Sources: Emiliano Salinas Set to Flee to Cuba – Has Mental Breakdown

"He does all my thinking for me" - Emiliano 'Little Head' Salinas.

With major Mexican media pounding out stories about Nxivm leader, Emiliano Salinas – and with him getting adverse attention like he has never experienced in his life – our inside Nxivm sources say Emiliano is planning to flee to Cuba. {One source said he already just arrived in Cuba and is in hiding].

Emiliano Salinas, the son of former Mexican president Carlos Salinas, headed the Nxivm operations in Mexico for 15 years, along with his lover and business partner, Alejandro ‘Alex’ Betancourt.

The reason for Salinas’ planned “hasty” departure for Cuba is not unfavorable media attention in Mexico [He now rivals his father as the most hated man in Mexico] but because he is in danger of being indicted by the US Department of Justice for his role in the Nxivm criminal racketeering enterprise.

Cuba does not extradite fugitives to the USA. Salinas can live in exile in Cuba much like his father Carlos lived in exile in Ireland for a time. [While Carlos’ exile was reportedly self-imposed, Emiliano’s may be a matter of utter urgency.]

Frank Report was first to detail Emiliano’s alleged crimes in Nxivm, while he was still under the thrall of his guru and leader, Keith Alan Raniere, who he believed was the smartest man in the world.

Raniere was convicted earlier this week by a US federal jury on seven felony counts – one of which, sex trafficking, comes with a minimum sentence of 15 years. The other charges include racketeering and extortion.  When they are added together, Raniere faces a likely sentence of life in prison based on US federal sentencing guidelines.

During the trial, the prosecution named Salinas as a criminal co-conspirator with Raniere.

Frank Report learned there are planned additional indictments to be handed out against other Nxivm members. This may include Emiliano.  Sources say Emiliano is near or at the top of the list, along with Clare Bronfman and her sister, Sara Bronfman-Igtet.

Sources close to the case say it is only Emiliano’s father’s connection to top Democrats in the USA that prevented his arrest last August when Clare Bronfman, Allison Mack, Nancy Salzman, Lauren Salzman, and Nxivm bookkeeper Kathy Russell were arrested.  All five women pleaded guilty prior to Raniere’s trial.

With the conviction of his guru – and with the deliberate naming of Emiliano as Raniere’s co-conspirator at trial – it seems more likely than ever that Emiliano will now be indicted by a US federal grand jury, seated in Brooklyn or Albany, New York. Both federal districts [the Eastern District and the Northern District of New York] are reportedly investigating Nxivm.

Frank Report will, in a later post, detail some of the evidence of the crimes Salinas’ is suspected of. These include emails that suggest a plan to kidnap Raniere’s female enemies and have them imprisoned, raped and possibly killed, after luring them to Mexico.  While it remains unclear whether Salinas knew about the actual murder aspect, it appears he helped set up a plan to bring false criminal charges in Mexico against the four women [Toni Natalie, Barbara Bouchey, Kim Woolhouse and Susan Dones] by bribing a judge, so that they would be imprisoned. This would be a crime in the US – under the umbrella of a racketeering conspiracy.

In addition – and in furtherance of the NXIVM racketeering enterprise – Salinas’ criminal acts may also include his role in trying to illegally spy on US federal judges, US Senator Chuck Schumer and Nxivm enemies including this writer. [More on this later. You will be shocked to see Emiliano’s role in this and the people he tried to spy on in the US.]

Additional charges may also be brought against Salinas for his role in extorting Nxivm enemies into silence by threatening them with arrest on bogus charges in Mexico when news of the branding and blackmailing of women by Nxivm was first published by Frank Report.

Prior to the branding/DOS scandal erupting, this writer contacted Emiliano’s mother, former first lady Cecilia Occelli, to try to persuade Emiliano to contact me to arrange for him to go to law enforcement and denounce his leader Raniere.

I told Ms. Occelli that Emiliano was in grave danger if he continued to support Raniere who I predicted would be arrested.

Emiliano, however, declined to speak with me and chose to stay loyal to his Vanguard with the result that he now may face grave criminal charges as the consequences of his unfortunate decision.

