Judge Amy Berman Jackson Is Over the Top Enemy of First Amendment in Roger Stone Friends and Family Gag Order

Roger Stone Gagged

Roger Stone – along with his wife, his step-daughter, and two of his wife’s cousins – has formally appealed portions of the various gag orders that have been imposed on him by U.S. District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson.

Judge Amy Berman Jackson appears to be an enemy of the First Amendment.

The original gag order was issued on February 21, 2019. That order was amended on July 16, 2019 – and July 17, 2019.

As of now, Stone is barred from “post[ing] or communicat[ing] on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook in any way on any subject, including but not limited to forwarding, liking, re-posting, or retweeting anyone else’s statements, articles, posts, or tweets.” and (2) “making statements to the media or in public settings about the Special Counsel’s investigation or any of the participants in the investigation or the case. The prohibition includes but is not limited to, statements made about the case through the following means: radio broadcasts; interviews on television, on the radio, with print reporters, or on internet based media; press releases or press conferences; blogs or letters to the editor; and posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other form of social media.”

In addition to the above, Judge Berman Jackson has also banned Stone from “…having statements made publicly on his behalf by surrogates, family members, spokespersons, representatives or volunteers.”

How Stone is supposed to control the actions of others was not specified by the judge.

And just for the record, I am not a surrogate, family member, spokesperson, representative or volunteer for Roger Stone.

I am, however, a United States citizen who does not believe that federal judges should have unfettered power.


Stone Facing Several Charges – Trial to Start in November

Stone is accused of lying to Congress while he was testifying, under oath, before the U.S. House of Representatives Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence on September 26, 2017 (As previously reported, the government managed to turn what it alleges to be false testimony into six different counts in his indictment).

He is also accused of attempting to convince left-wing activist Randy Credico not to testify before the same committee. Credico, however, did appear – and when he did, he asserted his Fifth Amendment rights in response to every question he was asked.

Randy Credico

Not surprisingly, Credico was not indicted for anything (Did you hear that, Kathy Russell?).

Stone has not been accused of being involved in the theft of emails from the Democratic National Committee or Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Nor is he accused of having any role in the dissemination of any of the purloined emails.

If convicted on all counts, Stone could be facing as much as 50-years in prison. Given that he is currently 66 years old, such a sentence would amount to a death sentence.

His trial is scheduled to start on November 5th.

Back in March, Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office indicated that the prosecution would only need 5-8 days to present its entire case against Stone. And that would include whatever time Stone’s defense attorneys would use to cross-examine the government’s witnesses.

Robert Mueller. Although he appeared to be suffering from early signs of dementia at his recent hearing before Congress,  he was at least the figurehead for the investigation that led to Stone’s indictment.  

It’s mind-boggling how what Roger Stone is alleged to have done could result in a 50-year sentence after a trial that could last less than 2 weeks (The trial could obviously go longer depending on what, if any, defense Stone’s legal teams puts on).

If ever a prosecution reeked of politics, this one does.

Are we going to start putting everyone who lies to Congress in prison for 50-years?

Better yet, are we going to start putting every member of Congress who lies to the public in prison for 50-years?


Latest Gag Order Goes Way Too Far

Judge Jackson’s gag orders are a great example of a judge over-stepping the bounds of their authority.

With respect to Stone himself, the judge’s orders are clearly a prior restraint on his First Amendment rights.

Roger Stone

While the judge might find something that Stone posts on the internet to violate whatever reasonable restraints she may impose on him, barring him from posting anything online simply goes too far.

Why can’t he post his thoughts on the horrible violence that just occurred in El Paso, TX and Dayton, OH?

Or his opinion on how the various Democratic candidates performed during the most recent debates?

Or his rating for the pizza that he and his family shared last Sunday?

C’mon, Judge Berman Jackson… There is no basis here for a blanket restraint on Stone’s ability to post things on the internet.

What’s next? Are you going to limit the people that he can talk to? Or what he can eat?


And as bad as the gag orders are with respect to Stone himself, they’re even worse with respect to their application to others.

How exactly is the judge going to determine if Stone asked someone else to post a favorable statement about him on the internet?

Is she just going to intuit whether such a person acted independently or at Stone’s behest?

Judge Amy Berman Jackson

Is she going to haul such people into court and question them under oath whether they acted independently? And is she does that – and the person asserts their Fifth Amendment rights – will the judge take that as a sign that their posting was made at Stone’s request?

