Lawyer Confirms Kathy Russell Was Not Author of Super Freaky Magnet Messages

On June 2, Frank Report revealed that it was not likely that Kathy Russell put the spate of dirty magnet messages on a refrigerator in a condo at 120 Victory Way in Clifton Park NY.

Today, Russell’s attorney, Justine Harris, corroborated it, telling the New York Post that Russell simply rented the unit and had no additional knowledge regarding its use.  Therefore, the randy refrigerator messages could not have been hers. .

“Kathy Russell was deliberately kept in the dark about who was living at the Victory Way apartment, as well as what took place there,” Harris said in a statement.

Justine Harris represents Kathy Russell.  She says Kathy had nothing to do with the condo on Victory Way other than to rent it under a fake name.

It Was Cami Who Lived There

It turns out it was Cami who lived in the condo on Victory Way.  Cami is the Mexican woman who was sexually exploited by Keith Alan Raniere starting when she was 15 – and who is identified in the indictment against Raniere as Jane Doe #2.

Raniere allegedly took graphic nude photos of Cami – with closeup shots of her vagina – and kept them on a hard drive for some 13 years. They were found by the FBI when they raided Raniere’s sex lair in Clifton Park in 2018.  Because she was 15 at the time of the photos, Raniere’s possession of them is considered possession of child porn. The age of consent in New York is 17.

Cami is now 29 and still a follower of Raniere. She presently works with innocent children in Guadalajara Mexico, in Keith Raniere’s dangerous child experiment – Rainbow Cultural Gardens – under the command of Nxivm Mexico leaders [redacted] and Omar ‘Cuckie’ Boone.

It is believed that Cami was the first slave in DOS and one of eight ‘first line’ slaves directly under Raniere’s command.  Cami was living in the US illegally for several years.

The New York Post culled this gem from the testimony of Lauren Salzman, wherein we learned that Cami was the occupant of the condo with the nasty refrigerator messages:

“[Camila] lived at 12 Wilton Court with her family for a period of time and then eventually moved to an apartment on [120] Victory Way.”


The Condo That Cami Hid In

120 Victory Way – the secret home of Cami, the DOS slave who was sexually exploited by Keith Alan Raniere when she was 15.


What made headlines last week was the magnet messages on the refrigerator. It seems Raniere was training Cami to spell out words he wanted to hear.

Many were quick to say the refrigerator messages were Kathy’s. After all, she had been named by both Lauren Salzman and Cami’s sister, Dani, as being an eager participant in threesomes with Raniere and themselves.

But it seems to be Cami, who the prosecution asserted in their opening statement was groomed by Raniere since she was a child.

Cami has been identified by the prosecution as the unknown woman who gave oral sex to Nicole, a DOS slave who was blindfolded and tied down, while Raniere walked about the naked Nicole, commenting on her body.  Nicole is expected to testify in Raniere’s trial as a witness to the sex trafficking charges against Raniere.

Kathy Russell claims she did not know about DOS and did not place alphabet magnets spelling out dirty messages on a refrigerator.


The First Line Slaves


Keith Alan Raniere, with his 8 first line slaves. Cami’s face is blacked out.  Frank Report is cooperating with the court’s decision that DOS slaves who were not indicted only be referred to by their first names. We are also not currently publishing their pictures.

Last week, the owner of the Victory Way condo, Sheila Jelonek, testified that Kathy rented the apartment under a fake name – “Kathleen O’Sullivan” – and paid some $11,000 in cash for a year’s rent in advance.

Each year thereafter, Kathy met Jelonek at Starbucks and gave her a paper bag stuffed with cash for the rent.  Kathy told Jelonek she was a rich widow.  Jelonek testified that she never actually saw Kathy in the apartment.

A video of the apartment was shown to jurors. On the refrigerator was a display of alphabet magnets spelling out the following messages:

A Series of Messages for the Perv

Slap my heinie



Feed me

Hard on

I Suck Big Hard Dick



Zoom Penis


Ox Boner



Tight Pussy


Near the refrigerator was a picture of Keith Raniere, Cami’s master.

This picture of the Christlike Vanguard was pinned to a bulletin board.

