Round #2: Kim Snyder Rebuts Bangkok – Ample Reasons for Raniere’s Involvement in Kristin Snyder’s Demise

Kristin Snyder with kayaking outfit

By Bangkok

Howdy people.

Since Frank has given me a subtle challenge in the post Kim Snyder Takes on Bangkok – Evidence Points to Suicide, Not Murder — or Does It?  to address other evidence (pregnancy motive, etc), I shall respond to other elements of the Kristin Snyder case.


Firstly, with regard to the pregnancy motive for murder…

If Kristin was truly pregnant by Keith Raniere, then (from an unbiased investigator’s point of view) Heidi Clifford had more of a motive to kill Kristin than Keith did.


…Because Heidi Clifford was Kristin’s ‘partner/husband’ in their lesbian relationship.

Heidi Clifford wanted Kristin to love her. Heidi Clifford was NOT okay with Kristin fucking other people, especially men.

Heidi Clifford wanted to satisfy her lover, but she just didn’t have that equipment (a penis). This would have made her especially jealous of any ‘man’ who was satisfying Kristin in a way that Heidi Clifford couldn’t.

However, this situation was far more severe than just fucking another man. Heidi Clifford found out that Kristin was actually PREGNANT and CARRYING THE CHILD of ANOTHER MAN.

That means Heidi Clifford might have to see a living reminder of that other man when Kristin gave birth.

As her partner, Heidi Clifford might have to help RAISE THAT CHILD which was fathered by another man.

*That’s the type of thing that drives husbands/partners to lose their minds with jealously.

Look at police statistics. “Cheating” (with other men) is a major reason why women get beaten or murdered by their partners.

Frank can’t refute this statistic, no matter how much he likes Heidi Clifford. You can’t sweep this statistic under the rug, Frank.

Secondly, if Kristin was ‘shouting’ in class that she was pregnant with Keith’s child (acting like a crazy woman), it would indicate that Kristin had temporarily lost her mind and was behaving in an irrational manner —– not Keith.

Keith was in New York at that time. He wasn’t there.

Therefore, ‘shouting’ that she’s pregnant in class (in Alaska) could not have accomplished anything, other than trying to get attention for herself (which indicates she was mentally unwell that day).

It would seem that Keith was “brushing her off” and “dumping her”. Yet, Kristin WAS THE ONE who wanted Keith to come back into her life —- which indicates she made herself crazy with anger after being USED and DUMPED by Keith.

This makes her suicide note seem more authentic.

She was acting crazy that day.

It just doesn’t matter how she acted during PREVIOUS YEARS while growing up with Kim. It only matters how she acted THAT DAY when she killed herself. That’s how suicide works.

If Kristin had no feelings for Keith (if she wasn’t crazy with anger), then she would have simply visited an abortion clinic and got an abortion, without having to tell anybody about it.

But that’s NOT what she did.

She attempted to leverage her alleged pregnancy to get attention for herself and, when that didn’t work, she threw a tantrum in an attempt to embarrass Keith in front of other classmates.

This only shows how desperate she was (mentally) and how irrational her behavior was, which only adds to the suicide credibility.

She was NOT in a “normal state of mind” that day —– and anybody who ignores this fact is simply ignoring reality.

Kristin Snyder likely killed herself. It was likely a suicide.

However, if she didn’t kill herself, then Heidi Clifford had more of a motive to kill her than Keith.

PS — Heidi Clifford sold Kristin’s truck to pay off a NXIVM bill AFTER Kristin’s death — which proves that NXIVM was not likely involved in her death, since NXIVM would NOT send out a bill to a woman that they ‘murdered’ days earlier, LOL.


Cuz a murderer is NOT going to draw attention to themselves by harassing their victim’s family during a police investigation just days after a murder. LOL.

On the other hand…If Heidi Clifford killed Kristin, it makes perfect sense why she’d PROMPTLY pay Kristin’s bills after her death — to ensure that all creditors went away and stopped asking questions. That would point to Heidi being guilty, not NXIVM.

It was probably suicide. But if not, Heidi Clifford is the most likely suspect. Not Keith.

Kim Snyder Responds to Bangkok’s Theories

Kim Snyder

This is my response to Bangkok’s post. His comments are in bold and my response is in regular typeface.

