Nicole Part 4: Allison Mack Took Closeups of Her Slaves’ ‘Pussies’ – Told One ‘You Have a Beautiful “Cunt”‘

Michelle Hatchette

By Dianne Lipson

This is part 4 of Nicole’s Friday testimony.

DOS Slave Nicole Takes Stand – Allison Mack Threatens to Release Her Collateral if She Quits DOS

Part 1: Friday Testimony: Nicole: ‘Raniere blindfolded me, tied me down and had someone perform oral sex on me’

Part 2 Friday Testimony: Allison Tells Nicole, ‘Isn’t It Cool Keith Is Working on My Sexuality Through You?’ 

Nicole Part 3: Keith Threatens Release of Collateral if Nicole Leaves DOS

Nicole is being examined by Assistant US Attorney Moira Penza.  It was the 19th day of the trial of Keith Alan Raniere in Brooklyn Federal Court.

After her conversation with Keith – where he told her he would – even though he did not want to – have to release her collateral [just like Billy Budd had to be hanged] for the sake of DOS, Nicole walked around Clifton Park and started thinking about this.

She had three options.

1. To get fully on board with DOS and Raniere.

2 To commit suicide

3 To go into the witness protection program, [disappear.]

“Maybe if I disappeared, they wouldn’t have to release my collateral. I could just disappear and maybe they wouldn’t bother me,” she thought.

Then came a new assignment from Keith. She was assigned to seduce Robbie. [Robbie, readers may recall, was the man who had an affair with Cami, which drove Keith to fits of insane jealousy – such that he demanded Cami tell him whose semen tasted better to her, his or Robbie’s.]

[Robbie is the son of Raniere devotee and high ranking Nxivm leader Esther Carlson.]

It was arranged that Nicole would run into Robbie “accidentally” and strike up a conversation. She would use a fake name. She created a fake Facebook page, fake email, and separate phone number for him.

Keith said they needed to keep track of Robbie for his and the community’s welfare.

Robbie had been ordered to report to Lauren Salzman if he interacted with or was interested in any woman – for his own welfare, Keith had assured him.

The Vanguard, Keith Alan Raniere.

Keith told Nicole to accidentally run into him at a track where he worked out.

Nicole like Robbie and Robbie also must have thought Nicole was nice. They met several times and Nicole started running with him.

Nicole was nervous about doing dishonest spying for Keith, but Keith said she was born to do this kind of work.

Nicole soon figured out that Robbie was Nxivm leader Esther’s son. And his stepdad was Jim Del Negro.

Nicole met his family and liked them, especially Robbie’s sister, Rose. Nicole didn’t want to be lying.

Esther Carlson Chiappone, longtime High Rank of Nxivm, is Robbie’s mother.

Keith said he understood how Nicole was feeling but the spying was needed, he said.

Keith said he could never do what she did because he wasn’t a good liar. It would be so hard for him to lie, he said.

Nicole was eventually supposed to sort of “hand-off” Robbie to Sahajo Haertel [another DOS slave – still active in DOS].  But Robbie was getting ready to join the Navy.

Allison was really insistent about Nicole getting Robbie handed off to Sahajo [so they could continue to spy on him or maybe set him up somehow and get some blackmail-worthy material on him.]

But Robbie, since he was going into the Navy, was uninterested in meeting anybody then.

Keith and Allison wrote text messages to Robbie on Nicole’s phone pretending to be Nicole.

Allison and Keith began to write text messages using Nicole’s phone, pretending to be Nicole and sending these to Robbie.

Allison said it was very important that Nicole didn’t fail in her mission to get Robbie to meet Sahajo.

Nicole was at some point ordered to cut off contact with Robbie.  Keith told Nicole she should go to him and insult him.


In time, Nicole realized that India was one of Alison’s slaves. It came as a relief because Nicole wasn’t alone anymore. India and Nicole became close.  In fact, India became good at talking Nicole “off the ledge” when she was having difficulties.

Nicole explained that there was “collective punishment”. If Nicole did something Allison or Keith didn’t like – both India and Nicole would have to take a cold shower, or their calories would be cut.

Allison and Keith realized that Nicole was the kind of person who cared about other people and they could keep her obedient easier with India because Nicole wouldn’t want India to have to reduce her calories because of something wrong she did.

