Nicole Part 3: Keith Threatens Release of Collateral if Nicole Leaves DOS

This is not a real picture of Nicole whose last name is being withheld during the trial of Keith Alan Raniere for her protection, privacy and to help her heal from the torment she experienced at the hands of the brutal Raniere.

By Dianne Lipson

DOS Slave Nicole Takes Stand – Allison Mack Threatens to Release Her Collateral if She Quits DOS

Part 1: Friday Testimony: Nicole: ‘Raniere blindfolded me, tied me down and had someone perform oral sex on me’

Part 2 Friday Testimony: Allison Tells Nicole, ‘Isn’t It Cool Keith Is Working on My Sexuality Through You?’

This is Part 3 of Nicole’s Friday testimony.

Nicole continued to testify on Friday, June 7, – the 19th day of the trial of Keith Alan Raniere.  She was examined by Assistant US Attorney Moira Kim Penza.

Nicole explained:

She was unhappy about being in DOS and not interested in a sexual relationship with Keith.

Keith said, “Okay, fine, just give me one year. And then I’ll help you find a partner.”

Keith told her she was not evolved enough to understand the deep meaning of their spiritual relationship. At the end of one year – during which time she must stay away from all other men – and have no sex or romantic entanglements – other than with him – he would explain all to her.

Nicole felt pressured to give assent. But she thought, “Okay, I can get through one year.”

During this one year period, however, Nicole began to be attracted to a man, a friend of her family.

She told Keith. He reminded her of her year-long commitment.

He said he understood the pain Nicole was feeling about wanting to be with this man but, he said, if Nicole was loyal to her word about her one-year commitment, Nicole wouldn’t have fallen for this man.

There were times she didn’t want to fight anymore and tried to make the best of it. During those times, she was affectionate to Keith, even calling him “Love.” She knew it was her job to be supportive.

She knew she must be supportive of Keith because his work was difficult as everyone needed something from Keith [the teacher.].

For one year, Nicole tried to make the best of things, tried to stop fighting back, tried to trust Keith and Allison Mack.

It did not always work.

When Nicole was upset or crying, or throwing a tantrum or was physically sick from the heavy demands of DOS and her Grandmaster, she was told her behavior was hurting Keith, it was exhausting him, it was draining on Keith’s pure body.

Keith himself explained to Nicole that the suffering he underwent was for his followers, was for the welfare of the world. He said everyone wanted or needed something from him, and this was exhausting for him. Everyone had jealousy issues, and sometimes it was exhausting when Keith had to [for their own good] punish somebody.

Keith revealed to Nicole that [the late] Edgar Bronfman had an issue with him and that someone who worked for Bronfman was out to get him. This person was a truly evil person.

Keith also told Nicole that he had hired a private investigator to follow Kristin Keeffe, the mother of his child.

One day, Keith appeared very exhausted. He explained to Nicole that a slave – he did not want to do it of course – but he had to – she was in need of punishment:  He had to paddle her hard on her naked buttocks.

Keith, exhausted, said the slave actually liked the paddling. He did not want that. He explained he was trying to paddle her on her bare naked buttocks so that she wouldn’t like it. This was exhausting for him because Keith hated to hurt anyone.

At one point, Nicole had a meltdown. She was stressed out financially. The traveling back and forth was very difficult as well.

Keith tried to calm her down. Finally, he pulled out a bag of money from a drawer in his library and said: “Here, will this help.”

Nicole thought it strange that he pulled out this bag with $10,000 cash in it.

Nicole didn’t want to take money, but Keith insisted.

He said Nicole could use it for travel back and forth to Albany. And it would make her feel better.

He handed her $1,000 to help with her rent.

Afterward, from time to time, she took money from the bag and documented exactly what she took.

Sometimes Nicole would tell Keith that she didn’t think this was the right situation for her and she thought she might leave.

Keith threatened her – by using a story as a way of illustrating  – that he would release her collateral if she left him or DOS.

He told her the story of Billy Budd [By William Melville].

Billy Budd was a great guy. Everyone loved him. But there were two guys, troublemakers on the sailing ship and they got into a fight. Billy tried to stop it but while intervening, he somehow accidentally killed one of them. Even though everybody liked Billy, the fact was that he accidentally or not killed a man and he was an officer. There was the law of the Navy. The penalty was death.