If Kristin was truly pregnant by Keith Raniere, then … Heidi Clifford had more of a motive to kill Kristin than Keith did.

First of all, we do not know if Kristin was pregnant for we never found her body. Our family did not know she was claiming to be pregnant until Frank Parlato uncovered this important piece of evidence nearly 15 years after she disappeared.

From several sources, he heard this and for whatever reason, it was not mentioned to investigators at the time of her disappearance. This is lamentable for it might have changed the course of the investigation. But we cannot undo the clock.

Was she really pregnant? I don’t know, but I do know that she said she was pregnant which suggests that Keith Raniere had sexual relations with my sister, for I believe it is unlikely she simply thought she was pregnant by immaculate conception.

Keith Raniere around the time of Kristin Snyder’s disappearance with another of his victims, Barbara Bouchey.

Kristin would have been very appealing to Keith on a number of levels. She was beautiful and slender, just as he preferred. She was also lesbian and from what we have learned, he loved the challenge and the idea of converting lesbian women. She was also a virgin insofar as she had never slept with a man before.

This would have genuinely thrilled Keith, as we have learned from his trial and other sources. He wanted virgins.

Kristin was beautiful and athletic.

He had the motive to have sex with her. He had the opportunity too. She was in Albany prior to coming back to Anchorage. She was seen there by Susan Dones and Kristin Keeffe and her credit card statement shows she spent money in Albany just before she came to us for her final visit prior to returning to Anchorage.

Kristin Keeffe said she saw my sister abruptly leave a forum Keith called – right in the middle of Keith’s question and answer session. A highly unusual thing to do under any circumstances and may indicate that she was already mixed up about what had happened to her sexually with Keith.

In addition, Susan Dones saw her the first day she arrived in Albany and spent several hours with her. Susan already knew her, for she had been in Kristin’s first intensive with her in November 2002.

Susan said that Kristin was the same cheerful well-balanced woman she knew from the prior intensive. The first day that Kristin arrived in Albany would have been prior to meeting with Keith for a likely private session.

In other words, Susan saw her before she had sex with Keith – and Keeffe saw her after she did.

It is my guess that Esther [with whom Kristin stayed] and Nancy, already knowing Kristin and that she would be appealing to Keith, set up the private meeting and then Keith did what he always does with pretty women: used his role as a teacher to seduce them under the guise of some mystical gain the woman might receive.

Bangkok is wrong to make the hasty assumption that Keith would have no motive to kill or to assist in my sister’s suicide.

First, Keith is a conscienceless person who has no moral scruples. He would not care if anyone lived or died – other than himself, in my opinion.

If she was really pregnant, or even claiming to be, he would have had a motive to silence her. He was just luring in the Bronfman sisters at the time. He was building a base in Mexico that believed he was virtually the second coming of Christ.

The game changers for Keith Raniere, Clare [l] and Sara Bronfman.
He gave it out that he was a celibate, a monk-like ascetic who was far above carnality. The big-money donors – the Bronfmans and the Salinas, Boone, Betancourt contingent in Mexico – were handing him money, based partly on the idea that he was more than just the world’s smartest man but that he was a saint or a prophet akin to the Buddha or Christ.

This is no exaggeration. They believed it, and a lesbian woman who was pregnant with Keith’s child would have ruined everything for him – at that time.

Keith was going from a local Albany-based little self-help group to a worldwide company with real influencers on board. Two women stood in his way. One was Gina Hutchinson, who he raped when she was a child, and the other Kristin Snyder and funny both of them died of suicide or so they say.

No, I cannot agree with Bangkok that Keith had no motive or less of a motive than Heidi.

Heidi did her best at the time. She had no motive to kill. She thought Kristin was raving. She did not think Kristin was pregnant with Keith’s child. She believed that Keith was a celibate and bought into the doctrine handed her by the liar Esther Chiappone and her minions that it was impossible that Keith would have had sex with Kristin because Keith is a celibate.

MK!0ART – Keith Raniere and his co-conspirator Esther Chiappone Carlson

Esther lied because she had sex with Keith and knew he had a harem.