It goes from bad to worse.

Not only is the Mexican media having a field day with his disgusting participation with the sex-slaver cult of Nxivm, and US authorities are considering indicting him [Emiliano is a dual citizen of Mexico and US] but Emiliano is also reportedly having a complete mental/nervous breakdown.

Sources say Emiliano plans to admit himself into a mental health facility in Cuba. It is not known if this is a ploy to avoid arrest and engender sympathy, or if he is truly breaking down and delusional, but some of his closest allies have told Frank Report that he is truly devastated.

Meantime, his longtime lover, Alejandro ‘El Duce’ Betancourt, told Nxivm members privately that he deeply regrets his role in Nxivm and that he and Emiliano are permanently out of Nxivm and no longer follow Raniere.

It is further reported that Emiliano’s wife, famous actress Ludwika Paleta, is planning to divorce him. They have not appeared publicly together in some time.

Salinas, who is bisexual, and said he enjoyed an “open relationship” with his wife [“She sleeps with other men, I sleep with other women and men,’ said Salinas during his Nxivm heyday] is now in danger – like Raniere – of being collared, indicted, convicted and confined to US federal prison and never being near another woman again. US federal prisons do not permit conjugal visits.

His flight to Cuba – if he is indicted – and if he ever winds up in the USA – to face charges – will make bail an improbability. The die may be cast. Emiliano may have to stay in Cuba for years to come.

Raniere fled to Mexico when he learned he was being investigated by the FBI. [Frank Report broke that news]. On the basis of this flight from the USA, Judge Nicholas Garaufis refused to grant Raniere bail. He has been in custody since March 26, 2018.

Whether Emiliano’s father, Carlos Salinas, can prevail in getting the DOJ in Washington DC [“Main Justice”] not to indict him is anyone’s guess.  Sources say that under an Obama or Clinton administration this would have been an easy lift for the powerfully connected Carlos, but under the “hostile-to-Salinas” Trump administration, the political juice of Salinas and his partner, Carlos Slim, is seen as “just not there.”

Carlos Slim, through a spokesperson, told Frank Report that he has not participated in giving money to the Clintons to help fix the Emiliano problem with the DOJ.

A source in Washington DC told Frank Report that Slim’s denial is untrue and that the Salinas-Slim group is prepared to go to any length to save Emiliano.  The arrest of Emiliano will have disastrous consequences to their core power base in Mexico and Arizona.


Frank Report has numerous sources in Nxivm in Mexico and the US.  Frank Report was first to reveal that Raniere was branding and blackmailing women. First to report that Raniere would be arrested. First to report that Raniere fled to Mexico and later that he shifted from Monterrey to Puerto Vallarta; and first to report that Allison Mack and Clare Bronfman would be arrested.

Many months ago, we reported that Emiliano Salinas had committed various crimes for Nxivm and that he was in danger of being arrested. 

And of today’s news – gleaned from sources in Nxivm – remember, you read it here first.









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  • Again Frank takes an article that one might want to believe, although based on undisclosed sources, and insists on abandoning all credibility with his anti-Clinton stupidity.

  • Fake news… Frank, stop the circular reporting, it’s unprofessional. All those news in Spanish are citing YOU as the source. There is very good information about this case to keep the traffic in your portal, not need to come up with fake stories. I don’t defend any person involved in this case, but it’s disrespectful to lie to your audience.

  • I think this is probably indicative of how NXIVM is falling apart in Mexico.

    As is often noted here, high control groups or cults use the same basic types of material and techniques borrowed from other sources, similar to all the others – there’s nothing unique that really “works.” They’re social structures based on mystique and charisma as much as anything else, and typically formed around a revered leader who is seen as the source of wisdom. But the case in the US has ruined their mystique, and exposed the leadership as inept and corrupt.

    Also, as a reality-check example, none of the US centers that fell apart in recent years as their leaders defected, was ever re-constituted in any significant way that I’m aware of – even local leadership and followings were a relatively unique and fragile phenomenon, that couldn’t survive disruption and the ruin of their reputation.