As for calories, Allison wanted India to get down to 105 pounds and go on a 500 calories per day diet until she got there.  Nicole said it was hard to watch India diet this way. [It was unhealthy].

On 500 calories a day, India would get really tired. Nicole said India was on 500 calories the entire time she knew her.

Allison was trying to get down to 103 pounds herself and was on a 500-600 calories a day diet.

Nicole was naturally skinny and did not need to lose weight. She met with Keith’s approval as to ideal weight.

Eventually, Nicole met more of Allison slaves. In some ways, more slaves was a good thing, because now, she wasn’t so alone. In some ways, it was bad. Readiness drills got more intense because they were responsible for each other – to respond within 60 seconds  – or all would be punished.

Now that they knew of each other, all of Allison’s slaves would meet once a week on Monday night.  They called it ‘church.”  The slaves would sit on the floor. Allison would sit on a chair.

Allison introduced the concept of the “family photo.” They had to take off all their clothes and look happy while a photo was taken. Nicole found out these photos were sent to Keith.

She became upset with that. But Allison explained that it was for scientific purposes – because Keith could tell their state of mind by seeing their faces. This was for their own welfare that he took the time to care about them.

[Keith texted back after Allison sent him one of these family photos — “all mine” with a devil emoji.]

On the witness stand, Moira Penza asked Nicole “How did this family photo feel?”

Nicole said,  “I absolutely hated it.”

Nicole began crying on the witness stand as she said it made her feel really unsafe that this could happen. She described how such a photo could be required anywhere.

Allison could merely order them to do the family photo at any point, anywhere.

Nicole continued to cry as she explained, “I couldn’t say no. It was no control. You were just told to take your clothes off and you had to do it.”

Nicole would ask, “Why is this family photo part of it? How is it?” She started crying again.

Nicole pushed back against Allison, still crying, as she described how she felt.

“How is it empowering to make us take off our clothes for a man?”

Allison explained, “You don’t have to know the reasons for this.”

Nicole said it didn’t matter that she was upset about this.

Nicole said she felt furious at the requirement of additional collateral. New collateral was due by the first of the month.

She felt more and more stressed, more and more trapped.

She’s crying on the witness stand, as she says, “I hated it.”

She understood she had to provide additional collateral or her “first collateral” would be released. The collateral went into a Dropbox account. Nicole said she provided new collateral every month except for one month.

That was the month Alison presented them with a contract. The contract called for them to sign an agreement that if they ever spoke about DOS, they would lose a million dollars tied to any assets they had. [I doubt this contract could ever be enforced anywhere.]

At the time Nicole was thinking “Oh my god, this is really never going to end.”

Allison had booked to act in a play around that time and became busy. So the contract never was actually signed. It slipped through the cracks. That was the only month that collateral wasn’t demanded of Nicole.

As for collateral, Nicole was trying to keep her family out of it. Nicole and India each gave their credit card authorizations to Allison.  Nicole wrote a letter saying that if she broke her word, her grandmother’s prized and beautiful 1938 wedding ring would be forfeited as collateral.

Michelle Hatchette, still a DOS slave and trying to recruit slaves for  Raniere while he is in prison. She has a “beautiful cunt” Allison Mack said of her.

Michelle Hatchette [reportedly still in DOS – so her last name is given to protect innocent potential recruits] was one of Allison’s slaves.

Michelle’s family had a house in the Berkshires. They went there for a “bonding” trip. They hiked, made dinner, and had a nice time. After dinner, Allison said it was not just a bonding trip.

Nicole thought, “Oh gosh, what’s coming next?”

Allison explained she had another assignment, a close-up photo.

Allison said she’s going to take “a close up photo of all your pussies.”

Nicole pushed back. It was a back and forth with Allison but Nicole lost the argument.

They took off all their clothes. Each woman had to sit on the couch and spread her legs. Allison took the picture.

Danielle Roberts was first. Nicole was the last.  When Michelle’s picture was taken, Allison said with delight, “It is a beautiful cunt.”

After pictures were taken, Allison said, “See, that wasn’t so bad.”

Allison ordered them to speak about how they felt. Nicole refused, not speaking was the only power she had left.

Allison said, “Oh, are you still throwing a fit over there?”