The prosecution has text messages between Cami, when she was illegally in the US and living in the Victory Way apartment, and Raniere which evidently show he knew where she was living and aware of her illegal status.

A tripod for a camera was also found in Cami’s condo near the bed, which suggests that Raniere’s proclivity for taking graphic nude pictures continued unabated. The landlady once encountered Daniela Padilla, another first line slave, in the apartment.

Padilla [who is not the same Daniela that has testified in the trial] with first line slave Allison Mack. Padilla told Kathy’s landlady that she was housesitting for Kathy.
Kathy claims she never put those spicy messages on the refrigerator in an apartment she leased in a phony name.


The blessed one Keith Alan Raniere on a stroll in Clifton Park with Dani Padilla, the first line DOS slave who purchased the sex toys and a cage for DOS.


Was Cami being trained in teaching slaves to be fuck toys for Raniere with these special messages?


Fuck Toys for Raniere

It was in November 2005, when Raniere allegedly took explicit nude photographs of then-15-year-old Cami. Ten years later, on October 1, 2015, Raniere exchanged the following text messages with 25-year-old Cami:

RANIERE: I think it would be good for you to own a fuck toy slave for me, that you could groom, and use as a tool, to pleasure me…
[CAMI]: huh?
[CAMI]: not disagreeing, just don’t understand
RANIERE: But your [sic] my wife…she isn’t…just a tool for you to use for me…
[CAMI]: a person?
RANIERE: Get a slave… you’re her master…

On October 9, 2015

RANIERE: Without going into detail. It caused there to be other slaves, all who want to be branded with my monogram plus a number [on the brand] … your number is reserved… it is number 1.  It is now a secret growing organization. I don’t know well some of the people involved but I command them ultimately. They are not who you might think. . . I think there are 10 or more in the current Jness 2 track…and others outside of it.

[CAMI]: Does that mean that they know about each other?

* * *
[CAMI]: I’m ok with you having other slaves, I assume that these are not sexual

RANIERE: They may or may not be. They would be if I commanded but that is not the reason for the organization

* * *
RANIERE: It is an absolutely trusted commitment…
[CAMI]: I want to be the one that worships your body
RANIERE:  Many will not even know of my existence…some don’t already….

Later that day, the defendant expressed concern that the DOS slave was “continuing to ask questions without comm[i]ting to feelings or an opinion”

October 10, 2015:

RANIERE: Find a life slave and I’ll tell you everything…
[CAMI]: What do you mean by life slave?
RANIERE:  Someone who has a collateralized vow with you for life…

WhatsApp messages, sent between October 11, 2015 and October 16, 2015:

RANIERE: I feel badly each time you have to work hard for me to [orgasm]… I thought slaves could remove the burden…and I could get you fresh and not worn
* * *
RANIERE: What are your thoughts feelings?
RANIERE: All of them have slaves in process… some have several completed… [branded and life vow with full collateral]
[CAMI]: I feel insecure but at the same time I feel proud of you. You are worthy of following like that
RANIERE:  So are you… you’re number one…
[CAMI]: I would be proud to stand next to you
RANIERE: Even naked with 6 other committed naked women?

* * *
[CAMI]: Are these slaves for you or for us?
RANIERE: There are two types. Both types are for us. One type is in the program: you are their Master I am their Grand Master . . . the other type are very select ones you use to heal us: likely being also of the first type…
[CAMI]: Ok. I’m asking because these persons will be in our life forever…. But I was not involved in the process of choosing who
[CAMI]: I’m afraid that I will not be comfortable with the others
RANIERE: You choose your slaves…
[CAMI]: What about the 7. [the other first line slaves]
[CAMI]: ?
[CAMI]: Allison [Mack] said these 7 were forever. She and the others will be forever in my life…
RANIERE: They are first line to me but if any suit the purpose I obviously have access…

* * *
RANIERE: [H]aving one or two young slaves devoted to revving my body sexual to produce more energy would help. It would be there [sic] 24/7 job…



Raniere has been abusing Cami since she was a child. Sadly she is still part of the Nxivm enterprise.


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  • Little Keith will soon be scratching those magic fridge magnet words on the wall of his cell in block C. He’ll be bringing sexual satisfaction to lots of new friends.