The whole premise of naming Heidi as a suspect because she would have been jealous is just nonsense. Heidi thought Kristin was having a psychotic breakdown. She did not strive to have her take a pregnancy test for she did not believe it. She was trying to follow Esther and Nancy’s lead – that Kristin was just acting out and that they had seen it before and that the Nxivm “technology” had a way of handling this. And all would be well in the end.

This was a mistake Heidi made, believing in these frauds. But it was not a malicious mistake, She was taking the Nxivm course too; she also had her mother with her who was suffering from Alzheimer’s and, unbelievably, Heidi paid the full tuition for her mother to take the intensive because they told her that their tech could cure Alzheimer’s.

Of course, it was a lie. But Heidi, like Kristin, was hoping for a miracle and that is what they thought this so-called “technology” was – miraculous.

They were fooled and with disastrous results.

Secondly, if Kristin was ‘shouting’ in class that she was pregnant with Keith’s child (acting like a crazy woman), it would indicate that Kristin had temporarily lost her mind and was behaving in an irrational manner —– not Keith.

Keith was in New York at that time. He wasn’t there.

The fact that Keith was not there in Alaska is a meaningless point. Everyone who knows anything about Nxivm knows that Keith had his minions, his followers, do his dirty work.

As for Kristin shouting in class, none of us know how much gaslighting went on by Esther, Ed Kinum, [Name Redacted] and others – directed from afar by Nancy Salzman and, ultimately, by Raniere.

Kristin may have had her own independent, psychotic breakdown or she may have been led to it – step by step, line by line, precept by precept, action by action by the mastermind Keith Raniere and executed by his knaves.

In the end, it was a perfect thing for Keith: Make her look crazy and then if and when he killed her – or assisted in her suicide – everyone would think she committed suicide solely because she was unbalanced with no blame attached to Keith.

The second page of the note is a little suspicious. And, of course, no body was ever found.

I think if Keith did kill my sister and if he contrived the suicide note – the fact that it blames Nxivm was just part of his plan – a feint to divert attention away – not towards him. No one who kills someone would be suspected of murder if they set it up in advance that she was unbalanced and killed herself and the reason for her suicide might have been the very classes she took from the murderer.

It’s a great piece of convoluted psychology that would have appealed to Keith, in my opinion. Divert suspicion of murder away by blaming him [his classes] for the suicide.

It would seem that Keith was “brushing her off” and “dumping her”. Yet, Kristin WAS THE ONE who wanted Keith to come back into her life —- which indicates she made herself crazy with anger after being USED and DUMPED by Keith.

This, I cannot agree with. I don’t think Keith dumped her. He wanted her to remain in his harem. And likely if she was pregnant, he wanted her to abort the child. There is no evidence she was angry. In fact, according to Elaine Smiloff, the woman who picked her up from the hotel and drove her home, and the last woman known to have seen her alive, Kristin was upset and concerned about being pregnant [not angry] and seemed to voice doubt over what she should do. I took it to mean that she did not know if she could go through with the pregnancy.

It just doesn’t matter how she acted during PREVIOUS YEARS while growing up with Kim. It only matters how she acted THAT DAY when she killed herself. That’s how suicide works.

She was stable all her life and then she met Keith and became unstable. It might have been suicide or it might have been murder – and if it was suicide, it might have been a suicide with a massive effort on Keith’s part – from New York – to drive her to it.

If Kristin had no feelings for Keith (if she wasn’t crazy with anger), then she would have simply visited an abortion clinic and got an abortion, without having to tell anybody about it.

Kristin, being raised a Christian, would have recoiled at having an abortion. She might have been lesbian which she may have felt ran counter to her Christian upbringing, but being lesbian was something she may have believed God would forgive her for. But as far as abortion was concerned, Kristin, as did our entire family, believed that abortion is murder.

I doubt she would not have had an abortion no matter how hard Keith was trying to persuade her. And I don’t think she would have taken her life either, killing herself and her unborn child, unless Keith had somehow persuaded her that it was the noble thing to do – under the circumstances – and that would have occurred only he had already destabilized her emotionally and possibly physically well beyond any semblance of rational behavior.

I do not rule out that she was drugged.

