Emiliano Salinas Spotted in England – in Circuitous Route to Cuba

Emiliano Salinas embraces his then worshipful master Keith Raniere. Later, Salinas abandoned the hero, leaving him to his sad fate all alone.

Last week, sources told Frank Report that Emiliano Salinas was set to leave Mexico and to ultimately end up in Cuba.

He has now left Mexico and was spotted in the UK.

Frank Report revealed that Salinas was deeply tormented and depressed about media reports concerning his role in the sex slaver cult Nxivm – and very concerned about the possibility of his indictment by US authorities in the coming months.

Cuba has no extradition treaty with the USA.

In the UK photograph, posted by a friend on Instagram, Salinas appears smiling and happy, despite being literally under siege, with Mexican media reports describing his gruesome role in the cult that brands and blackmails women as slaves.

In the UK photo, he is seen with wife, actress Ludwika Paleta, and her friend, actress Grettel Valdez and her husband, Loe Clerc, and their son.

Valdez posted the photo on her Instagram account.

Salinas’ happy smile may or may not be genuine. Still, he has little to smile about. Salinas faces the danger of being charged with federal racketeering conspiracy in the US – a charge that carries a sentence of up to 20 years – and he has virtually replaced his father, former president of Mexico, Carlos Salinas, as possibly the most reviled and hated man in Mexico.

Emiliano’s likely indictment is several months away at the earliest, sources familiar with the ongoing FBI investigation say.

He has a couple of months to play. To go to France or England and take a happy photograph or two – to make sure it is seen on the internet- before he has to hide in a place where he cannot be extradited if he chooses to flee from prosecution.

One of his Nxivm coconspirators, Seagram’s heiress Sara Bronfman-Igtet, is living in Provence, France, and has told friends she will never return to the USA where she fears a sealed federal indictment is already on file against her.

A Ruse to Fool the Media?

Meantime, has Salinas done a deliberate dodge, a feint?  Was he deliberately seen with Ludwika and photographed with another famous actress in the UK in order to get the Mexican media off his scent.

They supposedly met accidentally [on purpose?]

Salinas can certainly afford to travel anywhere in the world. He doesn’t have to work for a living. He is a trust fund baby. This is why he could play with Nxivm for more than 15 years.

His father may be one of the richest men on earth. His true wealth is unknown.

Salinas has some time before he has to be in a country that does not extradite to the USA.  His indictment is months away. And there remains a chance he may not be indicted.

A source close to Main Justice DOJ in Washington DC says his father, Carlos, is using all his influence-peddling skills, with loads of money, working with top Democrats in the US Congress, with Bill Clinton, and members of the so-called Arizona Mafia, to try to stave off an indictment against his son.

The threat is real. Carlos may not be able to save his son, however. With Trump in at least ostensible control of the DOJ, with his son-in-law Jared Kushner already having attempted to expose the sex slaver cult in the past, there may be little support to spare one of the prime coconspirators of this brutal group for criminal prosecution.

If he is indicted, will Emiliano surrender to US authorities to be tried in the USA?  Or will he flee the jurisdiction? Is Cuba on the top of his option’s list, as sources say, and the recent Instagram photo a clever ploy?  These are the questions and we will soon find the answers.

For now, if he is not quite a hunted man, he is one so despised in Mexico that he cannot remain there. And he dare not go to the US where he might be arrested.

Ironically, the actress who published the images with him has been reviled herself and lost followers and fans.

Salinas is now such a pariah that he cannot even pose for a photograph to prove he is not in Cuba without causing career damage to the ones he poses with.

Grettell Valdez shared with her Instagram followers photographs of her vacation with her son Santino and her husband, the Swiss businessman Leo Clerc. First, they were in Paris, France, but then they moved to London, England, where they met up with Paleta and Salinas.


Grettel wrote on her Instagram photo, “You only live once, but if you do well, surrounded by wonderful people, this time is enough to be happy.”

Paleta wrote: “I love you, mommy! What a joy we met up, I wish it had been longer”.

Some of Valdez’s followers wrote nasty messages as comments on the post.

jssk29 wrote, “Wow you’re with the man of the women’s cult. What a joy”.

