Were Wexner and Epstein Working Together to Blackmail for a Good Cause?

By Jeff Bacon

Leslie Wexner was a member of the “mega-group”–a group of wealthy Jewish-American businessmen who strongly supported Israeli causes and lobbied American politicians to do the same.

In fact, there are some that suspect the mega-group had influence over President Clinton through sexual blackmail regarding the Lewinsky scandal.

These kinds of “conspiracy theories” back in the 1990’s were derided as crazy. Certainly, they seemed as such back then.

However, with the current Jeffrey Epstein scandal and Wexner’s intimate involvement with Epstein, one starts to look back at those conspiracy theories and ask if the folks making the allegations then weren’t onto something.

Think about it: Wexner is this fella who supports everything Israel. He gives this other fella– Epstein–access to his wealth for completely unknown reasons. And Epstein: All he is doing is (per victim statements) compiling sexual blackmail material on rich folks and politically connected folks.

It sure seems like the two were working together toward some kind of end.

Both are Jewish-Americans with a very strong interest in supporting Israeli causes. Were they forcing others– through blackmail– to support those same causes too?

These are very legitimate questions to ask, and Wexner wasn’t some guy who was senile or being blackmailed.

Whatever Wexner’s role was, he certainly was a willing participant.

Let’s continue investigating his involvement with Epstein. Let’s see if those “conspiracy theory” folks were right back in the 1990’s.

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  • I don’t care whether Wexner and Epstein were blackmailing powerful people for a good cause or not.
    I don’t care whether Wexner and Epstein were working for the Mossad or the CIA.
    If they were trafficking children to blackmail people, they are both criminals and their “employers” in the venture are also criminals.
    National security is no justification for child abuse.

    • Do not let ANYONE shut down this conversation by calling you an antisemite. This word has been weaponized. Wake up! These zionist oligarchs are destroying this country. They have ruined it for the rest of us. These little girls — and there are thousands of them — lives are forever destroyed. These people steal LOVE, they steal HOPE. They are evil. They are VILE beings.

  • Once again, Mr. Parlato, you have given a forum on your blog for a conspiracy theorist to publish the most wild, false, unsubstantiated and anti-semitic allegations. Where is even a shred of evidence citied by this author? Given your sole editorial discretion to print or not print any article on your blog, what is your responsibility in giving this kind of calumny a public airing? The answer is, the buck stops with you, so shame on you. You bear sole responsibility. As to the specific allegations, this is classic guilt by association: because Mr. Wexner apparently had a close friendship and business relationship with Mr. Epstein, he must therefore be blackmailing politicians. What? That’s a big leap with. Cite even one piece of evidence. You can’t. And the author doesn’t. The article is also guilty of raising the classic anti-semitic trope of a Jewish cabal a la the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”, the fictional anti-semitic publication of the 1920s which falsely purported that wealthy Jews were engaging in a secret, evil conspiracy or plot to manipulate world events. Tsk Tsk. The world saw where that kind of hatred led less than 20 years later with Hitler.

    The reason that the United States of America supports Israel is that Israel is the ONLY democracy in the mid-east and a staunch and strategic ally of the United States. It doesn’t take any more analysis than that to explain the United States’ support for Israel. The relationship between the two countries is not based on “blackmail” as this author purports.

