Guest View: In Defense of Allison Mack – Salzmans did far worse crimes

Lauren Salzman and Allison Mack give each other a fine hug.

The following is a guest view in response to Shadow State’s post Shadow: Feds using Salzman faction to destroy Bronfman faction & Allison Mack.

Guest View by Anonymous

Where to start…

First, where in the court documents have you seen that the Feds have “identified two factions”? Yeah, that’s what I thought, your sick brain is at it again

Allison was the golden girl for nothing. She was nothing more than a tool to those people.  Unlike Nancy and Lauren Salzman and Keith Raniere, Allison was not making money out of all this. She was (like the other member of DOS) ordered to do what she did.

I remind you that you accept that victims could do crazy things because of their  collateral, but Allison too was forced to give serious collateral.

And even if she played a role in the fall of the Salzmans within Nxivm (which is utterly false), it doesn’t make her worse than them.  The Salzmans were behind most of the serious crimes in Nxivm.

Allison inherited nothing and there is nothing to show any kind of child exploitation.


Jane Doe #2 was 15 in 2005 – when she was exploited!

Allison entered Nxivm at the end of 2006 and was in the inner circle at best around 2010 (based on the interview with her boyfriend). Probably even later.

So, when Allison was potentially informed on this, JD2 was 20 years old!

And in the court documents, there is no information about JD2 being under Allison’s position.

Once again, the only victims of Allison Mack are all over 25. Until the government says (and proves) otherwise, it’s just another of your fake accusation based on the hot air filling your empty skull.

You proved again my point that you are so obsessed with Allison that you change the facts. You have a serious mental problem if you believe your own lies.

Frank, I know you want an open forum of all side of the story but you discredit yourself by allowing Shadow, who has no knowledge, to twist the facts and make up stories.

Are you that short of subjects?

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4 years ago

First : Thank Frank for publishing my comment (although i feel sort of unconfortable with that)…still thanks for that.
I’d like to add that it has more to do with the thruth then defending Allison herself.

As expected, you will continue with your alternate reality…

I repeat what i said:
Jane Doe #2’s child abuse happened in 2005 (it’s in the memo (that you still Don’t understand at all) and in the superseeding.

Jane Doe 2 was 15 in 2005 and Allison wasn’t part of the cult until end of 2006 and wasn’t part of the inner circle until atleast 2010.
Jane Doe 2 was therefor 20 year old.

Allison wasn’t exploiting anyone at that time and if she really did, it wasn’t until 2015 that it started (when she joined DOS)

That means that by that time, JD 2 was 25!

There is no basis for a child exploitation case for Allison or the AUSA would have been able to provide the prove of it and get her to be indicted.
Ready that part of the memo isn’t going to change that they have not proved anything.
YOU keep using that line just to make sure that as many people as possible can hate her as much as you do (no matter your Reason)
But that’s isn’t possible for anyone with a sane mind.

I advice you to stay with the fact instead of trying to twist them. the situation Allison is in is actually quite grim enough for you to add extra fake allegation.

The REAL fact here is that until the government make an official case about the exploitation of child with Allison , She has Nothing to do with it.

As far as we know, there are only a few victims (for Allison) and all over 25.

Continuing to say the contrary is only making the fool you are be seen as such for everyone.

BTW, friendly advice, consider to get a life because this unhealthy hate you have toward 1 of the defendant is toxic.

PS: the triple damage would work for the executive (that would be Raniere, the Salzmans and the Bronfmans (aswell as a few unindicted persons)

Allison wasn’t an executive at all (that , i got it from the…court document. not from my ass like you like to do)

And Allison has no money left as far as we know (She was said to be Worth 14 millions but the Truth is probably closer to 5-6…with all the year in NXIVM and the great Financial quality of KAR, i doubt she even got a tenth left)
When she was arrested, she tried to pay the bail but was short by quite a few dollars.
That’s why her parents had to give their house as a collateral.

4 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

I wonder…wonder…wonder…who you are?