As noted in the petition that was filed last Friday, Stone’s wife, Nydia, has stopped posting online because of her concern that doing so might cause her husband to be incarcerated. Prior to the latest gag orders, she had “posted messages supportive of her husband and critical of his arrest, the case, and the investigation”.

Similarly, Stone’s step-daughter, Adria, has also “curtailed her use of any platform for fear of running afoul of the court’s Orders and having her actions negatively affect the conditions of release for Roger Stone”.

Two of Nydia Stone’s cousins also been disaffected by Judge Berman Jackson’s orders.

Jeane Rouco-Conesa previously posted messages in support of Stone and his endeavors. But the most recent gag orders “have caused her to cease posting her support because she is afraid her actions will cause Stone to be incarcerated”.

And John Brennan has also stopped making supportive postings because he is fearful they “will be attributed to Roger Stone and cause Stone to be incarcerated”.


Judge Berman Jackson Needs to Be Restrained

If anyone needs to be restrained here, it is Judge Berman Jackson.

Allowing her to run roughshod over Stone and his family members and supporters is just wrong.

Not a little wrong…not kind of wrong…but 100% COMPLETELY WRONG.

This is the kind of crap we might expect to see in some country that’s run by a dictatorship.

But not here – not ever.


Hopefully, there won’t be any U.S. Marshals knocking on my door later today because of this post.

But with U.S. District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson, you just never know…

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K.R. Claviger


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  • Good job Frank you are over the target. You triggered a left wing nut troll from the depths of hell. Gonna be fun to listen to this shitstain when Stone walks and then takes legal action.

  • Your views are SICK. He and all of his corrupted, lying cronies belong in prison where they belong. Enough is enough!

  • It’s completely legal for this judge to put a gag order on any sort of communication he has with anyone. Goes to show, you didn’t do your homework. You just want to push your right wing propoganda without acknowledging facts… Not surprising. You’re all the same.

  • See comment below that concurs with my opinion the this article was written by an idiot. Bigger question is who is paying for this hog slop?

  • So roger should be able to taint a jury pool ? He should be able to post pictures of the judge not a judge but his criminal court judge with crosshairs ? What sickens me is someone acting like roger stone is some innocent old man. Hes a con man and pathological liar. Yes if you lie to Congress and those lies hurt investigations of the truth why is it so hard for journalists to tell the truth not there opinions? Roger stone had his chance to be honest. Hes a liar like all politicians in America. I dont think lieing to congress is 50 years in prison like your portraying either. The other charges like him knowing about the email dump. Thats not a coincidence with the trump administration they lie daily to Americans. Thats the new normal in today politics. Which is out right pathetic. We tell our kids to be honest and value ourselves like we want to be valued. In politics & our government thats just thrown out the window. Thats said when we know our governments corrupt but sit back and do nothing. We only seem to care when it directly affects ourselves. Why ?

    • Re-read what I’ve written. I have not asserted that Roger is innocent. What I have asserted is that he’s been over-charged – and is likely to end up being over-sentenced.

      I’m not certain what you mean when you state that he’s been charged with “knowing about the email dump”. Here are the seven pending charges against him:

      – Count 1: He misled the Committee by testifying falsely about who was his intermediary with Assange, by failing to turn over documents, and by trying to get Credico to provide false testimony.

      – Count 2: He testified falsely that he did not have emails with third parties about Assange – and that he did not have any documents, emails, or text messages that refer to Assange.

      – Count 3: He testified falsely that his August 2016 references to his intermediary with Assange were references to Credico.

      – Count 4: He testified falsely that he did not ask Corsi to communicate anything to Assange – and did not ask Corsi to do anything on his behalf.

      – Count 5: He testified falsely that he and Corsi did not communicate via text message or email about Wikileaks.

      – Count 6: He testified falsely that he had never discussed his conversations with Corsi with anyone involved in the Trump campaign.

      – Count 7: He tried to persuade Credico not to testify before the Committee.

      • So, he could have told the truth you know. Lying to the FBI about a foreign adversary is serious stuff. It is pretty un-American of you to think otherwise.

        • He didn’t lie to the FBI about anything. He allegedly lied five times in his testimony before a Congressional committee. And none of his lies were about a “foreign adversary” unless you consider Julian Assange to be deserving of that designation.