    A few true believers may remain, but I don’t see how the organization ever really recovers from this. Particularly, there doesn’t seem to be anyone with the personality and personal following to carry on even a sort of offshoot group – though I’d be interested to know more about Jack Levy, who might be the one possible candidate for keeping a last center alive a while longer.

  • What a paradox !! A masterpiece of life. Emiliano Salinas, the successful leader of a cult that praised selfishness, unbridled capitalism, Ayn Rand’s madness; Emiliano, the son of the Mexican president who changed institutions and structures for thriving Mexico towards a more developed market based model , ends living in socialist underdeveloped Cuba



    Frank, thanks for uncovering NXIVM!!!! 🙂

    • Gurus are often hypocrites who have underlying totalitarian and collectivist agendas.

      Raniere ultimately wanted everyone to do his bidding and give him all their money, regardless of what his supposed philosophy might have superficially implied. Remember, NXIVM likely comes from a Latin word for Roman debt bondage slaves – and many of the people in his “success” program ended up broke and effectively indentured, often after he discouraged them from following their professional and business pursuits to serve his “mission” instead. There’s a very similar dynamic at work in Scientology, which Raniere consciously copied in at least some respects.

      Rand ended up creating her own little Stalinist-style thought reform cult centered around her in New York City, even using psychotherapy as a tool to bring members into philosophical and ideological compliance, foreshadowing what NXIVM did with “EM” sessions (which also take from Scientology’s “auditing”).

  • Also, someone released the Edmondson branding video to Mexican media. At firat I thought it was some sort if re-enactment, but court records indicate that it was released and authentic.

    • Krclaviger or Frank mentioned that individuals in law enforcement theorize that the collateral was released to intimidate other witnesses or individuals from coming forward.

      • Not the collateral. What we were referring to was the videotape of Sarah Edmondson’s branding ceremony – which Lauren Salzman left behind in Mexico and which was subsequently released to Mexican media outlets.

        • K.R. CLAVIGER- per discussions between Raniere and Mack, the branding ceremony was collateral. So in reality, collateral was released. Lauren “left” it in Mexico? With whom? Her life-partners in the Vow. There were conversations regarding the ways these things would be released, and someone made an executive decision.

  • For what it’s worth, Jared Kushner went to Mexico on a down low/unpublicized mission within a week before Raniere’s arrest, and I’ve always been surprised that Frank Report never mentioned it. It raises so many questions.

  • Heidi Hutchinson loves to think that she is so powerful, intelligent and dangerous that the same Salinas clan tries to liquidate her. Sorry Heidi, Carlos Salinas is nothing but an old decadent and powerless fart. And for Emi, well, he is just foolish idiot now afraid of the daylight.

    • This is disinformation. In August 2018, Carlos Salinas installed Claudia Ruiz Massieu Salinas as President of the powerful Mexican PRI political party, ensuring his continued long standing choke hold on the Mexican political apparatus.

      We can be sure this type of dismissive writing about Carlos Salinas is disinformation. No question. The real question is, who is writing it?

      • The PRI lost its long-term hold on the presidency in 2000, and is currently just part off the opposition minority in both legislative houses. How does that constitute such a hold?

        RIP PRI? Mexico’s ruling party in ‘intensive care’ after drubbing
        Dave Graham
        WORLD NEWS JULY 4, 2018

        MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – Mexico’s ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI, was one of the most successful brands in 20th-century politics, but a record defeat in Sunday’s presidential election has left its future hanging in the balance.

        Pushed into third place with its worst-ever showing, the PRI candidate Jose Antonio Meade won just over 16 percent of the vote, less than a third of that garnered by the winner, veteran leftist Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, preliminary results show.

        The wipeout swept the country, shattering the centrist PRI in many traditional strongholds, including Atlacomulco, the hometown of the party’s outgoing President Enrique Pena Nieto, about 55 miles (89 km) from Mexico City.

        “I never thought we could end up so low, and finish with such poor results,” said Enrique Jackson, a PRI lawmaker and former Senate leader. “It’s really upsetting.”

