Mrs. Roger Stone Asks for Help

Editor’s Note: Judge Amy Berman Jackson has, I believe, unconstitutionally deprived Roger Stone and, it appears, threatened to also deprive his family and friends of their First Amendment rights.  [See: Judge Amy Berman Jackson Is Over the Top Enemy of First Amendment in Roger Stone Friends and Family Gag Order]

Whether one is a Democrat or Republican, this should be concerning, since, if this becomes precedent, any judge can bar a defendant, and his or her family and friends, from speaking out in his or her behalf. With that said, I am going to publish something written by Roger Stone’s wife, Nydia. It was written before the gag order was imposed on his family, friends and anyone acting on his behalf.

She has not asked me to do this and I have not consulted with Roger Stone, his wife, or any of his friends in deciding to publish this. I do not believe I am subject to arrest for publishing this appeal – though it is on behalf of the Stones’ interest – because I am not doing it at his behest [or his wife’s] or anyone’s but because I believe Stone is being unfairly targeted and that he is a target of a political prosecution.

For that reason, it should be opposed. And because the nature of the American prosecution system is much like that of the sex slaver cult Nxivm’s litigation terrorism – “You need not win, but through your legal abuse of the system, you will bankrupt your target. And that’s a win too.” 

Again – for those who would arrest others because they don’t like what they say – this post was written with the First Amendment first and foremost in mind and it was first published prior to the draconian gag order. I am republishing it on my own to try to support the family of Roger Stone who faces trial in November. 


By Nydia Stone

My husband and I have an urgent problem and we need your help. I told my husband I was going to write to his supporters.

I am embarrassed to write this, but I must.

On the pre-dawn morning of January 25, 2019, twenty-nine heavily-armed FBI agents, brandishing assault weapons, swarmed our home and arrested my husband, Roger Stone, who is a 40-year political advisor to President Donald J. Trump. I will never forget that morning.

For a moment, I thought I was in a movie with my home filled with heavily-armed FBI SWAT team members – BUT THIS WAS A LIFE ALTERING MOMENT and I could not even imagine the implications.

The FBI raid Roger Stone’s home in Florida to arrest him. It is a gripping example of the police state.

Because of relentless fake news reports that Roger would be charged with Russian collusion, treason and conspiracy, we have been coping for nearly two years of social and professional “radioactivity,” causing friends, and my husband’s clients, to fall away. He laid off all our consultants, contractors and employees, and we have “pulled in our belts” like so many Americans in “tight times.”

After the raid, we moved out of the home we were renting and moved to a condo, both for security reasons and to further cut our expenses and overhead – something we could afford on our Social Security payments. On the last day of our move, the 15-foot U-Haul truck we rented ran over my leg, resulting in a fractured ankle and tendon damage. It could have been worse.

These challenges have only increased my determination to help my husband fight the charges brought against him. Yes, he is a bare-knuckles, take no prisoners, political operative who has not exactly ingratiated himself to many in the establishment, but money has never been his motivation. If anything, he has used his success to help others in ways that he has never spoken about publicly. He has helped family and friends out of many difficult circumstances, both financially and professionally.

We are both very independent and self-reliant and it is very difficult to admit we need help. We are also committed to do our best to see that every dollar we personally receive will go back out to a charitable cause at the end of this trial when my husband IS VINDICATED and we get back on our feet.

As a Cuban American and as someone whose parents sought political asylum from the Castro government, I never thought I’d be living a country where I cannot freely express my thoughts without fear of being muzzled or worse. Still, despite this enormous pressure, my husband has refused to change his not-guilty plea and insists on fighting for exoneration.

He will never bear false witness against the President, never.

Whatever the outcome of the trial that starts November 5th, Roger is determined to defend his innocence.

We are not asking for a donation – but an ADVANCE, repaid by our pledge to do our best to contribute a like amount to what you give to a charitable organization when this is all over.

The cost of his legal defense will be more than $2 million – but that is not why I am writing to you.

Two years of relentless false fake news attacks on my husband claiming he would be charged with Russian collusion, conspiracy or treason, [he was not] have destroyed my husband’s ability to make a living.

We urgently need your help.

The Stone Family Support Fund was set up to help pay for our rent, food, medical expenses, insurance, gasoline, and the most basic of living expenses.

