Judge Won’t Let Clare Bronfman Go to School

This is the picture used by the prosecution of Clare Bronfman to show the jury during the trial of Keith Raniere.

Seagram’s heiress and the reputed current leader of Nxivm, Clare Webb Bronfman, 40, wants to go to school and the judge won’t let her.

Bronfman is presently subject to home arrest.

Bronfman made an application to attend adult education classes but Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis denied that request.

As a result, Clare won’t be able to attend classes while she is awaiting sentencing.

The judge did grant her permission to leave her Manhattan apartment long enough to take a TASC exam in order to obtain her high school equivalency diploma.

She also asked for more time outside her apartment to go shopping and to exercise. The judge denied that request too.

Bronfman, who pleaded guilty to two felony counts as part of her role in the Nxivm racketeering case, is awaiting sentencing from Judge Garaufis. No date for her sentencing has been set.

It had been formerly set in late July, then was adjourned without setting another date. A source familiar with the case said sentencing is likely to occur in October or November.

Bronfman pleaded guilty to conspiracy to conceal and harbor illegal aliens for financial gain, and fraudulent use of identification.

Sentencing guidelines, according to Judge Garaufis,. are 21-24 months. According to her plea agreement, Bronfman has the right to appeal if Judge Garaufis sentences her to more than 27 months.

She is presently out on $100 million bail and subject to home arrest.

One of the subjects that Clare obviously needs to work on is Math.

Per her request, she brags on the fact that she has taken 160 hours of online classes to prepare for the TASC test. Given that she’s been on home confinement since July 2018, that works out to about 3 hours per week.

That’s probably about the same amount of time she spends each week on the toilet.


Here is her application for modification of her bail conditions, followed by the judge’s decision.

On August 15,

Honorable Nicholas G. Garaufis
United States District Judge
Eastern District of New York
225 Cadman Plaza East
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Re: United States v. Raniere, et al., 18-cr-204 (NGG)

Dear Judge Garaufis:

We write to respectfully request a modification of Ms. Bronfman’s bail conditions.

Pretrial Services endorses the modifications proposed herein, and has confirmed Ms. Bronfman’s
full compliance with all conditions of her release to date.[1]

As the Court is aware, Ms. Bronfman was released on a $100 million bond secured by $50 million in assets. She has been on home detention with electronic monitoring since her arrest more than a year ago on July 24, 2018. Aside from Pretrial-approved attorney and medical visits, Ms. Bronfman currently has permission to leave her home for outdoor exercise and shopping for necessities 3 days a week for a total of 5 hours. She has been meticulously compliant with all restrictions and requirements set by the Court and/or by Pretrial Services and, as discussed below, has used the time on home detention since her guilty plea in order to advance her education.

However, now that sentencings in this case have been adjourned sine die, Ms. Bronfman seeks a modest amendment to her conditions of release, primarily for the purpose of allowing her to better use the time until sentencing in a productive and rehabilitative way.

Prior to the initiation of this case, Ms. Bronfman had only completed school through the tenth grade. She has been working diligently over the past several months to prepare herself for the TASC test, a national high school equivalency exam.[2]

In preparation for this exam, Ms. Bronfman has taken over 160 hours of online classes, in addition to many hours of practicing exam essays and math. Ms. Bronfman [redacted] Successfully passing the TASC will allow Ms. Bronfman to obtain a high school equivalency diploma.

In order to continue her studies beyond the high school level, Ms. Bronfman also seeks to
register  [redacted].

Studying for the TASC test has inspired Ms. Bronfman to continue her education past the high school level. In light of Ms. Bronfman’s impending sentencing, she understands it is not practical to begin a two-year college program at this point. Ms. Bronfman hopes that by taking basic adult education classes in areas such as anatomy, physiology, English literature, and writing, for as long as she is able to under
the circumstances, she will continue to build on what she has learned in her TASC coursework and lay the groundwork for pursuing higher education in the future after the conclusion of her criminal case.

Ms. Bronfman also seeks to spend additional time outdoors for running, exercising, and grocery shopping. As Your Honor is aware, she has no family she is in contact with in New York and she has significant restrictions on her associations, allowing for little interaction with anyone other than her attorneys. She uses the vast majority of her permitted outdoor time for running. Exercise continues to be critical to Ms. Bronfman’s mental and physical health.

