Raniere Beaten by Mexicans: Out of Hospital and Headed to Isolation Unit

MK10ART's painting of Keith Raniere

Well, it certainly didn’t take long for Keith Raniere to find out what the rest of his life is going to be like…

Shortly after being returned to the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) after his stunning conviction on all charges, Raniere got jumped by three Mexican inmates.

Metropolitan Detention Center

No word yet on whether any of them suffered any injuries but we do have a scorecard for the former Vanguard:
– Multiple bruises
– A couple of cracked ribs
– A broken toe
– Lots of tears

The “good news” is that he got to spend a few days in the medical ward – which meant that he was out of harm’s way for a little while.

The “bad news” is that he was cuffed to the bed frame that entire time – and guarded 24/7 by an MDC guard.

And, as unbelievable as it may sound, the medical ward nursing staff did not get together and offer him a “group blow job”.

How the mighty have fallen…


Back To The SHU

In order to ensure that he doesn’t get beat up again before he’s moved to another prison, MDC is planning to house him in its Special Housing Unit (SHU).

He’ll likely be given his own cell – where he’ll get to spend 23 hours per day all by himself.

It ain’t exactly fun but it’s better than being the cellblock piñata.

Keith Raniere AKA La Piñata

And he does get that 60 minutes of free time each day.


Once A Con Man, Always A Con Man

Despite all his recent misfortunes, Raniere has retained his essential characteristics.

And so it was no surprise when he informed MDC that his religious beliefs restrict him from eating certain foods – which, if true, would entitle him to receive different meals than other prisoners.

Typical MDC meal

MDC, however, denied his request for the special meals – which caused him to file a formal appeal.

Such appeals rarely result in positive outcomes but they are definitely noted by the guards as an indication that a prisoner thinks he’s “special”. And “special” is not a good thing in prison.


Questions Arise About Future Legal Representation

Since the end of his trial, Raniere has not had many visits from his local attorneys, Marc Agnifilo and Teny Geragos.

Marc Agnifilo [l] and Paul DerOhanessian  [r]
Nor has he been spending much time in the Law Library.

But he has been on the phone quite a bit with an attorney from outside the area.

Whether that’s his Albany, NY attorney, Paul DerOhannesian II – or some other attorney – is not known.

Perhaps the highly-regarded Stephen R. Coffey – and some of his partners at the O’Connell & Aronowitz law firm – are going to be brought in to help convince the Second Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals that Raniere deserves a new trial.

Stephen R. Coffey

Coffey already auditioned for that role when he unleashed his foul-mouthed attack on Marc Agnifilo shortly after the end of Raniere’s trial.

Of course, being able to convince the appellate judges in the Second Circuit that your client deserves a new trial is a much harder task than getting the Albany County District Attorney to indict some of your client’s enemies even though there’s no jurisdictional basis for such an indictment.


Raniere May Be Moved To An Interim Location

Although it’s quite common for recently-convicted prisoners to remain at MDC until they are sentenced, Raniere may be moved to an interim location.

One possibility is the Federal Correctional Complex in Allenwood, PA – which houses about 2,900 prisoners in three different facilities: low security, medium security, and high security.

FCI Allenwood – Medium

That would get him out of MDC – where he is clearly a “marked man” – and still keep him fairly close to his legal team.

Another possibility is the Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC) in Manhattan – which is where Jeffrey Epstein is currently being held.

Metropolitan Correctional Center

There’s definitely an empty bed at MCC because the guy who was occupying it – El Chapo – was recently shipped off to the federal supermax prison in Fremont, CO.


The problem for Raniere is that no matter where he’s imprisoned, he’s going to be targeted.

As John Tighe so aptly describes it: “When you’re in prison, you’re never alone – and you’re always alone”.


And just to top things off, there was a small fire at MDC last Friday that resulted in six people being taken to the hospital – and that knocked out power in the facility.

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  • I see that a lot of people here don’t understand the hierarchy within the prison system. Basically, a pedophile is the lowest of the low. Guards are known for turning a blind eye to pedophiles being extorted, beaten, bullied, stabbed, maimed, etc. Basically, guys like him are public enemy #1 and bottom bitches inside them walls

      • Perhaps it was meant as a compliment to Claviger. LOL

        By the way, I don’t think Frank’s heart is gross. He is merely reporting the facts about NXIVM and other topics. It is the characters in those stories with gross hearts. Some people want you to sugar-coat the facts, I don’t.

