Roger Stone Helped Take Down NXIVM

Roger Stone, the famous political consultant, had a role in taking down Nxivm.

It was Stone, and political consultant and lawyer, G. Steven Pigeon who got me a consulting job with NXIVM. I was paid by Nxivm’s two main financial supporters, Seagram’s heiresses, Clare and Sara Bronfman.

I worked for NXIVM in Albany from September 2007 to December 2007. Then, on the Bronfmans’ behalf, I went to California to unravel a real estate scam they invested in.

I was fired in late February 2008.

By the time I first began consulting for Nxivm, Stone had already quit as their consultant.

At the time, the sinister aspects of the cult were well hidden.  It was not until almost 10 years later [in June 2017] that I broke the news that Nxivm leader, Keith Alan Raniere, was operating a secret master-slave group that branded and blackmailed women.

Shortly after I began work for NXIVM, Stone said he realized that Raniere was a bullshitter. Stone would call me up and discuss matters unrelated to Nxivm.  He would always begin and/or end the conversation by asking, sarcastically, “And how’s the world’s smartest man?”

Raniere claimed to have the highest IQ in the world, a claim I was later to debunk when I revealed that the IQ test he bragged of scoring so highly on was a take-home IQ test, which he spent 30 days with at home before he returned it for grading. [Sources, who were around at the time, said he had plenty of help with the test — i.e., cheating.]

Stone knew the high IQ claim was bullshit and he said so openly.

For my part, I was doing my best to help a group I thought was comprised of good people, even if they were eccentric. I realized Raniere had his faults but I did not see the darker aspects of his personality.  Obviously, he was pretty good at hiding it.

Stone had a less benign view.  He was the first person to warn me that Raniere was darker than he appeared.  But we were both busy.  At the time, Stone was gunning for New York Governor Elliot Spitzer.

Stone told me he would see to it that Spitzer would go down in flames. He suggested I help him go after Spitzer. But I had to pass, for my work for Raniere/Bronfman was consuming most of my time.

At the time, I believed the Bronfmans, simple-minded though they might be, wanted to use their wealth to accomplish good things in the world. I saw this as a possibility if only they would turn their energies into positive projects. But they seemed to want to punish people for Raniere, not do positive, healing things.

To them, the world was peopled with enemies. In fact, I was about to begin an investigation into one of Raniere’s ex harem/girlfriends to see if she was indeed a criminal, when I was distracted by a Los Angeles real estate deal that Raniere was overseeing and the Bronfman’s had invested $26 million into, that I discovered had run amok.

I dropped looking into the former harem member/girlfriend and her alleged bank crimes and went to California.

Stone went to work in other political arenas including playing a large role in the takedown, [the disgracing, and subsequent resignation] of Elliot Spitzer a few months later.

Then Stone went on to bigger and greater endeavors. Like it or not, he was pivotal in getting Donald Trump to run for the presidency of the US.  He wrote best selling books about the Clintons and the Bushes alleging they were crime families and a best selling book that posits that Lyndon Johnson was one of the coconspirators in the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

The Clintons' War on Women by [Stone, Roger, Morrow, Robert]

For my part, I went on to uncover fraud being perpetrated against the Bronfmans in Los Angeles. I recovered $26 million for them in Los Angeles real estate assets. Then I discovered another $65.6 million was lost or missing – purportedly in commodities trades guided by Raniere – the world’s smartest man.

When I told the Bronfmans that someone likely swindled them out of the more than $90 million they had lost in real estate and commodities, their attitude was one of almost complete unconcern.  They believed Raniere could always make it back for them any time he wanted.  He was the smartest man in the world.

Stone agreed it was Raniere who was swindling the Bronfmans.

Raniere, however. told the gullible sisters that their father, Edgar Bronfman, Sr., was responsible for their financial losses.  Raniere said their father, with the Zionists and the Illuminati, wanted to destroy him and worked to upset the commodities market.

The Bronfman sisters lost $65.6 million in commodities investments. Their father [with, of course, the help of Illuminati and the Zionists] had manipulated world markets to foil Raniere’s futures trades, they believed.

But how about the Los Angeles real estate deal that went sour?

Clare Bronfman said to me, “I am not saying I know this for certain, but it is possible that my father is causing the financial collapse in the Los Angeles real estate market in order to stop Keith from being successful.”