Pretrial Services has proposed that Ms. Bronfman be able to move freely during the day to facilitate her participation in the above activities, subject to a curfew as directed by Pretrial; electronic monitoring would continue. Ms. Bronfman thus respectfully requests that the Court modify her release conditions from home detention with electronic monitoring to a curfew as directed by Pretrial with electronic monitoring. I have conferred with Ms. Bronfman’s suretors on her bond, her mother and brother-in-law, who are in regular touch with her, and they have assured me that they are confident that she will continue to comply with all Court and Pretrial- imposed requirements and are in favor of modifying her conditions to a curfew. The government opposes Ms. Bronfman’s request to modify her conditions to a curfew.

In the event that the Court does not grant Ms. Bronfman’s request to be modified to a curfew with electronic monitoring, in the alternative, we seek the Court’s permission for the following specific modifications:

1. Permission to leave her apartment to take the Test Assessing Secondary Completion (TASC) test  Specific information regarding the schedule and transportation would be provided to Pretrial in advance.

2. Permission to register for and attend [redacted] Her course schedule and specific travel arrangements would be provided to Pretrial for approval in advance.

as the primary pathway to a New York State High School Equivalency Diploma. The examination is jointly
administered by the New York State Department of Education and takes approximately nine hours to complete.

3. Permission for an additional three days of outside time—ninety minutes each day.

Ms. Bronfman would use this time primarily for exercise and also to buy groceries or other necessities as permitted by Pretrial. Currently, she is allowed out of the home for five hours each week over the course of three days. We respectfully request an additional four-and-a-half-hours of outside time a week in which she would be allowed to exercise or grocery shop.

Counsel for the government has informed me that they consent to her taking the TASC test, but oppose other bail modifications at this time.


We thank the Court for its consideration of these requests.

Respectfully submitted,
Kathleen E. Cassidy
Caroline M. Grosshans

cc: AUSAs Moira Penza and Tanya Hajjar (via ECF)
Pretrial Services Officer Michael Dorn (by email)


1 I have confirmed Ms. Bronfman’s compliance with all her release conditions with her Pretrial Officer Michael Dorn.

2 The TASC (Test Assessing Secondary Completion) test assesses five subject areas, Reading, Writing,
Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. In New York State, as of January 2, 2014, TASC has replaced the GED as the primary pathway to a New York State High School Equivalency Diploma. The examination is jointly administered by the New York State Department of Education and takes approximately nine hours to complete.


And here is the judge’s response:

ORDER RE: Defendant Clare Bronfman’s [786] Motion to Modify Conditions in Part: The Motion is GRANTED as to Ms. Bronfman’s request to take the TASC test and DENIED as to all other proposed modifications. Ordered by Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis on 8/15/2019.


Whether the judge denied the other conditions because the prosecution opposed them, or whether the notion of her going out to take classes and spend more time outdoors is not something that makes sense to him since he will very shortly be sentencing her to prison is not known to us at this time.


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  • School supply list:
    Science – Milton Bradleys operation
    Math- 1 bag skittles 1 bag M&M
    Geography- download Google Maps
    Reading- download audible
    Writing – forget about it Clare, there’s not enough erasers.

    • I guess because Clare Bronfman is the person who finances a major criminal racket, right down to legal representation for the perps, including herself?

      With a specialism in vexatious litigation, taught her by the world’s smartest man, I’m surprised any school in the world is considered good enough for her.

      Still, its about time she learned the earth isn’t flat, and other helpful stuff.

      She’s a big (criminal) cheese, in nexium. So why would Judge G. allow her any more grace than the considerable amount she’s already been granted.

      Alison’s a crim, for sure, but in relation to Clare, not so much.

      • Well, maybe if you weren’t so biased about it you could easily see how the judge could grant her request. She’s being electronically monitored more or less 24/7, she hasn’t got her passport and she has to report in before and after everything she does. So what’s the problem, how would she run away or do anything bad if he allowed her at least the extra time for exercising?

  • Bronfman wanted to take courses in “anatomy, physiology, English literature, and writing.” This is so she could write a story in a compelling literary style describing why the Raniere cauterized initials were placed in the perfect place on the body, not visible in most circumstances but the most painful location to place them.

  • Why a person who has been trained personally by the smart person in the world want to finish high school at 40?

  • Don’t know about the rest of you but I believe in second chances. That being said, the repentance about one’s mistakes needs to be sincere for second chances to work over the long term.

    Let Clare go back to school if she’s sincere about her desire for an education. Let her take steps to get back on the right path. We can laugh at her for being too old to be in school, but that temporary ridicule doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of life. It’s her life to do what she choses to do with.

    A lot of the trouble she ended up involved with in the first place, in NXIVM, could have been due to her own lack of education and propensity to believe Raniere’s b.s…(not giving her a pass here, I know she’s accused of wicked acts). I hope, for her own good, she makes better decisions in the future. Seems like her soul degraded to a very sorry, empty state while she was around Raniere.