Carmen Laura Collazo wrote, “Surrounded by wonderful people. With that man of the cult, I would be ashamed to be seen with him. ”

Another wrote, “After listening to all the audios of this mentally ill, I’m going away with grief.”

Another wrote, “You really like me, but net, are those your friends?”

Natthabh wrote: “I hope they catch Emiliano Salinas and he pays for his crimes. Thank you Grettell for notifying where you are going. ”

Teyluna decided to stop following the actress: “Out of my networks! … Goodbye, goodbye to my sight. ”

Salinas Quit When Raniere Was Arrested

Along with his lover and business partner, Alejandro ‘Alex’ Betancourt, Salinas headed Nxivm operations in Mexico for 15 years.  When Raniere was arrested in March 2018, Salinas quickly distanced himself from the scurrilous one.  But their years together made it hard for him to simply wipe the slate clean.

Frank Report will later detail evidence of crimes Salinas’ is suspected of. These include emails that suggest a plan to kidnap Raniere’s female enemies and have them imprisoned, raped and possibly killed, after luring them to Mexico.  Salinas helped set up a plan to bring false criminal charges in Mexico against four women [Toni Natalie, Barbara Bouchey, Kim Woolhouse, and Susan Dones] by bribing a judge, so they would be imprisoned.

Image result for schumer
Court records show Emiliano Salinas attempted to spy on US Senator Chuck Schumer and others.

In addition, Salinas had a role in a plot to illegally spy on US federal judges, US Senator Chuck Schumer, and several of Nxivm enemies including this writer.

The list of prominent people who, it came out in the trial of Raniere, Salinas helped to spy on include: U.S. District Chief Judge Gary L. Sharpe; U.S. Magistrate Randolph F. Treece; U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Robert E. Littlefield Jr.; U.S. Senior Judge Thomas J. McAvoy; U.S. District Judge Dennis M. Cavanaugh; U.S. Magistrate Mark Falk; U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y.; Edgar Bronfman Sr.; George R. Hearst III, publisher of the Albany Times Union; Rex Smith, the newspaper’s editor; former reporter James Odato; Bronfman Sr. associate, Stephan Herbits; and Nxivm enemies, Joseph O’Hara and this writer and others.

Additional charges may be brought against Salinas for his role in extorting Nxivm enemies, especially DOS slaves who sought to escape the cult without their collateral [blackmail worthy material] being released, into silence by threatening them with arrest on bogus charges in Mexico.

This occurred after news of the branding and blackmailing of women by Nxivm was first published by Frank Report.

Emiliano’s wife, Paleta, who was also a member of Nxivm, has never made a public statement about her role in the sex slaver cult.  She recently placed her Albany NY home for sale. The home was within easy walking distance from the home of Keith Raniere who liked to mentor attractive and slender women through sexual techniques.

Ludwika Salinas listed her Albany area home [18 Silo, Waterford, NY] for sale, following the arrest of Keith Raniere.

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4 years ago

Aha! Circuitous! Great word. Does seem as if Eminis in some sort of liminal state currently. Should be interesting to observe his chosen path. Perfect scenario for one of those “choose your own way” books I used to read as a kid.

4 years ago

Carlos Emiliano Salinas Occelli and Ludwika Paleta: it is imperative that both of you are extradited to the US for prosecution. I hope you are reading. Either turn yourselves in or take it the hard way and get arrested at any moment.

Gina Cheri Haspel, Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and Christopher Asher Wray (Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigations): please act swiftly in the extradition of the aforementioned as these two persons will likely disappear into hiding given their privileges.

4 years ago

Here’s a snippet from Arnold & Porter, ” Demystifying International Extradition” 1/30/17.

“The intricate procedural and legal requirements of the extradition process provide several possible defenses to extradition requests. Practitioners should remember that each extradition treaty is individually negotiated and the provisions in each treaty should therefore be considered when developing possible defenses.”

Some of those possible defenses can and do involve disagreements about both human and national rights. Many countries decide not to extradite one of their own national citizens or do so with stipulations. The biggest, most wide-sweeping defense is “failure to meet legal standard.” Here the indictments behind the extradition are doubted or seen as insufficient evidence, speculative or vague.

