Part 2 Friday Testimony: Allison Tells Nicole, ‘Isn’t It Cool Keith Is Working on My Sexuality Through You?’

Per the ruling of the judge, victims' last names are not being used in court and their images are not permitted to be sketched. Though it is not binding on the media, Frank Report is supporting this ruling of the judge for the trial of Keith Raniere - for the welfare of his victims, such as Nicole.

By Dianne Lipson

DOS Slave Nicole Takes Stand – Allison Mack Threatens to Release Her Collateral if She Quits DOS

Part 1: Friday Testimony: Nicole: ‘Raniere blindfolded me, tied me down and had someone perform oral sex on me’

Nicole continued to testify on Friday.

Through answering questions asked by Assistant US Attorney Moira Penza, Nicole continued to tell her story of her life as a DOS slave – under her master, Allison Mack, and her grandmaster, Keith Alan Raniere.

After testifying about her surprise experience being ordered to be tied down, blindfolded and having someone unknown to her perform oral sex on her – as Keith watched and commented – Nicole became frightened about staying in DOS.  [By the way, it was Cami, the Mexican woman who Raniere began grooming when she was 15 or younger, who performed the oral sex on Nicole when she was blindfolded and tied – but Nicole did not know it at the time.]

By email, Nicole told Allison she needed a break from traveling to Albany from New York City. She really didn’t want to go to Albany anymore or be part of DOS.

Allison responded by telling Nicole that she needed to come and her aversion was part of her growth process.

Allison told Nicole she was “entitled” and “attached to physical comfort.” Then Allison added endearingly, “I love you and I miss you.”

Nicole came back to Albany. She felt she had to or her collateral might be released.

When she was there, Keith resumed his late night walks with her. One night he took her to his “library.”

Nicole described the library – books, the hot tub, the bed. The windows had black curtains. Keith said he stayed there when he received death threats.

He said he hid there [for there were many who would wish to kill him because of his goodness, he explained.]

Nicole was told by him that she was not to touch, or move anything. At one point, she moved the black curtains over a little to get some light.

Keith freaked out.

Keith admitted [perhaps he bragged] to Nicole that he was the creator of DOS. He revealed that he was Allison’s master and, therefore, Nicole’s Grand Master.

As her Grand Master, he told her, he could have commanded Nicole to have sex with him any time but he didn’t. He didn’t want her to think DOS was all about sex.

But, since he is her Grand Master, she has to do whatever he says at any time.

It finally made sense to Nicole why he knew all about her personal life and secrets. Allison had been telling him everything Nicole had confided to her.

Nicole had to submit to sex with Keith.

At one point, Allison said something very odd to Nicole.

She said, “Isn’t it cool that Keith is working on my sexuality through you?”

MK10ART’s painting of Allison Mack and Keith Raniere. He was working on Allison’s sexuality through Nicole [such a hard-working teacher.]
Meantime, Nicole did not like being in DOS but was afraid to quit. Sometimes, she showed this to Allison by being upset or angry. Allison would tell her she was not in a “good state.”

One of the things that kept her from being in a good state, was that Nicole had to do “readiness drills”, which she testified were horrible and pointless.

She had to keep a phone with her 24/7 in the event of a readiness drill – which was such that Allison would text her and Nicole had to reply back within 60 seconds or she would fail the drill –  which might occasion some punishment [from a cold shower to a paddling].

At her job, however, Nicole was not allowed to carry a cell phone when working. In order to comply with readiness drills, Nicole would hide her phone on her person. but one evening, she had to recharge her phone and did not keep it on her for a few moments.

As luck would have it, there was a readiness drill and by the rules of DOS, slaves have to respond in one minute. Nicole did not since she did not have her phone with her and was unaware of the readiness drill.

Nicole did not respond.  A frantic Allison called the manager at Nicole’s job and said there was a family emergency to get he on the phone and to respond. That’s how extreme the readiness drills were, Nicole explained.

Nicole had – reluctantly – entered into a sexual relationship with Keith. First, it was oral sex then she said she had some sexual intercourse with Raniere.  She was ordered by him not to talk about this with anybody.

In explaining the sex and his expectations, Keith told Nicole that she was his wife and their relationship was like an arranged marriage.

“You will learn to love me just like people do in an arranged marriage,” he said. And of course, he said, this was done for “her growth.”