    I know a lot of people here are angry with Clare for the things she’s done and I understand that. Hopefully some of those wrongs can be addressed through the civil litigation filed by Attorney Omar Rosales and the upcoming litigation that Neil Glazer is reportedly planning. Enough is enough, Clare. While you’re cleaning up your act, tell the truth about the things you’ve done to harm people with the legal system. Among other abuses, Clare needs to come clean about the things she did to frame Frank Parlato, who is still facing ill-conceived criminal charges resulting from Bronfman’s improper manipulation of prosecutors.

    Clare, when your conscience is clean again, you’ll be able to better concentrate on your school work. Not joking or being condescending. I mean that sincerely. Maybe it’s not too late to turn things around in your life and for your legacy, which has taken a serious hit here due to the NXIVM fiasco and your improper acts. Get your GED. There are more options available for adult education available now, online and otherwise, than at any time in history. Learn to love education — knowledge is addicting, you can lose yourself in book study. You may find it to be one of the most pleasurable things you’ve experienced.

    Even when you’re done settling all your cases and dealing with the whole NXIVM mess you’ll still probably have enough resources to do something meaningful with a newly-found education. That’s what your Dad wanted you to do with your inheritance. Maybe it’s not too late to make him proud.

  • I’d recommend these books for both Clare and R Kelly
    Where’s Waldo

    Highlights Preschool Workbook

    One Duck Stuck

    My First Book of Shapes

    Apple Pie ABC

    Big Red Barn

  • Why in the world would someone who has had a long sterling career with multiple high level positions require remedial education to obtain a GED? Anyone can see that she already has already achieved a set of remakable accomplishments. See https://www.linkedin.com/in/clare-bronfman-3069218b/ I suspect Clare Bronfman’s lawyers are attempting to pull a “fast one” by pretending that she has no high school diploma. Since when to 10th grade graduates become presidents of corporations?

    LinkedIn profile

    Wisdom Systems
    Company NameWisdom Systems
    Dates EmployedJan 2012 – Present
    Employment Duration7 yrs 8 mos
    LocationAlbany, New York Area
    Combining Wisdom and Systems to create efficiency, integrity and productivity in business.

    Truth LLC
    Company NameTruth LLC
    Dates EmployedJan 2012 – Present
    Employment Duration7 yrs 8 mos
    LocationClifton Park, New York
    Truth LLC is a media company dedicated to exploring and promoting humanitarian causes through a variety of media channels, including documentary film, narrative film and television. We seek to uncover and provide a global platform for inspiring stories featuring remarkable individuals who are striving to improve humanity throughout the world.

    Ethical Science Foundation
    Board Member
    Company NameEthical Science Foundation
    Dates EmployedJan 2010 – Present
    Employment Duration9 yrs 8 mos
    LocationAlbany, New York Area
    Precision Development
    Managing Partner
    Company NamePrecision Development
    Dates EmployedJan 2010 – Present
    Employment Duration9 yrs 8 mos
    LocationGreater Los Angeles Area

    Executive Board Member
    Company NameNXIVM
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    A seminal company for various endeavors involving the creation of community-building spaces housing athletic, spa, and health and wellness facilities.

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  • Who on Earth wrote this drivel?


    “In November 2017, Kreuk and her Smallville co-star Allison Mack were linked to a multi-level marketing organization known as NXIVM, which was founded by Keith Raniere. In March 2018, following Raniere’s arrest, Kreuk disclosed on her Twitter account that she had joined NXIVM believing it was a “self-help” group but left in 2013, and was in minimal contact with any members of the group, nor had she witnessed any illegal or nefarious activities during her time in the group. She stated that her involvement with the group was limited to taking courses.”

    Was this written by a publicist or a fan boy/girl? At no point did she state her involvement was limited to taking courses. She did not confirm or deny her real role in the NXIVM cult. And she lied by saying she was gone by 2013 when she was still there in 2016.

    Previously on the Wikipedia page of NXIVM, even once the branding story broke, Kreuk was listed as a “notable member”. Not any more:


    That Wikipedia page needs updating.

    Here are some articles for reference:




    • Because she is a convicted felon who is awaiting sentencing. When she’s served her prison sentence, she can run as much as she likes.

    • Associated in anyway? Bankrolling the entire criminal enterprise including the defense is quite specific enough.

      Hate has nothing to do with judge Garaufis, his concern is justice.