Nobody wanted Billy to die. Everybody was saddened by it – especially the captain. But the law is the law and they had to hang him because if they didn’t hang him, the Navy was not upholding their code and they had to follow their code or all discipline would be lost.

Keith said he liked Nicole, everyone liked her, but like Billy Budd, the law must be upheld and if she left, her collateral had to be released because that’s the code of DOS and if he did not release her collateral, everything would break down; she would be destroying the whole thing.

Her collateral would have to be released in the event of her leaving DOS or Keith Alan Raniere.

[Not an actual photo of Keith Raniere. Keith tells Nicole that although he would hate to do so, he would release her collateral in the event she leaves him.

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  • The Times Union quotes regarding Nicole’s testimony about her branding: “The branding took place in Mack’s home where other slaves, including India Oxenberg (daughter of television actress Catherine Oxenberg) and Danielle Roberts, a doctor who later conducted the branding, were also branded along with a third slave.” I did not see this detail in your report but I probably missed it. Anyway, it confirms Dr. Roberts was branded, and obviously not by herself; neither was this the initial group branding of Allison, Lauren, and the other top-level women, which was done by an ‘outside expert’. So who was this branding done by? Was Nicole asked, and do we know who the ‘third slave’ was? If these were Allison’s first 4 slaves, how many did she eventually have? We know from the testimony there were 120 slaves, of which Lauren had 22 and Camilla had 1.

    • Allison owned the townhouse in Knox Woods on Generals Way (that she did not live in before her arrest as it was not within sight of Flintlock) where Mark Vicente lived with his mother and wife. After Mark moved back to the west coast, Daniele Roberts, and two other Espians lived there along with members who were in town to take classes or apprentice to the Knife Media. (some of these off and on roommates were male). One female roommate of Daniele Roberts defected and may still testify as a DOS slave. The other female roommate of Daniele Robers is the only DOS slave of color and who was still drinking the Kool-Aid when Allison and Keith et al were arrested.. My guess is it was one of them.

      • Thanks for the info. Perhaps we will find out. Also a subsequent post on this site (Nicole part 5) gave more info including that ‘Danielle Roberts had already been branded in Brooklyn by a professional’, which means she could have branded Nicole, India, and the third slave, but conflicts with the Times Union report I quoted.

        • The Underground Bunker has a report that identifies the third slave as Michelle: “Nicole met more of Allison’s slaves. It was Nicole, India, Danielle, and Michelle. They would meet every Monday, the slaves on the floor, Allison sitting in a chair.” Could that Michelle be Michelle Salzman? Or Michelle Hatchette (who could be the person of color you referred to)?

          The Underground Bunker report gives interesting details I have not seen elsewhere about when Allison took her slaves on a bonding trip to Michelle’s family home in the Berkshires, and what happened there. It appears 4 slaves was the total number that Allison had, way behind Lauren’s total of 22.

  • Heed your own advice KAR, stop playing the victim. You are the monster, you are everyone’s worst nightmare, and you will have to rot in jail for your rotten mind and bringing everyone down with you under the guise of something else. You are beyond reproach and its probably impossible to heal your demented and deviant mind.

  • Soon, oh soon, Vanguard’s suffering will come to an end. He will no longer have to selflessly exhaust himself for the benefit of the DOS nuns. He won’t need to paddle anyone or monitor their food intake. And best of all, he will never again have to touch a woman’s body. Going to prison was Vanguard’s plan all along. In prison, he will be free of distractions, and able to focus on his plan to transform the human race into something more ethical, more truly human. Prison walls are no barrier to Vanguard, who’s lofty spirit can soar above such things. He has decided to spend the next forty years of his life on freeing humanity from its self-created prison. From the moment he was born, prison was his glorious destiny. Forty years in prison will be his crowning achievement.

    • A worthy sarcastic tribute to the greatest ethical being who has ever graced this planet.

      Your words resonate within my soul.