        (For a graphic on Mexico’s election, see:

        The PRI, which governed continuously from 1929 to 2000, and again from 2012, also lost all nine gubernatorial races on Sunday. Until 1989, the PRI had never lost a governorship.

        Sunday’s results mean that Mexico’s 31 states are set to be governed by five different parties and one independent.

        The PRI’s precipitous decline leaves a void in the fractured political landscape, which Lopez Obrador and his National Regeneration Movement (MORENA) party look set to fill.

        Rampant gang violence, patchy economic growth and a slew of corruption scandals have battered the PRI’s standing. Pena Nieto had the lowest approval rating of any president in Mexico’s 21st century history.

        • “MORENA” is another Puppet party created by the PRI. The PRI has been doing this for years, like when they created the “Mexican green party.” (a complete joke)

          Any political party in Mexico that has funding, has either been created by or is a puppet of the PRI, i.e. Salinas. It remains as true today as it was twenty-five years ago when Salinas first went in to exile in Ireland.

          If not, the organizers/and or handlers will be brutally murdered, slaughtered, hung from power lines, cemented in to a barrel, decapitated, and so forth…to send a message to any others who may dare oppose “El Pelon” (the bald guy) ex Mexican President Carlos Salinas.

          This is well understood in Mexico.

          One treasonous lawyer/corrupt former federal prosecutor who routinely sells-out his country to represent the Salinas interests, Dennis K. Burke (a.k.a. Bangkok) (a.k.a. Clare Bronfman’s personal lawyer) posting disinformation messages on FrankReport on behalf of the Salinas interests won’t change the realities of what a hundred million Mexican citizens have grown to understand and live with for more than twenty years.

          • You are absolutely right, the Salinas clan along with other powerful clans in Mexico, make up the powerful and sinister group atlacomulco. Without being a political party, the atlacomulco group has always operated the threads of power in the country. United by blood ties, their members have led all political parties in the shadows.

      • Fake News. Carlos Salinas cannot install anybody as he does not run the “now wery weak” PRI. That rat-hole (PRI) has ñost control of its own destiny. Morena and Pan run the country today.

        Salinas is long gone.

        • There’s no real opposition in Mexico. They’re all from the same team appearing to route for different interests. Just the party of Morena: AMLO entered the political sphere since 1976 as a member of the PRI. In 1989 he and other ex members of the PRI resign and found a “new” party, the PRD. In 2012 they give AMLO, as a consolation price for losing the presidential elections, his own party, and MORENA is born. If you look at MORENA’s actual cabinet, everyone is from the PRI, PAN, and PRD. All recycled, corrupt and/or inept politicians that have had nefarious careers.

        • The PAN political party is a joke. In Mexico, it’s still weaker than the PRI even today. The only time the PAN had a temporary surge was when Vicente Fox ran for President, who much to the surprise of pretty much everyone in Mexico who believed his “reform” b.s., ended up switching his party affiliation to the PRI after he was out of office. (a jaw-dropping reality for Mexicans). Mind you this happened around the same time a jet from a Vicente Fox affiliated private jet was found loaded with cocaine.

          MORENA, the current President’s party, is the same. A joke. It’s wholly controlled by the PRI; it’s infiltrated with “dinosaur” political operators (that is what they are called in Mexico) with long standing loyalties to Carlos Salinas.

          It is well known in Mexico that the PRI runs multiple puppet candidates for office through the PAN and PRI at the same time to insure no matter which party wins, the PRI apparatus will still have power. For example, AMLO himself (Mexico’s current President), personally stated on the record, numerous times that Ricardo Anaya, the candidate for the PAN in Mexico’s 2018 Presidential election, was a Carlos Salinas Puppet.

          This is, and was, well understood in Mexico.

          In a clear nod to Carlos Salinas, Janet Napolitano, the former Governor of Arizona and former DHS Secretary, endorsed Ricardo Anaya on U.S. soil, in March of 2018, right around the same time Vanguard was arrested. This meeting is widley believed to have been organized by top Napolitano staffers/Arizona Mafia members Marco Lopez and Dennis Burke. On information and belief, such an endorsement of a candidate for the Mexican Presidency by a former member of a U.S. Presidential administration is unprecedented.