The slave pod of Allison Mack’s had nicknames.  India was the Princess. Nicole was the Brat. Michelle was the Clown.

The “Brat” was not happy about having Allison take a closeup shot of her vagina. But she had no choice. She was a slave of Allison Mack [with plenty of blackmail-worthy collateral on hand to keep her in line] and the grand slave of Keith Alan Raniere, known also as the Vanguard, the smartest and most ethical man – they all said – in the world.

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  • I take no joy in being right, but mention Allie Wack and cunt in the same article and the pervs com out in force in the comment section. I take no joy in being right about this.

  • Diane,

    Thank you for reporting on the latest sexual assault laden testimony. It’s disturbing and sad. After Nicole I feel sorry for her poor parents having to learn that their daughter was sexually exploited and psychologically abused.

    Somewhere in the world tonight there will be a certain Shadowstate1958 going to bed whispering……

    “I told you so “.

    Indeed, Shadowstate1958 was right.

  • “all of Allison’s slaves would meet once a week on Monday night. They called it ‘church.” The slaves would sit on the floor. Allison would sit on a chair.”

    And Allison Mack is the High Priestess of Satan.

    • Possibly, but being bisexual is not a crime…moron!

      And sorry to say, but you are still not allowed to compare this to pimp work.

        • which means they own their behavior {pimps} …. unlike these folks who are probably most sorry for GETTING CAUGHT

      • Historically it’s been quite common for women to serve as pimps.
        And it’s also quite common for female pimps to also enjoy the sexual services of their sex workers.

        Prime example.
        Lyndon Johnson, who was both Vice President and President, had a younger sister named Josefa Johnson.
        Josefa Johnson had been a “party girl” (prostitute).
        Josefa Johnson was also bisexual.
        Some people, including Roger Stone, believe that LBJ had his sister Josefa mysteriously murdered in 1961 for fear of the embarrassment she could bring to his political career.

        “Kinser was intimately involved with Lyndon Johnson’s sister Josefa, who was a notorious bohemian bisexual party girl, very liberated for the day. ”

        Roger Stone Interview: “I Think LBJ Was the Lynchpin of the Plot to Kill JFK”

    • Mack definition:
      A mack can be a person who is smooth, slick, a Pimp. “Mack” is derived from the French and later Louisiana Creole patois term “maqereau,” which means “pimp.”

  • Raniere obviously didn’t learn the “no crosslining” edict when he was in Amway, probably too busy f*cking various women at the time, as he was his entire adult life up until he was arrested last year. An MLM crossline is someone who has a common upline, but are positioned in different upline’s legs. Crossline are not supposed to communicate with each other, especially about the MLM, unless their common upline is present. In the event the common upline is present, then the downline is supposed to shut up and listen to the upline.

  • Frank – would love to see a post about what to expect in the final week (or so) of trial – who can we still expect to testify; anyone we are sure that will NOT testify; what else haven’t we heard about yet at trial that will likely be brought up; anything we can expect to hear in closing statements.

    This would be really interesting to hear analysis on this, thanks.

  • I’ve defended Allison before. And felt compassion for her. But I take it back. She is total scum.

    • She was very good at flashing that well-practiced gummy smile and playing the girl next door, but it was all an act that obscured a penchant for sadism and abuse. It wasn’t all about pleasing Keith, it was just as much about pleasing herself. We haven’t heard one word that demonstrates any reluctance to do what she did. Instead, she demonstrated enthusiasm and pleasure in what she inflicted on her victims. She is someone who needs to be locked away for a very long time. Preferably forever, but that won’t happen.

    • She isn’t herself… I mean, look at the next part, India herself defend this whole craziness!

      Nicole isn’t under the diet but Allison and India were.

      This isn’t the Allison I knew, she would never have talked like that neither she would have acted like that.
      She definitely isn’t (at the moment of the story) in a normal sane state (neither physically nor mentally).

      • You have yet to explain how what you think you know of Mack fits with her having had a sort of Vanguard Lite fiancee a decade before she ever even met Raniere. The more we find out about that first relationship, with manipulation and abuse, and pedophilia in the background, the more it seems that she’s been doing much the same sort of thing for a long time.

        Did you really know Allison or just her Chloe acting persona?