          Once again, I am NOT arguing that he’s innocent or that he doesn’t deserve to be punished for what he did. What I am arguing is that he’s been over-charged – and is likely going to be over-sentenced.

    • I don’t have as much of an issue with what’s happening to Stone as I do with what is NOT happening to Hellary THE Horrible (and so far, many others). There is no “intent” aspect to the crimes she apparently committed, yet she wasn’t been charged for that reason, according to Comey. And Comey should never have made that statement, it should have come from the DOJ, not the FBI. I understand why Lynch didn’t make that announcement, with the Bill “Slick Willy” Clinton Phoenix airport meeting, but an assistant DOJ director should have done it. THAT is the basis for a jury nullification, but there may be too many Democrats on the jury for that to happen.

      Washington, D.C., is a cesspool, there is nothing unique about the Trump administration in that regard. Being outsiders, they just don’t have the contacts to cover up the filth like previous administrations have done.

  • Hilarious.

    If Stone is so pearl-clutchingly upset at the harsh restrictions imposed on him, then maybe he should have tried to not violate the more lenient ones.


    He’s lucky the judge didn’t revoke his bail for refusing to abide by 2 court orders.

    • I would not have objected as much to her revoking his bail as I do to her holding him accountable for the actions of other people.

      • The order you quoted specifically says “having statements made publicly on his behalf.” He has no need to control the actions of others, simply not ask them to put out statements in his name.

        What tripe.

        • Try reading everything I’ve written before you render your judgment about it. As clearly stated in the post, “In addition to the above, Judge Berman Jackson has also banned Stone from ‘…having statements made publicly on his behalf by surrogates, family members, spokespersons, representatives or volunteers’.”

          How the hell is the judge going to determine if something that is said on Stone’s behalf was done at his behest. Is she going to have me hauled into court and question me, under oath, whether I wrote the post – or this reply – because Stone asked me to do so.

          Is that really the kind of world you want to live in?

  • Judge has every right to shut him down. He is under investigation and has been charged with lying to Congress. Has nothing to do with 1st Amendment

    • Are you saying that once someone is charged with a crime, they lose their First Amendment rights?

  • Umm no. A gag order is a gag order is a gag order. What you idiots seem to miss is that it is put in place so that if things do go to trial, that it is less likey to put bias with the jurors.

    Its not about stopping free speech, its about fair and due process.
    Fucking morons…

  • The left wants to keep Roger Stone out of the public eye and public discourse, because of the threat he poses to their agenda.

  • ‪Expose, Boycott, Sue, prosecute and bring to justice all these deep state treasonous Godless NAZI commie liberal demoncrats and RINOs post-haste,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump!‬!

    • Hilarious
      You talking about trump and Republicans as honest people. The treasonous actions are what stone and Republicans allowed to happen. Trump’s brainless puppets are okay with russia helping a election being tilted. Sure you tell your kids to be honest respect adults but its okay your Republican con men are anything but honest. Whats even more funny is you act like Republicans and trump give a shit about you. They do when they need your vote. Have a good day filled with hate and anger just by your post we can see what type of person you are.

      • It’s even worse on the Democrap side. No, we’re not okay with Russia helping tilt an election, we’re not okay with finding Trump guilty with inadequate evidence.

  • I think YOU are totally wrong. He has been given chance after chance and continued to run his mouth. Your comparisons don’t hold water. Yes, pols lie just as 45 lies every single day, but they aren’t under oath. By your theory, everyone could just lie all they want with no retribution. Stone has dug his own bed.

    • I have not asserted that Stone is innocent or that he doesn’t deserve to be punished for lying to Congress. What I have asserted is that he’s been over-charged – and that he’ll likely be over-sentenced.

      • Your alligator tears about Stone being sentenced for 50 years are ridiculous. That’s a MAXIMUM sentence, judges often give far more lenient sentences, and appeals can reduce that further.

        Don’t whine about theoretical injustices before the trial even starts.

  • A gag order is a stfu or else judicial tool. It’s been around longer that all of IQ45’s minions. What the real ques should be is why has the accused not been locked up and charged for inference to a death threat. She is a Federal Judge. Oh that’s right only white males deserve protection from white males.

  • Well written. Right on point. I could be next. But it’s okay for mainstream media to destroy your life with false propaganda because they have freedom of speech and Judges like Jackson to protect them.