After getting back their $26 million, I told the Bronfmans I was going to look into whether I could get back some of the $65 million they purportedly lost in commodities.  I asked Clare if she had any proof whatsoever of any of her commodities investments. She said she did not.

I asked if Keith Raniere did. She said she would check with him and get back to me.

Within 24 hours I was fired by Raniere.

As for Stone, for those who think he was ever in the Nxivm cult, or the conduit of something sinister with NXIVM, here is what I know:

Stone was associated with Raniere and NXIVM for about two months – as a consultant. He audited one NXIVM “executive success” workshop for one afternoon. He never officially enrolled and never completed any Nxivm class.

I doubt Stone saw any of the secret sex cult practices of NXIVM. This was well hidden. I never saw them and I was a lot closer to the people in Nxivm than Stone.

As far as I know, Stone met Raniere only once. His main contact was Nancy Salzman.

[I lived in Albany for about three months, working closely with Nxivm members. I came to learn Raniere was sleeping with some of the women in Nxivm but these women seemed happy and intelligent. No one seemed coerced. I think the coercion came later with the introduction of collateral, branding, and master slave relationships around 2015.]

Stone stopped working for NXIVM in 2007. I was fired by Raniere in 2008.

Stone’s parting with Raniere was amicable. He convinced them that they needed a lawyer, not a lobbyist in their quest to indict enemies.

After I turned whistle blower, Stone gave me information that aided my work in exposing the cult. I worked with him on exposing Raniere for weeks leading up to Raniere’s arrest and was with him at his house when we got the news that Raniere was arrested in Mexico.

I did interviews from his home for many major publications and made appearances on InfoWars to push for the indictment of Clare Bronfman.

To say Stone was a member of NXIVM, or had any role in aiding their nefarious deeds, is completely false.  To say he provided assistance in the Nxivm takedown is fair.

He provided early warnings about Raniere’s general lack of honesty. He later aided me in getting the truth out about Nxivm.

I want to thank Roger Stone for his help in taking down Nxivm.  All those who benefited by Nxivm going down, owe him a debt of gratitude.



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  • The idea that the Bronfmans were swindled is ludicrous. They were financing NXVIM and Raniere’s scheme/scam by playing the futures markets and moving money around. Painting the Bronfman girls as victims is good cover. At the end of the day, a lot of rich and very powerful people skated and Keith Raniere took the fall for the rest of the so-called “victims.”

  • Question: Did someone photoshop Roger’s hair piece? It kind of looks like a toupe that is stitched on to his scalp. Fucking yikes! That’s a bad look for you dear Roger.

  • Some questions:

    It was Stone, and political consultant and lawyer, G. Steven Pigeon who got me a consulting job with NXIVM. – Were you looking for a job at the time, or did they come to you because it looked like a good fit? Since Stone told them they needed a lawyer more than a lobbyist/consultant, why do you think they hire you?

    I worked for NXIVM in Albany from September 2007 to December 2007. – What did you do during this time period, besides the last question, below?

    Shortly after I began work for NXIVM, Stone said he realized that Raniere was a bullshitter. – On what basis did Stone say this?

    Stone had a less benign view. He was the first person to warn me that Raniere was darker than he appeared. – On what basis did Stone say this?

    I dropped looking into the former harem member/girlfriend and her alleged bank crimes and went to California. – Would this be BB or someone else? Who?

    • Scott asked some really good questions.
      I’m also curious about something — what occurred AFTER Stone stopped working for NXIVM that made him realize that Keith was a bullshitter? If Stone had made that realization while he was still employed there, then he wouldn’t have suggested you take the job, right?

  • I’m not one to throw stones or judge someone I don’t know but the fact that Roger Stone stood in court under oath and first claimed that not HE but other Trump-loyalist “volunteers” were to blame for posting the cross-hairs graphic targeting the Judge presiding over his case speaks volumes about Stone’s cowardly character and, among other factors, leads me to believe that Frank’s loyalty to Stone and Pigeon, for that matter, is not only as misplaced as his initial loyalty to Keith Raniere but may well result in the same deliterious outcome for Frank should he continue to put his faith in malignant narcissists such as it appears Pigeon and Stone may be.

    After all, this pair set Frank up with NX to begin with well knowing, if this report is true, that Keith was, at least, a fraud and thief milking the Bronfman sisters’ fortunes.

    While I deeply regret that I did not come forward sooner to expose Raniere as a pedophile as well, in the mid-2000’s I was still reeling from my sister Gina’s untimely death and concerned with not only my own survival that was, I am now all-too-certain, being deliberately put in jeopardy but with the well-being of my defenseless, disabled son who has and will always come first in my life.