    • She can afford a treadmill or run in place. No one is stopping her from running. Clare Bear is just going bat shit cra cra from being alone in that big ass apartment she has.

      Not one family member living in the NYC area wants anything to do with their crazy 1/2 sister. She has put them through the media ringer and put a large black mark on the family name.

      Clare bugged her father’s computer and tried to film a confession out of him on his death bed when she knew her stepmom would be out of the house for the day.

      Maybe she should foster a dog or a miniature pony for company

    • No, none whatsoever. These felons live in bizzaro world, where bad is good and good is evil. Where theft and lying are not only acceptable, but also deemed ethical.

  • Even when viewed alongside the other other NXIVM criminals, Clare Bronfman seems to possess an almost cartoonish, archetypal, villainous, character. She is a sadist par excellence, who dedicated years of her life, and vast amounts of money to ruining the lives of the wholly innocent. She is the living embodiment of what it means to be a Bad Person. I truly hope that she is brought before the courts to account for her malicious misuse of legal proceedings and all the damage she caused to many. Whether she drove someone to suicide, mental breakdown, wrongful imprisonment, or loss of livelihood, was all the same to her and she continued year upon year to attack the innocent.

    And it was not at all to do with her ‘mistaken adherence to Keith Raniere’s philosophy,’ it was all about her own twisted character, and the perverted pleasure she took in the suffering she caused.

    She should not be allowed to blame Raniere or anyone else for whet she did.

    When it comes to evil, she’s right up there with Raniere and Epstein.

  • “As her request to attend basic adult education classes in areas such as anatomy, physiology, English literature, and writing has been denied, we respectfully request that she be allowed to attend classes in reeling, writhing, and fainting in coils.”

  • Dear Clare Bear,

    Did you ever heard of shopping online? No need to fight wth crowds — you can have your goods delivered right to your door. And in your location, you have a world of gourmet and exotic home delivery foods available to you. Maybe you didn’t know this since you weren’t a high school graduate but now that you have your shiny GED, take advantage of your new found knowledge and experience the joy of acquiring neat stuff without ever leaving the security of your home or takng the chance of getting that ankle bracelet swiped on the subway. Online shopping can bring you real joy and as you know, he who has the most joy wins! Be a winner, Clare. Stay home and shop till you drop.

  • Stupid is as stupid does.

    The ironic part of this story is that had Clare Bear not chosen ‘house arrest’ last summer, she would have knocked off nearly 1 1/2 years from her prison sentence by the time she’s finally sentenced in November 2019, LOL.

    That would mean she’d be poised for possible release shortly after she’s sentenced.

    But she opted against that option.

    Instead, she chose to give up most of her freedoms anyway (under house arrest) for nearly 1 1/2 years but WITHOUT GETTING ANY CREDIT for that time served.

    Talk about stupid.

    Granted, Frank likes to talk about Clare’s house arrest as being akin to a life of luxury inside a luxury apartment.

    …And many of Frank’s idiot readers choose to see things that way too.

    However, Frank isn’t really being honest with himself here.


    Cuz sitting around cooped up in an apartment — even a luxury one — is far worse than having total freedom inside a shitty apartment.

    She grew up in a billionaire family, yet Clare Bear can’t even leave home without permission now.

    She owns an island, yet she must get permission to go food shopping.

    She must get permission to workout.

    She must be back home before a nightly curfew, like a small child.

    She’s subject to random inspections at her home.

    In essence, Clare’s already given up her freedom and is not getting any ‘credit’ for this time served under the thumb of the probation department.

    Totally fucken stupid.

    With the evidence in this case, it was known from the start that she’d at least be doing some amount of time. Thus, there’s no way she could have expected to be totally acquitted while serving no jail time.

    Therefore it’s much smarter to just do your time pre-trial —- and have a short time left by the time your sentencing date arrives.

    She’s been accused of a lot of things, but nobody has ever accused Clare of being Einstein. 🙂

    • “That would mean she’d be poised for possible release shortly after she’s sentenced.”

      FYI Clare and the other NXIVM co-defendants face the possibility of other charges being filed against them in the NDNY.

    • Bangkok,

      “Cuz sitting around cooped up in an apartment — even a luxury one — is far worse than having total freedom inside a shitty apartment.”

      How would you know?

      Bangkok, all you do is sit around at home when you are not running errands…

      90% percent of your daily activity takes place at home………

      …………..Sleep, poop, smoke weed, eat, play video games, bop baloney, and post on blogs…

      ……Am I missing anything? 😉

  • I’m genuinely curious as to what motivated her to get a GED – it’s not like she needs to go out and get a job. Could she have been advised by her attorneys to do that in order to try to make a case that she is rehabilitating herself and should get a shortened sentence, or has she really turned over a new leaf?