4 years ago
Reply to  Shivani33

In short extradition is as much a political as a legal process.
Russia will never extradite Edward Snowden to the US as long as Putin or his allies control the Kremlin.

Scott Johnson
4 years ago
Reply to  shadowstate195

You must have missed my previous comment regarding extradition. Russia has no extradition treaty with the U.S. That’s why Snowden went there.

4 years ago

How does attempted extradition work since dudette is a Mexican citizen? Maybe the fix is in and he’s not running but just ambling around on his permanent lifetime vacation. How does he try to sequester himself beforehand, when either Mexico or the U.S. or both could indict him? The two countries do not have the same safe havens. It looks like a waiting game.

4 years ago

The following text is circulating in the form of a meme in Facebook in Mexico.

“Cuando te sientas pendejo y derrotado por la vida, recuerda que Emiiano Salinas estudió en el ITAM y en Harvard y acabó bailando y reclutando esclavas sexuales para una secta”

“When you feel stupid and defeated by life, remember that Emiiano Salinas studied at ITAM and Harvard and ended up dancing and recruiting sex slaves for a sect”

4 years ago

Maybe the sources just aren’t that good at reading tea leaves or social media droppings, or whatever.

If Salinas were really afraid of being indicted, I don’t think he’d risk going somewhere that extradited people to the US, for fear that the US would hustle up a warrant for his arrest to take advantage of the opportunity. Has it been forgotten, that Raniere was arrested and extradited before an indictment was released?

To question if not debunk another point being made, Jared Kushner’s New York Observer published just one 2010 article around the same time as the other first major news (versus business) media publication story about NXIVM, in Vanity Fair, came out – and then so far as I can tell, has not followed up with anything since. The Observer’s having first lead the way, and then fallen silent, if anything raises questions about why Kushner’s magazine then ignored NXIVM as more and worse accounts and allegations came out.

And it seems implausible that the Clintons are somehow involved in deals to get the Trump administration Justice Department to give Mexican criminals a pass – and that information about such high-level clandestine dealings is somehow being doled out online.

For a conspiracy theory, a relatively more plausible one would be that any information floating around on the internet as supposed insider skivvy on highly sensitive topics is more likely disinformation (though most likely imagination), and so for example in a case like this, that the Trump administration is trying to cover up deals being cut with corrupt Mexicans by circulating rumors blaming it on hated Hillary.

And here’s a final tidbit for those who like to interpret signs: Would Kushner have been awarded Mexico’s highest honor by the Mexican President from the PRI (Salinas’ party) if he wasn’t in favor with the Mexican elites including Emi’s dad? And indeed, it looks like it’s Trump, not Clinton, who is close to the current frontmen for Salinas’ PRI:

A parting president’s last insult to Mexicans: A medal for Jared Kushner

“Donald Trump set foot in Los Pinos, the president’s official residency, on Aug. 31, 2016….According to senior officials, Peña Nieto and his finance secretary, Luis Videgaray — later appointed foreign minister — had invited both Hillary Clinton and Trump to Mexico as a show of goodwill. Clinton, however, said no, while Trump pounced on the opportunity.”


[…] Emiliano Salinas Spotted in England – in Circuitous Route to Cuba […]

4 years ago

Breakin’ a piñata tonight!

Emi, if you’re somehow not guilty as you are handsome, you better shout out and turn in the guilty parties, pronto.

…Or do I just have a thing for the pretty, usually super smart, fun gay dudes who actually listen to women instead of watching their lips move?

There is nobility in humility and I hope Emi doesn’t flee like his cowardly father but stands to face himself, truth and justice like a man no matter what his preferences.

Besides, he’ll be much better off in a U.S. “white collar” prison than running around the world like a hunted animal. Maybe he can even still find himself, lead his people and write a best seller now that he’s out of KAR’s and his family’s prison!

4 years ago

Here is a link to Emiliano’s last Instagram post which is five weeks old.
It is in Spanish and mentions DOS and NXIVM.