  • […] Keith Raniere caught and beaten by gang of Mexican Immigrants. Is it a coincidence NXIVM was a honeypot operating heavily down in Mexico? Looks like the Mexican wing of Cabal just either failed to execute a hit, or they successfully sent a message. You wonder if Q is letting the hits get through, but not get completed, so these Cabal assets will know what is trying to get at them, and that it is in their best interest to take a deal, sing on their puppet-masters, and get into witness protection. […]

  • If Raniere could only get an interdependent ethic sourcing (a process done in NXIVM), he could see how he was the cause all of this to happen (right down to the beating he just had)

    He’d also see how this is really about him, his behavior, his actions and his own doing.

    He’d understand when you abuse Mexican women the way he did, Mexican men are going to show their own form of JUSTICE.

    He has finally come into contact with Mexican men who have a set of balls unlike those who were in NXIVM.

    Most NXIVM men handed their balls over and agreed the mistreatment of women was a great idea. Most like so they could fuck whomever they wanted themselves.

    Unless Raniere spends the rest of his time in any prison in isolation will Raniere ever be safe? Not from the Mexicans or any other groups Raniere had them all.

    • Yeah, but when your wife married you, she made an oath to be faithful (i.e., she made an oath not to fornicate with clients).

      Yet when she works late or you’re out of town, that oath isn’t being upheld to the highest degree possible.


    • Your knowledge about legal oaths is laughable.

      Claviger, like all attorneys, merely took an oath to uphold his duties to his clients and as an officer of the court (to never deceive the court, etc.).

      That oath does NOT include anything about not taking delight in hearing about other inmates dishing out a beating to a guy who isn’t his client.

      Duh. Go back to your shift at Walmart. Let wifey come here and give the legal commentary from now on. 🙂

  • The good book says that “an eye for an eye” is proper justice.

    I happen to agree with that position since who am I to question The Almighty?

    More importantly, who the fuck are YOU to question that shit?

    Justice can take many forms. It’s not always based upon liberal ‘bleeding heart’ bullshit.

    ‘Justice’ can’t be limited in scope as there are many different societies and countries who define it differently.

    Justice in life is the SAME thing as justice in sports. If the ref doesn’t blow the whistle or yellow card you, then it’s not against the rules.

    If these Mexicans who beat on Raniere can get away with it without being yellow carded by prison staff, then why the fuck shouldn’t they do it?

    It’s not fair, you say?

    Well…It’s also not fair that thousands of kids die everyday due to starvation while wealthy westerners blow money on luxury items they don’t really need.

    OrangeCountyDreams isn’t helping to bring justice to starving kids cuz he’s a SELFISH prick.

    I say let the law of the jungle determine what happens to Keith in prison.

    The way of the gladiator.

    Either he’ll learn to fight or he’ll get his ass kicked.

    The rest of you who disagree can kiss my ass cuz your opinions are WORTHLESS anyway. 🙂

  • Most people don’t end up in a hardcore prison setting unless they’ve been accused and/or convicted of something very bad in the first place. There’s no reason to expect all these ‘bad’ people to suddenly start acting civilized, so someone’s gonna get beat – it’s a fact of life in places like that

    KAR has already been found guilty and is simply awaiting sentencing, so it’s not like he’s an ‘innocent bystander’…… in fact, based on the hard evidence and clear facts of this case, he’s done some very bad things to a lot of people, and therefore deserves to be exactly where he is…. with a lot of other bad people

    In extreme cases like this, there is really no reason for anyone NOT to expect the Vantard to get roughed up on a regular basis in prison, especially as a child molester/ rapist and abuser of Mexican girls…

    And to be completely honest, I’m not going to stand in the way of the many victims that likely enjoy seeing Vantard getting even a fraction of the pain they’ve experienced by his own hand. This is likely the only true ‘justice’ many of them will ever get, even if it isn’t an ideal form of justice to most.

    • Exactly my sentiments…And if Raniere weren’t such an asshole, he would have figured out by now how to survive in prison. Not every pedophile gets beat up on a regular basis. Raniere has earned whatever he gets from this point forward.