A member brother or sister of the court?

You write rather well.

4 years ago

My background is as a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology although I have never served in forensic psychology capacity in court. I have never clinically examined Mack but I have been around many people with similar characteristics that she presents. Furthermore, as a student of this trial, I’ve had the opportunity to observe her behavior in court during several appearances at MDC Brooklyn. In my direct observation Mack’s behavior at court was frequently hyper and “over-friendly” to everyone so much so it was not appropriate to the circumstances and graveness of the situation. It appeared that Mack was more concerned with pleasing others and having others like her than acting in accordance with the seriousness of the situation.

Mack strikes me as someone who has what is known as a “false self”. People like this don’t know who they are or how they feel. They rely on their sense of self from others opinion of them and are thus frequently targets of manipulation and abuse from others. People with a false self will do anything to please others even if it means hurting themselves or acting against their own interests. Mack is possibly this kind of individual and it is strongly possible that Mack had no intent to harm other women while she was serving Rainiere.

I believe 3 things:
1) Mack has little sense of her own self worth and has adopted a false self.
2) Mack is the type of individual who can be easily manipulated to please others
3) Mack would have a hard time believing she was harming others if she felt the need to please a significant other (such as Rainiere) was more important. Thus, it is hard to believe Mack had intent to harm another.

I realize there is little empathy for anyone associated with Nxivm because of the outrageous abuses Nxivm created and fostered. However, I hope law enforcement and the EDNY take into account the above factors when considering the case of Allison Mack.

4 years ago

My advice to India Oxenberg and her mother Catherine as well as the other DOS slaves.
RICO allows for civil lawsuits with TRIPLE damages.
You can file such a RICO civil lawsuit against anyone associated with NXIVM DOS such as Keith Raniere, Allison Mack and Clare Bronfman.
While Keith has no money Allison has some money and Clare has lots of money.
These civil judgments can be as punishing as any criminal sentence.
And Clare’s personal hobby was filing lawsuits.

4 years ago

Shadow you really are clueless. keith is a very wealthy man with money stashed offshore! Pam Cafritz alone left him $8 million that’s not chunk change. Keith was buying property in the Carribean in 2000.

4 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Anonymous says, “Pam Cafritz alone left him (Keith) $8 million that’s not chunk change. ”

Pam Cafritz died intestate.
Without a will.
That means the State of New York has intestacy laws that give her estate to her kin.
Pam Cafritz’s mother and her siblings inherit her estate.
Not a filthy pervert who sleeps all day and fornicates all night.
If there is 8 million dollars from her estate in Raniere’s hands it belongs to the Cafritz family.

The Oxenbergs should sue both Allison Mack and Clare Bronfman both of whom presumably have money.

Scott Johnson
4 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Raniere provided a sworn, signed document stating that he is broke. If he ever gets out of prison, he won’t have access to that money without first having to face a charge of perjury, which would carry more prison time.

4 years ago

Face it, you did smudge the dates there in your latest post, Shadow. JD2 was exploited in 2005, per the Feds, before Ally was ever around.

Granted, she was PROLLY exploited in 2006 and 2007 and every year thereafter but was of age at that time so there’s no proof or allegation Ally personally knew of or participated in the “child exploitation.” If you read the DOJ pleadings closely, there’s no mention of Allison Mack among those named as to that, either.

Otherwise, you are such a good researcher and brainy resource for FR.

4 years ago
Reply to  Heidi

The government is charging Bronfman, Mack and Russell on the belief that NXIVM DOS is a long term continuous overarching RICO conspiracy.
That giant overarching conspiracy includes the sexual abuse of Jane Doe #2.
The abuse of Jane Doe #2 started in 2006 when she was a child of 15 and continued as sexual abuse until 2018.
But when Allison Mack became Jane Doe #2’s slave master in 2015 she joined the overarching criminal conspiracy dating back to 2006.

