Will Ghislaine Maxwell Be the Next to Commit “Suicide”?

Ghislaine Maxwell

Suicide is, of course, not an infectious disease.

So, even though her close friend and business partner, Jeffrey Epstein, allegedly committed suicide this morning, there is no reason to fear that Ghislaine Maxwell may do the same any time soon.

The late Jeffrey Epstein

Unless, of course, Epstein was actually suicided…


Multiple Investigations Underway – And More Coming

Numerous public officials have called for investigations into the circumstances that led to Epstein’s demise.

As of now, the Bureau of Prisons and the FBI have already launched independent investigations.

Calls for Congressional investigations have also been made – and given the high-profile nature of the case, it seems inevitable that there will also be several of those.


Frank Report Predicted This Outcome

Back on July 18th, Frank Report carried a report from our New York City correspondent, Dianne Lipson, about the hearing where Epstein was denied bail.

Following Dianne’s report, Frank Parlato added his own thoughts as to how things might turn out for Epstein:

“And maybe there is more. He may also know that he may wind up being assassinated. Right in prison. It will look like a suicide. Of course, he knows he will never have another woman or little girl again to satisfy his urges – for the rest of his life and that may be a minor consideration – compared to the threat of his sudden death.

He may know that others are going to go down because of him if he fails to remain silent. Powerful people who would think nothing of murder to save themselves.

He won’t be too concerned about the trouble that others get into – even if they were his friends. His only concern is the danger these friends present to him.

He won’t this time – even if he offers up presidents and kings – be able to buy his way out. He will be in prison forever. Which may not be that long.

In the Bureau of Prisons, one can be assassinated. You could ask Whitey Bulger to explain how that’s done if he were around.”

And so the possibility that Frank raised has come to pass…Epstein is dead.

Whether we will ever find out how that happened remains to be seen.


New Information Indicates That Epstein Was Not on Suicide Watch at Time of Death

Lee Plourde, a spokesperson for the Department of Justice, has confirmed that Epstein was not being monitored in his cell at the time of his death.

But Plourde refused to say whether Epstein had been taken off such monitoring – or whether he simply never receive any such monitoring – after he was returned to the Special Housing Unit (SHU) at the Manhattan Correctional Center (MCC) following his stay in MCC’s Suicide Watch Unit back in July.

Manhattan Correctional Center

Epstein had reportedly been placed in Suicide Watch unit for several days after he was found nearly unconscious in his cell with marks on his neck on July 23rd.

While on Suicide Watch, Epstein would have only had a Safety Smock in his cell. In addition, he would have been under 24/7 one-on-one visual observation by specially-trained Observers.

One-Size-Fits-All Safety Smock

After Epstein was released from the Suicide Watch Unit – which typically happens after 5-7 days – MCC could have housed him in one of its special units.

Inmates in MCC’s 10-South wing are locked inside single-man cells 23 hours a day with lights and closed-circuit television (CCTV) monitors on at all times (These cells also have showers in them). Given his July 23rd incident – and the high profile nature of his case – this is probably where Epstein should have been housed.

Another alternative would have been MCC’s 9-South wing – which is where Epstein was housed at the time of the July 23rd incident. This section features 2-man cells but does not include any CCTV monitoring. This appears to be where Epstein was being housed at the time of his death (It is not known if he had a cellmate).

Cameron Lindsay, a former warden who ran three different federal prisons said that Epstein’s death would be “an unfortunate and shocking failure, if proven to be a suicide.”

Cameron Lindsay

Lindsay went on to say that Epstein was likely not in the right type of placement at the time of his death.

“Unequivocally, he should have been on active suicide watch and therefore under direct and constant supervision,” Lindsay said. “When you have an inmate as high profile as Epstein, it’s absolutely imperative the warden set the tone with his or her leadership to ensure these kinds of incidents don’t happen.”

Frank Reports Calls For Resignation or Firing of Warden

Based on the information that is currently available, it appears that Epstein’s death was entirely preventable.