Nicole was uncomfortable with having a sexual relationship with Keith. She was not attracted to him.

Keith explained to Nicole that when he first started his sexual relationship with Allison, she had been uncomfortable in the beginning.  But Allison really trusted the [wing] women around Keith who all told her that sex with Keith was a good thing, a healing thing – something that would help her growth.

Nicole went to Vanguard Week. At around 4:00 AM, Keith took her to his cabin bedroom.  Nicole was really uncomfortable and Keith saw that she was uncomfortable.

He asked her, “Do you want to have sex or go on a walk?”

She said she wanted to go on a walk.

On the walk, Keith told Nicole, she could live an interesting life or she could end up with a white picket fence. [meaning a hum drum common life].  Keith said he was disappointed that she chose to walk instead of having sex.

He told her she was special and that he could train her [using sex] to be extraordinary.

After Vanguard Week [which actually lasts 10 days], Nicole went on a camping trip with her family and brought along a friend.  She confided to her friend about Keith.

The friend said, “I don’t care how special this guy [Raniere] thinks you are, if you are uncomfortable, you don’t have to have sex with him.”

Nicole texted Keith, that the master-slave relationship was overwhelming and she wanted out of it.

Keith responded with a long message about how she was difficult for him. And that Nicole didn’t have enough life experience to understand the great gift he was giving to Nicole. It was a shortcut to something wondrous.

Normally, he said, in order to achieve this high state, it had to become sexual quickly.

Nicole’s emotional state was up and down. She was truly conflicted and frightened. She was trying to be in a “good state,” but sometimes it was so frustrating.

When Nicole was having a meltdown, Keith said, “I don’t need you. I’m choosing you. I have plenty of beautiful women I can have sex with.”

When she told Keith she felt broken, he responded by saying that she needed to be broken in order to rebuild her into a strong woman.

Assistant US Attorney Moira Penza asked Nicole, “Did you feel like you were breaking?”

Nicole said, “At times, yes. But I didn’t want to break. It was scary. It was constantly about ‘trust’. I was giving into things but sometimes a voice in my head said ‘no.‘”

MK10Art’s depiction of Keith Raniere pinup next to refrigerator magnets spelling out his true nature…


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  • Nicole testified, “I was giving into things, but sometimes a voice in my head said ‘no.’ ”

    Yet when reading her testimony, right from the start of her involvement with Raniere and his group, Nicole was saying “no.” Her testimony is full of her recollections of going through intense inner battles while trying to convince herself to conform. She had to keep telling herself that Raniere was her teacher and knew better than she did what was best for her growth. That is exactly what Allison and the substructure of other adherents kept telling her. She had to trust, and any problems she had with that were her fault. They had let go and grown; now it was Nicole’s chance. What a high-pressure sales force the big bad wolf had!

    She was surrounded by a communal demand to give ultimate personal authority to Raniere and to his “empowered” underlings. These inner core followers of Raniere were well aware that the self-help frontline of the pyramid had little to do with what was really going on behind their partially-closed doors.

    Every testimony so far from any witness who joined Raniere’s dictatorship has shown that witness was fighting her/his own private doubts, questions and worries about what was going on within the group dynamics. If only these witnesses had listened to their own critical thinking processes earlier and with some humble, down-to-earth self-respect. But you cannot be part of a cult full of co-dependents and be allowed to keep any self-respect. Your instinct to watch over yourself has to be euthanized.

  • I hadn’t heard of this disorder before – sounds plausible. I know KAR looked for personalities who were primed for manipulation. If you are raised in a state of emotional manipulation (like growing up with NPD parents), you end up accepting abuse because it is “normal” in your framework. You’re colorblind to many red flags because you’re inured to them. You wake up when the red flags go beyond the bounds of your own colorblind range for abuse. And then you walk away. I can see that a disorder like dependent disorder might keep you in place a lot longer.

  • “Keith explained to Nicole that when she started her sexual relationship with Allison, she had felt uncomfortable at first, but Allison really trusted the [wing] of the women around Keith who told her that sex with Keith was a good thing, something healing, something that would help your growth.

    it is sad to recognize it but this fragment of the testimony of Nicole shows that the slow fire guarantees well sewn frogs, all the women that moved away from KAR did it because at some point he pressed them a lot and generated a turning point that made the bubble of reality break or at least one of the different bubbles of reality that KAR creates on them, if he had stayed follow the formula of the slow fire at all times, I’m sorry but sad that the truth seems that all the frogs would have remained well sewn, even in the case of Allison also failed because she was not well sewn but rather, unlike Pam who was considered a pump deactivator, Allison was more like a guy with a mask playing the game of moles, she wanted to believe but she really did not know how to play the game.