4 years ago
Reply to  Paul

“What does it (fear) make you do?”

Fear makes you crap in your pants,
Ever hear of the expression “scared shitless”?

4 years ago
Reply to  shadowstate195

Lol, Shadow. I was about to say piss your pants but either way. Of course, the grain of truth in that idiom is the autonomic “fight or flight” response that takes hold of us when mortal fear strikes. Clearing your system of any other business including undigested food before fleeing or fighting is part of that response. Sometimes vomiting occurs as well.

Flight or fight is not a conscious choice, either. Where we used to live there was a mama or papa Puma often spotted and usually he or she would flee like lightning at the sight of a human predator. After the fires though the hungry Puma — not a lot of fresh munchies around that weren’t burnt to a crisp — got trapped in a neighbor’s goat pen and apparently couldn’t flee so he or she “fought” and decimated 4 goats and 2 dogs before they, sadly, put he or she down. IDK how he or she got caught in the pen. The fence was nothing for a Puma who’d survived the fire. Usually where there’s a way in, there’s a way out. But not a lot of what’s going on in Malibu these days makes sense.

In any case, I think it wise to avoid trapping a Puma. Or to come between one and his or her cub. I foolishly tried to follow him or her once for a pic a mile or so from where we lived a couple years back and about a week later I saw the Puma on the ridge just above us just glaring down at me. I knew instantly it was a warning not to try following him or her again! But I still can’t figure out how he or she got my unlisted address a mile away! Lol. JK.

4 years ago
Reply to  Heidi

Vladimir Putin told about his most frightening childhood experience.
His family was poor and living in a crowded flat in Leningrad.
Putin was told to catch a rat in the hallway.
As Putin closed in on the rat the cornered animal out of fright leaped right at Putin.
Right at Putin’s face.
Any animal when cornered can act in unexpected ways.
And mother animals can be very defensive in protecting their children.

“In a book of interviews published when he first became Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin told a story of his early scares: a rat he had cornered had nowhere to go and jumped out at him.”

Girl Scout Cookies
Girl Scout Cookies
4 years ago

poor little Keith is clearly multi-tasking__ sweaty, no-regular showers unless upon command and sprouting hair all over like a Chia Pet.

Yolanda Cortez
Yolanda Cortez
4 years ago

Stop blaming Emi. The judges Senator Schumer these people are corrupt.

4 years ago
Reply to  Yolanda Cortez

OK. We got the message. We will never blame Emi again. He doesn’t need to be afraid of coming to the US anymore.

4 years ago
Reply to  Yolanda Cortez

“The judges Senator Schumer these people are corrupt”

‘Yolanda, Don’t you like Amy Schumer’s cousin?
That’s right.
Senator Schumer is Amy Schumer’s cousin.

Relatives Amy Schumer (cousin)

Schumer’s father was born to a Jewish family from Ukraine.[12] He is a second cousin of U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer

4 years ago

If Emiliano Salinas is in a country that has extradition can he be arrested and brought to the US from that country when he crosses into that country?

4 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Both the UK and France have extradition treaties with the US.
In the case of Roman Polanski he is a French citizen and for political reasons France has refused to extradite him to the US.
Extradition is as much a political as a legal process.

There are very few countries that do not have extradition treaties with the US.
Cuba, North Korea, China and Russia come quickly to mind.
The rest are third world countries that are extremely poor.

Scott Johnson
4 years ago
Reply to  shadowstate195

It’s not political, France does not extradite French citizens. There are numerous countries without extradition treaties with the U.S., including, according to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Extradition_law_in_the_United_States:

Burkina Faso
Cape Verde
Central African Republic
People’s Republic of China (except Hong Kong)
Republic of China
Congo (Kinshasa)
Equatorial Guinea
Ivory Coast
Marshall Islands
North Macedonia
Palestine (PLO)
São Tomé & Príncipe
Saudi Arabia
South Sudan
United Arab Emirates
Vatican City

These countries have no diplomatic relations with the United States:

Iran (relations severed in 1980)
North Korea
Syria (relations suspended in 2012)

These territories are not recognized by the United States:

Northern Cyprus
Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic
South Ossetia

The U.S. has treaties with the countries found here, which includes Cuba. However, as with France, the devil is in the details: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_United_States_extradition_treaties

4 years ago

More on the documentary special that’s due to be broadcast in December with interviews with Frank and ex NXIVM members. A reference is made to $24,000 paid by KAR to obtain the password to Kristin Snyder’s email after her disappearance. Did KAR plan to falsify some emails to make it appear that Kristin was still alive?