Had he been placed in a proper setting, he would have been under 24/7 monitoring – which likely would have prevented him from killing himself or someone else from doing the deed for him.

It appears that the current warden at MCC is Suzanne R. Hastings – a career employee for the BOP. Her pay is believed to be somewhere in the $180,000-$190,000 range, not counting the annual bonuses that BOP bestows on its upper-echelon staff.

Frank Report believes that Warden Hastings should resign from her post.

If she doesn’t immediately do that, she should be fired from her position.


Frank Report Also Calls for DNA Tests on Epstein’s Body

Given all the questions surrounding Epstein’s death, it would be wise for the BOP to perform DNA tests on the body just to be sure that it’s actually him that dies early this morning.

That may sound a little over-the-top but given his money – and his connections throughout the world – it probably is a wise thing to do.

The late Jeffrey Epstein

The results of the DNA test will help to pull-the-plug on some of the inevitable conspiracy stories that Epstein’s death will engender.

And, who knows, if the Feds use Ancestry or 23AndMe to do the work, maybe we’ll find some 2nd and 3rd cousins that he didn’t know about.


Ghislaine Maxwell May Want to Head Someplace Safe

As of now, Ghislaine Maxwell has not been charged with any crimes.

And with Epstein’s death, Federal prosecutors may be reluctant to expend the time and resources it would take to put together an air-tight case against her.

That alone ought to be reason enough for her to hop on a plane and get out of wherever she is right now (She supposedly moved back to England several years ago).

Maybe Sarah Bronfman-Igtet will hire her as a Multi-Cultural Specialist at her Rainbow Cultural Garden operation in France (Even with their extensive background checks, she should fit in just fine there).

But even if she thinks she won’t get arrested in England – and extradited back to the U.S. – Maxwell should still think about heading off to safer climes.

Suicide may not be contagious – but it does sometimes run in clusters.

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  • I find it odd that his suicide hasn’t been explained in its entirety giving a clear picture of his cell, what he used to commit the act & method? Drawings or photos on the news explaining the full detailed description. All that’s been revealed is announcing he committed suicide. Seems like media would have raced to be the 1st to explain it fully.

  • Unless someone I trust actually views the dead body, I will tend to believe Epstein relocated to Israel where sex offenders are protected from prosecution. Unsealing the documents happened just in time to help Netanutjob’s election campaign.

    Epstein’s Ties to Former Israeli Leader Shake Up Election Campaign


    ‘There’s a Hole in the System. Israel Became a Haven for Suspected Jewish Sex Offenders’


    Robert Steele: Epstein Not Dead, On His Way To Israel? O


  • Ghislaine Maxwell should be arrested for “allegedly “ raping Virginia Giuffre. This from the testimony by Ms. Giuffre. Furthermore, all the men, and women, who raped Ms. Giuffre when she was under the age of 18 should be arrested for pedophilia. Period. Otherwise these prosecutors are frauds in the age of the #metoo.

  • Who knows, this could be a new and virulent strain of the sucide bug. When you have been a procurer of minors for pedophile billionaires, it can be ‘highly contagious’.

  • Who cares if she does or is done in? She’s a pedophile who aided and abetted another pedophile. Good riddance to bad trash.

  • These be
    3 Silent Things —

    The child unborn
    The wind before the hurricane
    The mouth of one just dead.

  • Epstein’s accusers call her his protector and procurer. Is Ghislaine Maxwell now prosecutors’ target?

    “According to people familiar with the investigation, authorities have had trouble locating Maxwell, who is believed to be living abroad. Her five-story Manhattan townhouse was sold in 2016 for $15 million by a company that used the address of Epstein’s New York office.

    Her lawyers told a judge in 2017 that she was in London, but had no fixed address.”


  • Everyone knows he would be dead sooner than later. Even the worst prisoners hate child molesters. Given w/o a disaster at the jail that leaves suicide or murder you are no genius to have stated the expected outcome.

    But then before the body is warm you claim you know how, who and even why. That just shows you have no interest in reality only political hits that fit your own bottom line.