  • How sad that Nicole and India were terrorized by Allison and Keith. At least they are free now. I hope somebody gets through to Michelle Hatchette and gets her the Hell out of DOS.
    But, what of Sahajo and Esther Carlson and her kids? Are they still part of this cult? What of Karen U? Is she a witness, is she a co conspirator, will she testify?

    • You probably don’t follow the same trial as I do then… Allison and India both had slaves, that means that either both were Under the same pressure as Nicole or none were…
      That would mean that India should be punished too.

      You can try, as much as you want, to forget about the circumstances but the reality of the situation is that the only one who was at the head is Raniere.
      Anyone under him was a victim and some were just more aware than others (India and Allison being underfed, they both couldn’t think straight)

      • You seem to forget that Mack was DOS slavemistress, and for instance ran the whole collateral system from her DropBox. She was Raniere’s henchwoman, picked for that role above others including even Lauren Salzman. Mack was a ringleader, in the way that those below her indeed were not – and this trial is about going after the principal conspirators.

        Plus, India left, and may have cooperated. Mack stayed by Raniere’s side to the end, even long after all of those who got her in, or got in with her, had left.

  • Just when I thought it could not get any more demented and abominable, Raniere and Mack proved me wrong for the n-th time!!! These two worthless scum-bags whom so far I felt should be killed through torture, deserve as Claviger usefully indicated, to enjoy that prison atmosphere I imagine to be as traumatising as being trapped in an endless labyrinthine catacomb infested with demons! The abruptly escalating levels evil I have been reading about, have shocked me EACH and EVERY single time.

  • I hope Allison is sued to the moon and back by the Smallville cast, crew, and production company for lost royalties since no one will be able to air the show any longer. And yes, she should go to jail for quite some time, at least a good decade, IMO.

    Last week I read that the prosecution was going to wrap up testimony in another week or two, but aren’t Mack and Russell at least going to testify? I know Nancy probably won’t, but what about Claire? And any other witnesses, such as additional experts? I’ve been hoping Kristin Keefe and Karen Unterreiner would also testify. If all of the above testified, it would probably take the prosecution at least another few weeks. I wish there was a publicly available list of those who we’re going to testify.

    • After Mack made up a story claiming that her nephew was sexually molested would anyone believe anything Allison Mack said about anything.


    • Excuse me but why would they? What did she do to them…If anything, it’s partly because of Smallville that she was dragged in this mess!

      Without Smallville, Allison wouldn’t have been in Vancouver, Wouldn’t have met Kristin Kreuk who introduced her to Nxivm, Wouldn’t have been pushed to continue with them until she was fucked up.
      Being a decade in jail for what crime??? Even extortion is borderline at this level! She didn’t threaten Nicole…Raniere did (several times).
      She said she would not release the collateral and that is the only Reason why the extortion is applicable.

      As for testifying, It’s up to prosecution, not to Mack.
      Russell never was supposed to testify.
      Giving the parole to Mack would probably do her good (as she could explain what she had to go through) and that isn’t what Penza want…
      I highly doubt she will give a voice to Allison.

      • And without her parents she wouldn’t have been in show business at an early age. What’s your point? How far back are you going to go and blame someone else before you blame Allison Whack? Allison was partly victim, but she was mostly perpetrator.

      • Without Smallville, Mack might have stayed with her first fiancee Peter, manipulated and abused, and ended up involved in his felonies, and maybe if it really runs in his family, pedophilia to boot – wow, that sounds like what she got into with Raniere! Does she know how to pick them, or what?

  • There was a 4th option: Go to law enforcement and media and get them to take action, as well as start a Frank Parlato-type website with the NXIVM 9 and others and keep exposing what is going on.

    • I think they would probably have been afraid that might still have led to release of their collateral, humiliation, and career damage.

      None of them apparently had the presence of mind to consider other options, including perhaps the most prudent and safest one, consulting an attorney – much less an abused women’s hotline – however. This definitely wasn’t a group of critical thinkers, but many people aren’t, which is why so many fall for or even feel themselves stuck in other types of scams, like MLMs….

      • Everybody is afraid, and the bad guys know that. If people would stop being afraid and instead do the right thing, the bad guys would be in prison, where they belong.