    • Judges are able to issue orders to prevent LIARS like Roger Stone from influencing a Jury pool. LIARS love to tamper with witnesses and obstruct Justice and liars live to protect other LIARS. Did you not learn anything from studying the court case of Jesus Christ???

    • Well written no the judge didnt destroy rogers life he did. Propaganda are you grealing kidding didnt stone brand himself the dirty trickster? Which clearly shows his dishonesty and conspiracy theorie bullshit he peddles. Your right poor roger stone were sorry you helped with wiki leaks lied to congress and who knows all his other crimes.

  • This situation is clearly insane, it amounts to having your grandfather on trial for talking to much at the family get-together. Oh! It’s time to be quite now Gramps the children are talking… What a joke this situation. Why not just have the judge hand pick the jurors. As well maybe the bridge club or pre school Democrats help her win. How is this man going to have a fare trial. Kangaroo court.

  • Stone is an idiot thinking he is above the law. If ordinary people with no political power lied to Congress, they’d be in prison now

    • Innocent until proven guilty..where’s that? Would you like to be arrested like this before you even had a trial? Let’s try that on everybody and you just lost your Fredom & constitutional rights. Whoever has not lied..cast the first stone. Said by the only perfect God/man who ever lived that could cast the first Stone & chose mercy.instead. I challenge you to read the Bible. How our founders’ foundation started there and we got the country with the Freedoms we have. Just a thought

      • Aaaaa,I’m quite sure everyone gets locked up and processed. Then bail is either granted or not. He was granted bail. (Due process) and the because of…his… shady tactics of trying to influence the outcome before trial is what has his dumb ass in hot water. Btw violent criminals are assed a gag and no contact order on a regular basis. So what makes one that infers violence towards a Federal Judge any different comrade?

      • Pass. First off, the bible itself us hypocritical. So you can toss out any argument you have based on it, especially if it’s about hypocrites. Second, if he’s already violated a gag order, he should be in jail. If it was a term of his bond, he should be in jail.

  • The writer has no understanding and therefore, appreciation of law. Just one more imbecile spouting about a subject he has no grasp on and arousing the same paranoid nonsense…ya, they’re coming to get you!!!!

  • The only reasonable explanation for the action of this “Judge” is that she thinks she needs to hide something from the public. What is she trying to hide? Personal corruption? Or, is it some corruption of some bad state actor?

  • It seems Mr. Stone’s problems became onerous when his book JEB was published. In fact, it is more about the Bush family cartel. This family is as dirty as the Kennedy’s, LBJ, Clinton, etc.

    It’s this judge, Mueller, Cuomo, and the rest of the dirty FBI, agents who cover up their illegal actions by persecuting those who dare to publicize the truth.

  • How about she just put his ass in jail until trial?
    As for politions that lie! Are you kidding? They would be used car salesman if not in Washington.

  • A gag order is just that….he needs to keep his mouth shut until this is over in order to prevent influencing the outcome.

    If a big corporation can enforce one, so can a judge.

    Up’ to 50 years…not 50. It never’ works out that way. It’s not a death sentence. Its a livable punishment. If he had shut his mouth in the first place he wouldn’t be where he is.

  • You ask “are we going to put everyone who lies to Congress in jail”? Under oath. Yet you’re not biased. Just above the law I guess.

  • Does anyone know what law or laws or legal procedures the judge is basing her decisions and rulings on? Le’Gal you got any answers?

    This latest news story update by krclaviger does sound like a story emanating from a 3rd world police state. I am not the biggest fan of Mr. Stone. I do not believe Roger Stone should be facing 50+ year prison sentence. I don’t understand how it is possible that he will even be able to receive a fair trial.

    Roger Stone has been vilified and denigrated to the point that even people unfamiliar with the case think Roger Stone is “guilty of something” and is bad person.

    Roger is somewhat eccentric on television but that is hardly a crime.

    I have actually had conversations with people who can’t even name the actual crimes he is allegedly guilty of.

    Once the federal government has you in its crosshairs you screwed unless you happen to be a billionaire….

    Mark Zuckerberg vs Roger Stone….Who is a bigger threat to American civil liberties and democracy?

  • Stone should be in jail. He is a loud mouth who thinks he is above the law. The judge is being too kind.