Here is the operative language from the government memo:

Bronfman, Mack and Russell are each charged in an overarching RICO conspiracy involving
predicate acts of human trafficking, sex trafficking, and child exploitation, and the evidence
regarding these offenses is admissible against them as proof of the enterprise and the pattern
of racketeering charged in S-2.

Last year I was one of the first to mention that the NXIVM case was a RICO case.
RICO is an extremely powerful law, inspired by Attorney General Robert Kennedy to destroy all long term criminal organizations.
Not just gangs but corporations, city governments political machines, churches and bogus self-help groups.
And RICO is designed to bring the leaders of these criminal organizations to account.

And Heidi, RICO allows civil lawsuits to be filed against Raniere, Mack and Bronfman.
Civil lawsuits with TRIPLE DAMAGES.
India Oxenberg with help from her mother could easily file a RICO civil lawsuit to bring these gangsters to justice.

4 years ago

I hear ya and I’m no legal expert but her guilt as a co-defendant in a RICO conspiracy where all are held accountable for all criminal misdeeds —even as you well explain — that’s a bit different from what I gather than the case you seem to be inferring on Allison Mack, personally, and for apparently personal reasons.

Just let’s all try to set our bias’ aside and stick to the facts in justifying opinion, which ought be expressed as such.

FR readers are smart cookies and they deserve truthful, thoughtful, factual reports and anecdotes.

4 years ago
Reply to  Heidi

Allison Mack committed some horrendous crimes.
Crimes more fitting for an Edgar Allan Poe story than a newspaper.
And most of her victims were women.

And now she is trying to play the innocent, ignorant victim when she knew all along what Raniere was doing and she enabled Raniere in his crimes.
She is an adult and she bloody well knew what was going on.
I will not allow her to play the victim card or the woman card without speaking up loud and clear.

4 years ago


well I understand why you went by anonymous shadowstate gonna be very angry at you…..

Shadowstate I’ve enjoyed many of your articles but this commentator kind of makes a point…… A very important point.

4 years ago
Reply to  niceguy

Here is a point I just made to Heidi.
It explains why the government is charging Allison Mack and Clare Bronfman with a giant overarching RICO conspiracy to facilitate the sexual abuse of children.

Under the RICO law when Allison Mack became head of NXIVM DOS she joined an overarching RICO conspiracy to facilitate the sexual abuse of children dating back to 2006 and Raniere’s rape of Jane Doe #2.
This conspiracy started in 2006 and continued to 2018.
As head of NXIVM DOS Allison Mack was the direct slave master of Jane Doe #2 and perpetuated her continuing abuse.

Here is the operative language from the government memo:

Bronfman, Mack and Russell are each charged in an overarching RICO conspiracy involving
predicate acts of human trafficking, sex trafficking, and child exploitation, and the evidence
regarding these offenses is admissible against them as proof of the enterprise and the pattern
of racketeering charged in S-2.

RICO is a powerful law allowing the government to destroy long term criminal organizations and their leaders.
It was inspired by Attorney General Robert Kennedy.

For example RICO allows civil lawsuits to be filed against Raniere, Mack and Bronfman.
Civil lawsuits with TRIPLE DAMAGES.
India Oxenberg and all the other NXIVM DOS slaves should consider filing civil lawsuits against these gangsters.

4 years ago


Yes you are right that the RICO charges place Allison Mack under an umbrella that includes the various child sex and exploitation charges, however Allison Mack did nothing criminal with actual underage girls unless new evidence emerges.

Shadowstate you write good articles but your slightly off mark in this instance.

Shadowstate your not wrong but you are not technically right either.

4 years ago

Simple solution. Stop reading shawdows regurgitated crap.

Scott Johnson
4 years ago

Mr. Shadow often colors outside the lines. Or should we say, he casts his shadow where there is no evidence or accusation from the Feds, because he hates the living sh!t out of Mack?

4 years ago

I believe Saltzman’s were Evil, and money mongers that’s for sure! Truly believe these DOS ladies were used and abused.
I hope their plea deal IS harsh.

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