4 years ago

Frank Parlato has never cited a single piece of evidence against Emi for anything indictable in the USA.

Frank is just exaggerating things.

Guess what, Frank?

It’s not a crime IN THE USA to try to get somebody arrested in Mexico.

If Mexican authorities were to arrest somebody then it’s a LEGAL arrest in Mexico, regardless of who was paid off to make it happen. Mexico is corrupt and indictments usually cost money. That’s just how Mexico works.

The USA has *no jurisdiction* against Mexican ‘corruption’ in their legal system.

Get a clue Frank, you clueless fuck.

You can’t indict somebody IN THE USA for trying to lure Toni Natalie to Mexico to be legally arrested by official Mexican police. If the USA could indict people for that, then corrupt Mexican judges would be defendants in the USA too.

We’ve got American citizens who are jailed and raped in Mexico EVERY YEAR (not just attempted) — yet the USA can’t do shit about these issues cuz we don’t have jurisdiction over Mexican legal affairs, you dipshit.

As for Frank’s claims about incriminating ’emails’ — why the fuck hasn’t Frank shown us these emails yet?

Frank has been exposing countless other emails for the last 2 years, yet he’s holding back these emails? Yeah sure.

Methinks that Frank has NEVER seen any such emails.

As for Emi trying to ‘spy’ on US Senators, LOL, I doubt that’s gonna be an indictable offense since it’s basically just hiring a private investigator. At worst it’s just invasion of privacy. No personal information ever fell into Emi’s hands so it’s all just a bogus attempt anyway. It’s not indictable.

IMO Frank is making a mountain out of a molehill.

He’s trying to FOIST a NARRATIVE upon on us that Emi is gonna be indicted.

Just like he’s trying to FOIST a NARRATIVE upon us that John Tighe is 100% innocent, without even considering that he might just be guilty.

4 years ago
Reply to  Bangkookery

Cock, you whole modus operandi is FOISTING NARRATIVES, and you’re RUBBISH at it.

4 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Hear, hear Anon. Also noted is the way cock, as you call it, rises to the defense of Emiliano Salinas unlike any other defendant or potential defendant in this case — except, Clare Bronfman.

Cock seems to bow only to Royalty (or potential royalty) and riches. Almost spelled royalty like realty, as in real estate.

But everyone knows classy, mega rich land barons certainly aren’t banal bullshitters like Bangkok. HA!

4 years ago

“Can you see the look of fierce admiration on my face as I salute you Vanguard? I will utterly destroy those women for you, just because you have some spiteful feelings towards them. If it all goes wrong, I will go to Cuba and read all the Carlos Castaneda books, even though everybody knows they are just made up nonsense.”

“To seek freedom is the only driving force I know. Freedom to fly off into that infinity out there. Freedom to dissolve; to lift off; to be like the flame of a candle, which, in spite of being up against the light of a billion stars, remains intact, because it never pretended to be more than what it is: a mere candle.”

― Carlos Castaneda, Don Juan: the Sorcerer

There is one place in the USA where Emiliano Salinas can be sure of a warm welcome. It is called the Brooklyn Detention Complex.

He can even have is own room.

4 years ago
Reply to  Paul

Carlos Casteneda, where did that come from? I haven’t read any of his works in decades. “Don Juan, The Sorcerer” was one of my personal favs back in my woo-woo days. …Who ARE YOU, Paul? Sssss-poooky!

4 years ago

Sorry Emi, but England doesn’t want you. I suggest the USA issue a warrant for Emi’s arrest and an extradition request. That should take some time to organise. There is obviously some evidence that was referred to during the trial. While extradition is being sorted out, there will be some time to look for more evidence.

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