    In addition, I still find it remarkable that educated, intelligent, wealthy, “powerful” people were ever duped by Raniere’s genius IQ story, much less his claim to holding any degree of “ethics.”

    Raniere’s ludicrous claim of what, a “240” IQ would put him 80 points above Albert Einstein.

    And if that glaring fallacy alone didn’t raise a red flag as to not only Raniere’s ethical standards but also his dangerously megalomaniacal delusions of grandeur, I don’t know what would.

    In fact, even the Albany TU’s pedophile expose’ story I did initiate by contacting Jim O’dato in 2009 apparently didn’t make much of a dent in NX’s well-oiled recruitment machine.

    Curiously, however, and much to my chagrin at the time, the TU did not report on the obvious beyond genius IQ fraud though I provided all the excruciating details of how that whopper came about back in the late ‘80’s as I witnessed first-hand to not only the TU but other media I have spoken with on and, mostly, off the record ever since.

    So, Roger Stone’s alleged warning to Frank about Keith’s little white lie in that regard doesn’t earn him any points toward allegedly helping bring down NXIVM in my books.

    And if any of these distinguished gentlemen really believe Donald Trump will pardon them, especially while in office, if they lend him any cred by association for conquering NXIVM, I got bridge in Brooklyn for yous that still for sale real cheap.

    Btw, Frank, while you were a great help to me and my son last year when we were being, likewise, brutally harassed prior to Raniere’s arrest; you don’t run this comment like you haven’t run nearly any of mine including my responses to my reach-out to your readers, you can turn tail and run right back to Roger Stone’s petticoats and kiss his ass bc, to quote Faye Dunaway in Network, “I’m mad as hell and not taking it anymore!”

    • Your regret in not reporting Raniere committing statutory rape against your younger sister doesn’t go back to the mid-2000s, it was the mid-1980s. Trump has to pardon people while he’s in office. Once he leaves, he is powerless to pardon anybody.

      • Scott,

        You are such a gem!!! (total sarcasm).


        BTW Betsy Devos and her family helped finance Trump’s election. Betsy’s brother has even helped to advise the Trump on international matters.

        Scott did you know that over 90% of Amway profits come from foreign business?

        Amway generates 8.6 billion in revenue!!!

        Amway brings money and needed foreign currency exchanges. Amway is a tremendous boon to America’s economic health!!!!

        Most of Amway business and growth is now in foreign countries.

        Betsy is helping school choice!!!! Her brother Eric has helped the CIA spy on the Chinese in Africa.

        Scott what have you done for America?

        Scott all you do is attack a capitalist business that exists because of free enterprise.

        Scott you are un-American crybaby snow flake!!!!

        Devos and Jay Van Andel are true American capitalists!!!!!

        Scott your just upset because you suck at sales!!!!!

        You could not sell a dead man a tombstone!!!

        “Boohoo I suck at sales!!! Amway is evil!”, Scott Johnson.

        Scott focus on trying to move forward instead on dwelling on your own personal failure!!!!

        “Excuses are for people that need them”, Richard Devos.

        • I already knew all of those things about Amway.

          Scott what have you done for America? — I’ve exposed you for being too chicken to come on my radio show.

          Scott all you do is attack a capitalist business that exists because of free enterprise. — An illegal pyramid scam and RICO fraud is not capitalist.

          Scott you are un-American crybaby snow flake!!!! — At least I’m not too scared to come on a radio show.

          Devos and Jay Van Andel are true American capitalists!!!!! — No, they were spoiled brats, much like the Bronfman sisters, who devised an illegal pyramid scam and RICO fraud.

          Scott your just upset because you suck at sales!!!!! — Sales was hardly ever mentioned in Amway, that’s the point.

          You could not sell a dead man a tombstone!!! — That’s probably true, it would be difficult to get him to sign the bottom line.

          “Boohoo I suck at sales!!! Amway is evil!”, Scott Johnson. — See above, you missed the point, just like Mr. Shadow.

          Scott focus on trying to move forward instead on dwelling on your own personal failure!!!! — I am moving forward, I’m warning others about Amway’s illegal pyramid scam and RICO fraud.

          “Excuses are for people that need them”, Richard Devos. — Says the dead billionaire scam artist.