We will only need help in the months before my husband’s trial, when I know in my heart he will be exonerated and we can get back on our feet.

   Stone Family Support Fund   
Donate Now >>

I know my husband is grateful for the thousands of Americans who are praying for us and who have contributed to his legal defense fund.

Will you help us again today?

The Stone Family Support Fund is approved by us, has been structured by the appropriate professionals, (they were the ones who required us to post the legal language below) and I can assure you that every penny is dedicated strictly to our basic, no frills living expenses as we face the greatest challenge of our lives and at the same time prepare for my husband’s trial.

Won’t you please send an emergency contribution of $25, $50, $75, $100, $200, $300, $500, $1,000 or even more to the Stone Family Support Fund today?

You can contribute by clicking here.

I repeat: I am embarrassed to ask, but have nowhere else to turn. You have been so generous to us in the past.

Please send me your answer as soon as possible.

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  • This is how dignified poor people fly their signs. “homeless hungry” “will work for food”. Someone call the whambulance

  • No way, no how would I contribute to him. Let him ask his bromance dumpf. The nerve of his wife groveling with blatant lies

    • It’s hilarious that they claim they will live frugally…. yeah right…. have you seen the way Roger dresses? He wears 10k suits and dresses like the monopoly man lol

  • Mr Parlato Frank, as you and your dubious ilk out there continue to propagate falsehoods,innuendos,and outright nonsensical nonsense(by poking the tiged/lion in the nose, I hope that you are held accountable for your myopic actions. God help you when the system catches up with your ilk. You need to stop endangering the lives of our legal systems guardians, for that’s what separates us from Vladimir putin’s regime.

  • This “report” is similar plea of mega church sermon. “Help this man fight the evils of the sinner’s who contemn him for his crimes of being a rich white man”. Like Catholic Church asking for extra donations to legal fund for priest pedifilia. Hey Stone, have a few layers of your back skin removed, frame tattoo of Nixon and sell it to fund your own sins. Frank you’re a little warped for even writing this. Shows your intelligence!?!?!

  • WOW!!!! She’s asking for a bit of money if anybody has it to spare, and these are the comments…What a bunch of ruined humans, hope you haters never need help but if you do, I hope you get it…

  • These people are quite firmly in the 1%. If they would’ve managed their finances better they wouldn’t have to work a day in their lives anymore. This is stupidity, just as most of what Stone has done.

  • Roger Stone does what has always been the most sucessful.
    Denial, lies and counterattack. It’s part of the political business,
    without which lobbyists and political advisers can’t succeed.
    And these qualities are needed in the political struggle for power.
    Every opponent who wants to be sucessful does the same way,
    and everyone knows it. Ultimately it comes down to being more
    sucessful than the others, so you stay in business for a long
    time.That’s what Roger Stone understood and practised. And
    through his appearance and presence, he has always managed
    to stay interesting. Roger has made himself a brand, and this is
    rather unusual for consultants who tend to be in the second
    row and receive little attention. There are enough people who
    are grateful to him and help him. Money is not a problem, you
    can settle it without talking.

    • I just love these comments. Looks like some normal people have finally decided to join in. I guess hearing Roger and his dumb wife plead for money was just too much for most to take! 😃

  • He was given many chances by the judge but finally wore her down. Thus, the order for the couple. He treated the judge with snide contempt…let him pay his own bills.

  • Lol are you serious with all the people in America who cannot support their families and you look down on you want people to support you? What a very dumb move.

  • Your just as crazy as your husband !! No way would I donte or support this foolish request. You may get support from the white supremacist group. Your husband belongs in jail

  • Hope you get what you got coming. You’re a dirty trickster and this is what happens to dirty tricksters. HOPE YOU SPEND THE REST OF YOUR LIFE IN PRISON STONE…

  • I just want to say that your husband’s wealth, stature and whiny wife should not insulate him from the long arm of the law. Roger Stone is in this position because of his blatant disrespect for the law and the judge. I hope he is sentenced after Trump leaves office so that he gets to serve all of the time to which he is entitled. Boo hoo!

  • Who cares? Who #$_& cares?
    Frank report yellow journalism.
    Stone made his bed and must abide by the courts. Useless neo-con nutbsrs!

  • Your a crook and deserve to be in jail. Ask your wife and family to sell some of their belongings to fund your rotten attorneys. I don’t feel sorry for your rotten ass.