        • Simplistic solution… “just don’t be afraid”, “just don’t be depressed”, “just don’t get stressed out”

    • Not an option in nys law enforcement does what THEY ARE TOLD TO DO

      ie eric gardner and the threat Loretta Lynch was able to enforce even thru their continuous lying that he was selling looseys that day all he did was break up a fight but some roid rager decided to place a choke hold …. and even ems stood by 3 of them 6 cops man down saying I CANT BREATHE how many times….

      but we were not ever gonna see weiner’s laptop were we loretta tarmac lynch

      NYS allowed NXIVM for multipurpose advantage where and to whom were these women going to complain LAWENFORCEMENT nah MSM bigger laugh

  • Nicole felt she had three options; obviously she had several more, simply calling their bluff being an obvious one. Far more reasonable than committing suicide. The option that pops into my mind is for her to tell her “friend” Allison, when they were alone and no witnesses present, that she was leaving the group and if her “collateral” got released she knew where Allison lived, she had a gun and she knew how to use it. Making threats is a two way street. Let Allison figure out “how she was going to fix this”, to use Raniere’s favorite line.

    Continuing to work for this corrupt organization was the worst option. I realize it takes courage to leave such a group, the consequences can be dire, and it’s psychologically difficult. But when did we, as a society, begin expecting people to not be courageous? When did the default position become lack of courage (i.e. cowardice) in the face of threats?

    Trigger warning: I feel a rant coming on…

    We just celebrated the anniversary of D-Day. Judge Garaufis made a fine speech in that very courtroom in commemoration of the Allied landing in Normandy. Now how many of those young men, many of them still in their teens, do I think really wanted to be there, plunging neck deep in cold salt water and wading through withering machine gun and artillery fire up a mined and wired beach? Not exactly a “safe space”, Omaha Beach on that fine June day. They didn’t volunteer for that duty. They were expected to be brave, expected to risk their lives, expected to advance up that beach. Just like all the millions of other men who fought in that war. And they didn’t consider themselves heroes, they didn’t consider themselves exceptional. (A lot of them probably considered themselves unlucky though for having to go in that first wave). That was what was expected of ordinary citizens not all that long ago; if you were male, you signed up for the draft, and if there was a war, well you’re in the Army now.

    So when I see this attitude about she had no options, I die a little inside. Since when? She had no option but to collaborate? Because that’s what Nicole was, a collaborator. She was assisting Raniere and Nxium because she was afraid. I have a lot of sympathy for her plight, but in all honesty, what is this but cowardice? To be honest, what else can it be called? Her life wasn’t at stake. Sure, it would be embarrassing, humiliating even, to have nude pictures of herself online. It could get back to her family, her friends. It might damage her chances having an acting career (assuming anybody took notice, among all the porn already on the Internet).

    I do understand Nicole’s plight. It likely seemed like the end of the world to her, how deep she was into their clutches. In truth, however, it was not the end of the world. “Seemed” is not “is”. And continuing to dig herself deeper in the hole she had gotten herself into was the poorest of poor choices.

    And what about all the rest of the women? Why didn’t they mutiny? There they are, all together in Allison Mack’s living room or wherever, told to strip and pose for yet more humiliating pictures. And they do, like sheep. Honestly, isn’t there something kinda, I don’t know, CONTEMPTIBLE about that? Why not just say NO? The whole lot of them, together. Maybe take the camera away from her and smash it, knock her on her ass, and the whole group march over to Keith’s house, wake him up and slap him around for a while.

    Why not show some guts? Why not be like this girl

  • And some hold the opinion that Allison is redeemable.

    We begin to see, more and more, how reprobate these NXIVM folks are.
    Once a certain line is crossed there is no going back.
    Nancy, Lauren, Allison, to name three, have crossed that line and then some.

    • I don’t believe she’s redeemable. There are some things you can’t come back from. She willingly and enthusiastically became a blackmailer and abuser. She enjoyed it and she gloried in it. She was a predator, constantly hunting for new victims. She was, and is, rotten to the core. If she spills the beans in court that shouldn’t be seen as an act of penance, it should be seen as nothing more than her desire to lighten her sentence.

      A minimum of 20 years in prison would be appropriate.

      Squeaky Fromme got longer than that, and she caused nowhere near the pain and anguish that Mack caused.

      Mack is much worse than Squeaky ever was.