  • You know if this pile of shit ever sees the light of day again he’s going to have to employee a team of armed security just to keep him alive I wouldn’t count on the badass Warrior bitches being able to do that they seem to break pretty easily

  • Just wondering….
    Mark Hildreth had a couple girlfriends that he encouraged to join Nx. Kristin and “Nicole” are both young, slim, long-haired brunette actresses. Keith likes young, slim, long-haired brunette actresses. Hummmmm….
    Is it a coincidence that Mark and Keith like the same type of young woman? Or was Mark recruiting/luring Keith’s type of woman into Keith’s harem?
    If Kristin was the “one that got away” was Nicole her replacement?
    Was Hildreth compensated for his procurement by Keith, or was he coerced?
    Again, just wondering….

    • I’m thinking Hildreth probably just encouraged most everyone he knew whether girlfriends, family members, co-workers, to take ESP/NXIVM courses.

      Maybe Hildreth has a type, but seeing pics of the inner circle and first line DOS women, I don’t see how you could come to the conclusion that Keith’s type was brunettes, unless that’s all YOU are fixating on. I think KR’s type was basically something thin with a vagina, a mouth, a nose, teeth, two eyes, two ears, two arms with hands, two legs with feet, a head with hair and someone he could con or manipulate into having sex with him. Clyne doesn’t look like Cami, Mack doesn’t look like either of the Danis, India doesn’t look like Nicole, and Natale and Bouchey don’t look much alike, at least not in their advanced stages of life. Even the actresses we are told he couldn’t get to sleep with him — Edmondson, Kruek and Piesse — don’t look similar at all.

  • I only read the title. Imagine for a moment, being that stupid. Wow. Back when I was a youngster, we called this type of person an “airhead” because in the space that should contain a thinking mechanism they only have air.

    • Wow, you must be a fucking genius. Truly a remarkable, original intellect to come up with such a creative observation. 🙄

  • I feel sure that cults attract a lot of people with dependency issues. Whilst not necessarily fitting the diagnostic criteria of Dependent Personality Disorder, there are dependent behavioural traits that seem common amongst members of NXIVM:

    “Individuals with dependent personality disorder have great difficulty making everyday decisions (such as what clothes to wear) without an excessive advice and reassurance from others. These individuals tend to be passive and allow other people (normally one other person) to take the initiative and assume responsibility for most major areas of their lives. Adults with this disorder typically depend on a parent or spouse to decide where they should live, what kind of job they should have, and which people to befriend.”

    Another characteristic is a willingness to accept abuse from others.

  • “She had to keep a phone with her 24/7 in the event of a readiness drill – which was such that Allison would text her and Nicole had to reply back within 60 seconds or she would fail the drill – which might occasion some punishment [from a cold shower to a paddling].”

    Guess what – I prefer the WHITE PICKET FENCE. To enrich my horribly boring (yet beautiful) life, I can read excellent authors who do not have the last name “Raniere.”

  • “Keith said he hid there [for there were many who would wish to kill him because of his goodness, he explained.]”

    I doubt he believed this, but if he could make his sheeple believe dumb conspiracy theories they would believe anything. Conspiracy theorists are the most gullible and manipulatable sheeple around.

    • conspiracy theory was clown terminalogy to thwart critical thinkin at the time JFK was oak tree SACRIFICED so fuck yourself off with your assine SMUG

      • Chicky rogue—you are so naive—the world is more corrupt and fuckedup than you have ever dreamed of

        • no naive is the wrong word anonymouse

          rather more like altuistic <=== i'll buy that i still beleive in the ultimate goodness of our transcending human spirit

          naive means im still voting dnc because andy cuomo and letitia james are gonna make the ndny do something for NEW YORKERS {wow remember they SERVE US? } naive would mean i thnk nancy pelosi knows how to speak clearly and is concerned for my well being ….{she really should remove that knights of malta pin it doesnt make her brain work better and no one is impressed by her leadership or moral compass ms goathill pizza herself} or that sillybland NEVER heard of nxivm …..