    The judge ought to sentence her to some critical thinking, logic and science courses.

    • If Clare does not obtain her GED before she goes to prison, she will be required to attend GED classes Monday through Friday while she’s there. That’s probably something she would rather avoid.

      • Krclaviger,

        That is insightful and most likely correct.

        My original guess was the obvious …she is trying to show she is rehabilitating herself, for the Judge to see.

        I honestly hope that she does move on after her sentence is completed and she pays her “debt” to society……6 or million…


        The DOJ could have at least squeezed another 11 million out of Bronfman for the plea deal they gave her….

        ….. Moira should stay away from the poker table and negotiating the purchase of a new or used automobile.

        Moira did do an excellent job overall!

      • Claviger, thanks for that interesting detail. So otherwise, she would have been sent back to high school with the sort of people that her parents paid to send her to private school, to avoid.

        Her claimed desire to start taking college-level classes is still interesting. I wonder if that is just another strategy, or if she’s actually taken a liking to real learning, and determined to better educate herself – which could be signs of growing out of culty thinking.

        • Unless she has already earned her GED before she’s sentenced, Clare will also get tested shortly after she arrives at her assigned prison. The results of that test will determine whether she gets assigned to the prion’s Pre-GED Class or its GED Class (The Pre-GED class teaches material that would normally be covered in grammar school). Either way, she’d be attending class with a group of women that are from very different socioeconomic strata than hers.

          • Interesting details. I’m guessing she’s working fast and furious to pass the GED and avoid just such a fate.

            She could even get tutoring help if she needed.

            Hey, wasn’t there a guy named Epstein who did high school level tutoring for the prominent in Manhattan?

          • Epstein “tutored” the body of a teen, not the mind of a teen.

            BTW, Clare is not attractive, but the pic used by the feds has to be the ugliest pic of her ever. She looks so bad it had to be photoshopped. Grounds for a mistrial.

          • p.s. Epstein apparently did also tutor students when he was teaching at the Dalton School, that’s reportedly what lead to his first job in investment banking at a firm run by the father of one of the students.

    • Haha, Lala, yes!! she should be taught sh*t in a new language everyday, because it will make her a more compassionate, connected citizen of the world and lead her to the green pastures of executive success, Viva!!

  • Frank,

    Thanks you for sharing this marvelous piece of news!

    Now, can you please urge Krclaviger to get his ass in gear and publish a Keith Raniere MDC update!

    The MDC updates make my Friday afternoons and are great start to the weekend!!!!

    I know many readers feel as I do. 😉

    • Raniere will be held in the SHU until at least August 18th on the cell phone charge. Until he gets out of there, that’s pretty much all the info we have to share.

    • Yes, niceguy. It would be good to hear some news of Flabturd in the jailhouse and how it’s hanging or not hanging. Has he acquired a new phone, and how is his ringworm progressing? Does he have money for at least Frito LAYS ? Huh? Is he seducing any men? Has anybody in jail heard him refer to himself as Daphne or Aphrodite? How about Minerva or Juno? Sara and Clare and Laura Rosa and Nancy Appallsman better be keeping their wrath-like figures and better not be using any deodorants or moisturizers, so they can be svelte for the return of Flabturd in a pine box or an urn.

      As Clare ramps up her “sophomoronic” education level, she is almost qualified to clean some prison toilets with a toothbrush, similar to what Scientologists-in-training get to do when not busy shouting at ashtrays or being beaten by their bosses.

      Also much appreciated is the wonderful psycho face photo of Bronfman used to illustrate this article. There are closeups of the late Charles Manson giving that same exact look. In case no one has noticed, simply align some close ups of the pair.

      If Judge Garaufis has to look at that photo of her mug when making decisions about Clare’s well-being, hopefully he remembers to shower vigorously later. The man who has to be the judge over these freaks and to wipe off the pollution radiating from Clare Bronfman’s smug, stupid,entrenched and subdemonically obsessed expression whenever she asks for another favor deserves a 24 carat gold reward. And another bonus for tolerating Flabturd, his post-it performances and Mr. Agnifilo.

      Maybe Judge Garaufis is already taking some comfort in knowing things about the six defendants’ futures that we haven’t heard yet, like further charges, or maybe some rearrangements to accommodate the potential severity of new charges. Only the hapless ballerina accountant and Lauren look like they might get a little lucky, do their time and then melt into pools of rancid butter.

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