  • How did it happen that the dethroned smart guy left such a stupid, arrogant pile of text messages? Raniere was the Maxwell Smart of sex cultists. He ran around planting his own evidence. He left his culty, traceable wordfart trails of self-incrimination. Whoopsie! Not so smart. And now he’s maybe only a pencil stub away from becoming irrefutably manic. He can faint and go to a prison hospital and fire Agnifilo. It won’t help. Raniere seems to be living in a fantasyland as if he can’t face what he’s looking at in terms of prison time, as a twitchy rat in a cage.

  • “Cami is now 29 and still a follower of Raniere. She presently works with innocent children in Guadalajara Mexico, in Keith Raniere’s dangerous child experiment – Rainbow Cultural Gardens ”

    Those Guadalajara children won’t be unsullied once NXIVM gets through with them.

  • Raniere is sick fuck.

    After reading Cami’s text I wonder what are the odds that she will ever come out of Vanguard’s spell.

    She seem not just to drank the Kool aid but is brewing her own pitcher of KoolAid.

    She reminds me of the Hitler youth at the close of WWII.

  • You said the last names of unindicted DOS slaves and their pictures will not be shown, but several of them are, above. Since the others are shown, it should also include Cami’s picture, the subject of this post who is now an adult, still in NXIVM, AND the abusive Rainbow Cultural Garden school system.

  • He is such a sick fuck. Please don’t let the jury be tainted! He needs prison for life. Sadly, I have my suspicions that the jury has been or will be tampered with.

  • Those text messages from October ’15 are a bombshell. Positive proof of sex trafficking. Rainiere, this Cami, and Allison Mack are beyond any doubt guilty of sex trafficking. Unfortunately only Raniere is going to prison for the crime.

      • Yes, on the racketeering charge. She pleaded guilty to that one (plus conspiracy) but the prosecution dropped her sex trafficking charge. That was the heavyweight one, it carries a minimum fifteen year sentence, she’s definitely guilty of the crime and was very very lucky to have ducked it.

        • And why they dropped it? hum? Sherlock? because it was a heavyweight in term of time but the proof were inexistant…

          They had that message since the beginning and except you and a few obsessed pervert, nobody has seen it as a proof of ANYTHING…Not even the prosecution.

          The only proof here is that Raniere pretended not to be aware of anything but he was!

          She was not guilty of the crime, low life and be careful about what you say…Defamation per se!

          That is actually a crime that i would have no trouble to PROVE !


          • If proof were non-existent, then a grand jury wouldn’t have indicted Mack on the charge, based on testimony and evidence, and a standard of probable cause.

            You really don’t understand how the US legal system works, do you? Your English comprehension problems probably also contribute to your being confused about what is really going on.

          • AM, its the nxivm school of grammar and rhetoric, Judging by their leader’s standards, spelling be irrelevant on account of Language in general being replaced by neologisms, trying to reason with them is a bit like trying to have a sensible convo with a JW on your doorstep, or an Amway ibo, anywhere!

      • Shut up Sherlock…First, the sex trafficking part is BS and then NO CHILDREN WERE ABUSED DURING ALLISON TIME SO YES, SHE WAS SHOCKED…

        • Raniere lectured his female followers that sex between adults and 12 year old children is appropriate.
          Anyone who believes that is either a child molester or a want to be child molester.
          If Allison Mack did not understand that then she is extremely stupid.

          • shadow, you look like someone who only sees the news and then invents a story in his mind and convinces himself that this is how things happened, it is assumed that as a frequent reader of FRANK REPORT you should know that only one thing is known with certainty until there are several witnesses and evidence, and so far the only story that involves allison and a minor, is the story of the neighbor who believes that allison touched indepidamente a girl who was a neighbor, but considering that the story is not trance it is very likely that the neighbor has only misinterpreted things and then in the light of the revealed story, he saw it as justification for his thought, but facts or evidence as such have not been found and the government only had the emails E. as proof of the conspiracy that the slaves of KAR were involved but the individual participation of each person in the facts and behavior related to minors has not been proven and that without mentioning the possible victims of which we know nothing.

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