      • Krclaviger,

        I do not object to Raniere getting beaten per se.

        I object to the dolling out of punishment outside of a legal framework.

        When or where do you draw the line?

        I have seen firsthand what happens….

        ….Chaos ensues, the kind of chaos that makes one feel like a fissure opened up on the ground and hell has been released.

        What do you think the trial of the Navy Seal captain was all about?

        Do you think the prosecutor really cared that deeply for some teenage ISIS piece of shit?

        The law is what separates us from the animals that is all.

        I would love to see Raniere beaten every day, 5 times a day, but I also know it would be wrong.

        • Legal framework?

          Uh, you’re forgetting that it’s not the LEGAL SYSTEM that’s doling out these beatings on Raniere. It’s the inmates, dummy. 🙂

          There’s a difference between prisoners beating Raniere (because they hate him) compared to actual ‘authorities’ doling out a ‘legal punishment’ on him, which isn’t happening here.

          Likewise, there’s a difference between blog members taking enjoyment from learning about his beatings (from inmates, not guards) compared to actually sanctioning state-sponsored beatings as a formal legal punishment.

          Get a clue.

          Think it’s bad at MDC? Think it’s unfair?

          Well, try watching ‘Locked Up Abroad’ and see what Americans have to endure in South American or Middle Eastern prisons, where the actual GUARDS are the ones who brutally beat on them and plant evidence as a routine matter. Those prisons actually permit inmates to buy guns on the black market from crooked guards, along with real knives (not shanks).

          Then you’ll LOVE the American prison system.

          You’re one of the dumber people on this board.


          Because you openly admit to ‘wishing’ for Keith to be beaten 5 times per day (meaning you’re just as vindictive as you claim everybody else is, LOL). …While you then say it’s WRONG for that ‘wish’ to happen.

          Or in other words, you love wishing for shit that you know is openly wrong.

          I bid you a nice day. 🙂

          • You’re a square that doesn’t understand jail culture. A child molester is the lowest of the low he’s the bottom bitch if you will. No Prison Gang takes in pedophiles so your good friend is on his own.

    • He put himself where he is. Not the judge or the jury or the witnesses.

      If he gets his throat cut by some other criminal, he will have brought that upon himself too.

  • Considering that reality (meaning what we experience) is greatly subjective, you may argue that you are a happier person than Raniere at the present moment or even at any given moment. Furthermore, you seem to get your happiness from Raniere being miserable (or at least you think he is). You should consider that in prison, you never have to cook a meal, pay any type of endless bills, you will never have to file a tax return, answer phone calls and you never have to worry about your career again. It is the end of all those worries and concerns. Could it be that at some subconscious level you are jealous? Reflect on this: Bernie Madoff has said that for the first time in his life, he can relax now and breathe. You are quite creative so you can add much more that I have covered. I know you can. So go ahead and think. Now, you really have to meditate on what I have said. You can go around it. I know, I know but you can’t toss what I have said, it is too late for that. You just read this whole thing.

    • How the hell can be be jealous of someone locked up in jail? There is nothing worse as loosing one’s freedom. The closest I’ve got to a prisson was spending six months in a hospital, and I still have nighmeres about it. So this ashole is getting what he deserves and justice has been done.

      • That is my point. Not everyone feels the same about anything. One person marries the same person that another couldn’t stand and divorced and while at some point in the past married. Try to eat pizza everyday for a month, after the second week you just might vomit thinking about it. you might say something different about it than when you had your first bite. There are times you want to party, to work hard to whatever. There are times that you want to be left alone. If you were in jail in a different mind set and in different setting, you might have a completely feel about it. You don’t know that unless you actually experience it. That is why it is extremely complicated. There are times you rather be asleep than anything.

    • You do however have to worry about a Physically stronger Alpha Male destroying you. A lot of this MMA fighters don’t have a giant IQ but they will kill based on the fact that they can snap the ordinary geeks neck like a skinny twig.

  • Sorry everyone. There is nothing wrong with a good old fashioned beating in prison. If you are willing to do bad shit, then you gotta be willing to have bad shit done to you. Karma – look it up. I don’t want to see him die as he will suffer more alive. But a beating every month or two for the Vanguard satisfies me like a well made cappuccino.

