Did Emiliano Salinas Head for Safe-Haven Cuba After All? – Twitter Photo Suggests He Took Flight

On August 19, Mexican media reported [and here] that a picture appeared on Twitter of Emiliano Salinas with his wife Ludwika Paleta, at the airport, heading to Cuba.

One story headline read, “Emiliano Salinas leaves the country after the scandal of the NXIVM sect?”

The story goes on to say, “Emiliano Salinas, the principal representative in Mexico of the NXIVM sect, was captured [by photo] along with his wife, actress Ludwika Paleta at the airport. The image was shared by a Twitter user last Friday [August ] 16….

“In the picture we see the son of Carlos Salinas de Gortar and lining up at the counter of the airline “Interjet”.

“It is said that the son of the politician traveled to Cuba, but the information has not been confirmed by Emiliano or his family.”

Checking on google on that flight information, it appears such an Interjet flight on that route does exist.

Frank Report first reported [on June 22] that Salinas might be headed to Cuba in our story Sources: Emiliano Salinas Set to Flee to Cuba – Has Mental Breakdown.

I explained at the time, Frank Report has numerous sources in Nxivm in Mexico and the US. Frank Report was first to reveal that Raniere was branding and blackmailing women. First to report that Raniere would be arrested. First to report that Raniere fled to Mexico and later that he shifted from Monterrey to Puerto Vallarta; and first to report that Allison Mack and Clare Bronfman would be arrested.

“Many months ago, we reported that Emiliano Salinas had committed various crimes for Nxivm and that he was in danger of being arrested. And of today’s news – gleaned from sources in Nxivm – remember, you read it here first.”

Within days of my report, dozens of Mexican media outlets published the news of Salinas’ possible flight to Cuba and sourcing the Frank Report:

Quien: Where is Emiliano Salinas? I could have “fled” to Cuba after Raniere’s trial

Quinto-Poder: They reveal where Emiliano Salinas would be hiding by Nxivm scandal

El Universal: Where does Carlos Salinas’s son hide?

Tresgrados: Emiliano Salinas, with one foot in jail and the other fleeing to Cuba, says the first portal that denounced Raniere

Frases Futbol: Son of Carlos Salinas would have escaped to Cuba, before he is brought to trial in the US

MSN: Where does Carlos Salinas’s son hide?


Diario 19: Emiliano Salinas, son of former President Carlos Salinas, fled to Cuba to avoid justice in the United States




Then suddenly, as if to diffuse the reports of his fleeing to Cuba, Emiliano was spotted in London – posing for a picture which appeared on social media.

I wrote about it at once, [June 29] in my post, Emiliano Salinas Spotted in England – in Circuitous Route to Cuba.

In the UK photograph, Salinas appears smiling and happy, with his wife Paleta, and her friend, actress Grettel Valdez and her husband, Loe Clerc, and their son.  Valdez posted the photo on her Instagram account.

“Emiliano’s likely indictment is several months away at the earliest, sources familiar with the ongoing FBI investigation say,” I wrote then. “He has a couple of months to play. To go to France or England and take a happy photograph or two – to make sure it is seen on the internet- before he has to hide in a place where he cannot be extradited if he chooses to flee from prosecution.

“Meantime, has Salinas done a deliberate dodge, a feint?….

“Salinas can certainly afford to travel anywhere in the world. He doesn’t have to work for a living. He is a trust fund baby…

“Salinas has some time before he has to be in a country that does not extradite to the USA.  His indictment is months away. And there remains a chance he may not be indicted.”


Grettell Valdez shared with her Instagram followers photographs of her vacation with her son Santino and her husband, the Swiss businessman Leo Clerc. First, they were in Paris, France, but then they moved to London, England, where they met up with Paleta and Salinas.


Two months have passed since I first reported that Salinas might be headed to Cuba.

Now, it seems Salinas may have fled to Cuba after all.

The reason for Salinas departure for Cuba may be because he is in danger of being indicted by the US Department of Justice for his role in the Nxivm criminal racketeering enterprise.  Cuba does not extradite fugitives to the USA.

During the trial of Keith Raniere, the prosecution named Salinas as a criminal co-conspirator with Raniere.

Salinas’ criminal acts may include his role in trying to illegally spy on US federal judges, US Senator Chuck Schumer and Nxivm enemies including this writer.

Additional charges may be brought against Salinas for his role in extorting Nxivm enemies into silence by threatening them with arrest on bogus charges in Mexico after news of the branding and blackmailing of women by Nxivm was first published by Frank Report.

Salinas is a dual citizen of Mexico and the US.

Sources say Emiliano plans to admit himself into a mental health facility in Cuba. It is not known if this is a ploy to avoid arrest and engender sympathy, or if he is truly breaking down and delusional.

His flight to Cuba – if he is indicted – and if he ever winds up in the USA to face charges – may make bail an improbability.  This may be why he is using the mental health excuse. He can argue he was going to Cuba for treatment and not to avoid extradition.

Whether Emiliano’s father, Carlos Salinas, can prevail in getting the DOJ in Washington DC not to indict his son is anyone’s guess.

Sources say that under an Obama or Clinton administration, this would have been an easy lift for the powerfully connected Carlos, but under the ‘hostile-to-Salinas’ Trump administration, the political juice of Salinas  is seen as ‘just not there.'”

Image result for schumer
Court records show Emiliano Salinas attempted to spy on US Senator Chuck Schumer and others
Salinas had a role in a plot to illegally spy on US federal judges, US Senator Chuck Schumer, and several Nxivm enemies including this writer.