  • Screw you shady flim-flam Trump supporting scam artist Rodger Stone! It sure takes balls to try and screw the public like this again. You deserve to be in jail along with Trump!!

  • Roger, we are praying for you. Satan and his forces want to destroy you and America. They will not succeed. We pray for confusion in the plans of the enemy. Many Americans love you and are praying for you and your family!

  • Fuck you! How dare you ask for money, acknowledging you won’t return it to the source, but claim you will repay it to some charitable organization. Perhaps like the Trump Foundation?
    You are NOT suffering a violation of your 1st amendment rights, rather your husband, et al has already shown his intention to muddy the jury pool or cause a mistrial.
    If your husband is/was as brilliant as you claim. He would have created a nest egg. You certainly had fore warning and that didn’t curb your indulgences or lifestyle of the privileged elite. It actually sounds entitled, ignorant, and irresponsible. Not traits associated with intelligence. Maybe ask Donny to pay your bills? If our President truly appreciates loyalty.

    And Frank, why would you publish this crap? The “fake news” references alone should make you want to vomit. I think you should delete it as it takes away from your integrity. FrankReport is not the platform for an elitist gofundme. Are you going to publish for Epstein’s or Raniere’s legal and living expenses next?

  • Gotta admire Frank’s Balls-to-the-walls attitude — ever in support of the 1st Amendment — and his uncompromising loyalty to his good friend.

    While I’m not lacking in sympathy for the Stone family’s plight — I agree the proposed sentencing vis-a-vis the alleged crimes, the FBI raid, many aspects to this shitshow are way over the top —still it’s impossible to ignore the irony in the fact that Roger Stone helped create the monster that now persecutes him.

    Poor Stone’s still playing jester for those narcissistic dictator types he’s paraded around on his back since the days of tricky dicky, himself.

    Live by the Sword…

  • My understanding is that Stone cannot aid, abet, or encourage others to be his mouthpiece, just as I can’t direct communications towards Amway’s current IBOs (Independent Business Owners, i.e., Distributors) or aid, abet, or encourage others to do the same, in accordance with my Amway settlement agreement. In fact, if the IBO or Amway does not own or control the communication medium, the IBO is fair game.

    That does NOT mean Stone’s wife and others can’t stand up and speak for him independent of his input. If they are too scared because the judge may throw Stone in the slammer anyway, then they should come on this website and make anonymous comments, they will fit right in with all of the other cowards posting here.

    In fact, if Stone’s wife and other named associates wants to impact public opinion in favor of Stone, she should speak up. It would be a huge story if the judge put him in jail if they didn’t break the pre-trial gag order.

    Amway didn’t shut me up, they merely trimmed my sails a tiny and insignificant bit, and forever gave up their rights preventing me to otherwise speak freely about their scam: Read it and weep, Amway! LOL

  • Help me. Help me. There are no victims, remember? Extending my deepest thoughts and prayers to Roger. There was time where Kieth Raniere and many others were skewered on this blog for lying. I’m sure old Roger will get off with 5-10 years, but he rolled the dice while knowing how corrupt our political system. Looks like this time the scale is not in his favor?

    • You have got to be kidding, asking for money from the very same hardworking Americans you have looked down on with total disdain all these years.

  • Nellie Ohr — wife of senior DOJ official Bruce Ohr and Fusion GPS employee (i.e., Clinton contractor) — created a dossier on Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, raising new questions about the true authorship of the so-called Steele dossier.

    She wrote it while communicating with Steele and doing her own research. Some of her contacts were Ukrainian which is where she got Manafort info but also info on Trump.

    Also, the Manafort “black book” that supposedly detailed illegal lobbying payments was not true. Ukraine officials blowing the whistle and giving Barr sworn affidavits.

    Surkov was meeting numerous times with Obama State Dept. He wrote the script on how to dirty up your political opponent. This was his job at the Kremlin, to get rid of Putin adversaries. Surkov met with Nuland/Kavalec/Winer who met w/Ohr/Simpson/Steele. Follow the path.

    This goes back full circle. Putin wanted HRC to win 2016 because they already bought and paid for her. Our government fed known false intel to media to influence the election. There’s no way to get around that.

