Ramtha Followers Become Delusional

J.Z. Knight had thousands of followers who believed she was getting inside information about the world from the enlightened ghost Ramtha

This is a guest view from someone who claims to have attended the Ramtha School of Enlightenment [RSE]. It is led by a woman named J.Z. Knight who claims to channel a 35,000 year old ghost who claims his name is Ramtha. Some say the school is a cult. Others say Knight is a fraud. Others believe she really channels this ghost and the ghost is telling the truth about himself and that his wisdom is supreme. Why this post is interesting is that the writer claims to have had a front row seat to witness Knight as Ramtha and seems to think her followers are delusional.

By Sumbuddy

There are far worse beliefs than this Ramtha spaceship nonsense that I only wish I could share publicly but doing so would not be wise.

If you think people at the Ramtha School of Enlightenment are delusional now, let’s just say there are things many people believe about “Ramtha” that no person in their right mind could possibly believe without being under a spell or completely hypnotized.

It’s stuff that makes zero sense.

I’ve encountered multiple people at Ramtha events who hold the same outrageous belief I’m talking about (that I unfortunately can’t describe), and those people have also been sitting next to me and swore “Ramtha” said things that were never said, and did things “Ramtha” never did.

There’s heavy delusion going on in that Ramtha school. I mean, I was sitting right there and those things did not happen. I’d tell the person it didn’t happen. We were in the front row. There was no mistaking it.

But their answer was always, “Oh he teaches holographically. We don’t all get the same teachings. What Ramtha says to you isn’t the same as what he says to me, so, of course you didn’t see him. (insert physical action that never took place) or say (insert words that were never spoken).”

So basically people would be sitting all around me and they would see “Ramtha” do things that never happened and say things he never said, and it was always a personal message to the person.

I can tell you this much. They were always looking for specific signs from “Ramtha” and the actions/words that never happened. These people somehow believed they did occur and they were not simple gestures and words.

When I say people in that arena become delusional, I mean they become delusional.

J. Z. Knight as Ramtha.

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  • I think the writer of this story may be telling the truth. “Mass hypnosis” or the more scientific term “mass hysteria” is possible in a large group settings.

    Many of the people drawn to JK Knight all ready believe in the supernatural and paranormal activity.

    Their intense expectation that they will see something significant could provoke hallucinations

    This guest writer’s experience is not surprising in the slightest.

    There are many stories of Indian gurus and African shamans performing fanciful feats in front of large audiences.

    • Good points. There’s interesting mass phenomenon that’s often not given the attention it deserves, I think in part because it encroaches uncomfortably on our ideas of individual autonomy.

      This may also just demonstrate the ability of delusion-prone people in particular to see what they want, and the malleability of memory.

  • https://youtu.be/dimnlzSqGkc

    This scene from the Merve Griffin show says it all. Her “his” accent is terribly inconsistent. In this clip she sounds nasal like a bad impersonation of someone for whom english is their second language. Now compare that to her recent “high”British open vowel accent.
    I call BS!

    • PeanutGalleri,

      The Merve Griffin clip is like watching an old Saturday Night Live bit from the 80’s !

      • Great Clip. I couldn’t help noticing that Ramtha knew the way off the stage without any difficulty or direction from the host.

        If only Ramtha’s followers took his/her advice! There would be no cult and no followers.

        Ramtha: You have lived 7 and a half million years in search of paradise. It has always been within you. Never outside of you.

        Merv Griffin: The kingdom of heaven is within each one of us

        Ramtha: Indeed.

        Merv Griffin: A lot of us have a difficult time finding that.

        Ramtha: Because you are looking for others for reassurance that it is there—someone to tell you that it is there. It is not that someone should tell you, it is something that emanates from you.

        • Conheads were great! JZ Knight was definitely inspired! JZ actually worked in tv believe it or not!

  • hi Frank it’s Sumbuddy again!

    In keeping up with this post’s theme, I think i found an answer as to why we all have different experiences. I forgot that everything happens according to a person’s personal timeline which may or may not correspond to anyone else’s timeline or even consensus reality.

    if you want an inside look on what the RSE students believe check out this conversation from the ramtha group on facebook::

    A guy posts on the ramtha facebook group:

    “In 2011 ..Ramtha said the stock market would crash. … It only has gone up. I love the school and the teachings, I just wished it would stop trying to predict the future when so many predictions have failed. Why couldn’t ramtha see that Amazon stock would go up and instead if seeing gold, which it went down. I don’t get it.”

    A very helpful RSE student replies:

    “In the timeline that you are referring to; the dominoes were all in place for an intended and unavoidable crash. This is the new timeline where Ramtha called Trump and reiterated what most of us know – President Trump is a businessman and this country needs a businessman. The stock market continues to rebound. Major companies are returning to America. We have ushered in THIS timeline to change the course of history and many things/events on the previous timeline will not happen. Have you listened to Capstone 2016? Have you listened to recent Events? I would recommend that you get caught up to date.”

