww!

  • 1) What fucking vile bull dykes. No matter what anyone says, being a faggot or a dyke is NOT normal. You are a degenerate. That is why fags and dykes attach themselves to other bullshit libtard things, like mass uncontrolled immigration and tranny “non binary gender spectrum” bullshit. Fifth column filth. And there is nothing “phobic” about that. People are allowed to find you vile on a molecular level.

    2) A little known fact for readers of Frank Report: the piece of shit liberal “actress” Sophia Bush from the awful television show One Tree Hill was a member of NXIVM. Frank, you can ask your sources about that. On Crazy Days Crazy Nights, it says an actress is trying to hide her NXIVM background. Perhaps she is who Enty is talking about, but the bitch was in NXIVM. Lots of liberal virtue signalling but silent about NXIVM and branding women above their pussies. What empty soulless fucks these NXIVM cunts are.

    • “One Tree Hill” was on the WB and CW just like “Smellville”.
      If you are correct about Ms. Bush, it seems like maybe the CW and WB were hot beds of NXIVM cult activity.

      And Canada’s media capitol Vancouver was also a hotbed of cult activity much like San Francisco and Los Angeles.

    • You sound angry. If you take your mental medicine as prescribed and not eat all your Xanaxes in one day, you might actually be a nice person.

  • Great article George Frobisher!!!!

    Katie Hill, ironically a woman, was the victim of a #MeToo movement era rule that was written in haste without any thought to the ramifications of such a rule could have.

    Another irony is that a Democrat was the first victim of a rule that the Democrats pushed through congress.

    The rule is absurd and the people of the #MeToo movement crying foul only have themselves to blame.

    Katie Hil resigned because she had sex with a male congressional staffer not because of the relationship she had with the female campaign staffer.

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