  • As the news says, Epstein “was in a high security prison where he was under special surveillance for suicide risk.” In these circumstances, how would he commit suicide? and even more when there was another supposed suicide attempt before. It seems they have taken it off before he talked too much. We have already spoken in other entries about the connections at the highest levels that Epstein had: his main collaborator Ghislaine Maxwell (daughter of Robert Maxwell, agent of Mossad and who, mysteriously, has not been arrested or charged), his mentor Les Wexner, a member of the so-called Mega-group, made up of American Zionist billionaires sympathetic to Israel … and other connections with foreign intelligence services interested in blackmailing sex videos of big fish in international politics. Now it seems they can stay calm. Epstein won’t talk anymore. In any case, we will have to continue investigating, lest Epstein in the end is not really dead and ends up hiding in a certain Middle Eastern country.

  • Amazing how well POTUS was received in Britain on his most recent visit. The queen wouldn’t even look at him and First Lady on the first visit. Once the President had proof of Britain colluding with the traitorous coup plot, the queen changed her demeanor.

    In addition; Jeffery Epstiene was up the ass of Prince Andrew and the President had all the intel on the Peto Prince…not looking good for the royal nut jobs. J. E Is in witness protection somewhere other then the Jail …

  • A dead Randy Andy is more likely for the royal family to get over than the coming scandal.
    You have to be prepared for grief in the British royal house.

  • If you go visit Ghislaine Maxwell at Getty Images, there is a large photo collection of her various years of socializing. It was ironic to see a pic of her grinning like a besotted moth beside hotelier Andre Balazs, and there are quite a few pics of Ghislaine being chummy with Carole Radziwill, who might not like to be reminded anymore. Glance at these Maxwell smiley face photos long enough and it looks like Ghislaine would show up for the opening of a packet of gum.

    There is a photo of her being escorted into a society wedding in the English countryside by a man who is referred to as “one of the Duke of York’s detectives.” The text further details that Prince Andrew drove Ghislaine to the wedding in a sportscar. Some photos are even older, from when she was a teen.

    After her father’s death and the financial turmoil he left behind, Ghislaine came to New York and was exceedingly ambitious to resurrect her image as a socialite. It went well for around fifteen years. She had found her personal Walt Disney in Epstein.

    But then she kept showing up at all kinds of events despite Epstein’s first round of public exposure as a criminal perv. She was not young anymore, was rounder about the midsection, still wore same old hairdo, and there was a chill in the air. Ghislaine caught the drift too late. It would surprise me if she were ever in love with Epstein. Their compatibility might have been more of a mental affinity. Plus they found each other useful. Maybe Ghislaine failed to get herself uninvolved with Epstein soon enough because she was hooked on the benefits.

    After the civil defamation suit was begun against her by Virginia G. in 2015, Ghislaine Maxwell became less visible. It wasn’t the only lawsuit which Maxwell ended up settling. The New York Post has recently reported that a “source” has said that Maxwell has been cooperating with authorities regarding Epstein’s case. Oh really? How so? Most other sources describe her as unavailable, not reachable for any comments.

    Her fate has been tied to two humdingers of men. She was 29 when her father, Robert Maxwell, died in November 1991, prior to her 30th Christmas birthday. She was his favorite daughter. A daughter born prior to her had died of leukemia, and Ghislaine was the last girl and the last baby. If you learn about Robert Maxwell, it becomes easy to see him as being a prototype, in some ways, for what made Ghislaine like Epstein so well.

    Maxwell was notorious as a businessman. He loved to live big. Clever and a real check bouncer. He was a flamboyant bear of a man. Of course there are pictures around of him with Edgar Bronfman. Much of Maxwell’s conduct would have prepared his daughter to be able to manage Epstein’s appointments, his scheduling, his properties. She understood unsavory reputations, too and had plenty of social acumen. Certainly more than Epstein did. Ghislaine’s father could be gauche at times, too.

