Questions & Answers – And Some Clarifications – on new trial in NDNY and charges dropped in EDNY

First of all: There is reportedly another underage girl – besides Jane Doe #2 – who was sexually exploited by Keith Raniere and at least two of Raniere’s racketeering co-defendants knew about and facilitated the sexual exploitation of the other underage girl.

We’ll have more on this later.  It is not Rhiannon, by the way.


Today’s posts have generated lots of questions – and a lot of speculation – about the impact of the prosecution’s decision to dismiss four of the eleven pending counts against the four remaining defendants in the case of the U.S. v. Raniere: Keith Raniere, Allison Mack, Clare Bronfman, and Kathy Russell.

The four counts that are being dismissed are as follows:
Count Three: Sexual Exploitation Of A Child – Jane Doe 2
– Keith Raniere

Count Four: Sexual Exploitation Of A Child – Jane Doe 2
– Keith Raniere

Count Five: Possession Of Child Pornography
– Keith Raniere

Count Eleven: Conspiracy To Commit Identity Theft Regarding Jane Doe 7
– Keith Raniere, Clare Bronfman & Others


Although several readers of the Frank Report have speculated that the dismissal of those counts will lessen the pressure on Clare and Allison to take plea deals, I don’t think that’s the case.

To begin with, even with the dismissed charges no longer part of the EDNY case, Clare and Allison are still facing the same maximum sentences that they were before: i.e., a maximum of 20-years for Clare – and a potential life sentence for Allison.

In addition, the evidence that was going to be introduced to support the charges of sexual exploitation and possession of child pornography will still be introduced as part of the EDNY trial.

That’s because there has been no indication that the prosecution plans to drop any of the alleged predicate acts that support the Racketeering charge. And those predicate acts include sexual exploitation of a minor – and possession of child pornography.

The EDNY prosecutors have made their intentions very clear: “The government plans to admit evidence that Bronfman, Mack, and Russell recruited and groomed sexual partners for Raniere, within and outside of DOS – and were aware of and facilitated Raniere’s sexual relationships with underage victims.”

Finally, there are still three counts in the EDNY case that involve sex crimes:
Count Eight: Sex Trafficking Conspiracy (Keith Raniere, Allison Mack & Others)

Count Nine: Sex Trafficking Regarding Jane Doe 5 (Keith Raniere, Allison Mack & Others)

Count Ten: Attempted Sex Trafficking Regarding Jane Doe 8 (Keith Raniere, Allison Mack & Others)


Some have questioned whether the prosecutors in the Northern District of New York will actually bring charges against Raniere and his cohorts – and, if they do, whether they will be diligent in their prosecution of those charges.

To begin with, the EDNY prosecutors made it very clear in their recent filing that “The undersigned have been in contact with the United States Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of New York and will determine how to proceed on Counts Three, Four, Five and Eleven following their dismissal in this matter”.

In addition, the EDNY investigators and investigators have already put together all the evidence that will be necessary to prosecute the four charges that are being dismissed from the EDNY case.

Plus, NDNY prosecutors have already indicated on two separate occasions that they are interested in bringing charges against people involved with the NXIVM/ESP criminal enterprise. On both occasions, they were told they’d have to wait until the EDNY case had been concluded.

Finally, the NDNY office is going to be heavily scrutinized as it moves forward with its investigation and prosecution of people involved with NXIVM/ESP. In addition to this case becomingly increasingly high-profile in the media, it is also one of the most high-profile cases in the DOJ itself.

We’re expecting at least two more plea deals to be announced before the start of the trial in the EDNY.

And it would not be at all surprising if both of them were announced before the start of the jury selection process on April 8th.


We will likely see the unsealing of a third superseding indictment sometime next week. That one will drop Lauren as a named defendant — and eliminate the four counts that are being dismissed.

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  • Thanks for the legal 101, Claviger.

    I agree the bad press NDNY will be hit with should they fail to properly prosecute and avail themselves of all the vetted, chargeable evidence — but for lack of venue — DOJ has at its disposal — nearly ensures they will renew the child sexploitation indictments there. So help me fucking God! lol.

    I was also heartened by the Albany TU’s pretrial scrimmage conflab when Bryan Lyons proudly, boldly discussed TU’s historical exposure of NX and KAR — and the resistance they faced from political powers to legal threats to Keith and Nancy banging on their door.

