Questions About Vanguard in Prison and Comments on the Psycho Face of Clare Bronfman

'I got an angel on my shoulder.' [Note: This image has been photoshopped to insert Keith Raniere's head on an innocent bystander.]

By Shivani

This is in response to Judge Won’t Let Clare Bronfman Go to School and a comment by Nice Guy requesting “a Keith Raniere MDC update!”

Yes, it would be good to hear some news of Flabturd in the jailhouse and how it’s hanging or not hanging.

Has he acquired a new phone, and how is his ringworm progressing?

Does he have money for at least Frito LAYS? Huh?

Is he seducing any men?

Keith Raniere seems to have, at one time, enjoyed a decidedly feminine look. Is he returning to that proclivity now in his present environs at MDC in Brooklyn?

Has anybody in jail heard him refer to himself as Daphne or Aphrodite? How about Minerva or Juno?

Sara and Clare and Laura Rosa and Nancy Appallsman better be keeping their wraith-like figures and better not be using any deodorants or moisturizers, so they can be svelte for the return of Flabturd in a pine box or an urn.

As Clare ramps up her “sopho-moronic” education level, she is almost qualified to clean some prison toilets with a toothbrush, similar to what Scientologists-in-training get to do when not busy shouting at ashtrays or being beaten by their bosses.

Also, much appreciated is the wonderful psycho face photo of Bronfman used to illustrate this article. There are closeups of the late Charles Manson giving that same exact look. In case no one has noticed, simply align some close-ups of the pair.

This is the picture used by the prosecution of Clare Bronfman to show the jury during the trial of Keith Raniere.

Image result for charles manson

Image result for charles manson

Don’t forget Allison Mack.

If Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis has to look at that photo of Clare Bronfman’s mug when making decisions about Clare’s well-being, hopefully, he remembers to shower vigorously later. The man who has to be the judge over these freaks and to wipe off the pollution radiating from Clare Bronfman’s smug, stupid, entrenched and sub-demonically obsessed expression whenever she asks for another favor deserves a 24-carat gold reward. And another bonus for tolerating Flabturd, his post-it performances, and Mr. Agnifilo.

Maybe Judge Garaufis is already taking some comfort in knowing things about the six defendants’ futures that we haven’t heard yet, like further charges, or maybe some rearrangements to accommodate the potential severity of new charges. Only the hapless ballerina accountant and Lauren look like they might get a little lucky, do their time and then melt into pools of rancid butter.

MK10ART’s splendid interpretive painting of Kathy Russell heading into court.

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4 years ago

They should all do life.It would be great for the world.


[…] Questions About Vanguard in Prison and Comments on the Psycho Face of Clare Bronfman […]

4 years ago

This is a childish collection of idiotic words. Just wondering if the author is a 7th grade bully…..Can’t take anything about this article seriously as it’s so poorly written. None of this is true, actually what the F are you talking about….Delete this article please and only allow truthful commentary, not word slinging bullshit…..What a weirdo Shivani….
ps This commentary isn’t at all funny. Is that what you were going for?

Scott Johnson
4 years ago

With Epstein’s cause of death decided by the government coroner, it’s a slow news day.

4 years ago

Thank you. I no longer need anti depressants.

4 years ago

Although Allison Mack’s crimes relating to DOS are bad enough, I consider Clare Bronfman to be a true gangster and racketeer. She is in my opinion, a more ‘knowing’ criminal than Mack. I doubt that Mack gave much thought to the illegality of what she was doing. Clare on the other hand probably new she was breaking the law, but thought her wealth made her untouchable.

4 years ago
Reply to  Paul

Clare still is of the belief her wealth makes her not only untouchable but that she is far above the unwashed masses.
Someone needs to smack these Bronfman sisters down to size. They give the wealthy a bad name.
Notice Sara fled to France never once coming to her sister’s aid. She sends her lackey of a husband, once.
And where oh where is dear old mum? I believe she also sent her husband abd perhaps once appeared in court.
Now Clare wants us to believe she wants to better herself via education.
Seems to me this is a ruse thought up by her lawyers. Also it’s a way for her to get on the internet, something she is barred from doing.
Clare, always looking for a weak spot.
Typical criminal mind.
As I said I wouldn’t trust this woman with the dead for fear she might be a necrophiliac.
She is kind of ghoulish looking. Has a face only a mother could love.

One would think with her millions sge would get her teeth fixed or get some cosmetic tips. After all, 350 million plus can buy an awful lot of cosmetic surgery. Yet she chose to piss it away on that hairy munchkin Keith.
God! Everytime I see a picture of his hairiness I want to get out a razor and shave him.
Say…maybe that’s why he didn’t want the women to shave. Because he has an issue with his own hairy body. Could be.
I love psycho analyzing these people. I understand their mindset somewhat having been in a cult myself and around cults as a visitor. Time is not only a great healer it is also a great teacher.

4 years ago

Shivani is right about one thing:

“Maybe Judge Garaufis is already taking some comfort in knowing things about the six defendants’ futures that we haven’t heard yet, like further charges, or maybe some rearrangements to accommodate the potential severity of new charges. ”

The major defendants in the recent EDNY (Brooklyn) proceedings will probably face new charges in the NDNY (Albany).
And except for Kathy Russell they might all end up as defendants in civil suits from their many victims.

Allison might end up in Victorville Federal Prison Camp in Adelanto, CA.
Will Allison Mack Draw More Jail Time Than Lauren Salzman?
comment image

What is so special about the Victorville Prison Camp?
It is built in a corner of the old George Air Force Base that is now called the Southern California Logistics Airport.
This airport has a 15,000 foot long runway. (Big enough to handle an Airbus 380.)
FCC Victorville is located on land that was formerly part of George Air Force Base
And it is next to Federal Correctional Institution, Victorville

If Ms. Mack has to be transported back to New York for any reason the Southern California Logistics Airport would serve as a handy embarkation site.

4 years ago

“And except for Kathy Russell they might all end up as defendants in civil suits from their many victims.”

Kathy Russell won’t end up in any suits, but if all goes well for her she might end up in a Tutu.

4 years ago

“Don’t forget Allison Mack.”

Why didn’t Shivani remember to mention her dear friend Allison Mack?
Allison’s Mug Shot looks like a female version of the Joker from Batman.
comment image?resize=246%2C300&ssl=1

4 years ago

The gradual deterioration in Allison Mack’s condition can easily be observed in photographs of her after she joined NXIVM. I don’t mean changes normal to the process of ageing, but an obvious and mental decline brought on by bad living and bad choices.

Patrick Backup (@Patrick__Backup)
Reply to  Paul

I disagree. I think she looked even cuter in the “Conversations” videos with Ketih on Youtube than she did in her Smallville time. So bright, happy and radiant and a great figure 🙂

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