    Mr. Parlato, for all the good work you have done in exposing the charlatan Raniere, you unfortunately continue to repeatedly give a forum to anti-semites. You have repeatedly maligned the deceased Edgar Bronfman (Clare’s father) who was the ONLY person with a high profile who 15 years ago very publicly and boldly stated about NXIVM “I think it is a cult’. And for that statement, he paid a high price: it gave fodder for Raniere to turn his daughters against him, to the degree of one daughter allegedly spying on him by spyware. Despite his integrity in speaking out, you have allowed all kinds of conspiracy theories to be published on your blog about Mr. Bronfman, including one author who accused him of “criminal activities” because his father was apparently a bootlegger. P.S. Edgar Bronfman was 4 years old when Prohibition ended. Do you suppose that at the age of 3 or 4 he was running a “criminal enterprise”? The same author implied that the Bronfmans and another wealthy Jewish family, the Rothchilds, founded a secret group, the “illuminati” that engaged in “human sacrifice.” Mr. Bronfman can not defend himself from these wild and false accusations from the grave. Again, shame on you. What is your motivation in publishing this kind of material? is it just for more”clicks”? Or, do you agree with the authors? What are your own feelings towards people of the Jewish faith? Are you a “hater”? Are you an anti-semite? If not, why flame the fans of hate? One must wonder. What say you, Mr. Parlato??

    • It’s not anti-Semitic if it’s true. How many of the world’s richest people are members of the Tribe? How many are the banking elite that control the central bank of nations? Own venture capital firms, hedge funds and other financial instruments? How many sit on the boards and are CEOs of the most valued and powerful companies? Own casinos? Control Hollywood? How is it that less than 1% of the world’s population have such power? The anti-Semitic card cannot hide the obvious.

    • “Jane Rose…”

      Calm down, just calm down! No one touched you, no one raped you, no one amputated any part of your body, calm down! Calm down “Jane Rose…” !!!

      • Yes, Sickened by demonic hysteria, metoo !!

        As my son-in-law would say:

        “Is anyone coughing blood? ..No? ..so let’s calm the f*ck down!”

    • Jane Rose: I’m no anti-semite. All that I wrote is in the public record going back to the 1990’s and President Clinton’s administration. In fact, these things were reported in the some of the regular media. Based on what we know or don’t know about Wexner’s and Epstein’s relationship (including the real allegations of possible blackmail of the rich and powerful), all I am asking is for an comprehensive investigation. I cannot help it that almost all of the major participants in this Epstein scandal are Jewish and are all big time supporters of Israel. Is this discriminatory or as you say “anti-semitic?” No. This is simply a fact that must be considered when looking at these relationships and their purpose.

      • You’ll see a real investigation of these Jewish perps same as we did w/ the 911 perps. Same group, same cover-up, same motive.

  • Hi, it is more likely the mega group is about their own power and wealth than about Israel’s interests. Pls consider that 2 Bronfman’s were part of the group too. The first Bronfman was sent to Canada by Baron De Hirsh to establish to prepare the production of booze in anticipation of American prohibition. Big profits to be made. Hirsch in exchange for a big loan to the Weimar Republic was given control/ownership over the Berlin Secret Police. That business in spying has never ended and blackmail is part of Spycraft. Fast forward to today and these mega group good Ole boys are still in business today, but they got careless and have been exposed.

    • Mitchell Feld,

      In addition to Wexner, would you know the names of the other members today or in the past at least? In the latter scenario not including Bronfman of course.

      • Hi Alex, there was Max Fisher of Detroit, huge big in Republican politics and the uncle of the Fisher Brothers of NY, huge big in Democratic politics. Mr. Trump is a very good personal friend of Kenneth Fisher, the President of the Intrepid Air and Space museum, the same family that started the Fisher Houses across the country for military families. Remember the first debate w Hillary and Trump took place on board the Intrepid. Kenneth is friends w both of them. There’s Wexner, Charles Shusterman, Edgar, and Charles Bronfman. Those were the original 5 that I recall from my Dad, an attorney who knew all of them.

        • Hello Mitchell,

          Thank you for the quick insight. It is interesting to see what keeps busy those at the very top. I hope your Dad had better experiences with them than I had with someone much poorer. I happen to personally know somebody who’s worth is not far below the billion mark and, the man has a few very bizarre tendencies albeit nothing illegal (i.e., spends time with people very strictly based on financial interests – this is valid for top government officials too – at least he doesn’t discriminate LOL). We cooled down relations because of his approach to things.

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