    • Including Roger.
      Actually- just Roger and his rat buddies will be the ones to have stones thrown at them…. and they deserve every last one.
      Hope those stones are painful, Roger. You earned them.

    • It’s weird that someone able to type in full sentences could possibly believe a word of that. Are you trying to write parody?

  • Talk about censorship and controlling the (far-right) narrative…. but yet you allow posts that refer to me as an insane liar.
    Btw Frank, real men don’t feel so threatened by a woman’s opinion that they need to censor her .

    • great point! Heidi rarely posts here anymore. Hm? Is there a pattern happening here since Keith is pretty much toast, the abused horse series turned out to be a bust and then the editors latched on to Ramtha? Good grief!

      • GirlScoutCookies,

        This is one of the rare occasions I have to disagree with your train of thought.

        Frank Report started as a way to expose and investigate Keith Raniere and Nxivm…

        ….And bring Raniere and his criminal enterprise to justice as well as to help the victims.

        Frank Report has evolved into an investigative blog. Not every story nor investigation is going to lead to a conviction.

        Sometimes, there will be dead ends and false leads such as the abused horse series or Ramtha.

        I think Frank Parlato, Krclaviger and the rest of the team should be given the same latitude as mainstream established journalists receive.

        It has been my experience that Frank Parlato and Krclaviger own up to their mistakes and print/update retractions when necessary. If this was not true, I would not be coming to the Frank Report.

        I do not always agree with everything the Frank Report posts but I have not caught Parlato or Krclaviger ever lying. Not once!

        Plus Frank almost always allows individuals to post alternative views points!

        Yes, I know I am being a tremendous kiss ass, sycophant, and big-time nut hugger.

        It’s all true though!!!!

        I challenge you to find one falsehood in my statement. I bet yah one box of thin mints!

  • To Frankreport staffers:

    You need to humanize Roger Stone!

    The photograph of Roger with his wife is a nice start.

    If Roger Stone has any photos with grandchildren or nieces and nephews, you may want to start posting and circulating them…

    ….Remind the public that Roger Stone is more than a public and political operative but a father or grandfather or uncle. A dutiful family man.

    • I am inviting Roger Stone to the Dianna Ploss show on WSMN1590 radio out of Nashua NH, we’re on air, internet,& Fb live stream. I’m the executive director – we support President Trump 2020. Good luck Roger. We will put links up to get your story out. 🇺🇸💪👠

  • Looking at the present Democratic party I fear for America’s future.
    One Democratic Presidential candidate Marianne Williamson is a self-help cult guru who talks about a 500 BILLION dollar package of reparations for slavery that ended 150 years ago.
    When Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard pointed out the hypocrisies of Presidential candidate Senator Kamala Harris
    the controlled media jumped all over Gabbard.
    Liberal Democrats like Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi are attacked by Far Left Marxist Democrats like “The Squad. for being Fascists.

    Has the Democratic party lost its mind?

    I know what happened to nations like Russia and China when rabid Communists took over those countries.
    Russia and China became dictatorships where as many as 100 million people were butchered.

    • Cultish extremes in American politics are nothing new. If you look two dozen deep into candidates for the presidency on either side, in any year, you’ll find some real fringe characters – in the last election cycle, it was the other side with an oddly large field. Americans have tended to end up trending towards the middle, though recently we’ve seen some disturbing polarization across the ideological spectrum.

      Russia and China both started as seemingly leftist movement, but ended up developing into essentially right-wing, socially conservative totalitarian regimes. In examples relevant here, both NXIVM and Scientology originally started attracting many progressive young people, but in the end drew them into a totalitarian web that was right-leaning if anything (such as NXIVM’s promotion of Ayn Rand’s ideas), and socially “traditional” such as in terms of gender roles and sexuality.

      Interestingly, Williamson has been directly challenged for having ideas about mental health that seem possibly related to Scientology – which has now come to be perjorative. As much as she is rather pseudo-scientific and even culty in her thinking, she’s been the principal candidate speaking about core values, which in the past was an ideological theme of the other end of the political spectrum.

      Would you somehow be more comfortable with a fascist dictatorship than a socialist one?

      • AnonyMaker, you are seriously confused about the definitions of left and right. And fascism is essentially nationalist socialism. Fascism and socialism are both left, although socialism tends to be further left than fascism.

        • I was trying to be general and avoid wading into political ideology.