  • Stone abused his right to rate pizzas, send condolences, or whatever assinine request he feels he should be doing, by VIOLATING A COURT ORDER that gave him leniency by posting the Judges face on line w/crosshairs behind her head!! He should be INCARCERATED for being a wise-acre that thinks he is ABOVE THE LAW! Dude you got it coming & throw away the key! Then he can bug the hell out of his jailors & threaten them for whatever assine belief he has & see where that gets him! You & your cronies should be held at RIKERS just BECAUSE you think you are ABOVE THE LAW! Mueller may be showing some signs of forgetfulness… HE is entitled to it! YOU are just plain IGNORANT!

  • Liar in chief has unfettered access to all americans, uses and abuses 1st amendment in order to manipulate millions of people, voters and guvmental employees: there must be a stop to fake news and lying for personal gain, for manipulation and control. I am grateful the judge has attempted to curtail similar abuses by roger stone and associated. Our democratic republic is at risk with the lies, manipulations of our system, intrigue and interference by foreign entities, and disloyal parties. I applaud and commend the judge. And pray the Truth come to Light quickly. . . amen.

    • Get back to the mental ward. The last usurper of the White House set up the most vile spy network in the history of the country. Of course you fuckin democraps didn’t give a shit when the Clinton criminals had all those FBI files in the White House. And of course now it is being revealed that the filthy corrupt bitch Hillary Cunton had FBI help with her bleachbit act. You fuckin leftists need to shut the fake news off and get some fresh air in your empty heads.

  • Can you remind us of just what exactly it was that Stone did and said that resulted in the Judge doing this?

    I suppose another remedy would be for her just to revoke his bail so that the authorities can monitor his communications, would that be a better solution?

    Neither Stone nor the judge seem to me like sympathetic characters, though of course the judge is the one who is supposed to be an impartial official. But it seems to me that Stone is one of those who would rather that officials like judges execute ideological vengeance – according to what he favors, of course – so he may be getting a dose of his own medicine, rightly or wrongly.

    And other than Stone’s minor and peripheral connection to the NXIVM case, isn’t this straying rather far from the topic of the site?

    • Get off your ass and review it yourself. This judge is a thug in a black robe. The fix was in on Stone, however it will not stand. Remember your buddy Mueller’s almost zombie like testimony?

      • You must have watched a different testimony then the rest of us. Judges are not thugs they uphold the law and the Constitution. Most of them anyway. Unless you’re Brett kavanaugh.

        • You didn’t see any of it liar. You only know what you read on the crapper from the phony NYT or Wash compost.

      • No skippy he didn’t. Far too many judges are as corrupt as hell. You show your ignorance quite well “mikey”

  • This extreme behavior on the part of the Just Us dept. seems an awful lot like covering under the blanket of “state secret” or continuing to cover for the fact that Seth Rich was murdered over the DNC clinton emails . Julian Assange offered a $20,000 reward to anyone who knew anything about the murder. Since the DC police dept. said it was robbery, despite the fact that Rich’s wallet and credit cards were on his body/not investigating……..Tony Podesta asking in an email if they should make an example out of him? The answer must have been yes and the Just Us dept continues to cover for hillary , podestas and debbie wasserman shultz. Why are the clintons and the DNC so afraid of Roger Stone’s speaking to the public? What does he know?

  • Beautiful article. Well said. This judge is acting like someone from another country. Ive been following Stone for many years and am looking forward to to his “come up”. Mr. Parlato and Mr Stone are modern day heros in my opinion.

  • Know your Federal Judges:

    “In 2009 Jackson represented nine-term Representative for Louisiana’s 2nd congressional district William J. Jefferson in his corruption trial.”

    “On June 17, 2010, President Obama nominated Jackson to fill a vacant seat on the United States District Court for the District of Columbia”

    “In May 2017, Jackson dismissed a wrongful death suit filed against Hillary Clinton by the parents of two of the Americans killed in the 2012 attack on the American diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya,”

    It’s one thing to limit parties in a case from speaking to the media but forbidding their relatives from expressing opinions goes several steps too far.

    “If ever a prosecution reeked of politics, this one does.
    Are we going to start putting everyone who lies to Congress in prison for 50-years?
    Better yet, are we going to start putting every member of Congress who lies to the public in prison for 50-years?”

    “There is no distinctly American criminal class – except Congress. ”
    Mark Twain

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