    But Robert Maxwell was never called a perv or sex trafficker. He was blessed to have a wife who was not only a scholar but a holocaust scholar. They had 9 children. She traced that 300 of Maxwell’s family had died in the holocaust. He escaped the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia while still very young and fought in WWII. Ghislaine’s mother was a French Protestant but said they wanted to bring back her husband’s big family and have many children.

    How rotten that Ghislaine Maxwell wrecked her life. But then, how many lives has she harmed or maybe destroyed, with almost no recompense? She helped take away peoples’ youth and innocence, and she can never give any of that back.

  • Suicide is actually contagious, in a certain sense – the term “contagion” is used in relation to it. Also, curiously, it’s associated with infectious diseases as well, in ways that aren’t entirely clear to science.

    Epstein had plenty of reason to kill himself given his humiliating and hopeless situation, and was a prime candidate for being clever enough to outwit his keepers, so it’s hardly surprising that he ended up dead, however it may happened. The other day’s revelations pretty much condemned him to a prolonged public shaming and life in prison, so he would have been a prime candidate for suicide, all things being even. He may not have been given adequate protection, but that also doesn’t mean he was helped.

  • Frank, MANY MANY PEOPLE said he would die in prison. You are starting to sound like “you-heard-it-here-first” Tony Ortega.

    Don’t get all heady on us, please.

  • Xcellent piece, Clav. Thanks for including those reminders of Frank’s prophetic words he spake back on July 18th predicting Epstein’s fate.

    Agree with your calls for these investigations.

    First thing I wanna know is where was that beef cake cell mate FR pictured who rescued Epstein from his first alleged suicide attempt? He was so photogenic…ripped!

  • If the same parties who wanted Epstein dead wanted the same for her, she’d have died before they could get to Epstein.

    • Good point.

      The conspiracy theories about supposedly powerful and calculating forces, often effectively assume that they’re also relatively inefficient and ineffective – waiting until well after scandals have already blown up to start to rub out sources of information, and letting their secrets and plans get exposed to the far corners of the internet.

      They also fail to take into account that truly devious players are well versed in disinformation (as demonstrated by the Russians), and widely spread accounts might well just be cover stories. It’s well known that about 30% of people are apt to believe some alternate if not conspiratorial theory of events, and so any competent conspiracy would put out both a main cover story, and and alternate one specifically designed to appeal to conspiracy theorists – plus any third parties with an interest in fueling mistrust and discord (as demonstrated again by the Russians) would fuel concocted conspiracy theories as well.

  • “On 5 November 1991, Maxwell was last in contact with the crew of his yacht, the Lady Ghislaine, at 4:25 a.m. local time, but was found to be missing later in the morning.”

    I’d recommend that she avoid yachts for the time being.

      • A better question would be: Why would they protect her? No one’s seen Ghislaine in over a month, and Mossad doesn’t like loose ends. You tell me what you think.

        • Mossad hired Jonathan Pollard to spy for them in the eighties.

          Pollard was a US Navy intelligence analyst who had a nose for cocaine.
          After Pollard was arrested and convicted the Israelis spent 25 years to spring the corpulent cokehead.
          In the Obama years they finally pulled it off.
          The Israelis will try to protect Ghislane if they have to.

          • Apples to oranges. In what way do you consider Pollard a “loose end”? He was a national hero and was due the diligence involved, at the very least, to assuage any reticence of future traitors. Ghislaine and Epstein will never be acknowledged. Ghislaine worked as a partner and has intimate knowledge of the operation and, most importantly, those involved. Much like her father, she shall be cast aside now that she’s a threat.

            This story is layers deep and touches everything that’s wrong with this world. I suggest Whitney Webb’s excellent series over on Minit Press as a starter to cover players and history with documentation. The facts speak volumes of just how pervasive these operations are and how long they’ve been in operation. People are fond of being told what to think, but I encourage people to arm themselves with facts and allow a determination to form of itself.

          • “Are you a friend? acquaintance?”

            Ghislane’s father died under mysterious circumstances.
            Ghislane’s “boyfriend” just died under mysterious circumstances.

            I wouldn’t be Ghislane’s friend or acquaintance on a dare.

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