    • Frank, why didn’t you publish Heidi’s responses to commentary regarding her current situation? You stated in your post that Heidi would most likely respond to comments by your readership, yet Heidi states she has responded to comments and yet they aren’t posted. Why is that?

  • Roger Stone is a realist who understands that the NXIVM elite surrounding Raniere consisted of grifters hungry for power and wealth who covered up their evil with a thin veneer of being do-gooders.
    Well now that veneer has been stripped away once and for all.

    • He’s such a realist that he thinks Ted Cruz’s father killed JFK….
      Such a realist that he and his little rat- f*cker buddies invented a hoax called QAnon .
      Such a realist that he was a frequent guest on crazy Alex Jone’s conspiracy theory bs program.
      Let’s see how much of a realist he is when he’s finally locked up just like his long-time partner in crime, Manafort.

      • Flowers:
        I grew up in a family where my father believed as early as 1964 that JFK was murdered as a result of a government conspiracy.
        My first flight in an airplane was in 1967 when my family flew to Dallas to see where JFK was executed by government agents.
        In 1968 my family flew to Washington DC to see the grave sites of both JFK and Bobby Kennedy.

        Roger Stone exposed Lyndon Johnson as the man behind JFK’s murder.
        Lyndon Johnson was a murderous, bloodthirsty sociopath.
        Anyone who exposed LBJ’s life of crime is a hero in my book.

        • Shadowstate1958,

          When you were 9 years old your dad took you, and your family to Dallas, to see where JFK was assassinated? The book depository.

          Sounds like a normal family vacation to me.

          Well, Shadowstate this latest piece of information explains things…

          Did your dad believe the Rosenbergs were framed?

  • Just because someone is bad doesn’t mean they can’t occasionally do good. Jessie James was known as once having given a woman money to save her home (he told the woman to get a receipt of payment, then robbed the landlord after he was paid). Billy The Kid was a hero to many poor oppressed Mexican farmers who he stood up for. Notorious gangster Whitey Bulger once stopped a boy from being bullied, and spoke to the boy encouraging him to stand up against bullies. Mobsters have stopped mugging of the elderly in their territory. No person is just all the same all the time. Even a person reputed to be such a monster as Roy Cohn did occasionally help people working pro bono. People who are evil know they are evil, but maybe doing good is their way of feeling better about themselves, of letting a little light into their darkness. As it’s said “even evil has standards”. Sometimes bad people just look at something wrong and stand up against it, because it outrages what still exists of their humanity. And as the ancient Indian epic poem “The Mahabharata” puts it “no good man is completely good, no bad man is completely bad”.

  • Info Wars?
    Is that the same Info Wars of Alex Jones that said the killing of 26 elementary school children in Connecticut never happened?
    Why are you connected to someone like Jones who is obviously psychotic?
    Shit, that scares me!

    • Don’t be frightened. My appearances had nothing to do with elementary school children being killed or not killed. Jones has a large audience – in the millions – and Roger Stone had a regular show on InfoWars at the time. My appearances were strictly related to Nxivm.

      I also appeared on Entertainment Tonight, filmed from Stone’s house. As a reverse publicist for Nxivm, I was willing to appear on almost any outlet with an audience in order to keep the PR flames burning. Though I admit it was never quite as hot as Dr. Robert’s cauterizing pen.

      • Frank,

        Roger Stone has been lambasted in the media.

        Who is the real Roger Stone? I do not honestly know.

        I do know that you are a loyal friend and a good man.

        In today’s world, to publicly defend someone that has been vilified and humiliated by both the media and government takes guts.

        I will take your word.

        Roger Stone had a long and successful career before this avalanche of shit landed on him.

        I do not think most readers appreciate the fact that you are sticking your neck out and putting yourself in a position to be attacked by your detractors and critics, all to defend a friend.

        Your actions are noble.

      • Regarding your comment: “elementary school children being killed or not killed”

        Are you saying there is doubt whether the children were killed?

        • The original comment did not mention what incident was being referred to. I assume it is Sandy Hook. I know little about Sandy Hook other than I cannot imagine Alex Jones/InfoWars was the one media outlet that got it right and the rest of the world’s media got it wrong. Without spending much time on it, as I recall, Jones has been largely discredited based on his reporting that Sandy Hook was a hoax. I am pretty sure a civil lawsuit demonstrated Jones was absolutely wrong. The father of one of the children who was murdered prevailed in a defamation suit.

          My appearance on InfoWars was not to defend or condemn Jones, but rather to condemn Raniere before his large audience.