  • Religious beliefs?! Special diet?! He worships himself, that’s not a religion, that is a mental disorder known as narcissism. Poor Queef. How about showing the same level of pity he showed the people he conned. None. Beat, heal, repeat. If he doesn’t like the pain from cracked ribs, he should just stop breathing. How hard is that? That pile of shit is lucky to still be alive.

  • Honestly, no one should be beaten in jail.

    That aside, the Mexican inmates have apparently identified him (in my opinion) as a molester of underaged girls…..

    ……but have the NXIVM defenders?

  • I’m paraphrasing, but didn’t he text to Cami:

    I’m throwing up blood for you.

    Maybe he was psychic! Kidding, of course. What would it be, Irony?

  • Two points:

    1.) Raniere’s sexual abuse of underage girls is not going to go over well with the Mexican inmates.

    2.) It is in the interests of the Salinas gang that Raniere does not survive to squeal on Emiliano Salinas and other people in Mexico’s elite.
    Even Nicki Clyne understands that.

    Nicki Clyne’s new pseudonym Gabriellea Cortez:

    Gabriella Cortez
    July 22, 2019 at 3:16 pm
    Keith has given us his new message for the ages. He will die soon. He lost the case on purpose and said nothing to show the world how unjust the injustice system is. He will not be among us much longer. He will ascend to his primordial state of pure being. And guide the world in his disembodied entity. He has given the world its next message of truth and peace for the next 7 millenniums. Believe.

    • It sounds like Raniere has some predictable, unfortunately, typical trouble with other inmates.

      If someone powerful and devious like Salinas and his ilk wanted Raniere gone, it would have happened long ago – probably when he was still in Mexico. For instance, Whitey Bulger was killed the first night he was in a prison where someone could get to him – not just beaten up.

    • Guide the world in his disembodied entity? He can guide his mother’s vagina in that state and the rest of his family! We’re not interested in the offer!

    • where does this message come from? link? how do you know this is nicki? not saying you’re wrong, just looking for some verification if possible.

    • hahahahaha. If this is Nicki Clyne who made that message she belongs on a psych ward. She’s truly gone bonkers. I hope Keith lives a very long life behind bars so he can experience misery every single day.

    • You really have got sh@#t for brains don’t you 🙁 That’s why I’m deeply disappointed FR continues to USE you as a “correspondent”
      As an educated person who has both studied and worked with human behavior, I can tell you that if Nicki was posting here… she’d more likely be “anonymous”, a poster who claims to know her and AM’s situation… NOT Yolanda or Pea.. they are (most likely) trolls getting a great kick off your conspiracy… Get a grip Shadow. Try and view your behavior from an unbiased angle.. you really risk ruining the good this site has achieved.

      For the record, I actually enjoy some of the articles you write on other topics…
      But as another commenter pointed out, an obsessed person cañnot see how their behavior is viewed by others…

      The Feds have had at least 4 referrals about your unhealthy postings which have included lies and misinformation (not covered by freedom of speech)

      • “The Feds have had at least 4 referrals about your unhealthy postings which have included lies and misinformation (not covered by freedom of speech)”

        How is Free Speech “unhealthy”?
        Speech, even speech which you do not like, is Constitutionally protected.
        You must not be from America.

        If the Feds want to investigate lies and misinformation they’ll have to start with the US Congress and government.
        And Nicki probably does post as “anonymous.”

        As I have said Nicki uses several aliases among which are “blk master Kusa” aka “Nickicat Kusahere.”
        Nikicat Kusahere

  • So Queef wasn’t able to USE HIS JUDO SKILLZ?

    Judon’tknow If Keith is going to run. Judon’tknow if Keith is going to hide.

    Undoubtedly Keith blocked the inmates’ punches with his head. He also deflected the kicks with his ribs. Then he used his toe as part of his martial arts training from KAMAN-I-WANNA-LAYA (an isolated Pacific Island).


  • Having a cracked rib is a form of torture. Apparently ribs cannot be enclosed in plaster if the afflicted one wants to breathe until the bones fuse together, which makes the breathing process sharply painful with EVERY breath! Come to think of it, I have changed my mind about wishing death on Raniere. What more can one wish for than for him to have not one but two broken ribs??? Having to force oneself from doing the most fundamental body function must be stunningly dizzying, metaphorically and literally!