    Sure, some major cover-up fuck could still happen — through the combined evil forces of Hollywood, Washington, the Mexican PRI and the sharks they love — but since what are the chances since we dodged that bomb — with Clare’s fainting spell being the only reported injury thus far — there’s another whooper like that in the works?!!!

    [Add a nearly-white Hip-hop Star faking a black attack? “Everything but Yule Brenner!” We’re covered on publicity if the NDNY motherfuckers even dare to fuck this up!]

    Smollett may have one role left to him. Playing himself in the NX movie!

  • Sounds like the bus is heading to a cliff, IMO she should take a deal and start name dropping people, bank account number, blackmail material, etc. It’s not looking good for Mack. To rot in prison while your numbnut friend is in the limelight is a sad way to go. She should take a deal that involves helping the authorities nail personalities like KK, Mark Hildreth, etc. If she won’t, then taking a fall for someone like KK is a dumb way to go. She should sing like a bitch just to taste freedom by going to court as a witness.

    On the other hand, KK’s comic con is a bad date for her to attend. Imagine NXVIM in nypost and daily news headline after the trial date.

    • If Mack will get 20 yrs. She can be eligible for parole in 10. Or maybe lessen her sentence from life to 15 or something. Prison time is mandatory to her. The FBI can also recommend a sweet deal if she knows where the money is, how they smuggle money and launder money etc. I’m sure she knows the operation well. The government is interested only if money is involve. It’s also important to point out the collaboration of Mexican gangs and how they affiliate themselves to a corporation using girls as couriers of drug money flowing in the U.S and elsewhere to avoid detection. How the gangs can infiltrate actors to hide drug money. If Mack can prove this then she can be in witness protection after this KAR NXVIM clusterfuck fiasco. Imo it takes time but its better than rotting in jail.

      • First of all, the only way that Mack will get a 20-year sentence (or worse) is if she goes to trial and is convicted on every count. But is she does get a 20-year sentence, then she’ll serve about 17-years before she’ll be eligible for halfway house and/or home confinement. At the end of the 20 years, she’ll be on probation for at least 3-years – and, if she gets convicted of any of the sex-related charges, she’ll likely have to register as a sex offender for the rest of her life. That’s how it works in the federal system.

        • Probably a waste of time replying to Ka-lel (Joseph Immanuel P. Suazo) — another poster only here because he’s obsessed with a certain actress and obviously he’s not right mentally.

          Of course, many of the posters on here demonstrate they’re not right in the head either but are too challenged to see how insane they come off. Guess if you only responded to the more seemingly sane, you would hardly respond at all.

          • Anonymous,

            How scary must it be to be Kristin Kreuk?

            We all know about Sultan and Wandering ka-lel , in a world of 7 billion, I would venture to guess Kreuk has a few hundred Sultans and Wandering Ka-Lels or worse. The number of a few hundred intense fans is based on all of her ridiculous merchandise for sale with her image.

            She chose fame so I do not feel that bad for her.

  • Thank you for this detailed clarification.

    A good article, sir. You should always be this detailed in future articles.

    Having gone thru my pleasantries — I just wanted to reiterate that I still think you’re one of the biggest assholes on this site and I hope the judge in your next case shits all over you. 🙂

    • Kristoff, or should it be Jerkoff, ya that’s a better name for you.

      If you were keeping up with the case by reading the legal documents in this case, you might be able to rub two of your brain cells together and get a drift of what is happening with parts of this case moving to the NDNY.

      You see, the smelly one Raniere and the one with the gold brick up her ass Clare Bear think they still have friends in the NDNY.

      Isn’t happening Jerkoff. They are now under the watchful eye of every media, legal watchdog, ex-neighbor of the cult, and freedom fighter for justice.

      Plus, there will be rats running from the ship burning in Albany to work with the NDNY so they will not be one on the indictment list.

      Any plea deal in the EDNY will most likely include working with all charges in this case, including the NDNY. Nancy and Lauren can be called as witnesses.

    • Good point about RCG.

      That’s another aspect that could stand to get some more coverage instead of Kreuk.

      I’m surprised we haven’t heard about it collapsing along with NXIVM, and due to failure of its approach. We’ve heard a few rumblings that kids in the program aren’t doing well, and are having trouble speaking any language at all, which is what I’d expect. It’s a bizarre human experiment, being imposed upon children at early developmental stages when they could suffer severe setbacks or even permanent damage.

    • Sorry if this is a repeat. A power cut interrupted my message sending!

      Frank promised more info on this Irish RCG. Did I miss something?

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