          • You know little about Sandy Hook and you are an investigative journalist? Somehow I doubt that. My opinion is you know plenty about that horrible crime and are indebted to Alex Jones for whatever reason. Shame on you.

          • Does every other investigative journalist know everything about all other crimes? Do you realize how much time and effort Frank puts into this and other websites, plus who knows what other activities related to NXIVM? How many hours do you have in your day? What do you know about Sandy Hook other than what the major media has spoon fed you?

  • Frank, anyone who does a little research into Roger’s life will easily learn the truth about him., and see that he’s not the type of person who would ever do anything positive for anyone. If he had any part in bringing down NXIVM, he would have done so for some ulterior motive that benefitted himself in some way.

    Just look at the people he chooses to associate with – criminals such as Jacob and David Wohl, not to mention his slimy co-author Robert Morrow.

  • On the commodities losses I wonder what proof or otherwise has emerged since? It is a huge amount of money. KR might well have lost it all by bad trades or I suppose he might have hidden it. I suspect he just lost it and didn’t follow sound principles of investment, didn’t spread his risk, didn’t do anything smart people usually do.

    • Commodities are actually traded through options, which are highly leveraged, so it’s easy to lose large amounts of money very quickly.

      Raniere has been described as a gambler, though I have yet to see anything specific about him engaging in typical gambling, though there was a reference by Cami to sitting around “day trading” (which, when done casually, is essentially the same thing). But from what I’ve observed of those who run financial scams like the MLM that Raniere was first involved in, they often have gamblers’ personalities. And gamblers often imagine that they have a “system” to make money, which is probably the same thing as Raniere’s claiming to have a “formula” for commodities training.

      Gamblers also tend not to plan for things going bust, so it wouldn’t be surprising that Raniere burned though lots of money and didn’t actually stash any.

      • Goldman Sachs is notorious for churning fees on day trades. Their brokers’ bread is buttered in little commission pats, $35 – $40 bucks a churn they walk away fed well enough at the end of the day to man-up the next be it a bear or bull that awaits at their trader’s desk. I once tried to call out my son’s fund managers for day trading with Goldman Sachs but the court did not agree that it amounted to any sort of malfeasance, just monkey business as usual despite the victim — a disabled minor — supposedly being protected by special laws that also protect tax payers from having to support him once his money’s spent on such frivolities not medical necessities or costly special living needs.

        Maybe someday someone will dare to look behind all the red flags that coulda, woulda, shoulda stopped Raniere. In fact, regulators did “investigate” the Bronfman sisters’ sudden, rapid massive market losses but found no wrong-doing to warrant more than a couple of stern letters if I recall.

        I’m a little BUSY trying to keep myself and my son safe from further bodily harm to look back on any of my real time NX research which is, anyway, stored at “home” where my son’s conservatorship court-appointed “entertainment” lawyer, a Richard Solomon, who’s not in fact even on the PVP panel but happened to be laying in wait at the back of the courtroom to volunteer to represent my son when my ex popped in to court ex-parte without notice to me. Solomon, who served me post hearing with orders entirely negating my conservatorship rights or duties including contacting anyone associated at all with my son’s care along with a one-way plane ticket to Tulsa, Oklahoma (economy class) plus a generous $500 in cash — has now obtained further court orders demanding I remove all my belongings — “valued at $700” — by July 28th lest they be destroyed or stored at my expense. And, yes, Frank has all the evidence I’ve asked him to promptly publish since I haven’t heard back from any of the attorneys I’ve spoken with thus far despite finally getting a decent retainer fee together to get into court and, hopefully, reclaim my life and home with my son before that happens. But when it comes down to it there’s only one thing in that house I need — my son, of course.

        So, go ahead and burn it all mfer’s — there’s not a shred of evidence of any wrong-doing on my part unless it’s planted — but if you harm another hair on Dylan Henry Apple’s head that’ll be on yours for the rest of your born days and I swear on my life I will haunt you all from hell or heaven if mine don’t last much longer!

    • So how did the former NYS AG & Self Professed Super Sleuth Andrew Cuomo miss all this right under his nose? Or did he?

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Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in hundreds of news outlets, like The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CBS News, Fox News, New York Post, New York Daily News, Oxygen, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, The Sun, The Times of London, CBS Inside Edition, among many others in all five continents.

His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” He also appeared in "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM, and was credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premieres on May 22, 2022.

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