The Bullshit Photos of Ghislaine Maxwell in NY Post Further Examined

Two photos appeared in the New York Post, August 15, 2019, purportedly of Ghislaine Maxwell.
The story states that the Post happened to “find” Maxwell dining alone in a burger joint in Los Angeles.
We found her – the Post writes in effect – [the most written about and sought to find woman in America] – by chance.
The notorious girlfriend of Jeffrey Epstein. She just happened to go alone [?] to a Los Angeles burger joint called In-N-Out.
I wrote previously that I thought this was a set up, a staged event. I suspect this was no accidental discovery of this infamous and wildly notorious woman.
She might be the most hated woman in America and she goes to a burger place on the west coast and the New York Post happens to catch her there?
And she did not want to be caught?  Some of my readers agree that the narrative is preposterous.
Here is one comment from a reader that I thought was insightful:

Good job for being the only one who called the bullshit photo.  It was obvious to me the first time I saw it, 2 drinks, 2 trays (one is on the seat put away from the shot).  2nd person probably took the photo.

Posed picture looking at camera
2 Pictures taken quite some time apart as 2 people eating behind in one picture but are not finished meal no in second picture, meanwhile guy on the left has the same pose with the same amount of burger left in both pictures.  He was posed also.
Her hair falls exactly placed like similar groomed photos of her at events.  It was prepared to be her nice for the photo.
Lots of other things in that photo also.
Book was opened in the middle, how could picture taker know the full name of book. etc.. [“The Book of Honor: The Secret Lives and Deaths of CIA Operatives,”]  .
I assumed book name was a direction, went to Amazon, clicked on reviews and G Maxwell made a ‘review’ on the book the same day, but not a review, claimed JE gave his life for CIA/Mossad.
Could be a poser on Amazon review, but coincidentally on same day as photo, when the book is sold out and can’t make a review unless you purchased?, or photo was a direction to reveal the book so people can go to Amazon and see her review claim?
Keep investigating, media journalist are so gullible, no others questioned this or looked beyond the trees to see the forest.
As I looked at the photos, I noticed that there is no photo credit. That is strange for a great photo scoop like this – finding Ghislaine Mxwell – formerly believed to be on the Massachusetts coast – is something that any photo journalist would demand credit for – unless of course this was not taken by a photo journalist – but set up in advance.
And the photographer wants to remain anonymous.
The second thing that struck me – others may disagree – is how different the woman in the two posed pictures look. Purportedly, it is Maxwell. To me they look like a younger and older version of the same woman – though dressed in the same clothes and same spot – with the one guy on the left eating the same burger.
That aside, we don”t know when these pictures were taken. [Or whether they were photoshopped in any way.] The Post says nothing about the details of how they found Maxwell, who took the picture, what time of day it was, or how they knew what book she was reading.
Here are some other comments from observant readers:


There is a MAJOR piece of this puzzle you failed to discover. If you look at the reviews for that book on Amazon, on the ‘kindle’ version (ironically she has the hard copy) there was a review left the very day this story was reported by a user by the name G. Maxwell. At first I thought it was a larp account until I read her review history, which goes back 7 years of reviews on books about sex slavery and other degeneracies. Her review talks about recently losing a friend and how dying for Mossad is a higher honor

Village Idiot (aka The Retard)

Regardless of what game she’s playing by getting herself photographed on purpose here, it wasn’t just a random thing.


Epstein supposedly commits suicide and gal pal Ghislane PIMP Maxwell pops up a few days later in a popular LA fast food joint munching on a hamburger and reading a book on murdered CIA agents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just happens to be perfectly posed for that picture.

The photo doesn’t make sense. If Ghislane knows how to avoid publicity and can avoid photogs and paparazzi for years.

Then, she is photographed with good lighting, good hair, perfect makeup, good angle, and holding a book on ‘Life and Death of Heroic CIA officers”…

Cmon now. Shiiiiiiiit. Does anyone believe that?…

For all we know, that photo could have been taken months or years ago. I don’t believe she’s in LA.

First impression? Too contrived to be believed! A photographer just happens to be there, she just happens to be alone, she just happens to have a book about the CIA in her hands? Not buying any of it! Panic early
She has two drinks on,the table. One for her and one for the photographer as they set the scene.

– It is visible on the picture that she is posing… she took this pictures few weeks/months ago (we do not have any proof that it was this week), in order to lose cops (who are trying to hunt her) or whoever else who wants to delete her…she probably left LA a long time ago.

– She is posing, she is confident, she is truly involved into this paedo story but nothing can happen to her, she is protected by very high VIPs…

– All of this CIA story is weird…first where is the proof that she is reading this CIA book? They found account names “G.Maxwell” on Amazon and on some books this G. Maxwell comment “…My spouse and I…” really I hardly believe this… where is the proof that she is really reading this book?  and weird thing again…on the picture she is at the beginning of that book but on her supposed Amazon account she commented it on it like if she had finished it….

– Why choose this restaurant? something about the name “In and Out?” Something about the fact that this is near Universal Studio?…

– Was she paid to take this photo? Are they in fact actors ? is that even real?

– On the main photo we can see a mobile phone at the opposite to where she is sitting like if she is not alone eating there… but on some photos… the phone is not….

…Agreed. Too shady for words. It reeks of the sort of set-up, she and her handlers think could fool morons held in deep contempt.

If they are trying to make this whole thing believable they are failing.

Pretty much spot on, Frank.

Here is a thread from people who get it that pretty much backs you up

Ghislaine Maxwell wanted to be seen and photographed, the whole thing was a photo-op…why, what’s the strategy…who put her up to it?

Surely no one thinks that Ghislaine Maxwell was out eating hamburgers with the common folks, because that’s just “who she is”……this was some kind of a strategic move and someone coached her into what to do, what book to be reading, what to say — it was all scripted. But I guess we won’t know for a while what the reasoning is……..

Were they trying to make it look like she’s “vulnerable”, (preparing the public?)….I mean, she could be killed by some crazy Qanon follower while she’s eating her french fries?

Were they sending a message to the CIA, or was it the CIA/Mossad sending a message?
Was it a public relations stunt to make her look human before the trials begin and the really sickening stuff comes out?
In and Out pics

Agree with you Parlato. Its completely ridiculous. She is clearly posing.

Best one yet Frank! I think it’s odd that she hadn’t been arrested. And what is Murdoch’s connection to all of this? {Murdoch owns the New York Post].

The only more public place for Maxwell to be discovered is Grand Central Station.

And the choice of that particular book is no accident. Whether Epstein and Maxwell were actually working for the CIA is open for debate.

After you see all of the photos of Ghislaine Maxwell at Jack in the Box…..

….it begins to look completely staged. At least to me..

Frank is right I believe.

One of of the 2 pictures doesn’t even look like her. I call bullshit as well.

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