The list of people who, it came out in the trial of Raniere, Salinas helped to spy on include: U.S. District Chief Judge Gary L. Sharpe; U.S. Magistrate Randolph F. Treece; U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Robert E. Littlefield Jr.; U.S. Senior Judge Thomas J. McAvoy; U.S. District Judge Dennis M. Cavanaugh; U.S. Magistrate Mark Falk; U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y.; Edgar Bronfman Sr.; George R. Hearst III, publisher of the Albany Times Union; Rex Smith, the newspaper’s editor; former reporter James Odato; Edgar Bronfman Sr.’s associate, Stephan Herbits; and Nxivm enemies, Joseph O’Hara and this writer and others.

Emiliano’s wife, Paleta, who was also a member of Nxivm, recently placed her Albany NY home for sale. The home was within easy walking distance from the home of Keith Raniere who liked to mentor attractive and slender women through sexual techniques.

Ludwika Paleta listed her Albany area home [18 Silo, Waterford, NY] for sale, following the arrest of Keith Raniere.
Emiliano Salinas has enjoyed a lot of publicity lately for his role in Nxivm

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[…] Did Emiliano Salinas Head for Safe-Haven Cuba After All? – Twitter Photo Suggests He Took Flight […]


[…] Did Emiliano Salinas Head for Safe-Haven Cuba After All? – Twitter Photo Suggests He Took Flig… […]

4 years ago

Imagine having such a long list of crimes that you have to hide on an island which is coming apart at the seams.

Cuba is in dire straits. Everything is falling apart. Even the Packards aren’t immortal.

Viva Executive Success!

Scott Johnson
4 years ago
Reply to  Paul

Criminals on the run with money do fine in Cuba, just ask the Castros.

4 years ago
Reply to  Scott Johnson

The corrupt American businessman Robert Vesco who fled to Cuba did not do so fine in Cuba.

“After settling in Cuba during 1982, Vesco was charged with drug smuggling during 1989. During the 1990s he was indicted by the Cuban government for “fraud and illicit economic activity” and “acts prejudicial to the economic plans and contracts of the state” during 1996.[4]

Vesco was sentenced to 13 years in jail by Cuba. ”
Robert Vesco

Emiliano Salinas had better behave himself if he flees to Cuba.

Scott Johnson
4 years ago

I’m sure Salinas keeps up on wiki as much as you do.

4 years ago

Vesco is the only example I can think of, of a fraudster who actually managed to get out of the country with any money, the way that people are always speculating that the latest figure in the news might do.

He first tried to settle in Antiqua and Costa Rica, but apparently hadn’t planned that well, and started running short of money to buy off the authorities to provide him safe haven. That’s part of the catch-22 of being on the lam in the sort of corrupt places that don’t extradite to the US, the corrupt people there are likely to run their own shakedown rackets on someone they think has lots of ill gotten gains.

Cuba of course didn’t work out. Apparently he was running so low on funds that he got involved in schemes that ultimately lead to his running afoul of the authorities there, too.

Oh, and don’t forget that Vesco was part of the Nixon campaign finance scandals – and that, predictably, there are conspiracy theories that his death was faked and he is living somewhere.

4 years ago

Imagine all of those Mexicans, many of them quite poor, desperate to flee to El Norte (the United States).

And Emiliano Salinas, whose share of his father’s estate could be as high as 3 billion dollars when old Carlos passes away, is desperate to flee to Havana.
Maybe Emiliano will buy a new ’54 Packard to cruise around Havana in.

What was the old Packard slogan:
“Packard. Ask the man who owns one.”
comment image

Hey, Emiliano how does your new 1954 Packard drive?

Here is a news flash for Emiliano:

Cuba might not extradite fugitives to the US now but if the Communists ever lose power in Cuba, then a new more American-friendly government might just ship your ass back to the United States.

And your Harvard buddy law professor Alan Dershowitz might, just might be facing his own problems in the Epstein case.

4 years ago

He’ll only get a share of his father’s estate, if he’s on good terms with his father. There’s a long history of presumptive heirs finding themselves cut out and penniless in the end.

It’s also a trend these days to write more complex trusts that tie payouts to controlling childrens’ behavior, rather than just doling out money regardless, so he might find that he only gets kept in style if he keeps himself out of the limelight and out of trouble. He may be under similar pressure from his family even now.

Not really loyal
Not really loyal
4 years ago

The good new is Emiliano Salinas and his criminal friends from Mexico will not be visiting the United States of America any time soon.

Who knows which one of them has an indictment waiting for them when going through U.S. Customs.

That is why none of them would risk coming to testify for their Vandaddy.

Loyalty only go so far in Mexico. No falling on the sword for their Master.

Scott Johnson
4 years ago

If there are indictments, they should be extradited. No need to wait for them to try to enter the U.S.

4 years ago
Reply to  Scott Johnson

“If there are indictments, they should be extradited. ”

Extradition is as much a political issue as a legal one.

Scott Johnson
4 years ago

The first media outlet link above is appropriately named the Vanguardia.

4 years ago

It seems plausible that Salinas would end up in Cuba, perhaps just as much as to lay low while the scandal blows over in Mexico, as anything. Maybe he thought he could ride things out, and has finally been told by his family to make himself scarce for a while.

However, the notion that he somehow thought he was safe from being apprehended for some specific period of time, doesn’t really make sense, unless it was truly a foolish notion on his part. If authorities in the US were really on track to indict him, and picked up that he was planning to eventually find a safe haven – much less seeing such purported plans speculated about publicly – I think they’d have found a way to speed up his indictment and extradition while he was still in easy reach. It seems to me to fall into the trope of assuming that fraudsters must have cunning escape plans, when history shows that they don’t think ahead like that.

Travel Guide
Travel Guide
4 years ago

There;s a recently vacated jail cell in Manhattan … can be held open for a late check-in. (But he should know that check outs are a bit rough…)

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