    • I think we should hope for him to survive, because otherwise he may become a martyr to his remaining followers. Left in prison to struggle, he demonstrates continually that he was nothing special, and perhaps even below average in real-world coping skills and ability to deal with adversity.

      He’s not even as tough and determined as Charles Manson – Ayn Rand would be disappointed in his weakness and inability to triumph over adversity – much less even close to the same league as Nelson Mandela. Without his female caretakers and pizza, he’s back to being a lost boy who never really grew out of adolescence.

    • No one should be brutally beaten while in custody. Sorry. And yes, broken ribs are torture.

      • OrangeCountyDreams,

        I agree with you.

        I honestly did not care about the first few beatings Raniere received.

        Now, the beatings Raniere is taking are a form of torture.

        When we as a society condone torture, we become no better than the human filth that we hate.

        Beatings in prison are almost impossible to stop fully.

        If Raniere’s ribs were broken, that would mean the inmates were most likely kicking and stomping Raniere as he lay curled up in a fetal position. It takes a tremendous amount of force to actually crack a rib.

        Raniere definitely and correctly covered his head with his arms.

        Otherwise, KRClaviger would have reported Raniere suffering a hematoma or fractured skull.

        My point is that Raniere suffered an extremely brutal beating that if he did not cover his head could have been life-threatening.

        BTW once a rib becomes fully broken, it can puncture an organ or artery. There was a lacrosse player that died from a broken rib puncturing his spleen.

        • You’re a pussy and a douchebag.

          Not torture. Raniere is simply suffering injuries from mutual combat.

      • You’re such a pussy.

        You purport to be a saint but are a bad imitation.

        Look dickweed, getting broken ribs during a prison fight (with other inmates) is not ‘torture’.

        It’s called FIGHTING and getting your ASS KICKED (a process ‘Niceguy’ knows very well, from his days of getting his ass kicked in high school).

        And yes, some people deserve to get brutally beaten while in custody.

        That’s just a fact.

        It’s just human nature to root for bad guys to get their asses kicked.

        Even a Canadian tenderfoot (like Flowers) will secretly root for Keith to get beaten, even if she won’t admit it publicly on this blog.

        You’re not a saint so stop pretending to be one.

        In fact… Your only reason for suggesting that nobody should get beaten is to SELFISHLY make YOURSELF seem saintly and virtuous.

        I got news for you. You ain’t any of those things.

        You’re no better than any other person here, except maybe Frank (cuz he’s an asshole of the highest caliber and even Jesus Christ hates Frank’s hypocritical, Italian ass).

        • Dennis,

          You should know better than to engage in blasphemy against Jesus.

          You can be sure Jesus doesn’t hate anyone. Not Frank, not you. Not anyone.

          Can’t speak for him but if I had to guess, he would ask everyone to settle down and have some mutual respect for each other here.

          Can’t speak for him but if I had to guess, he wouldn’t want anyone to take pleasure in Raniere’s beating, despite what has been done and written and so forth.

          Please, have some decency for once in your life.

          • A Friend of the Good Guys(Bangkok),

            Will you ever give up trying to get people to believe you, Bangkok, are actually Dennis Burke?

            Why do you put such effort into such a ridiculous endeavor?

            OMG Bangkok! Give up!!!!

            I only care because I have no life. 😉

            Have a nice night you little dipsh*t.

        • Although I can’t disagree with Niceguy’s principles, if I were to start reading again transcripts of SMS exchanges and Danielle’s testimony in Court, it wouldn’t take me long to fully support Bangkok! Come to think of it, unfortunately, the more I think of Nancy’s behaviour also, I don’t need to re-read anything. Bangkok has my full vote on the prison beatings! To demonstrate love, one must feel the pain! The greater the pain the more intense the love! Such a great pity Nancy won’t be disfigured by prison “colleagues” before the cancer inside her give her a taste of death!!!

          • Alex,

            If I reread the “transcript”, I to would be rooting for Raniere to get beaten.

            Shadowstate is right, Raniere will be a martyr if Raniere is murdered in prison.

            Dearest Bangkok,

            I am not claiming sainthood, princess.

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