          And, Anaya was under investigation by the Mexican P.G.R. (federal attorney general’s office) for money laundering, at the time Napolitano met with and endorsed him on U.S. soil.

          Dennis K. Burke (a.k.a. Bangkok) posting $$ incentivized disinformation messages on Frank Report on behalf of his Salinas handlers will not change the reality of what one hundred million Mexican citizens have learned to live with for more than twenty years of terror under the Salinas dominance of their country.

          What a crappy job Burke has. From disgraced United States Attorney who resigned in shame after overseeing the illicit trafficking of weapons to Mexican cartels on his watch in the government, to his new job: The designated clean-up man on the U.S. side of the border for the most corrupt, cartel-connected political party in Mexico, the PRI.

          The University of Arizona must be proud!

        • Maybe are not fake news. The Salinas clan along with other powerful clans in Mexico, make up the powerful and sinister group atlacomulco. Without being a political party, the atlacomulco group has always operated the threads of power in the country. United by blood ties, their members have led all political parties in the shadows.

  • On Saturday June 8 Emiliano was having lunch with wife Ludwika, Mika, Paleta, sister Cecilia and a few other friends in Dante a restaurant in Polanco a very trendy /posh neigborhood in Mexico City, he didn’t seem worried to be out in public

  • Good advice for NXIVM people who have broken the law as part of, or on behalf of the NXIVM Criminal Enterprise:

    Turn yourself in and make a full confession.

    Tell the authorities everything you’ve done, and everything you know.

    Pick up the phone and tell them you want to make a statement.

    Any other course of action will have very negative consequences for you.

    Be wise.

    Good luck.

    • Thanks indeed.

      Among other things, it reminded me that Raniere got hold of both of the girls when they were still young and impressionable, and that Clare, similar to Lauren Salzman, has known virtually nothing else as an adult.

      And then there’s this:

      ‘While in school in England, she and her sister Sara would visit their mother, Rita “Georgiana” Webb, who was living in Kenya at the time. Her parents were married and divorced twice. After the tenth grade, Clare dropped out of high school to join her father on his estate outside Charlottesville, Virginia….He previously had five children with his first wife, investment-banking heiress Ann Loeb. Those children were all in their teens and 20s when Sara and Clare Bronfman were born.’

      If the fancy locations and references were substituted for low-rent ones – like a state-run school for abandoned children rather than an English boarding school – and the sources of money for social welfare, theirs would more likely be seen as a sorry case of shiftless and dysfunctional parents, neglecting kids and leaving them vulnerable to ending up in lives of crime.

      I don’t mean that to excuse the Bronfmans, just to note that this provides some insight into their cases.

  • Una disculpa por escribir en español, sinceramente mi inglés es algo rudimentario.
    Hace años se decía que Emiliano Salinas estuvo internado en centro psiquiátrico por bipolaridad.

    • Mexicangirl- do you remember where you read that? I wonder if he ever claimed that his bipolar was cured by NX? Much like M.Elliot and his Tourettes.

    • That makes a lot of sense considering the amount of grandiosity involved in the high echelon of SOP.

  • If the Gmail account that Keith Raniere and Emiliano Salinas used to plot the above scheme of these four women’s demise is in the hand of the DOJ, Raniere and Salinas are TOAST.

    Bets are on Clare Bronfman having a connection to this scheme also. Clare Bear, it’s never too late to change your evil ways but if you’re involved with this, you’re TOAST also and that is not on the DOS diet.

  • Vangone admitted on camera that he’d, “had people killed because of his beliefs.” Is there a Mexican connection? There really could be, given the “emails that suggest a plan to kidnap Raniere’s female enemies and have them imprisoned, raped and possibly killed, after luring them to Mexico.”

    I don’t see any bottom to the NXIVM pit.

  • “Prior to the branding/DOS scandal erupting, this writer contacted Emiliano’s mother, former first lady Cecilia Occelli to try to persuade Emiliano to contact me to arrange for him to go to law enforcement and denounce his leader Raniere”

    Not following you there. Other than trying to get some dirt or an interview for your own purposes, why would you think Emiliano would need to go through you to “arrange for him to go to law enforcement”? If his father/family is as influential / well connected as you claim, I’m sure they wouldn’t need someone like you to contact law enforcement for them and could use their own PR/media connections to make a statement. Since you didn’t “arrange” for Nik I. to got to LE why would you or think you could do that for ES?