  • Once again, this site undercuts the second-to-none coverage of the trial with childish and crude visuals. That photoshop is just so poorly done, and it’s such a contrast from the detailed, thorough and fact based reporting coming from the trial. The words above the image reveal Raniere as the monster he is far more effectively than bogeyman cartoons.

    • i do beleive some is just jest so that maybe we can smile and remember levity thru such gravity {is this you marcus c brklyn hipster finding a minute to comment after pal-in around with tulsi yesterday}

  • coming soon to a bookstore near you:

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  • For those of you who still think Allson Mack is the girl next door:

    “Nicole testified she met with her fellow slaves at least once a week at Mack’s Halfmoon, New York home for what the actress called “church service.” Mack had nicknames for all her slaves, Nicole told jurors, saying the onetime TV star called her “the Brat,” and Oxenberg “the Princess.”

    • So what…First off, this is known that Allison maintained (as she was doing it herself) the diet… Second, the nicknames are not limited to monsters, I have nicks for my friends too…
      I wish you had friends to understand that but…well,you know who you are.

      • That’s a false equivalence. Her nicknames are intentionally negative nicknames and are meant to humiliate and keep control. They follow VanWank’s pattern and usage of them.

        Nicknames for friends are endearing, even if they focus on a quirk or what is perceived to be a fault because they always have some positive connotation associated with them. Otherwise, your friend would get sick of being called it and soon no longer be one.

    • Another gem from the NY Post article:

      “The 31-year-old actress [Nicole] repeatedly broke down Friday as she described the humiliating rituals she endured for her “master” Mack — including weekly naked group pictures for Raniere that the former Smallville sidekick termed “family photos.”

      The svelte brunette told jurors she knew the photos were for Raniere because she’d seen him respond to a texted image from Mack, writing “all mine” alongside a devil emoji.”

      So Mack was fully aware of Raniere’s true character, she knew that the man she idolized was driven by his basest instincts, and yet she continued to adore him and devote herself to his cause. His cause being hooking good looking women, breaking them, blackmailing them, and using them for his personal sexual pleasure. And she was fully onboard with this. She was no unwitting pawn, and I hope the Judge takes this fully into account when sentences are handed out in September; I’m thinking each of Mack’s felony counts deserves to be pegged at the heavier end, with the two served consecutively.

      I’ve been enjoying the Post’s coverage of this jaw-dropping trial. Also, the weekly podcasts that the Times Union puts up, “Nxivm on Trial”.

  • In one of Nik’s audition videos, it sounds like Allison is the one off camera reading the other character’s lines in the scene. Oddly, the show involved young people escaping from a cult. Wasn’t there a story about Allison being chastised for taking the part in The Following and having to apologize to everyone in the community. Guess it’s a good thing Nik didn’t get the part. So was that story about AM not true or did they forget taking a part in a show about a cult is a no no.

    • Hmmm no, the Allison story was confirmed by members and it’s true, she was punished for one of her projects …She didn’t had to apoligize only, she was punished physically.

      But she was authorized to accept other projects, it’s just that Raniere had to be ok with it. If Nicole got the role, it’s likely that Raniere would be ok with it…or she would ultimately get punished.

      But the story is very true.

  • “Keith himself explained to Nicole that the suffering he underwent was for his followers, was for the welfare of the world. ”

    Soon Keith will be introduced to a whole new brand of suffering.

    “One day, Keith appeared very exhausted. He explained to Nicole that a slave – he did not want to do it of course – but he had to – she was in need of punishment: He had to paddle her hard on her naked buttocks.”

    Why didn’t Raniere just order one of his slave masters do the paddling like he usually did?

    • …You keep trying to link Allison to physical violence and even when it was never the case, you continue to repeat the same thing…
      Allison wasn’t violent physically.period!

      She pleaded for what she did and that’s it, Nothing else.

      You can pretend all you want but the court sticks with facts and she isn’t the monster here. She was in the same position as the other victims…

      • We don’t yet know that she wasn’t – further testimony will be revealing, and will probably further erode your defense of her even if it doesn’t go that far.

        Do we have any reason to doubt that she would have done whatever Raniere told her to do?

    • Poor Keith, he got a blister on his thumb beating his slaves. It’s tough work being dungeon master in one’s personal sex cult, but somebody’s gotta do it…

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