          naive means i think NXIVM is a CULT and not a CIA LIMITED HANGOUT and also naive because nxivm is finished and not regrouping stronger better and with more dollars connected to human trafficking drugs organ harvesting etc etc back in mexiconamerica

          naive would mean i give only two shits about seth rich when mysteries like WHAT HAPPENED TO MONICA PETERSON never get answers …. some readers are now saying Monica who? she deserved better from us

          naive means i agree with youtube censorship because its all being done FOR MY GOOD

          naive means i actually beleive michelle obama is a woman and barrack is black

          naive means i actually think the yellow vests arent tavistocked controlled opposition

          naive means i actually watch tv and get programmed daily

          naive means i actually beleive that google does honest true searches for actual truth

          ps you have no knowledge of what i dream if i dream at all or how fucked up the world is with or without my rose colored glasses

    • It always seems to be hard to tell how much the leaders of groups like this drink their own koolaid; and how much they’re making up, or distorting whatever they do believe, as a means of manipulating and controlling their followers.

      Just as a guess based on what I’ve seen in other groups, it’s more or less even odds as to whether or not he believed it.

      The conspiracy theory mindset goes hand-in-hand with cult membership because it has the same basis – believing acceptance represents superior reasoning and critical thinking, when in fact it involves buying into pseudo-rational constructs lacking rigorous evidence and full of logical inconsistencies.

  • After thinking about a comment Pea Onyu made yesterday I believe I understand* what Raniere was teaching his followers.
    His Sister-Wives.
    *Understand but not accept it as reality.

    Raniere was teaching his Sister-Wives that they could have orgasms by proxy.

    For example Pea Onyu (Nicki Clyne) was the Sister-Wife to Allison Mack and both were married to Keith Raniere.
    Keith Raniere could have sexual relations with Pea Onyu and the orgasm that Pea Onyu enjoyed could by proxy also be enjoyed by Allison Mack.

    Here is what Pea Onyu said:

    Pea Onyu
    June 7, 2019 at 9:08 pm
    She wanted to have sex this way. Don’t you understand this was consensual. She agreed that Nicole would channel Allison Mack’s internal sexual representations of her inward libido in order to purify both her and Allison. This was done for her. Not Keith.

    This is a form of sexual gratification that even the great Sex Researcher Alfred Charles Kinsey never heard of.

    That said if all of the people involved are consenting adults there is nothing illegal.
    The only problem is that Nicole was being blackmailed into sex by Allison Mack and Keith Raniere.

  • I am going to be very angry if this monster does not end up in jail for life. Allison Wack deserves the same.

    • Outsider, seriously “life prison for allison” please give me a break, there are people in this world who do much more terrible things than those made by her and sometimes do not even get a foot in prison, and it’s not like she has not been manipulated before by the other women of KAR’s wing when she was just a student, nor can we say that she really FORGETS some woman to do something, if in fact even the KAR only deceived and manipulated her women, if the heren was much GREATER than the DOS then you have to ask what rason all these women had to be part of their happy band of sister wives and REMEMBER to think about this that according to the reports KAR had around them young and beautiful women, MUCH more young and beautiful than allison or nicole and if we take into account all the testimonies the image that we have of each of these women makes it difficult to mark the line between victim / or participant.

      • I think it’s quite easy to mark the line between victim or participant. But you first have to add monster. Many of these women are all of the above and there is no line.

    • And you have no right to demand anything…Only the victims have that right.

      And up until now, Allison is still quite a victim, between the fact she was manipulated the same way as Nicole and the others, the fact she had no decision power…The fact that she was taking the punishment for the mistakes of her slaves or the fact that she was malnourished (severely) and sleep deprived (which explains why she was making extremely irrational décisions)…

      And life? for what? for being a pawn? you’re sick and ridiculous.

      Raniere deserves life, Allison, she pleaded to what she did and no matter the punishment the judge gives her, it will never be worst than what Raniere did to her.
      In a way, Allison already got life…

    • Paul, It is the first time I am not in full agreement with you. In relation to Nicole, it may be that she is quite intelligent but has an insecure personality which propelled her through this hell. I think behaviour, choices, are not always explained solely through intellect.

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