We may never know the answer as to what happened to Kristin Snyder, but I think that there are some who know more than they have said. Before we can reach a conclusion, we need to know what Kathy Russell, Karen Abney, Ed Kinum, [Name Redacted], Esther Chiappone, Nancy Salzman, and the monster himself, Keith Raniere, know.

It is madness on the part of Bangkok to think we can form hasty conclusions and let the matter rest with that.



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  • Kim Snyder
    Alabama- I don’t know you- I am NOT picking you up- You are NOT living with us. I am NOT that kind of woman.
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    Sincerely, KIM

  • Kim. I’m single. I am currently unemployed but I’m pretty sure we could live off of your income. How much do you make?
    I’m 6’2”. On pretty good shape. But I do have a heart condition. Do you have a place ? Because I am getting evicted because I can’t afford the rent.
    I asked Frank to give me a car but he said no.
    Could you pick me up. I’m loving your posts. I live in Fairhope. If you could drive down and pick me up I could help drive back but we have to be careful because I lost my license. No speeding ha ha

  • What I like about Kim is she don’t give up. 17 years and counting she’s still trying to find the killer. Although we know who the killer is, she gots to get the proof and that ain’t easy but Kim she do what she gotta do every day she gots to think about this with her sis she not knowing what happened to her that ain’t easy. I gives lots of credit to Kim Snyder

  • Kim,
    You are platinum. How hard you work at finding out what happened to your sister. Anyone else would have given up long ago.

  • Thank you Kim, you have done an excellent summary of the facts, as known. Bangcock, you get an F for completely ignoring those facts and substituting made up theory. Just to add a couple of items that have already been covered in the past.

    1. It has previously been reported that Keith had Kristin’s phone number and she had his. Keith lied that he seldom slept, so he almost always communicated at night. Those who didn’t know about his deception, thought that he got by on very little sleep. It must be assumed that they did communicate, at night, therefore some of Kristin’s behavior in class is the direct response of her talking with Keith at night.

    2. Why do we not believe it when Kristin says that she was pregnant. Keith even thought that she was. The two main people thought that Kristin was pregnant, end of discussion.

    3. As reported in Frank Report, two days before Kristin’’s disappearance she said in class that she could not kill an unborn child. Kim rest assured that the instructions and training your parents provided did not fail Kristin. She could not have committed suicide thereby killing her unborn baby. The devil tried, but in the end Keith had to resort to murder.

    4. One of the things I have not seen discussed before is the difference in education between Keith and Kristin. From what I see Keith graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a Bachelor of Science degree. He never went any further. Kristin had a Master of Science degree. Her education attainment is greater than his. Not only did Keith try to destroy women, but, in this case, I think he was trying to take down someone with greater than he had. Jealousy is behind a lot of evil.

    Great work Kim!

  • Kim, you keep fighting gal. Ok, don’t let the Bangkok get you down. He lies with dogs and has fleas

    • Jonny!!!! That’s how I felt after I slept with little Bangkok’s mom last week and ended up with gonorrhea….

      …..I was like “WTF it’s not the 70s who the f*ck has gonorrhea these day?”

  • Kim you are stunning.
    Now a poem:

    Peaches are yellow
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    Please don’t tell me to drop dead

    Blueberries are purple
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    Onions are white
    Mushrooms are brown
    Let us go out to the night
    On a dinner date on the town.

  • A more rational angle from bangcock than her last post. A way better rebuttal from Kim that will hopefully muzzle bangcock for a few days.

  • I don’t think Bangkok, who is scared as sh!t to call Scott because he’s a whiny little coward, just like NiceGuy and Mr. Shadow, concluded anything. LOL

    She (I call Bangkok “she” because he or she is a little pu$$y) merely said what is more likely, not a conclusion. LOL

    • Awww. I actually agree with Textex. Getting to cool down in your patched above ground pool might be making you more sane. That pond had been leaving a film of filth on your rashy skin. Personally, I’d have kept hawking soap and waited for more stimulus cake till I could afford installing cha – but enjoy that little pool!

    • I’d judge niceguy, shadow, and bangcock way more if they actually did go on your buddies podcast. I still douse Frank with shame for that misstep… (jk. well, half jk…)

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