          National Socialism in Germany was a curious mix due to a fundamental strain of social communalism in German culture and society that transcends political boundaries, though in this country it would be seen as leftist due to our uniquely strong individualism. In Spain for example (and similarly in Italy), in contrast, Franco’s fascist regime was entirely right-wing, with strong cultural nationalism instead of any communalism. Both were militantly opposed to communist and socialist movements, backed by conservative elites and industrialists. I’ve actually lived and worked in both countries back in the days when they were in transition, and have experienced them as well as studying them.

          Fascism is primarily right-leaning – you might want to study up, for instance:

          “Fascism (/ˈfæʃɪzəm/) is a form of radical right-wing, authoritarian ultranationalism[1][2] characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, and strong regimentation of society and of the economy[3] which came to prominence in early 20th-century Europe.[4] ”

          For a more authoritative source, the Encyclopedia Brittanica also categorizes it as right-wing:

          Russian and Chinese Marxism-Leninism also effectively turned into what is sometimes called “Red Fascism.”

          On the topic of ideological muddles, and back to the topic at hand, NXIVM and Scientology, though they were both nominally sort of libertarian ideologically, ended drifting into forms of social conservatism, but also implementing a type of collectivism in which the devoted members were expected to live minimally while putting all their labor and resources towards the common goal of revolutionizing the world.

    • Well come on Trump right now is only looking out for him, he could care less about you or anybody else! Right now things are getting pretty bad with him in office and I hate to see where we will be with him in office, any one would be better than him, even a dog would do a better job!

  • What’s perhaps most relevant here is that Stone, like Raniere, has adopted and acts on an amoral and anethical end-justifies-the-means worldview – along with a bent towards authoritarianism. It’s also quite possible that Stone ranks fairly high on the sociopathy scale as well.

    Stone has worked to support the sort of politicians who are bringing us the militarized, shoot-first-and-ask-questions-later occupation-style law enforcement. Like many culty thinkers, he and his wife apparently only find they have a real problem with that when they end up on the receiving end.

    I suspect that Stone would probably be smiling with smug self-satisfaction if he’d brought something like this down on a political or ideological opponent, rather than himself. He’s in a position somewhat like Raniere’s and, yes, it’s hard to find sympathy for him.

    • Suck it up Roger just like the rest of us have too . you’ll be alright your friends will help YOU out let your buddies HELP you out i’am sure you have a lot OF them. No sympathy HERE good luck

  • No matter how hard I try, and no matter whether Stone is being railroaded or not. I simply cannot muster any sympathy for his current plight. He is a despicable, bigoted, obnoxious piece of shit. Go ask your white supremacist Proud Boys buddies for donations.

    And for the record, I’m neither a Democrat nor a Republican because both are equally corrupt and cruel. I also recognize that the whole Russiagate thing is a huge McCarthyist lie and Assange should be freed.

    But seriously, fuck Roger Stone and his piece of shit wife too. If you build your career by bolstering the most disgusting people and philosophies in American politics, don’t cry when that same abhorrent system turns on you.

    • How insightful! Love the insults and accusations without example or evidence.
      Bolstering the credibility is the statement of not being a democrat or republican.

      Sometimes the battle is much more important to fight on principle regardless the person involved. The old tale of “when they came for me nobody was left to stand and fight”.

  • The Stones didn’t save for a rainy day! No financial planner? No real estate?
    Was it all spent on bow ties and suits Roger?

    • Well, Roger had to look good so that he and his wife could find some like-minded swingers to party with.
      I bet he liked to show off the “Dick” on his back too.

      I sincerely hope that David Wohl and his devil-spawn send Roger a little $$$$, after all that Roger has done for little Jacob, it would be a nice gesture on their part.

    • Paul Manaford with his ostrich leather jacket is the only one who comes to mind.
      Roger Stone is not Paul Manaford and he doesn’t wear ostrich leather either.

      • Roger probably has leather jackets made from the hides of the most adorable baby kittens, puppies and big-eyed seals…..

        Sue me, Roger.

        • Sure, that’s the way it has to be. Couldn’t be any different. Look forward to the photos, to seeing him in them.

    • I wouldn’t give him a bloody dime he doesn’t deserve it. How dare he even ask. He is tRump bud let him ask that Moron.

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