    Another student adds:

    ” it is confusing and frustrating reading predictions in older books. It would be amazing if the school would round up old different timeline predictions and note that the timeline has changed. It can be terribly distressing and confusing”

    and another:

    “You should know by now that when the Ram brings attention to an issue; many of us change the timeline and alter the manifestation. We are on a brand new vastly different timeline right now, some things will still occur and others will not happen. All things potentially…”

    and another:

    “Ram’s words run through our neural net … what we interpret, is often quite different than what he said.
    This has never been more obvious in this current moment in time.”

    and another:

    “really? YOU dont get it? TRY…THIS: the stock market has been predicted to go up really high by experts in the investment field… before it crashes and that’s how it’s manipulated so don’t put your limited perspective and judgement on whether a prediction is true or false if it just hasnt’ happened yet.(or it might just for U) But there’s more to SEE here: ..Most predictions DID AND SO WHY NOT …BE HAPPY THIS ONE HASN’T …AND IF IT DOESN;T –RATHER THAN WISH IT TO BE SO –.WHY SEE THAT AS A FAILURE TO PREDICT INSTEAD OF A SUCCESS AT CHANGING that reality potential (which is what predictions are useful FOR (AS POTENTIALS we CAN change (some). But don’t rely on it won’t ever happen just cuz didn’t Yet>..that’s downright dumb. be prepared and happy if doesn’t …and find options for all possiblities rather than be blaming what futures are seen and told. That the gift and purpose of seeing the future..Can u dig it ? For what it is instead of feeling disappointed?”

    so maybe while I was in the arena with those people we were just living in different timelines. I forgot about that. anytime there’s a mismatch of information its explained way by “oh that was a different timeline”

    sorry frank I forgot every seat in the arena is its own individual timeline! i forgot to change my timeline to match what my partners were experiencing. nobody told me the coordinates.

    reading all this now is clearly nonsense i cant believe i ever entertained the idea of timelines!!!!!!!! more importantly, DO NOT QUESTION THE FAILED PROPHECIES they all happened on different timelines and by doing the school’s disciplines everyone changed the timeline so they didn’t happen for us.

    that reminds me of when they told us to do fieldwork and we all had to focus on the year 2013 to ensure the planet would survive the 2012 changes. we all were so happy when 2013 came to pass and we were all still here. we celebrated because we had changed the timeline through focus!! thats what we were told anyway.

    can you hear my eyes rolling to the back of my head? when i read it coming from other people it all sounds so crazy. really you should join the facebook group to see it in action its funny sometimes.

  • Lol. Amen to that!! ….. “Ramtha” JZ would speak in circles leaving people to think WTF? But out of FEAR of getting picked out and dare not question what thee one just said, just agree…. The nonsense that is too much for DRUNK people to comprehend!! Of course they all heard something different.LOL!!……I remember after teachings the adults wine or no wine, would hang out once they leave the arena, or meet up together they would ask each other….uhhhhh did you understand what “Ramtha” meant?? Of course you’d get the know it all jackass who is ‘all mighty translator’ to explain it. Saying way more bull shit.. Here’s a couple videos of 2 totally different personalities!! Drunk and non, but still the same delusional bull shit…. Blows my mind that it’s so fabricated this “message” is and she even talks about memorization being important in history… Hmmmmm….

    I agree with you! Thanks for your article! Delusional is as delusional does!! Here’s the clips…..


    Does anyone know WTF she “Ram” just said?? Lol


    WTF!!!! You can tell the clips have to be short, because off camera (as she would direct when to turn the video off) then the spewing and true danger of her words come out! Also the hypocritical (on camera) teaching about children and women.. she doesn’t teach that when she’s sober!!

    • Watching those clips reminded me not to be without my Rambloney decoder ring when listening to the bullshit!! She doesn’t even try to act like rambles at this point. The people in the audience are paying top dollar to listen to her drone on about how great rambles is, or how great JZ is!! How about the endless repetition of the Caterpillar/Butterfly story, El Camino & Sea Biscuit?

      These were the kinds of things that made me call BULLSHIT!! Nothing like saving your money and using your holiday to travel all the way to bum-f*ck nowhere to hear hours and hours of “teachings” you’ve already heard before!! Then I noticed the “teachings” lined up with her personal life. When she was unhappy, and without a man, everything was about it being a “sovereign” journey! Most men are low first seal creatures, and sex is “bad”….it depletes the body of the energy it needs to focus on becoming remarkable. Then when she was in love…we got The Elixir of Love…and we all went back to the 70’s in peace and love! She blasted 70’s tunes and everybody danced and sang! That’s when the Rockumentary DVD was made ( JZ recalled this DVD for some reason?). But my personal favourite was scorned JZ. Scorned JZ went off the rails, which led to the infamous drunken rants that she’s paid millions to keep off the internet, and then millions more losing her court cases to Virginia Coverdale.

      All of this coming from the woman who’s advice to the world is to stop letting your emotions run your life!!

    • youre correct WTFWOWLMFAO, anyone who has been in the presence of this person “teaching” has experienced this blunder of confusion and people trying so hard to explain it to puff themselves up. It’s total nonsense. i have to laugh that you posted that first video as an example of the nonsense she speaks because when I saw it yesterday i thought the same thing I was thinking what in the world?? Why would they even publish that clip!!

      Yep after she tells people to turn off the cameras she goes on venemous tirades of hate and vile and then to make sure recordings are clean, she tells master of music to edit pieces out so those poor people all over the world who defend her have NO IDEA WHO SHE IS!! students are not allowed to transcribe CDs for quotes because mike says their publishing department works hard to make sure ramthas words are not misrepresented. what he really means is “we gotta scrub the garbage from the drunken rampages for public consumption” cause trust me even though theres no wine ceremony going on, jz is still drunk! get close enough to look in her eyes and they’re all glossed over and unfocused, she can’t even look at people and she slurs her words most of the time, she is an alcoholic! but students interpret her behavior as part of ramthas quirks. oh boy.

    • What a crock of shit. That is the fakest fake accent I have ever heard.
      It’s no wonder she tries to get everyone drunk before her speaking engagements. .. if they are drunk they won’t notice how ridiculous she is.

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