    • Anonymous:
      Frank and Catherine Oxenberg tried to talk to Allison Mack through her parents and her agent to get her out of the NXIVM cult.
      Mack refused to heed the warning.
      And now Ms. Mack faces prison time.
      Perhaps Frank was trying to reach Emiliano through his mother to get him out of trouble.

      Perhaps Frank was trying to be altruistic.
      Not every action has to be based on an ulterior motive.

      • “Perhaps Frank was trying to be altruistic. Not every action has to be based on an ulterior motive.”

        Frank is a philanthropist in the truest sense of the word.

  • A logical choice. Google “Carlos Salinas and Fidel Castro”, viewers can observe many pictures of two of the most corrupt political leaders in the recent history of Latin America and their significant years-long friendship. Would make sense that there are some left over connections waiting in Cuba for Emiliano Salinas.

    • Fidel Castro is dead and his younger brother Raul Castro is almost 90 years old.
      If the government in Havana becomes friendlier to the US after Raul’s death Emiliano would still be in deep guano.

      Moreover the Cuban Communist government has a long history of tuning against its former allies.
      Many of Fidel’s earliest supporters who became disillusioned with his leadership ended up fleeing to the United States or in front of a firing squad.

      If Emiliguano flees to Cuba he will be living as a prisoner at the sufferance of a vicious and capricious Cuban government.
      Essentially Cuba will be a Giant Roach Motel for Emiliguano where he checks in but can;t check out.

      • a vicious and capricious Cuban government.

        that gives all Cuban public education from the cradle to the university, completely FREE, there are people who live in the USA and travel to Cuba to study medicine and other areas in which Cuba has achieved a good development with the support of the Russians and Chinese and even produces quality drugs that people in the US have had to travel to Cuba to get for the high costs they have in the US, and despite the economic embargo imposed by the US government which is the main cause of their limited capacity to obtain raw materials or have a more active economy with other countries, the government of Cuba manages so that no citizen lives in the streets and have to look for food in the trash or live begging the help of people.

    • because Fidel Castro is one of the most corrupt political leaders in the recent history of Latin America, if compared to other leaders he is a captain who managed to keep his ship afloat and safe in a sea full of artillery and submarine ships wanting to destroy him to the and his government at the expense of the Cuban people.

  • He should go the US and confess all to the FBI.

    Throw himself on the mercy of the court, as it were.

    Any other course of action just makes it worse.

  • The fugitive American financier Robert Vesco fled to Cuba in 1982 to avoid prosecution in America.
    Ultimately Vesco was indicted in Cuba on drug trafficking charges as well as fraud against the Cuban state.

    “After settling in Cuba during 1982, Vesco was charged with drug smuggling during 1989. During the 1990s he was indicted by the Cuban government for “fraud and illicit economic activity” and “acts prejudicial to the economic plans and contracts of the state” during 1996.[4]”

    “Vesco was sentenced to 13 years in jail by Cuba. In November 2007 the New York Times reported that he had died of lung cancer at a hospital in Havana, Cuba five months before,[1] although it has been suggested that he faked his death”
    “Carlos Slim, through a spokesperson, told Frank Report that he has not participated in giving money to the Clintons to help fix the Emiliano problem with the DOJ.”

    “A source in Washington DC told Frank Report that Slim’s denial is untrue and that the Salinas-Slim group is prepared to go to any length to save Emiliano. The arrest of Emiliano will have disastrous consequences to their core power base in Mexico and Arizona.”

    Don’t tell me that the major owner of the New York Times, a close personal friend of the always honest Bill Clinton, would tell a lie!
    I’m shocked!
    Truly shocked!

    • Donald J. Trump

      Yes, it is true – Carlos Slim, the great businessman from Mexico, called me about getting together for a meeting. We met, HE IS A GREAT GUY!

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