Emiliano Salinas

Emiliano Salinas Never Learned to Think for Himself

By Shivani

Do you think that Emiliano Salinas is genuinely concerned about being indicted or arrested? How well-protected might he be? What chance is there that the Mexican legal system would pursue Nxivm arrests?

Good or not so good?

So many “ifs.”

Even if his own country of Mexico were ready to act, if Salinas didn’t want to cooperate or to risk being collared, he could arrange to stay where Mexico has no extradition agreements, such as Morocco or Nepal.

Not to oversimplify, but Salinas has resources.

This group left a huge trail to follow. Although not as tightly organized as Scientology, it is striking how much these people perceived themselves to be a group above the law.

Their law, it appears, was Keith Raniere’s oligarchy. It is absolutely weird to think that it’s fine to nose around peoples’ bank accounts, etc. Salinas certainly would’ve known better.

For all of his advantages and educational possibilities, thanks to his actions, the evidence is in that Emiliano Salinas never learned how to think for himself.


Making Fun of Cults Can Be Effective

It is far easier and less painful to see a cult for what it is before getting drawn into it than having to get free of it the hard way, after joining.

Some people can see the warning signs through humor and that way, can move along past the trap unharmed.

In fact, if only we could laugh our troubles away before those troubles could take hold. So much sorrow could be spared.

So while you might not appreciate it, pointing out the ridiculousness of this or any cult can be a very effective turning point AWAY from the entire mess for some potential victims, those who happen to be receptive to seeing the chaotic inanity for what it is.

Free will does not always have to encounter tragedy as its major influence. Things can often be worked out with a lighter touch.

If we become able to make dangerous individuals or societies into fatuous, inept laughingstocks and make fun of their nonsense, most cults will be out of business before their doors could open.

It really is good to prevent these groups from expansion and then there is less unnecessary but nonetheless very real suffering that will need to be healed.

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  • We must credit Raniere with at least one thing! He not only correctly sensed Emiliano’s rotten genes but chose to treat him as a toilet paper delighting in Emiliano’s imbecility of not even knowing what is happening in his immediate physical environment at any time in his life. Pretty funny!

  • Had Raniere not caught him first, Emiliano would have joined the Flat Earth Society. He’s got that look of an ignorant imbecile who harbours the illusion his mind was superior to Einstein’s! The smug cretin!!

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