Heidi: Raniere Was Obsessed With Master-Slave Relationships Long Before DOS

MK10ART's painting of the Inestimable One, Keith Alan Raniere, the world's smartest federal prisoner.
Heidi Hutchinson

By Heidi Hutchinson

Thank you for sharing some of your timeline evidence from social media posts made by Allison and other NXIANS in the post Insider Reveals More Shocking Timeline Showing Allison Mack’s Quick Absorption Into Sex-Slaver Cult

I found this reference to a NX company named “10c” intriguing:

“APRIL 2008 I know some….NXIVM in regards to both A Cappella innovations and my company 10c came from a specific group…”

10c AKA “The Emperor wears no clothes” (a reference to a fairy tale) was REPORTEDLY the precursor to DOS.

Now, it’s my oft reiterated view that “DOS” always existed within ESP/NX — only the names and faces changed. [Keith Raniere was fascinated with the Master/Slave/Master structure as used in computer programming code from at least the early, mid ‘90’s.

When my sister Gina worked for Consumers; Buyline as a programmer, she talked about Keith’s “sadistic” master/slave obsession.

Gina Hutchinson, who died under suspicious circumstances in 2003, some 12 years before DOS, said that Keith Raniere was fascinated with the concept of master-slave relationships.

Each ESP/NX acolyte, from the start, had their own company.

GBD, Girls by Design, for example was Kristin Kreuk and her partner, Kendra’s, company for example. Apparently, by 2008, 10c was the name of the company bequeathed to Allison Mack.

Most all of these companies did basically the same thing: recruit and indoctrinate. Some, however, were merely shell companies with no real substance or identity of their own and those who have researched these companies more in-depth believe money laundering activities went on with many.

I’m curious as to why, when so many companies could be said to be the “precursor for DOS” — Jness, One Asian, GBD, etc. — which, again, existed at the core of “NXIVM” (Frank’s published the Ancient Roman meaning of NXIAN slavery) — it was only Allison’s company 10c — that was given this “precursor” designation to explain the criminal activities that went long before 10c, before Allison joined ESP?

Remember, the FBI found “collateral” — old, nude photos of Barbara Bouchey in the “DOS” signature pose. Barbara left in 2009 and was photographed or “collateralized” before even 10c was ever formed.

Keith Raniere was taking the same kind of nude pictures of his women he required of his DOS slaves for more than a decade before DOS. Here one of his women, Barbara Bouchey sits on the August One’s lap.

For me, this further indicates that Allison was set-up to take the fall for DOS and DOS activities all of which went on decades before there was a DOS. GBD could have just as easily and more accurately been labeled as the precursor to DOS, for that matter.

Finally, 10c “the Emperor wears no clothes” is a tale about a little boy who calls out the hypocrisy of the monarchy, the ruling class and peasants afraid to believe their own eyes and displease the ruler who is himself fooled by flattering thieves.

Allison Mack led a company called 10c, which was the precursor of DOS

The titles of other companies owned by other NX members such as “Girls by Design,” tell a very different story than the title of “Allison’s” company and, in effect, they were all DOS.

Remember “Jane” who stated that she joined “DOS” after being recruited through GBD, not 10c.

Again, thank you for this important contribution and for having the courage to speak up. I’m flattered that my comments inspired you to do so.

Clare Bronfman, Lauren Salzman and Emiliano Salinas.

And I do believe that, yes, NXIVM — through Clare & Sara Bronfman’s lawyers, through Emiliano Salinas’ lawyers and other greedy hired hands — has and continues to wield inordinate influence on the DOJ and State prosecuting bodies. Regardless of what the facts, data, witness interviews and other investigative powers of the FBI prove or disprove.

Example one: NXIVM recruited and hired Dennis Burke (disgraced former US AG for Arizona) and his partner, John Sandweg (former Director of Homeland Security) from at least 2013, I believe, through 2018 or 2019 (unsure when or if Burke was removed from the case OR the payroll).

Former US Attorney Dennis Burke went to work for Clare Bronfman – or was it Emiliano Salinas – or was it Carlos Salinas?

Frontier — Burke and Sandweg’s firm — has rock solid connections to the DOJ. Most of it’s private investigators are retired Federal agents.

Burke was paid by both Emiliano Salinas and Clare Bronfman and may still be on the NX payroll. May even be a middleman to payout “subcontractors” who, per a new precedent setting verdict in the Rick Ross case against NX goon subcontractor “Interfor” and “Canaprobe” may not be held liable for dirty deeds done for companies like NX, Frontier, etc.

That fact alone just might account for why no charges were brought against any immigrant, illegal or otherwise, involved in criminal activities in the US even against US citizens.

That’s why immigration fraudster, Nicki Clyne, can let freedom reign all over her crotch poised beneath the snoots of sex offenders like her “husband,” master Keith, on the streets outside of MDC without a peep about her apparently polygamous relationship with her “wife,” Allison Mack.

Nicki Clyne twerked to her heat’s content to amuse and stimulate her Vanguard,

Frontier was purportedly hired to help NX resolve “immigration matters.”

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  • Ok. 10c. So let the faithful remember Old Vanguard’s RPI roots from the latest 70s and earliest 80s. Loser Keith, who could never be a part of WRPI radio because he was a small-time con/not cool loser but loved the prog rock and so on of the time (too bad he was less infliuenced by Jonathan Richmond and the Modern Lovers!!!) Heidi, you must remember 10cc, the band.

    From wiki: “King signed the band to his UK Records label in July 1972 and dubbed them 10cc. By his own account, King chose the name after having a dream in which he was standing in front of the Hammersmith Odeon in London where the boarding read “10cc The Best Band in the World”. A widely repeated claim, disputed by King[19] and Godley,[20] but confirmed in a 1988 interview by Creme,[21] and also on the webpage of Gouldman’s current line-up,[22] is that the band name represented a volume of semen that was more than the average amount ejaculated by men, thus emphasising their potency or prowess.”

    So. That last sentence seems relevant. 10cc was quite the thing when Keith had his first stupid haircut. And god, the comments during the “interview” with Allison Mack where he *goes on* about Emerson, Lake, and Palmer. He never progressed.

    • SNAP! No doubt there’s a sexual “potency” boast or advertisement (or psychosis) link for Keith to 10c and 10cc. Thanks for the reminder.

      But as much as the sex perversion and money is what NX is about, Keith & Nancy ET AL were also careful to conceal that behind a facade of empowerment, ethical science, humanitarianism and other Fairytales.

      They did have the girls (some) believing they were changing the world, standing for truth, justice, equality, all that. So, I do believe they, Allison in particular, were told 10c meant “The emperor wears no clothes,” as inside sources shared with FR last year.

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