      • “She willingly and enthusiastically became a blackmailer and abuser”
        Sure, because being herself under coercion and having to give the same collateral as the victim sound awfully like free will to me too…

        If stupidity was a crime, you’d get life…wait, you already got a life of stupidity…

        The crimes she “genuinely” committed are not as high as she pleaded …She didn’t threaten anyone (as far as the testimony says, it’s Raniere that did it), She was just collecting. It’s a crime, she pleaded guilty and will pay for that!
        But…Making stupid comments or saying stupid things isn’t a crime…
        If it was you and a few other (*cough* Shadow *cough*) would be criminal.

        Allison said a lot of disgusting and stupid things? Absolutely,
        Allison made absurd comments on some of the situations? Definitely
        Allison was irrational in explaining the why ? no doubt

        But those aren’t crimes!

        I Don’t even know why I talk to the likes of you… I feel like I lose my intellect every second I answer to your comments.

    • Yes she is, and this is why:

      You know Nothing about Allison or the circumstances of the whole mess that became her life.

      Before she was in nxivm, Allison was a great person , with a beautiful heart , this was true before Nxivm.
      She had her flaws but nothing too bad.

      The person depicted here isn’t not Allison, just an empty shell following the orders.

      It’s a fact that Allison was under the same punishments as the other, the same coercion and Under the same diet that explain why India was blindly Following orders too.
      I’m tired to explain how the brain need certain ingredient to work properly as i said it so often but the reality is once her brain is feeded properly, she is apte to understand properly what happen.

      Now ,she is slowly going back to the Allison she used to be but due to the action she did, it’s gonna take a LONG time to heal the damage (to other and to herself).

      The “funny” thing is that India did the same kind of thing and everyone accept that she is a victim…but for Allison who was in a worse shape, abused by raniere and obviously not in a healthy shape, nope…she is a monster.

      I Don’t expect YOU to have the slightest logic or sympathy about the reality of the situation …You who pretend to have been in a cult yet act like someone who knows Nothing about how cult work.

    • I agree with G. The testimony is not painting a very nice image of Allison Mack.

      Allison is starting to seem almost as bad as Shadowstate’s opinion of Allison.

  • That “all mine” text from kar to Allison….there’s something more behind that. I wouldn’t assume he would send that to Lauren after she sent him photos of her naked slave pod. I’d assume he would uphold his dumb ass “personal growth” mumbo jumbo around certain slaves. Maybe I’m wrong. Seems some slaves understood what this was truly about (sex for kar) and some really believed it was about growth (and sex for kar, but only for the women’s growth.) not saying either one is more or less brainwashed, just a thought.

  • Thank you for the report. I can’t help but wonder, though, when they might be getting to the financial aspects of the crimes. So far, it is horrible and disgusting, proving coercion and abuse. But also think of all the money KAR illegally commandeered from people.

  • This is infuriating! Allison Mack may have cut some sort of plea deal, but she and all of the other leaders in this group need to go to prison for a very long time with their ‘Vanguard.’ She is an abuser who delighted in the victimization of those around her. It’s repugnant.

    • Excuse me but in term of law, what did she do? Even extortion is borderline as she didn’t really threaten to release (Raniere did), Even when she left, Allison said her collateral wouldn’t be released and she gave back her apartment key.

      As for taking pleasure, who do you know? India was defending the whole thing too and yet is seen as a victim.

      You have to consider that Nicole wasn’t Under a diet and therefore was able to think straight…India and Allison, on the other hand, were in a bad physical shape…
      They were not in a state to think properly.

  • Alison’s character hoves into view and it not looking pretty… but I got a few gallons more scorn to pour on Michele Hatchette for regressing her blessed life into that of a white madame’s slave girl. Now the whole world can know your madame called you ‘the clown’ really? Hatchette a black girl, gets nicknamed the clown?You never thought, hang on a minute, f*ck that sh*t? – Were you honoured when she complimented your vagina? – where on your CV can you put that? Bio? Interests? and the reason she knows about yr vag, is cos she was taking a picture of it for your Master? your stupid, pudgy, cross-eyed, criminal Master – How proud your folks and teachers and outside nxivm friends must be.

  • Well I was wrong. I thought Allison could never act again due to her involvement in NXIVM.

    She can still “act” in porn.

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